Arsenal make hard work of Preston | Thoughts on Ramsey, Giroud and Mustafi

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I was going to write a post yesterday, but I had to make sure I arrived at the airport 6 hours early after missing my flight to London a few weeks back.

Just tuned into the coverage for the FA Cup. Still amazed that pundits ask the question, ‘is it a massive risk for Klopp to rest players?’ Missing the point that you have a big squad to deal with smaller games like FA Cup 3rd Rounders.

It’s not disrespecting the cup, it’s dealing with the horrendous fixture list the Premier League dishes out each year. Also, we’re past the days of second string teams being terrible. The top teams have very good backup players these days. From a managerial perspective, it’s a chance to give some love to the young players, and it’s also a chance for the fringe crowd to make their mark.

I didn’t watch the game, but I took in extended highlights from the excellent Arsenalist.

So topline thoughts:


We’re through to the next round after a pretty ropey result in the week. Bar a sliced head for Gabriel, we came out of it relatively unscathed, a miracle considering how utterly terrible the team started out. The whole backline looked like they’d been drafted in from a local hockey team for a charity game. No shape, very little understanding and absolute chaos.

The defending for Preston’s opening was utterly car crash, no pressure in midfield, Gabriel falling over himself, Mustafi not quick off the mark, Monreal asleep at the wheel. Let’s be fair, that wasn’t Preston’s best chance, we made them look like kings for the opening 45. I’m hoping that the issue with Mustafi is just rustiness… my worry after a second awful game from him is that the first half of the season was predicated on flying confidence. He needs to get his shit together ASAP.

The second half was better, we found our feet, started to find Giroud and we opened on a flyer. Aaron Ramsey scored his first of the year. Iwobi picked up some scraps on the edge of the area, put on a Wiltord pirouette, jinking between jabbing legs, he found Aaron on the edge of the box, the Welshman crafted some space and let a low backlift rocket off into the top right. A lovely finish, much needed after picking up a lot of critique in the week.

The second came from, who else? Goal machine Olivier Giroud. He’d been causing problems with his bully boy antics and good runs, his reward came from a delightful Lucas Perez backheel into his path, he obliged and scuffed it into the back of the net. An aggressive, slightly less carry-on celebration. Another very important goal, you feel he’s slowly clawing back some lost love points after his horrendous run of nothing last season. Amazing what a bit of competition can do to focus the mind.


I only took in the highlights, so I can’t be sure this was a thing… but the looping crosses into the box felt tactical with Preston knowing our South American is not the best at dominating his box. Worth noting as we possibly swing into promotion / replacement time for the out of sorts Petr Cech.


Let’s never see Rambo at 10 again. It’s clear back-up in that position moving forward is Iwobi. He might make poor decisions, he might not always have the confidence we’d like, but he made some great contributions yesterday and he looks far more natural in that role than he does on the right or left.


Hold your horses people. Let’s see how he’s looking alongside Xhaka by the time Coquelin comes back into contention. The way I see it, Aaron dropped a superstar season a few years back, he was on the path to Gareth Bale like stardom. Then it all went to shit, but his head was still in the clouds dreaming of a fry-up in an Irish bar in Madrid. That’s been reflected in his play, playing the all action hero, thinking about himself a lot, not doing his job properly.

… and that has to stop. He has to remember he doesn’t have pedigree at elite levels right now. He has to earn that rep back. He won’t do that in the role he has for Wales, but he might do it next to Xhaka. Yesterday he scored a goal, floated the ball to Perez for his late assist. It’s minimal, but look, he has to build himself up again. I’d like to see what he can do. If it doesn’t work out, see ya later. If it does, and he can stay fit, we have a powerful player on out hands.

Yesterday will have worked his confidence the right way. Let’s see if he can take something incremental from that game and make it happen more often. Last chance saloon for him, but a good start.

Right, that’s it, onwards and upwards. A week off and Swansea up next, another new manager to play.


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  1. Stevanovic

    Xhaka Ramsey pivot is a disaster waiting to happen, against a clinical side we would’ve been 4-0 down in the first half.
    It was a first half to forget.

  2. Stevanovic

    Holding should be given a run in the second string lineup, he can’t be worse than Gabriel at the moment.

