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Good morning, I’ll drop a blog a bit later, but me and my pal Alfred have been hammering away at recording a new podcast called The Arsenal Opinion.

Working out the kinks, but basically, we hope it comes across as an adult opinion that offers an interesting take on the week. Would love you to have a listen, ignore the bad editing, understand this is early doors and let us know how you’d like it to evolve.

Thanks for pushing me to do this, I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. Should filter into Google Play and Apple itunes over the next week. Subscribe if you see it. x

ALSO: If you are a really cool band and your record label will let you be the intro music, drop me a line, many people will listen. Everything Everything, Spandau Ballet (Mr Kemp) and Jamie T, I know you’re Gooners. GIMME SOME RIGHTS! x

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  1. gambon

    Its certainly not economic suicide.

    Its either irrelevant, or very positive.

    Business & government have little to do with each other beyond setting tax rates and the business landscape.

  2. Kane

    It’s fucking laughable that some people are openly critisizing Pep, Mourinho, etc… these are 2 world class managers who have won league titles and the champions league in multiple countries and are now starting new projects in the Premier League.

    Meanwhile – serial loser Wenger has has not won a league in 13 years and has never won a Champions League yet people are suggesting he should stay on because “look what happens when clubs change their managers”


    13 years of failure vs 1-2 years of transition…. I know what I would take every time.

  3. Joe


    Out of that whole long articles on wenger the only thing you picked out was “‘ he was wrong on the wages”.

    No he wasn’t.

    Arsenal Player’s Wage Bills in Recent Years : Arsenal paid the players a total £166 million as wage bill in 2014. The amount increased to £180 million in 2015. In 2016, Arsenal signed some big names & offered the star footballers some good & handsome wage fees & the total amount is estimated around £192 million. In the ongoing 2016-17 season, Arsenal has the fourth highest wage bills in the premiere league. The amount of their wage bill this season is £200.5 million.

    Do you enjoy being wrong Wallace?? That article was 100% spot on and you know it. And it kills you to admit it

  4. Carts

    The way things are going, one can only imagine Wenger will sign. Raft of contract extension seems all a bit to conspicuous along with the best man speech that follows.

    Like previously mentioned, it’ll be a grey day if and when he extends. I think that would probably do it for me – complete disconnect from Arsenal. Cos as it stand, it is genuinely a struggle for me to tune in

  5. gonsterous

    In 2 years time we will be having the same convo, is Wenger going to leave arsenal this time ?? I think he wants to break fergies record but it won’t amount to anything really !!

  6. Joe


    You said.

    we’re back to scoring enough goals to challenge seriously.

    We are second leading scorers in the league. I think you even brought it up when comparing us to Spurs when someone said their attack is better than ours

    You’re wrong again. We score enough goals.

    The problem is it’s mostly against crap teams.

    Wenger can’t prepare. Motivate. Tactically get it right for us to win when it matters.

    But keep thinking it’s because Sanchez isn’t playing centrally that we aren’t challenging.

    That must be the reason we haven’t challenged for 13 seasons.

  7. Carts


    Bernardo Silva would be my #1 signing this summer. He is a top player. Remind me of David Silva a lot – low centre of gravity and close control.

    Difference is Bernardo covers more ground, from what I’ve seen.

    Bakayoko looks like a real boss as does Fabinho. I think any way you look at it, Monaco will probably do well to hang on to all 3; though I suspect they’ll lose at least one, if not two.

  8. Carts

    “13 years of failure vs 1-2 years of transition…. I know what I would take every time.”

    AKBs always cling to the fact that we might lose top 4 without Wenger.

    I’d accept a 5th place finish if it meant the new manager actually built a system to win as oppose to fielding average players, deeming top 4 as the pinnacle and getting disposes off in the last 16 of the CL

  9. Kane

    If anyone uses Statto… this table shows premier league teams – results vs top 8 placed teams


    Arsenal sit 10th in terms of results against the leagues top teams, behind Watford, Bournmouth and Burnley…

    Other than beating a poor Chelsea side, playing a defunct formation 3-0… Arsenal have not beaten any top team all season.

    Arsenal will not win the Premier League this season – we still need to go to Spurs, Liverpool, Tottenham and will need to win at all 3 to have any chance of winning the title this season.

