Arsenal celebrate new left back with PR circus, but will he play?

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Arsenal lightened the mood around the world by announcing we’ve signed Cohen Bramall from a non-league side for next to eff all. The lad looks very capable after 6mins of extensive Grimantubing, plies his trade on the left, so I expect he’ll be a right midfielder within the next few years.

What I do find interesting is the massive PR push behind him. Sure, I’d understand it if it were Xhaka, but it seems very aggressive for a player who has never played top flight football here? The guy doesn’t even have Rob Holding levels of experience and I’ve seen him on Sky, there’s a picture of him signing a deal with Wenger, we’ve had his family in the press and I’ve read 26 interviews with him or about him and I think I just added his autobiography to my kindle?

I’m all for creating celebrity, I’d just have thought the club might go a little easy on a young lad who has a lot to learn. I mean, maybe he doesn’t have a lot to learn and he’s the new Marcelo, but I do worry when we do this with young kids. I have harsh visions of Wenger telling us Yaya Toure could be a £50m player.

ALSO, while I’m on the subject of young English kids, what the hell has happened to Rob Holding? Guy looked like the new Paolo Maldini a few months ago, Arsenal fans uncontrollably messing themselves at their desks sharing tweets of smug Arsene because he’d landed a player better than John Stones, but where he at?

Now my point here isn’t that he might not be the next BIG TONY ADAMS LADS LADS LADS, my point is this… if he’s not going to play in the first team, and we’re out the league cup, should we not have him on loan at West Ham? The guy is very capable, way more capable than Calum Chambers who Arsenal fans whacked skippy like zoo macaques because he was the new John Terry. So finding a club and being very good shouldn’t be a problem.

Instead, we’re wasting a year of his development watching him on the bench. He has literally no chance of making the first team. By the time Kos picks up an injury, Per will probably be back… then when Per leaves this summer (has to be a chance right?), we’ll basically have a very raw Rob Holding.

Same for Bramall, a guy who looks so sweet, he’d get bullied by children TV presenters, is a raw talent. If he’s not going to be back up for Monreal, farm him right back out on loan to a Championship club if they’ll take him. It’s all about experience at that age. But, it’s very typical of Wenger not to think ahead about things like that.

Just as a side note, on the rags to riches front, it’s quite interesting that the papers are running with the, ‘he was made redundant from a car factory’, like that was it for him, life over. I also like that he’s pure Arsene Wenger defender…

‘I wanted to be a left winger and he said in front of my mum and dad “no I want you to be a left back”.

Good luck to you son, I hope the PR circus is worth it, because it’d be great to have proper home grown left back ripping it up at Arsenal for years to come!

Right, see you in the comments my darlings.

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  1. tunnygriffboy

    Some good news. Coquelin, Giroud and Kos have all signed new contracts. That’s a good start.


    It’s pure specalation that we could have signed Dybala. You said he had his heart set on Juve. We have no idea if we were really interested or if he was interested in us.

    I disagree about the ability of the players you mention but that’s fine.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Interesting that Ozil claims he is stalling because he is uncertain of Wenger’s future, yet Bellerin, Kozz, Giroud and Coq seem not to have that problem.

    Either those players don’t care then, which I doubt as Kozz could get into a number of top teams around Europe, or Ozil is a fibber.

  3. Wallace

    Payet’s 30 in March. the position he plays you’re probably talking another 18mths at the level he’s currently playing at. also got to have some doubts about someone who refuses to play for his current side midway through a difficult season.

  4. Sid

    I wonder what Payet is actually thinking… Which top 6 PL club wants him? And if he wants to go back to Marsielle, then he should have waited till the end of the season. This is sheer unprofessionalism.

  5. EN1AFC

    I would offer West Ham Ramsey for Payet in a straight swap. 29 years old he’s in his prime and walks straight into our team, no doubt about it.

    Good news about Coq, Giroud and Kosceilny. As eluded to above if they don’t have a problem signing then why does Ozil?

