Alexis sulks at performance | Last roll of dice for this Arsenal midfielder

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My lord the media are going into full blown meltdown, visibly hard at the fact Alexis Sanchez was NOT happy about losing points against Bournemouth. This reads like a total non-story to me.

‘He was visibly angry’

‘He sulked in the changing rooms’

‘Team mates worry he was unhappy’

Come on, Alexis is a f*cking winner out and out. Of course he’s going to be unhappy dropping points in a title race we were precariously hanging in for. He knows the deal, just like we do, we’re not equipped for the fight… just he has to put on his kit and actually live it. Reminiscent of Thierry playing with Adebayor in the first year at The Emirates.

If you want to keep winners at your club, the best glue is surrounding great players with great players with a great manager who knows what he’s doing.

Same issue happened during the Chelsea game last night. Pedro and Diego Costa had a mini bust up on the pitch, at least neither of them melted like Ramsey has both times has been chastised in public by Sanchez. Sport isn’t rational, it’s brutal and only the fittest survive. This isn’t a safe space society built on socialism or ‘trophies for taking part’ but sadly, that’s the system Wenger has built at Arsenal.

Giroud has been very important to us of late, but I tend to agree with the critique of the celebration. Nothing summed up Sanchez more than dropping a diving header, grabbing the ball and running back to the half-way line to seek out more goals. Nothing summed up Giroud more than peeling away with a preplanned celebration in the 93rd minute wasting valuable seconds. No urgency. Where does that come from? The manager. If Giroud had done that under Mourinho he’d be training with the kids.

Football is a marginal gains game. If you’re an aggressive enough to root out every opportunity going, you’ll never be Champions. Wenger teams don’t have nasty in them. Players like Sanchez are a Wenger anomaly over the last ten years, too many middle-class sweet-hearts clogging up our winner arteries.

Good and bad news last night, Spurs took down the leaders Chelsea by bossing a 2-0 win. That’ll be interesting for Conte, how does his team adapt now? What does that do for their confidence? Do they break, or do they roll up their sleeves, enjoy their 10 day break and crack on as per usual?

The worrying thing about the Spurs win is they’ve played most of their tough away games, all they have really is Liverpool at Anfield. The season is stacked in their favour. What they don’t have going for them is a big squad. That was the issue last season and it’ll probably be their undoing this year, especially if they hit up a good run in the Europa.

Interesting news is that Arsenal are now down to a midfield pairing of Aaron Ramsey and Xhaka. I mean, we’ve been asking for it, well I have. Now I’m a bit worried. It’ll either be mustard, or it’ll be the worst thing that ever happened and the world will collapse. Coquelin is out for 3-4weeks. Just enough time to ‘maybe’ come back fresh for the Bayern away game. To little time to make a double pivot for Chelsea away. Annoying.

But, we’ll see. Aaron Ramsey needs to find some bite, confidence and product pretty sharpish. He also needs to stay fit. He won’t get a better chance to impress and if he doesn’t, you’d have to fear for his future at Arsenal, because he really doesn’t look happy nor does he look suited to Arsenal.

Right, that’s all you’re getting! Have a great day, see you on the other side.


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  1. Wallace

    Cesc started in the role Cazorla currently plays alongside players like Vieira, Gilberto & Song, and was then moved further up the field for the last 2/3yrs of his time with us.

  2. salparadisenyc

    The circle under Wenger continues with similar results and excuses.

    Our station in the league a constant, our top players eventually desire more. Sanchez and Ozil could be RVP and Fabregas while teams with lesser quality are playing better under more inspired managers like Klopp and Pochettino.

    Some day this war is going to end…

  3. Wallace


    “Ergo….Wenger doesnt have a fucking clue what he’s talking about, even though he has an opinion on everything under the sun.”

    £8.5m for his football-related knowledge. and we’re probably not the only club that would pay him that.

  4. Dissenter

    “£8.5m for his football-related knowledge. and we’re probably not the only club that would pay him that.”

    Maybe Shanghai warriors will pay him that. No major club will have Wenger in the dug-out.

  5. Mustafi Magic


    You know you’re wrong here.

    There’s a little club in Paris you might of heard about that have been after him ever since the Arabs took over.

  6. Thank you and goodnight

    Oh yeah PSG, the name that gets thrown around everytime wenger goes through a bad patch and his ways are questioned. Like hell they want him

  7. Mustafi Magic

    ‘Anyone else already fed up of this season ??. ‘

    This is why other fans take the piss arsenal fans. Half way through the season and you’re fed up?