    Yes we can smash West Ham and Swansea – whoopie fucking do. Wake me up when we start beating teams that matter.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    What is slightly worrying, if we have not responded well to high tempo presses all season, and we have Chelsea coming up soon, and we’ve still got to go to Spurs and Liverpool, all of which operate a high tempo style.

  11. Red&White4life

    “Mundo Deportivo reports we are targeting Niang to replace Sanchez if he leaves.”

    The real truth reports that we are targeting no one to replace sanchez, even if he leaves.

  12. Joe

    The man who completely sacrificed his entire legacy – rejecting PSG on numerous occasions as well as other clubs including Barcelona – for the sake of the club that he had known to love


    Yeah not for the 8m pounds a season

    Or even the bigger fact that had he gone to any other top club his legacy would have been ruined more than it already is because he would have been sacked the first time his big mouth opened and he said “fourth is a trophy” He would not have lasted more than 6 months at any top club

    The line that he sacrificed is bullshit. He stayed for selfish reasons because he has it so easy at Arsenal and he knows he get found out to be the fraud he is at any other club

  13. Louis Almeida

    Ah I’ve just seen who Marseille’s boss is. All those links with players to the South Coast now make a lot of sense.

  14. jwl

    I listen to two podcasts only and neither are Arsenal related so I am not Pedro’s target audience with new podcast. I only had time to listen to 5 or 6 minutes so I don’t have opinion about new podcast but I did enjoy being reminded of FL8 when gooners were happy and sang songs about colour of hair.

    Most podcasts are too long and hosts are often uninformed, or they have superficial awareness, about topics they talking about. Le Grove is podcast for people who prefer to read than listen, random people with different levels of knowledge talking shit.

    Tuesday Club was only Arsenal podcast that I listened to and that seems to have fizzled out now. I would enjoy podcast where all freely available stats are used to really analyze performances and it should be maximum 20 minutes in length.

  15. Savage

    jwl, have a listen to the Arsenal Vision podcast – it’s very technical and there are some very informed opinions on there.

  16. Red&White4life

    “Giroud will be Sanchez’s replacement, Red&White4life.”
    So I guess that welbz will be L’oLreal’s replacement when this one will retire ??

  17. Louis Almeida

    “jwl, have a listen to the Arsenal Vision podcast – it’s very technical and there are some very informed opinions on there.”

    The best one out there IMO.

  18. Pedro

    ‘Le Grove is podcast for people who prefer to read than listen, random people with different levels of knowledge talking shit’

    Not sure how you came to that conclusion. Don’t listen, sure. Don’t criticise it, especially if up until now the only people I’ve had on have been absolute experts…. Auclair, Alex Fynn, Matt Scott, Simon Kuper… hardly randoms talking shit.

  19. Pedro

    WrightIsGod, could tolerate that sort of comment if he wasn’t David Ospina’s biggest fanboy ever.

    Seaman was a legend and a superb keeper. So many amazing saves. Penalty against Sampdoria one of my favourites.

  20. N5

    Imagine Wenger interviewing for the Real Madrid job.

    Perez: “Mr Wenger. We came second last season, and we need to correct this. What ideas do you have to solve this problem?”

    Wenger: “With respect Mr Perez, what problem? I would sign up to come second for the next 20 years”

    Perez: “Mr Wenger, I dont think you understand, what is important is that Real Madrid are champions again. It is why we exist”

    Wenger: “Erm, No Florentino, if thats even your real name………what is important is that 600 employees get paid at the end of the month”

    Perez: “OK, so i’ve just realised you are basically mental…dont call us….we’ll call you”

    Wenger: “Why do you look at me?”

    Perez: “I wasnt, what are you talking about? Oh and by the way, i’ve just worked out you have managed 1600 games, so you can only have possibly made 4800 substitutions”

    Wenger: “Handbrake”

    Perez: “What?”


    @gambon, fucking priceless mate. Nice one.

  21. WrightIsGod


    Yeah Redtruth believes our most decorated and celebrated keeper in Arsenal history was rubbish.

    Honestly, you can’t pick your readers eh Peds…

  22. WrightIsGod

    Alan Daviss has got to bring Tuesday Club back for the closing months of the season.