  3. Don

    If that game had ended 5-2 to Preston no one could have complained.Wenger got out of jail through luck nothing to do with his tactics

    I was amazed you left Ox out of your crticism.He was fucking awful.Xhaka is lazy.His 5 yard square balls brought back memories of Denilson

    As for Ramsey the same old shite.

  4. Pedro

    Don, I was only on the highlights, I’ll take your work on Chambo. But I’d disagree with Xhaka being a sideways passer. He’s a through the lines player and way more positive than Denilson

  5. kc

    Oxlade is always awful. It’s a foregone conclusion. He’s never been nor never will be Arsenal quality. Just another dime a dozen overrated Brit. Can we please stop buying those ffs.

  6. Dissenter

    So you got back just in time for the wintry disaster eh?

    Surely Mustafi-whatever isn’t Joe. There hasn’t been enough time for a brain transfer.
    He’s a diametrical opposite of Joe.

  7. Pedro

    Dissenter, landed to -6 and a snowed in door.

    Joe, or a guy called Steve who behaves like that.

    Cannot stand internet bullies. They’re so fucking embarrassing and pollute all the nice things the web gives us.

  8. Adam A. Carbarundum

    An obvious question…so what is it going to take to light a fire under their collective rumps to get them going? Preston played above themselves, this much is likely true, but that first half was about as bad as it gets. Ozil to return? Getting Alexis back into the middle? We have seen this malaise before, but this one makes even less sense. It’s not about mental strength, it’s more a mental block with these guys. Only when they sense outright embarrassment do they respond.

  9. Mustafi Magic


    Dry your eyes fella and don’t be too upset some people just don’t get it, and yes sometimes it does have something to do with where you are.

    That’s not me being funny or aggro it’s just a fact. Ironic humour is one of those things. It doesn’t make me a bully or that iv been dropped on my head for saying it.

    And you didn’t know what ‘elite mediocrity’ was until Pedro coined the phrase on here so don’t pretend otherwise. Baaaaaa

  10. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Agreed Batistuta…but he’s also played so little at the top and his skills are still under-developed. Could be wrong, but he was not particularly good yesterday – but equally you get that Benik Adobe feel about him – is he jousting passing through?

  11. Batistuta


    Only constant is the manager,change him and maybe just maybe the attitude of the players will be different BUT we’d never know unless the manager leaves seeing as we know what his teams are all about.

  12. Dissenter

    Actually I enjoy your banter ‘cos sometimes the Wenger criticisms [however true it may be] does get boring after a while.
    You just need to stop acting like a used tampon sometimes 🙂

  13. Adam A. Carbarundum

    No, your a bully Mustafi…plain and simple. To respond to someone with an insult and keep insulting them…that’s a bullies posture. Your last post rings of the arrogance that a bully carries. Your not misunderstood…your just too disrespectful in how you deal with people.

  14. Rambo Ramsey

    Prone to slow starts? I wouldn’t say that, we started off well against Everton and City but then dropped off and lost the matches. I’d say yesterday was complete opposite to those matches.

  15. The Godfather

    Again, I would send Holding out to Bournemouth for a loan as a replacement for Ake, and ask for Wilshere back. He is the closest thing we have as a replacement for Santi. The sight of Ramshyt is nauseating … I am really happy with Welbeck back and the intelligence and skill of Lucas Perez

  16. Batistuta


    Also i get it’s not his preferred position, what is Wenger and always playing people out of position, always trying to do a Henry or a Lauren, he doesn’t get that football is way past the 2000s

  17. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Must say, I did enjoy Giroud’s scorpion dance the other day. Would have enjoyed it even more had we been up 3-0 instead of the time he wasted going 3-3 with a few minutes left. Rather selfish in the end, but amusing in its intent from one of the least brightest Gunners.

  18. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I’d say that we will be seeing a lot more of Holding in the next couple of years, Vicky. He has the makings and composure of a solid defender. Hopefully Wenger will not have destroyed the kids confidence by then.

  19. Mustafi Magic


    No i don’t think it is. It was more to do with not understanding or getting ironic humour than location but it is a factor.

    It’s just a cultural difference that’s all no big deal.

    At least you understand there has to be some banter it’s a football blog ffs.

    Adam on the other hand is struggling. Seems a bit of a fun sponge.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Watching the Fulham game the commentator said loan deals can comebto annendbif the two clubs negotiate….