    Get a grip lad.

  8. Thank you and goodnight

    @Mustafa magic

    Sorry but I honestly don’t believe any of the top teams in world football want him. 15 years ago maybe I’ll agree with you. But last 6-7 years I find that highly unlikely

  9. Chika

    Who was saying we don’t need a major shake up?

    Apart from a new manager, we need at least three new top quality players in our starting eleven!

  10. Mustafi Magic


    If you take off your ‘I hate arsene’ specs and look at it rationally.

    I don’t know the board but why wouldn’t the Qatari owners want him? Just because you’re bored of everything to do with him he’s still an owners wet dream.

    Contrary to what you believe he’d walk that 1 team league and it wouldn’t cost them £500m to do it.

  11. Redtruth

    “8.5m for his football-related knowledge. and we’re probably not the only club that would pay him that.”

    Cech, Elneny, Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez

    £102m spunked on this shite.
    So much for Wenger’s football knowledge…lol lol

  12. vicky

    I know many people here are obsessed with athleticism and physicality but a fit Cazorla is as big an asset as Alexis Sanchez. Wenger’s not wrong when he says he is our best player except probably Alexis Sanchez.

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    @Mustafi Magic

    Yeah he probably would walk lig 1, I agree with that. And yes financially he is most owners dreams. But big clubs want big trophies like the CL and I just can’t see wenger ever winning it

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    All the credit he deserved for the goal an the way he acted humbily , to them have a bring me sunshine dance twice an acting like a tear …it goes out the window ….

    Very sad state of affairs at the club

  15. Mustafi Magic

    The CL is tough man. He might not win it at PSG, they might never win, we might not. You need a really good team to start with and you also need things to go your way with a sprinkling of luck.

    Pep couldn’t win it with Bayern ffs.

  16. ArseneisaFraud

    Mustafa Magic

    If AW was that great a manager you wouldn’t only have PSG after him. In the early days the Arabs took over PSG they may have wanted AW. But now I don’t see PSG being interested in him at all. He still does not have any major trophies under his belt, which is what PSG owners want. A bit like Abrahamovic, the owners wabt to be top dog all the time. They are most certainly not interested in just finishing in the top 4 (which considering how “crap” League 1 is, should not be too difficult for anyone).

    In reality we all know that AW will refuse as he’s got too cushy a job at Arsenal. What would you prefer: to have pressure to be winning the league or to finish top 4? Which is easiest?

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Live from the fair view civic hall wolverhampton ….
    It the slippery red .truth in his red trunks ….

    Watch how he grapples with questions, tags out the ring when pressure gets to much ….an joindbthe old dears in the brolly hitting at the death ….

  18. azed

    “Pep couldn’t win it with Bayern ffs”

    I’m pretty sure Pep would have won it at Bayern if he was there for 20 years.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Look at the positives red

    When new man cones in you can set tersely a target before you start coating him off….

  20. Dissenter

    The Mirror is suggesting that we are reluctant to pay Alexis [and Ozil] 250K weekly because of looming contract negotiations for Oxlade and Gibbs.

    You have to wonder if we have any spine in management.
    It’s probably Wenger socialistic wage approach that entails that the wages of the average players have to be bumped up if the highest earners get paid more.

    We already pay Gibbs and Oxlade more than anyone else will pay them.
    If Oxlade complains, get the composite of Dele Alli’s wages and flash it in the face of his agent.

  21. Mustafi Magic


    ‘In reality we all know that AW will refuse as he’s got too cushy a job at Arsenal’

    That wasn’t the question. Top clubs would be wanting him because of the perception and reality of what he’d bring.


    I win the the CL if I was at BAyernfor 20 years.

    But you’re missing the point. Arsenal isn’t Bayern.

  22. Thank you and goodnight

    @Mustafi Magic

    As I said earlier I honestly don’t believe psg or any top team would be after the 2008-2016 Wenger. 1998-2006 Wenger then yes, every club wanted him.

  23. Mustafi Magic

    In your very uninformed opinion obviously dissenter. You haven’t had direct contact with the regarding this have you?

    Ah that’s right you read it the Internet.

  24. Mustafi Magic

    If Rafa Benitez was at REal Madrid 18 months ago and Unai emery is at PSG, don’t tell me Wenger wouldn’t or couldn’t get a gig at top club.

  25. Dissenter

    What point are you trying to make.
    Gibbs and Oxlade are in the 70-80k weekly range at Arsenal.
    Who else will pay them more.
    What’s your point?

