Wenger embarrassingly cites preparation as the issue, again. Are the board listening?

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via @t0wey (instagram)

via @t0wey (instagram)

It’s hard to be particularly angry when Arsenal do this. The motions we go through are so familiar by now, that if you truly jumped on the hope bandwagon, you’re a hopeless optimist or you’re just not paying attention. Wenger said after our 2-1 loss at home, his team weren’t at the races.

“Mentally, we were not ready for the [physical] challenges. When you play at home, in our position, that is not normal. Everybody in the Premier League is strong physically and [to give] 90% is not enough.”

An excuse we’ve heard too many times before to be shocked, but an excuse that’s so done to death it’s shocking. No one in the media dares pull him on it to his face and it’s crazy that his bosses haven’t picked up on how often he uses that little number.

Wenger was right. His team weren’t prepared for an opposition game plan that’s all too familiar this season. You sensed that with the line up he dropped. Wenger just shot for his favourites, all in one team and hoped their collective quality would win through. He played a lumbering centre-forward against two lumbering centre backs. A match made in the ineffective. He played Coquelin, against a team you suspected would sit back and play a deep block, in which he’d be useless, or they’d press, where he’s also pretty useless. He also opted for Ramsey, a player very out of sorts this season, so much so, you start to wonder whether he has the guts to be a decent player?

Here are my list of concerns that are very well trodden.

Tactical Setup

You have the feeling Wenger isn’t setting up his team based on what he’s about to face. He’s setting up based on who he thinks the form players are. Giroud shouldn’t be anywhere near our starting 11 at the moment. Coquelin should not be starting against teams we suspect are going to play a deep block, or against teams that might pressure us in possession. He’s a disaster and he proved that again last night. If you don’t believe me, take a look at his 2016-17 stats.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 21.27.37

Aaron Ramsey isn’t capable of playing next to anyone bar Cazorla, and maybe Xhaka. He was a pitiful against last night. He turned his back on the Kaboul freekick, nodding it in with his arse. He was also partly at fault for the second, when we embarrassingly miscontrolled an awful throw from the calamitious Gabriel. To add fuel the shame fire, he was then more interested in glaring at the Brazilian then defending the counter… just watch his pathetic tracking back. Anyway, we managed to let Watford and Troy Deeney walkthrough us and take their lead to two.

We had no answer for the aggressive press. We had no inkling that maybe Watford might mix it up and not sit back, but maybe attack using brute force and an aggressive press. We had no answers when it was clear Watford were on fire. They had 9 chances in the first half with 6 on target, we had three attempts, not hitting the target once. We were outmuscled and out ballsed by a team that has pulled the same trick 4 teams have in the last 10 games.

Wenger is incapable of seeing things early and making a change. He also shows a lack of understanding around how easily thrown players can be by a result.  How many of us were saying Southampton may have been an beautiful fluke at the weekend? Plenty. Wenger should have come out after that game and said, look, they were shite and we need to be happy they had a terrible day. Instead, he lapped it up, with the rest of the team, and the celebration carried over into the first half.

The Change Up

Aaron Ramsey pulled up with an injury, about the only thing he can do consistently these days, and the reason he should be shipped off in the summer. Chamberlain came on for him, and he looked solid again. Wenger then switched off the lacklustre Giroud at half-time and injected some pace with Theo Walcott moving out wide. They then made a final change bringing on Perez for Coquelin.

You can’t complain at the response. We created almost instantly. Alexis Sanchez found Iwobi at the back post after a mazy run from the right for an early goal. Theo Walcott had two glorious chances a proper wide-man would have eaten for breakfast. Perez cut inside late on and rattled off a blistering left foot off the bar. We destroyed Watford, we let off 17 shots, hit the target just 5 times (1 less than Watford in the first half for context), forced some superb saves, nullified them to zero attempts.

