Away day treat in the FA Cup | Fixture run-in looking positive | Will Wenger change it up for Chelsea tonight?

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Finally a bit of good fortune swings our way. Not only are we basically injury free at the end of January, we have a very decent squad and very little to complain about. So obviously, the FA Cup and a bad bout of team ebola were top of mind heading into yesterday’s draw… but lucky for us, we drew Sutton away.

Why is that great? Well, firstly, they’re non-league so we should absolutely destroy them. We really should be tanking them. 16th in the National League after 28 games. We’re just far too good to succumb to such a small team, and I’m not even being arrogant here. Wenger likes the FA Cup, our players are better at every single level, we’re not suffering as much mental fragility this season and we’ll be far, far fitter than them.

It’s also great because it means the usual fixture pile up we have to deal with here isn’t quite as severe. We play Watford while Cheslea play Liverpool away, which is advantage us. Then we play a mildly resurgent, wildly inconsistent Hull at home who have just sold their best player before we fly out to Germany for our first round against a Bayern team that’s won their last 7 games… and get this, you have to go back 8 games to get to their last loss against Dortmund. From December 10th, we’ve played 10 games, they’ve play 5.

No wonder British teams struggle against the those lazy freeloading Euro types. Anyway, JOKES aside, I watched them versus Werder at the weekend and they looked far from comfortable against a side that has been pretty pony this year. Fast direct football had them all in a fluster… so you never know. After we play them, it’s a rest at Sutton. Then it’s international break.

*Wenger signs new deal, Le Grove finishes on a suicide note*

Then we play Liverpool after the break, which is great, because Klopp likes to prepare, Wenger doesn’t… perfection. We rattle 3 past them because they have a nasty, nasty run… hopefully, Mane has a tropical disease that’ll heal right after we play him. Then it’s Bayern, followed by Leicester at home.

The fixture list is being kinder to us a poor performing player in contract negotiations with Arsene Wenger. Let’s see how it pans out, eh?

First up is Watford. We’re all glossing over that rabble like it’s 3 points in the bag. It is most certainly not and as an avid fan, you know the drill, if we’re going to balls up a game, it’ll be this then we’ll nick the Chelsea game 1-0 at the weekend.

Will Rambo and Coquelin shake off rumoured niggles? Will Wenger give Chambo another go in the centre of the park? Will Giroud come back into the side, or will Wenger warm into the Chelsea game offering up a daring front three of Perez, Sanchez and Theo? So many questions will be answered, but it’s all very exciting.

All we can pray for is a focused efficient performance, and keep them double crossed for injuries.

Right, we’ll be recording a podcast on Wednesday. If anyone has anything really smart to share, we’ll likely read out some of the BEST comments, because I think you guys are on fire at the moment. Really enjoying your insights and I hope you see that sometimes I repurpose them as my own because I AM THE ALL MIGHTY POWER OF THE COMMENTS.

Right, see you there shortly. x

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  1. kc

    Spot on IZZO. Far too many deluded Arsenal fans these days. It’s what not being competitive for a decade will do to a fan base. Wenger has brainwashed these mental midgets.

  2. Whitty

    Get this cunt Wenger out.

    Fuckin joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Watford haven’t won a game in 7 matches for fucks sake.


  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I hate the cunt
    Have done since 2010

    Maybe 2009

    We are not a team with him
    All has died

    It’s a marraige that gone stale ….

    He is rifling money daily an in football terms we are going backwards

  4. Dissenter

    The meltdowns on Le-grove are really hilarious.
    You guys need to reset your expectations appropriately.
    You don’t get annoyed when you’re not expecting much.
    Arsenal is just a well-dressed carcass. The football died a while ago.

  5. kelvin

    What do do u know, we just lost a game we shouldn`t be loosing.

    I guess we are no flat track bullies anymore, more like a flat track bottling bully.

  6. PaddyV91

    Wenger pre match press conference on Friday:
    Tuesday night was a bit of an accident, we must show ze mental strength and bounce back against Chelsea. We must keep fighting til the end and see what can happen….lol lol lol what a fraud

  7. Charlie Nick

    Wengers’ comment is now the team was not mentally ready for the start of the game! How can we be not ready physically to start the season and not mentally ready in the middle of it?
    I’m waiting for the comment that we were not spiritually ready for the end of the season in May!
    Christ will this never end!

