3 issues of concern at Arsenal right now

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Man, intense welcome back to the UK so apologies for the slowdown. I was looking at an ad for loneliness at Christmas, the line read…

‘Silent night, silent day.’

Next to an image of a sad old lady. I was thinking, geez, I’d take some of that right now. Anyway, not like there’s much festive cheer around the club after back to back losses… but hey, it’s fine. Kind of…

Well, not for me. Firstly, horrifying news now gathering at a pace about Wenger signing on for another 2 years. Could not be less interested in seeing him stay on. He has no value anymore. Totally past it. If he really has signed on now, just before we inevitably crash to our usual 4th place he really is absolutely shameless. Stan K is too, no backbone when it comes to making ambitious sporting decisions.

Second bit of bad news in The Sun is that Sanchez has been complaining about the pace of life in London. I mean, what can you say here? Last week it was ambition, now London is not for him. It’s not looking good is it?

3rd bit of weird news is that Draxler has the choice of us or PSG this January. I mean, he’s a talent, no doubt. Just feels an odd one to me. He comes with some personal baggage as well, but remember, so did Pires, Hleb, Kanu and RVP. He’s an effective wide player and he’s fairly young. I’m never against hiring in talent.

That’s about all I have for you today, hopefully a bit more cheer tomorrow!


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  1. Wallace


    splitting hairs, no? in season 2006/7 Henry earned more as an employee of Arsenal football club than Wenger did.

  2. Jeff


    If I’m splitting hairs, you’re clutching at straws. Can you point to any player, present or or past, whose contracted salary is/was more than Wenger’s? That’s what we were talking about because this conversation started with Ozil and Sanchez and how much they might be offered to renew. I can tell you now that neither one will be offered a contract with a bigger salary than Wenger. A one-off payments is not part of your contract, the salary is.

  3. Hunter

    Well Draxler to PSG,yet another so-called AFC target over the years snatched to a money bags team.I would have risked signing Draxler because IMO he would have come good with our style of play and we then could have off loaded those two complete waste of spaces Walnut and Chamberlain!But obviously Wenger knows best unfortunately he wasn’t African or French because we know what the master likes don’t we?
    It also seems that the rumours of him signing Another two year contract are gathering pace God help us!when oh when will this torture end?
    WBA will give us a tough game and I can honestly see them snatching a late winner,yet another nail in Wengers coffin however it doesn’t matter how often we fail,how long we can have a bad run,no matter how many points we fall behind or how dismall our performances get,HE will NEVER be sacked or leave of his own accord.I am positive he wants to beat Fergussons longevity record with a club,so we gave him for at least another six years!just shows what a modern,progressive club we have become a true GIANT and let it be said that the saying no-one is bigger than the club Dosent refer to AFC because WENGER IS bigger than the club at least he thinks he is!!!Kronke,Gazidis and the AKB’s have made him bigger.
    Such a sad story of a once great club,we truly should re-name it ARSENE FC and do a Wimbledon,start all over again with a new name,that’s the only way to rid ourselves of this man!

  4. raptora

    Wenger this, Wenger that, but the way that Ozil has “performed” recently he doesn’t deserve to be paid a single dime. It’s beautiful how on another day Ozil scores the perfect chance vs Everton, we take the game and we go to Etihad with big hopes. Merceyside is a tough place to be, you don’t get a lot of chances so you got to score when it counts. Who missed the chance? Was it Wenger? Nope. It was Ozil. But noo its Wengers fault. We lose the game after another fuck up by the same player – Wenger Out!!!!! Then at Etihad we are basically playing with 10 ppl and yes it is Wenger’s fault that he didn’t sub him. But the dude played like he doesn’t give a flying EF if we lose or not. He plays even worse than he did at Everton and he gave two sh*ts about it. What follows… Wenger Out!!! I mean yes, Wenger needs to teach him a lesson but maybe Mesut doesn’t listen. I want him out of our squad till he fixes his bullsh*t attitude. We played with 10 ppl at Etihad. That is what happened.

  5. WrightIsGod

    I’m with Jeff on this….. We are discussing actual salary which spans the length of a contract and not any initial sign on fees or bonuses. Heck, I wonder what extra bonuses Wenger gets that we have no knowledge of….

  6. raptora

    I’ve never ever been a fan of Draxler plus he has declined instead of getting better with years. We need someone who can make a difference right here and now. Reus or Payet please. Mahrez won’t be too bad either.

  7. WrightIsGod


    “African or French”

    I actually think Wenger has fallen out of love with African players in the main for years now. Iwobi doesn’t count.

    He would much rather a mixed raced or British player with nice hair.

  8. Dream10


    I am with Jeff on this one. Remember being mentioned a while back, just forgot where. Ozil & Sanchez are on 130-140k a week at the moment. When they sign their new 200k/week deals, one would expect that AW will get a bump in his wages as well.

    I think Mourinho, Guardiola and Ancelotti are the highest earners at their club.
    Although, Lewandowski just signed a new deal, so Carlo may be second highest on the Bayern wage bill now.