  6. qna

    “I would offer West Ham Ramsey for Payet in a straight swap. 29 years old he’s in his prime and walks straight into our team, no doubt about it.”

    Fair trade. Could Payet play the deep lying role that Cazorla plays now? Otherwise how do we play Ozil and Payet together?

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, not so sure on Payet, if we did not have Ozil I think it could be smart at the right price, but Payet is prone to bouts of laziness and floating around in games, you could not have a midfield with two of them.

    We really need to focus on finding a wide playmaker with decent pace, good dribbler who creates from wide and can score some goals, or has the potential to add that aspect to this game.

  8. vicky

    Ozil and Payet interchanging between CAM and right positions would be terrific. Against good teams away, you can play Payet through the middle as Ozil goes missing in those games. Again soft oppositions , it doesn’t really matter, we can play either player as a CAM. Payet is an amazing dead ball player as well and can dribble better than Ozil.

  9. qna

    CA. Agree. We dont have as much need for Payet as elsewhere. Its like Xhaka. We already had Coq. But our more pressing need was a world class B2B with goals in him. Cazorla was always going to be on his last legs. It was obvious from the year before that he was coming into regular injuries.

    For all celebrating Kos signing. Watch this space. He will hardly play after this season. He will join our forever injured list. We should sell Kos and bring in a young but established CB like Laporte or Romaganali (sp).

  10. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    it’s more media speculation than anything. I think most players would like to know the intentions of their manager, Kos and Sanchez included, despite them being top class players. Remember seeing a couple of tweets from a couple “itk” twitter acounts a few weeks ago. They claimed that Sanchez and Özil were likely to sign, with the Chilean being closer to signing. Perhaps stuff like image rights being the sticking point. I don’t expect Sanchez being here till 2020 though. More to do with itchy feet every few years, rather than success or money. Simeone, who is likely to become Inter manager in 2018, will target him as a marquee signing, especially with backing from Chinese owners. He’ll be approaching 30, so it wouldn’t be a bad time to sell and buy a younger star like Griezmann(LOL at Arsenal buying quality to replace quality)

  11. Dream10


    Prefer us to buy a right footed CB if we’re playing a back four. It doesn’t make sense, but I don’t like left footed CBS in a back four. Koulibaly is my preference.

  12. vicky

    “but Payet is prone to bouts of laziness and floating around in games, you could not have a midfield with two of them.”

    Despite him being lazy sometimes, he will contribute much more than Theo operating from right wing. Payet is in the mold of playmaker type winger which Nasri was. I for one believe his acquisition will bring more balance to our first 11. Although , I doubt Wenger will go for him.

  13. qna

    Dream. I dont understand the difference unless you are talking about having one of each. But I dont think it matters. If your good enough is more important. These players are pretty two footed anyway. They can all play with the ball at their feet. Havent seen much of Koulibaly but been a long time admirer of the two I mentioned as well as Rugani from Juve.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    But it is just confusing, Ozil insinuating the reason he’s holding off is because he wants to know Wenger’s situation, or the managerial situation, which is perfectly reasonable, yet this season Bellerin, Giroud, Kozz and Coq have all now signed up, so either they don’t care, they know and everyone is keeping it a secret from Ozil, or Ozil is fibbing about why he’s actually not signing on, either because he wants massive money and doesn’t want to be seen as fitting the accusation levelled at him by Henry, or he wants out.

    I’m not ITK in the slightest, but I have always felt Ozil would be more likely to sign than Sanchez, I don’t see a host of clubs wanting Ozil, he’s a bit of a luxury at a time when there don’t seem to be that many clubs playing a true, our and out No.10, he does not have the hunger Sanchez have either.

    For Sanchez, money will be as important as it is for most top athletes, but more than that he wants success, you can see it in every single one of his performances, he does not want a free role like Ozil, he just wants to win things. He will be the harder of the two to sign up, losing him would be a huge blow.


