‘Baffled’ – Why the embarrassing carry on of the Arsenal ‘insiders’ should please you

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When the hit piece comes out on the fans, you have to fight back. John Cross is a very successful journalist who I’ve spoken to on many occasions over the years as well as contributing to his articles back in the day.

I understand his predicament. Everyone needs to make a living. Everyone needs to do things they don’t want to do. The bigger picture for him is access. He needs to make a living and dropping a book about Wenger helps him do that. You have to play the game if you want people to write the foreword in your hardback. So look, I get it. We’re all adults here.

However, you need to call a spade a spade. The article he programmed yesterday was penned by the club and is based on nothing more substantive than the PR dreams of Mark Gonnella who has been working harder than ever over the past few months to soften the blow of an inevitable 2 year extension for the failing Arsene Wenger.

The piece is badly executed if you ask me, and that’s because John is an Arsenal fan and in my opinion, he doesn’t believe the hackneyed points he’s making.

Here is a little extract of the ‘TOP BRASS ARE BAFFLED’ piece.

Wenger’s bosses in the Gunners ‘ heirarchy are privately mystified by the mood of discontent as they genuinely believe the fans have never had it so good at the Emirates.

Arsenal are third in the Premier League [with the same points as the team in second place], into the fifth round of the FA Cup [where they face a non-League side next] and have once again progressed to the last 16 of the Champions League.

They have two world-class players to enjoy in Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, while sitting in one of the best stadiums in Europe.

The two Manchester clubs, City and United, hired superstar managers in Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho last summer and they are both are below the Gunners in the table.

The top brass are not baffled. Maybe Ken Friar, maybe Sir Chips, the guys who only give a rats arse about their elite pensions, but ultimately have no say over the club and seem to have little interest outside keeping their privileges going.

Ivan Gazidis? No way. He knows what a shit show Wenger is. The commercial department? Look at how flat their performance is, mostly because Wenger can’t deliver the success that’ll move the club off the bottom numbing plateau they’re sat on. Marketing, please. Advertising a team that can’t win? Nightmare.  The backroom team? Who are you kidding? You think they like working under a failed dictatorship? No way. Why do you think Arteta moved to City despite having an offer from Arsene?

The article finishes on a seriously flat point.

And that’s the frustration among Wenger and the board is that if you look at the bigger, overall picture, then the club is in good shape.

And if they were to make a managerial change, then who can guarantee the grass will be greener?

What does that even mean? I mean seriously. From an intellectual standpoint, where are we heading with that? Stick with someone you know can’t deliver, rather than take a chance? Are we saying that unless you can guarantee success, you should stick with a regressive manager? Who said Arsenal fans are only game for a move if there are guarantees? If anything, I think fans would be game for something exciting, even if it came with a risk (Wenger back in the day).

The whole piece has clearly been requested from Arsenal.com and that gives me comfort. Why? Because the club know Wenger is dead as a manager. They know the fans are going to be incredibly depressed if he signs on. They’re pulling as many strings as possible to convince you, the stupid ingrate fan, that Wenger represents progress.

Don’t fall for it.

The second part of the Daily Mirror attack, a paper that ran a shocking advertising campaign around differentiating themselves with ‘#madeuthink’, a line (hashtag) baffling because they use text type to convince you they’re raising the bar, and it reminds of Peter Griffin saying, ‘proud of you.’

‘Hey guys, Katie Price punched her new bae’

‘What? Who cares?’


‘Damn, you guys zinged me there. Wow. So much appreciation serotonin going off right now’

It also insinuates that before the rebrand, the paper was going out of its way not to make you think? Like guys, where’s the fucking bar here? Surely making people think is a given, can’t we be more ambitious in what we’re trying to achieve with our editorial?

Anyway, they dropped this article about Wenger considering his future because of ‘abuse.’

The Frenchman has even told friends he does not want to stay at a club he’s manager since 1996 unless he feels wanted and appreciated.

