Merry Christmas + WBA talk

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Merry Christmas one and all!

I hope you’re all having a terrific day and that you all enjoy your family time.

Just a few quick points to race through today, the first one being that Arsene Wenger has defended his main man Ozil, as expected.

“He is a guy who works much harder than people think and his body language goes a bit against him sometimes. We are a team who win the ball back high up the pitch very well, which means he and Alexis do their part of the job very well. We had a deficit in winning the ball back in the middle of the pitch at Manchester City.”

Stats point to him winning the ball the second most highest up the pitch. Which would make sense as he tends to play like a second striker. I understand he can’t be everything to everyone, but it was clear against City and Everton he wasn’t at the races and that goes beyond simply him looking miserable.

I thought we looked tired and Wenger danced into that issue delicately.

“We have suffered a little bit physically in the last two games. We were twice 1-0 up and started the game well. I felt we have given a lot in Europe, in the Premier League. We were a bit less fresh mentally to absorb the pressure of two big away games having just come back from Europe.”

For me, claiming that as an excuse when you have our squad is unforgivable. Wenger knew the games that were coming up, he’s seen the impact of not rotating, yet he went ahead as usual. Bad form in my opinion and a big reason we failed in those two games and a real shame at that.

We’ve had a bit more of a rest for tomorrow’s game. Great thing about this next run is that for once it’s not just us that’s playing 3 games a week, it’s everyone. Expect smaller teams to struggle and hope that our form and depth can prevail. I’m a bit nervous Palace will find that Sam Allardyce special sauce against us, but what can you do? Max points is an absolute must and I think we should achieve that.

Finally, Danny W is back in training. Wenger went further than offering him up as a new signing, he said this is like a new career for him. Don’t expect to see him for a while, but great to have him back regardless.

Right, that’s your lot, have an incredible Christmas and enjoy those around you!


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  1. Me

    Arsenal are out of the “title race”
    If they were ever in it.
    The cycle goes on year after year and no one can figure out why.
    No one gives a toss about the WBA game because its meaningless.
    And Wenger will sign a new deal and we will have five more years of this – five more years of websites like “le grove” asking the question of what went wrong.
    Wenger is what went wrong – sooner he is gone the better…

  2. Me

    And sorry for the rant – just makes my blood boil when I know the season is finished already and its only Xmas.

    Wenger is a cunt…

  3. WrightIsGod

    Aubameyang or Lacazette. Griezeman or Reus. Buy two of those four and we’re talking.

    Hurry up and buy Wenger and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

    Merry Xmas and all of that commercial pipe.

  4. Geestyle

    Very much agree about the squad rotation. It’s as if Wenger is scared of taking Ozil or Sanchez off for a rest, knowing fully well that there is no real plan B. If only he could see a little further into planning games and realise maybe spending a few more quid could have got us a stronger team. People like Wanyama or maybe a punt for Cesc before he went to Chelski. There was loads of decent players he missed in the Summer. Also a back up to Cech. He hasn’t been on the best form and is not getting any younger. It’s all penny pinching bollocks and shows every year. Bloody shame until Mr Wenger leaves.

  5. Peter12

    Merry Xmas to all, I can hardly say “Happy New Year”, as I am not expecting it to be for us fans, unless Wenger does the most improbable and leaves. The team have major structural faults: not a single leader on the pitch, no free-kick taker hitting the goal (barring, Alexis sometimes), no header of the ball (unless Giroud plays – so wasted corner taking by Ozil, no striker(possibly when Giroud plays) because to my mind Alexis isn’t a striker (although of course he is a brilliant player as well as trying to lead by example). Gabriel – a liability; Monreal now too slow; no strong physicality, height … Where do I stop. Cheers.

