Debuchy and Chamberlain zinged | Arsene throws pressure Conte’s way

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Arsene Wenger dropping some of dose mind games before the games tomorrow. He had his say on Chelsea and the title.

“At the moment Chelsea are the super-favourites because they are quite big and made a big difference,”

“But it is theirs to lose as we say here in England. They can still lose it, at the moment they have won it but they can still lose it.”

I love the, ‘as we say in England’, such a secret xenophobe… can’t stand people like Conte coming in and stealing honorary Englishman’s praise. I’m with Arsene on this one, they can drop points and this could go off the rails. The title is never won in December and I think it’ll be very interesting to see how they cope after a loss (take a read of this monster on what Conte has done to make Chelsea a winning machine. Tough read, but interesting).

Big worry for me is that’s no ordinary side, that’s a team that won the title two years ago with complete ease. That’s a team with some pretty incredible players combined with a manager who knows his systems and knows how to get the most out of all types of players.

But look, as we say in England, sorry, as we do in England… build it up so we can tear it down with a gleeful aggression.

Continuing with his good form in the prezzer, Wenger bodied Debuchy with a ripping retort about Arsenal blocking his moves away.

“We never blocked him going to Fiorentina, nor Espanyol. They had no interest in him at all because we checked that, so you have to take this article with a little distance.

On claims Debuchy was blocked from going to Manchester United…

They have never made an offer for him. It’s completely untrue. It’s sometimes surprising to hear things like that.”

Ouch Matty, should probably keep that mouth shut and pray someone looks at your record over the last two years and sees a player who can rescue their defence. Not looking good.

Another player who needs a bit of a talking to is the Ox, his dad and his agent. He’s in contract negotiations with Arsenal at the moment and he’s English so he’ll be looking for mega money. Must be tough though, because what leverage does he have? A few goals? A good league cup run of two games? A popstar girlfriend? I mean, it looks pretty embarrassing on paper. Not as embarrassing as Jurgen Klopp coming out to deny interest in you.

“Usually I don’t say anything about transfer rumours, but I can make an exception, no problem,”

“This is nonsense. From my side, there’s nothing else to say about it.”

Ziiiiiiiiiing. Like being spanked with a wet towel in a cold Sunday league changing room. Wenger said similar, saying we as a nation are facing much misinformation. Too true Arsene, too true.

Some false news Wenger wants to quash is the gumph that surrounds Ozil not being a true powerhouse of a player.

“He has improved his commitment and works harder than people think he does.”

“I still think there is a gap between his potential finishing and the way he does. In training he finishes better than the games and I’m convinced his percentage of finishing will go up in the coming months.”

I don’t think the issue is so much pound for pound workrate. We know he runs, we know he contributes positively in most games. It’s just that extra 10% you need to go above and beyond. It’s those defensive switch offs, it’s going missing, it’s not being there to finish off a game against City. It’s also the second half of the season collapse in fitness.

But let’s see. City and Everton should have seen him dropped, but then he dominated West Brom. Arsenal’s issue over the last ten years, when the pressure is off, it’s samba time, when it’s on, we roll over and die.

Finally, after talk of change coming to Arsenal, well worth reading this story on Monchi over at Sevilla. He had this to say on English clubs and data…

 “Where I have doubts is how they manage the information they get,” he argues. “I mean they have the information, there’s just a short circuit in terms of the way they manage it. They have such good information databases, but they’re just not using them right.”

Would love to have someone like him or Zorc at Arsenal when we go through the revolution. Hopefully the club is considering a new model that reduces the dependency on one man and his iron fist.\

Fingers crossed.



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  1. Bamford10

    So Wenger says the title is Chelsea’s to lose. How he fails to speak to his own failure is incomprehensible to me. How do you fail — year after year after year — yet never address the fact?

    Wenger absolutely must fuck off, and supporters must tell him to do so in the clearest terms possible.

  2. Bamford10

    And by the way, Wenger saying “as we say in England” is his lame fucking attempt to suggest that he knows something — after 20 years in England — Conte doesn’t know.

    What a complete dickhead. What a complete loser.

