The absurdity of Wenger: The man who could have had it all

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Been having a lot of thoughts about what the hell to do we Le Grove moving forward. I’ve been knocking out a daily digest with friends and fam for 10 years. Is that still what Arsenal fans want? Do you want less content but more pointed like newspaper journalism. Do you want podcasts? Videos? More guest bloggers? Would be cool to pick your brains. Heading into year ten and I have an itch to try something new. I’ve become all the things I bitch about in Arsene Wenger. So thoughts below would be welcome, BUT I’VE WRITTEN 50,000 BLOGS SO KEEP THOSE OPINIONS POLITE YOU HANDBRAKE MUGS.

One thing I am enjoying out in the new world of football blogging is the out and out geekery of some of the new tactical blogs. A lot of it baffles me, but I love the science behind the game, how data and constant innovation is changing the face of the football at a pace not seen before.

The blog I shared yesterday was a prime example of this. What did amuse, was after sharing it out, a few people asked if the person writing it was a professional manager, because the logic of the piece couldn’t be authenticated unless the person writing played for United and managed Barnsley.

That’s the beauty of the internet. You can study the game, have access to theories, videos and people that can fuel your thoughts. I’m a passionate lurker on those sites, but I do find them especially depressing because whilst Wenger perked us all up by purchasing a regista to dictate play, he shit his pants in a hot tent when he told the world he saw his fairly immobile new signing as more of a box to box player.

Wenger went to a Soho sex shop, bought a pink dildo and gifted it to his new lady friend as an elite vibrating meat tenderiser. Unreal. While we have a manager struggling to work out what exactly he wants from a midfielder, completely unaware of how to match skillset to a position, managers like Sarri at Napoli and Sampiola are working with mobile registas to a combat a problem we don’t even have yet because we’re still flouncing around with a traditional number ten who doesn’t contribute defensively.

On this point, it’s depressing that even our fans don’t see the wood for the trees on Xhaka, complaining he’s an overhyped uninspired signing. How is he supposed to impress when he’s effectively being dumped in midfield and asked to do the job of three players? How can you shine as an architect when you’re handed a lollipop, a flouro jacket and asked to stand on the main road minding the kids?

It still feels completely odd to say it, but isn’t it staggering our manager is one of the worst strategists of the top coaches? A man who preached the future, can’t manage the present, let alone form a coherent vision and a path to take his club to the promised land. Zero thought beyond position goes into the players we sign.

Wenger has the most basic view of what he wants.

  • Pretty football
  • 4-2-3-1
  • Press from the front, ‘if you like’

Then we roll from there. He doesn’t consider what each player does. If you’re a midfielder, your job is to press. Defend and attack. Add goals to your game at some point. He doesn’t consider your physiology, your preferred position, what he exactly wants from you.

You can look at me like I’m being mean here… but Jack Wilshere wanted the be a deep-lying playmaker, was told he was a 10, then was duly fucked off to the coast for a full season by accident because we didn’t know the rules.

Xhaka is amongst the top 3 deep-lying playmakers in the league, Wenger genuinely thought he was a B2B. Aaron Ramsey is a perfect foil to Xhaka, yet he’s spent time on the right of midfield and had an ill-fated game as a fucking #10, has also played like no one has ever given him an instruction or a dry slap in his life. Ozil is allowed to play at 10, regardless of performance, for as many games as he wants despite clear fitness issues. Coquelin continues to pick up game time despite being embarrassingly ineffective moving the ball forward, almost afforded possession against certain teams because they know he can’t be trusted (an issue Madrid nipped in the bud with Makelele, what, 10 years ago?).

Our midfield is an unstructured shambles that gets away with it because at the core, the players are very good. But we have means now where being very good is not moving the club forward. It’s holding us back. Our commercials are stagnant. Our fanbase is bored. The only two people winning are Arsene and Stan. The owner not realizing yet that winning things might make his return a bit more valuable.

