Arsene Wenger circus in superb form against Bournemouth

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Just breezing through the comments before I started to write this and one word that really stood out to me was ‘circus’, because yesterday was nothing short of it. There was so much wrong with how that panned out yesterday, it’s difficult to gather my thoughts cohesively into a story, so it’ll probably be quite chunky.

The big takeaway for a lot of Arsenal fans is that we nicked a point. I’m not going to lie, we lost our minds in the pub when Xhaka nipped that beautifully weighted left footed ball into the box allowing Giroud to power above everyone to nod home another crucial goal. It was glorious, I loved his scorpion kick celebration, the campness was a delight.

However, you can’t let cup final like game distort the facts here, a point away at Bournemouth is not good enough when your rivals are pulling away from you. We can marvel at the spirit of the comeback, but that’d ignore how we landed 3 down. We can celebrate the point because at least it pushed us up the table, but it would gloss over us dropping points when our rivals are all playing each other. We can celebrate entertainment, but we’d be pretending we weren’t the cause of it.

Nothing sums up Wenger more perfectly than the game last night. All the chickens came home to roost as we tapped out of the title race and handed the momentum to proper managers.

Starting Line-up

What a fu*king car crash that was. Initial thoughts were that he’d dished out a double slap to both Ramsey and Perez. Perez because he’d been dropped after a pretty decent game at Palace, Ramsey because he’d been put out wide on the right. Well, turned out we were wrong there. Ramsey had been pulled into the side and given the role of #10, despite Iwobi doing a very good job of it the other night and despite Aaron Ramsey not having the ingredients to play there for us. It’s like giving Theo a go at CF just to shut him up for a year.

We continued with Giroud up front, we dropped Sanchez out on the left. Then in midfield Wenger put Coquelin in the side AGAIN next to Xhaka. Really baffling. Even worse, in defence, he continued to persist with Koscielny but he bizarrely brought Mustafi back into the side after a month out to face an aggressive team known for their fitness and hustle.

The Game

It was pretty much disaster from start to minute 70. Bellerin was caught out early on when he pushed up too far into the middle exposing a monstrous gap Bournemouth jumped on. A long cross field ball from Stanislas found Daniels, he ambled into the box, dummied Bellerin’s sprint back and dropped his shot inside the near post. Poor keeping and terrible team defending.

Things started to unravel pretty quickly from there, Coquelin who was rested 2 days ago found himself on the floor grappling a hamstring injury, as we’ve written about before, soft tissue injuries, especially for injury prone over played players are preventable. He’s been benched once in our last 7, hardly a shock.

Anyway, that didn’t help things, he’d had the most touches in the attacking 1/3 up until the 39th minute. You can’t help but wonder if that were a strategic decision on Bournemouth’s side to let him have the ball because he’s hopeless at moving it forward?

We had a bit of a resurgence that amounted to little, then disaster struck, we lost the ball in midfield a poor pass in their half couldn’t be controlled by Mustafi or Coquelin, Bournemouth broke quickly, Fraser was played into the box and Xhaka brushed him over. It was incredibly tight to call it a penalty and very soft. Wilson stepped up for the kick and stroked it tamely down the middle, Petr Cech once again getting nowhere near. Very disappointing from him again.

The final act of Bouremouth was another example of the corruption of consistency we see with Premier League refs, Fraser, who won a soft penalty against us shoved Bellerin over on the right in more brutal fashion, but he was waved on, regained composure and bundled the ball through Cech’s legs. I don’t mean to moan about refs when we play poorly, but that was a criminal decision. Questionable keeping again from Cech.

The away fans thought the game was dead and buried, half the pub went out for a cigarette regardless of whether they smoked. It looked over.

Sanchez wasn’t having any of that. On 70, Chamberlain scuffed a cross to the front post, Giroud nodded it on and the Chilean was at the back post to put a diving header in the near corner. The second goal was an absolute pearler, right up there with that scorpion kick. Sanchez rolls the ball into Xhaka, he find Giroud inside the area. The ball is deftly chipped out to the left where Perez is on hand to rasp a volley just inside the far post. Majestic.

We had the better of a tired Bournemouth by now, we started to run them ragged and sure enough our break came with Giroud being the man of the moment again to save our blushes.

He didn’t save our season though. Some Thoughts.

Possession in midfield

Another week, another team with half a brain allowing our centre backs the ball, letting it come into midfield, then press hard and win it back. We were god awful in midfield for large chunks of the game yesterday. Incapable of holding onto the ball or doing anything productive. We didn’t have an answer until the last 20 when a small team with a small squad lost a man and their rhythm.

Another minor element that has really bothered me of late is watching Petr Cech consistently hoof the ball. We are a posession team with a Wimbledon goalkeeper. Why doesn’t someone pull him to one side and explain this approach isn’t helping anyone?

Injury Chickens

Touched on it early, but why Wenger thought bringing Mustafi back into a game of this intensity was a good idea is beyond me. Gabriel has been pretty decent of late and was more than capable of doing a job against Bournemouth. Mustafi was horrendous all night, lucky not to find himself nursing a redcard. Off the pace, clutzy and not up to his usual standard.

