Sanchez dominates headlines with another tantrum | The Arsenal ‘pressing’ issue

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Courtesy of @Arsenal

Courtesy of @Arsenal

I had my doubts about Paul Clement heading over to work with Swansea, it felt like another decision based off the wrong checklist. The last one read, ‘is he American, we trust American’s who interview well’, this one read, ‘does he have a fancy resume with BIG teams.’

I think you need a steady head to bring a shit team out of a hole. Paul Clement set up his new side that hasn’t put in a hardworking performance in a year to press Arsenal like rabid dogs. It was like playing against a slightly shite Liverpool side. Very effective for the first 30minutes, but you could see where it was heading because you need a certain level of confidence to play that way and you need to have an incredible level of fitness to make it work.

Arsenal, worryingly, showed a real lack of smarts around being hustled. Our midfield struggled to keep hold of the ball, our defence didn’t really have much idea how to play around the situation and Swansea looked like a reenergised side. Watching our defenced hoof the ball to counter the press was a bit embarrassing, especially as we’ve been having this issue for a month (I mean, years if you go back).

The party didn’t last long, on 36minutes Olivier Giroud made it count, again. Iwobi moved the ball to the right of the pitch, he played into Ozil who one touched to Ramsey. The Welshman cut the ball across the 6 yard box to Giroud who missed. The ball went back out to Sanchez who looped a cross to Ozil who headed down for Giroud to rifle high to the left. A good goal that totally deflated the home side. Giroud hurt himself in the process but insisted in going all John Terry and trying to run it off.

The second half was a bit less of a struggle. Swansea tired and we took advantage, 11 of our 14 attempts on goal came in this 45 and we really blitzed them in the opening ten minutes. Our 2nd came on 52 minutes, a cleared Iwobes cross was intercepted by Monreal, he fed in Ramsey, who looked like he missed the ball but we’ll call it a dummy, Iwobi picked up the other side of the box and rifled it against Cork, the ball ricocheted over Fabianski in slow motion and we killed the game right there.

Giroud finally gave into his injury and we switched him out for Chambo rather than Danny or Perez. Our third followed soon after, another own goal, this time from Kyle Naughton. Ozil picked out Iwobi out wide, the Nigerian scuttled into the box and teased a ball across the box, forcing Kyle to tap home. I hope Iwobi racked up the two assists there.

Our fourth came from a lovely slide rule pass from Iwobes into The Ox, he cut the ball into the box, Ramsey bundled into the ball, it teed up for Sanchez who watched the ball over his shoulder volleying high across Fabianski. A superb finish.

The only talking point left after the game was the bad behaviour of Alexis sulking when he was subbed off for long-term absentee Danny Welbeck. He then sat on the bench and hid in a big coat like a sulky little boy caught sticking lego bricks up the cats arse. Not the sort of reaction anyone wants to see away from home against Swansea when you’re 0-4 up. What does that say to everyone else? It says you’re a brat.

After the match, Wenger played down the tantrum.

“Looking at the game tonight, that is really minor, minor, minor,” “All players are frustrated when they come off — some show it, some don’t. I am long enough in the job to know that. I just make the decision I feel is right and that’s it. Nothing more than that.

“All players are frustrated when they come off — some show it, some don’t. I am long enough in the job to know that. I just make the decision I feel is right and that’s it. Nothing more than that.

“He’s a good guy who gives a lot and wants to do well, always, for the team. There is no problem. But every culture is different. Some South Americans are a bit different to Europeans, Southern Europeans are different to northern Europeans. You have to respect that. That’s why we are a multi-national team.”

I don’t think this has anything to do with culture. Saying other cultures care more is a bit sour if you ask me. This is a player who is at the peak of his powers, the leading man for our club, the team deserves better. This comes off the back of us having to read countless stories about his reaction against Bournemouth because he couldn’t control his emotions there. I’m all for people caring, I’m all for his incredible contribution to the side, but his increasingly bratish behaviour is becoming a hindrance in the media and I do wonder what the impact of having a player beyond discipline is like for the other players.