  8. Wenker-wanger

    Have no noticed how many fans of rival clubs support le fraud in so far as they say it’s unfair to want him out because of what he’s done for the club,?
    Subconsciously they just want him to remain in charge of arsenal, thus rendering us as a weak challenge to their dreams of winning trophies.
    They love him and his useless management and have a vested interest in praising the wanker.
    I’ve heard this shite from many other fans, they think getting into champions league is a great achievement. Such lazy thinking is commonplace.

  9. Vince

    When I saw Ramsey and Giroud in the lineup I totally went berserk. For get we played mere Southampton last weekend. And forget the goals too. We were a threat from every direction. We looked like a well oiled machine. But this moron didn’t see that. FFS I don’t think we would have lost with AMN in place of Ramsey. Ramsey is just utter shot. But I know he’s gonna be left out of tomorrow’s post while Pedro bash Co queen as usual.

  10. Vince

    To think if we’d beaten Borough, Bournouth and Watford we would be hoping to beat Chelsea on Saturday to climb to first place. And there’s absolutely no reason we dropped those points aside Wenger and his favoritism. If we’d started with:
    Today’s back 5
    Coquelin Ox Ozil (who we should think of replacing/selling)
    Perez Sanchez and Iwobi
    we would have steamrolled Watford.
    And going forward that’s what we should do.
    Back 5 with either Gabriel or Bellerin at right back.
    Coq and Ox in front of them.
    Iwobi play making
    And a front 3 of Welberk, Sanchez and Perez.
    it looks so easy, except for the idiot who’s paid fortune to do a decent job.

  11. David Smith

    If Wenger said they were not prepared, surely his CEO will haul him over the coals.
    Oops , forgot the CEO answers to Wenger…..uniquely arsenal
    Stan, don’t you want a bit more from what you pay Wenger?

  12. Vince

    Before their goal I saw 2 moves at least break down with Ground. What we call in tennis unforced errors.
    then the next move was a ball looped to Ozil who had acres of space in the box to chest and shoot. But the idiot decided to pass with his head. I’ll take an Isco in place of Ozil in the summer. Younger, better dribbler, shoots better and a lot younger.

  13. David Smith

    Ramsey…..yet another soft tissue injury, a real shame Wenger vetoed Gary Lewins return after England no longer required him. Gary lewin is an expert in soft tissue, and hamstring injuries…….don’t need him do we! When this lewin was around, we had for less injuries,,than under his idiot relative.
    But Wenger loves his yes men, that’s why he has Gerry Payton ruining Cech, rather than bringing lollechon in.

  14. rollen


    We destroy Soton away with second 11- surly we will beat Watford at home.
    OG and Ramsey back to starting 11.
    How much more of this crap AKBs??

  15. raptora

    WOB from this day on. It’s just not possible to see how fluent, powerful, strong from minute 1, the team is everytime we have a fast, mobile front line, plus how damaging the slowly three are (Giroud, Ozil, Ramsey) and hope it will work somehow. Like it’s a complete joke that ANYONE of us can see when the team plays great football and when the team plays shit football but not HIM…

  16. Champagne Charlie


    Suggest you learn how to read you pleb, I crtiticised Wenger for his team selection, then Bould for doing fuck all with a vacant dugout. Somehow that got construed into a defence of Wenger?

    Bore off

  17. Ishola70

    lol at Arsenal Fan TV tonight. Heavy Duty was back.

    Moh talks complete bullshit and is a Wenger apologist.

    One thing everybody did though when interviewed was over egg what went on at Southampton. They keep talking as if Arsenal turned over a Southampton First XI 5-0 rather than a reserve side. So many people taking far too much significance in that Southampton reserve kick about.

  18. China

    Raise your hand if in the same week Chelsea drop two points we fail to beat watford who were on dismal form surprised you

    Cmon please raise your hand



    Right then.

  19. Wenger's Wallet

    Moh is a Arsene lick. Giving out about the fans. Some people have to work. Bless him he is in position he can leave work early. Well done you condescending twat. Its years of this shite and the totalitarian regime within the stadium that has caused the fans to be poor. Get the fuck out of our club Wenger. You cherry picked Gazidiz and Kronke. Ye can take them leeches as well with you. Roll on next season to a wengerless squad.

  20. China

    I wasn’t sure whether to get up at 3am for the game knowing how many times I’ve been stung by Arsenal for doing so since coming to china.

    Thankfully I didn’t. I slept through and checked the score this morning to feel utterly vindicated in not wasting my life on the late matches. If the games are on at a reasonable time for me I’ll watch them but I just can’t be fucked with late matches anymore.

