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Quick one this morning because I’m writing this last night, you get me? This podcasting malarkey has me up until 1am whispering into the mic like a radio hobbyist freak… and it’s tiring. But all for you guys. All for you.

Anyway, what do we have to talk about today?

Jack Wilshere says the best player he’s ever played with is Wayne Rooney.

Pass me the sick bucket. I mean, let’s be fair, the 7 games he’s played for England over the last few years probably amount to more than the number he played for Arsenal. Watching Wayne destroy Maldova must be a sight to behold.

… but please, better than Cesc? Not for me. Better than Robin Van Persie, please, no way. Better than Adebayor? Not on your nelly.

ROLE MODEL. Oh my, are you kidding?

Comments like that make me think he’s off. Looking at his stats this season, 15 Prem starts, 0 goals and 1 assist… well, you wouldn’t call that ‘I WANT THIS SO BAD’ form, would you?

Our ‘BRITISH CORE’ really have failed with the hype. You’d have to imagine Rambo will slink into average over the next 4 games now he’s not with Racist Xhaka, then we’ll likely say goodbye to all of them in the summer. Project Youth failed, British Core failed… what are we branding next?

Talking of Xhaka, he racially abused a female stewardess apparently. Called the lady a ‘white f*cking bitch’, which is interesting, considering he’s a white man himself. I mean, very white. Porcelain like. Not sure what he was trying to achieve there. Hopefully the third party, ‘I heard him say this’ element to the story kills it dead. He did have to speak to the police. But the Telegraph said he denied it.

If true, it just adds fuel to the fire of… ‘he ain’t the full package’… jury is out for me, I still think he’ll come good. He had these dunce like problems at BM when he was made captain. He’s just a bit dim, but once you get him playing, he can be a force. Gotta cut out those mistakes and he’ll have to keep a lid on that mouth of his if he’s a secret white hating white man.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool dropped out of the League Cup to Southampton after a Shane Long ‘see ya later special’ sent them through. It’s all going wrong up at Liverpool. Their skinny squad is starting to crack under the first signs of pressure. I hate to say it, but I did flag this might happen at the start of the season. He’s not very good at keeping his players fresh and he didn’t help matters by dropping the NET PROFIT this summer when he chose not to spunk like Jose. I’m sure I said it, but he’s a young Wenger. He did make me laugh when he blamed the wind for the loss.

THAT SAID. No point in crowing if you’re an Arsene Wenger fan.

‘Their manager is as disappointing as ours, hooray!’

He beat us at the start of the season and we went out to Southampton earlier than they did. Not just that, but we play the Saints at the weekend. That’s great news for us. Hopefully they’ll be emotionally hungover about reaching their first final since we tanked them 1-0 in 2003. Was that the final Oleg Luzhny was man of the match? Becoming the first ever MOM in an FA Cup final to be sold the next season? I believe it was.

Anyway, an important game for us at the weekend. We’ll be the more prepared, we should be the more motivated and we should take them. That said, they are at home and their manager has a deep squad he’s not afraid to use. However, Wenger likes the cup, he’ll bang out a full team and we should take them down.

Brian Reade of the Daily Mirror is taking a look at what wins you votes these days


He has a solution for that pesky Frenchman lording it up on ONE OF OUR BOYS

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 21.15.02

Brian, wanna see you drop this sort of shit when Pep, Jose or one of the managers who is a bit scarier at prezzers does a handbags.

Also, £200k, bitch please… Arsene has £40m locked away in a Scrooge McDuck castle. He’s laugh at that fine. That’s a couple of nights out for him. I tell you what’d stop this nonsense. Giving refs some help, not making stupid references to how the Danish deter Nik Bendtner from pissing on taxi drivers legs.

Right, that’s me done. Listen to this podcast because I get off on it.

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  1. Dream10

    Watford on Tuesday will be a difficult game. They’ll sit back and try to hit us on the counter. Remember Gabriel struggling with Deeney and Ighalo in the FA Cup this time last year. We’re a momentum team, so the performance tomorrow will likely have an effect on what happens three days later.

    Do we want to play young Hector three times in a week? Think Maitland-Niles will be in the XI tmrw.