    We should do that with jacks….
    He’s had his holiday

    Get him back .

  21. Batistuta

    Re-watching the highlights of the game, Iwobi’s strength for Ramsey’s goal is superb, i like the look of him in that 10 position

  22. Dissenter

    There are many optimistic fans who still ally with Wenger like Wallace
    There are Pollyanna-type fans like Tunny who appreciate that Wenger is done but still want to preserve the club’s unity.
    There are Wenger-no-matter-what fans like Ughelli [subject to clarification]

    Where do you stand in this Wenger debate?
    Lets leave out the Kroenke part cos he’s the latest deflection for some Wenger-in fans.

  23. Carlos

    Shocking how the lack of tactical nous from the manager means we’re solely reliant on a handful of excellent players… and when those players are out, we look crap.

    Who on this squad would start most games for City? Kos, Alexis, Ozil (if he played his part), Bellerin. Take those players off the pitch, and we get a game we should have lost to a mid table Championship side.

    Ox is a joke, unfortunately on us. Watch the Preston goal. We gave them a free boot from their keeper, Keeper boots it. Ox back pedals as though he is going to head it (as he should have) and then at the last moment just gives up and lets the ball drop behind him to Preston who then link up and score a few passes later. WTF? We’re going to play guys who give them a free clearance? Watch that moment, and watch Monreal’s reaction to Ox’s give up. He’s furious, rightly so. That crap would get you yanked out immediately from a manager who had a clue. It led directly to the goal — I’d pull my 10 year old son out for letting that happen.

    We were bailed out by:
    (1) a brilliant bit of true #10 skill from Iwobs finding Ramsey and Ramsey cracking a quick shot in a most un-Arsenal way from the edge of the box and

    (2) a lovely combination from Ramsey to Giroud to Lucas backheel to Giroud. Those are four quality players, but as the commentary said, it was a most un-Arsenal moment — a long ball over the top as opposed to pointless dinking around the box before turning the ball over and

    (3) Preston’s laughably bad luck finishing in the first half.

    It’s so clear there’s no plan with this club. Assemble some misfit toys (Ox, Theo, Rambo etc) and let them “express themselves.”

  24. Adam A. Carbarundum

    What would be the point, RSPC? He will play for a few games then the others will be back and he will find the bench again, if he doesn’t wind up injured again. Leave him be…he’s better off getting handled by someone who actually gets it on rotation.

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Long term I look forward to having holding an chambers at the back

    Think we have something there …
    Chambers doing ok at boro !

  26. Dissenter

    I didn’t know League 1 clubs like Plymouth are allowed to sign foreign players.
    Now that’s really poor. The lower leagues should only have British [and maybe EU players until Brexit comes to fruition]

  27. Adam A. Carbarundum

    That would and could be true, RSPC. Can’t help but really appreciate the job Eddie Howe is doing with managing his game time. Wenger, you have the feeling, would drive him into the ground as he is often to do.

  28. Thank you and goodnight

    Christ sake stop moaning about league 1 teams and that they shouldn’t be able to buy foreign players. How else will we get rid of Sanogo. Though in Plymouth’s defense even they’re not as dumb as Sir twat a lot wenger

  29. Pedro

    MM, you behave like a bully. Not the place for it and I’m not joking. Using someone’s location to make a point that is used to degrade intelligence is not cool.

    Last chance and that goes for any aggressive comments.

  30. Dissenter

    The day division three clubs started signing foreign players is the football died in that society.
    The lower leagues should be for home grown players raised by those clubs or on loan from bigger clubs.
    Just my humble opinion of course.

  31. T

    Pedro there is no point in waiting to see if ramsey gets his shit together.

    it is never gonna happen 😀

    he never even had a starseason. he just happened to hit peak fitness levels for a couple months around superior players who made it really easy for him to score a couple goals… without superior fitness and nonstop workrate he has pretty much nothing in the locker for the top level.

  32. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I can see your logic, Dissenter and it makes reasonable sense. To me though, football is a global game and everyone should have an opportunity to ply their talents wherever that may take them. But I do understand your thoughts.

  33. Red&White4life

    “some Wenger-in fans.”

    Amazed to see that kind of “fans” still exist nowadays…
    #wengeroutnextsummer or our club will be dead for good .