    Goes back to the discussion a few days ago, before you buy you have to know what you’re trying to create, what system you’re building, it is no good just adding Payet and sticking him into our starting eleven without any sort of idea of what we’re going to play going forward, if we’re already lamenting a lack a press, lack of work, heart, steel and control over a game, adding Payet to our team so that potentially three fifths of your middle reads Payet, Ozil and Iwobi would be worrying, in my opinion anyway.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Personally, I would have liked Payet if we did not have Ozil, say we had a more solid centre, with Xhaka, Kante and then a CM/CAM type in a midfield three, I would really like to see Payet at RM/LM then, Sanchez on the other flank and an ST down the middle.

    Just with Ozil already here, I would worry, then with Wenger as manager, keeping both happy without being able to play them all the time together, not sure.

  16. qna

    Dream. 100% agree. System is broken and Wenger cant fix it. But he will be here for at least 2.5 yrs more. So even with Wenger here I would still like to see say Laporte come in and sell of Kos while he has some value. Sell of Giroud while he has some value and buy say Timo Werner. We wont lose much of the moves fail, but the upside would be huge if they come off. Forget Payet unless Ozil doesnt sign.

  17. Bamford10

    Payet wants out of West Ham. Would a move for him make sense? Would it only make sense if we were offloading Ozil? What do people think?

  18. Dream10


    I don’t see Giroud as a major issue to us improving in comparison to others. Welbeck, Gibbs and Ramsey can stay as squad playets next year. Wilshere, Walcott and Chamberlain are the problems for me. All three have status which does not reflect their actual production. Greedy agents as well. Would rather we sell each for 10m (very low amount) than giving them new five year deals for 120k+ a week. Welbeck, Ramsey and Gibbs are squad players at this stage of their careers. Wilshere, Walcott and Chamberlain want to be first XI every week on big money. Keeping The more mature trio make more sense than the second three.

  19. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers,

    Billic has said he’s not letting Payet leave, maybe he’s going to make an example of him? Good for him, that’s what we should have done with RVP. Payet would be a very short term fix and I don’t want that attitude at our club.

    Don’t even go there with Griezman. My manc mate who goes to old toilet has some very good reliable contacts and since has been calling all of tbeir transfers bang on. He’s convinced a deal for Griezman is in place for the summer and that they will activate his £70m release clause. He’s a man utd fan, an admirer of Beckham, has been offered the no 7 shirt and is best friends with Pogba. Forget him. Aint happening.

    Wenger out.

  20. Bamford10

    Another question: does anyone think it would make sense to bring Wilshere back from Bournemouth now (in January) rather than at season end?

  21. Bamford10

    Lucas Perez: “I’m at Arsenal now which is great but you never know when things might change. Be aware of what’s happening.” – @SquawkaNews

  22. Bamford10


    Agree that Ozil is more likely to sign than Sanchez. The former is happy with an easy-going and well-compensated (team) mediocrity, the latter wants greatness, glory, the biggest matches, the biggest trophies.

  23. Bamford10


    Wilshere? He has earned a decent amount of praise, and he has had a number of decent games, but I personally am not convinced. Indeed I think he is basically crocked, or more precisely, not the same player physically he once was. However, our midfield situation is not ideal at the moment, and some people here seem to be back on the Team Jack. That’s, in part, why I ask.

  24. grooveydaddy


    as I understand it, we f*@ked up the loan agreement, preventing us from recalling him like Chelsea did with Ake…

  25. Batistuta

    No need bringing Wilshere back cus knowing our history, he would be crocked in record time.

    Payet shits all over our other options and don’t get this lazy age argument people are making, would be great if we could get him and yea his form has dropped, whose wouldn’t?? playing alongside Andy caroll and Diafra Sakho each week

  26. tunnygriffboy

    Not sure we can afford Ozil and Payet in the same team. Two very talented but seen as “luxury players”

    Think Ozil and Alexis a level above the others that have signed. It’s his last major contract. I understand he wants to know the managerial situation. The other players are more “Arsenal” than him, been here longer and the club has so far given the others a real chance to establish them at a top club.


