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Don’t worry kids, 2016 is close to being over, we’ve nearly seen the back of it. The footballing equivalent of finding yourself 4-0 down inside 12minutes with 9 men… it’s dragged, many have fallen to popped hamstrings, we’ve seen unfair goals given, overly harsh reds, but it’s nearly done… and to be honest, I’m tired of posting up tributes to celebrities I don’t care about on my Facebook page.

‘George, your creative genius passed my earbuds like twice in the last ten years, how will I cope? WHY DIDN’T MORE KNOW ABOUT YOUR GENEROSITY, THE MEDIA IS SICK!’

Where was the shoutout to Ray Tomlinson who invented e-mail? Vera Rubin who discovered dark matter? Henry Heimlich who, you know, invented a way of unchoking people? Howard Marks, what, Wales best drug smuggler? Those were the names that mattered…

From an Arsenal perspective, it’s been disappointing, but we’ve had mico-moments of joy this year, haven’t we?

My favourite memory stickers of the year sit with topping the league in January. Nothing quite like kicking a year off basking in hope like one of those massive sea lions on a rock… shame two minutes later, a massive wave crashed into the said rock with a killer whale ready there, waiting to gobble us up. In fact, it wasn’t even a massive killer whale, it was a Leicester sized one. Like being eaten by a flock of sick penguins or something.

Other memories I’ll never forget… watching Spurs power on and push Leicester some of the way to the end, only to collapse in the last few weeks, then embarrassingly pass us the 2nd place glory on the last day of the season. Listening to that all unfold in Guatemala early in the morning was supremely glorious. I think I enjoyed the sadness of my Spurs pals more than I enjoyed our previous 2 FA Cup wins combined. I’m serious too.

We also had a pretty interesting summer. I mean, it started well and took a while to crack into gear, but as summers go, dropping a load of cash and having a squad that at least looked real was pretty damn exciting. I still think we have a squad capable of doing something powerful this season, just, you know, same old, same old manning the ship.

This season has been ok so far, I mean, not amazing, but we’re 9 points off the top of the league in December, it won’t take much for us to close that gap in January providing we don’t do anything completely stupid. We also tanked Chelsea for the first time in living memory, sure we took them in their early stages and they’ve since won 13 on the bounce, but that’ll make it even more special at the end of the season if we win the league…

‘We beat the Champions twice last year and we’ve done the same this year’

Anyway, 2016 wasn’t that bad for Arsenal fans, hopefully 2017 will be better. We have a lot to look forward to. It looks like there’s at least a chance Arsene Wenger might can his career in and let someone new take over for a bit. Max Allegri from Juventus has apparently intimated he’d be interested in joining Arsenal and creating a dynasty. On paper it looks like that’d be a good option. He’s 49 years old, he’s created a bit of a force at Juventus, he’s a tactical specialist of the highest order and he knows exciting talent when he sees it.

With any new signing would come new players. You can’t imagine a new person coming in and not dropping at least £100m whilst shipping out a similar amount. Could be carnage, we could be wishing for the stability of Wenger in 2 years time, or we could just trust that we have a very good club these days and that someone will be able to come in and do better than him.

I think things are looking up.

In other news, the club is being heavily linked to Marco Reus as a replacement for Alexis Sanchez. Could have taken this a few years ago, but not now. He’ll be 28 by the time we sign him, a career ravaged by injury issues… just not sure that’s what you need to replace a robot? I’d hope we could persuade him to stay, but when you read Carlos Tevez is about to be made the world’s richest footballer in China taking home a whopping £615k pw, you have to wonder?

Sure, football is about trophies, but hey, it’s also about money. If someone puts cash like that your way, it’s hard to say no. Fingers crossed he’s not tempted.

Finally, you need to click this tweet and follow all the videos. @Liberobility has pulled together a list of the 10 best talents in Ligue One this year, complete with video analysis.

Click below and have a total nerd out.