Some of the personal flak directed at him during matches from fed-up and disaffected fans has clearly got to him, no matter what he says in public.

Ultimately, it appears the ball is now firmly in Wenger’s court over the new contract and he has said publicly he could leave it as late as April to make a decision.

While the 67-year-old is still expected to stay on, there is a genuine fear he could go at the end of his current £8million-a-year contract.

Firstly, the use of the word abuse is now part of the defence gag reflex of apologists when Wenger goes off the rails.

‘Yeah sure, maybe Wenger didn’t have a good day. But it’s the abuse I can’t handle. Shakes me to the bone’

Please. YoshiKatzima1987939 from Bumbleshite said Wenger should eat cat poo. Big deal. Let’s all start getting super serious about Twitter morons and that ‘right nawty fella’ in block 19 who shouted something blue at the dugout after 17 beers and snort of poppers.

Abuse is wrong, but this is Arsenal, not Millwall after an all you can drink Jumping Jacks special.

If you really can’t take critique Arsene, because that’s what it is, please leave.

This slimey campaign built to impact the fans doesn’t even fall into the category of, ‘well, you gotta give it to the PR team, this is wonderful.’

It’s cynical, it’s transparent and it’s aimed at dividing the fanbase further.

Arsene Wenger isn’t considering his future. He is staying, he just needs to hear the fans sing his name to make him sign on. Don’t do it. No one deserves an £8m a year contract for being average. No one deserves to have their personal fiefdom celebrated. No one should be rewarded with gold because they’re the longest serving.

Wenger doesn’t work by the same rules as you or me. He’s built a squad of players who bow down to him because he offers the most money, he’s cultivated a relationship with the owner that puts him beyond reproach / the normal performance metrics other managers are held accountable to and his retirement fund is built on me and you, spunking out our cash at the expense of progress.

Fu*k his feelings. If he were an intellect capable of self-awareness, maybe he’d address why the most placid fans in the world are occasionally grumbling after the game. Maybe he should exercise a bit of introspection about the reason people find his football uninteresting and predictable. Maybe he should look at why the fans, who love him so dearly, are totally bored of him and want him to move on.

I’ll always love Arsene. He brought me so much pride. Introduced me to a football I’ll never forget, opened my mind to a way of enjoying the game in a way I never thought possible, he helped us all dream big and taught me about loyalty to a cause that has served me so well in my own working career.

But it’s time to go.  It’s time to stop pretending. It’s time to realise the fans aren’t being mean, they’re being kind. Tap out. Call it a day. Let the fresh blood come in.

I’d take a new project with an bad outcome if it meant the club moved forward. I can’t sit here and celebrate stasis anymore. Arsenal deserve more. The fans deserve better. The club will be stronger for the foundation Wenger set, but we need a new architect to take us to the Promised Land.

See you in the comments.

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  1. scotsgooner


    Ok fair enuff.

    I would choose:

    Arsenal fluking a win in The CL final and winning the CL then signing on Wenger for THREE more years

    Because top 4 for those 3 years would be guaranteed, we could attract better players after a CL final win and who else could do better and win the CL than Wenger (in this hypothetical situation)?

    Only if it happened mind lol. Cheers.

  2. Thank you and goodnight


    Fuck that. I’d take the cunt into the woods tonight and finish him. Useless piece of cunt

  3. jade

    Just read the match report on Untold. Walter thinks alonso should have gotten a red card for scoring that goal. What is that fool smoking?

  4. The Godfather

    What’s really getting on my nerves is that we had a number of great chances to score and spurned them all.

    I remember Gabby from point blank range and then Ozil arrrghhhh.

    And then we go out and gift them three easily preventable goals …. so bloody annoying!!!

  5. Welbecchio

    I’m with Ug here….

    Why all the fake tears when you all expected us to be beaten with our shit, players and shit manager.