Literally add injury to insult we lost Kos to ‘cramp’, a sure fire warning sign he needs a rest. We also lost Coquelin to a hamstring injury. Wenger doesn’t know how to manage a squad, we’ve seen it time and time again, this is what happens. The saving grace we’ve had of late is Shad F and co keep the players on the pitch more, but he can’t save them if they’re tired like they were tail end of last year.

Tactical set up

We looked utterly shellshocked that Bournemouth were hitting us hard with a press. We didn’t know what to do. Where was our agression? Where was the response? How did it take until the 70th minute to make things happen? Is it so hard to work out sides like Liverpool and Bournemouth. Let them run their arses off for 60minutes, run out of steam, soak up the pressure, then batter then for the last 30minutes. We just don’t think and this is against Bournemouth, hardly Bayern Munich.

Player Psychology

It’s like Wenger has never dealt with a human being before the way he messes with the team. Iwobi goes from a good game at #10 to being pushed out wide. Aaron Ramsey, who will never be an Arsenal #10 has a chance to show how bad he is in that role and tanks. Perez who had a good game vs Palace isn dropped for Iwobi, who was out of his depth yesterday. Gabriel dropped for an unfit Mustafi. I can’t follow the logic and nor can the players judging by the performance.

Alexis Sanchez

You can’t help but look at his body language and fear the worst. He really doesn’t vibe with Ramsey, again it was evident last night. He looks like a 9 year old boy who’s been asked to play with the girls. He knows what he’s seeing is amateur hour and it’s sad to watch.

Hector Bellerin

What a shocker of a game he had last night, without doubt the worst I’ve seen from him in an Arsenal shirt. I can’t help but think a big part of that was being played next to an out of sorts Mustafi. He didn’t know what to do, was he covering him, was he looking out for his side of the park, it was a mess. Also alarming that the manager said he had a knock before the game, yet he still played him.

The season

What an irony that Eddie Howe, a manager the club have been speaking to about replacing Wenger, derailed our season by going 3-0 up and losing his bottle dropping 3 goals in 20minutes. Nothing more Arsenal than that.

Jokes aside, the circus that was on show yesterday shows you why Wenger can’t be considered an elite coach these days. Poor preparation, confused starting 11, tactical ineptness, unstructured press, fitness issues and a failure to make hay while the sun is shining.

Same old problems that are just burning brighter the longer we carry on with this charade that is the current management structure. We need a fresh start, hopefully a solid 4th place finish this season will inspire the change we need, because we are going nowhere under the current offering and the worst thing is, it looks like our best player knows this.

A fun day at the office, a solid point considering, but ultimately, another glorious failure that won’t help us reach the heights the fans so desire.

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    Samesong I guess Pep is a joke too. I agree that the selection was off and I was livid, but on reading the decision to take off Kos and what the hell happened to Bellerin and why Gab didn’t start, looks like our back line bare Holding were all on the red line or recovering.

    Ramsey remains my gripe as to why consider him at all.

  2. Samesong


    I’ve been saying for time Cech is slow and on the way out. But the point im making is it’s down to the manager to get the best out of his players and he is not getting it. They have no chemistry. Passing sideways our first shot on target was round the 70th minute.

  3. izzo

    You can bet we won’t capitalize on Chelsea losing. Swansea are bottom relegation fodder but we’ll make them look like world beaters. Aren’t they a team we always struggle against. With a new Manager the will have a point to prove. Won’t be surprised with another draw there.

  4. DaleDaGooner

    Dele Alli ….thanks all the same, can’t stand the pundits already yapping on about Chelsea breaking our 13 win record.

  5. loyika

    Fcuk this Chelsea team. City should have smashed them at the Etihad and Liverpool will smash them at Anfield.

    Now lets see if Spurs have the bottle.

  6. DaleDaGooner

    I don’t care about Pep how many champions league have we won?

    Samesong I don’t get you….you mentioned how we’re complaining about fixtures, but the biggest moaner was Pep,,, what’s CL got to do with it?

  7. izzo

    Lol Chelsea run comes to an end. David Luiz is a plonker. how hes back at Chelsea is beyond me always been calamity defender. Conte needs a better partner for Cahill and another option to Costa.

  8. DaleDaGooner

    Ramsey was the reason we probably didn’t even bat an eye at Dele. He’s 100% more effective than “Rambo” we doesn’t do the fancy flicks and tricks, but he’s a handful.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Don’t know about Walker amongst others, but Rose is surely a very solid left back. I think one of our biggest problem in the last 12 years is carrying Clichy and Sagna along in their green time and then replacing them with journeymen and very green right backs. Surely we need more than this chap Wenger plucked from 8th tier

  10. Thank you and goodnight

    Quite a statement by the spuds… they lose their next league game 😀 I have to agree with some on here….think this year could be year we drop out of top 4

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sorry just remind me who was le tossr watching when all the other clubs were trying to sign alli …

    Mans a poor manager

  12. Wenker-wanger

    Pocchetino is a very good manager. He has assembled a very good team. Coming close last season and bottling it will help them focus better this season. Kane and Ali are terrific strikers,able to score against any opposition.Still not convinced over their midfield, but probably good enough to restrict the opposition attack to few chances.
    I wonder if the spuds winning the league will mean the death of AKBs?

