3 issues of concern at Arsenal right now

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Man, intense welcome back to the UK so apologies for the slowdown. I was looking at an ad for loneliness at Christmas, the line read…

‘Silent night, silent day.’

Next to an image of a sad old lady. I was thinking, geez, I’d take some of that right now. Anyway, not like there’s much festive cheer around the club after back to back losses… but hey, it’s fine. Kind of…

Well, not for me. Firstly, horrifying news now gathering at a pace about Wenger signing on for another 2 years. Could not be less interested in seeing him stay on. He has no value anymore. Totally past it. If he really has signed on now, just before we inevitably crash to our usual 4th place he really is absolutely shameless. Stan K is too, no backbone when it comes to making ambitious sporting decisions.

Second bit of bad news in The Sun is that Sanchez has been complaining about the pace of life in London. I mean, what can you say here? Last week it was ambition, now London is not for him. It’s not looking good is it?

3rd bit of weird news is that Draxler has the choice of us or PSG this January. I mean, he’s a talent, no doubt. Just feels an odd one to me. He comes with some personal baggage as well, but remember, so did Pires, Hleb, Kanu and RVP. He’s an effective wide player and he’s fairly young. I’m never against hiring in talent.

That’s about all I have for you today, hopefully a bit more cheer tomorrow!


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  1. DM

    The whole Sanchez London thing is such complete BS. I can’t bloody stand the media sometimes. He was asked about London and he said yeh, it’s very hectic. He likes to relax at home. He was moaning, he wasn’t saying it’s not for him. It’s just stupid bloody media spin.

  2. Guns of Hackney

    Media naughtiness or not, Sanchez is arguably in the top three players in the world right now and that means, Arsenal will lose him. Unless a player has a real, genuine love for a team, which mostly only comes if he was born at the club, players are transient. Sanchez owes Arsenal nothing and Arsenal have offered him nothing he can’t get anywhere else. If he wants, he trebles his wages elsewhere and might get his hands on a trophy. For me, Arsenal lose Sanchez and Ozil before next season.

    As for Wenger and another deal…why are we shocked? The PSG ‘wanting’ Wenger is bullshit spin from either the man himself or Arsenal. Wenger and Arsenal want us to be happy he chose us over a bigger, richer club. It’s propaganda. Once he signs another deal, the “I could have gone but stayed out of loyalty” will raise it’s ugly head again. He is loyal to Arsenal because no other club would tolerate his nonsense. It’s a job for life and he knows it.

  3. Razors

    Arsenal has more chance of resigning Glen Helder than Wenger going to PSG….it’s all smoke and mirrors from the Arsenal PR group to get Le fraud to stay in the job for another 2 yrs…pray John Wick is not just a movie character….

  4. Thank you and goodnight

    The city game was Sanchez’s RVP moment against United. No way he’ll stay in a million years and I don’t blame him one bit

  5. kc

    Not sure there’s anything behind the Wenger extension rumors. Looks like a prediction from an Arsenal blogger is what started it all. To me it sort of looks like somebody’s trying to unsettle the club and/or the manager similar to what happened with Fisher in LA. Funny how the mind sees what it wants to.

  6. Troy McClure

    The only thing that will get Wenger out is old age, or maybe the French national team. And he is in good health for a 67 year old. Nobody switches jobs at 67, especially to one with more pressure like PSG. They retire.

  7. Guns of Hackney

    I said it yesterday and I’ll repeat it. Wenger wants to equal or beat fergusons 26 years at united. That’s another 6 years, folks.

  8. Ichiban

    It’s mad how short-sighted people can be in the world of football. We had a horrible week but if we go on another 14 match unbeaten run, with most of them wins then we will be in a very good position come end of the season. not saying it’s likely, this is the part of the season we usually underperform in, but we already pulled off one 14 match unbeaten run this season, who says we can’t do another? Welbeck is coming back, Mustafi will be back to replace that joker Gabriel and with any luck we’ll have Cazorla for a few games at the end of the season. Last 5 games or so. If we get a player like Payet who seems to be begging for a move to us in January, we will be title contenders because he can compete with Ozil or at least replace Iwobi/Ramsey in the squad.