    Arsenal fans are a joke, just tune into Arsenal fan tv for any confirmation.

  6. EN1AFC

    Welbecchio/Champagne Charlie

    You and Ughelli belong on untold with the nutters. The joke is fans like Ty and you, please fuck off and support someone else when Arsene leaves.

  7. Sandy

    Great piece bt Pedro = Im 100% with him on allhe says.
    If we dont change we will get more of the same limp wristed performances every time we have a crunch game.
    Id rather take a chance with Simeone then carry on with this predictable humiliation.
    I love Arsenal if Wenger does he should leave at the end of the season.

  8. rollen

    Id rather take a chance with Simeone then carry on with this predictable humiliation.

    What chanse?

    Its 100% sure real manager will do better that le fraud.

  9. Angry-Fan

    It doesn’t even hurt anymore.When you’ve been fucked up the arse a few times before, you start to get use to the feeling & it’s easy to take
    Metaphorically speaking of course….

  10. Follow the money

    Wenger is living in a hallucination where is the last heroic and virtuous defender of pure football uncorrupted by oil money and who single handedly built the stadium. He truly believes that his getting fourth is a more notable achievement than Chelsea winning. He really doesn’t understand the criticism. Unfortunately these kinds of delusional fools need to be forced to see reality. That means make it impossible for him to not see reality. No mercy. A sane manager would have left years ago

  11. Pedro

    Welbecchio, if you carry on with that tone, I’ll kick you off.

    Talk football, no one cares what you think of the fans and you’re not the first to think they’re changing the internet by making a stand in the comments section.

    Get with programme.

  12. PieAFC

    We will draw to hull.

    The players are disillusioned with everything at the club, the performances on the pitch I think clearly show this.

    Half or maybe all the players know how stagnated we are, they are not stupid.

    If your contracted at a club, you have to peddle merchandise, do talks, speak to the press, you cannot exactly come out and say how you really feel.

    I wish the players would do what the Chelsea lot did, make it so bad he either had to walk away due to an ultimatum. – though that would never happen at Arsenal.

  13. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t expect the major shareholder and Board to sack Wenger after more than 20 years service to the club, but I do believe that they need to recognise that he is past his best and they need to make “football decisions” and not be “sentimental”.

    At the end of this season he needs to retire before he does serious damage to
    the long term prospects of the club. No-one believes seriously that the current
    team is good enough. It lacks above all else balance, organisation and structure. Also there are too many players in team who are frankly “soft” and “poor
    value for money”

    Frankly the club needs to make the decision now and appoint a new manager
    as soon as possible so that he can plan for next season. Also there needs to
    be a major overhaul of team.

  14. Cazth

    Hahahaha Pedro telling someone to talk football because he’s calling you guys out on your never ending bullshit. Nobody talks football here, you all scream like children. Always going on about deluded fans you don’t notice your own emotional bullshit. Pedro contradicts himself constantly as well. Fans, pundits in suits and people being able to write about football is what’s killing the game lads.

  15. qna

    Top 7 mini-league updated

    … GP W D L P
    CHE 9 5 1 3 16
    LIV 8 4 4 0 16
    TOT 8 2 4 2 10
    EVE 7 2 3 2 9
    CTY 8 2 2 4 8
    UTD 7 1 4 2 7
    ARS 7 1 2 4 5

    Arsene Wenger on Chelsea: “They don’t lose against the big teams and that is always the secret to win a championship,”

  16. qna

    Top 7 mini-league updated


    Arsene Wenger on Chelsea: “They don’t lose against the big teams and that is always the secret to win a championship”

    Edit (I will try again with different formatting)

  17. Jeff

    What people don’t realise is that losing 3:1 away to Chelsea isn’t the lowest we’ve stooped to. We’ve been in worse places than this but he didn’t resign and neither wasn’t he sacked then. Why on earth should either of those things happen now? They won’t announce his extension just yet because the timing isn’t right. I think they will do it a little later in the year when we do our usual flurry, beat a few teams to avoid dropping out of four and hail that as a spirited come back which we will be assured will continue into the new season. Haven’t you all seen this episode before? Good grief man!