  13. Samesong


    And your going to hear it again and again from other posters deal with it!


    Sorry man went into a tangent.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    No doubt it will be like kante ….
    We were watching but didn’t think he would be ready yet …

  15. Thank you and goodnight


    I hope your right and he’s definitely off at end of the season. Be party time if true….except for the AKB’S who’ll all be suicidal of course

  16. DaleDaGooner

    “I hope your right and he’s definitely off at end of the season. Be party time if true….except for the AKB’S who’ll all be suicidal of course”

    Wonder who would really be suicidal if in Arsenal fashion, Bob Bradley was brought in to replace Wenger……runs and hide

  17. Federer

    Just like any open wound whose true impact you feel the morning after, it’s now that the import of our 2pts dropped is sinking in. We would have been in the thick of the title race (or considered to be) , but now we can’t even motivate ourselves.
    I fear for the Swansea game

  18. WrightIsGod

    I said after the Spurs game (whilst factoring the Liverpool defeat) that we are useless against a team that press and put us to the sword over a sustained and lengthy period of time. We can’t keep possession and we end up inviting pressure. For instance we saw it rear its ugly head against Everton and then again yesterday.

    And so I find it ludicrous when AKBs make the excuse or claim that we couldn’t score or it’s hard to break a team down that just sits and invites pressure or “parks the bus” . This is stupid because that is exactly what we prefer from opponents. In fact I will bet my house that is what Wenger’s drills and training mainly consists of. In fact the Bournemouth game is the best example of all of this.

    I am worried for us this second half of season, who doesn’t have our number?

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Very impressive from Spurs, completely out-muscled Chelsea all over the field, the defence completely shut down Chelsea’s attack.

    Thought Wanyama was excellent again, a steal at £12 Million.

    Going to be an interesting few years for Spurs, if they can hold onto Pochettino and a few of their names, make smart little additions to the squad they could be right up there, play well, with the right attitude, nice mix of physicality and technical ability, just lacking a bit of flair in attack and a bit of depth.

  20. loyika

    This Chelsea team have been getting the rub of the green, fair play to them for the run, but like i said, Citeh should have put them to the sword and Brom should have halted that run as well.

    The have lost against Liverpool, Arsenal, and Spurs. I feel they will lose again at Anfield and Old Trafford (You just know Jose will do everything possible to make sure Chelsea are disgraced at OT) I doubt we beat them at SB, best we get is a draw over there.

    I think Liverpool have the best chance to win this over everyone else (their luck has to come through one day)

    Too bad we will only make up the numbers in the end.

  21. Mustafi Magic

    Spurs played well granted but let’s not get too carried away with a wankfest too soon.

    We beat these overrated cunts 3-0 if you remember rightly.

  22. DaleDaGooner

    “And so I find it ludicrous when AKBs make the excuse or claim that we couldn’t score or it’s hard to break a team down that just sits and invites pressure or “parks the bus” . This is stupid because that is exactly what we prefer fro…”.

    Twisting of facts, when it is indeed WOBs that say this

  23. kc

    Looking up at 4th place now. Ouch. The bleeding will continue until Wenger Fucks Off. Big win for the spuds. At least their manager knows how to motivate his players for the big games. We crumble under pressure every time.

  24. Jeff

    1 Chelsea 20 27 49
    2 Liverpool 20 25 44
    3 Tottenham 20 25 42
    4 Man City 20 19 42
    5 Arsenal 20 22 41
    6 Man Utd 20 12 39
    7 Everton 20 5 30

  25. Dissenter

    “This Chelsea team have been getting the rub of the green, fair play to them for the run, but like i said, Citeh should have put them to the sword and Brom should have halted that run as well.”

    Bollocks, absolute nonsense.
    You don’t go 13 games unbeaten without being good. The run was always going to end.

    Conte just met a very good manager who’s assembled a young team that wont stop running.

  26. Redtruth


    And when as you say will Wenger fuck off..?

    Ludicrous nonsense. Wenger’s going nowhere and rightly so.
    Where’s the fan pressure to oust him?

    I thought so….just keep your comments to youself.
    The fanbase is hapless like you.

  27. Dissenter

    “We beat these overrated cunts 3-0 if you remember rightly.”

    Not so sure of what you';re saying.
    We beat them six games into the season when Conte was still feeling his way. He changed their system and they went on a massive run.

    The Chelsea team that Spuds beat is a battle tank. The Chelsea team that we beat was a Calvary horse.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    I do think Chelsea’s success has shown that a system can compensate for players who are not necessarily at the top level in the position they are playing, none of the Chelsea’s three CB’s are likely regarded as up there with the best around, granted Azpilicueta is actually a fullback, Alonso and Moses equally are not exactly top rate as a LWB or RWB.

    Not surprised to see them linked with Rodriguez and Van Dijk, Chelsea have a system that works, but the players could be upgraded.

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Kc an yer sunshine band….
    I don’t think he will leave sadly,

    It’s money not trophies now that is required …

    Have been sold a lie that the new drum will make us the elite ..lie.