Chelsea dropped Diego after a bust-up with Conte. Would Wenger have the balls to do something like that? He did back in the day with Thierry Henry when he benched him against Middlesborough. Can’t help but feel Wenger needs to get his star man in check before this spills over into team morale.

Overall, you can’t knock a 4-0 win, though it’s hard to take too much heart from the performance. Swansea are just a very bad side. That said, they caused problems for us in the first half with an issue we seem to struggle with, that’s being pressed. Something we’ve had problems with for years. Something big teams target us with. City, Bournemouth and Everton examples of this. Not just that, Swansea had 12 attempts to our 14.

I kind of feel Aaron Ramsey had a day to forget. He made some pretty salty passes in the final third, racking up a 70% pass completion rate. He doesn’t look confident at the moment. However, he does move the ball forward positively and he offers much more of a threat in front of goal than Coquelin. He also contributed to two goals by having his body there, forget the body didn’t do what he wanted, it was there.

Mesut Ozil also had a quietly effective game. Involved heavily in three of our goals, he also dropped in a jaw-dropping 11 ball recoveries. Mustafi and Xhaka managing 7 each. As for whether we missed Coquelin? I’d say we didn’t. We struggled on the ball as it was, I’m not sure having Coq against a team who press hard would have helped. Xhaka made 4 interceptions, 2 tackles and 7 recoveries. Once we bring Ramsey up to speed on his role in the team, I’m sure he’ll contribute more to the defensive side of the game (LOL AT MY OPTIMISM).

My star man was Iwobi today. Not because he was the best player, more because he’s starting to deal with the pressure. He created two own goals today directly, he also played a lovely pass to set Ox off for fourth. A really promising game. Hopefully more of those in the backend of the season.

Two massive match-ups tomorrow morning to pay attention to, preceded by a very strong win from Spurs and a solid 3 points against the worst Champions of all time for Chelsea. City vs Everton could be curtains for Pep this season. Liverpool vs United could tell us who has the guts to make the top four this season. The momentum is certainly with a United side who have won all the games they should be winning with the monstrously expensive squad Jose has assembled, and a whole bunch of pressure is on Jurgen Klopp who has seen two bland cup results go against his teams as he rested stars.

A very exciting morning, making our 3 points all the more promising.

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  1. WrightIsGod

    The money is there and nobody is telling Wenger he can’t spend. Wenger doesn’t want to upset the apple cart, it would mean actually making progressive decision on Ramsey, Walcott, Ox, Gibbs, Wilshere, Welbeck etc.

    It’s also his stupid socialist wage structure.

    The money is there but you can’t force him to spend let’s not forget he refuses to have a sporting director working with him.

    And what was it Sir Chips said at AMG meeting 2015, something like “we support Wenger if he has a plan and we support him if he doesn’t”

  2. Thank you and goodnight


    You can tell how poor a manager wenger is these days when he comes out with lines like ” if I buy so and so it will stifle the growth of ( insert name of Arsenal player)”

    That’s so backwards in his thinking it’s incredible and people wonder why Arsenal don’t improve. Competition is healthy, competition should make a player hungrier, more determined to improve to make the first 11. If it stifles they’re growth then obviously they haven’t the mentality to be Arsenal players. Everything is too comfortable at Arsenal, to liberal to wishy washy let’s hold hands and chant songs wearing daisies in our hair….no one’s a loser we’re all winners, that’s the bollocks that Arsene Wenger has turned us into. Then the moment someone shows fire, passion and anger like Alexis, we all go…oh my…not on dear boy. Bollocks I want everyone of our players to show that hunger that determination to be the best. Money doesn’t buy you that hunger that passion that fire, the manager does.

  3. Wallace


    “that’s the bollocks that Arsene Wenger has turned us into. Then the moment someone shows fire, passion and anger like Alexis, we all go…oh my…not on dear boy. ”

    in fairness the only people trying to make something out of the Alexis ‘sulk’ are those who like to see Wenger on the rack. he’s said it’s a non-story every time he’s been asked about it.