  18. Dream10


    the most disheartening part from yesterday’s match was that Chelsea set out to contain us and not lose , just like they did at Liverpool. Their strategy was to not lose any points against the chasing pack. Like so many times before, we could not wait to press the self destruct button. They were there for the taking, just like they were midweek. Sometimes, staying in a match can get you a desired result. It’s the reason we lost to Bayern in 12-13 and Monaco in 14-15 on away goals. Game management. or the lack of it.

  19. qna

    Dream: the most disheartening part from yesterday’s match was that Chelsea set out to contain us and not lose

    You do Conte a massive disservice here. Not just at Chelsea but at Juventus as well. This result was never in doubt and I can guarantee you that Chelsea were considering nothing but a win as acceptable against this Arsenal side.

    Arsenal are again in crisis and its plain as day to see. If we had any good players in our squad the vultures would be circling. As it stands only Sanchez and Ozil appear to be of interest. I expect that Bellerin will be targeted this summer as well.

  20. Dream10


    I am not diminishing Conte’s qualities. he’s able to extract the maximum from his team, regardless of their talent level. That’s the sign of a top manager.

    Let’s not underplay our ability to do the basics due to poor structure and player temperament though.

  21. Jeff


    Possibly. But I strongly suggest we need to be in the top four when they announce it. If City win today we will drop to fourth and Liverpool (who will be kicking themselves losing to Hull) will be fifth. But before the international break we still have Bayern twice (and we all know so well what will happen there) and we have Liverpool and Leicester as well. The Southampton PL game has been postponed for some reason and straight after the international break we have Man City. It could get very ugly so they may wait till the end of the season.

    There may be a very small chance (and I mean small) that they will use the summer break to look for a new manager if things get very ugly (i.e. we drop out of CL) and Wenger decides to quit. But there’s no sign that anyone is looking or planning for that now – that much is certain.

  22. rollen

    February 4, 2017 18:48:39

    What do you guys know about the new Hull manager?
    Interesting start imo.

    He signed one of the best Polish players Grosicki

  23. qna

    Dream: Expecting his extension to be announced during the March int’l break

    Jeff/Dream. I honestly dont think it matters anymore. I think we are a certainty to lose both Ozil and Sachez this summer. Both will have suitors that are bigger than ours and based on that interest will not sign the contract. Despite what Wenger or Gazidis says, they will not be prepared to lose 130m and nor should they.

    We have now already re-signed Mertesacker and Cazorla who are both past their used by dates. We can look through our squad post Sanchez and Ozil and its terrifying reading:

    N-HG: Gabriel, Cazorla, Cech, Elneny, Giroud, Olivier, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Ospina, Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez, Debuchy
    HG: Coquelin, Gibbs, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Walcott, Welbeck, Wilshere, Bellerin, Iwobi, Jenkinson,

    This is a truly mediocre list of players. So what good is it going to do to bring in a manager like Allegri for example with this list of players. Who could possibly mount a challenge any differently than Wenger.

    Will the Arsenal fans, in partiuclar AKBs be understanding or even accept the predicament of the new manager? There is essentially 3 players in that list that a manager like Allegri would want in a starting line up – Mustafi, Koscielny and Bellerin. Even then, based on defensive performances of this season he may not want any of them. He could possibly see Iwobi as a young player he might be able to bring through as well.

    I just dont see a good outcome for us as fans which ever direction we take. The club has backed itself into a corner whereby it will need to bring in an at least 8 of a starting 11 if it is to compete with its rivals. It is going to take years, possibly as many years as it has taken Wenger to drive us into this iceberg, to get out of this difficult situation. We are at rock bottom. When Wenger leaves, we sill still be at rock bottom where he left us.