  34. Dissenter

    Honestly I think Wilshere needs to detach emotion from his career.
    He needs to ask Wenger to specify very clearly what his role at Arsenal is. He’s no longer the youth player that we are all endeared to.
    Wenger needs to decide what he wants to do with the midfield before bringing back Wilshere.
    There’s no set system and he plays virtually everyone [apart from Cazorla] out of position too often.

  35. HillWood

    That post match interview with Ramsey and Giroud was shocking. Admitting they weren’t prepared for Preston to start so strongly

  36. Thank you and goodnight


    Do you reckon our scout was banging his mum?

    ” Course I can make him a star Edith, now just Lick the tip….must say Edith you’ve better ball control than your boy, but trust me I’ll get wenger to sign him….after all wenger did sign stepanovs”

  37. Dissenter

    I’m not so sure football has any claims to being global at the level of the third division [league one].
    It’s entirely a local game that is firmly tethered to that locale. There’s no global audience for football in England lower than the Championship. It’s only a mediocre foreigners who will go to the third division. It’s better to have a mediocre local than a foreign nobody earning that 2,000 weekly. The average salary in League one is 2k weekly.

  38. Mustafi Magic


    I’m an optimistic football fan who loves the game.

    I think a change is needed but that will come when AW and the club decides. He’s earned that.

    So if it’s the end of the season so be it but if it’s a 2 year extension then I won’t cry either. I support the club whoever is in charge.

    I respect the manager and what he’s done but the abuse is disrespectful and ultimately pointless when it won’t change a thing.

    I can understand the frustration that people want a change but the bipolar fickle nature and over the top reaction of some supporters is embarrasing.

  39. Jonraid

    What have I missed? Nothing, that’s about right… we will still end up with nothing this season, fans will keep on grumbling and Arsene continue to sign new contracts. AFC = Abyss Football Club. Tough time as a gooner.

  40. Batistuta


    I’m sorry but when you say Wenger has “earned” the right to choose when he goes what really does that mean cus he’s like one of the best paid coaches in the world and that alone should compensate for whatever he feels Arsenal owes him for all he’s done but that should never be the reason he gets to choose when he leaves, that’s just a flawed school of thought

  41. Dissenter

    Thanks for making that clear.
    Many of us who come here to vent do just that…vent.
    I’ve been here long enough to say with certainty that everyone [except for Redtruth] respect the pre-2004-2007] Wenger.
    It’s the monster that he’s become that we all deplore. He has arrogated too much power to himself and does not know when the fire and desire to win is gone.
    What we have here is the shadow of a once-great man who’s hanging around because he doesn’t know how to handle his retirement and walk away from the spotlight.
    The Wenger we vent against is the one who has will to win.
    The Wenger we deplore is one who’s managerial capacity is not suited for these times. He’s dated, stubborn and not willing to learn nor change.

    I love the game too much to rationalize a manager who’s not about winning.
    I understand that your ilk love the game too and will minimize Wenger’s shortcoming as a result.

  42. The Godfather

    Watching Le grove heroine Juergen Flopp laboring at 0-0 with minutes left against the Almighty Plymouth Argyle at Anfield at all places yet we have Crickets here. If this had happened at the Emirates, the pitchforks and sickles would be out all over the media sphere and on Le grove smh

  43. Dissenter

    Liverpool haven’t scored but are dominating the game.
    We didn’t dominate Preston yesterday. That was the concern that was expressed on here yesterday.

  44. gonsterous

    I would leave Jack at Bournemouth, if he gets back, Wenger will have him injured in 2 weeks for the rest of the season !!

  45. The Godfather

    “DissenterJanuary 8, 2017 15:17:57
    Liverpool haven’t scored but are dominating the game.
    We didn’t dominate Preston yesterday. That was the concern that was expressed on here yesterday.”

    You really think that that excuse would cut it if Arsenal played a 0-0 draw at the Emirates against the Mighty Plymouth ?????


  46. The Godfather

    Wonder what the dog Piers Morgan would say about the Flopp after his show at Anfield today LMAO ….. WHAT A CHOKE JOB.

    These guys are crap without the Man at the African Cup of Nations … proper one man team lol

  47. DaleDaGooner

    Chelsea didn’t blow out their minowed competition and Liverpool risked it with selection…….wonder if their fans are cursing

  48. Red&White4life

    “But we are not assured of top 4 either”

    Considering the legendary luck of the old c*nt, yes we are.