    Like black cab drivers say the games dead ….for arsenal it is …

  30. loyika

    @ Dissenter?

    Are you saying Citeh should not have won their game or that Chelsea were not matched by West Brom?

    The only team that has impressed me this season is Liverpool (just need to sort out their defence a bit)

    You might be impressed by Chelsea, (Some by Spurs, some by Citeh) but i am not fucking impressed by them and whether it was the first game of the season or not, they have lost against Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs.

    Nothing you say will change that. (All they can do is beat us at SB, still won’t stop the fact that we beat them at the Emirates)

  31. Dissenter

    Anyone that equates Spuds beating Chelsea today with our 3-0 trashing of the Chavs in September is a clown.

    Beating a team that has won 13 games unbeaten who have had an extra day rest is different from beating a team with experimental system 6 days into the season.

    Conte found a winning system and Pochettino dismantled it.
    Now Conte has to go back to the drawing board.

  32. Dissenter

    You’re the only one that thinks you win 13 consecutive games in a top league without being impressive?
    Yet you’ll be celebrating the next time we have UNBEATEN run of six games against teams in the lower half of the table.

  33. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    So wenger goes
    Who is yer choice to take the job June 1st ….

    Dare say u will avoid this as per usual …

  34. raptora

    The table flatters Chelsea. They had to lose vs Man City and to draw atleast one of the four occasions they won by a goal to nil. In this league you are going get punished if you go back and defend a minimal lead and Conte was close to suffering to it for games in a row, still it didn’t happen. Now spuds totally out whatever word you think of and didn’t give them a single chance. What is impressive is that Chelsea’s run was so long. Football sometimes lacks logic. Costa was supposed to get sent off in each of the first two games in the PL with him later scoring the winning goals and in both of them. He was being given the yellow card and then spared with every reason not to.

    What matters now is that Chelsea could lose points away vs Leicester, and after that the title gets anyones.

  35. loyika

    @ Dissenter

    Guess you skipped the fact i said; “Fair play to them”

    My point is that; I AM NOT IMPRESSED BY THE CHELSEA TEAM. Lets see if they can go on another 13 games run.

    What you could say is that unlike Arsene, Conte will react and probably enter the transfer market to sort out any weaknesses. (seems he doesn’t like Batsuyi and definitely Mikel is gone)

    Most were waxing lyrically about Citeh at the beginning and some of us were doing the same over Arsenal. This season is going to come down to small margins; things like dealing with Europe, players going to AFCON and injuries to key players will play a large part.

    PS, I know Refs have been getting the double barrel for the past 2 weeks, but Mike A was brilliant today. To bad we have to still live with Mike Dean in a Ref shirt.

  36. London gunner

    Dele alli age 20

    this season 12 goals
    Assists 2

    Career total

    Goals 21
    Assists 13

    Wilshere age 25

    This season
    Goals 0
    Assists 1

    Career total
    Goals 11
    Assists 13

    Alli has only played 2 seasons of premier with only 5392 minutes

    Jack Wilshere minutes played 10933

  37. Dissenter

    “What matters now is that Chelsea could lose points away vs Leicester, and after that the title gets anyones.”

    It’s distinct possibility.
    You need luck and some adrenaline to win 13 consecutive games. It’s hard to pick up the pieces but there are somethings going in their favor. They have a week and a half off til the next round of games and they won the league two seasons ago. They have leaders in that squad so might be able to steer the car back on the road.

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You are very opinionated on others an critical of others views …

    Yet you seldom or never answer a direct question

    You should be more vocal on what’s needed rather than be the anonymous heckler at the back who just gets shouted down …

    Dare say you will ignore ….
    As you see yourself as the kendo nagasarki of the blog …

    I see ya as an Adrian street ….in yer light blue Lycra trunks dressed to the left ,

  39. London gunner

    lol lol Chelsea aren’t suddenly a shit side because they lost to spurs their winning run was going to end it happens to all teams.

    Chelsea are still far ahead of the chasing pack.

  40. ughelligunner

    The truth is if you can have a strong defence that can keep chelsea counter attck at bay then take your chances since you will always get them with David luiz and Cahill at the back, you might edge out chelsea. Man city missed both of this.

  41. loyika

    @ LG

    They are not shyte, but they are not the best team as well. FACT!!

    Win at Anfield and i will say they have it done and dusted, till then…… Might do well to get a point at Leicester if Vardy gets a run against that back 3.

    Fine margins in the end for all teams heading to May.

    Good for the neutrals as well –

    Seeing Pep get hot under the collar (lets see how good he is in turning things round.

    Seeing the master tactician that is Conte and how he pushes his team to play beyond their capabilities (after all Jose had already said he made them better than they actually were, so you can’t now slate me for also making that statement)

    Seeing if this is the best Scum season since Jesus left to join the Father Abraham.

    Seeing if Kloppamania (and his Heavy Metal football) can last the distance.

    Seeing if Arsenal finally fall of the 4th place trophy bus! Lol!!

    Seeing if Jose will get sent off to the stands again before the season ends (i kid) But it’s a joy watching Zlatan in the league. (too bad it’s with the Mancs)

    Enough action to keep everyone on their toes don’t you think?