Imagine a system where the players knew what they were supposed to be doing? Imagine a world where Wenger, who clearly wanted a box to box runner actually bought Kante instead of Xhaka. Imagine if he went balls out and bought both players? Imagine we built a system to suit the modern era and the strengths of the players we currently have?

… and here’s the real fucking killer for me. Wenger could have it all. If he’d gone out and signed an assistant like Thomas Tuchel before he blew up or David Wagner… and empowered one of them… do you think we’d have these issues? No way. We’d have someone who could fill in the massive blanks Wenger has to the modern game. Wenger could have and rightfully should have taken all the credit for the revolution taking Arsenal to new levels.

If he’d done something like that, rather than spending his time building impenetrable power structures to protect his pay packet and longevity, he’d have won at least 2 league titles and possibly a Champions League. Instead, he sold us on a ‘can’t do’ mentality, shifted perceptions of what success looked like and used class as a substitute for ambition.

Wenger’s own arrogance, selfishness and desperate panic about retiring will see him melt out of the club, rather than roar out like Alex Ferguson.

What a shame. What a real damn shame.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Bamford10


    “I’m sorry, didn’t the aforementioned both win the election by a majority vote in two nations of democracy?”

    Well no, Trump lost the popular vote in the US by nearly 3 million votes.

    He won the presidency by virtue of the electoral college, an outdated and undemocratic framework established in order to preserve the power of slave states and the institution of slavery.

    Brexit is a diffferent story.

  2. vicky

    Left liberals getting trounced or on a downward spiral all around the globe due to their snobbery and hypocrisy – UK, USA, India, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany etc. and long may it continue.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    He won though in democratic elections in a system your nation has always used and I doubt any fuss would have been made if Clinton had won.

    We had the same thing over here after the Tories got in from the butthurt left, ‘the voting system is wrong.’

    It just stands connected to the society the left has created, ‘it is not my fault, I’m a sunflower, it is someone else’s fault.’

    If you let the left decide the system would be changed every election after the result had come in to ensure the left candidate won, thoroughly democratic.

    Hilariously though, after our last election, I think UKIP ended up with something like 13% of the vote, or a large portion anyway, yet got two seats or something, the SNP got a minuscule portion of the vote and ended up with 52 because of our system, so all the lefties crying would probably have ended up with a Commons dominated by Conservatives and UKIP. But then of course that system would have been wrong, and so we’d have started the ‘left wing votes count for three’ system.

  4. Sid

    and an antiquated system in the US helped DT get the vote. //

    The same system was perfect from the past 100 years. From the moment Trump won , the system became antiquated.

  5. Bamford10


    Clinton is/was not “left-liberal”; she is/was a center-right representative of Wall St., American Big Business, and endless war around the world.

    I get why you would see the US election that way, but it’s a lot more complicated than that.

  6. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “Trump is an anglophile and is against globalisation in terms of these kinds of institutions and supranational bodies, ”

    not sure a couple of golf courses in Scotland makes him an Anglophile.

  7. Bamford10


    No, the system has been antiquated for some time, as they haven’t maintained the ratios set out in the Constitution. Look it up. Yes, the Trump victory has given people reason to talk about it, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t long been so.

    And it has been undemocratic from the outset. About that there is no question.

  8. Sid


    I am just pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberals. Had Clinton won the elections, do you thing they would be talking about the antiquated system?

  9. vicky


    Let us not categorize Clinton. She is a chameleon who changes her color as per her need. But yes as a democrat, she at least on paper represents liberals. I know what are you getting at though. In fact on economic policies DJT is more left than Clinton but you get my drift.

  10. Bamford10

    Listen all, I gladly concede that people didn’t care all that much in prior elections about the fact that the EC is both antiquated and undemocratic and that the Trump win has given them reason to talk about this. But this doesn’t change the fact that 3 million more Americans voted for Clinton than voted for Trump, so whoever above said Trump won a majority in a democratic election was factually incorrect. He did not.

