Arsenal PR gets embarrassing | Some numbers that really highlight the issue

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Imagine the scene, Laurent K with Mark Gonnella (Arsenal PR).

Laurent: No f*cking way Mark, what are you on?

Mark: Say it, please.

Laurent: No way, the boys will rip on me hard

Mark: Say it and I’ll let you take the Gunnersaurus suit home for one night, as long as you promise to dry clean it

Laurent: DONE

Can you believe what he said? Nor me. Read this if you haven’t.

‘You may say that we haven’t won the title for a long time but he has not just built players, he’s built men too,’

*Spits coffee across laptop screen*

MEN! Where are the men Wenger has built? Sanchez who came ready-made man? Giroud who grew a beard on Wenger’s orders, but also came ready made?

The British core? The team that melted last season and sank to 2nd versus a Leicester on a 1/3 of our wage bill but showed double the fight? The team that’s dropped out the CL last 16 consecutively for the last 6 years? Failed to sustain a title challenge? The players who’ve all come out in support of a man who leaves the fans bored and the trophy cabinet bereft of major honours for 12 years?

Please. If he’s building men, someone needs to point me in the direction of where they are, because as far as I’m concerned, we’ve been chokers for over a decade.

… but all these interviews tell you exactly what you always knew. The club is run with an iron fist and for the purpose of self-preservation of one man, Arsene Wenger. At the cost of winning things, he’s signing a new deal and he has players queuing up to slobber all over him. It’s embarrassing. The only one yet to drop is Alexis Sanchez. Let’s see where that pans out.

I don’t think I’m the only one, but I can’t remember feeling so disappointed with the carry on at Arsenal. It’s like being stuck in the most boring dream of all time and all the people in the dream are telling me the dream is good, and these guys are Oscar-winning dream directors, and I don’t get it?

‘Dream McQueen, why are you saying this?’

‘Dreamen Spielberg, this is crap, surely?’

;Adam Sandreamer? Ok, figured you’d be down with this…’

It’s horrible. Powerless CEO. Owner who doesn’t agree with the fundamentals of sport. Players who think the taking part is more important than trophies. What a horrible, horrible situation with ZERO recourse.

”Along with a lot of people, he’s helped this club grow with a new stadium, a new training ground, and he built the platform for us to compete for the Premier League and Champions League every year.’

Oh gosh… tap me out of this Laurent. WE NEVER COMPETE. Someone put it succinctly the other day: What competing is: If you’re being ambitious last 4 in the CL and it’s being in the mix come what April.

What haven’t done either for over 10 years! SAD!

Arsenal, I’m not angry, I’m just totally flatlined that you settled for existing, versus chasing the big dreams. We opted to become the safe space for those who like the easy life. Case in point, Carl Jenkinson of banter notoriety earns £15k a week more than Danny Rose, arguably the best left back in Europe at the moment. Kieran Gibbs rocks £60k a week, double him. If everyone gets fat, no one complains and there goes the way you maintain your mantle at the top of the dictatorship.

Really, I am angry. We do not operate like a sports club. We operate like lifestyle business.

I’m really off now. x

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  1. Joe


    You are comparing Arsenal
    To Dortmund and atletico????

    Are you kidding me???

    Arsenal who had won 2 league titles and an European cup and 1 fa cup and 2 league cups in the previous 10

    They were nobodies like Dortmund was compared to Bayern and atletico were to real and barca

    I’m sorry that it the most ridiculous comparison ever.



    Would wenger have won the titles with Dortmund or atletico ?

  2. Bamford10


    That was more than a decade ago and during a different era, and Arsenal were closer to United in resources than Dortmund were to Bayern.

    Try again.

    (And btw, it’s becoming clearer by the minute that you’re a garden variety AKB.)

  3. kc

    All you libtards please get all of the climate change and political correctness comments out of your system asap. We’re done with both of those for at least the next 4 years. Besides aren’t you running late for the women’s march on DC this morning? Hear the parking is a mess. LMFAO

  4. vicky

    Unbelievable how 35 years old Ibra starts every game for United and still shows no sign of fatigue or tiredness. And this is his first season in EPL.

  5. Joe


    My words.

    We WILL win the title within 2-3 years. And we will come vwry close in the first year after wenger leaves

    I will make a wager with anyone on here too

  6. jwl

    Jeff Global warming is religion for many people, good luck trying to change their minds.

    They have faith in scientists, even tho not one of them can prove hypothesis, who have discarded scientific method and replaced with apocalyptic warnings about how the world is about to be destroyed.

    Global warming scientists and their ilk are 21st century version of old skool preachers who claimed all the fornication occurring in their parish meant that God was angry and going to punish us very harshly indeed.

  7. Bamford10

    “Would wenger have won the titles with Dortmund or Atletico?”


    And not a single person who has followed world football closely over the past ten years would answer “yes” to this question.

    Wenger simply does not bring enough to his teams — in terms of tactics, instruction or motivation — to accomplish what Klopp or Simeone did.

    No chance.

  8. Joe


    And would he have won the title with tHat Leicester team last season?

    Fuck no

    And would raneri have won the league with Arsenal last season.

    I’d say he would have come pretty damn close. Al lot closer than 10 points. Wenger wouldn’t have been top 10 with that Leicester squad

  9. Bamford10


    We might, we might not. It will depend on any number of factors.

    To say, as you sometimes do, that you can guarantee we win a title is nonsense.

    No point in any such wager, as I think there is a chance we could.