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  1. David Smith

    Allegri ……too risky and expensive for this board, would have to pay him a fortune in severance if he screwed up, still think wengers successor will be from within, a recent ex player, or cheap and young. Sorry…..

  2. Wallace

    32yr old Carlos Tevez to Shanghai Shenhua for a £71m fee and £615k per week wages.

    teams with players in their prime must be knocking back f*ckin’ huge sums.

  3. DM


    Bit harsh about the celebs, I think. I get what you mean, but people like George Michael did mean a lot to a lot of other people. He’s mainly before my time, but my older siblings were genuinely devastated. I totally hear that there are people who have “done more”, so to speak, but were out of the public’s eye, but, seeing as we’re all crazy about football and, thus, would be equally devastated if one of our idols had passed away, I think we should cut people some slack with their grieving.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    What is more worrying is the lack of infrastructure change, I would have thought Gazidis would start putting in place a more stable footballing setup at the club, telling Wenger that shockingly, not everything is about him, and it is time for Arsenal to enter the 21st Century, start looking to poach top level football men from clubs like BvB, Atletico, Juventus, Sevilla etc with offers of big salaries and power.

    That way, when a new manager comes in Arsenal are starting to put together a professional web that is independent of that manager, so that the club never again rests completely on the whims of a single manager.

    Same for the coaching staff as well, the vast majority having been here since the late 90’s early 00’s, I understand that the chief cockblock might stand in the way of that, but the second he’s gone, again, look for the best modern coaching minds in the game.

    It is not all about players, sadly, we seem preoccupied with that under Wenger, just keep adding parts to a dysfunctional system.

    Honestly think if Gazidis and Kroenke had some balls, and they went out and added those top level execs and top level coaches and made Wenger swallow it, told him he’s the figurehead still etc, I actually think Wenger would have a far better chance of success, delegate and then focus on a specific area he likes.

    But then, that just is not his character.

  5. Wallace

    Liverpool vs Man City this weekend should be a corker.

    fascinating that 3 of the league’s top 4 teams all have diminutive forward lines.

  6. peanuts&monkeys

    oh 2016!

    2016 was the worst year for Arsenal in a while. They came closest to winning a league, but failed. They came closest to Wenger getting his AKB followings halved (Spurs winning the league and/OR finishing above Arsenal), but scraped past it. They came closest to beat a football side coached by Mourinho in 11 years, but still couldn’t.

    The only way to salvage this is to quickly sack the falling fossil. Wenger OUT!!

  7. shad

    Hi chaps. Been a minute since I was here, good to see Pedders still churning out them posts.
    Have a great 2017 fellow munglers. Hopefully it’ll be the last of that wrinkly old scrooge of an archaic gaffer.

  8. steve

    “I am not of the view that Wenger must stay beyond this season but I am also not going to make nonsense of all what he’s done for the club.”

    You mean turning the club into a laughing stock?



    I hope you have seen the 2012/13 season and how many goals and assists Ramsey registered despite being injured for 3 months. He saved us in the Fa cup final as well. So dont tell me Ramsey has no talent.”

    Lol he had a three month purple patch. Been useless since. And it was the 2013/14 season not 2012/13.

  9. Pedro

    CA, I think Ivan has been doing a good job with infrastructure… just not the hatchet job he should be doing.

    They should sign Zorc from Dortmund, or Monchi from Sevilla. That’d be a game changer.

  10. Guns of Hackney

    Allegri has been bossing a tired and easy league, with a team that conti built. Sure, he’s done his own thing but if Juve ain’t winning that league by 20 points, something has gone wrong. It’s Rangers and Celtic…without the Rangers.

    I’d love to see The Arsenal going really young for the boss. We need a massive injection of fresh thinking. The club just needs to blow the cobwebs off and restart the engine.

    I’d still have to go with Simone or Tuchel, or perhaps go for a mad one, Van Bronkurst (sic).