  11. Wallace

    “Had Clinton won the elections, do you thing they would be talking about the antiquated system?”

    days before the election didn’t Trump say if he lost he wouldn’t accept the result?

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah he did, quite right. And was mocked for it, though he said that the game had been rigged against him owing most of the political establishment and media overwhelming not wanting him to get in. People laughed about it.

    After Wisconsin went, I think it was, forgive me Americans if I’m getting that wrong as a lowly British person, they all started saying the same thing! The system is wrong, the system is broken, we should demand a fresh election etc

    I do think though, after Labour got in numerous times here, I cannot speak for the US, but you did not get the hordes of butthurt (usually student) lefties complaining about the system as we did after the Conservatives got in and after Brexit. Why is that?

  13. Cesc Appeal


    Well, it is like a guy on one of your news station said when someone said we live in a democracy and Clinton got the majority vote, his reply is, we don’t, we live in a Constitutional Republic, which I guess sums it up?

  14. gambon

    “Like it or not most of the people who voted didnt even know what they were voting for in the Brexit ”

    Lol what a lot of absolute bollocks.

    Just like we were told voting Brexit would usher in an immediate recession, a 4% fall in GDP, a stock market crash that would wipe out pensions overnight, capital flight away from the UK.

    How much of that has happened????

  15. Bamford10




    I wouldn’t say he is more “left”; he’s more protectionist. But these are not at all one and the same thing.

    Trump made an appeal to the American working class — a bogus and phony appeal, mind you — on the basis of nationalism and protectionism. These policies are doomed to fail — indeed to bring about trade war and real war — just as they did in the 1930s.

    Along with the above, Trump will be massively cutting taxes for the wealthy and for big business. He is a right-wing billionaire representative of the American top 1%, and nothing about his program is “left” or “progressive”.

    The American working class will see through him soon enough, and then things will get really interesting. 😉

  16. Bamford10


    Again, I agree that the only reason many are talking about the outmoded and undemocratic system is because Clinton lost. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it is both outmoded and undemocratic.

  17. underrated Coq

    CA, obviously the World has become a much better place due to the fight against inequality be it race, gender, preferences etc. The problem comes when they start overdoing it, there’s a thin line between fighting for the oppressed and becoming an oppressor yourself.

    I mean, we’ve come to a point where anyone who doesn’t tow political correctness is immediately attacked and humiliated. Majority of people just want to live in peace, minding their own business. Nobody appreciates being told what to say, being told how to live…probably why we are seeing such strong backlash against the establishment all over the World.

    I blame the politicians, they ruined it like they ruin so many other things. The fight against inequality and injustice was done for the good of humanity, but ofcourse the grubby politicians saw the scope for unparalleled fame and support in it, jumped on the bandwagon and have made a mockery of it.

  18. Emiratesstroller


    There is a fundamental difference between Schneiderlein and the players I listed. His contract expires in June 2019.

    Those I listed were under contract until June 2018. Once a player reaches the last 12 months of his contract it is he and his agent who are in driving seat.

    Van Persie made it crystal clear that he would not sign a new contract and forced Arsenal to sell him to Man Utd. That could be the situation with many
    of the players I listed. Arsenal’s options in the summer could be very limited.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, that is fine, just annoying when you hear it in the aftermath of a result that a certain group don’t like, almost like saying ‘well we would have won the match if it was eighty minutes long, I’ve been saying ninety minutes is too long for years,’ not saying you yourself are doing that because I have no idea what your feelings have been on the voting system, but there’s a many millions out there on the ‘losing’ side, if you want to put it that way who are just looking for a way to say ‘I didn’t lose, I’m not wrong, the majority don’t disagree with me, the system is wrong and anyway, most of that majority did it because they are racist.’