    But I place our odds of doing so at, say, 5/1, and this only if we make a smart managerial appointment.

    You, in contrast, say this is a 100% certainty — and say it is this irrespective of manager. All of which is simply ludicrous.

  10. Bamford10


    “All you libtards please get all of the climate change and political correctness comments”

    KC outs himself as a fucking moron.

  11. Joe


    I say it with certainty because if ranieri can win it with Leicester , the resources we have and players we already have all
    We need is a manager with half a clue which is half more than wenger has , we will win the title

  12. Bamford10


    Donald Trump is the only world leader on the entire planet who denies the reality of man-made climate change.

    The only one.

    That this dipshit will be in office for the next four years will in no way keep the world’s 7 billion people from discussing climate change, nor will it keep the planet from warming, the ice caps from melting and the sea level from rising.

    That you live in some narrow, ignorant, right-wing information bubble is your problem, not ours.

  13. Bamford10


    Pure pseudo-science. That ludicrous claim has been debunked many times over and is promoted by non-credible websites.

    2016 was the hottest year on record, as was the previous before that.

    See any credible publication or scientific body — such as NASA — on this point.

  14. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘They have faith in scientists, even tho not one of them can prove hypothesis, who have discarded scientific method and replaced with apocalyptic warnings about how the world is about to be destroyed.’

    Another pea size brained denier.

    Rising sea levels
    Artic ice melting
    Snowcapped mountains no longer being snow capped
    15 of the 16 hottest years in recorded history coming in the 21st century

    Yeah, global warming is a conspiracy.

  15. Bamford10


    Right, except that you don’t seem to understand the difference between something being (i) possible, (ii) probable or (iii) necessary/certain.

    Yes, it is possible that Arsenal will win within the first three years. Depending on whom they appoint, their odds may even be quite good, say, 5/1.

    However, under no circumstances will a title be a certainty.

  16. raptora

    “So, Raptora, two simple questions:
    1) is Wenger the problem?
    2) Can Wenger lead Arsenal to a title challenge?”

    Yes and yes. Let me explain.

    I believe in faith and that if you make something great and unique in this life, you will have an average, lacking next life. That’s what I think has been happening with Arsenal precisely and Wenger remotely. Our past life being Highbury and our next one being Emirates. We had the best possible last years on Highbury, including the absolutely insane invincible season, so it only makes sense the faith to give us hard time in the begining of our next period at Ashburton. We have to live through it and endure it as long as it is. One day when signs align maybe we will have the needed luck again. I believe, and it’s a strong believe, that you can never win anything without the needed amount of luck. We have not been having that. Is it cause of Wenger and the faith is waiting for the period after him to give us the stacked luck in those years we’ve been missing it, or could Wenger still do something to turn the tide in our favor, I don’t know. Not doing anything as a club is not an option either so changing him seems like the easiest way to check if it could help. Wenger’s teams of late have been lacking something but all teams lack something, there is not a perfect team. Thing is that luck covers you a lot of times when you are meant to win, and destroys you when you are meant to lose. One would say with a fit RvP for several seasons in a row we could have been champions atleast once. We sell him to Fergie and he wins the title for them, top scorer too. Anyways way I see it Wenger could make us champions again, but it looks rather unprobable. He probably has used all the luck he had, that’s why he’s been lacking that little something. His mojo let’s say. Cause that matters. Milan have been in a tough spot for years now, Juve had their problems with the scandal, Man Utd are still in shock, Liverpool have been waiting for some odd 28 years. It happens in football. It’s painful, it sucks, but it is what it is. In Bulgaria there have been historically two big teams: Levski – 26 titles, 25 cups; and CSKA – 31 titles, 20 cups. So a rich dude buys a team called Ludogorets from the third lvl of football in Bulgaria, and they’ve been taking everything for the last 5 years and looking for a 6-th straight title. You cannot be on top in your whole history. Unless you’re a genius (in which case you probably lack other qualities and feelings) or you are Barcelona or Real Madrid.

  17. Spanishdave

    Bamford it comes from a credible source sorry it doesn’t fit your religion.
    Last year may be hot but the average is still the same.
    Last year there was record ice thickness in the Artic but that was not published because it didn’t fit with the believers. Before that the ozone layer closed up partially but again that was kept quiet. It’s the politics and tax my friend that’s the distortion.

  18. tunnygriffboy

    Someone explain the Liverpool result to me today. They all rested midweek. I missed it, went to watch the lad play some egg chasing.

    No way am I gloating because we play Burnley tomorrow and we are the Arsenal. No more need said

  19. izzo

    Teams battling for Top 4 have not picked up points so what are Arsenal going to do tomorrow. Struggle against the almighty Burnley of course. History shows we never take advantage when our rivals drop points. Expect Joey fucking Barton to turn up and probably get a red card.

  20. Ces1ne

    We just had an almost 60 degree day in New York today & consistent 50+ plus days throughout December & January. Last November & December there were a few 60 degree days & overall A LOT warmer than past in winters…….I don’t pay attention to global warming or climate change stuff enough to fake like I know what’s actually going on, but if it’s gonna keep giving us warmer winters in NY then I’m all for it. I hate the cold.

  21. Pedro

    Dissenter, better not gamble on the environment because you’re not 100% sure.

    Wouldn’t it just be smarter to go for green? Like, wouldn’t it be better for the people to breath fresh air and drink clean water? That’s what’s important.

    Not to mention that clean energy is where the money is at.

  22. Pedro


    ‘”Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities. In addition, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.”‘