  42. London gunner

    Loyika who do you think is the best?

    I mean Liverpool play some great flair based football but they are to weak defensively and I know defence isn’t as glamorous as attack but it matters just as much. People sometimes forget that and play down the importance.

  43. loyika

    @ LG

    For Liverpool? I just think the “Klopp factor” will come into play, their defence is crap (And Matip being forced to go to Afcon will be a big blow to them, more than Mane i feel)

    They need to get another defender i think (especially if whats his name is going to be sold)

    For Spurs i just think right now it’s a mentality thing, if their Manager was Jose i say they win the league (would have won it last season in their position if Jose was their manager)

    Citeh have themselves to blame, with the way they treated Hart imo, also they really need to sell Kompany, not doing anything for them (also their back line is getting old as well and Stones is still learning)

    Arsenal are just that; ARSENAL!! Although our defence numbers have improved a bit, (well before last night that is) but you always know we will let in silly goals.

    Chelsea? Lets see if Conte reverts to a back 4, guess depending on how they do against Leicester and the threat of pace from Vardy, Musa and Okazaki. Too bad Sulimani and R Marhez are going to be at the AFCON.

    Despite how entitled those mobs at Liverpool are, wouldn’t begrudge them winning it. (We won’t hear the last of it though from those lot, but could ive with that rather than a Spurs EPL trophy)

  44. Dissenter

    “And where was legrove kante today? I bet they would shift to Wanyama. Fickleness”

    Actually the fickleness is you not understanding that both Kante and Wanyama are competent defensive minded central midfielders.
    Kante was the one the main stays of the team that won a league title last season so stop your childish quips. He’s not Le-grove’s Kante he was the best in his position last season.
    Wanyama has shown that he’s very good over the past 4 seasons in England.

    Both would be on our squad sheets EVERY single game.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    ‘legrove kante’

    Le Grove Kante?

    You mean most every football expert going Kante.

    An all action CDM/CM who was the backbone of title winning Leicester side, who has come into a Chelsea side now a good deal ahead of the rest of the pack, if you’re ready to jibe at him after this game where he played not at his best but not especially poorly, goodness knows what you must think of some of our lot then.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Absolutely, both Spurs and Chelsea’s midfields are ahead of ours I think, I was actually impressed tonight with Matic who I think did very well against what is a tenacious Spurs midfield.

    Ultimately tonight Alli was too powerful and the Spurs defence too solid for Chelsea. Conte’s done well to get new life out of that Chelsea squad without groundbreaking additions, but I do think some additions are necessary, particularly over the summer with an eye on the UCL next year.

  47. Bamford10


    “We beat these overrated cunts 3-0 if you remember rightly.”

    Actually, we beat a Chelsea team playing in a different formation and still trying to figure things out; we didn’t beat THIS Chelsea team.

    And I have no idea if they are “overrated ” — though they have looked like the best team in the PL — but I do know they are 8 points ahead of us.

  48. Bamford10


    You never answered his question: who is the best team in the PL? Who is most likely to win the league?

  49. Dissenter

    If you’re an English man or woman then you should be happy with two of the best English players of this generation; Dele Ali and Harry Kane.

    If they stay at Spuds then they have a genuine foundation to build on.

  50. mikem

    Long time since we’ve had aseason where there are 5 teams, at this stage, so close to each other in terms of potential to win the league. Next seasons that is. Man unitrd too far back this year probably.

  51. loyika

    @ Dissenter

    Please don’t bring Engurland into this. As soon as they put on an England Jersey and they get to crunch games they go all “Spursy/Arsenal” and bottle things big time. I mean, losing to Iceland for England was far worst than Brazil being dismantled by Germany.

    @ Bam

    Who are you giving it to yourself?

  52. Dissenter

    I don’t think Madrid would bat an eyelid if Spuds quoted 100 million for Dele Ali. The lad is going to be a mega star. I have to say I’m impressed by his desire and nasty personality. He has “winner” written all over him.

  53. Dissenter

    Good point about England but Hodgson botched the job when he made it clear he was taking Jack Wilshere no matter what.
    Big Sam would have done a job [I really believe this] but he was drawn into a tabloid trap.

  54. loyika

    Dele Alli should only consider R Madrid when “Mr Macho CR7″ leaves, Bale could have been better if Ronaldo gave him more encouragement, i think CR will kill Alli’s ego and make him not love playing for that team if he decided he wants that route.

    He should stay with The Scum for now and then probably go to Man United (or maybe Barca)

  55. loyika

    Big Sam only has himself to blame for losing his dream job.

    Just shows how corrupt footie really is, just that (besides the debacle at FIFA) the football fraternity usually keeps things in doors, but they all somehow have little skeletons in their closets (too much money in the game to have clean hands really, and the figures being quoted by Chinese clubs right now will only make things worst)

  56. Bamford10


    Liverpool. Interesting.

    I think they play some of the most inspired attacking football in the PL, and I love Klopp, but I don’t know if they are solid enough defensively or solid enough in terms of their squad / personnel.