  4. ughelligunner

    When we analyse how better the spuds team is, we fail to put into consideration that the extra 80m Arsenal has above their wage bill dont just put us above them in the Epl, it also make us qualify from the champions league group stage which they cant do with their squad.

    More champions tv rights money, more money made from knockout stage qualification etc.

    I say money spent well. Spuds have lots of energy, which is helpful in the intense Epl. But lets face fact, if any spuds player was signing for the top 4 team apart from totenham, he is going to demand more than wants he demanded at spuds. So lets compare with more thoughts.

  5. Thank you and goodnight

    AKB’S moan about how boring it was under GG, though I bet hardly any of them were born when GG was manager, they just go on what they’ve heard. But his teams were fighters, liked a battle or 2. They wouldn’t take shit unlike wenger’s teams in the last 12 years. Graham would never have put up with the mentality of some of our players these days. Just like fergie took no shit. Anyone crossed him they were out, anyone took the piss they were out, anyone not prepared to give it 100% were out. Compare his record to ours over last 20 years. The man was a winner, he could start a fight in an empty room.

  6. Thank you and goodnight


    Maybe wenger has said it’s a non story. All I’m saying is under wenger he’s instilled a losers mentality in that team. No one has to fight for their places, no matter how average they are they know they will make first team squad on match day come what may.

  7. Batistuta

    Its going to take Pep a whole lot of time and money to get the team to look like his, too many old past it players in that squad

  8. shaun ellis

    It Is the lack of preparation from one of the highest paid football coach’s in the world. You look at arsenal and you can see there is zero mental strength except Sanchez. you can see you have to have extremely laid back in your CV if you want to play for arsenal .How many times have we seen them look completely lost when pressed by the opposing team. It is clearly not good enough from Wenger and arsenal to win any kind of major title. If mourine manages to get ahead of arsenal which we can all see is the future now I hope the fans give Wenger enough abuse to make him turn it in as that is the only way forward. WE NEED A MANGER WITH A PULSE and the balls to use some kind of modern day football tactics as this is getting really embarrassing

  9. vicky

    How would a fully fit combined Arsenal and Spurs starting 11 look like :

    ————-Lloris ————



    Alli ———–Ozil———-Sanchez


  10. Sid

    Pep will be sacked if he fails to finish in the top 4. Maybe, PSG will be his most likely destination for next season.

  11. vicky


    Yes, that would work too. I thought with a keeper as good as Lloris and a back 4 of Bell-Koss-Ald-Rose , probably a DM wouldn’t be required. But yes, Wanyama-Dembele is as solid and powerful as it gets.

  12. ughelligunner

    Look, when people say wenger spent 90m and he is still no better than last season, they forget that our rivals still spent more than us making it look like last season.

    Spuds spent 30m on sisoko who doesnt even make the 11. Everton 30m on bolasie, 22m now on Snerderlin, 11m on 19 year old Lookman this January….. Look, we know wenger isnt putting in all the shift to win the league, but to say he spent 90m and he still failed as if the rest teams in the league spent nothing is pathetic to say the least.

  13. Jim Lahey

    “they forget that our rivals still spent more than us making it look like last season.”

    “Spuds spent 30m on sisoko who doesnt even make the 11. Everton 30m on bolasie, 22m now on Snerderlin, 11m on 19 year old Lookman this January”

    Spurs and Everton, these are our rivals now? How far we’ve fallen.

  14. ughelligunner

    Funny enough, the 90m spent was spent on legrove fantasy players except for Perez who they say was average. Now they prefer Perez who they rejected, and now reject Xhaka and Mustafi who they adonised to the high heavens.

    We said it before and i will reinterate again, the Akbs will always be the ones to support the new players and any manager when they finally arrive when the wobs starts dissing the new arivals.

    I have conclude that, there are no Akbs, just loyal and patrotic glass half full Arsenal fans, and no wobs just disloyal, low moral unpatrotic glass half empty fans.

    Wenger’s longetivity and inadequacy to win a major title is just an excuse for the labeling of names such as WOBs and AKBs.