  49. Mustafi Magic



    3 PL titles

    6 FA cups

    2 doubles

    The Invincibles

    Built a new stadium with his bare hands

    Brought some of the best players in our in history to the club

    Our team played the most dynamic attacking football we’d ever seen at Arsenal.

    Established us as a recognised top European side.

    The worst season we’ve had is a top 4 finish….in 20 years.

    So yes Bati he’s ‘earned’ the right to go when he decides.

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    The man despises all fans yet they fawn over him like scientologists do with Hubbard. Read some of his quotes about his adoring fans, guy wouldn’t give a fuck if any of you turned up, the stadium would still be full with tourists and he’d still earn 8.5million a year

  51. Thank you and goodnight

    The only thing wenger gets credit for is buying the players. The rest they done. They won in spite of him not because of him

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It’s a nuisance but the working person has a right to protest via the union .

    We all cope with it

  53. Mustafi Magic


    ‘They won in spite of him not because of him’

    Lol of course. He ONLY bought them. Are you on strong medication?

  54. DaleDaGooner

    “The man despises all fans…”
    TYAGN…..again I’m no Wenger apologist, but when the extreme end of the argument uses statements like yours ” despises all fans” yet he has a lot of said fans supporting him….I mean it’s all confusing … do you even know that?

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Single handily raised my season ticket price from 460 to 1160
    Cos of this dream of the promise land ….

    Times up for him call him off stage

  56. Redtruth


    You missed out Champions league success…lol lol lol

    Mind you, it’s participating not conquering Europe which is deemed success in your eyes… muppet…lol

  57. DaleDaGooner

    There are still a different kind of the Arsenal fans, quick find a new label for us. The types who understand that Wenger is done, but respect what he has done, want him gone now! But afraid of who the board will bring in….God not Bould, Bob Bradley-type, Howe etc type of managers that’ll see us drop into theLiverpool type abyss

  58. Mustafi Magic


    I get what you are saying and aren’t disputing some of it.

    The fact the landscape at the club changed with Dein leaving and AW taking on too much responsibility hasn’t helped us at all.

    Think he still wants to win but I don’t think he has enough people in the club telling him when things need changing or tweaking.

    Every manager has short comings, it’s just cos we’ve had the same one for 20 years that everyone and their dog knows what AWs are.

  59. Thank you and goodnight


    As bad as the bin dippers have been over lady 20 plus years they’ve still contested 2 CL finals and 1 won of them. 1 more than wenger who for a number of years had probably 1 of the best squads in Europe

  60. DaleDaGooner

    Wenger is stubborn and unwilling to shed some responsibilities and just focus on trying to win. For this, he needs to go now!

  61. Mustafi Magic


    ‘Single handily raised my season ticket price from 460 to 1160
    Cos of this dream of the promise land ….’

    That’s a kick in the balls. Lovely stadium though.

  62. Redtruth

    Wenger’s Legacy

    Biggest losses in Arsenal’s history in Europe and domestically.

    The longest period of any Arsenal manager to go without a trophy (they usually get sacked)

  63. Batistuta


    Yea he practically grazed the fields at the Emirates with his bare hands.

    Look I get it, everything he did pre 2006 felt like the 12th wonder and some of us who haven’t entirely let his stagnation of our club move into hatred still appreciate all he’s done for us but surely that shouldn’t be enough for a supposed “big club” unless we are now all in agreement that we are now a top 6 team

  64. DaleDaGooner

    TYAGN agreed, as bad as they have been, winning the 1 in 2 since their declining years, is satisfactory, but I doubt I’d be thinking of the 1 CL had Arsene won in 2006 and we found our selves 7th every season. I think the sentiments would be the same “thanks Arsene, but it’s time to go”

  65. Batistuta


    Yea let’s keep Wenger till he’s 90 and still has Sanaogo in the squad as to why we should keep Wenger.

    Look we don’t know whether or not the board will bring in a Bob Bradley type if Wenger goes but that’s just it, we will never know how bad things are or how good they can be unless Wenger leaves.

  66. DaleDaGooner

    I still believe there is time for Arsenal to win a CL. Just hope it is in my lifetime…..definitely not with Wenger in charge. But I think going over board to the point of wanting us to lose every game is very un-fanlike

  67. DaleDaGooner

    I am not saying Wenger should stay till his 90, I want him to leave after this season. But I worry who the board might hire next. Bould? Howe?