  11. Spanishdave

    Actually what is the point of him staying?
    Any manager would do no worse and could at least move us forward to the present game.
    They only reason for a delay is the board who are shit scared of him and simply will not act properly

  12. Kane

    “2016 hasn’t been that bad, has it?”

    I guess it all depends on how low your expectations are…

    Personally, for me to consider it a decent season, I expect Arsenal to challenge for the league title, reach at least the QTR final of the ECL and go on a decent cup run (draw permitting).

    Let’s see how we did against those expectations in the 2015/16 season…

    1. Challenge for league title… FAIL
    2. Reach QTR final of ECL…. FAIL
    3. Go on a decent cup run…. QTR final loss at home to Watford… FAIL

    Let’s see how we are doing against these expectations in the 2016/17 season…

    1. Challenge for league title… FAIL… 9 points off the lead in December…having won 1 of 7 games against a top 6 side and still needing to go to Anfield, WHL, Stamford Bridge in the 2nd half of the season….

    2. Reach QTR final of ECL…. Draw vs Bayern in last 16… a team we have met twice in the last 16 and twice been beaten by.

    3. Go on a decent cup run…. TBD…

    So I would say that 2016 has been a year of FAILURE.

    But hey… if you think a good year means doing the bare minimum… i.e. finishing top 4, signing a few new players and beating the teams we should beat… then I guess it was a good year for you.

  13. Red&White4life

    “2016 hasn’t been that bad, has it?”

    Well that depends…
    You have two different points of view : the fans –> high hopes ending in shit, as usual –
    …and the manager’s point of view : we’re still in the race for the 4th spot, YAY!!

  14. Cesc Appeal



    I mean, please, please no that we actually have to endure anymore of this crap with Wenger signing an extension, but right now, when power is in flux every so slightly, Gazidis should be pushing to make additions at the executive level, as you say, with BvB’s best, or Sevilla’s etc

    When you think about it it is kind of scary, who does anyone at that club go to for a football opinion? Wenger, all roads lead back to Wenger, there is not an informed, dissenting opinion of equal value when it comes to the squad, additions, new contracts etc

    That is scary.

    But I fear as long as we stutter along getting UCL qualification nothing substantial is going to change, which is so incredibly shortsighted because Arsenal are becoming an unattractive club to support, they are boring.

    If I had to use one word to sum up life as an Arsenal fan it would be that, boring, just perfectly captures everything about the club.

    That worries me for the future, unless you have a Wenger agenda, fans do not buy into stability, consistency (unless it is consistent success), finances etc.

    Gazidis has to know that.

  15. gambon

    I wouldnt say we are particularly strong structurally as a club.

    I think Gazidis and Wenger probably think we are because they live in an echo chamber full of self congratulation where they compare themselves to Everton, Liverpool and Spura rather than the big teams.

    From a footballing point of view we havent won the PL for 12 soon to be 13 seasons. We have no defined style of play, decisions are made on a reactionary basis and our signings are generally made as a result of injury or panic.

    At youth level we are shocking.

    Looking at our board, they are mostly over 70 years old with no footballing knowledge at all.

    Commercially we are very poor. Not only do UTD and City, as well as the big european teams make much more than us, but we are also behind Liverpool, Chelsea and teams like Dortmund.

    The club from top to bottom is completely stale…mainly because of the old cunt of a dictator in charge that is blocking any progress.

    You cant bring a Sporting Director in while Wenger is here. He wont have it.

    You cant bring new coaches in while Wenger is here because he wants to continue this echo chamber of yes men telling him his inbalanced, tactically poor team is the way forward.

    You cant make commercial progress when Arsene has built a brand of mediocre, low risk, low standards football.

    This is why Wenger should no longer be in charge.

  16. qna

    It doesnt matter who the next manager is. The current squad is so poor that the next manager will be on a hiding to nothing. Arsenal have two good players – Sanchez and Ozil. The rest are interchangable and easily replaced. Put these two players in the tottenham squad and they would be twice the team we have.