    They’ve all prob been busy with media/work commitments and…. LIFE.

    I fi t depressing I’ve been banging my head for 8 years or more. Enough to to make a man Jack it all in…

  23. Wallace


    “Anyway we’ll see what happens. I think Brexit is economic suicide and we’re overestimating our bargaining power but I’ll make a more informed opinion once I see what deal we’ve actually negotiated.”

    agreed. the counry’s flushing itself down the shitter and 35% of the pop. is cheering as we go.

  24. Wallace


    “You’re wrong again. We score enough goals.
    The problem is it’s mostly against crap teams. ”

    3 against Liverpool, 3 against Chelsea….

  25. Joe


    We lost to

    And we beat a disjointed Chelsea

    How about the other 6-8 matches vs top teams Wallace. Everton? Man city? Man U? Tottenham? PSG twice? Leicester? West fucking brom?


    How many do you think we will score v chelsea in 2 weeks?

    I really hope you are not this easily fooled and led astray in real life Wallace.

    You find one positive example in
    A million of negatives to
    Somehow Justify wenger.

    Give it up man.

    ” if this season fizzles out”. Hahaha but the last 12 it was ok they all
    Fizzled out.

    3 at home to
    Liverpool. And we still

    Great example Wallace haha

  26. Joe

    Don’t forget the 4 vs Sunderland

    15 of our 48
    Goals have come
    In 4 games vs the bottom

    Hull. 4. Sunderland 4. Swansea 7.

    31% of our goals

    Yeah. Wallace. We are lighting the league up with goals haha

    Wenger ball in full effect

    As red says. Flat track bullies.

  27. Wallace


    “Love seeing liberals with no understanding of what Brexit means getting angry.”

    reading your comments i think it’s you that needs to do a little reading up on the subject.

  28. gonsterous

    Have to say, seaman was a great keeper but lehmann will always be my fav keeper. Mad jens. His theatrics is why I loved watching the arsenal !!

  29. Wallace


    “We lost to
    Liverpool. And we beat a disjointed Chelsea ”

    ‘disjointed’? can Wenger use that as an excuse as well?

  30. Joe

    No excuse Wallace

    They are 8 points above us.

    It was an abberration that conte fixed.

    Still waiting
    For wenger to fix issues from
    13 years ago. Never mind 20
    Years ago

    You really just don’t get it Wallace

    How many will
    We score v chelsea in 2’weeks

    Please answer me

  31. Joe

    And why not Wallace

    He and you use every other excuse in the world to defend wenger.

    Why not add another to the list

    I guess Chelsea played with the handbrake on.

    Maybe a bit jaded.

    See Wallace the difference is conte didn’t use an excuse. He went and fixed the problem

    The difference between a good manager and a crap fraud like
    Wenger who needs excuses

  32. Pedro

    Gambon, pretty clear our Government have no idea what Brexit means if you’ve been following closely.

    You’re an optimist, but you have to be. Most are a little more realistic about what this all means.

  33. gambon

    Great insight Wallace.

    Shouldve known you would be backing a dictatorial, antiquated political system ran by unwanted, clueless old men.

    Sounds familiar.

  34. Wallace


    “Shouldve known you would be backing a dictatorial, antiquated political system ran by unwanted, clueless old men.”

    Theresa May’s a woman, no? or are you suggesting that faceless European bureaucrats run the country? christ man, get informed!

  35. gambon


    Clearly no-one has practical experience of what Brexit means, as no-one has been through it.

    However, what you need to ask yourself is what is so scary about decoupling from a political integration ideology that is failing, a union that is falling apart, & the worlds lowest growth zone.

    It really is a question of asking why would we want to remain.

  36. Wallace


    these sexy new trade deals we’re going to be cutting, who’s going to be calling the shots? Britain and it’s 50m population?

  37. gambon


    Yes we get it.

    You hate the EU, you hate the UK, you hate Theresa May, you hate Jean Claude Juncker, you hate David Davis, you hate Donald Trump, you hate Brexit, you hate Remoanders, you hate Brexiteers.

    What you need to realise is its yourself that you hate.

    You need to come to terms with it, give yourself a big hug, have a wank, and start to be happy again…..like the old Redtruth, the one that used to play conkers in the playground and watch my little pony.