But where was that in the first half? Why didn’t Wenger recognise that pace, aggression and creativity was going to open Watford up? Why did we have to go through another shocking first half to find our feet, especially when we’re in the title race.

The strength

People will point to the topsy-turvey world of the Premier League and lean on the excuse that anyone can beat anyone. In this case, I’m simply not having that. That was 1 win in 8 for them. They’ve lost to Sunderland, were spanked by Spurs and they also lost to Milwall at the weekend. This is an extremely poor team and we were at home, right in the mix. So in a month that by anyone’s standards could be deemed easy, we’ve only taken 10 points from 15. That’s a poor return, and it can be squarely pointed at a manager who can’t motivate his players to focus and has proven time and time again he has no idea how to plan tactically.

The positives

Well, I’m gonna fart these at you, especially for all the morons who went off at me at the weekend for suggesting our impressive win ratio this season will amount to nothing. Anyway, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea all took a point each. Not a huge amount of damage done on the face of it, but we’re still 9 behind Chelsea and we play them at the weekend.

Good news from today is you’d hope Wenger has a rethink about his midfield. He’ll now have to start Chamberlain centrally, which is a massive chance for him to shine. He did very well last night. I’d also hope that Wenger reconsiders putting Giroud in the front three. Sure he’s good for some goals, but at the highest level he hasn’t and never will cut it. We need to pressure Chelsea with aggression and speed. We need to cause them a headache. We need to win. Wenger needs to think outside his favourites and have a think about what he’s going to do against a Chelsea that are compact, well drilled and deadly moving forward.

If the worst happens at the weekend, do you think Wenger will sign a new deal in the international break? Would he have the guts? That could be the next bit of good news. Maybe he’ll realise the game is up.

Let’s keep positive though. I said yesterday we’d probably lose to Watford and beat Chelsea pressure off. You never know, right?

Over to you…

P.S. When you’ve stopped giving highly rational measured opinions, let us know your fave attacking units ever… in the face of Wenger saying we’re witnessing it now. Hashtag it, so I can find them easily #FaveUnit


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  1. ughelligunner

    Ozil cant even influence a game. I was so surprise that a player as young as Iwobi could do what ozil couldnt do.

  2. ughelligunner

    if ozil cant endure the physicality of the english game he can come out honest just as dimaria did and leave.

    I wouldnt even put ozil on the bench against chelsea, if i were manager.

  3. WrightIsGod


    I think you’ll find we subbed on Perez in the 69th minute and moved IWobi into the centre.

    Fully sanctioned by Wenger via radio obviously. Nothing to do with bould.

    Shows how much attention you were paying, unless of course your only reason for piping up is to absolve Lord Wenger.


  4. Leedsgunner

    No doubt those hardworking PR spin doctors at Arsenal.com will be burning the midnight oil this week — especially if we lose to Chelsea.

    Along with the war chest stories I wonder how long it will be until we get the inevitable PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona is targeting Wenger…

    Yeah right.

    All designed to bring gullible “fans” behind Wenger… as if he is doing us some great favour by turning down other clubs. Tomorrow?

    Here’s the thing Arsene.

    If you want to go. Please do. See if any other top club will tolerate your mediocrity for 20 weeks let alone 20 years.


  5. ughelligunner

    Wright, this is were you are stupid if you didnt get my point. When Bould who is on the touchline saw that he didnt work, what was he suppose to do as the standby manager? I would have put iwobi back, and sanchez should have been made to stay up ahead, instead sanchez went to the left side, while perez was all playing attack with walcot surporting him. You do not need a radio call to do the needful. He was just standing there drenching himself in the rain while doing nothing. Nobody says he muct listen to wenger.

  6. ughelligunner

    They had close to 20mins to try it and reshuffle if it didnt work. We all know wenger gives instrutions via talkie, but it is bould choice to make.

  7. Welbecchio




    You don’t go to the games, you rarely watch them so what sort of a fan are you representing exactly?

    Another one with too much to say about nothing that lacks the courage or conviction to do anything about it.

