Run down of Arsenal January vs Premier League title contenders

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You wake up with a stonking hangover, call your girls over at the Drip Doctors and you can’t land yourself a concierge IV drip tailored to bring you back to life?

Who the f*ck is Samir Nasri to be blocking the lines?

Absolute banter. The password ‘NasriisGOD’ clearly didn’t stand the test of safety. Needs to be jumping on two-step authentication in the future.

Anyway, back to Arsenal. We have a few days off now as the players spend time with their families having their late Christmas parties (NO BOOZE). Hopefully the boys will be enjoying theirs after a hard-fought three points at home. The good news is that January is actually an extension of the gifting season. No game is easy, but there are games that aren’t hide-behind-your-couch-scary-af, and 6 of those come this month.

  • Palace (H)
  • Bournemouth (A)
  • Preston (A) (FAC)
  • Swansea (A)
  • Burnley (H)
  • Watford (H)

Tidy, right? Then we have a bit of a nasty February, that starts with Chelsea (A), Hull (H), then we have Bayern (A), followed by Southampton (A).

How is Wenger going to play this month? Does he take the opportunity to rotate some freshness in so we’re able to compete with a Chelsea who have rest built into their schedule? Or does he go all guns blazing like he has been of late. Maybe the WBA game is a sign of a change of heart? Bringing Giroud back into the fold with a positive result could encourage him that there’s more than one starting 11. But will he have been encouraged by that performance?

I still think the biggest challenge Wenger faces with elite coaches is they know how he’ll play. There’s no surprise or invention and it was pretty clear the City knew what we were going to do and that we’d be incapable of changing it. Will we have a surprise for Conte?

There’s a bit too much unstoppable doing the rounds at the moment surrounding the blues. Tony Pulis said we had the stronger squad, can’t work out whether that’s a jab rather than a compliment, but either way I think it’s hard to disagree we have a very good team that’s capable of more than they’ve shown this season.

The big test of strength for Chelsea comes in January. Spurs away, Leicester away, Liverpool away capped off by starting Feb with Arsenal at home. If the wheels do come off, this is the best chance of that happening, because after that it’s plain sailing for them until April when the rest of their competition might be involved in tiring European games. You’d put your house on an ex-title winning team seeing it home at that point.

How the others look in January:

City have West Ham (A), Everton (A) and Spurs (H)

Spurs have Chelsea (H) and City (A)

Liverpool have Chelsea and United, but at least have to play a bunch of games with the FA Cup and LC to play for.

United just have Liverpool, which is a worry considering the form they’re hitting now the big guns are finally firing.

A big month for Arsenal to rack up some points while those around us play each other, a big month for the shape of the league as we see what the others are made of.


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  1. ArseneisaFraud

    “Will we have a surprise for Conte?”

    Well the answer as always should be pretty easy… let me take a guess…No?

    As for Tony Pulis’ remark…. I pretty sure that this is a jab. I am pretty sure that all managers that have played AW once know what to expect the next time around… how exciting isn’t it? *sigh*

  2. Ankit_gooner

    “I still think the biggest challenge Wenger faces with elite coaches is they know how he’ll play. There’s no surprise or invention and it was pretty clear the City knew what we were going to do and that we’d be incapable of changing it. Will we have a surprise for Conte?”

    No.The biggest challenge is to keep our squad healthy and fresh.Pep is probably the only manager in england who can come up with a surprise or invention.We know how chelsea will play,how liverpool will play,how tottenham will play and how man utd will play.Other managers come up with solutions which are generally logical and predictable,rarely out of the box,
    We suffer because of a lack of detail in our preparation compared to other coaches.But you can still beat the top teams if you are organised and clinical.

  3. arsene nose best

    does it really matter, we won’t be winning the league or the champions league, WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ankit_gooner

    ” I think it’s hard to disagree we have a very good team that’s capable of more than they’ve shown this season.”

    Performance wise,yes.Points tally wise?I would have taken 40 points after 18 games.In terms of points,we haven’t underperformed that much.Chelsea have been sensational,full credit to them.

  5. Redtruth

    Palace (H)
    Bournemouth (A)
    Preston (A) (FAC)
    Swansea (A)
    Burnley (H)
    Watford (H)

    These sides are cannon fodder and Arsenal will easily smash them.

    The sides Arsenal struggle with are against decent sides like Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Spurs and where the jaded excuse is most used by AKB’s.

