Wenger fury at fixture list, but bigger worry for the Premiership, the fury of global fans

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Arsene Wenger kicked off his agenda by aiming a bullet right at Conte and the Premier League fixture masters. (two bullets, probably)

“In 20 years it is the most uneven Christmas period I’ve seen,”“The difference in rest period is unbelievable in terms of all the teams.

“The difference in rest period is unbelievable in terms of all the teams. Honestly I don’t really know if the Premier League masters the fixtures. It’s more that we have sold the rights to TV for a lot of money. So we have to accept TV chooses the games. But some teams have more luck than others.”

I’d love to know how they knock out the fixture list, I always had it in my mind that it was done in random behind the scenes with national lottery balls, starting to realise that was naive. A few of the coaches are complaining about the easy ride Chelsea are getting at the moment, even more frustrating because it’s not like they need the easy ride. No Champions League to worry about because of a horrible season last year has meant their schedule has been particularly light, so you’d think that would have been taken into consideration.

TV controls the schedule in the main and they’re shooting for global audiences these days. Interesting that they’re frustrating the American market as well. Premier League viewing figures are down 12% on last year. In part down to making the East coast audience wake up at 7 consistently (4am for West) this season for big games. But hey, before you go slating American’s for being weak wake up fans, figures for the Premier League in the UK are down as well, by a whopping 20%.

Have we hit peak Premier League? Is there too much soccer ball? Or is there too much access to too many leagues, so the audience pot is growing but across more channels? I watch WAY more football than I used to because I sit on my arse and start at 7 and watch across the league’s until 4pm.

Who knows, but for me, the big worry for the Premier League is the home crowd, fans who bother their arses to go. We’ve written about it before, but less young people are watching in the ground, less young people watching TV in general, football isn’t bullet proof to changing tastes and I’d hope there’s a plan to bring more young people in the game before it’s too late and we’re tuning in at 7am on a Sunday to watch a Youtube star tell us how he ate a banana yesterday and it tasted really nice.

ANYWAY, what a digression. Why don’t we pull ourselves back on track and talk rotation. With around 50 hours of breathing space between games, we need to rotate and rotate heavily. Someone mentioned to me that Aaron Ramsey was benched because he had a touch of the flu. Not sure there’s such thing as a touch of that nasty disease, but whatever. You’d imagine he’ll start today with Elneney gone. Or, the manager will opt again for Xhaka and Coquelin in the middle because Bournemouth can play ball and we need someone to run around and hustle.

Wenger sounds a bit nervous…

“We have to hang on, try to win and hope that results turn in our favour. We had an exceptional run, and we lost two games. I hope it’s out of our system. But every game is so difficult. In 48 hours we go into a game with a big handicap on the fixture and I have to find fresh legs.”

Not sure we’re at a massive handicap. We’re playing a tiny club with a tiny squad who have also come off the back of a bit of a fixture pile-up. Spanked by Chelsea on Boxing day, they beat Swansea on the 31st and they have us today. They don’t have the players to rotate in, so it won’t be peak Bournemouth, which is good news.

From our perspective, we could see Kieran Gibbs brought into the fold for Monreal. I’d imagine we’ll see Ozil return in at number 10, maybe we’ll see another game for a pretty fresh Perez and possibly a role for Oxlade-Chamberlain. What about Welbz? Would be great to see him, but I still think it’s too early.

However we cut it, we should have enough. Wenger can’t complain he has to find fresh legs when he has a monster squad he’s barely used this season.

Bournemouth have a patchy home record. Of their last 9 they’ve lost 3, won 5 and drawn 1. Still, we have to be on our game, they normally control possession, taking an average of 52% (compared to our 54%) this season and they can score goals clocking up 26 so far, and worryingly for us, 11 from set pieces. Good news for us, their number 1 chance creator is Jack Wilshere with 20, but he’s not playing today. Interesting that he’s number one creating 20 chances… Iwobi created 5 in his last game.

They’ll press us today, they’ll work incredibly hard and their manager, a potential target of the board to replace Wenger will be relishing the opportunity to show Ivan what he can do. This is a game not to be taken lightly, but it’s also not a game we should be panicking about. We have fresher players, better players and we’ve not really been troubled by smaller teams this season.