    But you could be right. They play brilliantly together, and they have a great spirit to them — whereas Chelsea are a bit more mercenary-like.

    If Costa were to stop scoring or if he were to get injured, I might favor Liverpool. But as long as Costa is effective for Chelsea, I think I give the edge to them. Not because they play better football than Liverpool, but because they’re a bit more solid somehow.

  57. WengerEagle

    Chelsea’s defeat today makes our Bournemouth meltdown/partial-recovery even worse now, two silly points dropped because we were sleepwalking for the first hour, how many fucking times have we rehashed this familiar tale?

    8 points gap now but really it’s still too wide a margin and let’s be honest, we could be the ones 8 points clear at the top but with our manager and the past decade’s paradigm, if you were a betting man you’d hardly even back us then.

  58. Bamford10


    “Sanchez is tired of Arsenal and it’s showing.”

    You may be right. His body language last night was definitely not good.

  59. loyika

    @ Bam,

    Yeah, very much on point with your views as concerns Pool and Chelsea.

    Funny enough the coach/manager i worry for is Pep, seems not to be settling down with how the EPL plays out, at the best of times this league can crack the best managers and not because it’s the best in terms of tactics or skillful play, but i guess he is finding it difficult to deal with the relentless nature of the league (and the press here is far more savage than what he has ever had to deal with)

    Also feel he puts himself under too much pressure on his own, i know many feel we might drop out of the top 4, but i feel Citeh might soon crack if Pep doesn’t get his emotions in check (he should thank his stars Citeh don’t play United anytime soon i think!? Cause if Jose smells blood especially with Pep you just know he will twist the knife in with mind games)

    On another note, which dumb manager would actually want the Hull job!? Such a useless club. What the fcuk did they expect Mike Phelan to achieve exactly!?

  60. Dissenter

    The only saving grace with Sanchez is that I’m not sure there are bigger clubs in Western Europe [I’m old fashioned] that will pay him as much as he’s asking for. He wont even be guaranteed at starting at City and he’s one player who likes to play regularly.
    I wouldn’t bet against the China offer because south American players look at the Chinese experience differently. He’s 27 y/o and can still come back to a major club after finishing a four year contract in China, when he’s 31 year old to finish his career.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    Greatly enjoyed The Mirror article claiming that Arsenal are worrying about offering £200 000 or more to Ozil and Sanchez because they have to think about new deals for Wilshere, Oxlade and Gibbs.

    You actually do not know whether to laugh or cry sometimes with this club.

    So really, there seem to be three deals on the table, one for Ozil, one for Sanchez, one for Wenger. I wonder which is the most likely to get signed? I think that would just about do it for a lot of Arsenal fans, though I think Ozil will sign an extension purely because not many top clubs would be in for him, Sanchez on the other hand, well City, Chelsea, Juventus, PSG, all rumoured to want him, and who could blame him for going.

    Honestly, the philosophy at this club is so painfully unambitious, so desperate to just keep everything the way it is it becomes nauseating.

    We are sat here, wasting a squad that could be a platform for success because we’re still doing things the late 90’s early 00’s Wenger way.

  62. Mick Kartun

    May the FOURTH not be with you this time you old cunt arse wanker.

    With the spuds and man yoo are going with 5th gear, at least you will prove to the world and that flock of scum AKBs of yours that you are the most shameless pile of human garbage to still sign the fucking extension even though you came at 6th by the end of season.

    Fuck off you old senile worthless piece of shit senile cunt.

  63. Sid

    Ozil will sign a new extension simply because he has nowhere to go and no top club is after him. Arsenal is the best club for him to earn easy money.

  64. China

    Ali may yet reach the heights people are saying but let’s slow down a bit Christ. He’s a kid who’s done really well for 18 months. He didn’t start this season very well. It is hardly the first time a young player has exploded on to the scene and done well for a year and a half…

    Even Ramsey managed a year of absolutely dominating the PL and we all know how that story has turned out.

    How about wilshere in his early seasons absolutely wrecking everyone including barca?

    Ali might go on to be the real deal but he could just as well end up another forgettable footnote in PL history like Ashley young, wilshere or Oscar (before anyone mentions the Shanghai move – he’ll be remembered for the cost of his transfer to China than his time at Chelsea)

  65. qna

    Sid: Ozil will sign a new extension simply because he has nowhere to go and no top club is after him. Arsenal is the best club for him to earn easy money.

    Doubt it. If he is free (2018), plenty of clubs could afford his wages. But I agree he has limited options. I think Bayern is his most likely destination (if they still want him). He would fit perfectly well in a strong team surrounded by 10 other high quality players. At Arsenal he has only 1 or 2 that can play to his level. I think that Juventus may also be interested, but he is not exactly their type of player, other than he is a former great player of Real Madrid.

    If Arsenal are not going to strengthen around Ozil and Sanchez, then Ozil doesnt make much sense to keep hold of. But if Arsenal are going to go to the next level, then Ozil and Sanchez, along with Bellerin are the players that can play in a better team. The rest would be out of their depth or too far past their prime (Cazorla, Kos, Cech, Monreal).