  6. steve

    “A big month for Arsenal to rack up some points while those around us play each other, a big month for the shape of the league as we see what the others are made of.”

    This won’t have any bearing for Arsenal in terms of winning the title.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    Yes Foster took liberties with his goal kicks and there is today an analysis which
    shows that he took more than 9 minutes out of the game in this fashion. The
    problem is that the referee allowed him to do so until he received a yellow card.

    However, you have to acknowledge also that Foster had a very good game.

  8. Emiratesstroller


    We may have a relatively easy set of games in the New Year, but the reality is
    that Arsenal have squandered 6 points in games against Man City and Everton. We are now 9 points behind Chelsea and I don’t see us closing that gap before end of season.

    What was demonstrated in both games we lost is that we have a soft underbelly. Far too often we lose “control” and there are far too many players in the
    team who let their heads drop in face of adversity.

    There is as I said before a lack of leadership and tactical nous both on and off the field when games start going wrong.

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Yeah of course a West Ham team with big Sam will be a walk over ….
    Tut tut tut

    Over expectant fans yet again

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Until the ref is given power to give a penalty when a keeper does this it will go on…
    All teams have done or do it ….

  11. S Asoa

    Watching teams including Arsenal we have players drilled in basics . We trap better and so can move faster and succeed when we pass accurately. If you have been watching early Man U , would realize that their intercepting and passing was atrocious inspite of the talented players. Obviously MouMouCow was only busy explaining tactics and less time on the ground in his unsettled days .
    On the other hand Wonkie has not much tactics except the obvious ” go out and express yourself boys “. Team does well when motivated since drilled in basics .

  12. useroz

    According to ANR, AFC is going to announce Wenger’s 2 year contract renewal, supposedly ratified during a recent Board meeting, once there are some wins under our belt and as soon as a Palace win. That sucks. Get out.

  13. Jeff

    The biggest difference between clubs with a winning mentality and us is that other clubs find a way to keep their momentum going when at the summit. We always find a way to put the handbrake on. We just like to come 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Even when we’ve got everything to play for, we just fall over at the last hurdle. It amazes and astonishes me how often this has happened.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I really couldn’t care less about arsenal under that man …..
    He has killed the club .

    The man is a cunt .

  15. Thank you and goodnight

    Pierre is right though. It’s West broms fault we haven’t won EPL in 12 years or CL in 20. If only they’re keeper hadn’t taken time over goal kicks we’d have cleaned up.

  16. Leedsgunner

    Enjoy… news of our future new left back? … lol… a 20 year who currently plies his trade with the world footballing super power known as… wait for it, Hednesford Town!

    Deemed not good enough for Sheffield Wednesday but good enough for us.

    Pure bantz.

    Happy new year!!!

    No, a winning streak against weaker teams in January does not mean it will be different this year and we will in the title. If we want to win the title we need to beat weak AND strong teams… like Chelsea AND Man City

    I was fooled once — but I’m not going to be fooled again.

  17. Bamford10

    I don’t think there’s any chance we contend for the title, so the priority now is making sure that Wenger leaves at the end of the season. He absolutely cannot be allowed to sign a new contract.

    Supporters need to make it clear that it is time for him to go.

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    For years he’s been moaning about FFP and oil money etc etc etc. Yet last year the league fell into his lap yet he still somehow contrived to fuck it up. If he could not win the league last year when the moons aligned and everything fell into place favourably then how the fuck will he win it with normal service resumed. Last seasons fuck up should of been the death knell for wenger yet instead the cunts given 2 more years. Absolutely disgusting what’s happening g at our club

  19. Frank Mc

    Seriously no sane Arsenal supporter can want Wenger to extend his tenure?? Last season was his gilt edged opportunity to win the PL and fuck off gracefully, instead we finished 10 pts behind Leicester…..

    This has to be his last season, THE END!

  20. Frank Mc

    No financial doping and no oil money the English powerhouse that is “Leicester City” pissed the league by 10 points, 10 fucking points….. that should of been the final nail in Wenger’s coffin!