It is an important game though. We have to keep the gap with Chelsea respectable. It’s 9 at the moment, which you could see us catching, but if it creeps out to 12, you have an issue. Chelsea losing more than 4 games with their schedule and a manager who has built a team of smart robots is going to be tough. Great news is today gives us the opportunity to make ground on a Liverpool who blew their win against City by dropping points against the worst Sunderland in years (which is saying something).

Win today and we nestle back into the chasing pack and we jump City. That’s a very good place to be as the teams around us start to battle each other. Spurs vs Chelsea tomorrow means a rival drops points. Leicester vs Chelsea next week might throw up an interesting result (we have Swansea). I’m sure Everton vs City and United vs Liverpool will come with casualties next Sunday. The week after, we see City vs Spurs (we have Burnley).

Lots of blood to be drawn. This is a month for racking up a cushion of wins so when we face Chelsea on Feb 1st, the worst that can happen is a damaging flesh wound, versus a fatal bullet to the head.


P.S. First indoctrination of the years. Congrats to my pals on making this little Gooner the happiest boy in the land yesterday (those are tears of joy people, not the reaction after I told him Wenger might sign a new 2 year deal).


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  1. Bamford10


    “Mustafi Magic got a bit of the Nasri Mouth about him.”

    Mouth was more clever than this guy. Much more clever. And Mouth HATED me; he would definitely have come at me more if he were Mouth.

  2. Sid

    Over the last 10 seasons, Wenger managed to finish 4th with shit players and now does the same with top class players. The problem is Wenger, not the team. The team on paper is world class and will thrive under a manager like Simeone.

  3. Bamford10

    Wallace to Paulinho

    “you had your pants round your ankles after an hour. understandable your kinda pissed at the minute.”

    God, I love Le Grove.

    (I’m with Paulinho on this, though, for the record.)

  4. China

    Was at a wedding in beautiful Xiamen so thankfully missed this match!

    What the duck is xhaka’s problem?

    Is it 1 red card and 3 penalties in 5 months??? And let’s not forget he didn’t even start playing regularly until late September so you can make that 4 months…

    I think he has talent. Enough of it to be a top player but his discipline is absolutely dire.

    I said it after that Swansea red card – he’s a penalty/ red card waiting to happen at any moment and in any game.

    No brains

  5. Bamford10


    “Scoring nine against West Ham and Ludogorets ain’t gonna mean jack shit when we register one shot on target (optimistic?) at Stamford Bridge next month.”

    Optimistic. And a good point.

    And Wallace, your reply to the above was empty sophistry. Good teams create chances and score goals against top opposition; we don’t. That was Paulinho’s point, and he is right.

  6. Dream10

    – Mustafi’s was terrible. Young Hector in the same category as well. Cech and Koscielny were below average

    – a tale of two halves for Xhaka. Abject in the first. Lovely on the ball with moments of utter stupidity not far away. Needs to be smarter with his tackling. A more structured CM would also help him. Even Kanté with all his athletic ability and intelligence in covering space would have a bunch of WTF moments in our setup.

    -Sanchez doesn’t seem to fancy playing with a few of our players. He only trusts Özil, Iwobi, Cazorla and Xhaka. Players who combine well with him

    – seeing Sanchez pulling a few Henry ’07 poses. You can bet some of it is for the camera. Straight out of the Thierry playbook. He’s a fighter and very competitive. Nothing wrong with him and Chamberlain being disappointed at the final whistle, but some of his antics during the match are annoying. His passing and decision making in the final third are off on a regular basis. Don’t see others chastising him when he tries his Roy of The Rovers Act.

    -big Oli Giroud is bang in form. Credit to him after the criticism he’s faced. A worthy squad option. Class flick for Perez’s RVPesque volley.

    – a good point in isolation. Dropping seven points to Spurs, Boro and Everton makes this result look terrible. Spurs were in bad form when we played them, Boro came to contain us and we couldn’t break them down and the Everton match we threw it away. 41 points now vs the 48 points we should be on.