    Socialist wage policy has us overpaying these average players so that they will be hard to move on and replace with the quality that is needed.

    Allegri would be nice. But I suspect it will take a long time to rinse out the mediocrity that Wenger leaves. We are on the way down and we will be there for several years. May as well stick with Wenger until it can be left in no doubt that this was caused by him and enabled by his cult of AKB braindead followers.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Completely agree.

    And it is a worrying time now, Liverpool have expanded their ground, have Klopp in charge etc, Spurs have Pochettino and a squad not far off of ours with something like a £80 Million less wage bill and they are about to move to a new stadium and gain new commercials off of it, Everton now have a big investor, City are making massive strides commercially and now have Guardiola, Chelsea have massively overtaken us commercially and have an owner bent on being the best club in the EPL.

    The Arsenal ‘language’ is unique to us, as you say, breeds staleness, predictability and hostility to evolution.

  18. WengerEagle

    Good on Tevez, it’s not the same as Oscar buggering off to China in his prime, the former is a man that has won multiple league titles in England and Italy and has won the Champions League playing a close to a decade in Europe and he’s already a legend in Argentina. He even went back home to Boca and brought them further success to add icing on the cake.

    He’s 33 in February, fair play to him for not turning down silly money when he’s got nothing left to prove at club level, he’d be a fool to spurn that kind of offer.

  19. kc

    Any player still in their prime that chooses China or America over real competitive football has given up. It’s the professional equivalent of wearing sweatpants everyday. Sanchez won’t go to China at this point in his career. It preposterous.

  20. Elmo

    “a tactical specialist of the highest order”

    That’s pretty much the requirement for the successor to me. The club needs tactical smarts and discipline to be reintroduced to counterbalance the reckless freewheeling abandon of Wenger. Think about the points dropped over the years where every fan knew before kick-off that we would lose because the gaffer was tactically disrespecting the opposition; or the games that could have been changed in our favour if the manager knew how to affect the play.

    On the news of Ox to Anfield for £20-25m, sell him. I’d say £22m. We all know he will flatter to deceive and never become a great player. £20-25m buys you nothing nowadays, but he’s about to demand big wages and he’s just not going to become a core performer in the future.

  21. Elmo

    Depends on your outlook on life. I’ve heard plenty of prominent former players in the media saying they would have gone to China if offered triple their current wages.

    For some it’s a job. Just look at the sportspeople who actually get media airtime who admit they don’t love playing their sport (Nick Kyrios, Agassi, Ronnie O’Sullivanetc); there will be far more that will never admit that. If football is just a job to you, trebling your wages is a no-brainer. I think 95% of the world population would be on the first flight if offered triple wages and low tax overseas.

  22. Kane

    Red… fair comment re winning vs challenging..

    I’m just trying to be balanced in my view… I don’t think fans can demand we win the league… we have to accept that if a couple of things go against us, another team could pip us to the title by 3-6 pointsin the last few weeks of the season.

    However, I am saying that as a minimum we should expect to be challenging for the title up to the end of the season and not be 9 points off the lead in December having won 1 of 6 games against the leagues top 6 teams.

    That is horrific form and despite Pedros wishful thinking… this season is a write off.

  23. Dissenter

    That was a very good summation of why Wenger should go.

    May I add that we wont have a commercially viable summer per-season tour because Wenger wont allow it.
    Wenger has been against the multi-continental tour to boost revenue. He is already moaning about this season’s summer tour already.

  24. Dissenter

    We are a second-best club at everything.
    If we continue the Wenger-static approach then Spuds will definitively surpass us like Chelsea have already.

    Think of how far Daniel Levy has dragged Spuds forward in one decade. They are doing as well as us with 100 million less in wages. They even extract comparable commercial revenue from their kit even though they are hardly ever in the CL.

