German superstar worryingly on the radar?

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

It be YAYA SANOGO’S BIRTHDAY… yeah, umm, ok… Party? No. Ok, well, who’s signing a card? No? Ok, we’ll just leave it there then.

Love how the social team just weigh into everything with the beautiful naivety of a group who’ve never opened the cesspit of Twitter.

Cleaner: ‘What’s going on today people?’

Social Team: Rainbows!

Cleaner: Sorry?

Social Team: Butterflies, Atom & Humber, JELLY AND ICECREAM, WELBZ SNAPCHATTING, balloooooooons!

What a wonderful place. Then they open twitter and John from White City posts a picture of his chode next to a cut out of Aaron Ramsey playing against Bournemouth at number 10…


You need someone at the creative review telling it as it is.

‘Nope, you can turn that into a dick joke’

‘Nope, if Theo says that, we’ll all laugh and call him a creep’

I appreciate the effort and genuniely think they’re doing an excellent job these days, but sometimes, things like Yaya’s birthday sneak through the net and it all gets a bit mean. Maybe they do it for the banter? Maybe I’m being double bantered because I don’t realize this is all a game AND THE JOKE IS ON ME?

Damn, you guys are good.

We’re thinking of running a birthday section on the podcast. What would you buy and where you take Yaya Sanogo on his 24th birthday?

Did you see the interview with Theo the other day when he said Arsene Wenger gives speeches like Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday? I feel like we’re in one of those world cup inside jokes where the players are all trying to outdo each other by inserting swing classics into their interviews.

Despressing thing is it’s working. I have people saying to me,

‘Pete, how do you know these players aren’t just saying these things naturally? Where is the evidence?’

The dark arts of PR, still a powerful tool in a world of ignorance. I mean, I’m living through that sh*t right now. Messing my pants Theresa May is going to say something that’ll get me a night flight back to London. Fingers crossed she’s Donald’s Theresa Bae.

That whole last section was dedicated to the last joke.

The provisional squad for FA Cup Southampton is in:

Cech, Ospina, Martinez, Bellerin, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Holding, Gabriel, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal, Gibbs, Maitland-Niles, Coquelin, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Walcott, Reine-Adelaide, Iwobi, Sanchez, Akpom, Perez, Giroud.

No Xhaka. Elneney ripping up the AFCON. Per Mertesacker and Debuchy are back in training. The only guy not in training is Santi.

Wenger is going to bring some kids into the game at the weekend. Maitland-Niles at right back?

I’d also hope to see a bit of rotation. How about we just don’t play Sanchez and give Perez a game, who has looked pretty decent in most games he’s run out for us in. Rambo next to Coq, because that’s the only option we have. Giroud through the middle. Team kind of picks itself.

I think we have to be kind of expecting a win. Southampton will still be buzzing that they’re going to Wembley for a final and I’d imagine playing Liverpool comes with some fatigue points. My worry is that their whole squad is built with pace and power in mind and if Puel has them hitting us hard with that aggressive press, we might flake a little. I also wonder how much pressure Wenger puts on the boys over the FA Cup when he’s in the mix for CL and Prem?

In other news, we’re being linked PROPER hard with Marco Reus as it becomes clear our talisman, Yaya Sanogo, might not spend his 25th birthday at the club. JK, this is more about Alexis DOING one and jogging off to £400k a week to enjoy the same salary bracket as Slimani over at Leicester might be.

Jeez, imagine getting a Slimani to watch if you were Chinese?That’d be upsetting. Just for the record, look at this pony stadium the new mega power of Chinese football, Tianjin Quanjin, play in.



Tbf, the Tripadvisor listing looks pretty legit. They have a ferris wheel and a place named creatively, ‘Italian Style Street’ that is rated 4 star.

Back to it, Alexis is off. Who is in? Marco Reus apparently. The player Wenger was originally tracking before he landed the Chilean because we couldn’t pinch the German. Now, I love Reus. He’s a bad ass. Wenger thinks he can play as a striker. He has pace to burn, he’s electric to watch… but the guy is an injury machine. 250 starts since 2009. I mean, I’m really not sure why we’d be in for him. He’s a constant let down in that area, whereas Sanchez is the opposite. His excellence outside his play comes in the fact he’s a robot that never gets injured.

… but there you go. Hopefully we can persuade him. Telling he’s the only one that hasn’t come out and said Wenger birthed him and is 75% likely to be his dad.

Right, I didn’t really talk about Wenger? Ok, Angry Of N5 did a superb job of talking about Wenger and his achievements comparing his record against the rest of history. Read here.