    Got to pick ourselves up and go again.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    The bottom line is that:

    1. We played poorly for 60 minutes.
    2. Our defence including goalkeeper were shocking conceding 2 poor goals
    and a ridiculous penalty.
    3. Our midfield looks fairly average all season particularly in absence of
    the ageing and injury prone Cazorla. We are now down to just 3 fit players
    in that department for this weekend assuming that Ozil recovers from
    4. Our two star players look utterly frustrated playing in this team and one
    suspects on the way out of the club at end of season. The contract impasse
    is reflected by their reaction in far too many games recently.
    5. The club lacks ambition from major shareholder and our ageing Board
    is lacking in input or ability to change the way the club is run.
    6. We have a Manager who has been in job over 20 years and is well past
    his sell by date and a coaching team which is stale.

  8. Black Hei

    “Kante is quicker, more mobile and a better ball-winner than Xhaka, and he is better with the ball at his feet than Coquelin.”

    Yup there is a point. Xhaka is a better passer of the ball than Kante and they do not play in the same role or style. Kante is closer to Coquelin’s style.

    Just like how Makele, Viera and Xabi Alonso all have different the same midfield position but apply themselves differently.

    The term DM is sometimes used too loosely.

    I do not watch Chelsea play, but I am 100% sure that Kante’s role in the Chelsea team is not to play the long pass but more of a destroyer role. The 5-2-3 formation probably negates the need for one.

  9. Black Hei


    I see this result more of an outlier. The trophy is out of reach but the basic ingredients do function.

    Much has been made of Xhaka’s problem and he is hot headed. Give him a bit of time. Costa was a red card magnet as well.

    His lack of mobility was mitigated by Mustafi presence. A fit Mustafi that is. Basically someone else who can ping the ball from the back. A mobile top 3 also helps push teams back to alleviate the press. With Giroud, it is a bit harder.

    So given the circumstances, I cut him some slack. He did very well in the previous 2 wins when the teams we were playing were drilled to sit deep and defend.

  10. Steveyg87

    Fortunately i only got to watch the 2nd half. Thats 3-1 to us,no? My man crush on Giroud growing stronger by the day. Wenger should probably start setting the team up the way he did when Oli just arrived at the club.Functional and contained in the middle with good old fashioned wing play.

    Wenger also needs to stop fannying about and get us a proper B2B in the mould of Rabiot, lots of people linking us to Pjanic, that would be exactly what the doc ordered.Also, has Cech ever saved a penalty for us? Lad has been a disapointment since he arrived at the club. Lets give Ospina a go. Lastly, lets not get all sentimental about Alexis & Mesut, we have players that can carry their responsibilities, its the middle of the park and our keeper we need to be worried about

  11. Vince

    I think most of Sanchez’s frustration is at the utter ineptitude of Giroud. I think he’s been revving up his negative body language since Giroud got restored to No 9 and I agree with him. Giroud might be swaying a few with his flicks and assists but he doesn’t convince me at all. If Sanchez was the striker yesterday we would have won. I could count 3 balls that were just a bit too heavy for him which a hustler would have chased and won and probably score. And that was when the game was goalless. Seriously ,we should do away with players who don’t know what they are up to 90% of the time. Giroud, Walccot and Ramsey are prime examples. If Winger had any head he’ll know by now that Sanchez and Perez are sure starters in attack. Let Ox, Iwobi and Welbeck fight for the 3rd spot.
    Defense is sorted. I’m okay with any of our back 8.
    Midfield has to be a combination of any 3 among Coq, Xhaka, Elneny, Cazorla, Ozil and Iwobi.

    Sell or give away Giroud, Ramshit, Walcott, Jenkinson, DebuchY, Sanogo and Per this winter or in the summer.

    Get in Mahrez/Carrasco or Fekir, Payet, Kondogbia and Malang Sarr. We’ll look a totally different animal with massive outs a day 4 to 5 players in.

  12. China

    Why give xhaka a bit of time?

    He has one of the worst disciplinary records of any top flight player in Europe going back over the last 3 years.

    We don’t have time for this bs

    We aren’t 9 points clear with the luxury of being able to drop the odd red card but still compete like in the old days

    We just pissed 2 more points away in a must win game to effectively end what little hope we already had and it’s only January

    Unless we all write this season off for experimenting to make the team set up for next season (never gonna happen) then we don’t have any time left to give

    We need a 10 game winning streak to get back where we need to be and we have a player who will happily pick up a red or give away a penalty every few weeks

    He needs to be told to cut the bullshit out immediately or get dropped for good and sold in the summer

    He doesn’t need time or an arm around him, he needs an absolute bollocking so hard he knows Arsenal aren’t a good enough time to accommodate his shit

  13. Mustafi Magic


    ‘One, we lost to Liverpool, and in poor fashion. Two, holding Spurs to a draw is something to set one’s tore by? Fuck off’

    I was talking about FC Bayernmouth last night you thick cunt.