    Wenger hasn’t learned shit in his 20 years in England, save how to fail — year after year after year.

    Conte has been in England sic months and has already adjusted.

    Wenger fucking out.

  3. Bamford10

    Arsene Wenger backs Olivier Giroud to play big part for Arsenal in the second half of the season. – Mirror

    What a farce! As if we haven’t seen this inadequate show before.

    What a complete joke.

    And what happened to Alexis-as-CF being the season-defining solution? I guess not.


  4. gambon

    Great reading on the strategic & tactical changes made by Chelsea.

    I wrote a post on here a long time ago about the importance of innovation in football.

    Strategic innovation, tactical innovation, off-field innovation – all can give you an edge over 38 games.

    Conte has put together a system that has given Chelsea a huge edge.

    Unfortunately there is zero innovation at Arsenal.

    We have the same manager for 20 years, the same coaches, the same tactics, the same weaknesses. We have no off-field innovation which means we cant go and outspend our rivals.

  5. gonsterous

    Okay. Why are there rumours going around that the juventus manager could come to arsenal ?? Why are they tugging at our heart strings like that ??

  6. Red&White4life

    “They can still lose it, at the moment they have won it but they can still lose it.”

    (and of course we can count on Arsenal to jump on the title if they slip)

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    Conte this conte that…blah blah conte….big deal. When he single handedly builds a new stadium like wenger, spills blood sweat and tears, huge blisters on his hands like Arsene then we can talk 😀

  8. Don

    Yeah right Wenger.Ozil really runs about in the big away games when he is doing his invisible man act.At Man City he was playing walking football

  9. S.Asoa

    In case we forget how perverse has been our Imbecile Wenger

    From Daily Mail Hall of Losers
    Kim Kallstrom – January 2014 – on loan – from Spartak Moscow to Arsenal

    Arsenal were in the midst of an actual, genuine bonafide title challenge. They were top of the league. So what did Arsene Wenger do? He signed Kim Kallstrom, a player who never hit the heady heights of his virtual representation in Championship Manager 2001/02. Kallstrom, a veteran brought in to shore up the midfield amid an injury crisis, did not play for the first two months of his loan spell due to a back problem and only made three league appearances.

  10. Uwot?

    With regards to oz.simple.if it’s a tough,physical away game.bench him.waste of space.until last 10 mins.when opp poss him when it is NOT going to be a battle as simply doesn’t have stamina,physical attribute or mental strength.that surely is obvious by now & will not change anytime soon.if we want that u might as well sell him.

  11. Wallace

    “He’s not in good form now and I wanted to stimulate him. I didn’t see him do well during the training sessions and he must give more for the team. I want more.”

    – Ranieri on Mahrez

  12. Wallace

    people always talking about other managers getting more out of some of our underperforming players, I’d love to see Martial under Wenger.

  13. Jeff

    On a different topic altogether – I’ve always wanted to say this. The name of the stadium is so impersonal is it not – just like the club nowadays. It has become a corporate business hell bent on ticking over rather than winning trophies. The passion has been sucked out of it.

    The name Emirates is so common and therefore not fitting to name a stadium after it. You see it on shirts, you see it on other teams, you see it on billboards, you see it on ski lifts; in fact you see it everywhere. I just wish we didn’t opt for greed and named the stadium something personal and unique instead – like Highbury used to be. It just seems to me like we sold our soul for fuck all.

  14. Jaymondo

    Sorry but for me every time Arsene opens his mouth these days he embarrasses himself and the club. He makes his cheesy comments with that irritating lop-sided smirk, pontificating on every subject under the sun as if he had actually won something of note in recent years. He play up to his persona of the Professor and the media, for the most part, lap it up. The majority of fans still do the same. The worst case of the Emperor’s New Clothes I’ve seen in over 50 years of following the game. Sad, sad stuff. And the only way he’ll be leaving the club is in a box…

  15. Wallace


    “The name Emirates is so common and therefore not fitting to name a stadium after it. You see it on shirts, you see it on other teams, you see it on billboards, you see it on ski lifts; in fact you see it everywhere…. It just seems to me like we sold our soul for fuck all.”

    agree with the sentiment, but probably closer to hundreds of millions than ‘fuck all’.