    Thanks arsene for draining all the enthusiasm out of being an Arsenal fan

  21. China

    Would also like to point out how utterly poor it is from wenger that he’s spent close to £200m in the last 4 seasons on this squad and yet we are in EXACTLY THE SAME FUCKING POSITION AS WHEN WE DIDNT SPEND ANYTHING

    At least when we had chamakh and lord bendtner we could make top 4 with cheap dross and watch our bank account swell. Now we’re throwing 200m around and have made absolutely fuck all progress.

    absolutely shite club we are now

  22. China

    It’s hard to accept that the team with Eduardo that came so close to winning the league in such style and did really well in the CL cost a tiny fraction of what our current lot cost. Ozil’s transfer fee alone was higher than most of that entire squad. For real

    Toure – pennies
    Fabregas – free or pennies
    Eduardo – cheap
    Ade – cheap
    Rvp- pennies
    Hleb – cheap
    Rosicky – cheap
    Flamini- pennies
    Clichy- pennies

    All these players at their level in those days would be drastic improvements on what we have now bar Sanchez.

  23. underrated Coq

    I have asked this Q again and again, what was the point of Sanchez experiment at CF for four months?

    People going on about how we lose quality from the wings if we put Sanchez up top, you clearly don’t pay much attention. Sanchez is TERRIBLE when he plays wide,
    he becomes a one trick pony always trying to cut in and have a shot,predictable and easy to deal with
    he struggles to get involved thus becomes even more selfish as result
    the frequency of his poor passes, getting dispossessed go through the roof.

    Sanchez looked a far better player when he was playing as central striker, he was more involved, more a team player and more effective.

    Giroud is a fucking joker who should never start games for us, Wenger is a loser geezer for failing to realize and accept that. Watch now as he panics and starts using Sanchez as striker again.

  24. qna

    By all accounts Watford is a bottom team and last nights loss was our first loss to them in the premier league (~30 years in top flight football). So does this affect our flat track bully tag?

    No, because the flat track bully tag has one over-riding caveat. Arsenal can’t play when the pressure is on. This weeks two games represented the small window in the season where we would either contend or fall away. Take 6 points from those two games and we could be within 2 or 3 points of the lead. This is exactly the pressure situation that we always crumble under. We are consistent to a tee as always.

    Don’t be surprised by a shock loss to Sutton as it fits perfectly of our MO of falling out of all three main competitions within the space of a fortnight. Its actually worth a small bet at long odds.

  25. grooveydaddy


    playing Sanchez and Giroud together has always limited us

    God knows why reverted to/persist with this…

  26. underrated Coq

    Anyone read transcript of Wenger’s post match interview? Fascinating reading into the mind of a past-it dino whose sheer arrogance takes him far out of touch with reality.

    While every pundit and every neutral and every fan and his dog shake their heads in dismay about Arsenal’s tendency to over-elaborate their buildup instead of shooting more often, here’s Wenger’s opinion

    “In the last 20 minutes we lost a bit of patience in our build up and exaggerated the individual game a little bit. Every time we were passing the ball quickly, we created dangerous situations. I felt we, as individuals, felt like we wanted to be the saviour a little bit too much.”

    Yep, that’s right. He condemns players who took a crack at goal and feels we should have done more tippi tappi bollocks. Think this puts rest to the question why our players choose to pass rather than shoot.

    And below are some of his statements that prove how much of a vain, arrogant, egotistical maniac he is:

    on whether Watford could have scored more goals in the first half…
    “I didn’t see the other two chances they could have scored. You must have seen that better than me, so you can explain it to me.”

    on leaving Theo out after scoring a hat-trick at Southampton…
    “He was stiff still yesterday. I kept him out of training yesterday. We have three games this week. We know well, do not think we are completely stupid in the way we make decisions. I think it was a good, normal decision.”

  27. Leedsgunner

    What was the point of Sanchez as CF for four months? I have a theory. Hear me out. 🙂

    Why start Alexis as CF?

    It was a custom made Arsene orchestrated F*** OFF from Arsene to the fan base who has been telling him since 2012 to buy a new striker and that Giroud isn’t good enough. It was something he did just because he could. He wanted to show all of us who’s boss and there’s nothing we can do about it…

    To Wenger’s astonishment what started off as a prank actually worked… so Arsene decided to roll with it. After all it had the benefits like it made him look like a genius and had outsmarted everybody…

    The Professeur strikes back as it were.

    Why is he reverting back to Giroud as CF? Especially after Sanchez flourished in his new position?