    All it is is noise. Arsenal fans are a laughing stock. Just look at Arsenal Fan TV it’s a joke.

  8. ughelligunner

    Redtruth, suarez played close to 4years in liverpool and impacted only one year out of those 4years, he was fantastic but…lets not make it as if he did more than that one season where they nearly got the EPL title.

  9. jwl

    Leedsgunner did last night’s loss trigger something in you?

    You are on a bit of a Wenger rant today, pulling a Joe, and you normally more even tempered.

  10. Welbecchio

    I’m going to just sit back and laugh at all these ‘fans’ that shout from the rooftops.

    They all want a change but do nothing about it.

    Leeds writing essays saying not much and Bamford advising people to throw fucking tomatoes at the manager lol.

    Arsenal ‘fans’ the gift that keeps on giving.

  11. Ishola70

    “They had close to 20mins to try it and reshuffle if it didnt work. We all know wenger gives instrutions via talkie, but it is bould choice to make.”

    This is missing the main point in why the team lost yesterday focusing on what could have been better done when chasing the game. The problem is the slow starts and having to chase games.

    You asked the question who is responsible to get the team ready and focused for kick-off from the first whistle. The answer is Wenger. He is only banned from the dug out for the 90 minutes. He is not banned from the dressing room or anything surrounding the preparation before the match starts. These slow starts are far too familiar now.

  12. Leedsgunner


    Ok, ok, ok, fair enough. I’ll calm down.

    I’m just very disappointed that for another year realistically we’ve thrown the title away again.

    For us to even tie Chelsea they have to drop three games that we win and we have to stop leaking points, like I said. That’s not going to happen is it?

    I really thought this year was going to be different… and I allowed myself to dream.

    Silly me.

    Sorry everyone for doing a Joe.

    I’m bitterly disappointed that’s all.


  13. ughelligunner

    You would think fans like the wobs on legrove would standup and be counted wherever they are.

    I want an improvement which would come only through change but i wont waste my time ranting without making an effect on a blog, attacking fellow fans rather than the board and manager physically and directly.

  14. Pedro

    Guys, fave ever Arsenal attacking unit >>> #AFCfave

    If there’s a story with it, even better. Reading the good ones out on the podcast

  15. ughelligunner

    Ishola, no… Match gearing up starts with the warm up schedule. Wenger hardly stays present when the team is warming up or are ready for the firsthalf. These has been confirmed by fellow managers like Rednap. He has said wenger spends time going round the Vip section before games. No matter the dressing speeches you give, if the warmup is laxicalm there wont be a resut. Ask yourself why our players look half-a-sleep when we have early kickoff.

    But i agree, wenger is the manager and he should have done something about it. But what can you say about a manager who cant even force Jenkison to leave?

  16. ughelligunner

    The only reason, if it is a good reason at all why i want wenger to just retire is his Mr nice guy attitude with running the club. I have a friend with that character, he rather takes it on the chin rather than tell somebody to go to hell.

  17. ughelligunner

    Bin ramsey, welbeck, gibbs, wilshere, ozil, sanogo, jekinson and tell them to leave or play with the reserve teams. Rather than playing them.

  18. Dissenter

    Finally we agree on this one thing; Mesut Ozil is way too overrated.

    Why do you think Wenger indulges him?

  19. NEEG

    Wenger who has zero motivational skills and is dead from the neck up was last night beaten by a manager whose funeral was today.

  20. jwl

    “I’m just very disappointed that for another year realistically we’ve thrown the title away again.”

    Leedsgunner – It’s the hope that kills you, give in to darkness and accept that Wenger is never going to win league or champions league ever again.

    Also, sports fanatics like us are weird lot, many of us have multiple girlfriends and wives over the years but we find it impossible to support different team. So many gooners have been deeply disappointed with Wenger for years but here we are still supporting Arsenal knowing things will change someday.