  9. Rainman


    U speak of an hypothetical 14 game unbeaten run, we are complaining about 12 seasons of dross.

    Who is actually short sighted?

  10. Mark S

    Interesting if Stan gives Wenger a two year deal since it is being reported he’s trying to hire a “big name/personality” to coach his LA Rams. The coach he just fired, was known for his mediocrity. Kind of like a certain someone else….

    The Rams haven’t hired anybody yet, but it will be interesting to see if Stan actually does go for a big name. It would be somewhat unlike him to go for a flashy signing. He has even made comments about how he wants to own “winners”.

  11. Red&White4life

    Merson’s words about next arsenal game :

    “Flat-track bullies Arsenal win these games, don’t they?”
    “But I can’t go against Arsenal when they play these teams.”


  12. Elmo


    That’s the tunnel cam from City at the weekend.

    It’s probably misguided nowadays to expect the players to be as fervently committed as the fans, but watching that it does just feel that the pain of loss is not that great to them. Of course there’s an expectation of sportsmanship and civility even in defeat, and there are many links between the personnel at the two clubs, but I can’t imagine the Adams or Vieira teams getting beaten at Old Trafford and immediately be smiling and socialising in the tunnel.

    If it were me or any other mug punter, I’d expect to be steaming, f’ing and blinding straight into the dressing room, regardless of whether that is productive or not, simply because we want to win and a defeat is a hammer blow to our title chances.

  13. Sancho Monzorla

    Mark S

    I have no doubt they will try to make a splash with the Rams coaching job. Regardless of the state of the Rams, that position, in a “new” team in LA for the first time in twenty years, with a fresh stadium coming in two short seasons, they absolutely need to sign someone notable.

    Hearing all kinds of names. McDaniels, Kyle Shanahan, none of them get me too excited. Only one I’d get excited for is Harbaugh but I don’t see him leaving Michigan so soon.

    I have season tickets and a bunch of spare ones for the New Year’s Day game versus the Cardinals. If anyone is in Los Angeles for the New Year and wants tickets let me know haha.

  14. Colin

    It’s easy to jump on the wegner out bandwagon but as said by many fans before it’s not just the last two results it’s the last ten years, but for me personally I have no problem giving him credit for his success , but one of my problems with him is his failure to address and show any appreciation the long suffering fans .

  15. Colin

    A few years back arsene spoke about the inconsistencies of the team, at first it was the team’s failure to beat the so called smaller team’s then it was the bigger team’s , well the same problem some new players and the same manager , I ask who or what is the problem? in my opinion the manager can no longer motivate the players .

  16. tunnygriffboy

    Interesting that bar Chelsea who are on a monster run every other team near the top have had a blip or a few bad results. Hopefully we’ve now had ours and we can now go on another run.

    The teams playing in Europe have had blips and a poor result here and there (Liverpool because of a dodgy defence). Because of the improved strength of the league every team including those at the top have to be at 100% in order to win matches. This hasn’t always been the case. We’ve looked dreadfully flat and tired in the 2nd half of the last two games.

    West Brom are on a good run and have been impressive this season. They have all the traits of a Pulis team. On top of that they have the pace and craft of Chadli and Phillips and an underatted striker in Rondon who is in the goals atm. Any win against them will be a good result.

  17. Thank you and goodnight


    Come on mate……any win against them….really. We’re the Arsenal mate we should be smashing teams like them. Your positivity is great mate but reality is that even if we go on a mega run and haul Chelsea in, when it matters most we will bottle it as we always do. If you look over the last 5 years to coin a tennis phrase how many times have we converted our break points??? One or 2 times? Reality is we are a team of weak willed bottlers and nothing will change till we see change at the club

  18. tunnygriffboy


    Don’t disagree about our propensity to mess up if we should haul Chelsea in

    We are capable of going on a run. We won’t if the manager continues to flog players week in week out. We’ve looked knackered and well off the pace in the 2nd half of the last two games.

    Don’t agree that it’s easy to smash West Brom. They’re having a really good season. Pulis as usual has them well organised but they have some firepower going forward. It’ll be a tricky game and we’ll have to play much better than the last week if we are to win

    Re my positivity. I was positive the way things had been going. Slowly this has turned into anxiety, anger and now a numb feeling of acceptance. We are capable of pulling things back but now I’m not expecting it so anything will be a bonus.