    P.s. This theory has been tested through out all sports teams. Fans are fans everywhere, there is always a divide.

  15. ughelligunner

    Jim, i was thinking even a 5year old child would understand that Man city, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man utd all spent above us, and teams pushing above their weight in totenham and Everton where the ones highlighted, showing how expansive the epl is.

  16. ughelligunner

    Isnt it funny that Nasri, Jovetic, Nzonzi are players burning tires for sevilla in the spanish league, these are players who could’nt finish a match without getting injured, or are so average that they played for long ball stoke.

    If you want an agressive dm to play in the epl, i dont think spain and germany is feasible. This is all about power and pace. Technicality is subjective in the Epl.

  17. Thank you and goodnight


    Don’t bother mate. As far as TY ( Ughelligunner) is concerned nothing is Arsenal’s fault

  18. Thank you and goodnight


    For years wenger moaned about not being able to keep up because of financial doping etc etc etc. Then last year long and behold the planets aligned, the big boys were fucking up everything fell into Arsene’s lap…….and guess what…we lost to Leicester by 10 points. They’re crisp money saw them over the line with an inferior squad to ours. For that and that alone wenger should of got the sack.

  19. Jim Lahey

    @TYAG –

    I know, its just an odd situation to have someone so devoted to the idea of both Wenger and Arsenal’s infallibility today..

    I was once in the exact position as Ugh was in, expect when I believed the man to be a deity we were winning leagues and making pushes in Europe. I just find it hard to understand how someone can look at the position we’re in today and rationalise their devotion to Wenger.

    And if we’re being honest, I want Wenger out, I want a new outlook for the club, bit I can guarantee the day he leaves I will be worried, very worried. He is a comfort blanket to people like me who grew up with him as Arsenal manager, but we need to move on and soon.

  20. Thank you and goodnight

    @Jim Lahey

    I won’t be worried, not one bit. Wenger hasn’t won the title in 12 years so if new guy comes in and doesn’t win it straight away, I’m willing to give him 12 years and make constant excuses for him. Well it’s only fair eh all you AKB’S. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    I have spent some time making comparisons between last season and this.

    What cost us the League title last season was our overall performance against London clubs
    and not as you might assume away games against Northern Clubs or against teams in top 4 or 6 where we had a decent record.

    Last season we won only one game out of eight against London clubs and that was a close 2-1
    victory against Crystal Palace. We drew 4 others and lost 3 against Chelsea [twice] and West
    Ham at home.

    This season we are undefeated in games against London clubs and have beaten Chelsea.

    Another key difference between last season and this is that we have scored 48 goals compared with just 34 last season after 21 games.

    Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool have improved significantly compared with last season, but I
    don’t think that Man Utd have and Man City have declined.

    Chelsea and Spurs have a materially better defensive record than ourselves, but I think that
    Liverpool and Man City are still vulnerable. Manchester United have not materially improved
    from last season in the goalscoring department. They have scored 14 less than us.

    For all the suggestions made primarily by pundits who are ex Man Utd and Liverpool players
    that we will not make the top 4 I beg to differ.

    Both Man Utd,Man City and Everton have to play Arsenal at Emirates. Frankly I don’t think that we will lose those games.

  22. Red&White4life

    “Spurs and Everton, these are our rivals now? How far we’ve fallen”

    You don’t get it, it’s RISING, not falling lol

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Red & White-4 life

    With greatest respect Spurs are a decent team. You may not like it but at least show some respect. They are very well organised and have in Kane and Ali a
    couple of outstanding players.

  24. underrated Coq


    ‘Then last year long and behold the planets aligned, the big boys were fucking up everything fell into Arsene’s lap…….and guess what…we lost to Leicester by 10 points’

    This is what perplexes me, how Wenger and his band of Yes-men numpties still have the backing of the rose-tinted Superfans after last season’s disgrace.

  25. EN1AFC

    With “fans” such as Ughelli is it any wonder why we find ourselves stuck in neutral or with the handbrake on every season as Wenger puts it.