  68. Batistuta


    Its 50-50 BUT surely something entirely NEW would be better than this groundhog we’ve been in for years now, we’re never going to get relegated which is the worst that could happen so why not give the board the benefit of doubt of getting it wrong as you so strongly believe.

  69. Carts

    “Honestly I think Wilshere needs to detach emotion from his career.

    He needs to ask Wenger to specify very clearly what his role at Arsenal is. He’s no longer the youth player that we are all endeared to.

    Wenger needs to decide what he wants to do with the midfield before bringing back Wilshere.”

    This is exactly what I said in the summer of 2014.

    Wenger needs to pull Wilshere to one side and tell him what his expectations are of him.

    The same goes for Ramsey. What is his role at Arsenal? Is he a RW player when ever we’re playing a team that depends on their wide player?

    Is he a B2B? It’s really anyones guess.

    Mark my words, when Wenger leaves and certains player move on to greener pastures and eventually release an autobiography, look out for how many players will talk about their respect for Wenger but also highlight his lack of clarity and direction

  70. Batistuta

    And why’s your insistence on Howe and Bould, we’ve also been linked to Allegri and several other coaches.

    I mean when was the last time we tried new things on the pitch, different formations according to our opponents i mean when was the last time anyone saw the team sheet before a game and felt wow, the gaffer has made some tactical changes, it’s always the same thing. Why do our seasons always fade off in one particular pattern each season i mean we’ve had different players in over 8yrs but the end result is always same save for the 2 cups in between.

  71. Mustafi Magic


    ‘1 more than wenger who for a number of years had probably 1 of the best squads in Europe’

    You seriously don’t know what you’re talking about it or you’ve got a really bad memory.

    We had a very good first 11 but our squad wasn’t very good at all let alone the best in Europe.

    Cygan, Garry, alledierie, luhzhy, pennant, stephanovs, hoyte, pennant, tavaridis and Bentley.

    Those boys would really give the galacticos a run for their money.

  72. Mustafi Magic


    Regarding the Emirates.

    It’s that ironic humour again but I’ll get in trouble if I assume why you didn’t get it.

  73. DaleDaGooner

    “And why’s your insistence on Howe and Bould, we’ve also been linked to Allegri and several other coaches.”

    For the same reason Wenger is still in charge….

  74. Batistuta

    I admit i started following the club in the early 90s and the Wenger years have been brilliant BUT seeing all those other changes around the footballing world makes me a bit jealous, going into games against the biggest teams and expecting to get trounced but hoping for a miracle is never a good way to watch the beautiful game i mean Liverpool may go up against Barcelona and know they’d lose the game but their fans will know the Barca players will have to be on their best to beat them but with Arsenal, its different, we’re beaten once the draws are done and the match itself is a one way street.

    We don’t have the divine right to win every single football match BUT we certainly deserve to be better than we currently are or have been for a couple of seasons now.

  75. Thank you and goodnight


    Obviously proves how shit wenger is then because with an even shitter squad benitez won the CL

  76. DaleDaGooner

    Batistuta, you mean you didn’t enjoy beating Barca 2-1 recently? Or the time we beaten Real at Madrid?

  77. Thank you and goodnight


    And we fans deserve the right to know the team has been prepared correctly. Wenger’s Arsenal fail to prepare ALWAYS. You just have to listen to giroud and ramsey after the game yesterday

  78. Thank you and goodnight


    Beating barca 2 1. Was that when we went on to lift the CL that year or is that another one of wenger’s famous trophies? The ‘ yeah but we beat barca 2 1 trophy’

  79. Leftsidesanch

    Personally think Torino are lying, but wouldn’t put it past Arsenal to need cover at CM, (lb, rb, gk, rw if your being picky) and opt to try to sign a forward.

    Typing that has just shown me it is very Arsenal to go against the grain and do something stupid.

  80. Leftsidesanch

    On a side note those comments from Giroud and Ramsey they should be fined for it. Not a good enough team to coast through any game of football.

    I like Giroud but he has a purple patch every season, and then the goals dry up. Ramsey..the less said the better.