  24. Rambo Ramsey

    How the old fool has the cheek to broadcast his views about ‘secret to win the title’ after not winning one in ages, heck not even put in a challenge for ages…is beyond me.

  25. Jeff


    If you take the short term view, then certainly you might be right. However, as fans, we have to take the longer view and whatever happens in the summer, we know that the future will not change while Wenger remains. However the new manager wants to play it, there will inevitably be renewed optimism. Even if it means relieving ourselves from the burden of CL football to concentrate solely on the league for a couple of seasons while we clear out and change the huge pile of shit Wenger will leave behind (including players and practices), that is a good thing for the club. I’m prepared for that and so are a lot of other fans in my view.

    All that this constant promise and delivery of top four is doing is making grow ever more stale with no end in sight. There’s no hope in this club any more and that’s the thing that kill the fans – many of them don’t even realise it. They go to matches like robots, have a few oohs and aahs and then gather around to wipe each other’s tears on social media etc. But in the final analysis and underlying all of the crap that we routinely go through every season, we know there’s no hope.

    For about 10 years now many on here and elsewhere have rightly predicted in the summer (before the season even starts) that we will not win the league simply because of Wenger and they were right. Why? Because he suffers from an incurable mental barrier that permeates through the team and season. He could manage for another 100 years and we still won’t win it.

  26. qna

    Jeff. Yes, of course I want Wenger out. But I wonder how all the fans and media will react when the new manager – inevitably – doesnt do any better than Wenger. The improvement will not come until the new manager is given the time and resources to do an extreme makover on the squad. The AKBs will be baying for blood from day 1, while the flip floppers (as some le-grovers like to call them) will be having buyers remorse on the new manager. The Dinosour media who dont know their arse from their elbows will be lauding Wenger and saying that we should have stuck with him.

    Ultimately the reality about what will be needed to fix what Wenger has broken will be lost in the shuffle.

    Wenger is not helping the next manager by renewing guys like Mertesacker or filling the team with guys that would not get a game at any other top 8 club in the world. Perez, Elneny, Gabriel, Chambers, Welbeck are all recent purchases, none of them cheap, and none of them would even make the bench of other clubs in our financial league.

  27. Alexanderhenry


    Agreed. It’s the end for wenger now surely but the way arsenal fc is being run I don’t see the team improving..

    Unless the club can offer serious resources, they won’t get a top manager.

  28. HillWood

    In his long grey coat Wenger looks like a twat.
    He talks like a twat
    He manages like a twat.
    It is very likely he IS a twat

  29. Jeff


    Perhaps it’s true and the new manager will fail initially or indeed we may have to go through several new managers till we find the one that works. But I think there is a consensus now (even among the die-hard AKBs) that we can’t go on the way we are. Fear of the future shouldn’t be a reason not to act in the present.

  30. Ishola70

    Looks like most have given up on Gabriel now even though there were quite a few last season who were saying that he has promise and should be given time.

    Reality is with him is that he is mentally weak. You just have to look at him to realise that. Nervous looking character. Senderos MK II.

    It makes you wonder what the scouts are about and those that make the final decision in buying him. It’s no good to sign a player just because he has talent in his position, You want the very important extras as well which include the strong mentality.

    Could be the same case with Xhaka as well but his mental flaws are the opposite to Gabriel.

  31. Ishola70

    If the board have no contingency plans whatsoever at this time in replacing Wenger as many have said is it any wonder he signs on for another two years.

    He most likely feels duty bound to sign a new contract because the board just simply can’t see past him and if he all of a sudden he felt like he should call it a day near the end of this season he may feel he is leaving the club in the lurch and just must simply carry on.

    This could be the new stick that the AKBs use to have a go at those that want Wenger to go asap. They will say the board have no idea what to do with life without Wenger and if he is forced out of the club by fan pressure the club could find itself in a worse situation than it is at present.