    I don’t understand why Monreal is getting so many games. He’s not been at his best and when Gibbs has come in this season he’s done well.

    Injuries have hit yet again. Mustafi is a huge loss for his organising and communication. Santi obviously is missed but Ramsey and now the Ox have been injured.

    He’s overplayed players. Xhaka will never have played the number of intense games he’s played over the last 3 weeks. He’s looked tired. Ozil and Alexis are great players but they’ve hardly had a rest. Why hasn’t Lucas had more game time ? Dare I say Giroud even ?

    I’m expecting a few changes after the last two games. The squad needs to know places are up for grabs and that the last two performances have been unacceptable.

  19. Thank you and goodnight


    We might as well enjoy the next few months of Sanchez as there’s no way in hell he will be at the club come next season. As for Ozil, honestly sell him. For 42million pound I expected a big player but we got a mouse instead. Far far far to inconsistent and anonymous in the games that matter to be considered a genuine WC player in my opinion.

  20. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah, I’ll enjoy him and take one game at a time. Expectation has gone to some degree.

    If Alexis goes and it’s because we won’t pay the going rate it will show where we’re at as a club. It would prove the owner and board have no ambition and we’llbe amongst the also rans in and around the top of the table but nothing else.

  21. Wenker-wanger

    This is a big game v w. Brom. Simply the fact it could be 3 losses in a row… And on home turf. It could be that the useless tosser signs if we win. It somehow wouldnt be right if he were to sign after a 3 losing run.
    In the greater interest of our great club im hoping for a loss… Cancer needs serious surgery.. Wenger OUT..

  22. Wenker-wanger

    Sanchez plays.as if he is in the shop window , performing for a big club to rescue him. Like rvp before him! .. Can anyone blame him if he leaves?

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal going on a run is irrelevant, the second we have to win and it is meaningful toward a title tilt, Arsenal will capitulate.

    No doubt Arsenal will finish 3rd, maybe 2nd if City do not get their s**t together, just as with Arsenal, I’m never convinced by Liverpool, but with Klopp now, maybe they will surprise me.

    But it is not a ‘blip’ for Arsenal, not in the slightest, it is actually ‘spot on’ for Arsenal, a ‘blip’ would imply that we’ve done something out of the ordinary, bit of a hiccup etc, Arsenal bottling it when a game(s) matter is not new at all, so you can look at Everton and City as a blip if you want, or you can look at it as a repeat of the failings of the last twelve years.

    Depends whether you’re an optimist or a realist.

    A Wenger team, can never win the EPL again, when Wenger arrived he was a revelation to the league, but he stopped progressing and stopped self-evaluating, he set himself a load of achievable goals well below the standard he had created and showed no interest in top level ambition or success, consequently he arrived and revolutionised Arsenal, now we need revolutionising from his style.

  24. Dissenter

    “If Alexis goes and it’s because we won’t pay the going rate it will show where we’re at as a club. It would prove the owner and board have no ambition and we’llbe amongst the also rans in and around the top of the table but nothing else”

    That’s a cheap shot at Kronke, one that’s based on a false premise.
    A CLUB without “ambition” does not have a wage bill of £196 (as at June 2015). Our wage bill is higher than Chelsea’s for christ sake.

    It’s Wenger’s socialistic approach to the wages that’s the problem.
    Wenger believes that squad harmony is enhanced by not making wages not deviate too much from.the mean.

    It’s easier to blame Kroenke and the board. That’s the herd mentality among people who want to absolve Wenger of blame.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    “If Alexis goes and it’s because we won’t pay the going rate it will show where we’re at as a club. It would prove the owner and board have no ambition and we’llbe amongst the also rans in and around the top of the table but nothing else”

    Yeah do not agree with this.

    Sanchez’s face at the end against City sort of showed it is not all about money.

    Again, this is ignoring the power Wenger has at Arsenal as well, you’re treating Arsenal like a normal football club, where Wenger pleads for Sanchez to be given what he wants but leaves it to the money men to decide, that just simply is not the case at Arsenal. Wenger has scary, unhealthy levels of power.