    Thanks for all that you’ve done but please close the door on the way out…

  21. Bankz

    When full grown adults wake up and come here with dreams that Arsenal are somehow going to win the title while Arsene Wenger is the manager, it irks me.
    it doesn’t matter whether he rotates or whether we win the next six games, the best we can finish in is 3rd.
    Nothing matters irrespective of what we do between now and Feb…we WON’T BE WINNING THE EPL.
    The title is between Conte and Pep.
    if we couldn’t beat Leicester to it last year,only a delusional idiot would think Wenger will magically beat Conte, Pep, José & Klopp to it in 2017

  22. RJM

    Chelsea have won the league. Only a very bad Jan maybe an injury to Costa might make it interesting. Otherwise they gonna win with 4 games to spare!

    Not being in Europe for a team like Chelsea is massive though. Not using it as an excuse but it has provided an uneven playing field. They have so many less games than their title rivals, it was always going to be theirs for the taking.

  23. Jacko

    Couldn’t agree more Banks.

    Pre-season I thought we would be somewhere between 3-5th. Absolutely no reason to change that prediction.

    No doubt Wenger will renew. So we may as well just put the last decade on a loop and find somewhere good to get pissed.

  24. Thank you and goodnight

    @Frank Mc

    Spot on mate. Utter madness from the owner down to the board to even. Contemplate giving him even 2 extra days let alone 2 years

  25. Bamford10

    The Sun says Juventus boss Max Allegri wants to replace Wenger and create a “dynasty” at the Emirates.

    No idea if there is any substance to this.

  26. Thank you and goodnight


    The way things are under wenger I’d rather have an Austin allegro in charge right now than him. Surely it has to be his last season FFS

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    @Frank Mc

    Bloody madness it really is. Surely the AKB’S have to wake up FFS. As we both pointed out, last seasons failure should of been his death knell. Fucking crazy

  28. Leftsidesanch

    Wengers not going nowhere.

    Arsenal have always lacked real ambition, even Wengers original appointment was a lucky gamble as Wenger had no real credentials.

    Why does anybody think Wenger won’t be here? If there is no news of a contract extension and we are 5-6th in May then start to dream.

    Also, if Arsenal were to somehow win a title you can bet your bottom £ or whatever currency in your country of residence that Wenger will think that he’s good enough and signs on again. We’re stuck until he decides he is bored and whos going to get bored of £8m a year for “relative success” whilst being in good health in their late 60s!?

  29. Thank you and goodnight

    @Frank Mc

    I will party like mad when he finally goes. Yes the new guy might not win anything for first 2 seasons, but rather something different than groundhog day 12 seasons in

  30. Frank Mc

    Yeah, I don’t comprehend the fans that are shitting themselves if/when Wenger leaves…. the club is stale under him, we need a more dynamic manager with new ideas not this rinse repeat bollocks that’s been served for the last 12yrs.

  31. loyika

    Those run of fixtures should be a cake walk (but knowing the team, it might not be)

    It’s Feb that will be the tricky bit.

    Dat Guy’s return should offer us something different, however with Elneny going fr the AFCON we will be a bt short in Midfield (With Santi also being out)

    Anyways looking forward to a humdinger game tonight between the Scum and the Saints. The 3 days before the Walrus comes to town.

    P.S. Sad about Bob B, they really should have given him a chance to turn things round over there (as the situation their in isn’t really of his own making) I do believe that regardless The Swans are going down this season, and also if Leicester don’t get their acts together fast enough they might just be joining them in the Championship.. Now wouldn’t that just be typical of a crazy 2016.

    Hmmm… a thought just came through my mind, Celebs are dropping like flies all around us and not a single Rambo goal in sight? Is Ramsey finally losing his magical powers!?

  32. Dream10


    Very happy for Welbeck. The man has suffered over the last couple of seasons. He’ll be another option on the left. If he stays healthy, it will give AW the option of putting Aaron Ramsey (one of his favourites) back on the right. Interesting to see how Sanchez fares over the next few weeks. At Arsenal, his second halves of seasons have not been as productive as the first halves. Let’s see if he can continue his very good form that he’s shown over the first part.
    The Saints and Spurs on paper should be a very good match. But, I think Spurs are starting to find their groove and their collective energy will be too much for Southampton. They will continue to move up the table as they are consistent in their habits and their game plan.

  33. Dissenter

    Wenger saying he might need to wait until April to make up his mind about a contract extension.

    The man is an utter jackass to leave the club in that position unless …the deal is already signed.

    Waiting until April has been Wenger’s modus operandi for the last two contracts he’s signed.

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    He is holding the club to ransom ….

    If there was any balls at the club they would sack him…

    Not only is he ruining this season but he is in danger of fucking up next year as well….