  66. Arsenal not Arsene

    Dissenter as good as Alli is you’re going overboard with your praises. Even bringing England into it? He may turn into a Bale or a Townsend and it will make you look stupid and red would have a field day quoting you in 2020

  67. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    With Elneny off to the African Cup of Nations and Ramsey too offensive-minded to be paired with an equally offensive Xhaka in an away game, i wonder what other options Wenger had than Coq. Even after Ox had replaced Coq and Ramsey was moved back, he continued to bomb forward as if he was Flamini.

    About Bournemouth electing to let Coq have the ball often because he’s poor moving forward? That’s not the level of planning i would expect from a football club. Certainly not Bournemouth. Sometimes the Coq bashing assumes an alarming dimension.

    We have been speaking with Eddie Howe about replacing Wenger? Is this verifiable or was it because he was seen having lunch with Wenger and Gazidis? It is not Arsenal or Wenger’s style to have an open lunch with a manager to sound him out on Wenger’s job. I’m more inclined to believe that the subject of that lunch was Wilshere.

  68. qna

    ” and it will make you look stupid and red would have a field day quoting you in 2020″

    And he should give a shit about this why???

  69. underrated Coq

    How sad is it that I’m starting to get envious watching Tottenham fuckin Hotspurs these days? They may be bigger bottlers than us but you can’t deny how well prepared they go into games , how well drilled they look both individually and as a collective, how well they execute their gameplan.

    Another sting is in the contrast between their British talent and our own. We had the bigger names, the more talented youngsters and yet there is no doubt which set of players have progressed to the next level. When Rose was given his debut against us, I remember laughing and thinking ‘We have Wilshere, Ramsey and the likes, the best they have are average Joes like Rose’.

    Few years on and look how that’s turned out.

  70. underrated Coq

    Pedro, your para on Player Psychology is absolutely bang on the money. The way Wenger messes with the team from week to week makes it absolutely clear he hasn’t the faintest clue on what he wants from the team, its all just ‘make it up as you go along’ type of management.

    An absolute disgrace, especially when you see sides like Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool play with clarity and purpose.

    And what’s with Sanchez playing wide again? That’s the end of the experiment with him up top? It could well be one of the reasons he is so visibly frustrated. He’d been adapting his game to play CF, doing a damn fine job of it, but now suddenly finds himself shafted to the wings again.

    People bash Ramsey a lot but in all honesty I have a lot of sympathy for him, the poor guy has been played literally all over the pitch. How in the hell is a player supposed to develop if he doesn’t know what role he’ll be playing the next week?

    What kind of a nutcase management does Wenger run?

  71. underrated Coq

    Iwobi will be the next talented youngster to be destroyed by Wenger. Being the indecisive goat Wenger is, we’ll start hearing him give conflicting comments to the press on what Iwobi’s best position is. We’ll see the same translate on to the pitch, with Iwobi playing CAM some weeks, as a wide forward other days..all completely random ofcourse. As a result of this, he’ll neither develop into a top CAM nor a top wide player.

    Sound familiar? How many players have suffered the same sort of fate under Wenger management?

  72. peanuts&monkeys

    Giroud should be kicked out for his goal celebration. Wenger should be thrown out of an express train for having forced his losing mentalideeeee on the young Arsenal players.

    Fuck off Wenger!!!

  73. peanuts&monkeys

    AKBs, are you all losers like the fossil whose ass you lick? or, are you ambitionless wanderers like Giroud.

    a manager like Jose Mourinho/Pochettino/ Klopp/ Pep would have banished Giroud to the sidelines for a month for his goal celebrations.

  74. Wallace

    next four weeks you’d think it’s do or die for Ramsey and his Arsenal career. Cazorla & Coquelin injured, Elneny at the ANC, Wilshere impressing in B’mouth… can make a decent case for him being the most complementary partner for Xhaka in CM. can he rise to the challenge?

  75. Thank you and goodnight

    Pochettino keeps it simple that’s why. He buys players and plays them in their positions even when rotating. Nothing wrong with rotating players as long as you stick them in position their supposed to play in. Take either ramsey, Wilshire or iwobi for example. Virtually played every position bar CB and goalkeeper.

  76. Thank you and goodnight


    Sorry didn’t realise you posted same comment earlier. Totally agree with you though 1000%. It’s like that time when he played Arshavin in his natural position for the first time in a cup game and Arshavin was rampant. He then comes out in the press conference and makes out he’s a genius as he’s finally found the best role for Arshavin……completely ignoring the fact the guy had played that position most of his footballing career.

  77. Wallace

    arseblog today suggesting that despite all the crucial goals he’s been scoring lately we have to drop Giroud for the good of the team. 100% agree.

  78. Ishola70

    “Wilshere? B’mouth is about his level for sure.”

    There was an interview with Claude and Ty recently on Arsenal Fan TV and someone in the background was holding up an artists impression of Jack Wilshere on a placard.

    It seems there is still adoration for this player among many Arsenal fans.