    Giroud signed a contract extension– it’s to reward his loyalty.

    Perhaps it’s clear to Wenger that Sanchez won’t sign a new contract but he can’t say that. Yet, he can’t leave Sanchez out completely because he can’t endanger his beloved fourth place finish. That is he is too good to drop completely.

    Or maybe the explanation is simpler.

    It is something he is doing just because he can.

    He is showing all of us who’s boss and there’s nothing we can do about it…

  28. Leedsgunner

    Unfortunately to Arsene, Arsenal FC is all about how it makes him look. It begins and ends with him.

    In Wenger’s mind he is bigger than the club, he is the club.

  29. Leedsgunner

    Ty, Wenger’s living disciple and ultimate AKB says the reason why we lost is because the rain affected us.

    Now the weather is to blame. Lol.

    Why did it only affect us and not Watford?

    Honestly do people think before they open their mouths?

    Wenger says we lost because we were not mentally ready.

    Whose fault is that then? Isn’t his job to get hem ready? You know, to coach? to speak to his players, to guide his players, to warn them against complacency– to give them the benefit of his vast experience? Goodness knows he goes on about it long enough.

    Never his fault is it? Wenger has no shame. He really believes he is beyond reproach.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    This was a dreadful performance and raises concerns that when Arsenal play teams who are supposedly not playing well and we are expected to win the exact opposite happens. We had similarly poor results against Everton, Man City and Bournemouth.

    The second issue is Arsenal’s poor form at home despite the results. We
    struggle to break down packed and well organised defences and then concede silly goals from counter attack and set pieces.

    Our performance in the first half was also reflected on the stadium screens
    at half time showing not a single shot on target.

    The only two players who came out of this game with any credit were Iwobi
    and maybe Sanchez, but the latter was forced to track back in the first half
    because of the inept performance in defence and midfield.

    Lessons to be learned:

    1. Defence had a really poor day at office. Gabriel is most definitely not a right back. If you are going to play him alongside Mustafi and Koscielny then we need to play a three centre back defence formation.

    2. Midfield has since the departure of Cazorla been a real weakness. Ramsey and Coquelin is no better than Ramsey and Xhaka as a combination and
    lacks influence. Ozil had a really poor game and was completely ineffective
    and anonymous.

    3. Giroud was isolated and his lack of mobility was highlighted in this game.
    Walcott as a replacement was equally anonymous in second half.

    4. There was as usual a complete lack of leadership both on and off the field.
    The coaching staff sat on sidelines as usual like a bunch of dummies.

  31. Leedsgunner


    No use writing down lessons to learn because we won’t learn them. To Wenger last night was no one’s fault, no one is to blame and “just one of them bad nights at the office”

    The faults you pointed out… they are all valid and true but to be honest they are not faults limited to this squad is it? They have been weaknesses present in the squad at least since RvP left.

    In other business any leader that keeps making the same mistakes which brings the reputation of the business into disrepute gets the sack.

    Wenger gets rewarded with a new contract.

    Is it a wonder he is so arrogant? Especially to the fans?

  32. Emiratesstroller


    It is time for you to be banned “permanently”. You have absolutely nothing constructive to say about the club, team or for that matter football in general.

    You criticise me earlier in this thread for being a season ticket holder and going to matches.

    What exactly do you do with your life apart from writing crass monosyllabic negatives on Le Grove?

    You are clearly not a football supporter. Frankly I doubt that you have even
    gone out and watched “park football” let alone visited a football stadium.

  33. qna

    Emirates: ….Lessons to be learned….

    When are we going to learn the lesson that you can’t take knee jerk reactions based on one performance. You can’t go through performances of last night and make any long term judgement. Just like it was even more meaningless to take the performances 5-0 smashing of Southampton reserves. The players that we have that are poor to mediocre were exactly that long before last night and will remain so indefinitely.

    We have only a handful of players that are good enough to remain at this club. They are Sanchez, Ozil, Bellerin, Mustafi, Kosceilny and Iwobi. However, Mustafi and Koscielny have had moments of utter shambles this season and our CB pairing is far from solid. Cazorla will be in and out of the medical rooms for the remainder of his career. Perhaps we could use him like Giggs/Scholes at the end.