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  1. Emiratesstroller

    I thought we played very well. Yes Southampton put out weakened side, but so did we. Only Mustafi played in last week’s starting X1.

    Welbeck showed excellent form and was my man of the match followed by Ox who looks an entirely different player in CMF. When you consider that all 6
    of our regular midfielders were missing plus Iwobi from starting X1 it was a decent performance there with Ox alongside inexperienced Adelaide and Maitland-Niles.

    However, the one youngster who impressed me most was Holding. He is a typical no nonsense Centre Back calm under pressure and always looking where
    the other defenders are playing.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Amazing what pace gets you ….
    Hoping in the last few remaining months wenger ain’t afraid to okay other players other than his favs

  3. London gunner

    If trumps gonna ban muslims he should have banned Saudi Arabia aka the evil empire. Those dem guys who funded 911 and roped the yanks into attacking their enemies.

    Literally extreme vetting off anyone coming to live permanently in your country is common sense but to ban all these Muslim countries who haven’t been at personally involved on any attack on US soil yet allow the Saudis in who were directly and indirectly involved in the most horrifIc terrorise attack of all time makes little to no sense.

    Anyways back to football that game was s rather splendid

  4. TT

    No wonga and we cruising. Hope the FA ban the cunt for good. And no Giraud upfront, just speed speed speed. And the results speak for them self’s.

  5. Ivan

    The Godfather – yeah, this is probably only place online that has more visitors getting depressed by Arsenal win than Spuds blogs.

    On other hand – friendly advice to you. You take it a bit overboard with so much gloating and trolling, no reason to be in everyone’s face all the time.

  6. Rainman

    Good game, good win, and enjoyed watching it more than I’ve enjoyed most games this season. Pacey football makes my dick hard.
    Having said that, if this win in any way elongates the reign of Dictator Wenger then it would have done more harm than good.

    Wenger Fucking Out.

  7. bacaryisgod

    Anyone trying to troll today has exposed themselves for what they are.

    Don’t forget that our ‘replacement’ team featured 6 English players. This was a perfect game for us to have an off-day, but the team looked committed and dangerous from the very beginning.

  8. Wallace

    would think the player with the best chance of featuring again on Tuesday will be the Ox. wonder how much thought Wenger will give to starting him in there again.

    Welbeck, Lucas, Giroud….this season I don’t think anyone can touch us for attacking strength in depth.

  9. Leedsgunner

    A very good result, well done to the youngsters who played today.

    I’m pleasantly surprised that Wenger rotated as much as he did… and despite that we looked so comfortable… although I cannot understand why we played Sanchez and risk injury to our talisman.

    It could’ve gone so wrong. What’s the point?

  10. The Godfather


    These Moaners were at their nastiest best towards me whenever the results weren’t good or even for the mere fact that I didn’t join in pulling out my cyber pitchfork and flares to run Wenger out of town, so hell yeah, I’m gonna gloat.

    If you claim to be an Arsenal fan and are depressed when the team wins then you’re no better than the Sissy fowls in white down the street

  11. The Godfather

    “Anyone trying to troll today has exposed themselves for what they are.”


    Exactly my point … how can anyone who claims to be an Arsenal fan grumble and throw snarky comments after a day like this one.

    Laws have mercy

  12. Angeli....from nigeria

    Mustafi…whenever he plays we never lose…not even a match….Wenger got a real deal with stafi-boy

  13. ughelligunner

    Southampton made 10 changes, arsenal made 10 changes….whats the difference? Nobody gave the midfield a chance before the kickoff, we should just apologise and move on.

    As for bamford and klopp obsession, please this isnt the germany league. You lose in England if you field your reserve side against non-league sides. It isnt anybody’s fault klopp couldnt manage his reserve side against their equivalent opponents, unless you are saying he only does well with supper stars.

  14. ughelligunner

    If klopp is so good as stated, his reserve side should be doing better since he holds the magic stick. People stop giving irrelevant excuses to your prefered managers who are faltering. Superstars makes the job of managers easier, from Pep to Dimateo

  15. ughelligunner

    Contihno, Mane, Firmino would all work into arsenal 11, so please the excuses are insulting. Bredan before, now klopp. We will never learn, would we?

  16. The Godfather

    It’s so amazing how the ones who throw some of the most persistent and vilest abuse and venom at Arsene are the most thin skinned and biggest cry babies when their view points are merely challenged talk less of them being ridiculed .

    It’s amazing how easy it is to expose keyboard warriors LMAO

  17. ughelligunner

    Redtruth, we all agreed here that Arsene wenger players are shit except Sanchez so whats the differnce? Wenger has been managing reserve sides since 2008 yet excuses are not made for him.