  20. Bamford10

    More gold from Mustafi:
    – ESPNFC is not a credible source on football (because it’s American)
    – a former Venezuelan professional isn’t a credible football pundit because he is Venezuelan and Mustafi doesn’t think much of Venezuelan football
    – American commenters who have a lot to say here have “too much to say” — because they are American

    Mustafi is one of these guys who is stuck in 1985; he hasn’t adjusted and he refuses to adjust to our new, more globalized world.

  21. vicky


    Yes, we will see. Although unlike you I would not underestimate him. Nobody gave him a chance yet he beat the establishment, the media and even his fellow Republicans to become US President elect. So, don’t write him off.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    I literally could not agree with you more, completely agree.

    Int he 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s race campaigners and feminist actually campaigned for something meaningful, changing things in society that were just plain wrong and did great work.

    Nowadays, not saying there are not still race issues and gender issues in society, but they are nowhere near as prevalent, not even close to the way they were when those people were campaigning, to the point now you get students championing ridiculous issues like ‘safe spaces’ and helplines for women who are victims of ‘mansplianing.’

    And as you say, political correctness has gone utterly mad, and these two votes are rejections of that, when you add a qualifier to ‘correct’ in that way by putting ‘politically’ in front of it you are essentially canging the meaning of correct, which is scary.

    Well yeah, you are correct as in factually, statistically, logically accurate, but you are not politically correct.

    Basically, political correctness, Western guilt etc has given a platform to morons over the last two decades who have undone so much of the really good work certain elements on the left have done and try to do still because they get associated with the angry modern feminism full of misandry, or the young race campaigners who just riot and destroy and look for an opportunity to wreak havoc.

  23. gambon

    “I hated Man Utd fans who put a fist through my face in Manchester”

    Always knew Mancs were good for something.

  24. Jim Lahey

    Can I suggest that the way Trump went about winning the election was very clever, he campaigned heavily in swing states and places that he has a change of winning via the EC system. He played that game knowing he was never going to win the popular vote.

    He was never going to make a dent in either NY or Cali so that is a huge chunk of the popular vote that he never even tried to bring to his side.

    In my opinion, the EC system is extremely flawed but you can guarantee we would not be hearing a word about it if Clinton had won. Would like to see how they handle proportional representation like it is done here, not well I would imagine.

    How incompetent does one person have to be to lose an election to Donald Trump, considering nearly all the cards were stacked in her favour..

  25. Cesc Appeal


    He certainly is Pires 7, but I’ve often thought the pro-Wenger posters who take a slightly more reasonable tone will adopt another moniker and come back on and just let fly with what they really wanted to say whilst maintaining the credibility of their other persona.

  26. gambon

    Good signing for Everton.

    Schneiderlin is one of the few tackling/interception machines that can play possession football.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Agree, that is good business for Everton.

    Try to get a middle triangle of Schniederlin, Gueye and Barkley going.

  28. gambon

    Schneiderlin also shows how buying players isnt this huge drain on resources that people seem to think it is.

    Man Utd outlayed £24m for Schneiderlin, it didnt work out and he has barely played this year.

    Yet they lost a whole £2m on the deal.

    People seem to think that when you sign a player you are just throwing that money down the drain. That just isnt the case.

  29. Wallace

    “He certainly is Pires 7, but I’ve often thought the pro-Wenger posters who take a slightly more reasonable tone will adopt another moniker and come back on and just let fly with what they really wanted to say whilst maintaining the credibility of their other persona.”

    this is true, I’m also actually ‘Joe’. not banned, just retired him for a while. waiting for the real meltdown in March when I can really bring it.

  30. Wallace


    “Yet they lost a whole £2m on the deal. ”

    plus the 100k a week they gave him to pick splinters out of his behind.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    ‘plus the 100k a week they gave him to pick splinters out of his behind.’

    For a pro-Wenger fan, opening the wasted wages box is incredibly ballsy.

  32. Bamford10


    Again, I do not have the same views — “racism!””sexism!” — as the annoying and misguided type of liberal you highlight above. Not at all. Indeed, these people drive me crazy and I argue with them constantly.