    The man is the arse in arsenal

  35. Ankit_gooner

    “Supporters need to make it clear that it is time for him to go.”

    The board and wenger both obviously know that majority of the fanbase wants a change.Signing on wenger who reliably brings comes top4 makes sense from a business perspective.It depends whether they want to win or no.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Until he decides it’s time we are lumbered with it ….

    A man once highly regarded now atprguable mainly hated.

    The longer we endure him the harder it will be to the new man .

  37. loyika

    @ RSPC

    You mean Swansea or Leicester?

    For Swansea, yeah they are down with Sunderland.

    For Leicester, regardless of what they do in the UCL (Unless they win it of course) this has really been a disgraceful season for them, and to think that 2 or 3 of their players should be off for the AFCON really puts their season in jeopardy.

    @ Dream10

    Feel you Bro as regards Welbz. I also feel he needs a run of games and can improve in his goal scoring if he stayed fit for 80% of the season. He definitely has something to bring to the team. Also wish Lucas can get a run of games (should start ahead of Iwobi right now)

    When is Mustafi back? Gabby just doesn’t leave me with much confidence anytime he plays, and is it me or has Cech lost that bit of….. or maybe he can’t really be fussed either ways (after all he’s won all here is to win apart from at International level and playing for another big club in Europe)

    I am backing a draw today with the Scum vs Saints, would have said a Scum win if it had been at their Shyte Stadia. Anyways roll on game time.

  38. Danish Gooner

    If the season was a calendar year we would have won it in 2015 and 2016.Just goes to show that when it gets serious we cant handle it.

  39. Danish Gooner

    Wenger needs time to come up with excused for signing another lucrative contract even though he fledlings have failed yet again.

  40. reality check

    The board have already put the two years on the table. This happened awhile ago. It’s like Wenger says he wants to see what happens at the end of the season.

  41. reality check

    The board have shown their ambition in all of this. They’re not hiding. Its blatant.

    They want more of the same.

  42. reality check

    Also, if the majority still want Wenger in. What does that say about our fan base. Is this a fan base we can be proud of, especially after the protest.

    Away fans not included

  43. izzo

    Spurs and Man Utd will overtake Arsenal. Its really naive to write off January just because its fodder teams coming up but these will be pressure games and we all know how Wenger and his pussies can’t deal with that. I dont see a run of wins for January i see a couple draws and a couple struggling wins. Thats a more realistic prediction. I predict Arsenal will be 5th by the time we face Chelsea then probably 6th or 7th after that. Then just maintain that position between 5 to 6th to the end of season. Spurs just trounced Southampton whom we still face later away and you can be rest assured we’re not getting points off them. Ridiculous people are mentioning Welbeck. The man is dud and a headless chicken. Waste of space ex Manc. Get real people!

  44. loyika

    @ Izzo

    Easy there lad.

    One thing that will always be guaranteed under Arsene is a Top 4 finish. And that won’t change.

    Another thing that is guaranteed is SPURS AIN’T DOING SHYTE!! United maybe? but definitely not Spurs.

    We might/will not win the EPL, but we will come either 2nd or 3rd. League is still long to go and if there is a team that cracks under the pressure more than the Arsenal, it’s THE SCUM!!

  45. Redtruth

    I think the away supporters are more AKB’s than the home supporters.

    How else explain them traipsing across the country and cheering on Wenger’s choir boys.

  46. loyika

    @ Izzo

    We do play well under pressure, only difference is that for the past 10 season that pressure has been making the Top 4 rather than winning the league.

    Every team will play each other, so points will be dropped.

    Willing to put my head on the block that we make Top 4 (as is our wont) and that seems all we will be doing this season (Can’t see a Cup victory anywhere this season)

  47. Stevegooner

    ‘I think the away supporters are more AKB’s than the home supporters.How else explain them traipsing across the country and cheering on Wenger’s choir boys.’

    It might be coz they love supporting the club

  48. Stevegooner

    Your a complete cunt. I recall calling you out about organising a protest. It turned out you’ve been to the emirates once. Highbury very few times.

    Wenger might love a sucker like me. But I love Arsenal.

    Your just a keyboard wanker.

  49. David Smith

    I wouldn’t be worrying about Spurs. There are two universal constants at work here
    1/ Wenger finishes in the top four……just wish he would aim a bit higher
    2/ Spurs bottle it when it matters

    We will be second, third or fourth, as night becomes day. But, is that really enough for this club?