  9. Jeff

    If you look at how Arsenal has fared over the last 20 years, there is a very obvious and distinct pattern that some people acknowledge and others ignore. The more power Wenger got the less effective he became.

  10. WrightIsGod


    I wouldn’t normally engage with Wenger apologist, because you know, they’re insane, but….

    Wenger has made a situation where he cannot drop Ozil and if he does the team is perversely at more risk because the team is built around him being the centre piece APPARENTLY tying things together.

    Anyway, who spent £42m on a player without thinking about whether that player would work, in the main, in a system, to win the Premier League.

    It is not Ozil’s thought that Wenger doesn’t build a tactical system and then adds players that fir that system. Instead Wenger buys players and just plays his favourites, most times playing players out of position.

    With every other manager Ozil has played for they recognise where to play him and what to play him for. Mourinho would only ever play him for 70 minutes at Real Madrid for instance. For Germany they would rather play him wide. H thrives with other managers and is often voted Germany’s best player.

    I don’t think he is a player you can base a team around in hope to win th Premier League but that’s not Ozil’s fault, that is why Wenger is paid more than him to be able to figure out. I mean hell I can and most people can figure it out. I’d probably rather play Sanchez number 10.

  11. Hunter

    Wright is God

    Nah I still think he couldn’t resist a nice 16-19 French African boy if he came along I mean Sanogo,diary,ebonies the list goes on and on.Although I agree lately he has turned to more European types.
    But even if he Bought Messi,Ronaldo,Nay are etc etc he still wouldn’t win a thing,let’s face it he is a dinosaur,every young modern manager can beat him tactically,no-one wants to play for him anymore regardless of wages.
    This summer both Sanchez and Ozil will be on their bikes as well as Giroud and possibly the Kos,not through the want of wages but by the need for trophies!

  12. WrightIsGod


    In recent years:


    Obviously we have a British quota to fulfil but it is interesting how long he is persisting with them when its clear the majority of that list is dross or just will not work. At least with the “Africans” they did their bit and when they weren’t good enough he got rid.

    French maybe so but he’s french so obvious…. even so who do we have Kosh, Debuchey, Bellerin, Giroud, Coq (mixed race I believe)……

    French African, ok he persevered with Diaby but everyone else was shown the door pretty quick once they were useless.

    Africans….NO, he no longer uses them. Iwobi has been in England since he was a small child.

    Anyway why is race even a factor? I am only piping up because of the ignorance you displayed. When you actually look at reality your ignorant statement is baseless and that’s me sticking up for Wenger.

  13. Wallace


    “That’s what we were talking about because this conversation started with Ozil and Sanchez and how much they might be offered to renew. I can tell you now that neither one will be offered a contract with a bigger salary than Wenger.”

    okay, then let’s wait and see. if Wenger’s not making a decision on his future until the spring we should hopefully have at least one of Alexis or Ozil signed up by then.

  14. Wallace


    “Ozil & Sanchez are on 130-140k a week at the moment. When they sign their new 200k/week deals, one would expect that AW will get a bump in his wages as well.”

    that might well be the case. Tony Adams had a similar clause in his contract.

  15. Dream10


    If they’re all 100% healthy and in their primes, Reus is the easy choice.
    He’s a fluid mover, great decision maker and right footed player who can make the out to in run from the left side. I wanted us to sign Ozil and Higuain in 2013 and Reus in 2014. Would have been a tremendous front three with great technique and excellent off the ball movement.

    I don’t think Mahrez complements Sanchez if he continues to be the #9. He plays great throughballs & is a great technician, but he does not run in behind that much. Ozil is often the most forward player on average position maps to compensate for Sanchez dropping deep. Mahrez right, Sanchez #9 would need a very aggressive forward running left sided player. A healthy Reus could make it work. But, he has an Arsenal-esque injury record lol

  16. karim

    London evening standard say we’re signing Sunderland’s young English keeper,
    Jordan Pickford, who’s supposed to finish the season with them before he joins us.

  17. Wenker-wanger

    Ozil being singled out? Sure he is the archetypal luxury player and will never have the old arsenal spirit of 89.
    But to use the deficiencies of ozil to mitigate wengers incompetence is totally feeble. Wenger is at fault for virtually everything here. A control freak and dictator like him will deservedly be blamed for all mistakes, failures as that’s how he has constructed his complete responsibility for ALL things arsenal.
    It’s not ozil. Or any player. It’s 12 years of failing, it’s the disgrace of losing to woeful Birmingham in the league cup final, it’s 8-2 , 6-0, 4-4… It’s a continuation of inept management and being constantly inferior to top quality managers like pep, Jose Koeman etc.
    Wenger is incompetent full stop.

  18. reality check

    I can’t see who would come in after Wenger tbh. He’ll go upstairs for sure. I mean. Who would want to work under Wengers watchful eye. Simeone for example. Would he really be given the freedom to buy griezmann and pay him 250k pw?