  21. jwl

    Best Arsenal attacking unit Ive seen in person was obviously Henry and Bergkamp. I lived in England for 10 yrs, saw about thirty five Arsenal matches live, and my two fave goals were TH14 against Spuds when he got the ball deep in his own half on right hand side and then just ran straight at Spuds goal and the Northbank where I was sat and DB10 goal at Newcastle, I was at that match because some other gooner was sick and I was last minute addition.

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You all know red is a wind up ….
    Don’t bite , don’t get sucked in to futile arguments ….
    His comment are sonetimes spor on about the club, team an stuff…

    When he’s bored he will suck you in if you give him the encouragement

    Don’t bite sir….


    What was your best moment at the old ground Highbury …

  23. Clive Hill

    I’m way past being angry at the result. Arsenal’s inconsistency seems to be our only consistency. What does make me mad, is how a man who’s paid over 7 million pounds a year to prepare a team constantly fails, by his own admission to do that. If Arsenal weren’t ready for the task at hand whose responsibility is that!? Its as if the Alice in Wonderland atmosphere that has prevailed at Arsenal for the past 10 years or so has been preparing for the same madhouse political and social atmosphere that surrounds us now.

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Colin pates headed corner clearance on his debut up there with the great willie youngs curly ginger headed clearance at peter simpsons testimonial against celtic….

  25. Cesc Appeal

    The point is not everyone’s season ‘drops’ in exactly the same fashion every year for twelve years straight.

    I think that is what people are, well not pissed about, because I’m not seeing anger, more hilariously resigned to the fact it is happening again.

    If you are still in the tribe that thinks anger/frustration/resignation is because of a singular result, there is no help for you and you too probably blame the rain.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    Do all you people go to the same night classes or something? You seem to have the same tact, just don’t talk about the football.

    ‘Everyone drop points,’ yeah that isn’t why people are complaining this is why, pro-Wenger ‘brain’ thinks, hmm, don’t really have an answer for that, ‘yeah, well, you didn’t even watch the game.’

    Damn, got me.

    I’m sure there will a re-run, although could just stick on a 2015/16 season review, 2014/15 season review, 2013/14 season review, 2012/13 season review, 2011/12 season review, 2010/11 season review, 2009/10 season review and probably catch the gist of what happened.

    Labored the point there but just wanted to make sure.

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The board are just waiting for a good time to hide bad news event …,

    Be interesting to know how long the waiting season ticket list is now…

  28. Paul Mc Daid

    Pedro, less of the reminiscing, What are you as our voice going to do about the shambles this club is becoming, Le Grove is the leading and most respected site on Arsenal , You should be ” Uniting the Clans ” and leading the charge is our resistance to the Status Quo, Not a criticism but your well respected by the club and you have a constituency .

  29. Rainman


    Well said , with you 100percnt.Pedro, by virtue of his awesome blog has more power than he probably knows. We should get something up and running. If we want Wenger out then we should be proactive. Then again he is in the USA now, that might be an issue.

  30. WrightIsGod


    You actually believe Bould could have the authority to override Wenger when Wenger is communicating what he wants on the pitch via earpiece? And then expect to keep his job?

    I think you are clearly the stupid one.

  31. WrightIsGod


    It was Wenger’s initial team selection that got us into that mess in the first 15 minutes, his players, his mindset, his tactics. And yet the only thing you don’t like about Wenger is that he is a nice guy?

    My God the AKBs need rounding up and shooting in the kneecap so they can hop back to wherever they came from once Wenger is gone.

    You are ready to blame Bould for not overriding the manager? Over just blaming Wenger for setting out rubbish instructions in the first place? Motivation didn’t play a part in the first half, selecting dumb players, not playing to your strengths, and not varying your game according to opposition is the reason, and there is only one man at fault for that.

    And so yes everything you have said, especially against Bould, is to absolve Wenger of any blame.