    If you don’t shut up and accept things and how great an achievement it is to finish in the top 4 your apparently disloyal and not a proper fan. Un fucking believable. How long have you been supporting the club ughelli?? How many games have you been to home and away and across Europe? Who the fuck are you to question people’s support for the club just because they moan that we aren’t achieving as much as what we should be!
    I would argue that its morons like you that are the ones to blame. No ambition whatsoever by just accepting the status quo, absolving Wenger from blame at every opportunity you get.

    I would rather try something new and different and fail than try nothing at all.

  26. Thank you and goodnight


    Amazing isn’t it. I’m telling you the man could get us relegated and they’d still say………Yeah but not his fault.

  27. Emiratesstroller

    Correction Manchester United have scored just 32 goals in 21 games. That is hardly top 4 form or a goalscoring improvement on last season.If you discount
    Ibrahimovic they have managed just 17 goals!

    Their defence has improved marginally, but they are currently in 6th place compared with 5th at end of last season. Hardly impressive for one of the two major big spenders of last 3 seasons.

  28. underrated Coq

    TYAG, if you ask me, what happened last season was the equivalent of getting relegated. I mean, obviously big clubs don’t get relegated. Failing to win the league when you have been given a free run at it-that’s as bad as it gets.

  29. WrightIsGod

    Black Hei

    The same progressive decision LVG made when he got rid of Welbeck because he wasn’t good enough. He’s a crock too.

    An example of Wenger not making the hard decisions: Abou Diaby.

  30. Thank you and goodnight


    Totally agree with you. First time in years everything fell into place for us and we still fell short. Forget everything else that’s come and gone, that should of been a straight sacking or at least the fans pressuring him too resign. Yet aside from DT and a few the idiotic fans sat they’re chanting wenger’s fucking name. Unbelievable!

  31. Emiratesstroller

    underrated Coq

    What are you talking about?

    Are you suggesting that Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd are not big clubs?

    There may be a lot to criticise about the management of Arsenal, but I do think that some posters are going completely OTT.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Interesting, personally I would say:

    Walker/Bellerin, Alderweireld, Kozz, Rose
    Wanyama, Dembele
    Ozil, Alli, Sanchez

    Walker vs Bellerin is a hard one, Walker currently probably edges it, he’s not the best at defending but he’s better than Bellerin right now, very powerful going forward, but Bellerin has the potential to be world class.

    I can understand wanting Caz in CM, again a preference thing, I prefer the centre to be strong personally.

    Would have said Cech last season as well, but he just seems to be fading now as a top rate keeper.

    Eleven vs eleven, there is nothing between us and Spurs I don’t think, there can be arguments over a player here or there in a combined eleven, but it is tight now.

    Where we beat them I think is our squad depth, with a fully fit squad bringing a Ramsey, Welbeck, Walcott, Coq, Gabriel, Perez off the bench as opposed to Sissoko (good), Son (good) but then people like Winks, or Carroll (though leaving I hear), N’Koulou etc.

    I do also think there is something to be said for psychology, ours is pretty bad, but Spurs’ is worse, they seem to struggle to get over the hurdle of finishing above us and actually being a top level team.

  33. Wallace


    “Failing to win the league when you have been given a free run at it-that’s as bad as it gets.”

    ‘free run’? Leicester lost 3 games last season.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed, Spurs are picking up where they left off last year, look a solid outfit, but again, I think depth will hurt them and bottle as well, Chelsea look far better and I just cannot see them not winning the league at this point barring some drastic downturn.

    Agree with you on Liverpool, they play some fantastic stuff, but in the same way I feel about Arsenal, I just would not trust them, shaky and their defence can look very weak at times.

    City look very poor, Guardiola got this league totally wrong and it is showing, way, way overconfident coming in, UCL giving him a false perspective.

    United are a bit meh, all the ingredients (defence aside) for a great team, not seeming to translate on the pitch.

    Then Arsenal, who are just being Arsenal again.

  35. Emiratesstroller

    I think that both Man City and Man Utd will finish outside the top 4 this season.

    Both clubs have spent a fortune in recent transfer windows, but in case of Man
    City have invested poorly in defence and are an ageing team/squad.