  26. Dissenter

    Cesc got it right.
    We go on a “run” when the schedule is right and there’s reduced pressure.
    Once the spotlight us beamed on us and we HAVE to win to truly compete we capitulate.
    Wenger’s lack of my mental strength has rubbed off on his teams.

  27. Dissenter

    Honestly the Welbeck story portends gloom for me.
    I know its excellent news for Welbeck but is this good news for Arsenal.

    Perez is statistically a better striker and he can’t’ get a run inn the team.
    Giroud is on the outside looking in.
    WTF is Welbeck going to bring? For all the hype he’s not a goal scorer and just flatters to deceive.

    This is only going to frazzled Wenger’s brain even more.

    We need to make some strategic decisions come summer. There are too many highly paid players who don’t quite fit.

  28. Dissenter

    Ramsey and Welbeck need to be sold off inn the summer.
    Both are too highly paid not to have regular roles in the team.
    They’re both overrated and just don’t have defined roles.

    Wenger won’t get rid off them so a new manager needs to come in and clean house.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    I agree with you on Kroenke.

    I want him gone, I don’t think he’s a good owner in that he is not actively ambitious, if you get me, an actively ambitious owner would act more like Abromavich, not necessarily saying put your own money in, Arsenal do not need that, but more looking for Arsenal to be the very best, looking for the best players, the best executives, the best managers etc.

    Not being happy with business consistency and then keeping your fingers crossed the wind blows in the right direction and Arsenal win the league, because in actuality that was probably last year, and the manager still blew it.

    But I do not agree he’s a penny pincher, he is not financially shackling Wenger, as you say we’ve got a massive wage bill, we’ve got so many examples of a total lack of value for money on our wage bills, he’s sanctioned massive purchases in Ozil, Sanchez, Mustafi and Xhaka, as well as big prices for unknowns, like Chambers, last minute panic splurges, like Welbeck and Perez etc.

    I do not buy into this ‘poor Wenger, tries, but Kroenke shackles him’ s**t. As I say, I think they both need to go, but Wenger is the bigger issue.

    I think it was telling that even Wallace said a few days ago, if Klopp or Conte etc had this Arsenal team we would be favourites.

  30. tunnygriffboy


    My comment says that If Alexis goes because we won’t pay the going rate. This doesn’t mean he won’t go for other reasons. It’s not all about the money as you say. However if he goes because of the money and no other reason it’ll show our ambition or lack of.


    I think the socialistic wage structure has disappeared over the last few years. It will go completely if we pay Alexis what he deserves.I’m not absolving Wenger from anything. The board, owner, CEO and manager are all responsible for running the club and atm we are lacking in all areas. It’s not a cheap shot at Kronke, it’s the whole thing.

  31. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger never seems to buy square legs for square holes…He believes he can convert players into another playing position. He never gets the jigsaw done..Always a few pieces short or pieces hammered hopelessly in place.Left wing has always been a ” shove anyone there” position

  32. Cesc Appeal


    I just do not buy that Kroenke would not sanction £200 000 – £250 000 a week wages, this is a man who sanctioned, supposedly, £140 000 for Walcott, he would only have needed to talk to someone with the slightest football knowledge for five minutes to realise that was a bad deal, a man who sanctioned £16 Million to buy Chambers, similar fees for Welbeck and Perez at the last minute, massive deals for players like Mustafi and Xhaka who, pound to a pinch of shit, he had no idea who they were.

    If Wenger pushes for it, Kroenke will undoubtedly allow it, Wenger is king at Arsenal.

    But for me, Sanchez wants to win things, the vast majority of his decision will come down to him believing, or not, that he can have success at Arsenal.

    If Wenger signs a new deal I would be telling him to run now, if Munich, Juventus, City whoever come knocking, go, unless your life ambition was to imitate the works of Bill Murray.

  33. Frank Mc


    we could have Messi,Ronaldo,Griezman,Aubameyang, Reus and God (DB10) all playing for us we’d still win fuck all under Wenger….