    I take it easy on you, seeing as you’re a little bitch that runs to Pedro to get people banned.

    You’re nothing more than a pathetic troll.

  14. Mustafi Magic


    ‘We just pissed 2 more points away in a must win game to effectively end what little hope we already had and it’s only January’

    There’s 18 more games to go ffs…,complaining about 2 points when we’ve got 54 more to play for

  15. China

    Frankly though I can’t even blame xhaka. He does it because there is zero man management from Wenger. You can bet he’s never once given him a dressing down and just sees post match interviews about how he and the rest have kwalidee and mental strength

    I remember 3 months after he signed in the summer he was interviewed and said Wenger had only spoken to him once in those three months


  16. China

    Are we going to win all those 18 games?

    If we don’t win the league (we won’t) then our failure will be because of all of these games where we’ve pissed points away.

    Heck even stoke could win the league mathematically, the maths don’t mean a thing if you’re not realistically in the race

    And we’re not because of cheap point giveaways

  17. Steveyg87

    We can blame the players all we like but fact is, Wenger hasnt a clue. Why didnt Perez start yeaterday after his performance against palace? Ramsey included at the expense of fluidity. Everyone on here called it, but Wenger has other ideas

  18. China

    Yeah it’s true, the players fuck up and we lambast them but it’s a captainless ship so it’s bloody futile expecting them and the team to learn anything

    I regret so much that we missed out on klopp. He’s not perfect but he has so much to offer as a manager. He has ideas, is adaptable and is incredibly motivating to his players and fans.

    When was the last time we saw Wenger get out of his seat and try and get the fans going when we need it?

    It’s been 20 fucking years and I can’t remember even once

  19. underrated Coq

    Hilarious that throughout last season and the one before, Coq was regularly blasted as ‘undisciplined’,’walking red card’, ‘reckless hothead’ among other things when in reality for the amount of dirty work he does, he is one of the cleanest in the League.

    I guess all those folk who whined on and on about how risky Francis–he lunges in at every opportunity–Coquelin was to the team, and that they wanted a more ‘intelligent’ defensive mid like Xhaka are feeling a bit silly.

  20. underrated Coq

    Signing an ageing Cech–who was already showing signs that he was over the hill in his last season at Chelsea–has to be up there among Wenger’s most ridiculous decisions.

    Ospina is being cheated off a deserved first team spot.

  21. China

    Coq’s not world class but he’s a very decent player and is far more reliable than xhaka in his contribution

    Xhaka’s passing is pretty incredible but he’s also sometimes quite anonymous. With Coq you can be relatively sure that he’ll show up and give you a performance even if it’s not usually a 10/10.

    As well he works his ass off which is something we desperately need

  22. underrated Coq

    China, not disputing Xhaka is the more well rounded player but there was always this bizarre notion about Coqulein’s temperament. You had folks constantly complain about his indiscipline, predicting that he would lose his head, blow up and let the team down, some actually had their pitchforks ready for such a moment …which never came.

    Seeing Xhaka in all his glory has probably given these people a perspective of what indiscipline and stupidity actually looks like.

  23. Samesong

    Granite been sent off like 6 times for his national team in like 78 games. His displinary record for clubs and country are appaling.

  24. Emiratesstroller

    I keep on reading that we were “brilliant” in coming back from 3-0 down.

    What a load of tosh. We were awful and outplayed by a low budget middle ranked EPL team for 60 minutes of the game.

    When you analyse the performance we conceded 2 goals, because Bellerin was out of position for the first and bullied off the ball for second. Xhaka was totally reckless in conceding the penalty

    I have to agree that there are some serious questions to be asked about
    Cech’s goalkeeping this season. A top goalkeeper should not be allowing the ball to go through his legs and that is not the first time this season. Also his mobility and reading of penalties is very poor.