    Man Utd are a one trick pony when it comes to goalscoring. They struggled when Ibrahimovic lost form. He scored a fantastic goal yesterday, but for most of the game he was completely anonymous.

    As I said they have managed just 17 goals from rest of team. Rooney has scored
    just 1 goal, Martial 2 goals and Rashford 3 goals.

    If Ibrahimovic stops scoring Man Utd will start losing.

  36. Louis Almeida

    “If Ibrahimovic stops scoring Man Utd will start losing.”

    Yeah football doesn’t really work like that. Man United have been very profligate this season but for the most part they have played very well and created a ton of chances since Carrick’s reintroduction to the team. Sooner or later they’ll start converting but they’ve been playing well bar yesterday. 16 games unbeaten. Still sixth though lol

  37. Cesc Appeal



    As it stands, both Manchester clubs look likeliest to drop out of the top four, you still fancy Guardiola to get it right, but he’s displaying a stubborn streak we’re use to over here at Arsenal, all well and good saying you will not change the way you play to match the physicality of the EPL, getting hammered by Everton though might make you rethink.

    Does not get any easier for them with Spurs this weekend, another test of pretty possession meeting physicality. Do they have Fernandinho back for that?

  38. vicky

    No, I don’t think Guardiola can save City at least this season. Bravo concedes a goal every time there’s a decent attempt at their goal. Yaya is past it, can play like a champion once in a while but that’s not good enough. Silva is fading away, Stones is error-prone and Sterling doesn’t score/assist enough. I think they’re now the weakest of the top 6 teams in the league given their leaky defense.

  39. Louis Almeida

    The City team still needs a lot of work and it’s not one in Pep’s image. You have Yaya, Silva, Fernando who are well into their 30s. Even Fernandinho is above 30. Kompany is a crock as is Gundogan. That’s pretty much a whole engine room that needs revamping and Pep’s best team’s are always built onhigh technical domination in the middle. He needs younger and fitter players for this. It’s basically the same as Klopp and Pochettinho. They like aggressive, young technical CMs who can cover great distances. It’ll probably take a couple more windows to get it right but he would’ve been better taking over at Arsenal tbh. The style and personnel are more in tune with what he wants. He’d obviously make additions but not wholesale changes like is needed at City.

  40. underrated Coq


    ‘Are you suggesting that Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd are not big clubs?’

    What is this comment in relation with?

    If its to do with my remark re big clubs not getting relegated, I was talking about current state, not what happened decades ago when these got relegated. Can you ever envision United, Chelsea or City getting relegated now or anytime in the foreseeable future?

    If you are talking about the fact that the aforementioned failed just like us last season, then I’ll say you are not looking at the situation fairly.

    Chelsea were on the back of a title winning campaign and their difficulties last season could be entirely affiliated to one man’s destructive nature and attitude. The Club punished him for that offense, salvaged what they could of that season, made a fresh appointment who increasingly looks like leading them to a title victory. 2 championships in 3 years?

    As for the Manchester clubs, one had to make do with a past-it dinosaur at the helm, while the blue half of Manchester had for their manager a dead man walking. Both were sacked for their inadequacies.

  41. underrated Coq


    ‘‘free run’? Leicester lost 3 games last season’

    Not a good argument. They finished on 81 points, I don’t think I’ll be wrong if I say that isn’t anywhere near what a PL title winning team usually puts up.

  42. S Asoa

    Patiently reading all posts begin to realize that AKB being hot air balloons post a series of posts so it looks like there are a lot of vermins in the woodwork.
    Actually it’s just a few bandicoot AKB inflating their presence.
    You know like singing ” One arsehole Wanker …” loudly.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    I’m inclined to agree, it is just with Guardiola’s past you cannot help but just think he will turn it around.

    But I do agree, I was very shocked with his lack of overhaul in the summer, I think maybe Bravo highlights how wrong he got this league, a keeper who does not do well with pressure and physicality brought into the EPL?