  18. ughelligunner

    So if klopp cannot manage a reserve side against wolves, swansea and plymouth convincinly, what can he then do with sanogo, Giroud, gibbs, Ramsey xhaka?

  19. ughelligunner

    It just shows our ignorance in football management. But as fans who has been starved of a major trophy over the years, i understand the frustration and i stand by you guys.

  20. Pedro

    Very good result today. Really enjoyed the game. Some encouraging performances… Lucas was excellent.

    Redtruth, your boy Ospina managed to put in a bad performance in a 5-0 win.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    The thought of going back to Giroud up top now after that, he’s effective right now and is in his annual vein of form, but boy does he make our play slow and boring.

    Much prefer him as a game changer off the bench, completely changes the style when he comes on.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    What did you think of Oxlade?

    That is the second time this season he’s dropped a seriously impressive display when deployed in the centre of the pitch, the other one being when we shunted Ozil out wide at West Ham and brought Oxlade into the centre and tore West Ham to shreds with counters.

    Would be interesting to see what he could do there as a part of a three man middle, not including Ozil in the three though.

    You could see the difference tonight, okay Saints were total shit, but having three players in the middle of the park, Niles, Oxlade and Adelaide who put a shift in, did the grubby work when they had to, pace and strength, as well as a froward line that charged back and helped, its was honestly like a refreshing wave compared to the staleness we usually see.

  23. Wenker-wanger

    Great play from the lads. Especially the ox.
    So pleased for wdlbz, strong and fast.
    Nice to see Wenger as far away as possible, I’m almost dreaming he is gone for good….
    Bouldy IN….

  24. Pedro

    Cesc, he was very good today… mobile, disciplined and productive. This was the most interesting rotations he’s done of a squad in a while. Would love to see what Ox could do in the middle against a better team.

    Was Jeff good? I couldn’t work it out… some nice touches, but his languid body language throws me

  25. The Godfather

    Was very impressed with Ox in the Middle looked like a poor mans Santi Carzola. My only disappointments were with our fullbacks Bellerin and Gibbs .

    Bells was clearly rusty but the giveaway by gibbs right at halftime that nearly resulted in a goal was shocking .

    I guess he is rusty as well but jeez ..: Ainsley was also a breath of fresh air … if Mad Xhaka was there he might have done something crazy to snap and leave us a man short .

    And what can I say about Danny and Lucas … great partnership there with the pace of Wels and the cool class of Lucas ….

    All around great game by the lads and hope we can build on this for the games against Watford and Chelshyt

  26. Wenker-wanger

    AKBs are out tonight creaming their arsene Wenger boxers. Proclaiming their plastic hero as the super god they always claim is behind every minor success.
    Listen up we played long balls. We were direct and urgent…. No evidence of wengers tepid tippy tappy. Yes I’m happy. I feel that this is the arsenal offensively I want to see every week.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    I was super impressed with Oxlade, good use of the ball, great range of passing, and he was really disciplined in getting back and helping out Niles, always seemed to be him or Niles coming up behind a Saints player (I thank you) and sticking a foot in.

    Adelaide was a mixed bag in terms of his on the ball work in a sense, some great stuff, but some awkward stuff as well, but I really enjoy how combative he often was, which I sort of did not associate him with, did not mind getting stuck in and equally displayed a good work rate for a player you would class as a ‘fancy’ sort.

    Perez was great, as was Welbeck, I did not think Walcott was as good as those two (which sounds daft as he got a hat-rick) but he was very effective, right place, right time, but two of his goals really were down to great work by others, laid on a plate for him, Sanchez and Welbeck doing the dishing up.

    I really would like to see Welbeck, Sanchez, Perez as a front line at some point, again just my personnel preference for Welbeck, could well understand someone wanting Walcott instead though, Iwobi and Oxlade as No.8’s, Coq deep in one of those Burnley type home games, where you know the opposition are just going to sit deep.

    Certainly, I’d like to see Oxlade given more time there, out wide he’s a bit of a write off for us, if there’s any potential in him as a central player we need to see it now, before we make a potentially dreadful mistake and either waste his potential, or sell him on.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    If Welbeck somehow took a step up and become better in front of goal, he could be devastating for us.

    Always rated Welbeck, laughed at a bit for saying England missed him big time in the summer, but I really think they did, Fergie use to trust him in the big games didn’t he? So much energy, so much work rate, so much power, pace and penetrates well, always just been that last bit that was lacking once he was in.

    Munich though, no doubt, if fit, he’s in.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, LB needs addressing in the summer, again, we need a pacey, powerful player out there.