  26. Mustafi Magic


    ‘Gibbs and Oxlade are in the 70-80k weekly range at Arsenal.
    Who else will pay them more.
    What’s your point?’

    Point is you don’t know shit about their Weekly wage, what they are or aren’t demanding and if any other club would pay it.

    Ox would easily get 100k+ pw elsewhere if he ran his contract down. Look at Milner permasub at City on big money.

    Gibbs? Would he get a payday if he left? Course he would, is he worth it? no, but just look at Clichy and Sagna and the payday a they got when they left.

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Will we still be shit when all the mud is washed off after wenger goes ….
    Or if he stays does the dirt just get dirtier as it hardens that we are really just shit ….

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Next home game I feel will be very vocal against wenger …

    I hope the fans start to let it be known that we won’t be fobbed off with more behind the scenes spinning it all on wengers favour .

    Someone’s going to get it big time I recks

  29. Sancho Monzorla

    Mustafi Magic confirms he does not know the PSG board , yet claims it’s common knowledge that they want Wenger, probably based on shit he read on the internet.

    Then immediately afterward he condescendingly gets on Dissenter for making a remark about a news article, saying shit like “oh you read that on the internet did you you believe everything herp derp.”

    This level of self-delusion wouldn’t even be believable in a movie.

  30. London gunner

    Wallace the le grove arsehole harping on about pointless things to deflect from wengers failures. Does this boy ever learn?

  31. London gunner

    Mustafi magic

    “If Rafa Benitez was at REal Madrid 18 months ago and Unai emery is at PSG, don’t tell me Wenger wouldn’t or couldn’t get a gig at top club.”

    Wenger would
    Probably conspire to bottle it at PSG as well and lose the job in 2 seasons

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I don’t think he is, slow day people upset with arsenal just think he is starting new topics, or trying to.

  33. Black Hei

    Well I guess at the end of the day, this AKB have arrived at the conclusion regarding Wenger.

    He is an elite form of Sam Allaydace. That is a wonder on its own.

    Any club facing relegation or hoping to break into the top 4 and stay there can find no better candidate than Wenger.

  34. Sid

    Black Hei

    Any club facing relegation or hoping to break into the top 4 and stay there can find no better candidate than Wenger. ///

    Wenger can do nothing for a team facing relegation. Football has changed a lot over the years, especially the PL.

  35. Mustafi Magic

    Sancho Mongzola

    Lol great input.

    It’s actually been verbalised. You know those things called words that come out of people’s mouths that make up sentences, paragraphs and a few of those spoken continuously close together can be called interviews.

    I know you American boys struggle sometimes with most things but try keep up son.

    Probably? You need to come up with something better than that.

  36. Black Hei


    I don’ think so.

    The media likes to paint vulnerable managers as backward watchers of the history channel.

    Many seasons ago, they painted Steve Bruce as some kind caveman when he got the sack at Sunderland. But when Hull reached the FA Cup final a few seasons later, he is painted as a wonderful man manager in contrast to the “control freak” Wenger.

  37. Mustafi Magic


    ‘Bring joe back to destroy Mustafi Pedro’

    Fucking hell you must be desperate if you’re missing shit for brains.

    Why don’t you have a go?

  38. azed

    I win the the CL if I was at BAyernfor 20 years.

    But you’re missing the point. Arsenal isn’t Bayern.

    Wenger wouldn’t win the CL if he was at Bayern for 20 years, even if he had Messi and C. Ronaldo.

    I agree Arsenal is Bayern, one is a football club, the other is a bank masquerading as a football club.

    Mustafi can you please remind me why we moved to the Emirates?

  39. Bamford10


    No reason to call Wallace nasty names, IMO. He may argue against the grain here, but he’s a perfectly decent, reasonable guy.

    That’s my view at least.

    This clown Mustafi on the other hand ….

  40. Bamford10


    “It’s actually been verbalised.”

    By whom? When? Where? Cite your sources, please.

    And by the way, it wouldn’t mean much if PSG had actually been interested in Wenger at some point in the past: he is no longer a top manager — he hasn’t been for a decade — and everyone with eyes knows this.

  41. Wallace

    Alexis & Koscielny to get the weekend off. I’d also give Xhaka a breather but that’s leaving us very short in the middle. also, good to see Welbeck back in contention. if Alexis’s productivity does drop off a bit in the 2nd half of the season I think Welbeck & Lucas can help make up the difference.