    Find the real Redtruth.

  38. Wallace



    You’ve been reading too many comic books…”

    your second best ever post. the Sanogo/Wenger/setting the bar still taking top spot.

  39. gambon

    Lol, the same professors that told us there would be a 4% fall in GDP in 2017 and the FTSE would hit 4000.

    Yeah, id listen to them.

    The same ones that told us to join the Euro.

  40. jwl

    I wasn’t criticising your efforts Pedro because, like you say, I haven’t really listened to it and this is your first episode. I think Le Grove is best Arsenal blog there is and I am amazed how you write entertaining posts day after day after day. My problem with podcasts is that people talk too long and I can’t easily fastforward by comments that I think are idiotic while blog/commenters like this site means I can skip over comments that I think are rubbish.

    Also, I am anti expert because most experts don’t know what they talking about, pulling random thoughts out of their ass while pretending its wisdom for ages. Brexit is good example, there was long line of experts telling Brits how doom and gloom it would be if Britain voted leave while it turns out referendum had little difference to economy and things are ticking over just fine.

  41. Wallace

    re Costa – I thought last week’s flare up was a minor fitness issue being blown ouit of all proportion, but looks like he really is interested in a move to China. surprising.

  42. Redtruth

    To those claims Seaman was a superb keeper i say back up your claim or shut up!

    I’ve watched Seaman throughout his career with Arsenal and bar one good season the rest were riddled with mistakes…

  43. Joe


    In the news today they say Costa is back in full training and he and Conte have made up and he is staying at Chelsea

  44. WrightIsGod

    If Costa ups and leaves Chelsea in the middle of a potential title winning league because of a bust up with the manager or and the lure of China money he’s an even bigger scumbag than I predicted.

    However it could make the title chase more interesting not that Arsenal have a chance of course.

    I don’t think he’ll leave and the media are just peddling this to sell papers… Surely right?

  45. Wallace


    “Brexit is good example, there was long line of experts telling Brits how doom and gloom it would be if Britain voted leave while it turns out referendum had little difference to economy and things are ticking over just fine.”

    we haven’t left yet, the pound’s tanking, and inflation’s about to go through the roof.

  46. Dissenter

    I really think you guys will do well after Brexit
    You need a trade deal with the US soon after you exit.

    It shouldn’t be hard since we’ll have male and female leaders on both sides of the pond.
    It will be quickie of a deal.
    Trump just has to grab May by the P*SSY and the deal is done.
    I wonder who gets shafted though?

  47. Wallace


    the Guardian thinks it’s just a temporary truce until the summer when he’ll be off. maybe he just hasn’t really settled in London….

  48. Tipster

    Don’t worry boys, we can still enter the Eurovision Song Contest, Tim Farron and we Jimmy crankie, singing two little boys..God Save The Queen

  49. Joe

    Wright is god

    If he stays until the end of the season and helps them win the league I think Chelsea fans and roman will be quite happy to let him leave. 2 titles in 3 seasons he would have been a huge part in winning.

  50. jwl

    Wallace –

    “Nonetheless, surveys indicate that economists see their discipline as ‘the most scientific of the social sciences’. What is the basis of this collective faith, shared by universities, presidents and billionaires?

    But real-world history tells a different story, of mathematical models masquerading as science and a public eager to buy them, mistaking elegant equations for empirical accuracy.

    ‘An astrologer’ is, in fact, the Oxford English Dictionary’s second definition of ‘mathematician’ ……. The best astrology required the best astronomy, and the best astronomy was done by mathematicians – exactly the kind of person whose authority might appeal to bankers and financiers.”


  51. Wallace


    thanks for the link. I’ll read it later. did economics at university so have an idea of how much second-rate mathematicians have hijacked the profession.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    How’s it amazing

    He is taking home 4 m

    In China he will take home 30m….

    Also we are talking about a man whom changed his country allegiance

    So he is one callous muthafucker

    He will get his own way …always does

  53. Wallace

    R.S.P.C. Arsenal

    more surprised than ‘amazed’. he would be the first real top level player to go for the money over the prestige of competing in one of the world’s best leagues. I mean, there’s no way he’s the first elite player to have been approached.

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I like the fact he is honest about it, like oscar who admitted he couldn’t turn the money down…
    Honest footballers cos it is all the money ….