  6. Bankz

    Another Christmas ,another “Arsenal is out of the title race already” moment.
    Anyone still having faith in Wenger needs their heads examined.
    Fact is, Arsenal are fucked for the next couple of years…
    .it’s so obvious.
    City and Chelsea will probably dominate the next 5yrs….unless United gets it right after sacking José Mourinho within that time frame

  7. kc

    Oh no, I certainly hope nobody’s Xmas wish was for Wenger to spend in January. Might as well be outside looking for Santa. It’s also time to get reasonable with our transfer list. Greizman and Aubemayang are simply out of our league. For Christmas sake, Xhaka at 35$ is our most expensive transfer ever ffs. Get Real.

  8. Red&White4life

    Merrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!

    Today’s christmas show is brought to you by Arsenal main sponsor, Tag Heuer – “don’t crack under pressure”!! (lol)

    Please enjoys watching ze specialists in bouncing back destroy the mighty WBA, in a game that will have a huge influence… on the top 4.

    For this occasion , Mr Santa Wenger will exclusively present the beautiful new
    contract he has for christmas to the delirious supporters!!

    (or you can enjoy some time with you family, without giving a shit about the game, the choice is up to you)

  9. Dissenter

    Merry Christmas to all…the last before the Trump era begins.
    Hopefully we do a Chelsea collapse the latter half of the season and start next season with a new manager.

  10. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    Merry Christmas everyone. Pedro, I saw some disturbing stats comparing Ozil and Ashravin. 11650 minutes, 29 goals and 49 assists for the Wizard of Ozil himself. 8709 minutes, 31 goals and 46 assists for the Russian. I hope this isn’t true or it would mean we have all fallen victimto manipulation, if not fraud.

  11. Federer

    “Aubameyang or Lacazette. Griezeman or Reus. Buy two of those four and we’re talking.”

    Groovers should get real for once, after all these years and we still allow ourselves get played to the gallery in our transfers.
    Lord wenger himself has said Welbeck is more than a new signing, what other evidence do we want before we skyrocket our hopes like we always do in the transfers?

  12. S.Asoa

    With his excuse of getting first team burned out in Europe Wenger takes the cake in using his fault as his defense. Everyone was of opinion of taking a second string who could have done the job at Bassel. But Stupid Wenger persisted with full strength team .
    Based on this statement itself Wenger should be fired pronto.
    But then Gazidas testicles are in Wenger hands and Kroenkedoodle being satisfied elsewhere by the cinsumate courtesan

  13. nepGunner

    Merry Christmas to all Le-Grovers. Wish you all happy times with your dear ones and a great life ahead (besides supporting Arsenal and suffering the yearly heartache)

    And.. Wenger you can rot in Arsenal as much as you like.. I’m over your stupid arrogance you old git.. I won’t spare a single second of my life praising you anymore cuz you are a shameless maniac without an iota of self reapect.

    Up the Gunners

  14. reality check

    How many ready made top top players has Wenger ever bought in 20 years?

    That’s all you need to know about our transfer policy.

  15. rollen

    December 25, 2016 19:14:39


    nothing like uneducated ppl quoting science

    No one prevent you from working during Christmas and Easter.

  16. Danish Gooner

    It is official !!!! Football have no morale left,CP hiring that utter filth Sam Allerdici,holy crap.Remember how Arsenal treated GG when he took that bung ??? It is a far cry from the scumbag called Allerdyce being back in football only a few months after being caught red handed with his filthy hands in the tilt.I hope we turn his shit team over in a real serious way.

  17. Wallace

    got to win today. six very winnable games coming up, and anything less than 15pts from them is going to be underwhelming.

    would like to see starts for Holding, Gibbs, Elneny & Lucas.

  18. Dream10


    Don’t think we’ll see any changes today. More likely that squad players start against Palace on new year’s day. Comfortable win is needed.

  19. Wallace


    wouldn’t mind a bit of a shake up. I think there should be some repercussions after two defeats in a row. shame Reine-Adelaide has looked so timid when he’s played this season. with the Ox out and Iwobi struggling for form it might have been a good time to throw him in.