  16. Jeff

    Wallace I couldn’t give a shit about the money – what has it got us anyway. The stadium should have a name that is unique to the club. The 15 year deal was signed in 2004 and since then we have won virtually fuck all.

  17. Jeff

    And we’re stuck with the Emirates name till at least 2028 – for more money. What do we do with all this money other than waste it on a stream of useless players and a clueless stale manager.

  18. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers it’s been some time.

    And you gambon, that was a good post you are referring to and still relevant now.

    Ahhh Wenger, Wenger, good ole Wenger….. Never gonna change is he? He has literally sucked the Arsenal out of me. I have never been so fucking bored and fed up as Arsenal fan in the 30 years I’ve been following them as I am now.

    What’s the news on Walcott? Is he injured?
    A draw against Palace at the weekend is on the cards especially with that bozo fat sam at the helm. He loves sticking the boot into Wenger. I hope we have some suitable bung songs ready for him.

  19. Goonereris

    bennydevitoDecember 30, 2016 15:43:34

    “A draw against Palace at the weekend is on the cards especially with that bozo fat sam at the helm. He loves sticking the boot into Wenger. I hope we have some suitable bung songs ready for him.”

    1. Theo and the Ox trained separately on Wednesday and Thursday, so possibly both not too far away from a first team return.

    2. Sam Allardyce’s record versus Arsene Wenger reads:

    Played : 28
    Won. : 4
    Lost. : 17
    Drawn : 7
    A win percentage of about 14.3%! I am not sure Arsenal should be too worried about Sam as much as about the Palace team, as is.

  20. Carts

    Haha…you’ve really got to laugh at the Ox rumours.

    Wenger has failed with Ox. And sadly, Ox, barring pace, doesn’t really offer much else.

    Naturally, with 18 month remaining one would be looking to get around the table, but Ox hasn’t shown anything to suggest he is needed any longer at Arsenal.

    Sad really

  21. London gunner


    “Arsenal need replacements for the 2 mercenaries that are trying to hold our club to ransom, if we give in to their demands we open ourselves up to all and sundry to pillage our club, get rid of them now”

    With akb morons supporters like this we don’t stand a chance

  22. Goonereris

    Ray Palour on the Ozil question:
    “Ozil is a very influential player. I look at yesterday’s performance and it was something from Ozil or Sanchez that was going to change it,” Parlour said.

    “I didn’t really see a lot else that was going to change the game. I thought Ozil or Sanchez had to do something special to win the game and Ozil put in the cross.”

    “Obviously the talk is that in big games he goes missing. The problem is, you need possession of the ball to get him on the ball. He isn’t the type of player who is going to track back,” Parlour told Sky Sports News HQ.

    “You’ve got to get players to do that for him.

    “Against Manchester City, they had more of the possession and that’s why Arsenal couldn’t get him on the ball enough.”

    Maybe, we have to seek to live with the concept of a luxury player in Ozil because, moan as we want to, he isn’t going to be an Alexis type fighter (maybe, that’s how he keeps himself injury-free). I have to say I agree with the notion he has improved at Arsenal; goal scoring wasn’t something he bothered with at Madrid and he does track back (I would rather he didn’t because he just blocks space as against going into tackles) a bit more.

  23. kc

    Allegri’s Arsenal has a really nice ring to it! Wenger taking shots at current players is unprofessional and embarrassing. How does this help the situation in any way? Does he want any return on these players at all? Le Senile un is the King of wasting money.

  24. Dissenter

    Wenger had to call out Dubuchy. It’s not the first time the lad’s crossed the line with his public utterances.
    Wenger needs to call out Oxlade. What he did on the Sunday talk show a few months back was disgraceful to the club.

  25. WengerEagle

    Mercenaries? Lol that adequately describes about 99pc of the footballing population so.

    Gone are the days of Gerrard, Giggs, Totti, etc, with the amount of money now pumped into footy players are just looking for that next contract, it’s not about ‘the badge’ anymore.

    And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a short window a footballers career, 10-15 years at the top if you’re lucky.