    Really would like to think after seeing that type of performance, the cogs in Wenger’s head are moving and shaking of the dust, a 4-3-3, or 4-5-1 with basically a giant ‘V’ middle is the way forward, and make the centre of the park a cauldron of power, energy and pace.

    You can have a bit of fancy-dan finesse player out wide on one flank, provided it is balanced by the other flank and covered by the full back.

  30. The Godfather

    “Godfather, I don’t think Gibbs has any heart for the game… a bit Wayne Bridge.”

    Pedro that’s harsh he is just coming back from a knee injury … he is normally solid except from some untimely mental lapses and his proclivity for picking up knocks just when he is rounding into form

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Tolisso allegedly going to Juventus for €40 Million.

    Shame if so, really like him, very good all round middle player and would have been one of my picks for a midfield revolution at Arsenal I know isn’t coming.

  32. Leedsgunner

    Is Kos injured? Or is Wenger actually resting him? 🙂

    Really pleased with how our makeshift midfield worked today. I really hope it acts as a boot up the backside — to knock out complacency out of our squad.

    We need to go out with the same intensity against Watford. Loved the pressure from

  33. Leedsgunner

    “We need to go out with the same intensity against Watford. Loved the pressure from the very first minute to the last.”

  34. Goonereris

    Pedro- “This was the most interesting rotations he’s done of a squad in a while. Would love to see what Ox could do in the middle against a better”

    Is AC Milan good enough for that assessment? Well, the Ox ran the midfield that game, when called upon to do so. Wenger has said in the past that he will end up a CAM, so this was no knee jerk selection. As we all dreaded the impact of Xhaka’s and Elneny’s absence(s), Wenger probably stayed calm knowing Maitland-Niles and the Ox could do a job there while Coq-Ram is rested.

  35. rollen

    Lol why AKBs gloating?
    Wenger not present and great football and away win!
    Be careful what you wish for! lol
    That should be standard performance level for second string of the club like Arsenal not one in 50 games.
    Ramsey OG and Wenger —-> out!

  36. izzo

    Senegal got knocked out of AFCON so Mane will be back for Liverpool. Watch Arsenal slip down back to 4th after the Chelsea game. Wenger is still in charge. Bould is just a puppet so don’t be so naive thinking otherwise.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    I accept the argument that the opposition was not particularly strong, but not the one that it was men against boys. Looking at Southampton’s turnout the ages of the players in both teams was not significantly different. Both sides had two teenagers playing and a further three players aged under 24.

    The good news also from this weekend is that when fit our squad has a lot
    more depth than the likes of Spurs and Liverpool. Both these teams have an over reliance on their starting eleven keeping fit.

    Arsenal’s major problem at the moment is finding a balanced and effective
    midfield. Apart from Ozil we are a little short in that department at moment.
    My personal view is Ox showed enough pace, power and passing ability in
    yesterday’s game to secure a starting place probably at the expense of Ramsey who I have felt has been distinctly average this season.

    The million dollar question is can he perform at this level against top opposition and more importantly who will play the more defensive role in midfield. At the moment it would seem to be Coquelin.

    What is interesting this season is the potency of our forwards. No-one can say that the team when everyone is fit is short of goals. My personal preference would be to start with Sanchez in a more central role and play Iwobi
    and Walcott on the flanks as we did earlier in the season. Once Welbeck
    has got more playing time under his belt then he might replace Iwobi in
    starting eleven for the major games.

    Having options like Giroud, Lucas and Iwobi sitting on the bench match fit
    for rest of season would be good options to have.

  38. Emiratesstroller


    That is the million dollar question, but maybe playing in a more central role
    might change this. Frankly I think that he has more to offer than Ramsey who
    has been distinctly average this season.

    If Ox gets it right then we might have found a second piece in the midfield jigsaw for rest of season.

  39. Goonereris

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, re the Ox replacing Ramsey. No one covers as much ground as Rambo, when fit and in form (which is returning slowly, but surely). Ox’ s cameo in the middle was a makeshift arrangement and should not suddenly usurp the role of specialist midfielders.

  40. Dream10

    Did Keown say Coquelin, Ramsey and Özil were injured?

    Saw a tweet saying both Ramsey and Coquelin were carrying hamstring niggles

  41. Emiratesstroller


    The issue is not how much ground Ramsey covers, but the quality and end
    product of his game.

    Frankly our central midfield since injury to Cazorla has been pretty average
    and I have seen absolutely nothing that Ramsey offers, which tells me that he is not part of the problem.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain had a good game yesterday and for all the valid concerns about his decision making we do know that he has the physical attributes and technical ability to be a very good player.