  20. Federer

    So our winning run begins today.
    Let me tell you how the next one month would pan out:
    We go on a 5-6 game winning streak up until Feb 4th when we face the might of Chelsea. By then we would sit pretty at 2nd and Wenger would announce in the pre-match conference that he has been persuaded to commit himself once again to Arsenal but this time for just 2yrs .
    And then the rest of the season becomes predictable………..a few points dropped here and there, loose out to Bayern and close out the season strongly, finishing in 3rd position with 84/85 points which would be hailed as an improvement on last year

  21. Federer

    And oh, our January winning run would be an excuse not to buy in the mid season transfer. Ozil would be in supreme form , taking lesser teams for toast , Giroud would have an impressive goals return following an injury to Sanchez, Welbeck and Perez would put in decent shifts in the FA cup and Xhaka would find his range against poorly organised midfields.
    See? That wasn’t difficult, was it?

  22. Thank you and goodnight

    Wenger moaning about the fans again. I have to agree with him I’m afraid. I mean it’s not his fault he hasn’t won the EPL or CL in 12 years it’s the fans fault. Although it does baffle me as I thought his teams had buckets of ze mental strengthzzzz…… FFS JUST FUCK OFF ARSEHOLE WONGA AND TAKE THE BOARD WITH YOU, YOU FUCKING SPECIALIST IN FAILURE

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    The man just makes you fucking livid. Never ever his fault it’s oil money, pitches, referees etc. Own up to your mistakes you fucking fraud. 12 FUCKING YEARS COUNTLESS TEAMS YET WE STILL ALWAYS FALL SHORT, ONLY CONSTANT BEING THE CUNT OF A MANAGER. BUT OF COURSE……NEVER HIS FAULT

  24. Bankz


    I’ve been good.
    Starting up a family, new projects and trying to keep pace with the economy.
    Moreover the old man is still at the top so nothing to get excited about Arsenal ATM.
    I guess my 57 run unbeaten record is still pretty intact despite my hiatus for over a year now?
    Compliments of the season to you and yours.

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Your Comment Herereally couldn’t care less on wengers comments

    Personally I’m writing this this season off , anything is a bonus …

    He will be gone soon ….

    Maybe someone else high up the club should start to take over the reigns like when George went an his duties were handled by management …

    It’s clear that he has lost his appetite for the club
    A move away would be best for both parties ?

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I agree with the starts for a couple of the players , just think holding may get roughed up by Ron don ….
    El nanny ? Mmmm not sure about
    Other two yes

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    ” Of course it’s tough but City didn’t win for six, Tottenham for four or five, Manchester United as well, all the teams go through that. It’s the teams who respond well together who have the most success. It’s part of it. In 20 years I had very few seasons where you start on the motorway and you finish on the motorway with no car in front of you.”

    What an absolute load of bollocks from wenger……it’s not a couple of games each season though you fraud. 12 FUCKING YEARS of the same bollocks. Yes city and United haven’t been excellent this season….but more often than not over last 7 years when the pressure has been on them to perform they’ve performed. Compare that to Arsenal over last 7 years, how often do we bottle the big games. Please arsehole just fuck off and go.

  28. Dissenter

    I expect today’s gamer to be a bruiser that we’ll be very lucky to win.
    Pulis has Brom playing just like Stoke city.
    They’ll lump the ball in the air and win 90% of aerial challenges.
    Our zonal marking for corners will be tested today by Rondon who’s going to have smasher.
    Hopefully Alexis terns up and finishes the game without injuries.

  29. Bamford10

    So Giroud starts through the center, but with two wide players (Alexis, Iwobi) who don’t generally cross the ball.

    Makes sense.

    Why not Alexis through the center? I thought this was the season-defining CF solution?

    Even if Walcott is injured, you could run Iwobi, Lucas or Ozil wide.

    We’ll see how this works, but (1) Alexis & Giroud don’t mix well and (2) I thought Alexis was the solution at CF.

    IMO, Wenger is lost at sea.