    A lad who was born and raised in a small Chilean neighborhood owes a major London club nothing in terms of loyalty.

  26. gambon

    The Spielverlagerung website is very interesting reading.

    The authors clearly have picked up on a lot of points routinely raised about Wengers Arsenal;

    – No structured game plan
    – No understanding of how to press
    – Players allowed to do whatever they want, which isnt positive

    I look forward to the day we have a competent manager in place who will give these players a platform, structure, tactics and strategy to execute.

  27. Shaun

    Gnabry is supposed to have a £6.8 buy back clause, shoudn’t we buy him back even if only to then sell on at a profit

  28. bacaryisgod

    With a new year approaching, I’ve given some serious thought about my slightly unhealthy relationship with Arsenal in terms of how much time and energy I spend concerning myself over the club’s affairs. In order to address this for next year, here’s a brief guide to help myself and hopefully others survive 2017 as an Arsenal fan.

    1. Don’t follow the transfer gossip columns. Let official club announcements or a confirmed story from an established source (SkySports/Guardian) please or upset you.

    2. Don’t get excited about any of our youth players. It’s just not worth it. We can all marvel at the potential of Zelalem, Crowley and more recently Reiss Nelson and Donyell Malen but the odds of any of them being a true star for us is slim. Just wait for them to get an established run in the team like Iwobi and see if any at least one of them can maintain good form for at least 2 seasons before proclaiming him as our new saviour.

    3. Don’t sweat Ozil and Alexis’s future at the club. It’s completely out of our hands.

    4. Ditto for Arsene Wenger

    5. We are doomed when it comes to the Champions League. Let’s just hope for a good fight and then focus on improving in the league and FA Cup. The Guardian recently released a Top 100 players for 2016 based on 125 expert opinions in 45 countries. Bayern has 13 players listed, more than any other team in the world. We’ve faced them 4 out of the last 5 seasons. That’s just plain bad luck after finally finishing first in our group.

    Follow these simple rules and 2017 won’t be anywhere near as painful as you think.

  29. Guns of Hackney

    Actually the title is won in December. Or at least about 8/10 times the top o the league goes on to win it. It’s called odds on or, statistically speaking, 80% of teams that lead the league in December go on to win the league. Fact.

    Who fucking cares anyway? Wenger stays no matter what happens. Happy new yeah…yeah?

  30. Kane

    Please stop with this chat about “Chelsea have a 9 point lead, but it could all change”


    Chelsea have a 9 point lead, but it is so much more than that… they have won 13 games in a row, conceeding 3 goals in the process… they have a world class manager who has reinvented them utilizing his preferred tactical system and are littered with world class players who know what it takes to win a league title.

    They have already played at City and Arsenal and have both to play at home.

    They have no European football so their squad will be fitter and better prepared for each league game and they have confirmed they have another +60m to spend on players in January.

    I asked this question yesterday and I will ask it again.

    What is it exactly (other than blind hope) makes you believe they will throw it all away and Arsenal will suddenly click and go on to win the title?

    Please stop all this nonsense chat about “still being in it” or “keeping pace”.

    We are done

    Season is done

    We are playing for 2nd at best…. the sooner you wake up and realise that the better.

  31. bacaryisgod

    Here’s my theory why we had the mini-collapse. Just look at the dates:

    Dec 6th: We play our strongest team and crush Basel to finish first in the group.

    Dec 10th: Still on a high from Basel, we cruise past Stoke to take a temporary lead in the title race. Our star players all feature.

    Dec 12th: We are drawn against Bayern in the Champions League. The players realize all the effort they put it in to win the group has backfired.

    Dec 13th: We lose a tough one to Everton away. Ozil and Alexis play every minute. If we score in those frantic last few minutes we probably all feel a lot better with the point from a tricky away fixture.

    Dec 18th: Our 4th game in 12 days and 3rd away from home against a motivated if weakened Man City side. All of our major players have played in all 4 games. They also realize their efforts against Basel were rewarded with an ugly match-up against Bayern.

    They are coming off the back of a narrow loss to Everton after taking an early lead and coming agonizingly close to a late equalizer. With all that considered, why was anyone surprised that we played terribly for 90% of the match and weren’t even close to coming back once City took the lead.