    We then have some players that are on the borderline. To me its too early to throw Xhaka to the scrap heap. The next group of players include Cech, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Oxlaide, Wilshere, Welbeck, Walcott, Giroud and Perez. Now some of these players I have previously rated highly – Cech, Monreal, Coquelin and Ramsey in particular. But it is now pretty clear that these players are finished at the top level. They have peaked and now they are not up to standard. Wilshere also got his big chance and he has failed to impress sufficiently. Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott and Perez are 2nd tier strikers. Its very handy to have them for squad depth, but to win the big trophies you need clinical strikers that can get you goals when you need them. These players are not at that level. The question is how many of these do we need? Reports suggest that these 4 collectively earn up to 410k/wk.

  34. Leedsgunner

    Midfield has since the departure of Cazorla been a real weakness…

    Didn’t we have the same problem last year? What did Wenger do about it? He sat on his hands and decided that his squad was good enough and refused to go into the market in the summer or winter.

    Then he completely compounded the problem by allowing Wilshere go out on loan without a recall clause. Would he have been a like for like?. No. However he was the best we had without spending any money.

    Comedy of errors… describes Wenger’s managing style doesn’t it?

  35. Emiratesstroller


    I do not disagree with much of what you write.

    Our squad on “paper” is one of the strongest in EPL yet there is something lacking in the performance level. What was missing yesterday was “chemistry”, “passion” and “leadership”.

  36. Emiratesstroller


    I am not someone who gets “bullied”. I am just fed up reading the monosyllabic tripe of the “mad hatter”, which RT is.

    As I said it is high time that Pedro bans him permanently and not just two or
    three brief interludes.

  37. qna

    Leeds: Midfield has since the departure of Cazorla been a real weakness…

    I was shouting to everyone that would listen that we could not rely on Cazorla’s fitness this season. How can I know this so surely, but Wenger and his lackeys cannot? The same thing will happen next season. Its a guarantee. He is finished as a starting player for us. We can use him like United used Giggs/Scholes at the end. But we need to go out and buy a top quality replacement for him next summer. That wont be cheap.

    The other thing is that you have to recognize that Coquelin is not up to it. He actually doesnt have the pedigree. He came out of nowhere and stepped up on his return from a loan. Before that he didnt look like a top calibre player. To his credit he maintained that for good several years and even now he warrants a spot in our squad. But he is not at the level of a first team player. We dont actually have anyone that can do his defensive midfield role. Xhaka is not that player. So we need to go out and buy a first team quality player and Coquelin can be our squad player.

    These two things MUST happen before anything else. You see how much I harp on about how poor our strike 4 are after Sanchez. Even then, our priority has to be two first choice CMs.

    It begs the question about Xhaka – he is clearly not good enough at this stage to replace Cazorla and he cant play the DM role that Coquelin has been doing. He is also too expensive to sit on the bench. So, we either sell him or switch to a 4-3-3 or a 3-X-X. You dont have to get paid 8.5m a year to work out this basic logic.

  38. Leedsgunner

    Who cares if we have the strongest squad on paper? It’s on the field that this same squad fails under pressure. Yet it is the big squad on paper that Wenger hides behind when questioned and placed under scrutiny.

    Our paper strong squad is as useful as a house of cards. No solidity and they will collapse under the slightest bit of real stress.

    No doubt when we are out of the title race and out of the UCL we will go on a meaningless run of form which Wenger will hail as a sign of their mental strength… and a sign of progress for next season.

    Mental strength that only shows up when there’s nothing to fight for is not strength, just delayed weakness.

    Always winter never Christmas.

  39. Redtruth

    “Our squad on “paper” is one of the strongest in EPL yet there is something lacking in the performance level. What was missing yesterday was “chemistry”, “passion” and “leadership”.

    So what do you propose…l know, i’ll keep supporting the losers.

  40. qna

    Emirates: What was missing yesterday was “chemistry”, “passion” and “leadership”.

    I agree with you here.

    The only thing I agree with you about our squad on paper is that when you add up all the salaries it only surpassed by 2 or 3 teams. Quality wise I disagree.

    On RT and banning him. I dont understand why he singles you out, but I for one appreciate your comments. He calls me an AKB at times as well. But to be honest, I really enjoy his posts. He is off his rocker, but I find what he posts really funny and I dont want him banned. I dont know if I am laughing at him or with him. When you watch a comedy there is no character funnier than the ones who say their lines with a straight face and are serious in their absurdity. The Office and Arrested Development are probably my two favourite comedies and I sometimes think that RT would fit right into such a show without even knowing it.

  41. Emiratesstroller


    That is precisely the point I am trying to make.

    Many of the players would perform okay in a well organised and good team.