    That’s why I think any protests that take place from now until the end of the season should not be directed just against Wenger. It should be a protest that focuses on the board just as much.

    It’s a mess. It really is.

  32. WrightIsGod

    That Coq flick to give the ball away to Chelsea for Hazards goal, out of position and then bounced off embarrassingly.

    God awful. Coq is definition of mtediocre, young Flamini. But because our expectations have been lowered so much and we were starved of a dm for years we clamber to him.

    Kante is 3 times the player Coq is Matic is 2 times. But Wenger didn’t try to get him.

  33. Vince

    Funny enough I think that’s the best we’ve played against Chelsea in a very long while. We use to be so fearful, tepid, hesitant when playing them but yesterday we went toe-to-toe with them, about the same shots on goal, we even hedged possession. We were creative and inventive.
    Ultimately though we fell in a familiar way – our archilles heel was as obvious as Shrek’s forehead. Wenger’s utterly shocking propensity to buy imbalanced players and make lopsided teams messed up our good work.
    For instance two scenarios summed up the first half for me. First, their goal. Bellerin as amazing as he is has the physical presence of Crouch. Ffs in this league a reasonable coach should know that a Serge Aurier or even Debuchy should be preferred against Chelsea. There’s no way on earth Alonso goes near if that was Debuchy up in the air with both elbows out. He definitely won’t try it with the beast specimen that Aurier is.
    Secondly, that Gabriels header towards the end of the first half. Ffs if you can’t finish there’s absolutely no need getting into good positions. It’s embarrassing that a top four player didn’t score that or didn’t get an outstanding save out of the opposing keeper. Even Welbecks half chance header in the second half was a better shot at goal than Gabriels backpass.
    So let’s say that was Debuchy at both ends I trust him to have gotten one of the challenges/chances right and leave us level at beginning of second half. And if he’d gotten both right then we would have gone into half time leading.
    And the imbalance was all over the team:
    – Iwobi can get stuck in and run the show but can’t shoot for shit. He probably would have gotten our first goal within 10 minutes if he could strike the ball better.
    – Coquelin – whom I like btw- shouldn’t be get outmuscled by Hazard on that second goal.
    – Ozil the utter incompetent world class rubbish should have been ripping the net with that chance at the end of the first half.
    – Mustafi shouldn’t be missing a gaping goal with that free header. …

    what am I saying? Wenger is at fault. he’s divisive in every way. If he weren’t Debuchy would have been playing after Bellerin went off or even start ahead of him because we knew what awaited us at Stamford bridge was more a battle than a football match and we needed men.
    – And Theo, after missing two sitters against Watford, should have been on the bench while Lucas took his place in the first 11.
    Now we are left to wonder what would have happened if we’d started with a front 3 of Welbz, Perez and Alexis with Iwobi behind them.
    and its about time we drop two players from the first 11 – Cech and Ozil. but Wenger will never do that and sadly that’s why well remain dreamers under This greater misfortune of a coach we’ve unleashed on ourselves.

  34. qna

    Wright. Yep. Coquelin pretty much sums up Arsenal. Have one or two good games and you are set for life (think Wilshere, Walcott, Oxlaide).

    Coquelin was a guy who cost nothing, but pretty much did nothing initially and eventually was loaned out to the championship. He came back and to his credit he had an incredible 6 months of football. Well 6 months of good football is enough to buy you the rest of your career in the Arsenal team.

    Wenger talks about a nearly 11 which is just cringe worthy – Ronaldo, Zlatan etc. But they all went to better clubs than us anyway. On the other hand, we do have a dead set should have been 11 if we we had a football department worth even half of its salt.

    That should have been 11 includes the likes of Suarez, Lloris, Higuain, Dybala and Kante. These are deadset guys whose former clubs would have sold to us and we had the money to make that happen if we had the slightest bit of football nous. In our case, we didnt value those dead set guns highly enough.