  50. izzo

    Loyika with the emergence of Liverpool this season will be different. Top 4 isnt guaranteed and will stick my neck out and say 5th at most. I dont see neither Chelsea, Man City, Spurs and Liverpool capitulating like Arsenal does when winning a game is a must. If Arsenal wants top 4 this time around then they need win against all 4 teams which they won’t. Wenger has battered the team and its looking like the goals have started to dry up. Relying on Donkey to score against a rubbish West Brom. So called squad depth of averageness won’t amount to shit.

  51. izzo

    I forgot about Mourinho and Utd. We’re not beating them either so when does that leave Arsenal? Mourinho will squeeze that team into 4th.

  52. izzo

    likely Table come end of season
    Man City
    Man Utd

    I’m a realist and i dont let my hate for Spuds cloud my judgement but they could still finish above us. lets not pretend it wasnt likely last season.

  53. Dissenter

    We are not going to get fourth place because United are only three points behind and are kicking into high gear.
    We’ll eke out a fifth place ahead of spuds and people will still celebrate St Totteringam’s day like it’s the CL trophy.

  54. David Smith

    We will finish top three, Utd can be got at, City have a terrible defence, Liverpool could finish above us, but could equally have a serious blip or run out of steam.
    I really don’t worry at all about this team in the top four, it ALWAYS happens,….why……because we have some excellent players and a manager now defined by top four finishes….when it comes to it,,he will do anything to carry this on. just bored that we have a manager who refuses to capitalise on it.
    Every year we are supposed to drop out of the four, or the media tell us there will be a North London power shift , or whatever, but what happens, Groundhog Day. And it is boring me to tears

  55. loyika

    @ Izzo and Dissenter

    Wenger has the act of finishing in the Top 4 locked down as DT has of grabbing Cats!!

    Unfortunately for the past 10 years thats all he has locked down.

    And you both seem to forget The Scum and United have European commitments as well?

    I still stick my neck oùt to say top 3.

    Read in the Guardian that Loserpool want AOC? SAY WHAT? We should send them a fax of Sanchez’s dog balls as a response. (after the shyte they pulleď with Suarez) only thing we should be sending to the Bindippers is a fcuking virus (or Arsene’s Zipper Jacket)

  56. Pierre

    “Pierre is right though. It’s West broms fault we haven’t won EPL in 12 years or CL in 20. If only they’re keeper hadn’t taken time over goal kicks we’d have cleaned up.”

    Don’t be a prick …… Foster wasted 10% of the game fannying around on goal kicks and things … Not acceptable ….

  57. clem fandango

    Our next few games look remarkably similar to Man Utd’s last few games, the games they have won and people have started to call them title challengers. Unbelievable that wins against Sunderland and Palace and now all of a sudden they are up there for the title. What worries me is when we win these games people might think we can win the title, which is a massive no no. I don’t know if it has been raised in other blogs but we should be really looking at the misappropriation of this years transfer budget. The most horrible spending, I think, of Wenger’s entire reign, he should be investigated for bungs immediately

  58. izzo

    And we don’t have european commitments as well???. those teams have better managers that will eek out wins and not bottle games that matter. thats a big difference from last season you fail to acknowledge. To me its actually more obvious now that Wenger doesnt have 4th locked down and he won’t get it this time around. You’re just glossing over facts and dismissing better managers and how they handle games with their teams. So you truly believe Wenger will pip Mourinho, Klopp, Poch, and Pep to get 4th or higher? LOL not this time around.

  59. David Smith

    Every year Wenger pips a so called better manager,and quite often, a richer club. Every one of those clubs have bottled a game or two this season, just as arsenal have. Wengers team anihalated Chelsea recently. Pochettino demonstrated the ultimate do bottle job last season, finishing third in a two horse race. Mourinhos team bottled it, and lost a lead against us only recently, in a match where we played badly.
    Wenger is not a bad manager, and I doubt if many of those are actually better, the problem with Wenger is his lack of ambition and acquiescence to an owner who cares nothing for the club. And also, his desire to play football that is a cut above some of the base level stuff of some of those managers. Wenger has outstayed his welcome, but let’s not underestimate genuine qualities in our frustration with him.

  60. loyika

    @ Izzo

    Whatever Bro.