  32. PaddyV91

    Pedro calling out the tactical setup as why we lost…Correct but Wenger doesn’t do tactics like Ever so why expect him to start against Watford. Has and always will just pick his favourite 11 and say go play lol

  33. WrightIsGod


    The other disturbing thing about your comment is that:

    1. You didn’t even realise moving Iwobi in the middle was a decision brought about by Coq being subbed off for Lucas. A decision Wenger clearly made.

    2. You don’t acknowledge that with Iwobi skinning Watford on the left side that was a completely idiotic thing to do (ala subbing of ox v man u so many seasons ago).

    3. You don’t even argue in Wenger’s favour that actually bringing on another attacker and putting Iwobi centrally could have possibly been effective as Iwobi was our goal threat and centralising him would give him the percentage view of the goal whilst causing a threat to the heart of their defence rather than just one flank. I mean if I was defending Wenger I would have come up with that.

    But no its Bould who failed to motivate the players before the game and failed to override Wenger’s commands that were being dictated to him in his earpiece.

  34. China

    I dunno why you lot are arguing about whether the problem was motivation or tactics.

    If you don’t do tactics you’ll often piss away points

    If you don’t do motivation you’ll often piss away points

    Both are true of Arsenal and neither are remotely expendable facets for a top team

  35. qna

    Its interesting to see how old Mourinho looks now. He really can’t take being a failure and you can physically see the toll its taking. On the other hand Wenger is aging quite nicely. Especially since around 2009, he looks very similar. Would hardly think he is in a high pressure job if you look at how he has aged over the last 6 or 7 years.

  36. tunnygriffboy


    Glad you’re on. Just want to clear the air re our conversation the other day. I think you made some assumptions re my posting that weren’t entirely correct and you miss interperated a lot of what I said adding things in which didn’t truly reflect my opinions.

    I am well aware of the short comings of the team, players and manager but not all of them to the same level as you.

    Hope I’ve cleared that up and there’s no hard feelings. Cheers mate

  37. qna

    Tunny. No hard feelings here mate. I am the one who should be apologising as I did carry on a bit didnt I :). I don’t see it as a problem that we don’t agree on all things, or even if we don’t agree on anything :). I know that you have become frustrated with Wenger too.

    I think that the thing that I disagree with you most is on squad composition. I know that you accept that a lot of our squad players are not elite, but they are still good enough. It is not exactly that I disagree with this – although I do rate them a lot lower than you do. But when I call them mediocre or shit or bang average, I am talking relative to our clubs means. If I was WBA or even West Ham, I would accept that most of those players would be worthy.

    For example, lets take the players that I call mediocre. I will try to list them in order of their wage (high to low): Walcott, Giroud, Wilshere, Ramsey, Welbeck,Perez, Oxlaide, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Elneny, Gibbs, Coquelin, Ospina. Jenkinson doesnt fit here as he was never even good enough to be called mediocre.

    Then we have some players that were once good, but no longer at that level or too injury prone: Cech, Cazorla. Monreal, Debuchy.

    So in a list of up to 25 players – here is 18 players that are simply mediocre. Apart from Jenkinson and Debuchy, I dont suggest that any name I have listed should not be in our squad. I am saying that we CANT AFFORD all of them. My argument with you and most Arsenal fans is that we go about composing our squad of 25 completely wrong.

    Our wage bill is what it is – its about what Chelsea’s is. Its less than the Manchester clubs and more than all the others. We need to have more Sanchezes and fewer Walcotts. An EPL squad can be composed of 17 non home grown players and up to 8 hg players. So our highest 17 earners need to be our 17 best players. If that means on merit that none of them are british then so be it. We actually dont even need 8 hg players because we can use U21 players as well. So all of this nonsense about British players costing more is not really relevant. They are a choice not a need.