  42. Wallace

    hope Lucas recovers in time for tomorrow. the last few games he’s looked a very interesting player. more involved in the build up, and pretty deadly when he does get a sighting of goal.

  43. Wallace

    “Sánchez has 18 months remaining on his £130,000-a-week contract and negotiations are continuing about a more lucrative renewal, although his reaction at Bournemouth could suggest he is growing increasingly frustrated at the club. Wenger, however, said that Sánchez was “all right” in the dressing room after the Bournemouth draw.

    “The other players care as much as he does, don’t worry,” Wenger continued. “Everybody has his way. There was no celebration in the dressing room; everybody was disappointed that they didn’t win the game. There is no hierarchy of intensity of desire to win at that level. Everybody wants to win.””

    – Guardian

  44. Wallace

    “Olivier Giroud is again expected to lead the line at Preston, and has scored in each of his last three games, but was criticised for elaborately celebrating his injury-time equaliser at Bournemouth when there were still four minutes remaining for Arsenal to score a winner. As some team-mates attempted to beckon Giroud back to the halfway line the Frenchman continued to celebrate, mimicking his scorpion-kick goal against Crystal Palace on New Year’s Day.

    “Giroud is a winner. He is a fighter. I can understand Giroud. He thought the game was lost, it was 92 minutes. You score. You don’t lose. The 3-3, he gave two assists on the night. We can understand that but, ideally, you want not to waste time any more but he scores goal after goal and he scores important goals.”

    Indeed, no forward in Europe’s top five leagues has a better record at present: Giroud has contributed either a goal or an assist every 49 minutes this season, seven minutes fewer than anybody else. In comparison, Lionel Messi has done the same once every 68 minutes.”

    – Guardian

  45. tunnygriffboy


    I thought Lucas has looked interesting in all the cameos he’s made. I know he had an injury but he’s someone we could have used far more than we have done. Not only does he sniff out goals he’s good with the ball at his feet and makes great little runs in and around the box

    I fi d it hard to believe we have Swansea, Watford and Burnley to come, must win games and we have zero options other than Xhaka/Ramsey to play in our midfield. Ridiculous once again.

    10 players u/a for Saturday. Not bloody good enough. Gibbs and Walcott were supposed to be out for days. Scandalous.

  46. Black Hei


    I would give Welbeck a starting berth alongside Perez and the Jeff in a forward 3.
    Giroud for the sub bench because he is that important a player.

  47. Wallace


    re Lucas – both Alexis & Giroud, when he’s been given a start, have been excellent. Lucas can only keep on doing what he’s been doing. I think he’ll get a lot more minutes in the remander of the season.

    Xhaka, Ramsey & Maitland-Niles for the next 3/4 games. we’ve had it far worse. certainly beats Flamini & Ramsey for 2mths last season 🙂

  48. Wallace

    Black Hei

    think Lucas is struggling to be fit for the weekend. and Wenger has said Welbeck will start from the bench. not averse to starting R-A, but he has been underwhelming in his rare appearances this season.

  49. Red&White4life

    “Last roll of dice for this Arsenal midfielder”
    Just want to rewind a bit…

    Pedro, you mean that you thinks that wenger will stop to use this midfield if the formula fails to work once again ??
    Wow… that is worth a bet.

  50. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal are not short this season of forwards.

    We have on the books 7 experienced players for striker and wing positions.

    However, I think that there is a shortage of midfield players particularly in absence of Cazorla who is clearly out injured for much of this season. It has to be
    a serious worry that only 2 of the 6 experienced players on our books will be
    available for this weekend and possibly the Swansea game as well.

    Arsenal’s longterm problem has always been that we land up short of players in a particular department of our team. It was not long ago following sale of
    Vermaelen that we were short in Centre Back position and of course in striker position following sale of Van Persie.

  51. Emiratesstroller

    Last season Arsenal had on their books no fewer than 9 midfield players following the arrival of Elneny in January. Admittedly three were more or less passengers out injured for most of season.

    However, we went into this season with just six experienced midfielders, but have been down to five since Cazorla go injured. Now we have lost Elneny who is out with Egypt for African games and Coquelin expected to be out for a month.

    Can the club rely on just Ozil, Ramsey and Xhaka to cover most of our games in January and February?

  52. Wallace


    our squad’s as deep as anyones. things are going to be a bit tight in CM for the next few weeks until Coquelin & Elneny return, but considering we’re down 3 players in that area we’re still looking alright. a lot of people thought Xhaka/Ramsey would be the go to partnership this season.