    Personally I think that our midfield is very average. Apart from Ozil how many
    of our squad would make the starting lineup of Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd,
    Liverpool or Spurs? I would suggest that on current form none would.

    I agree with some of the comments about our forwards. Giroud is a decent squad player, but he was more or less anonymous for 60 minutes of game. I
    find it extraordinary that Sanchez who is far more energetic and mobile as well as being potentially a 30 goal a season striker has been moved to flank
    where he is far less effective. You can see his growing frustration in almost every game he plays.

  25. OleGunner

    Chelsea are going to maul our limp noodle defence/mid in February, Jesus Christ!

    Good point for last night for our march towards 4th. Ain’t nothing higher than that available for this team for another year.

    God I can’t wait for a season with Wenger gone and we show genuine fight and ambition again.

  26. Wallace

    I was quite pumped last night after the comeback. this morning that’s faded a little. thought we needed 16pts minimum from the six games following the City game, so have to win the next three before Chelsea.

    Mustafi & Bellerin will never play as badly again(fingers crossed). but both kept at it. Coq’s injury leaves us low on fit/available CMs, but bearing in mind the teams we play in the next four weeks I think Wenger be okay with Xhaka, Ramsey & young Maitland-Niles.

  27. Wallace


    “I keep on reading that we were “brilliant” in coming back from 3-0 down. What a load of tosh. We were awful and outplayed by a low budget middle ranked EPL team for 60 minutes of the game.”

    third game in 8 days, the opposition had an extra 24hrs to recover, got shafted on the two key decisions(again), and pretty much all the changes we made to freshen things up backfired spectacularly. and Bournemouth were excellent.

  28. Ishola70

    Wenger said after the Crystal Palace match that the team needed to go on a run after the two previous defeats and looking at the opponents in front of them before the upcoming Chelsea game everyone knows that Wenger meant a winning run.

    In his post match he gave some usual speel and the words coming out of his mouth showed a little defiance and some whinging but during the whole interview he had a look of complete resignation on his face. Resigned again to be the also rans for the EPL title.

    It’s all over again and any EPL title hopes have now been extinguished at the beginning of January. This after spending over 95m in the summer.

    The man is stuck in the mud and is incapable of getting Arsenal onto a higher level.

  29. Samesong

    Mustafi & Bellerin will never play as badly again(fingers crossed).

    The reality is they probably will play badly again. Do you think other teams don’t watch our matches and their managers see who the weak links are?

    I assure you the next game is against ok a shit Swansea but haven’t they got that Montero who skins bellerin every time.

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Yer clutching at straws mate …

    We all play the same games over the same period of time, the emphasis is on a good manager to rotate an juggle squad to get maximum….

    Unfortunately no no does that for the coffin dodger .

  31. Wallace


    “The reality is they probably will play badly again. Do you think other teams don’t watch our matches and their managers see who the weak links are?”

    you think Bellerin & Mustafi are weak links?

    Mustafi’s first game back after a month out, and Wenger said Bellerin was carrying a knock from the Palace game. like I said, they won’t play that badly again.

  32. Wallace

    R S P C Arsenal

    “Yer clutching at straws mate …

    We all play the same games over the same period of time, the emphasis is on a good manager to rotate an juggle squad to get maximum….”

    Sunderland 2 -2 Liverpool

  33. Sid

    How long this circus is going to continue? If Wenger has any shame left , he will resign after the season ends. And he should be kept completely away from the club affairs .

  34. Emiratesstroller


    I agree that the EPL/TV Timetabling of our games in last 3 weeks was shocking.

    However, it does not change the fact that Arsenal are supposed to have one
    of the strongest squads in EPL and yet we were outplayed in two games against Everton and Man City who were not in great form before they played us and again yesterday for 60 minutes against a very average Bournemouth side without Wilshire.

    Whatever the excuses we are not a very good “team” . A better side than
    Bournemouth given a 3-0 lead would have thrashed us yesterday.

  35. Wenker-wanger

    Sanchez. Is getting the rvp feeling;.. Looking round the pitchthinking we need some better players to win big trophies.. Rvp lost patience, rergie pounced, bought the gem of a striker. League won.
    Sanchez has even more reasonto leave as he is an even better player.The only hope is wankger leaves pronto, a new top manager comes in and persuades him to stay…

  36. Ishola70

    What I don’t understand with all this talk of fatigue and having to play games in a short period of time in relation to last night’s game is that Arsenal came back and got a draw in the second half.