    Their legs were gone and they also took a psychological hit after the Bayern draw. This is not a team associated with physical or mental strength despite what Arsene says.

    The good news is that we rebounded against West Brom, even if it wasn’t a stellar performance. We also have a decent January schedule. There is still a flicker of hope.

  32. Goonereris

    I’ll go a step further to say it will be between City and Liverpool, and I lean more towards the latter. Not because I think our season is done, or that we are done, etc., but just on current form. Chelsea will still lose to Liverpool today. It is easier to wait till it is mathematically impossible before giving it up, unless you haven’t been watching this league over the years.

  33. Kane

    Bacary – sorry but that is a lot of rose tinted tosh…. mini collapse?

    It’s not a collapse… it’s just the standard we are at….

    We can beat the teams we should be beating most of the time… but we lack the tactical nous and killer instinct to beat the teams who on paper are better than us.

    Not sure what magic wand you think Wenger will wave that will change this?

  34. Goonereris

    Kane, so is Everton not a “team we should be beating”? If the fan base was depressed at the CL confrontation with Bayern, it is a bit precious to think the players couldn’t have been affected.

    Bacary is proffering a possible reason; yours is based on an alleged “standard” that we are.

  35. Goonereris

    Arsenal and Arsene have always beaten “teams who on paper are better than us” , whether at home or away. There is no premiership team that we have not beaten, so that sweeping comment falls flat.

    I recall that we have beaten Juventus, Madrid and Bayern on their grounds, to be the only British side to have done so.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    The team is irrelevant, the context is what counts, Arsenal cannot, or rarely win when the context is one of high end pressure.

    We’ve beaten this team, that team, whatever, it doesn’t matter.

    That is why it does not matter whether Chelsea slip up, they will of course, or City or whoever, when the pressure is on and Arsenal can take advantage or can consolidate top spot they collapse.

    As a series of squads Arsenal sides for the past twelve years have had no belief in themselves, no fight, no ambition, they are the guy who is happy to let someone else dance with their crush because they are not interested in a contest and it all sounds like too much work anyway.

    But then, why is that a surprise when you have a manager who talks more about balance sheets than team sheets, who decided fourth was a trophy, who said he would take 2nd place for the next twenty years if offered?

    Wenger wants to limbo underneath a bar he has deliberately set at a comfortable height, so let us not pretend he’s interested in top level success, and then we can stop pretending we think this Arsenal side can deliver it.

  37. Thank you and goodnight


    So do we win another imaginary wenger trophy for being the only british team to win away at said clubs?

  38. Thank you and goodnight


    Also man United beat juventus 2-3 in 1999 CL semi final on way to the treble. Quick quick make up some other rubbish stat praising wenger.

  39. Thank you and goodnight


    Don’t break his heart like that. He has to hold on to some hope that wenger is amazing. Next you’ll be telling him wenger’s lost the most games in history of CL as a manager

  40. Kane


    If this Arsenal squad is so mentally weak that drwing a faded Bayern in the last 16 of the ECL is enough for them to throw away the title then they may as well replace the club badge with a safety pin and be done with it.

    Personally I think that we have enough top quality players in this team that they would relish a 2 legged tie against Bayern – as you point out we are capable of beating some of Eurpes best teams on their home grounds.

    So not sure what you are saying – a) the players are mentally weak or b) we are not good enough this time around to beat top teams away?

  41. reality check

    “A popstar girlfriend? I mean, it looks pretty embarrassing on paper”

    Er.. Pedders, didn’t you get the memo?

  42. Thank you and goodnight


    The reality is whilst he might of changed eating and training habits, wenger’s early success had more to do with the players than the man himself. Yes he can have credit for bringing them to the club, but they were an exceptionally talented bunch of players and our success owes more to them than wenger. Some of the squads and players he assembled in his early years SHOULD of won at least one CL trophy, that they didn’t is 100% on Wenger. Klopp, pep, ancelloti, fergie, heynkes would of won at least 1 if not 2 CL with those players in the first 8 years of wenger’s reign.