    I don’t think Ozil is happy with mediocrity. I don’t think the other players are consciously happy with mediocrity. I think Ozil likes the way we play and perhaps is happy with the role he has got

    Re Jack, it would make real common sense to bring him back. He’s been Bournemouth most creative player this season in terms of chances created. Unfortunately I think it’s a year long loan and we can’t bring him back.

  27. Cesc Appeal



    I think Ozil is perhaps more individualistic, he wants to play the way he wants at the tempo he wants with no restraints, whereas Sanchez does not mind doing what he has to but he wants to win things, we’re probably not being helped by the fact he was part of a Chile team which in recent years has had great success playing as a hard working, solid unit operating a great system. Quite a culture shift to come back to Arsenal after that.

  28. vicky

    “playing alongside Andy caroll and Diafra Sakho each week”

    Besides, he has been angling for a move for some time now, his mind is not there at all. I expect him to hit the ball running as soon as he gets a big move. Also don’t buy the age argument. Giroud is more or less the same age and we have extended his contract. He shits all over Theo, Ox and Iwobi – our current wing choices.

  29. Wallace


    “even with Wenger here I would still like to see say Laporte come in and sell of Kos while he has some value. Sell of Giroud while he has some value and buy say Timo Werner….”

    sell maybe the PL’s best defender and best alternative option in attack and replace them with a 20yr old German forward and a 22yr old CB?

    in truth, if I was 12/13yrs old I’d no doubt be enthusiastically pondering it.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    I wonder if Everton will try it on for Payet, I know it is not exactly the climb that Payet will be looking for, but with their new ownership, some money swilling around, might be able to tempt him with wages and buzz.

  31. Batistuta

    I would still like to see say Laporte come in and sell of Kos while he has some value. Sell of Giroud while he has some value and buy say Timo Werner. We wont lose much of the moves fail, but the upside would be huge if they come off. Forget Payet unless Ozil doesnt sign.

    Way too much Fifa17

  32. Wallace


    “Also don’t buy the age argument. Giroud is more or less the same age”

    Giroud’s a battering ram striker, his main physical attribute is his strength, Payet’s a flank player. once he loses a step and can no longer go past players as easily as he can now his effectiveness will drop quite sharply.

  33. Batistuta


    it would be a gradual process so doubt they would spend that much this januar
    Arent they about splashing some cash on Schneiderlin??? Their owner has said it would be a gradual process so doubt they would spend that much again without any sales.

  34. vicky

    Wallace, we can get him on cheap and sell him again to a MLS club or even China once he loses his spark. I don’t think resale is much of a problem these days.

  35. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    While ambitious clubs scour the world for the best talent we have signed left back from non league football and have tied 30 year old Giroud to a long term contract.

    That’s progress!

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Not likely, agreed, but if the opportunity is there, sometimes you have to move, Schneiderlin and Gueye deep, Barkley at CAM, Payet and Bolaise/Mirallas wide with Lukaku up top, that is a really good side.

  37. peanuts&monkeys

    ideally, Ozil should be sold off this window itself because (a) wanting the evil manager to stay on, (b) not signing further contract, (c) Payet is a better player than him.

    But hell…this is Arsenal. the loser club with loser fans, an indifferent owner, and a manager who does not know even a thing or two about modern football.

  38. Batistuta


    you’ve got a point but Barkeley is such a waste of space these days id rather have Payet CAM, delofleu, Bolaise, MIrallas wide

  39. Emiratesstroller

    Personally I have no problem with the renewal of contracts for Koscielny, Giroud and Coquelin. They are all useful players to have on the books albeit that the first two are now in their 30s. Hopefully Arsenal did not increase their wage bill.