    If the players were so tired and out on their feet as some seem to suggest before a ball was even kicked last night how did they get back in the second half and get the draw.

    Did they somehow incredibly find some extra reserves of energy from somewhere? Did Wenger ply them with Lucozade?

    It’s a load of bollox this whinging about fatigue and fixture congestion.

    I remember posting on here before that in a certain season 1979/80 Arsenal played 17 matches in the space of two months with several of the matches going into extra time period of 30 minutes.

    The players of today are mollycoddled and if they keep being told that they are fvcked and shouldn’t be on the pitch playing football their soft little brains will go into melt down. Funny though that they got back into the match when they embarrasingly trailed 3-0 wasn’t it.

    Load of nonsense and a lot of the fans don’t help keep pushing forward this tosh. They are professional football athletes not pub park footballers.

  37. Wallace


    “against a very average Bournemouth side without Wilshire.”


    “All those defensive frailties often cited as cause for concern but usually masked by rampant attacking play reared ugly in the frantic last 14 minutes here as the visitors saw a 3-1 lead transformed into a deficit in the third minute of stoppage time. A 15-match unbeaten run was wrecked amid the bedlam. Once the delirium in the stands had died down home supporters queued in the aisles to take photographs of the big screens displaying the scoreline. The visitors could not leave soon enough.”

    – B’mouth 4 – 3 Liverpool (Dec 4th, 2016).

  38. Wenker-wanger

    Xhaka cost the same as kante didnt he?… Tells you all you need to know about wankgers judgement. 15 m for chambers!!! … to name just one of scores . Cant wait for his next purchase. Surely the worst judge of a player I can think of.
    Over- spends to keep us in the running for 4 th.

  39. Ishola70

    Wallace why do you keep refering to Liverpool for?

    Both those results you put up in relation to Liverpool were disappointing/poor results for them.

    What is your point exactly? That is is alright for Arsenal to have disappointing results because Liverpool have also.

    This mentality is why Arsenal keep failing.

  40. underrated Coq


    “Sunderland 2 -2 Liverpool”

    Klopp has neither the quality nor the depth of squad that Wenger has at his disposal. Yet he still has Liverpool three points better off, playing better football overall so far.

  41. Terraloon

    Your Comment Here
    I haven’t spent too long looking at the starting line ups but surely any competent manager would , if worried about fatigue, be looking to rotate factoring in such things as players would not be available for the 3rd game due to AFCON but would for games 1&2.
    Ok there were injuries , as usual, but come on trying to play so many players in all 3 games is nothing short of incompetence

  42. Wallace


    “What is your point exactly? That is is alright for Arsenal to have disappointing results because Liverpool have also.”

    they’re the second best team in the PL so far this season, but have also struggled with the congested festive season, and suffered badly at B’mouth. just putting it out there as a point of comparison.

  43. Wallace


    “Klopp has neither the quality nor the depth of squad that Wenger has at his disposal. ”

    nor the 8 champions league games before December.

  44. Ishola70


    ”they’re the second best team in the PL so far this season, but have also struggled with the congested festive season, and suffered badly at B’mouth. just putting it out there as a point of comparison.”

    Everyone knows that if Liverpool fail to win the EPL title again it will be because their defence proves too porous again and this applies over the course of the whole season and not just games over a short time period of the season or teams that you cherry pick.

    If Klopp doesn’t tighten up away from home overall he isn’t going to win the EPL simple as that. This is an overall problem for them and has been for years irrespective of matches played in a short period of time.

  45. Thank you and goodnight


    I have to agree with Ishola 70 to be honest mate. The excuse ‘oh but what about so and so drawing/losing to them is irrelevant. Will that be our ready made excuse for the next 30 years not to win the title? ” yeah but look at city/ Chelsea/Liverpool etc”……Sorry but I don’t give shit about these teams I care about Arsenal constantly bottling to take advantage against mid table teams when opportunity arises. As someone said on Arsenal fan TV yesterday…..how many of that Bournemouth side would genuinely make Arsenal’s 1st team?? Even with fact we’re underachieving not 1 of Bournemouth’s first 11 would walk into our team…..yet they played us off the park at times yesterday. It’s the same old story 12 years in, different players and squads yet constantly bottling it, one constant being wenger. He has to go, not end of season but now. I mean listen to the bollocks that comes out of Arsenal/north Korea pr team……. ‘Sanchez will sign of wenger stays!’ Really? Honestly his reaction over last couple of months is that the actions of someone happy with life under wenger? I mean I know most footballers aren’t the brightness but even Sanchez knows his career and quest for trophies/ titles is going nowhere under wenger. Trust me next season he’ll either be lining up for juventus or man city and I for one don’t blame him