    Frankly I would take a punt on playing him against Watford and let’s see what he does in that game. If he replicates yesterday’s performance then I
    would certainly pick him against Chelsea.

    I would pose a different question. Can anyone identify a single game this season where Ramsey has been on pitch where the midfield/team have played particularly well. The only time that we did play well was when Cazorla played alongside Coquelin.

  42. underrated Coq

    I don’t think any other online community does knee jerking to the level of Le grovers. Southampton put forward a championship standard team so it is of little surprise to me that our overrated English players looked world class. Oxlade and Welbeck are still donkeys-albeit for different reasons-and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if Arsenal sells them this summer.

  43. Wallace

    excellent that Maitland-Niles and Reine-Adelaide both took the chance to show what they could do yesterday. both 19yrs old, so at an age where they should be able to contribute. Reine-Adelaide looks majestic at times, such a smooth athlete, but it’s the former who really excites me in the central midfield role: physically gifted, combative, but nice technique also. hope they both get a start in the next round as well.

  44. Steveyg87

    Hopefully the perez haters will give it a rest for a while.. only needs to be on the bench for 2 games before he gets called shit on here again. The guy is constantly hustling and was an excellent outlet for us. Welbeck and theo both banging em in, what more can we ask for? Ox put in a level headed performance for a change. Sanchez looked hungry the few mins he was on and cracked a few smiles, hope the media spotted it!

    Mustafi has the tendency on letting the ball run to the keeper at the worst times! Almost got found out a few times, other than that, he and holding bossed it at the back. Only concern was the midfield. Any half decent premier league team would have given us problems in the middle of the park yesterday.

    All in all a good performance, if we field the front 3 of yesterday then teams like the spuds and liverpool etc… would be reluctant to press us

  45. Wallace

    Welbeck’s first was a quality finish, the second he got away with a poor first touch and scuffed shot, but the ease with which he glided beyond that last defender to collect the pass was good to see.

  46. Wallace

    “He hasn’t got an imposing frame but he’s mobile, he’s quick and he’s sharp technically, He has a good eye, he can win the ball and he has the speed to fly into people and get the ball out of their feet, and that’s a very interesting quality that you do not find often.

    “Ainsley is a versatile option because he was at right back in the last round, but he also played in central midfield for the youth team and on the wing at Ipswich last season….He has done extremely well at Nottingham Forest as a right back, but maybe his best position is a central defensive midfielder at the moment.

    “Since he has come back from Ipswich, he seems more confident and more of an extrovert. He was a bit shy, a bit timid before. His experience in a dressing room of adults helps make you a man, and he came back with much more strength in his belief. That is an important quality because when you are in the dressing room you have to be able to say ‘hello my friends, I am very happy to be here and I believe I am a good player’.”

    – Wenger (talking about M-N a few months ago)

  47. qna

    Emirates: I am sure that no donkey would have managed to score Welbeck’s first goal.

    I am sure that Welbeck himself wouldn’t have scored that same goal 9 times out of 10. It barely snuck in. His second was a scuffed shot that was lucky to go in. So those two 50-50s go the other way and we are having a different conversation about Welbeck today. The first goal was actually a good goal, but its not a strikers goal where the keeper is ready, covering his near post and the striker still managers to score the goal. We can’t rely on dinks in high pressure situations to get us the points we will need to be successful.

  48. T

    Have rated niles highly för a couple years allready but yesterday he showed something New.

    I think that he is going to break into the first team in a year and eventually become one of the best midfielders in the world.

    Wont be surprised if the club lets Rambo and Jack leave at some point as i think they are inferior to the midfielders we saw yesterday and they are certainly not getting any better in the coming yaers unlike the kids.

  49. Wallace


    “The first goal was actually a good goal, but its not a strikers goal where the keeper is ready, covering his near post and the striker still managers to score the goal.”

    it was exactly a strikers goal. and not sure what you mean about the keeper being ready. would you have prefered Welbeck to pause for 4-5 seconds while the keeper worked out his angles?

  50. underrated Coq

    ‘My United mates called Welbeck the passenger and celebrated him leaving for us. Whos laughing now’

    Your United mates are probably still laughing.

    Danny Welbeck, now in his third season at Arsenal.
    No of starts he’s managed for Arsenal: 32( EPL+UCL)
    Total appearances: 46
    Goals scored: 11
    Assists: 5

    Donkey for sure.

  51. arsnil

    Hello I am bringing my young lad to the Arsenal vs Hull game. Flights booked but finding tickets hard to come by. Have been in looking at a lot of the ticket sites but none of them would fill you full of confidence. Any advice from you experienced Gooners as to where would be the best place to try and get a couple of good tickets.