    To has reduced it to this …

  55. WrightIsGod


    Nah man. Seaman was right up with best in his generation. The standard of keeping much like the football we are treated to these days was not the same in the 80s/90s granted that but he was an absolute staple of our back 5 which made us the best if not one of the best defences in England/Europe.

    As a kid I saw enough of him comparing to the rest I saw in England.

    So keep championing Ospina Redtruth but your bias don’t stick sorry.

  56. WrightIsGod

    For gods sake Peter Schmeichel made errors.

    If you’re childish to pick out the mistakes if rather I’m sure there are plenty more minutes in Seamans career where he was solid.

  57. WrightIsGod

    That semi final was painful but I blamed Viera more for that dog lazy pass to no one.

    Oh wait I guess that means Viera is a terrible midfielder.


  58. WrightIsGod


    “No keeper should get beat at his near post.”


    And yet it happens to every keeper that’s ever played the game!

    Why? Because if it’s possible and the shot is hard enough it can happen.

    Somebody go tell David De Gea he’s rubbish please. Compliments of RedTruth. Ospina is beyond that apparently, never let a goal in near post lol.

    At least make fair judgements. If an outfield player fails to make a pass, fails to track back, fails to shoot, fails to tackle is that vilified the same way? No. The keeper is the last line of defence and on his own therefore easy to pick holes if you’re looking to pick holes.

    Overall Seaman was, and as he has always been known, a safe pair of hands. His career and accolades speak for themselves.

  59. Black Hei

    I followed Theresa’s May Brexit speech and it is a load of bull. But I don’t blame May; what do we expect her to say? The truth?

    “Hi all, I would very much like an FTA and have control over immigration but since nobody will agree to that my political legacy is in trouble so I will do my best to deflect the blame. Thank you”

  60. Jeff

    I didn’t have Pedro down as a remoaner – but there we have it.

    Brexit is the BEST thing that could have happened to the UK. I go by the old Chinese proverb. Two birds have four wings but tie them together and neither can fly. Imagine 28 birds tied together.

  61. qna

    We’ve gone political. Love it. Brexit is going to be very interesting. Under normal circumstances, The UK would be in a very strong position to negotiate a FTA with the EU. Its a strong economy in its own right. Its is historically the capital of world banking. It must be the second strongest economy (to Germany) in all of the EU (France may disagree). So it would be a win-win to give the UK a FTA comparable to other nations like South Korea and so on.

    However, this is no longer normal circumstances. The very future existence of the EU may be affected by the outcome of Brexit. If Brexit ends up favorably for the UK then there will be a massive movement for other member nations to similarly exit. The same discontent that existed for those that voted for Brexit will also be present in citizens other member countries. I could see Germany easily going down the same path.

    So it is a vested interest for the EU to make the UK pay for Brexit. To make sure it does not give them a FTA on favorable terms. It may be a case that a win-win negotiation between Britain and the EU is actually an overriding loss to the EU. Whereas a lose-lose negotiation is actually an overriding win to the EU. It will be interesting to see if the EU negotiators are willing to go scorched earth here.

    Frankly I am more worried about whats happening with US-Russia-China in terms of global affairs. Also the implications of the Putin-Trump bromance on NATO may force the EU and the UK to “get along” for more serious reasons than holding together the EU.

  62. Bruce

    Pedro, just listened to the podcast over a coffee here in sunny (100 degrees today) Brisbane. Excellent listen. Lots of really good stuff. 40 minutes flew by. Love your work.

  63. Wallace


    “Brexit is the BEST thing that could have happened to the UK. I go by the old Chinese proverb. Two birds have four wings but tie them together and neither can fly. Imagine 28 birds tied together.”

    yeah, rather than doing the usual and sending 11 players out at Stamford Bridge next month why not try something different and send them out one at a time?

  64. S.Asoa

    Seeing the non challance as the Holocaust of anather 2 years of Wenger looms, get a feeling Arsenal fans are like Lord Elmsworth pigs – contented, no matter what.
    There should be a revolution going by now. Last 2 years was so bad – to tolerate any more of this 9 million Courtesan with morals to match.
    Please Londoners , for the sake of us all , you are placed there to make it happen.
    Wenger Out