  25. Wallace


    “However, I am saying that as a minimum we should expect to be challenging for the title up to the end of the season and not be 9 points off the lead in December having won 1 of 6 games against the leagues top 6 teams.”

    things change quickly. the last game at Emirates before West Brom we won and went top for 24hrs. two weeks later we play there again and are 9pts back.

  26. Wallace


    “Think of how far Daniel Levy has dragged Spuds forward in one decade. They are doing as well as us with 100 million less in wages.”

    before this season’s pretty abysmal attempt at qualification from their group I can’t remember the last time they played Champions League football, and haven’t we finished ahead of them every year for the last 20?

    how is that ‘doing as well as us’?

  27. Spanishdave

    Wengers best now is top of the all so rans that’s the old 4 th spot, we must hold the record in the pl for this spot, great isn’t it?
    Sanchez knows he can now move on as the Prem has helped him to get noticed, Wenger will allow him higher wages as long as he gets his pay rise to.

  28. Dissenter

    I thnk you opted to ignore the last sentence in the paragraph for a reason.
    “Think of how far Daniel Levy has dragged Spuds forward in one decade. They are doing as well as us with 100 million less in wages. They even extract comparable commercial revenue from their kit even though they are hardly ever in the CL.”
    I mentioned that they are hardly even in the CL so I’m not sure what you’re referring to.
    Do you deny that Spuds have closed the gap considerably in one decade?

  29. Pedro

    Guys, how good was that Twitter link at the bottom of the post?

    That’s the new guys on the block, making me look like an old cunt. Really great work. Fuck knows how they get all that footage, but really impressive.

  30. Jeff

    There is no doubt at all that Wenger has been blocking the club’s progress by sticking around. Those who endorse him at the club just don’t know any better. They are terrified that once he goes the annual CL participation money will go as well. That’s why they want to hold on to him for as long as possible. This is what happens when nobody at the club has any ambition. They say they have, but then they would say that wouldn’t they? Actions speak louder than words and the very act of renewing Wenger’s contract says it all – and has been for years.

  31. Wallace


    “I mentioned that they are hardly even in the CL so I’m not sure what you’re referring to.
    Do you deny that Spuds have closed the gap considerably in one decade?”

    when you say they’re ‘doing as well as us’ but then go on to admit they hardly ever make Champions League it messes kinda drastically with your original point, doesn’t it?

    and not sure if they’ve closed the gap ‘considerably’. we aren’t talking Watford here. they’ve always been skuffling around the top 6.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Spurs have certainly closed the gap, but our financial power and size as a club frequently carries us through, just having more options to eventually cobble something together.

    Personally why for all those years we pip Spurs by a point or two I don’t celebrate, just part of this whole lowering of standards that Wenger and Kroenke are desperate for fans to swallow.

    However, a big problem for Spurs is one of the things they are better than us at, bottling. Their 2011/12 side was far and away better than ours, and they still blew a double digit on us, last season, their starting eleven was far better than ours, yet they still collapsed in spectacular fashion right at the end.

    Remains to be seen whether under Pochettino they can put together a really good squad, they are getting there. Now obviously they are moving to a large stadium and will gain all the increased commercial revenue that comes with that, but also of course all the burdens.

    Interesting time, but I agree, Arsenal are showing no ambition to evolve on or off the field, very risky game, almost as if we’ve given up trying to be better than City, Chelsea and United and are now just focusing on staying above Spurs and Liverpool in the pecking order.

  33. Dissenter

    I don’t disagree that our larger fan base still edges us ahead of Spuds but how long will this last for?
    Spuds are being run efficiently by a decisive and ruthless task master [Daniel Levy]
    Arsenal are being run conservatively on a dated vision of a yesterday’s man [Wenger]
    Wenger likes to run his mouth at other clubs for having too many players on loan but he forgets that we have players we can’t off-load because of their high wages. We are one of the few clubs in the world that can afford 100K+ weekly wage players on the bench and away on loan.
    My spuds buddy was reminding me the other day that only Lloris and Kane and on 100k weekly wage.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t disagree.