  35. Thank you and goodnight

    Thing is that winds me up is all those so called experts, journalists etc who are now coming out saying typical Arsenal blah blah blah. But none of them have the bollocks to call wenger out when he’s being interviewed and talking shit. At the beginning of the season before the Liverpool game he came out and said how ready we were as a team and how we were mentally prepared, then when we lose he claims mentally we weren’t ready. Why didn’t any journalist question him about that? It’s like he says one minute xhaka is a B2B player, then next minute he says he’s a holding midfielder, and yet still he gets a free pass. We know the board won’t question him as they’re all in it together and only give a shit about the money, but why don’t the media? Surely it’s their jobs to ask these questions?

  36. qna

    TYAG. yep. Gutless and only willing to take the cheap shots. To be fair they are just a reflection of the majority of Arsenal fans. Only willing to listen to a criticism after a loss but they will turn and round on any journo that dares critisise after we flat track bully somebody. Ir if we are in a run of unbeated ganes against mid level opposition. Knowledge base of the majority of fans is seriously questionable.

  37. Thank you and goodnight


    It’s like that prick TY. How can you not see his interviews on Arsenal fan TV and not want to break every bone in his body? I mean look at the cunt that is a typical brain dead AKB.

  38. WrightIsGod

    The cluelessness of some of our fans/poster on here is dumb. I remember having a discussion a few months ago as to whether we should sign Fabregas because he was ‘not wanted’ at Chelsea.

    My answer was simply, ‘why the hell would he want to come back to us?”

    He’s not done there. He’s still good enough to play a part in a title winning squad and if he was to leave Chelsea he’d leave England.

  39. VP

    You could have written this season off way back in 2015 . How anyone can be surprised at what has unfolded? The misguided loyalty by the fans is the reason why we are where we are. The people that were coming on here before the Everton game and rating the season as an 8/10 are the underlying problem.

    Even if Wenger does leave at the season end (I personally think he will be given a one year rolling contract) I can’t see how those charged with the responsibility of finding a suitable replacement can step up to the challenge.

    I would write off the next 3-4 seasons for sure. Wenger needs to go ASAP to get the change process started which is invariably going to be a very tedious, slow moving and ad-hoc process, where I expect the club to look like a bigger joke than it does with even Wenger at the helm.

  40. VP

    You could have written this season off way back in 2015 . How anyone can be surprised at what has unfolded? The misguided loyalty by the fans is the reason why we are where we are. The people that were coming on here before the Everton game and rating the season as an 8/10 are the underlying problem.

    Even if Wenger does leave at the season end (I personally think he will be given a one year rolling contract) I can’t see how those charged with the responsibility of finding a suitable replacement can step up to the challenge.

    I would advise everyone to write off the next 3-4 seasons for sure. Wenger needs to go ASAP to get the change process started which is invariably going to be a very tedious, slow moving and ad-hoc process, where I expect the club to look like a bigger joke than it does with even Wenger at the helm.

  41. Wenker-wanger

    Many fans query the undeserved respect and leeway Wenger gets from the media.
    They are scared of being controversial and out-of-step with the media consensus of opinion. He has became an untouchable almost national treasure in the football heirachys eyes.
    His dismal premier league record is only mildly queried and then lost in the champions league qualification achievement.
    To these pundits arsenal are a club on a par with spurs Liverpool and now Everton. What Wenger has done by remaining in charge when we have not really challenged for the title, is give himself a standard to work to. Pundits will consider arsenal a nearly club….. There’s certainly no expectation from them.
    Arsenal fans feel it differently…When we collapse it’s a disgrace, and quite rightly so. When your club rakes in the most revenue through its gates and has enormous income potential with all top quality infrastructure in place, high expectations are justified.
    Thank goodness for people like piers Morgan, and the Merse and Charlie Nicholas. At least they have the balls to dig wankger out.