    AMN Gabriel Holding Gibbs
    Coquelin Chamberlain
    Perez Iwobi Welbeck

    Walcott, Bellerin, JEFF or Willock to get minutes

  2. Bamford10

    Klopp is not “a younger version of Wenger”. This is a stupid and facile claim. Klopp does tactics, for starters; Wenger does not.

  3. Micheal

    Several posters have put Ox in the midfield centre with Coq for tomorrow. I don’t think he is good enough for that crucial role. Got to be Ramsey with Coq. Southampton are a good side and definitely on a roll at the moment.

    I think Wenger will go something like this, with a strong bench:

    Bellerin Mustafi Gabriel Gibbs
    Coquelin Ramsey
    Ox Iwobi Perez

    Subs: Martinez, Holding, Monreal, Walcott, Sanchez, Giroud, Rienne Aliadiere

  4. Bamford10

    An interview with a Liverpool fan complaining about modern football fans just showed up in my Twitter feed, so I watched it. Nice enough kid, but I could barely understand him through his accent.

    Is the Liverpool accent always so strong? Is it always so different from “London English”? Might this be a social class / working class thing?

    Genuinely curious.

  5. Bamford10


    I like that XI, and I agree that Oxlade has not played well enough to merit being played centrally. Iwobi a much better option.

  6. Louis Almeida

    Dream10, good team. I’m hoping after tomorrow that with Walcott back, Wenger reverts to Alexis at #9 with Iwobi and Walcott flanking him. Ox’s versatility will see him get more game time due to Xhaka’s suspension, Elneny at the AFCON and Cazorla broken. The pivot won’t be great until Xhaka gets back and I’m dreading going to Stamford Bridge with Ramsey-Coquelin as the partnership.

  7. Louis Almeida

    “Is the Liverpool accent always so strong? Is it always so different from “London English”? Might this be a social class / working class thing?”

    Bamford10, I’ve seen that interview and he makes some good points about the English atmosphere but it all stemmed from when Sky took over everything and rebranded it as the PL in 1992. Football sold its soul to money a long time ago and that’s the biggest issue as fans are now priced out of what was originally a working class sport.

    RE the accent, his is very strong. Not all Scouse accents are like that but his is the extreme side of things. Different dialects throughout the UK. The south (London and the surrounding areas) is what some people perceive to be seen as better spoken. There’s more money floating around there. The accent isn’t really a class thing as people speak different intonations/dialects of English throughout the UK. London is what most people see on TV though so that’s what they hold to a standard. Generally speaking though, yes, the quality of life is better in London and the South East as that’s where the money is.

  8. Dream10

    Michael, Louis Almeida

    Good summary. Without Xhaka, Cazorla and Özil in the side, the ball will move slower. Don’t think we can afford to play both Coquelin and Ramsey tomorrow. Two matches in 72 hours not the best for the pair, especially with both have been injured recently and no traditional backups.

  9. ughelligunner

    Bamford, klopp attacking tactics without a defending one? Isnt the same situation arsenal faces with fans complaining of xhaka and our cb are been exposed. Same for Pep.

    As usual, attacking teams would always be exposed defensively. Pep saviour as been better players playing to his tactics and scoring more goals. (its like somebody expecting walcot and ox to play the possesion game). Even Pep got fed up of sanchez for not been able to play it.

    Still why nobody speaks of Ericque and Zidane for winning…wait they now know its all aout Ronaldo and Merci lol.

  10. ughelligunner

    Be it a defending manager or an attacking one, better players in every position makes your tactics excellent. There are reasons players from the bottom teams cant do more than what they do, it isnt because the tactics isnt right, it is because the players cant execute it to perfection.

  11. grooveydaddy


    amazing, how he’s got this uncanny knack for coming up with his best tennis when he needs it most

    fair play to Dimitrov though – he made Nadal work for every point right up to the end

  12. WengerEagle

    Nadal vs Federer in a Final, honestly never thought that I would witness that ever again. You don’t even have to be a Tennis purist for that to put a smile on your face.

    Would love Nadal to go on to win it as he’s my boy but hats off to both of them, the two greatest ever players.

    Should be yet another fantastic final between these two.