    I do not think this club is being run well, not really, I mean I don’t see this squad as being worth over £190 Million per year in wages, in all honesty, I think the gap between us and Spurs is a Sanchez level player, it is that fine now.

    We certainly have been wasting good positions, Wenger seems to be able to put together a good side, but cannot, or will not take it to the next level, maybe he wants to retain enough elements to achieve consistent UCL qualification as he knows that is what saves him, maybe he thinks that making drastic, ambition driven changes could blow up in his face and as such won’t risk it, his ego coming before everything and everyone else.

    I know I was one among many on here who wanted ruthless changes this summer, Ramsey/Wilshere gone, Walcott/Oxlade gone, players like Debuchy, Mert, Gibbs, Campbell etc gone and additions like Kante and Mkhitaryan made on top of the sort of buys we actually made, but that sort of wholesale change is not likely under Wenger because it would threaten the consistency of the squad.

    That is why Arsenal are a real bore to follow, the football side just achieves business ends.

  35. Thanos

    Pedro that twitter feed was very good. 2017 is depressing because I think we are stuck with wenger for at least anothe 3 seasons. The majority of the fans that go to the game just don’t care enough.

  36. B.T

    C.A totally agree, why are we only getting linked to Reus in the event Sanchez leaves, why cant we go for Reus and get Sanchez to sign a new deal ? Why on earth is it left to Wenger decide if and when he will sign a new deal( regardless of major trophies), seems our club has brainwashed us fans into accepting nearly rans is good enough.

  37. Marc


    Screw you – how about you go and stand in the freezing cold for a couple of hours? Spend 3 hours plus travelling to matches(I live a reasonable commute as well)? Spend almost £1500 a year on a season ticket?

    I go with a group of guys that have been season ticket holders for almost 30 years, I disagree with them on Arsenal matters all the time but I’m not qualified to decide who “supports” Arsenal enough. Some mouth off on a blog can go fuck themselves.

  38. Marc


    You’re assuming that the club don’t know Wenger’s intentions. It would be suicidal to announce mid season that he’s leaving and whilst it’s not the first time Wenger’s got this close to the end of his deal I can’t remember us being linked with so many other managers before.

  39. Marc


    “Spuds are being run efficiently by a decisive and ruthless task master [Daniel Levy”

    Really? He’s been at the club over 15 years and appointed how many useless managers? Best part of a dozen until Pochetteno, lets see how they cope with the stadium move, the restricted finances and the chance that other bigger clubs will make the current guy (who completely bottled it last season and whilst rated haven’t done anything of real note) better offers.

    Let’s see where they end up at the end of the season, if they miss out of CL football again I wouldn’t be surprised to see Levy pull the trigger again.

  40. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsenal’s only problem is its owner. He neither cares, nor dares.

    Compare Kroenke to even that new Everton owner or those Thai owners of Leicester, and you will be ashamed enough to hide in your own stale arsenal shit

  41. B.T

    Marc, maybe you are correct but i just get the feeling that all the football men at the decision maker table at our club are gone and the likes of Kroenke, Gazidis are so totally relient on Wenger that they have backed themselves into a Wenger corner regardless. All i hope is that we bring in a manager who is a winner. I think the club missed a huge oppurtunity in not trying at all costs to get Klopp in before he went to Liverpool, i really do. Tuchel, Eddie Houw etc i hope wo wouldnt go for. Simeone for me would at the moment be the way forward. Get the passion and fight back in the club. Yes his style at Atletico is different to Arsenals traditionally under the Wenger reign but i believe he is a top class manager who would easily adapt dependant on players at his disposal.

  42. Marc


    Is that the same Leicester who are in a relegation battle this season?