    I am concerned by the suggestion that we are planning to renew contracts for
    both Mertesacker and Cazorla. This smacks a little of what we did last season with Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini. They were not exactly productive players and landed up costing us quite a lot of money, which could have been spent elsewhere. Cazorla is a talented player, but only if he is match fit and last 2
    seasons suggest that he is now injury prone.

    There are 4 younger British born players whose contracts expire in 2018 and
    a decision has to be made about them. I see value in Wilshire if we can resolve
    his injury problems. He is a talented alround midfielder who can adapt to most systems.

    On the other hand I don’t see progression in Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain and
    Gibbs. They are mediocre players and frankly high maintenance for what they
    offer. They are part of the furniture which needs to move on.

    The real problem at the club is not the players, but the manager and coaching.
    Does anyone believe seriously that even if we make changes in playing personnel it will make any difference to performance level at club?

    Personally I think that you could spend a billion pounds on world class players
    and they would still not win anything the way that we are playing. So long as Wenger is at the club the methodology and efficiency of the team is missing.

  40. Red&White4life

    “Olivier Giroud, Laurent Koscielny and Francis Coquelin have signed new long-term contracts with Arsenal.”

    This is how you become a real european threat for Barcelona, Madrid, Bayern, Juve and Co (lol)…

  41. Emiratesstroller


    Are you suggesting that these 3 players have no value to squad? Koscielny is rated one of best CBs in EPL and Coquelin and Giroud are certainly good enough
    to be included in squads of major clubs.

  42. qna

    All the ladies talking about fantasy football and FIFA17 are clearly the ones that play themselves. I dont. Never have.

    As for Kos being world class. He had a good run, but he has had an awful season and things are on the way down. Kos being one of the best in europe implies we must have a good defence. Is that really what you guys are seeing? We cant keep a clean sheet against even the weakest of teams. To be fair we need a CB, LB and GK. But for CB I would happily replace both, but if we keep one I would keep Mustafi. So why not sell Kos rather than bench him, which I doubt he would accept.

    I am merely selling 2 players that still have value which could be used to buy their replacements. This is all I am saying. As for needing to replace other players more urgently. I agree of course.

    Werner is definately a risk. Not at all my preference. But he fits our profile in that the big clubs arent in for him yet and he wouldnt cost ridiculous money.

    Laporte would be a brilliant signing and would improve us. Mustafi is younger than Kos and less rash. Kos is ordinary if he is not alongside Mertesacker or Mustafi. Which is why I suggest he is the one that needs to go if we are to improve our shit defensive unit that cant keep a clean sheet.

  43. Emiratesstroller


    My family have been season ticket holders since the war and I have supported the club for over 60 years.

    My support is of the club and not the management. I am not a fair-weather supporter or is as the case with you someone who is actually not a supporter at all.

  44. WengerEagle

    People say that his attitude stinks, they may have a point.

    But it’s also true that Dimitri Payet is WAY too good to be playing for West Ham, he starts for any top 6 side barring maybe City/Chelsea.

    Pretty amazed that people wouldn’t want him because he’d be 30, Santi is 32 and he’s still an important part of the team.

    Payet is easily one of the top 10 players in the entire league.

  45. Red&White4life

    @Emirates : what is the purpose in making them signing new contracts, if you don’t buy the world class players that you desperatly need for winning the PL ??

    And I don’t even talk of a good manager… (lol)

  46. Emiratesstroller


    If I applied your logic no-one would be a supporter of the club or team.

    As I have said no-one who posts on Le Grove believes seriously that you are a
    genuine supporter.There is not an ounce of constructive criticism in what you

  47. WengerEagle

    ‘That doesn’t say much for the Premier league.’

    Don’t disagree, the BPL’s best players are a distance off getting into Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich’s starting XI’s.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Red & White- 4 Life

    In the modern game you need a squad of players and not just focus on buying 2-3 world class players.

    All three of the players that have renewed their contracts are good enough for
    the squad.

    What concerns me is that Sanchez who has been playing effectively most of
    the season in striker position has been replaced in starting lineup by Giroud.
    Giroud makes an excellent bench player as we saw often this season.