  53. WengerEagle

    It’s worth pointing out that Giroud has scored 8 goals this season, Messi has scored 24 goals.

    That stat is also wrong, Giroud has played a total of 667 minutes of BPL/UCL football this season scoring 8 goals which averages out at a goal every 83 mins played, if you include assists it’s a goal/assist every 61 mins.

    But like I said, he’s scored a third of the amount that Messi has scored so it could easily just be a purple patch, he did go like 15 matches last season without scoring towards the end didn’t he?

  54. tunnygriffboy


    Sure it’s better than what we had last season when Flamini was the main man but for me it’s still not ideal.

    Preston going well atm and away from home Ipotential banana skin especially should we start in the disorganised, disinterested shambolic way we started against Bournemouth

    Mustafi was so bad he needs to get the rustiness out of his system. He should play alongside Holding with Gabriel playing at RB

  55. Wallace


    “But like I said, he’s scored a third of the amount that Messi has scored so it could easily just be a purple patch, he did go like 15 matches last season without scoring towards the end didn’t he?”

    all the stats show is that he’s a very effective #9 when he’s not been flogged to death. I wasn’t suggesting he’s going to be in the running for the Ballon d’Or next season.

  56. Steveyg87

    Very morbid reading the comments this morning. Lighten up fellas! All signs point to Wenger pissing off end of this season. He has over stayed his welcome to the point where its almost impossible for him to achieve anything. His main slogan “judge us at the end of the season” has gone stale and the fan good will tank has run completely dry. Best for all parties involved if he packs it in asap.

    I cant even bring myself to get motivated for the transfer window as it would only be a matter of time before they too are Wengerised

  57. tunnygriffboy


    Despite the fact Giroud slows down our forward play and allows teams like Bournemouth to play a high line congesting us in our own half so they could press us we can’t really quibble with his figures when he has played


    Yes we have forwards but Alexis is exhausted, Welbeck hasn’t played all season, Perez has been injured and is again and Walcott supposed to be out for days still isn’t available

    Our midfield resources are decimated. It’s not just Saturday and Swansea it’s all the games up to Bayern. Xhaka has played every game for the last 6 weeks and Ramsey is on a run of two games then his hamstring goes. Really worrying.

    Who drops into CM should we want to make a sub to rest one of them or god forbid one of them gets injured ?

  58. Paulinho

    It’s not about him being flogged to death, and he just cannot do it consistently enough as a starter, which is why he is not good enough.

    It’s far easier to come off the bench or play in short spurts as a starter. Rashford is always shite when he starts, same for Iheanacho, but they come on a a sub and off a sudden they are a great prospects again.

    Same with goalkeepers. Pantilimon was was getting praised when he deputised for Hart but got found out as a regular.

  59. Emiratesstroller


    Midfield should be the “engine room” of any team and I am afraid that having just two players available is not sufficient with the intensive demands of our season.

    Ramsey is an injury prone player and Xhaka has only arrived in England this season. It is a big ask for them to take the burden over next 6 weeks in absence
    of Cazorla, Elneny and Coquelin.

    There is now no margin for error if either of two players gets injured or loses

  60. Wenker-wanger

    Psg are a decent outfit, so Wenger won’t be screwing them up short term. Like at arsenal, He will coast along not really affecting much. So yes as an interim type of oversee-er he could even do reasonably well.
    We all know what will happen when he faces real managers…Is that he will come up short. Tactically hopeless and motivationless this fraud will once again be found out.
    It’s strange that those in the higher echelons of football do not criticize him…..It’s a case of “,kings clothes”.… glad I have the real intelligence to be able to analyse correctly this frauds performance. No top manager would have thrashings 8-2′ and 6-0 on his cv….And that’s just 2 from some dire results home and away and some like Swansea and brum not even top teams.
    If I were an owner of even a 2nd div team. I wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole.

  61. Emiratesstroller


    I agree.

    Arsenal seem to have a perennial problem with injuries and perennially flogging players to death.

    This seems to be a combination of poor husbandry of resources and too many
    injury prone players on our books.

  62. Wenker-wanger

    If he really really pisses off, has anyone thought of a celebration to rival 1966 world cup victory?…. Jeez I can’t build up too much hope though, the depression that would ensue if he didn’t go would be close to total meltdown.

  63. Wallace


    I’d gamble and rest 4 or 5 of our main players this weekend. might backfire but the league has to be the priority.

  64. Wallace


    “Ramsey is an injury prone player and Xhaka has only arrived in England this season. It is a big ask for them to take the burden over next 6 weeks in absence
    of Cazorla, Elneny and Coquelin.”