    Is that the same Everton that outside of the last two seasons are currently either level or below their finishing position?

    Is that the same uninformed moron mouthing off again?

  43. peanuts&monkeys

    The second biggest problem is the AKB-type average and mediocrity loving fans. If these fans were even half as passionate as the dortmund fans, they could have booed out Wenger 6 years back. I tell you guys, this meek surrender to authority and resistance to change is a typical English problem. If Arsenal hadn’t been an English club, most Arsenal fans would have been a far far happier lot.

  44. Marc


    Agree with wanting some fresh blood, I’m holding out hope that Gazidis is sharper than most give him credit for but just has his hands tied by Wenger’s King maker position.

    Ultimately we won’t know until Wenger goes and I’m getting vibes it will be at the end of this season.

  45. Marc


    You really are a cretin of the highest order Firstly you’ve been an Arsenal supporter for how long, is it longer than 3 years? As for an English problem fuck you, other clubs go through managers at an alarming rate in England.

    There’s no doubt that there’s an issue but idiots like you are mere passing “got a shirt for Christmas” fans who’ll be following Chinese football in a couple of years.

  46. Marc

    Vardy turned US down, actually for pretty decent reasons. He couldn’t see how he’d fit into our system. Do you think he’d have been the difference?

    No manager can force a player to join – go back to CL Manager or whatever is your main source of football info.

  47. peanuts&monkeys

    @gambon, you spoke about all aspects including commercial, branding etc etc…but what about not being able to garner the fanbase’s full support. Half the fanbase is so disenchanted, they just read the Arsenal scores…don’t even watch the games on TV. WTF is that???

    What’s needed most now is a gush of passion with a manager like simeone. Simeone is the answer. Sack the failed fossil. Wenger OUT!!!

  48. peanuts&monkeys

    Vardy turned you down for all tghe right fucking reasons. He knew arsenal can never win the league with a fossil in charge of the team. Vardy did not join because Wenger could not inspire him. Period. Get that straight, you fucking AKB.

    (all AKB s are artsene’ ass-lickers)

  49. peanuts&monkeys

    Marc is worng if he think he is an arsenal fan. He is actually a Arsene-licker. He probably ha. Ashrine of that deluded fucking ruiner of arsenal at his placve.

    All AKBs to blame for all that’s bad happeniing to arsenal

  50. peanuts&monkeys

    A non-western owner is what arsenal needs immediately. A Chinese, or a Russian, a sheikh, Dangote…whoever. One of these guys shd come and first asses like Marc, N5 and other AKBs to even pretend as fans

  51. Marc

    Vardy inspired

    5 goals this season – same as Ozil and less than Llorente and Defoe.

    You think we should have signed them?

    It’s got nothing to do with wanting Wenger to stay which I don’t. It’s about moron monkey’s not knowing their arses from their elbows.

    Out of interest how old are you? I’m getting the feeling I’m arguing with a 12 year old.

  52. Marc


    Can you try putting comments in English?

    “One of these guys shd come and first asses like Marc, N5 and other AKBs to even pretend as fans”

    No idea what that’s supposed to say or mean.

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Nice post …

    I think spurs will be the London club in next ten years …,

    Pains to say ,
    Sure they are governed by money like our mob but they seem to have a postitve outlook on the future and a forward thinking manager

  54. LeMassiveCoq

    Top rate of income tax in China is 45% (less than many European countries), so you can see a lot of greedy cunts (sorry, footballers) going there.

  55. Danish Gooner

    Imagine the amount of money we could make on shit players like Oxlade and Walcott…….Give us 1000 million Mr.wang for great useless self indulgent english footballer only injured 2/3 of season Mr.Wang very good, top dollar Mr.wang.

  56. Pierre


    Marc is obviously the voice of a true supporter who attends games and will continue to go to see the Arsenal through good and bad times . That’s what supporting a football team is all about….. unlike you redtruth who thinks your smartass (childish) comments hold some weight…. They don’t …..they are not clever , incisive, knowledgable or humorous just immature .