    Believe what you want, like Ckem alluded to, who the fcuk have United beaten!? Chelsea? Arsenal? Liverpool? Citeh? And all of sudden they will finish in the Top 4.

    Eitherways Top 4 or not ain’t still good enough, but we will both see where Arsenal will finish come end of season, so lets save this till May.

    Poch a better Manager!? Still hasn’t won fcuk all (and will win nought this season as well) yet he is better? At what? Or are trophies won not a criteria of calling someone a better manager!? Even Martinez won the flipping FAC!!

    Poch is just a good coach that will not win anything with Spurs. (New Stadia or not)

  61. loyika

    And when i said they have European commitments as well, i meant as well as we do.

    Poch a better Manager!? That statement still cracks me up. Yeah we saw how brilliant he was with Spurs in the group stages of the UCL.

  62. David Smith

    Apparently, according to the media, Spurs demise in the ECL was down to Wembley, not Spurs being utterly useless.
    If it’s in the papers, you have to believe it, I’m sure………and Spurs get a very easy ride with some of the papers and pundits.
    Wenger has many faults, but falling below Spurs is not one of them.
    Anyway, enough about lesser teams, I want us catching Bayern, Real, Barca., Athleti, Juve, just cannot see it under Wenger, or perhaps anyone this board would bring in.

  63. mikem

    “Wenger is not a bad manager…. the problem with Wenger is his lack of ambition”
    So he runs one of the richest teams in world sport ,but he’s not particularly bothered about giving some of the most milked supporters in history a title or two, and he’s a sort of ok or better manager?

  64. Goonereris

    Mikem, YES!

    “…history… a title or two”? I am sure he has won a title or two. I am not of the view that Wenger must stay beyond this season but I am also not going to make nonsense of all what he’s done for the club.

  65. Black Hei

    “I predict Arsenal will be 5th by the time we face Chelsea then probably 6th or 7th after that.”

    I don’t think even RED can believe this.

    Because if it is true, Wenger will go, but he can’t go because that will create an existential problem for the fanbase.

    Wenger needs to stay and be hated and to achieve that, he needs to make top 4 without winning.

    Otherwise there is no point being Arsenal fans anymore; Le Grove will lose all its posters and we are officially plastic.

  66. Black Hei

    “Sanogo is wenger’s ali diao. I mean wenger has bought some shit players in his time but Sanogo has to be the worst”

    Saw this post yesterday. I beg to disagree. You can’t buy someone who came in free.

    You know it is a long time ago but there is this guy called Francis Jeffers and also another guy called Richard Wright who got up after spilling a save (or was it off the post?) to back heel the ball into his own net.

    Maybe I just have a soft spot for a potential fairy tale story. But no way Sanogo is the worst player ever. He is like Gunnersaurus incarnated into a clumsy battering ram with his flailing limbs and all.

    But more importantly he got results especially our run in 2015 FA Cup. It was his sizable Mascott-like bulk that allowed him to chest down the ball and fire in a shot for Ox to tuck in the rebound against Liverpool. Right after we got pasted in the league. And the final itself, where he replaced Podolski and Hull’s players stared agog (plus our own supporters) when this freakish clown came on the pitch. They clearly lost concentration and conceded from a corner because Sanogo is just such a force of chaos.

    He wins possession by losing possession to the player but you get so stunned by his lack of control you gift the ball back to him.

  67. Ishola70

    New excuses now eh for Wenger for failing to win the EPL.

    Fatigue and the pain of having to play European football is the new bandwagon for the apologists to jump on to.

    I wonder if Wenger did finish outside the european football spot places in the league and then the following season still failed to win the EPL with no european football that the apologists would actually exhaust their excuse making for him.

    Or is the excuse making infinite for him?

    It seems it is difficult for more than enough people to accept that Wenger is not capable to win another EPL.

    Chelsea’s winning run coincided with Conte changing their system. This is a fact.

    But no the apologists want to deflect from that fact and blame the amount of fixtures Arsenal play instead of Chelsea. Those really taxing and difficult games Arsenal had to play in europe this season against the mighty Ludogrets and let’s not forget the really hard time Basle gave to Arsenal in those two epic toe to toe matches where the outcome of the match was in doubt until the last kick of the ball.

    And the travelling involved. Damn the travelling. So draining, so arduous. The players take days to get that jet lag out of their system and their finely tuned routines are disrupted terribly.