  46. Emiratesstroller


    Do you think Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs in current form leading 3-0 against us
    at home would have allowed us to get back into the game as Bournemouth did?

    I think that those three sides would have taken us apart the way we were playing yesterday.

    I accept your point that Bellerin and Mustafi are unlikely to play again as badly as they did yesterday, but it does not change my opinion about our midfield,
    which I have felt for some time is distinctly average. As someone else suggested we need urgently a powerful “box to box’ player and “team leader” in the side. Players like Ramsey, Coquelin and Elneny are decent squad players at
    Arsenal, but nothing more.

  47. Thank you and goodnight

    Another thing I don’t understand. Why is it that when we fail it’s because “well Chelsea and Liverpool aren’t in europe”….yet come the end of the season when we make Top 4 and CL football do you guys hold it up as some sort of trophy that wenger’s achieved? Make up your minds, is CL a good thing or bad thing? And do you honestly believe if we weren’t in Europe anything would be different? Also what about years Chelsea and united got into CL finals and came close or closer than we ever have or won the EPL as well. Why wasn’t it a hindrance for them? While wenger remains it will be excuse after excuse after excuse. Arsenal’s standards are now those of Everton……shocking

  48. underrated Coq

    Okay, Wallace, so we can’t do an honest comparison of Arsenal and both teams above us-Chelsea and Liverpool-because they’ve had the benefit of lesser game-time, more recovery period?

    What about seasons past where likes of Chelsea, United and City regularly beat us to the title? Most of those times, they progressed further than us in the CL.

  49. qna

    As long as the Arsenal fans keep over-rating its players and its managers, we will continue to slide. As bad as Wenger is, there is not a manager in the world that can take a squad of ordinary players and transform them into contenders. And yes, its true that Wenger is 100% responsible for our playing list.

    Our list as it stands has only 2 quality players – as I have been pointing out for a long time. You could add to that Bellerin (and last nights performance shows why I dont normally add him), but he is reasonably easily replaceable.

    When are people going to be honest about this squad. Here is the breakdown:

    A) Once good, now past it: Cech, Kos,Monreal, Cazorla, Giroud, (he was ok)

    B) Showed promise but wont make it and should have been sold long ago: Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey, Oxlaide,

    C) Not good enough for arsenal (never was and never will be): Welbeck, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Ospina. Lucas, Gabriel

    D) Jury still out but most likely another failure: Mustafi, Xhaka

    I won’t bag Coquelin or Iwobi, because they are the perfect examples of what Arsenal are doing right. These guys are not good enough as starters. But they are good enough for a squad. But more importantly, we didnt buy them. Look at all the money we have wasted buying players that are plainly only squad level players Welbeck (16m), Chambers (16m), Perez (17m), not to mention all your Parks, Podolskis and numerous other failures that even I was able to call from day 1 as not being good enough.

    So look at the massively deep fukcing hole that leaves us in. Neither of our only good players will be extending (get your head around this now guys). So next summer, we will have ZERO players that we can build a side around. How the fuck can you build a champion side when everyone you need to accomplish this currently plays at another club????? Think about that. Let that sink in.

    We have to start the rebuilding this January. We need to make some big moves right now. Not to win this years league – that is long gone. But because the squad needs turning over and you can only do so much in any one window. We have made this mistake time and time before, so I know its not going to happen. But just watch how fukced we will be when someday in the future we actually attempt to win the league again.

  50. Red&White4life

    TH14 said : “”I like the fact they were not happy at the end of the game because that tells me they want to be champions.”

    Thierry, I don’t get what makes you think that this team of losers actually wants to be champions ?? lol


  51. underrated Coq

    “Make up your minds, is CL a good thing or bad thing?”