  79. Spanishdave

    Our seven points over the holiday period was the lowest out of the top 7 teams, and we thought we had easy fixtures.
    Looking at the games recently on tv we are.about 5 /6 at best just above Everton.
    Wenger does nothing to improve us year in year out the table doesn’t lie

  80. Wenker-wanger

    Just to heap on more doom and gloom… Spuds appear to be emerging from their inferiority complex that has been instigated and maintained by arsenal. There will be no holding them back now. Do not be surprised if they make a cheeky bid for sanchez. They will do this to further establish their newly found status as a top club. Its. A bit worrying as we slip further back. The senile clown has no awareness of our demise. His refusal to see the obvious is taking us backwards.

  81. Wallace

    Pedro, maybe a le grove sub-blog in which Arsenal fans who can’t stop gushing about the Spuds can get to meet and chat?

  82. raptora

    In their next four games Chelsea have to play Leicester (A), Liverpool (A) and Arsenal (H).

    In their next seven games Liverpool will face Man U (A), Chelsea (H), Spuds (H), Leicester (A), Arsenal (H).

    In their next five games Spuds will play versus Man City (A), Sunderland (A), Liverpool (A).

    In their next six games Man City are playing against Everton (A), Spurs (H), West Ham (A), Bournemouth (A), Man U (H).

    In our next five games Arsenal play with Swansea (A), Burnley (H), Watford (H), Chelsea (A), Hull (H).

    When you look at the fixtures nothing is lost just yet. We just have to start getting them results. But it takes a blind man to see we can have a nice little winning spree and close up on Chelsea.

  83. underrated Coq

    TYAG, yeah its like your manager or boss asking you to work in different profiles every few months. Sure, you get to experience all the fields and gather basic knowledge and skills required in all the profiles but you won’t be making strides in any of them.

    This is exactly what has happened to Ramsey. He owes a lot to Wenger for sticking by him after the horror leg-break. But everything since that has done him more harm than good. People say Ramsey is lucky because he’s a Wenger favorite, I say he’s terribly unfortunate that he’s having his career wrecked by Wenger.

    Theo Walcott is another, he should have been told that he’d never amount to a good striker, that he should instead focus on honing new skills as a wide player-a position he was decent at. Instead Wenger indulged in Walcott’s fantasies and you have a player who is neither a striker nor a top class wide player.

  84. Thank you and goodnight

    Totally agree with you that Ramsey’s progress has been stifled by wenger. Aside from Cesc who was really schooled at barcelona when was the last time a youngster went on to be WC under wenger? There’s this myth he makes youngsters but that’s bollocks. He breaks them more like.

  85. Cesc Appeal

    You cannot compare Alli to Wilshere and Ramsey, I think some of the praise of him is going a little overboard, and as an Englishmen I’m certainly dampening my expectations, but Wilshere had a great chunk of the 2010/11 season before getting injured and has been a total dud for the five years after that, Ramsey had a good four or five months in the 2013/14 season, got injured, and has been a total dud since then.

    Alli in contrast was excellent for most all of last season, the middle triangle of Dier, Dembele and Alli was a big part of Spurs’ success, and after a rocky start has well and truly reignited this year over the last couple of months.

    No doubt this will be called a ‘wankfest’ or ‘gushing’ over Spurs, but Alli, in my opinion, is well ahead of both Wilshere and Ramsey as it stands, can he be as good as some pundits think he will be, not sure, lofty ambitions for him, but he does have the potential to be special.

    As someone else said on here as well, whilst our British core has dissolved, Spurs seems to be getting stronger, not sure if that is just them picking better players, or Pochettino getting more out of them, but particularly Walker, Rose, Alli and Kane (Dier has dropped off a bit this year) have far exceeded any of our lot.

  86. peanuts&monkeys

    He cannot and has not been able to build young talents for 20 years. His youth project has been utter shambolic.
    He has lost whatever little football he could follow and understand.
    He takes out the fighting spirit from footballers. He is fertering the spirit of ambition-less donkeyism in the team.

    He hogs limelight and wants to be the only icon of Arsenal for ages. (thats the reason he will never ever buy a star like Ibra).

    He even spoilt a talent like Arshavin.

    He sells stars like RvP and Cesc…actually gifts them to competing teams.

    he cant scout. his scout outcome are like Kallstrom, Squillaci, SanOgOal,…..

    He doesn’t take risks. He is better off managing a 4th/5th position team.

    He has not won anything worthwhile in last 13 years.

    Why is he still managing Arsenal???

    Why the fck dont the AKBs protest? Guys, for 12 years, you have licked his ass. Aren’t you tired licking this same set of skin and bones? get a new manager of your fucking choice and start licking his, AKBs!!! Get something inetersting in your life, morons!

  87. Wenker-wanger

    Again the commentary on the mystery of Ramsey for Wales and the alter ego for arsenal.
    No mystery, Wenger is the differentiating factor…… A hopeless manager.

  88. Wallace

    do people think the Spuds deliberately bottled their champions league group so that they could focus on the league?

  89. Wenker-wanger

    You gotta love Sanchez…….A real football fanatic……No money could placate his angry passion after the whistle at Bournemouth. He is so far removed from the character of Wenger it’s incredible that he is playing for this pathetically feeble useless manager. For Sanchez’s sake I hope he wins something big next season, the guy deserves it.