    Their midfield is too weak, De Bruyne should be their main creative hub, but the CDM and CM needs to be improved big time, need a wide playmaker as well. Sort of sounds like us in a way.

    Their defence is a shambles, need a completely new back line basically which is a massive problem for Guardiola.

    Maybe does show that you need to be physically minded when managing, Guardiola is tanking right now, yet Conte who has that physical, energy focus, Pochettino, again physically minded, and Klopp to an extent, physically minded, are all doing well. Though I have reservations about Liverpool.

  44. kc

    Ughelligunner is your typical panty waste akb. Comes on here to tell us all how it is after supporting Arsenal for the last year and a half. Only milineals are this stupid. Back to your basement keyboard cowboy, your hardly a fucking samurai.

  45. vicky


    Pep is a very good manager but he’s even more stubborn than Wenger. Now for all the success he has had in the past, he has every right to think he knows better than most. But still playing Bravo week in week out is just mind-boggling. Caballero is no mug with the ball at his feet and yet he doesn’t get even odd starts here and there. I am no fan of Dermichelis but he’s still better than Stones. But like Wenger, Pep has taken itself upon him to prove the world he can pick a kid and make him a world-beater even if it costs his team.

  46. Thank you and goodnight


    Sorry mate, yes by virtue of the fact the top 3 who’d usually compete for the title, city, United and Chelsea imploded last season, do yes virtually a free run to the title. Our squad was superior to Leicesters but as per usual Wenger couldn’t get the best out of the players at his disposal.

  47. Thank you and goodnight

    This is thing I can’t understand when they say with guardiola’s past…..blah blah blah. Barcelona 2 years previous had beaten us in the CL. They had a young xavi, iniesta and one of the best players to ever play football Messi. Hardly a shocking squad to start with. Yes he got rid of the players he thought would have a bad influence on the team but overall it was still a fairly brilliant squad. Then at Bayern he took over a team that had just won the treble. Now we’re seeing the real guardiola and just how good he is. He’s inherited a squad that needs a major overhaul, if he manages to turn it round and they’re genuinely challenging for the CL in 2 years then I’ll admit I’m wrong. But I can’t see it and what we’re seeing now is the real guardiola, a good manager but not WC .
    Rafael Márquez.
    Carles Puyol
    Eiður Guðjohnsen
    Andrés Iniesta
    Samuel Eto’o
    Lionel Messi
    José Manuel Pinto
    Thierry Henry
    Seydou Keita
    Gabriel Milito
    Dani Alves
    Alexander Hleb
    Éric Abidal
    Touré Yaya
    Albert Jorquer
    Sergio Busquets
    Víctor Sánchez

    I mean hardly palace’s squad that he inherited. Granted they’d gone stale and and bored under riijkard but people make him out to be some sort of a manager out of this world….but sorry he isn’t.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Louis Almeida

    The fact is that Man Utd struggled when Ibrahimovic stopped scoring earlier this season and their stats are very poor.

    To put in perspective Arsenal have scored already 48 goals this season in 21 games. Manchester United managed last season just 49 goals in 38 games!

  49. Emiratesstroller

    Interesting interview with Sanchez on Arsenal website.

    Sanchez speaking in Spanish confirms that he is happy at Arsenal. He highlights not only his relationship with Ozil, but also with other players at club.

    However, what is clear is his “ambition” to be successful during his career. He points out how proud he is that Chile have won the Copa America twice including victory against Argentina. He suggests that Chile have been in past of
    similar standard to Bolivia and he thinks that the likelihood of Chile winning
    cup again is not likely.

    There are two aspects of the interview which were interesting. The first is that
    I think that Sanchez is driven by “football success” and not “money”. If he leaves Arsenal it will be for football reasons.

    Second I think that if we tie down Ozil to a new contract Sanchez will stay at the club. Clearly there is a chemistry between the two players.

    Above all else I think that Sanchez has to be the foundation of Arsenal being a
    successful team in the future and Arsenal need to convince him to stay and
    demonstrate their own ambition.

    I don’t think that we need to make huge changes in our squad for next season,
    but the incoming players need to be the right ones.