  43. reality check

    WengerEagleDecember 30, 2016 17:39:27

    Mercenaries? Lol that adequately describes about 99pc of the footballing population so. Gone are the days of Gerrard, Giggs, Totti, etc, with the amount of money now pumped into footy players are just looking for that next contract, it’s not about ‘the badge’ anymore. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a short window a footballers career, 10-15 years at the top if you’re lucky. A lad who was born and raised in a small Chilean neighborhood owes a major London club nothing in terms of loyalty.

    Petit,Vieira, Hleb, Nasri, Clichy, Sagna, RVP…Cesc, Ashley….Henry

    All is forgiven!!

  44. Carts


    Gnabry could have a £3.50 buy out/back clause and he stil wouldn’t have any real desire to come back to Arsenal, Under Wenger.

    Wenger’s ability to influence and motivate is all but finished.

  45. G

    Wenger hasn’t learned shit in his 20 years in England, save how to fail — year after year after year…..
    Well said Bamford..OK he’s our most successful manager ever but so what

  46. Goonereris

    ” So not sure what you are saying – a) the players are mentally weak or b) we are not good enough this time around to beat top teams away?”.

    I have been around sportsmen and believe me, it plays on the mind when a big fixture is on the horizon. You try to focus on what’s at hand but the mind strays. They had been made to feel all it took to get a good draw (nothing is easy at last 16, mind) was to come tops; they did and Madrid, Bayer, etc. contrive to come 2nd in their groups and we drew Bayern. It has an effect. Now, does that make them weak? No. On the contrary, it is a sign that they intend to do well in this season’s CL. You will find that the tactics these days will be geared towards how we will set up against Bayern, as the day draws near. I feel Bayern will be in for a game, assuming we don’t get any fresh injuries to key men.

  47. Goonereris

    TYAG & Redruth,
    Yes. But, Arsenal is the only team to have done all 3 at their home grounds. I should add AC Milan (2-0) and Inter Milan (1-5) to that lot.

    The point being that comments to which I have given that response was too sweeping and untrue.

    Lastly, TYAG, you are right about the teams Wenger has had having the potential to win the CL. They did reach a semi- final and the final in 2006. Now, think of that final again and tell me exactly how Wenger is to blame for being 1 man down less than 20minutes into the game? Or, how he may have done more to ensure Henry scored with two opportunities.

  48. steve


    Your excuses are fucking pathetic. Who gives a fuck if Arsenal have beat so and so team on an isolated occasion? When push comes to shove Arsenal still are a bunch of chokers and always comes up short so what’s your fucking point? A bunch of weak minded losers. It’s like the “we beat Leicester twice” bullshit argument. Embarrassing stuff.

  49. Goonereris

    This is a blog for Arsenal fans to share views and thoughts about the club we all (hopefully) support, so it is normal to have dissenting views. I am sure we can express these without the need for labels, as if by labelling a poster, his opinion is automatically wrong.

    It is all about opinion. Which brings to mind something Wenger said a couple of years back: “Our society has changed much deeper than we think it has. Sometimes for good because people are better informed, but as well sometimes for bad because people who really take action, people who have responsibilities are not respected as much as before. When you have an opinion you’re tempted to think you are right, because you do not have to prove you’re right. It’s just an opinion. Today everyone has an opinion and people who have real responsibilities are less respected.” Of course, he may be wrong , after all, it is only his opinion. 🙂

  50. Wallace

    Bremen worried about losing Gnabry this January. frustrating that with Alexis moved inside there’s now an obvious route into the team for him. hope at the very least we’re getting a decent whack of any sell=on fee.

  51. Wallace

    nice to see the mutual respect Guardiola & Klopp have for each other. with Conte also looking like a classy addition to the league it’s made Mourinho and his toxic personality look even less appealing.

  52. Wenker-wanger

    @jeff… Great point made about the emirates conglomerate name for our stadium. We are a business with no soul. The football team we have just competes enough to fill the ground with money punters. Winning trophies isnt the priority. Sure, if 4th place is in jeopardy, there is some fight… But its diluted fight at the end of the season when most teams mid table cant be arsed.Ozil fits the ethos perfectly… He will get those points against teams outside the top 6.