    We need to be bringing through more youth players like Iwobi, Akpom, Adelaide and so on. These guys should be our FA and EFL cup players. A simple decision like this to say to Sanchez and Co you wont be playing these competitions would shrink the requirements of our squad incredibly. Then we can focus and be more efficient with our wages to ensure that we have a first 11 that can compete with any club in England or Europe. It is completely possible that this club wins the UCL and the EPL with the means at its disposal. Its execution that is letting us down.

  38. Emiratesstroller


    Good morning

    You paint a very bleak picture of our current squad.

    In fairness I cannot altogether disagree with analysis on the evidence of overall performances this season. The real problem is that too many of the players are injury prone and therefore lack consistency.

    As has been debated ad infinitum the real problem is current management
    combined with high wages which makes it difficult to offload players.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to the squad once Wenger retires
    as he must do sooner or later. Not even he can stay in the job forever.

  39. qna

    Emirates/Tunny. To add to my last post. Arsenal currently have a wage structure which has resulted in average players getting paid more than their worth (as evidenced by not being able to sell them or even loan them out) and top players not getting paid what they could get elsewhere (Adebayor, Nasri, RVP, Sagna, Sanchez, Ozil).

    I think a three tier wages structure is needed. We could have open wage structure for the top 4 or 5 players – market dictated rate (1 or 2 attackers, 1 or 2 CMs and maybe a GK if we can get one). Keep our current structure for the remaining designated first team players (CBs, wingers, the next striker or CM). After that we could have a very strict third tier wage structure where we target youth players with potential and British players that accept that they are only depth players. This could be up to say 25k and would include good talent like Iwobi, Coquelin and Bellerin for several years if and until they earn promotion to the next tier. If we can anchor the wages of the bottom dozen players in the squad to an average of say 20k, while maintaining our current structure for 8 to 10 good first team players (Kos, Mustafi, Bellerin (now) etc), then we would have massive amount of wages to throw at our top 4 or 5 players.

    This would expose us to some risk – if we got major injuries to first team players. But the upside (reward) would expose us to the chance to win the league and the UCL. I personally don’t mind if we drop out of the CL every now and then, if it means that on our good years we are competing for the league and eventually the CL itself. I dont see the amount of risk ever leading us to a relegation battle.

  40. Mick Kartun

    Wrong, hillwood sir.

    Most fans including akbs, flip floppers, and wobs like me also are clearly not too bothered about winning the league.

    the 3 stages of gooners: akbs to flip floppers, and becoming wobs.

    majority fans right now are the flip floppers.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    No worries.

    Of course we should be looking to bring in WC players and better players than we’ve got now.

    The team that played v Watford was good enough to win had they been at it from the off

    Imo a lot of the players you mentioned are more than good enough to be in the squad and play regularly. These include Walcott, Lucas, Welbeck, Ox, Elneny. These I’d be quite happy to rotate in as and when. Welbeck starts in my best team

    Ospina/Gibbs ok as 2nd choices

    Giroud plan B

    Concerns over Ramsey ( I’m Welsh so see him play regularly for Wales). He’s constantly injured and has been poor this season when played. There’s more to him than we’re seeing atm. Gabriel, inconsistent, Holding will pass him soon

    Thing is, even with the squad as it is a good ambitious manager could get extra 10/15% out of them. That would be enough even without additions which would come as well

  42. tunnygriffboy


    The whole league are paying huge wages to players. If you are a regular in the sides of half the teams in the league you are payed way more than £20k.

    You’re proposing that 12 out of a squad of 25 is to be payed £20k. I think that’s unworkable

    We have players who in our eyes are payed to much. In reality it’s the going rate for players in the top sides ( bar spurs). Even Leicester/Everton/west Ham are now paying big wages.

    Unfortunately wages will increase due to increased tv and commercial revenue and now the competition from China

  43. qna

    Tunny: Imo a lot of the players you mentioned are more than good enough to be in the squad and play regularly. These include Walcott, Lucas, Welbeck, Ox, Elneny. These I’d be quite happy to rotate in as and when. Welbeck starts in my best team

    Again, I dont think you are seeing my point. I dont disagree that they could be in our squad and play. My point is that we cant afford them and the wc players.