    It is ironic that Szczesny left us under a cloud and huge criticism. Yet he is
    now playing well at Roma.


    I spoke yesterday to an ex professional footballer who was sitting near me at Emirates. We agreed that Xhaka is not half as bad as has been portrayed,
    but he needs time to adapt and get used to pace of EPL.

    Let’s judge him next season and perhaps under a new manager.

  42. kenyangunner

    I think lack of leadership is our main undoing. When things go wrong, there is no-one to inspire the team.
    Maybe Per should be drafted back because he exhibits some leadership

  43. Samesong

    I fear a battering on Saturday early kick off Chelsea team looked sharp even in the last ten minutes of that game.

  44. Samesong

    Arsenal boys confidence must be smashed then to go up against a Chelsea team that are very strong. This could be the embarassments of the season. Season over.

  45. Rambo Ramsey

    My underlings were not mentally and physically prepared…says the manager and not for the first time.

    This is beyond laughable. in no other job anywhere in the World would any management or HR personnel keep his job if he makes such an admittance.

  46. qna

    RR. Agreed. Ramsey and Wilshire still have some good trade value. Its not the worst thing to lose a player and he has success after as long as you get good value from his sale. Selling those 4 players will free up wage space for some quality first team players.

    I would offer Ox a new contract on the same wage £65k/wk. If he accepts a 3 or 4 year deal then I am happy to keep his as a squad option.

    As for Welbeck, I would also add the names Walcott, Giroud and Perez into the conversation. I would like to sell 3 and keep 1. As Welbeck has the lowest wages I would like to keep him. So I would offer him a 3 or 4 year deal at the same wages (£70k/wk) and if he accepts I would sell the other 3 and bring in one marquee striker that would command £200k+ and also bring in a young striker that is ready to play. Monaco pick them up for fun. Celtic recently picked up one. I would then be happy to have Akpom back for depth and/or someone like Malen from the YT if he is ready.

  47. Thank you and goodnight

    Godfather come out come out wherever you are hahahahaha. Just like wenger’s team he goes missing. As for TY…..fuck me what an absolute bell end. Cunt of the highest proportions

  48. shaun ellis

    ain’t nothing gonna change here fella’s Wenger is a drunk . The Watford mangers says his team were preparing all week and had a plan for arsenal .who thinks arsenal prepared for Watford ? 0% if we are honest . Ozil probably had to be told to go home and pick up his kit as he forgot we were playing and that’s the problem right there, like poldolski said our preparation is an absolute joke. who thinks we will get past Bayern ?….0% no matter how thick headed you are , no matter how much you love Wenger you must realize his methods are outdated and it is not possible to win with him anymore . there is absolutly zero excuse for him and the players to not give a 100% everygame and yet this drunk C… has the balls to stand there and tell you his 100grand a week players did not do the maxuim to get the result , they don’t deserve support at all they deserve all the abuse they get poor poor and poor from the drunk

  49. Frank Mc

    we’ve been here so many times before…. why the fuck do we expect anything different?

    Repeat offenders, normally shit ourselves when we have a great opportunity to close the gap.

    Absolutely no arsehole, in fact a true reflection of the manager.

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    @Frank Mc

    It’s a joke that they’re even contemplating giving him a new contract. How the fuck do we get rid of him? Gutted absolutely gutted, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for us fans.

  51. Dream10

    Tired of hearing Sanchez deserves better. The guy was easily one of our worst performers yesterday. Played like a steaming pile of garbage. He was at the heart of the shit show yesterday and many before. The only ones who were decent last night were Iwobi, Ozil and Chamberlain. The back five, Ramsey and Coquelin. Sanchez, big Oli Giroud, were all terrible.

    Xhaka and Cazorla are only the full time quality CMs at the club. Two out of six CMs. Young Maitland Niles at 19, with a few matches under his belt, is probably our best option as a #6 on Saturday at the Bridge.

    Interesting stat that we have won 9 of 19 matches with Coquelin in the XI as opposed to 13 of 13 matches when he is not in the XI. Seen another stat that we have won only 44% of our home matches over the last two seasons w/ Frankie in the XI. We should have signed at least two CMs last summer (possibly another if Ramsey or Jack were sold).

  52. Dream10

    Now that we’re nine points off the top, I would expect AW to drop Giroud and play with a mobile attack. Perfect timing for him as he doesn’t have to deal with Oli’s feelings since he had a poor match last night. Little to no chance he would have been dropped if we managed a 2-2 draw with Watford.