    Koscielny has not been poor this season as qna suggests. The combination of
    Mustafi/Koscielny has yet to play in a team that has lost.

    What is true is that our team has looked vulnerable on occasion because of
    silly mistakes by the full-backs and also when Gabriel comes into team as
    replacement CB.

    I agree that the club would benefit from the recruitment of another top class
    CB to replace Messrs Mertesacker, Gabriel and Chambers. None of these players is good enough to play in first team.

  49. gonsterous

    Wenger spent close to 100 m in the summer. I don’t see him shelling out anything more than 10 mil for any player in this window !!

  50. kc

    Looks like Bilic has the same issues Wenger does with taking the business of football far too personally. Keeping unhappy players to prove a point only hurts the club. Pride always comes before the fall. Just sell the player and go buy another one ffs. The tool earlier that compared this situation with Van Persie is just plain ignorant. Apples and Oranges.

  51. gonsterous

    I think the LB ( don’t know his name) will be the only signing this window unless there is someone loaned to us !!

  52. Redtruth


    You whine and do nothing.
    You are either too timid or lazy to.protest or not fully engaged with the matters at hand.
    I suggest you wear a small Wenger Out badge to end all confusion and complacency.

  53. BacaryisGod


    I completely missed the invitation to comment on how to change things up, so here’s my two cents (yes, I’m an Englishman in the U.S too).

    1. Post the same time every day. Your writing is an asset not a problem but it would help if people don’t have to check 6 times a day for updates. The tricky part is being in the U.S but use it as an asset. You can write and publish your daily blog when most people are sleeping in England so they wake up to something fresh in the morning (this already happens a little but not consistently). So let’s say the post is published at midnight in New York and 5am in England. Then you can put up a daily guest post (or 3 a week if the coordination is a problem) at end of business day in England (around noon in New York).

    2. Podcast: I like the idea of a podcast but how about switching it up from the usual and invite the posters on. Who couldn’t resist hearing what Redtruth actually sounds like. That would make for a very interesting addition to the site.

    3. I would like to see the addition of a thumbs up/thumbs down on the comments. It would be interesting to see how these change over time based on the team’s performance. For example, if Redtruth’s comments suddenly get 100 thumbs up and no thumbs down then I know I’m way outside the mainstream of the Arsenal fanbase.

    4. If you find a blogger who has great analytical insight but limited views and comments, then give him a column that can serve as a promotion for him but that will also give your readers a different take. Another Arsenal blog does this and it’s mostly successful. Just don’t have it replace your posts!

    Whatever you do, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We actually look forward to your posts so don’t reduce that part of it.

  54. Red&White4life

    Cech must be totally fucked up in his mind to affirm that kind of shit…
    Oh wait!! He has been WENGERIZED!! lol

  55. BacaryisGod

    One final thing that would be cool would be to have a player popularity running vote through the season so we can from first to last what our fans think of each of the top 30 or so players. Maybe we could score each player out of 10 not based on a performance in the matches (but probably influenced by this) but our general opinion on what they bring to the team.

  56. gambon

    I for one would like to hear Redtruths thoughts on life.

    Pedro: “Redtruth, tell us your thoughts on Cech”

    Redtruth: “Hate him”

    Pedro: “OK, what about Bellerin”

    Redtruth: “Hate him”

    Pedro: “What about Henry & Bergkamp”

    Redtruth: “Hate them”

    Pedro: “What about Eastenders?”

    Redtruth: “Hate it”

    Pedro: “You must like Pickled Onion Monstermunch”

    Redtruth: “Hate them”

    Pedro: “We’re gonna have to wrap this up, you need to see a psychiatrist”

    Redtruth: “Been there, done that, hated him”

  57. vicky


    No, no need to change the comment section at all. I find the whole thumbs up/thumbs down a bit childish. Besides, it’s very predictable. A rabid anti Wenger comment will get a lot of thumbs-up and any comment even slightly in favor of him will get a lot of thumbs-down. Agree with the other ideas.