    What a load of complete bollocks and shame on these apologists that are now finding yet more excuses for Wenger.

    But of course we know these apologists have no shame at all.

  68. Arsenal not Arsene

    This is Wenger we are talking about guys. The guy perfected the art of finishing in top 4 long ago. 2 year extension already signed imo. it’s so sad Wenger gets to choose whether to stay on or leave. Other performing managers have been sacked in the past for doing far more in less seasons than he has managed in the last 10 years. Stale football club.

  69. Wallace


    “Chelsea’s winning run coincided with Conte changing their system. This is a fact.

    But no the apologists want to deflect from that fact and blame the amount of fixtures Arsenal play instead of Chelsea. Those really taxing and difficult games Arsenal had to play in europe this season against the mighty Ludogrets and let’s not forget the really hard time Basle gave to Arsenal in those two epic toe to toe matches where the outcome of the match was in doubt until the last kick of the ball.”

    you aren’t switched on for those games and you lose. ask Man Utd. whether they ended up being comfortable victories or not the effort still had to go in, and that’s what costs you when you play 3 days later against a team that’s had a full week to prepare for you.

  70. Wallace

    interesting to see if any of our rivals make a move this January window. think Chelsea are probably the most likely to buy.

  71. Dream10


    I think Chelsea want to buy, but they may not be able to buy due to availability.
    Radja Nainggolan, a CM for Roma, was Conte’s first choice before Kante this past summer. Roma are four points behind Juventus, so that may have to wait for the summer.

    I think City will sign van Dijk in this window. Southampton have 24 points and more than likely will not be relegated w/ 20 matches left in the season.

    As for us, FK on twitter (@fkhanage) who is well connected w/ Arsenal, says that we still maintain interest in Riyad Mahrez. Unlikely to happen in January and more likely in the summer. Chamberlain being linked w/ Liverpool on loan. This smacks of the agent trying to get more money when he re-signs. Over the last couple of months, he’s been linked w/ City & Liverpool. Convenient when his contract has 18 months left on it. He could have been sold in the summer, but AW wants to offer him a new contract.

  72. Ishola70


    I see the apologists are linking Leicester’s surprise EPL title win last season with Chelsea of this season = no european football.

    If this handicap of having to play more games in europe against the perceived big advantage of no european football is such a big deal as the apologists seem to want to portray why have we not had more instances of teams such as Leicester those low to middling teams taking advantage?

    Teams win big titles because they are focused on winning them. They have the belief that they can win them. Whether this belief and focus occurs at the start of a campaign or later on in the season these are the main principles for a team wanting to win a major trophy.

    The excuse of playing more fixtures than another team are secondary issues and below.

    Why are some Arsenal fans making lame excuses and pinpointing secondary issues in analysing why Wenger will fail yet again to win an EPL title?

  73. Ishola70

    I will ask you a straight question Wallace.

    What is the main reason Chelsea are nine points ahead of Arsenal?

    Is it because Conte changed his system after their 3-0 defeat away to Arsenal and this change since that match has seen his team win every EPL match or is it because Chelsea have played less fixtures than Arsenal this season?

    One is more important and relevant than the other. Which one?

  74. Wallace


    Leicester last season was an anomaly. I don’t think you can read much into it, unless it happens again within the next 4/5yrs.

    “The excuse of playing more fixtures than another team are secondary issues and below.”

    c’mon man, ourselves and City played 8 games more than Chelsea & Liverpool over a 12 week period. you really don’t think that’s germane?

  75. Ishola70

    Wallace the question is there for you.

    Which is more important and relevant?

    Conte changing up his system or that they have played less fixtures than Chelsea?

  76. Wallace


    “One is more important and relevant than the other. Which one?”

    kind of a reductive way of looking at it, no? Conte going to 3 at the back has obviously transformed things for them, but having a full week every week to work on it has also been huge.

  77. Ishola70

    If anybody on Le Grove thinks Chelsea playing less fixtures than Arsenal this season is the main reason they are nine points clear let’s hear from you.

  78. Ishola70

    ”kind of a reductive way of looking at it, no? Conte going to 3 at the back has obviously transformed things for them, but having a full week every week to work on it has also been huge.”

    Reductive perhaps in those looking to make excuses for yet another season when Wenger fails to win the EPL.

    What will be the excuse(s) next season when Wenger again doesn’t win the EPL?