    You are asking the wrong question I feel. The line of thought that goes is something like this-‘Will it help act as a cover up and avoid uncomfortable questions regarding Wenger’s worth as a manager?’

    If the answer is yes, then bingo: you’re set with the excuse for the season.

  52. Micheal

    “As bad as Wenger is, there is not a manager in the world that can take a squad of ordinary players and transform them into contenders.”

    Er, Leicester City.

    “We have to start the rebuilding this January. ”

    What’s the point in throwing millions at new players – assuming you can get them. We are not going to win anything this season. It’s not the players – it is the management of the players.

  53. underrated Coq

    qna, you make it sound like Arsenal are a million miles away off title-winning standards. Are you really suggesting that Chelsea-who will most likely go on to win it-have that much of a superior personnel in their ranks? Leicester last season? United in Fergie’s last season?

  54. Thank you and goodnight


    True. It’s just they always always have an excuse. He really has turned us into the Everton of the south, hopefully a good cup run with maybe beating 1 or 2 top 4 teams a season and we’re happy with that and if we’re not its because we’re bad supporters apparently

  55. Batistuta

    Lols to be honest a lot of Arsenal fans are stuck in a past that ironically was dominated by superb Wenger teams.

    Old dude just has to pack it in this summer, he’s done as much as he could for this team.

  56. qna

    UC: qna, you make it sound like Arsenal are a million miles away off title-winning standards. Are you really suggesting that Chelsea-who will most likely go on to win it-have that much of a superior personnel in their ranks? Leicester last season? United in Fergie’s last season?

    Yes. I am saying that we are a million miles off winning the title. Dont use Leicester. They are not a comparable team. Bournemouth would have more chance than winning the title with an under-manned squad. Did you see the way they were throwing their bodies around. We dont have players that play for the team like that. We havent since Wengers inherited players left or retired. Leicester had a real team last year. Not a team of Champions but a Champion team. They put themselves on the line all season like Bournemouth were able to do for about an hour. They got a bit of luck and the rest is history. Arsenal will never win the league in the same manner that the Foxes did. I am not even asking for us to buy players that will throw themselves around and win the league with pure heart. Its impractical. We can still win it through tactics and quality players – like Chelsea will do it this year. But I am just saying enough with comparing Leicester to Arsenal. They had managed to generate a culture that even they cannot replicate anymore.

    As to Chelsea – yes they do have much superior personnel than us. They also have a much, much, much superior manager that has proved himself. Wengers credentials of 15 years ago dont even matter now. Its a completely different league now to the one that Wenger last won. Could you go into a new job interview with your last significant professional achievement being 13 years ago. How would that go. Wenger is irrelevant now. Why isnt this being called out more loudly than it is? Do you think that other managers that are also irrelevant are going to call this? No they are going to paint him as a genius as it is self-preserving.

    BTW I called Manchester United going down to where they are now a year before they actually did (RVP made me lose some embarrassing bets that I placed to this effect, but I wasnt wrong in what I could see coming). It was no surprise to me that they have fallen. It wasnt because Fergie was impossible to replace, it was because Man U had built a poor squad of over-paid Brits and half talented foreign players. They still have this problem in my opinion. They should have completely rebuilt their team instead of what they are doing. Make no mistake that when we finally get shot of Wenger that the next manager will not win us the league either. But it wont be because he is inferior, but because he wont have the squad that is capable.

  57. qna

    Michael: What’s the point in throwing millions at new players – assuming you can get them. We are not going to win anything this season. It’s not the players – it is the management of the players.

    Because if you need to bring in 22 new players you cant do it in one transfer window. So the more we do this summer the less we will need to do in subsequent ones. Verratti wants out of PSG. Why dont we make a great offer for him now before Madrid and United and City and Juventus and Bayern etc all join the party. We have to pay overs now for guys like Verratti, but we also need to try to avoid being a choice because good players will not have us high on their priority list. You think we will be attractive next summer when Ozil and Sanchez finally publicly announce they will be leaving at the end of their contracts?

    Now is exactly the time when this inept and terribly run club need to make big moves. Because our bargaining position will only get worse.

  58. seg

    I think it’s pointless spending any money until a new manager comes in.

    The first new thing needed at Arsenal now is not new players, or new revenue streams but a new manager. Simple