  81. Elmo

    The worrying thing about Mustafi in his two games back is that not only has he made mistakes (happens to anyone), but he’s looked like a disorganised, headless chicken. Both attackers he’s faced (Wilson and Hugill) have had him on toast.

    Steve McManaman commented in the BT coverage that we didn’t look like we had ANY leadership on the field. That’s a long-held criticism of Wenger teams, but yesterday without Kosc you could see the defence completely lost all coherence and shape, and further up the field without Sanchez we lacked the presence of anyone actively looking to lead by example in tenacity and workrate. We need those visible leaders on the field because there are plenty of passive personalities in our squad.

    I thought yesterday was Perez’s first poor game for us, but he still managed an assist. He deserves to be starting games atm.

  82. DaleDaGooner

    TYAGN….again with the cynicism, Batistuta made it out that Liverpool could go into a game against Barca etc like we’ve not expected to get trounced but turn up well. You mean you’ve never enjoyed such games Thank You???? Shocking

  83. Batistuta


    Yea sure i enjoyed it BUT ultimately it was one of those glorious failures that amounted to nothing in the end, the question should be

    1. Why couldn’t we repeat that performance again ??

    2. Why all of a sudden in the second leg did we play like a bunch of amateurs???

    The fact that its happens consistently over a period of time means there has to be one constant factor to that and that’s the manager, i mean Chelsea won the champions league with Ryan Bertrand and Malouda, Kalou et all…….we’ve had much much better players than those and all we have to show for it is a measly final appearance, again I’m not saying we should be winning the champions league yearly BUT we should at least not be embarrassed on a yearly basis, luck of the draw or not.

  84. Dissenter

    “On a side note those comments from Giroud and Ramsey they should be fined for it. Not a good enough team to coast through any game of football.

    If the players are surprised then that’s on the manager.
    Weren’t they prepared for the game?

    Honestly Ramsey isn’t a good spokesperson for the club. His interviews are really poor.

  85. Mustafi Magic


    ‘2. Why all of a sudden in the second leg did we play like a bunch of amateurs???’

    We didn’t we got fucked by the ref in the Nou Camp we were leading at the time and not looking in trouble defending well before Van Persie got sent off for kicking the ball away. Hardly playing like a bunch of amateurs is it?

  86. JJ

    Iwobi played the kante role for Preston yesterday – breaking up our play all over the pitch. I like him but he was awful yesterday. Got worse as he tired. You won’t see that in the highlights though.

  87. Mustafi Magic


    ‘Chelsea won the champions league with Ryan Bertrand and Malouda, Kalou et all’

    Get battered in the Nou Camp. Messi misses a pen they go through.

    Get battered in the final robben misses a pen, they win on pens.

    Luckiest cunt of win since Liverpool.

  88. Batistuta


    Yea they both should be banned from media duty by the club BUT then again its almost like they’re echoing the way the manager feels too so can’t blame them that much.

  89. Batistuta


    They did go through though against Barca and did actually win the competition in the end luck or not.

    They’d played themselves into a position tonne on the receiving end of a bit of luck, when last have we played remotely well in any of those kind of high pressure games, i mean even Di Mateo was wise enough to know that Ashley Cole needed some kind of protection and played Bertrand in front of him, those little kind of tactical changes are things we’ve not seen at Arsenal for a long time

  90. JJ

    Credit to OG for the winner. Up until the goal I feared he was returning to the old OG that flopped to the ground looking for fouls and missed 7 sitters before scoring.

  91. Batistuta

    And you can’t ascribe Liverpool’s champions league win to luck, they bled their sleeves off to come back from 3down against one of the best sides of all time to win that match, see when you put in that much endeavour surely luck has to smile on you at some point.

  92. Jim Lahey

    Who or what is a Andrea Belotti and why have we offered £56m for him??

    (Clearly bullshit by the way… no way Arsenal would offer £56m for a him, nor would Torino turn that sort of money down.)

  93. Redtruth

    “And you can’t ascribe Liverpool’s champions league win to luck, they bled their sleeves off to come back from 3down against one of the best sides of all time to win that match, see when you put in that much endeavour surely luck has to smile on you at some point.”

    Ine of the best sides of all

    Those chumps had a history of throwing away big leads.
    I remember AC Milan taking a 4-1 Champions league Semi-Final first leg lead to Spain and losing 4-0 to Deportivo.