    Shall we get them ready for next season now?

    Perhaps we should hope that Wenger falls out of the european places and next season he has the “huge” advantage of no european football.

  79. Thank You And Goodnight

    Hahahahahahahahaha fucking brilliant. Last season saw wenger’s FFP and oil money excuses smashed to smithereens so the AKB’S have come up with another excuse now for his failures…….his so called success in qualifying for CL hampers our assault on the EPL because we play to many games and they point to Leicesters win last year and Chelsea being top this year as proof. Hahahahahahaha have you AKB’S no fucking shame? Jesus you have an excuse for every occasion. With fans like this are we honestly surprised the man can get away with continously taking the piss

  80. Frank Mc

    Over the whole season the fact that Chelsea have no European football will be a massive factor in their finishing position in the PL… the more pertinent question would be, if Arsenal under Wenger were in the same situation would they win the PL?

    it’s a massive NO from me.

  81. Ishola70

    Wenger can’t win the EPL this season so we may as well hope he has a complete melt down and finishes 6th or below come the season’s end.

    This will mean next season he will have a “huge” advantage in the league.

    Sounds good.

  82. Wallace


    just so were clear, my initial post was a reply to your observation that playing 8 more games than a rival over the course of 3mths has no impact.

  83. Jeff

    I think the “more games” argument is pretty redundant. Even if we didn’t play in the CL we would still fail to win the PL. But in order to prove it to people who like to make excuses for Wenger, you have to have every possible eventuality played out in real life over and over before they forget about that particular excuse and move onto the next one. It is impossible to convince the unconscionable.

  84. Frank Mc

    TYAG, don’t forget the curvature of the Earth, long shore drift, ox-bow lakes and global warming….. they’ve all hampered Wenger over the last 12 years!

  85. Black Hei


    The European games are a contributing but not all-encompassing factor. But if there are not too much quality difference between teams, there is only one winner in this scenario.

    If you want to give praise, hand it to Klopp; his team has a smaller market value vs that of Conte’s.

    But then I am your resident AKB so don’t think too bad of me!

    We won’t be winning the league anyway. To do that, we need a wide player who can dominate games as well. Basically we need another Sanchez. Call him Mahrez, Mik 2 or someone of that mould. Either that or Iwobi morphs into one.

  86. Thank you and goodnight

    @Frank Mc

    Hahahahahahaha the AKB’S should start a company for excuses. They’ll make a fortune….excuses for all occasions….

    ” honestly love I came out the shower walking to my room when I tripped on the towel and tripped cock first into the au pair”

  87. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Arsenal will be under huge pressure in transfer market next summer, because the lack of progress in negotiations with contract renewals.

    Other clubs like Spurs and Liverpool seem to have no difficulty in completing
    their renewals even at lower wage levels than we are offering.

    It seems to me that Arsenal’s manager combined with our negotiating team are lacking the clout to persuade members of our squad to renew contracts.

    The real concern is that the club will continue to dither and land up with loss
    of large number of players this summer + very low transfer fees, because many of the players are reaching final years of contracts.

    As matters stand I can see at least 7 players leaving namely:

  88. Frank Mc

    The prospect of Sanogo playing up front alongside Alexis Sanchez is the stuff of dreams for Arsenal fans. But it’s not just supporters who salivate at the thought of our all-time leading no goal scorer being joined in attack by the effervescent Chilean, Alexis himself also feels a frisson of excitement at the prospect.
    “I would like to have played with Sanogo,” says Alexis. “He could score, play one-twos with you, pass the ball, hold it… he had a huge repertoire and great vision too. I like playing with players with such a panoramic vision.”
    Ask any defender in world football if they think the partnership would work and surely their answer would be ‘I’d rather not try to find out’, but Alexis is happy to outline the qualities they’d bring to this fantasy Arsenal.
    “I think as a partnership we would do great together,” he smiles. “We would be constantly moving, going up and down, coming and going. I would have loved playing with Sanogo. He was more of a scorer than I am. I think I would assist him for every goal he would score! I’m more into passing and he is a great goal scorer.”
    It’s not beyond the realms of imagination that, in years to come, a Legends game could see the pair line up together in the famous red and white. But for now, we can only dream…

  89. Wallace

    32yr old Carlos Tevez to Shanghai Shenhua for a £71m fee and £615k per week wages.

    teams with players in their prime must be knocking back f*ckin’ huge sums.