    6 weeks? Coq should be 21 days max, and Elneny shouldn’t be far behind him.

  65. Bamford10

    I appreciate what Giroud brings when he does get a run in, but I think it would be better to bring him on 60-70 minutes in. This is when he is most effective any ways, and this allows him to give us 20-30 high-energy minutes. Over 90 minutes — esp. in the first 45 — he’s not as effective. (Anyone have stats on WHEN he gets most of his goals?)

    Otherwise we’re better off with a more mobile CF.

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Really does seem that the interesting part of this season is going to be finding out if Wenger is leaving.

    Football wise, it is already looking like the same thing we’ve seen for the last decade or so, bottling, deficiencies, injuries, lack of preparation, lack of tactics, lack of system, lack of positional coaching, superstar becoming disenchanted, amateur defending surfacing etc

    Really is going to be interesting, if Wenger signs on again I don’t know what that is going to do to the fan base, I think there are more fans who feel strongly about him leaving than staying, where there are a great many who like Wenger but think it is time for him to go, I don’t think there are that many left at the ‘I would sacrifice some form of animal for you, Wenger’ anymore.

    Wenger’s had it pretty good to be fair, the first half of his reign was great, he navigated the early years of the Emirates move well and has become something like a high-level administrative manager, stabilising a club and helping to make the football yield consistent profits, but twelve years of identical failures is surely enough now?

    You would feel safer putting a £1000 on, if Wenger extends, coming on here in two years time and finding the exact same faults being debated as compared to putting a £1000 on Arsenal winning the EPL or UCL or even turning into a serious contender.

  67. Bamford10

    Nice. Thierry Henry was also impressed with Iwobi’s performance at CAM.

    “Henry, speaking to Sky Sports, believes Iwobi should be considered ahead of Ozil in that position against lesser sides.

    “Iwobi is better off in the middle for Arsenal when they come up against teams who are defensively minded like we saw against Crystal Palace,” he said.

    “Wenger must have seen it, and hopefully he will be picked ahead of Ozil in such games.

    “He moves the ball quicker and faster leaving opposition defenders in his wake. He belongs to the middle.” “

  68. azed


    I’d be over the moon when Wenger leaves but i’ll hold off celebrations until i know the new Manager.
    No point celebrating the departure of Wenger and the arrival of Eddie Howe (No offence to Eddie)

  69. Cesc Appeal


    Really interesting comments, sounds like an implicit dig at Ozil as well, Iwobi moves the ball quicker and leaves defenders in his wake, almost as if saying Ozil does not do that.

  70. Bamford10

    Keown thinks uncertainty re whether Wenger will return is behind Alexis and Ozil’s slow-going negotiations. It may be. Even if they are not hugely convinced by Wenger, both would want to know who Arsenal would be bringing in to replace him.

  71. Davey

    I agree Giroud is more effective in the last 30 mins but isn’t this because we become more direct and actually cross the ball and play to his strengths when we are chasing a goal?

  72. Bamford10

    Merson thinks the pressure is getting to Guardiola a little (based partly on the latter’s snappy, irritated responses to journalist questions).

    Also thinks City are in a fight for top four & are thin squad-wise.

  73. Bamford10


    That may be part of it, but I don’t think we’d play like that for 90 minutes anyways, so I still think Giroud is best as a 65th minute sub.

  74. Cesc Appeal

    I still think Schniederlin would be a smart move, around £18 Million it looks like, though obviously not likely Mourinho would do business with Wenger.

    Particularly with our current problems, at Saints Schniederlin was excellent, just made a bad career move which, unfortunately, many players do. If he ends up at Everton, fingers crossed he can reignite his career, very good ball playing CDM.

  75. Cesc Appeal


    Certainly is.

    No doubt he will get some game time there, quite a physically strong player as well, should only get stronger with age which is a nice bonus in a CAM I think.

  76. London gunner

    I understand why Giroud is up top with Walcott out injured.

    Sanchez as a CF excelled with a pacy winger(more like second striker) making runs off and around him aka Walcott.

    Iwobi doesn’t have that pace or style as he is a builder of opportunities rather than a finisher, ox also isnt ideal partnership with Sanchez.

    Maybe Sanchez and welbeck could work in a mock/fluid 442?

  77. Cesc Appeal


    Against the so called ‘lesser’ teams at home potentially Welbeck, Sanchez and Walcott up top with Iwobi at CAM could be very interesting.