  53. Wenker-wanger

    Akbs are imaginitive arent they!… Such incredible reasoning to place the blame for the incompetaent arseholes 12 failing years, elsewhere. Now we have the awful prospect of facing bayern making our players unable to focus on our matches prior to this nightmare!…
    Ive heard everything now!
    What next?…. Planet x? Trump- factor?… January blues? Wenger has a toothache?… Fck akbs.

  54. Pierre

    “This is a blog for Arsenal fans to share views and thoughts about the club we all (hopefully) support, so it is normal to have dissenting views. I am sure we can express these without the need for labels, as if by labelling a poster, his opinion is automatically wrong.”

    Don’t waste your time trying to have a reasonable debate on here….. As you say , they just put a label on you …..most of the WOBS( couldn’t resist) don’t have enough brain cells to widen their mind . You are not allowed to say anything positive about Arsenal without abuse….. I just think it’s pretty sad that we now have this minority, and it is a minority, who try and discredit Arsenal football club and they are assisted by the media at every level……
    I suppose come February /March there will be another “protest” by the tiny minority against the manager and if/when he leaves at the end of the season their tiny minds will regard their protest as a success…….

  55. Thank you and goodnight


    Geez your idol wenger has discredited the club by himself. He’s turned us into a laughing stock in world football. I feel sorry for fans like you because your not Arsenal fans your Arsene fans and the day he goes you’ll all be suicidal

  56. Thank you and goodnight

    Fuck me the fact the AKB’S think they’re superior to everyone else…..just like wenger. Arrogant, know fuck all pricks. Every major football pundit or expert knows that wenger is a busted flush, yet these window lickers genuinely believe he’s the messiah. If he’s so fucking good how comes he fucked up last year when all planets aligned to give him the easiest chance he’s had in years…..YET HE STILL FINISHED 10 POINTS BEHIND LEICESTER hahahahaha. Some WC manager he is.

  57. Pierre

    There you go again ” my idol Wenger”…… Wrong …….. It’s time for him to go , the club needs to move on but fans can still believe and enjoy winning trophies without being abused….the only people that are “laughing stock” are idiots like you and the rest of the tiny minority…..

  58. Federer

    Congrats to all those in the New Year Honours list. Sir Andy Murray, Mo Farah, Chris Coleman etc etc etc
    After spending fuck all years in England and consistently winning his coveted 4th place trophy for the better part of the last decade, Lord Wenger couldn’t even get a look in.
    Not even a special consideration for his contribution to the development of soccer in England.
    So much priding himself in having a “British core” team.
    Dude should just do us all a favour, offload the entire British core and bring in proper winners on his way out in the summer.
    Happy New Year in advance

  59. Thank you and goodnight

    Tiny minority……you’d be surprised. Most if not all Arsenal fans I speak to in the street want him gone.

  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It’s time for change , to often a phrase said but no one believing could happen.
    Well now we have to seize the opportunity an make it happen, However much pressure is put it will help.
    From the media twisting it to fans booing , leaving early or not turning up to holding banners..

    Next couple of months is the big push to get him gone.

  61. Thank you and goodnight

    R.S.P.C . Arsenal

    For the love of the club he has to go. In every department off and on the pitch we are lagging behind our rivals. The longer he stays the more he destroys our club.

  62. azed

    All hail our new trophy, the

    ***Drum roll***

    “Arsenal is the only team to have done all 3(Bayern, Real Madrid, Juventus) at their home grounds. ” Trophy….

  63. Pierre

    I agree most fans want a change, maybe 80/90% but it’s only a small percentage hold the extreme views, 5% I reckon….. I know probably 200 arsenal fans and most agree it’s time for a change whatever happens this season but only one fan out of those 200 holds the extreme view of hating it when arsenal win a game or f a cup…. That is why I believe it is a tiny minority who will protest…

  64. Thank You And Goodnight

    I don’t hate it when we win a game, I’m indifferent to it now. Until he leaves i couldn’t give a shit. I would like nothing more than wenger making me eat my words, but I know it will never happen