  57. Dissenter

    Since when did mindlessly bleating Wenger’s praise become the “voice of true supporters’
    True supporters love their club so much they wont refrain from calling her out when necessary.
    True supporters aren’t Wenger-sheep.

  58. Black Hei

    Just a word of caution. Central Government in Beijing have already fired a warning shot about the spending bubble in China football.

    These Chinese clubs will have to tow Xi Jinping’s line. He does not take dissent too well. From what I know, the government actually drove scores of polluting manufacturers out of business recently. Supply chain is kind of disrupted at the moment as Chinese factories have to find new sources for simple thing like packaging or components.

    So yah, the chances of Ozil for US$100m might have gone.

  59. Logie Bear

    Morning all. The Chinese bubble is interesting – apparently they want to build the infrastructure to host / win the World Cup within the next decade (?!) and they see recruiting “stars” as one way to improve the quality of local players….

  60. Black Hei

    Logie Bear

    I think the Chinese bubble is driven more by private enterprises than the government.
    I don’t get the vibe from the current leadership that they are keen on hosting something foreign like “world cup” anytime soon.

  61. Red&White4life

    “Arsene Wenger is the first manager to face the press ahead of another eagerly-anticipated weekend of Premier League action”

    Of course, the best of the best speaks first.

  62. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Yeah right

    I see long term target look man at charlton is joining Everton for 10m

    Now we know why he was only a target ….

    He has to remember that the new man takes the helm in six months ….

  63. Bamford10

    Most important thing now is that Wenger leaves at the end of the season. He said his staying on would depend on how things went this season, and I don’t see things ending well for him. We will get trounced by Bayern in the CL, and this will turn up the volume of criticism and tension. Then it will be a question of whether he can finish fourth, but even if he manages to do so — and United could pip us for this — a fourth place finish will inspire no one. There will be no one left to defend him, and I honestly think he’ll head for the door.

    He must be encouraged in that direction, though, so supporters must be vocal in every way possible, must build pressure around him, must make his experience miserable, etc.

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Maybe the the could come out onto the pitch with Roy Orbison. Classic …

    It’s over ………. da da dum

  65. Logie Bear

    Red & White re. “eagerly-anticipated”

    Sadly for many of us on here, the eager anticipation has long since departed and we are bored and tired of the same old same old.

    For me this is the saddest part of how AW has divided the fanbase and totally spoiled his legacy.

  66. Bamford10

    Wenger says the title is Chelsea’s to lose. How he fails to speak to his own failure is incomprehensible to me. How do you fail, year after year after year, yet never address the fact?

    He must fuck off, and supporters must tell him to do so in the clearest terms possible.

  67. Red&White4life

    “Most important thing now is that Wenger leaves at the end of the season”

    Ah ah ah ah ah ah you almost killed me with that one!!

  68. Red&White4life

    Sorry, I didn’t read the rest of your post…

    “He said his staying on would depend on how things went this season”

    Top 4 = 2 years new deal, end of the story.

  69. gonsterous

    If we offer 25m for mahrez in the January window, Leicester would bite our hands off. It’s a great deal and we could even off load ox in the process !!

  70. gonsterous


    The fans job is to cheer their team on, the boards job is to get the right man in and the managers job is to motivate the team. I think the fans are the last of your problems cause they seem to be the only one doing their jobs !!
    Also, not bad enough that other fans laugh at our own, but lets go make fools of ourselves by applauding the opposition goals ??
    I’m all for Wenger out but your methods verge on stupid !!

  71. steve

    “How about the Emirates crowd grow a pair and start cheering every time the opposition score a goal.
    That should make Wenger’s reign untenable….”


    That would never happen as 90% of Emirates Stadium is made up of either tourists or Akbs. Emirates Stadium – the mecca for spineless fans.