    My point is only the relatively straightforward one I have made several times above.

  33. gambon

    Its pointless citing his wage, or any players.

    Clubs have to pay wages, and any imcoming player is offset by an outgoing player.

    The summer UTD signed Schneiderlin they also sold Cleverley, Nani, RVP, DiMaria, Rafael, Chicarito and Jonny Evans.

  34. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    Spot on once again my friend!

    I have to say that during my time in Uni one thing I noticed about the growing 3rd wave feminist movement was that a lot of the people on the front line of the movement were nothing short of bullies.

    These were people who were bullied in secondary school (high school) and when they arrived on campus in Uni noticed that there were no more bullies around so they decided to take it on themselves to exact some form revenge by trying to control what people could say, think or do on campus.

    Such a situation was the call for ALL first year students to have to take mandatory consent classes on their first week of Uni because apparently there was a r@pe epidemic on campus.. So just before the last Christmas break a girl was actually sexually assaulted on campus and this made the news country wide, it was huge news. Now everyone on our campus were being told that 1 in 8 female students would be r@ped during their time at the Uni… but if that was the case why did this one incident shock and disgust people to the point that it made national news? Wouldn’t it be common place if 1 in 8 would experience it?!

    What was going on was a campaign of fear mongering by a same group of people so that they could feel a sense of power and importance at the expense of the people they claim to represent.

  35. Cesc Appeal



    Those people are the most aggravating, the most anti-democratic, anti-rights, anti-freedom of speech you can find, every single person is entitled to their political beliefs, that is the beauty of living in countries like the US and the UK and we are so lucky that we do, and as you, most of the time perfectly sensible debate and discussion can be had, but as with most things, it gets hijacked by the very vocal, very intolerant, usually young, left, who think they are being edgy and revelatory in essentially forwarding and ill conceived, lazy, aggressive version of what real rights campaigners were arguing in the 60’s and 70’s.

  36. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “For a pro-Wenger fan, opening the wasted wages box is incredibly ballsy.”

    you think we’re the worst of the ‘big 4’ when it comes to pissing away money?

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, a lot of public voices have condemned the feminist claims of campus r.ape culture as scaremongering and whipping up a frenzy in which their angry message can thrive.

    I agree with you, I’m in the middle of a Masters right now, and you still see it at university, plenty of women who associate as feminists and will talk about the pay gap and patriarchy etc but they have not bothered at all to read into the statistics and actually information out there, they regard feminist claims as axiomatic basically and ignore social studies and societal statistics which shed light on the different choices men and women make etc.

    I’m a big proponent of equality and rights, my Masters is actually in Public Law and International Human Rights Law, so, you know, hardly a raving right wing loon here, but that means total respect for beliefs, total respect for choice, respect for diversity in culture and opinion. If a women, for example, decides that she would like a healthy balance between work and family life, as most social studies show us they do, then as long as she is happy and that is her choice, I’m am all for enabling her to do that, who am I to tell her she is wrong? But I will tell you who will tell her she is wrong, a modern feminist, a feminist who believes in women’s rights, telling a woman she has the right to choose and do anything, unless she chooses wrong in their eyes.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    When you find yourself living in a glass house, the best course of action is likely not to throw stones.

    When your wage bill is a pubic hair away from City and Chelsea’s, is £80 Million higher than Spurs, talking about wage wastage, probably not the best course of action.

    United have wasted money terribly over the past few years, but, as I say, mind the glass.

  39. gambon

    “you think we’re the worst of the ‘big 4′ when it comes to pissing away money?”

    No PL in 13 seasons
    Never won the CL

    I would say yes, we are the worst.

  40. Thank you and goodnight

    Entitled to your political beliefs if it tows the national line. It’s fine for EDL and other right wing groups to peddle hate, but if a Muslim does it he finds himself on a vacation in a nice orange jump suit. Personally they’re all cunts just pointing out that this country plays dirty like many many others. Some worse some better but still nowhere near perfect like people like to make out.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    Swansea away next, should be pretty routine provided we don’t f**k up.