    * I would rather Griezemann or Lewendowski (250k/wk) + Akpom (15k) INSTEAD OF Walcott (140k) + Giroud (130k).

    * I would rather Bakayoko (100k) + AMN (15k) INSTEAD OF Oxlaide (65k) + Elneny (65k)

    * I would rather Verratti (160k) + Adelaide (15k) INSTEAD OF Wilshere (90k) + Ramsey (80k)

    The figures don’t have to be exact, but you should get the general idea here. Two mediocre players wages combined will pay for one genuinely top player and one youth prospect INSTEAD.

  44. qna

    Tunny: The whole league are paying huge wages to players. If you are a regular in the sides of half the teams in the league you are payed way more than £20k.You’re proposing that 12 out of a squad of 25 is to be payed £20k. I think that’s unworkable

    I dont know exactly what number is workable. 12 may be too high a number. It depends on what quality young players we can scout and bring in. So I am considering players like Iwobi, Holding, Adelaide, AMN in this figure of 12. Bellerin would have started in this tier.

    Right now it looks like Holding is on 10k, Iwobi only recently signed his extension for 30k. We can see AMN and Adelaide, who are probably on around 10k. We bring in 17, 18, 19 yo like Cohen Bramall. What is the point of these guys if we dont play them. I am suggesting that we draw a line between FA cup and EFL and say this is not for first team players. This is for that bottom tier of player and the youth team. Our top 12 or 15 players dont play even one minute of this.

    So this gives an incentive to players from all over Britains lowest leagues of football to come to Arsenal. They will know that for 2 or 3 years they will not earn more than 20k. But they will get a chance to train day in and day out with Lewendowski, Sanchez, Verratti etc and they will play the cup games. If they are good enough or if we have an injury crisis they may even play for Arsenal in the league or FA cup. If that is not incentive to attract youth players to Arsenal then I dont know what is. After a couple of years, we then sell those players on, hopefully to the premier league. Its a potentially a better education than we are currently giving if we guarantee players. The whole point of British football is that its highly competitive all the way down to the lower leagues. Almost no elite players, but thousands of still pretty good players that are willing to put in a shift.

    Anyway I think that a lot of players play their best football in their teens or early 20s. They have no fear and the opposition teams havent worked out simple and effective ways to mitigate their unique strengths. After that they drop back and find their level. We can try to just be a part of some of these players journeys, hopefully the best part.

  45. qna

    RT: qna is a chief flip flopper.

    Thanks Red. Do I win anything? I should get a T-shirt.

    Maybe you and I should just go to a Trump rally (pro or anti, it doesnt matter). Put up a massive Wenger Out sign that can be seen from a panned out shot. I think we can make the difference. I will wear my flip flops as well.

  46. Vince

    Giroud a doubt for Chelsea.
    All we need to have a fighting chance at Stamford bridge is for Ozil to have a bout of flu.
    As always, fate chooses our best team for us.
    Bellerin Kos Mustafi Momreal
    Coq Ox
    Perez Iwobi Welbeck
    I think that’s the best team we’ve put out since Cazorla got injured.

  47. Redtruth


    Let me make it crystal clear for you:

    1. I want Wenger dismissed regardless of results.
    2. I want Arsenal to lose games.
    3. I want mass protest.

    Now, WTF do you stand for?

  48. tunnygriffboy


    I understand where you’re coming from. It’s a bit Utopian though. Those youngsters if part of a squad and play regularly will want more than £15k a week. If we don’t play it other teams would.

    I also think you’d need more than one star name and a youngster. You have to have depth in case of injury to the star player. Eg if Verratti got injured you wouldn’t want JRA having to play a dozen games. He’s not ready, prospect though he is

  49. qna

    RT: Now, WTF do you stand for?

    Lol. What are you going to do if you dont get your 3 wishes granted?