  58. gonsterous

    Thumbs up and thumbs down is useless cause it’s someone elses opinion. I don’t want to get notifications about some guy across the did not agree with what I commented. Frankly I like the blog as it is. Pedro does a great job and sure, there are days we dont get a post, but somedays are just like that ( slow news day)

  59. Thorough

    Read through the comments today and I realize how brainwashed arsenal fans have become. And I am not referring to the brainless sheep on Arseblog, Highbury House and Untold, those are the irredeemables, I am referring to Legrovers.
    How on earth can you turn your nose up at Payet? That’s exactly what Wenger does by refusing to buy players in order not to kill his teenage darlings. Do we never learn? I remember some years ago when we were linked to Vidal but people were turning their noses up at him because Ramsey was gonna become the best CAM in the world soon. Two years later and it’s obvious not only would have Vidal made us better but the Ramsey we jettisoned him for is now playing second fiddle to players much more limited than Vidal. Or won’t we look better with Vidal than with either Xhaka or Elneny? Same goes for Zlatan, he was finished, blab la bla. But who can say now that with Zlatanb bougth we wouldn’t be contenders?
    I think what sums up football the most is the quote attributed to a Madrid coach chastising his player, “If I see a player better than you in the market and I don’t buy him then I would have done the club a disservice.” It’s simple, every club needs to actively improve their first 11, as those that fall by the wayside will eventually get sold or become benchwarmers. Sadly, we haven’t bought into this, we keep buying benchwarmers and make more deadwoods. I believe, many may disagree, that Payet is better than Ozil, he’s better than whatever we have on the right wing too, why then can’t we buy him to upgrade our weak points? And ffs, is The Arsenal too small to have two playmakers? Remember when the backup to Bergkamp and Henry was Kanu and Wiltord? That’s what we should be aiming at.
    And don’t even flash the age card my way because if all that Zlatan achieves is getting Man United back into top four nobody will care a hoot how big was the size of his deal. Buy a player if he’s as affordable as Payet (he won’t cost more than 20 million) and watch him compete with others. Till we learn the sink or swim rules, we will go nowhere.

  60. bennydevito

    kcJanuary 12, 2017 15:36:47

    Looks like Bilic has the same issues Wenger does with taking the business of football far too personally. Keeping unhappy players to prove a point only hurts the club. Pride always comes before the fall. Just sell the player and go buy another one ffs. The tool earlier that compared this situation with Van Persie is just plain ignorant. Apples and Oranges.

    Kc that would be me and I’m far from ignorant. If you think it’s ok to cave in to player power and sell them when they go on strike then you are the Ignorant one. No one is bigger than the club and contracts should be honoured and it’s attitudes like yours that is ruining the game. Why resort to name calling? Why not just express your disagreement in a friendly manner? And as for tool – how old are you? And a tool is a useful thing to make a job easier so not a very appropriate insult either so that makes you doubly ignorant.

  61. bennydevito

    Graham Taylor has died?

    Do I not like that.

    Not the best England manager and royally fucked it up by not taking Ian Wright to the Euro’s in 1992 when he finished the season as top scorer but the fly on the wall documentary was great.


  62. Samesong

    Thorough just said everything I was about to say. Payet lazy and got attitude but we have Ozil lol jokers the lot of you.

  63. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Heretv showing clips of graham Taylor in charge of England v Sweden ….
    Always remember seamen in goal Brian Moore the commentator as Koeman prepares to take his free kick

    Moore says
    He going chip , he’s going to chip he’s going to chip hi ….

    He’s chipped him as the all goes into the net ….

  64. Thank you and goodnight

    Not a fan of pickles onion monster munch… my beef monster munch. Though funnily enough I love golden wonder pickled onion. Also frazzles…..yummy. Sorry not football but love my crisps. What flavour would wenger be I wonder 😀