    In terms of selection, I will keep forwarding this idea of a new midfield set up with three players, but that won’t happen, so it will be the same tired 4-2-3-1, Ozil will come back in, Iwobi will be wide, I would guess Giroud will be ST and Xhaka and Coq will be deep.

  42. Bamford10


    Recall that we paid Flamini a wage. Flamini. After he was determined surplus to requirements by AC Milan.

    What makes more sense: signing a has-been with no upside (Flamini) and paying him a wage, or sign a young French international with promise and upside and paying him a wage? The latter, obviously.

  43. gambon

    “It’s fine for EDL and other right wing groups to peddle hate, but if a Muslim does it he finds himself on a vacation in a nice orange jump suit”

    Yet to see the EDL shoot 50 people on a beach, drive a truck into crowds killing 84 people, shoot 50 people in a nightclub, shoot people for drawing cartoons, blow up airports, shoot over 100 hundred people in a theatre.

    Anyway this isnt a political blog.

    Lets talk about why Wenger is such a mong.

  44. Thank you and goodnight


    I agree with you. Whilst all clubs make mistakes this is usually rectified pretty early eg bebe at United,Diao at Southampton. Unlike Arsenal where it takes shit player between 75 – 100 games or 3-4 seasons before realising they’re shit and releasing them

  45. Bamford10

    Coquelin is back? I thought people said we had to play Ramsey.

    And I’d play Iwobi through the center, with Ozil wide.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    But, as we’ve just established, the ‘national line’ has been broken by the last couple of big votes, the national line is one of political correctness and globalisation that seems to run contrary to your next point about the EDL and Muslims.

    The EDL is a joke in this country, and part of the problem is people trying to elevate the EDL or the like into the conversation to try and taint the current debate with overtures of racism when really, people were just sick of political correctness, sick of globalisation, sick of the political class, sick of mass migration and sick of being lectured to by champagne socialist and the political elite who don’t have to suffer the consequences of what they are preaching.

  47. Thank you and goodnight

    As I said Gambon they’re all cunts. Just pointing out this country isn’t as perfect as some make out. This country has been responsible for many innocent deaths, civilian and their own squaddies on false pretences while our lying bullshitting leaders rake it in.

  48. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    We really are living in an Orwellian era of wrongthink!

    Would very much prefer Schneiderlin in our starting 11 than many of the options we have available at the moment. But Wenger is too busy bringing in Non-league 20 year olds… as Sonogo was such a hit, why not…

  49. Cesc Appeal


    I would still have taken Schniederlin, I think he is such a tidy player.

    I don’t mind us taking punts on people like this Brammal for £40 000, could be a great scout, might be a dud, does not really matter, provided of course, we don’t hear about him being an answer as to why we don’t need to replace Monreal if he’s still untested by that point.

    But then again, the overarching point, is we don’t Wenger still around making those excuses by then.

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    @cesc appeal

    Quite frankly don’t give a fuck as it’s all bollocks anyway. Anyone comes into my home and threatens my family I will defend them to the death. But fight for country of my birth or my parents country…..nah….like fuck. I’m out for myself and my family as selfish as that may seem. Actually that’s a lie as the only time I will suggest using violence is if they give le arsehole another 2 years. Then I’d gladly draw a pic of Muhammed taking it up the shitter from jesus ,hide it in wenger’s desk before informing the local Muslim extremist of said picture and informing him that wenger reckons Muslims are all gay because they were dresses. 😀

  51. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    ” provided of course, we don’t hear about him being an answer as to why we don’t need to replace Monreal if he’s still untested by that point.”

    Therein lies the fear! I can remember a certain player of similar ilk starting a last 16 champions league game against Bayern Munich! Wenger does have form in situations like this!