    1) I want to win the league and soon after the UCL. I dont think it is possible with Wenger, so I want a new manager. Not just any manager, but one that has proven success in a big league and proven success in Europe. I dont want Eddie Howe, Tony Adams or even Thierry Henry (at his current stage of coaching).

    2) I also dont think its possible with this squad of players. So I want to see an influx of 6 or 7 new, top quality players including a really top striker, two central midfielders, a left back, a wide attacking player and a goal keeper.

  50. qna

    Tunny. Well, it wouldnt be just Verratti and then JRA. There would be more depth than that. But yes, like I said you expose yourself to risk which could end up seeing you finish a season in mid-table and out of the UCL.

    As for wanting more than 15k a week. That is how much a lot of young PL players are earning now. What I am talking about is very much a revolving door policy, where you are bringing in talent like Iwobi, Akpom, Bramall, Holding, JRA, Bellerin, Gnabry, Toral, Zelalem and you only keep them for 3 or 4 years. Not only that but you actually play them in the FA cup and EFL cup and possibly in the weaker UCL ties and PL games. Most of these players would surprise you and do quite well in an EPL match if they were surrounded by 10 other high quality players on the pitch. But of course if you had to play 3 or 4 or 5 of them in the same team, against a good side we would see a repeat of what we already get under Wenger. I think in those rare cases, where you had Verratti, Sanchez and Lewendowski all injured and you got smashed 8-2 at Manchester United it wouldn’t be quite as bad as when it appeared as if we weren’t even trying to compete.

  51. Redtruth

    4 more years that **** Wenger will be in office.
    The dictator keeps electing himself.

    Don’t Barcelona fans have a say in the running of the club…so where are the Arsenal fans to stand up and be counted…

  52. Emiratesstroller

    There are three categories of Arsenal ‘supporters’ who post on Le Grove.

    1. Those described as AKBs who support the club through thick and thin just like supporters of virtually every other club in English Football. From my point of view no-one should criticise such people if that makes them happy.

    2. I fall into the second category who are supporters of the club, but not of the
    major shareholder and its management. I am critical of the way that the club
    is being run and the mediocrity of its football, but at the end of the day I have supported the club since childhood. Also I have seen Arsenal produce
    much worse and unsuccessful teams than it does now.

    3. The third category are those who are far less committed to the club and most probably started supporting it at a time when the club was successful
    during the first period of Wenger’s stewardship. They were were used to
    success and are now deeply disappointed with the direction we are going.
    In some cases they are now switched off from even watching the team. Gambon demonstrated that frustration post Watford and I understand that point
    of view as well.

    4. Then there are those who post on Le Grove, who are in actual fact supporters of other teams, but choose to wind up our supporters.

    5. Finally there is a fifth category which is restricted to a handful of posters
    the most notable is RT. Some find his posts amusing and eccentric. Indeed I
    did at the beginning, but the message became so repetitive and the reality sadly is that these people hate not only Arsenal, but football in general. Indeed
    they have absolutely nothing positive to say about anything whether it relates to the club or football in general.

    RT keeps on telling everyone what we should be doing. He tells me as a season
    ticket holder what I should do. Well the question is what does he actually do
    apart from spouting meaningless bullshit.Does he think that anyone at
    Arsenal are remotely interested in what he thinks?

    For the record I have got two season tickets and I enjoy going to matches with my family, friends and neighbours. Some don’t watch football regularly and others support other teams. One of those who came earlier in the season is a supporter of Norwich not exactly the most fashionable and successful club in England, but he travels to almost every game home and away. That is a real supporter.

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I personally can’t think of a worse squad in all my time of supporting arsenal.

    I’ve seen some treeible players over the years, but all of them would get in to this team

    George wood
    Ray Hankins
    Ian Shelley
    Willie young
    Gus cesar
    Eddie mac gold Rick
    Jimmy carter

    All worthy of th squad rather than the incumbent