    I think I have gotten to the stage were I am skeptical of every move he makes and am no longer willing to give Wenger the benefit of the doubt which is really poor on my behalf…

    As George W. once said! “fool me once, shame on.. shame on you. Fool me.. you can’t get fooled again.”

  52. Cesc Appeal



    I know exactly what you mean, it is almost like politics, you read into every move Wenger makes now and wait for the typical Wengerness to come out of it.

    Great quote, fool me one, shame on you, fool me twice, you can’t fool me again, you could imagine the cogs spinning and him realising you have to say ‘shame on me,’ but not wanting to say that.

  53. gambon


    We werent told “Things will look good for a few years, then go horribly wrong once we actually leave”

    We were told there would be an immediate, sharp shock to the economy, an immediate recession and the FTSE would crash and wipe out our pensions.

    The remoaners are very good at accusing Johnson/Gove et al of lying, but they completely fail to recognise the significant lies and dirty tricks pulled by their own side.

    Not least wheeling fucking Obama over here to threaten us into voting remain.

  54. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    The greatest Bush quote of all time!

    “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”

    The man could sure make an ass out of himself!

    Yeah when it comes to Wenger there is no surprises any more, would any of us be shocked if this kid was on the bench or even in the team to play Bayern?

  55. underrated Coq

    Corruption is what plagues the modern society. Heartens me to see the Indian Government taking a strong stance against it and actually back it up with new policies and formulations. A refreshing change from the empty words and bogus promises that is the shtick of most politicians.

  56. Thank you and goodnight

    I’m joking but the way but not in my hatred for wenger. I truly despise everything the man stands for. Whilst I agree with most of what Gambon says, I don’t agree that we’re completely shit player wise. I think we have a fairly decent squad with a couple additions here a tweak there and we wouldn’t be far off the title with a better manager. Some of our players look worse BECAUSE of wenger. Look at Schmeichel in his last year at United, he was still a good keeper. Went to villa and was conceding goals left right and centre. Why? Because the defense in front of him no longer afforded him the same protection. Same with Seaman in his season at city. With a better coach, better training, better tactics some of out players would be 100% improved. Especially knowing they could no longer coast.

  57. Pedro

    Gambon, I think what will be interesting is the deal we eventually get. The full impact of a tanking currency hasn’t been felt yet.

    Let’s see what the exit deal looks like and see how many major countries comfortably do trade deals with us that are NOT tied to immigration.

    But agree, economists and George Osborne lied as badly as leave politicians and they don’t get enough shit for that.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    Without doubt we need a modern manager whose tactical approach is something more advanced than imitating in life the lyrics of a Charles Wright song.

  59. gambon


    I think there has been way way way too much talk about “the deal”

    The biggest 2 trade partners of the EU are the US & China, neither have a “deal” and neither are part of the EU.

    The deal will be based on common sense, economics and mutual interests.

    We will still buy VWs, Audis, Wine, Cheese and Barolo – and London will still be the most important financial centre.

    Too many people seem to confuse the idea that we are leaving Europe.

  60. Bergkamp63

    Our currency has been overvalued for more than 2 decades, a 20% devaluation has been one of the best things to happen to this country from a manufacturing & export point of view.

    Countries around the world have spent Trillions trying to weaken their currencies and we have managed it for free !

  61. Ozy

    A little late to the party but haha – Vicky, you’re clueless, man. Trump more left than Clinton?

    I wonder. Would you guys be championing for respecting the American election results had Clinton won? Where were you when Republicans challenged Obama every single step of the way during his 8 year run? Were you outraged when Trump said he would not accept the results just two, three weeks before the elections? So much interest in American politics.

  62. Doublethink

    Anders Breivik had a similar ideology to that of the EDL, he killed a few people. The nut who killed Jo Cox was of that ilk too. It’s not just Muslims that commit acts of terrorism.

  63. Pramey Thirkateh

    I guess I’m late to this blog but a podcast would be great. A different perspective from the other Arsenal podcasts out there would be welcome.