  34. Red&White4life

    Draxler to paris, done deal.
    With the damages of wenger’s reign, every single player will avoid us like plague lol

  35. tunnygriffboy


    That’s fair enough then. We pay Alexis what he wants. That would be a positive. We’re then into whether or not he sees ambition on the playing side and whether or not he really wants to stay.

    The press suggests that we’re not willing to pay the going rate but that may just press talk. It’s becoming a distraction that we could do without.

    It’s not just money with Kronke it’s the lack of realising what is needed and acting accordingly. As I say the whole hierarchy needs a kick up the backside and some sort of restructuring. I include the manager in that.

  36. Red&White4life

    What a fucking curse, wenger think he is God just because the Emirates was his project…

  37. TheBayingMob

    “It’s easy to jump on the wegner out bandwagon”

    I don’t like calling it a bandwagon. That would suggest it’s a fad, many of us fingered Wenger as a useless cunt 8 years ago. That’s not a bandwagon.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    It is just Wenger and Kroenke really, Wenger is a more active problem, Kroenke’s issue is that he just defers everything to Wenger, as a businessmen, Wenger is great for him and so his issue is a lack of ambition, he is not an active hindrance like Wenger though.

    Wenger has a massive input into wages though, always makes me laugh when people try to pretend he’s just a manager, look at the division of labour at Arsenal, Gazidis is all about commercials etc, Kroenke is the hands off owner, Wenger is the captain of the ship, his control of the club is so well known it is satire now (that he would even control the types of tea bags used in the cafeteria), Gazidis will have to worry about where the money is coming from, and balancing things, Kroenke’s approval would be needed for massive spends, but valuation and football knowledge, that is Wenger.

    Having studied Wenger closely as an Arsenal fan all your life, knowing how he feels about money, knowing how he has to be dragged into the transfer market, knowing he likes a socialist wage structure, knowing he likes to keep all his children happy, do you think it is beyond the realms of possibility that Wenger is uncomfortable with £200 000 – £250 000 a week?

    Unless of course that was his salary, remembering that for all the years Wenger was going on about crazy wages in football and Arsenal’s top earners hovered at the £100 000 a week mark, Wenger was earning £165 000 a week.

  39. WrightIsGod

    When Wenger says buying a new player would kill our existing player I’m sure he believes he is boosting the morale and progress of our existing player…..

    However, in reality it’s damaging because what he’s saying is his existing player needs to be mollycoddled and can’t handle direct competition…. Which we see as fact played out on the pitch against top opposition.

    If Draxler is available, get him, end of.

  40. MuddyGooner

    Joke Friday

    A very sad day today.
    I won’t mention any names but after several years of medical training and hard work, a very good friend of mine has been struck off after just one minor indiscretion – he slept with one of his patients and can now no longer work in the profession.
    What a waste of all that training and money. A genuinely nice guy and an excellent vet.

  41. Uwot?

    “Guns” is spot on.the old codgers soul ambitition is to outdo old red nose from manure.he would see that as the ultimate revenge for Ferguson shafting him ll those years.so expect six more years of this shit.

  42. gonsterous

    Lol, I’ll laugh at anyone who suggests we will win the league cause welbeck is back. Since joining arsenal, what has he done, beside score a goal against man utd and made best friends with the physio ?? I’d take giroud over him, any day of the week !!

  43. karim

    Good one Muddy !

    Agree, mate, he’s no messiah though he did score a vital goal in the dying seconds v Leicester last season.

  44. gonsterous

    I still think we shoild get in payet. He is a baller and will improve this team a lot !! Is he injury prone though is my question ??

  45. mikem

    Arsenals wage structure really shouldn’t be termed ‘socialist’. A more apposite description imo would be partnership as used in law and accountancy. These businesses often behave in a similar way to our club re the fleecing of clients/fans and the pittance ancillary staff are paid.
    It’s just indulging le cnuts alternative reality when that word is used. He probably thinks he’s some sort of right on hero with his socialist wage structure bollocks.

  46. David Smith

    I see parallels with this Arsenal team, and England in the last two tournaments. Great flat track bullies, and can win meaningless games, but with a fundamental problem, most of the players now operate at a higher level than the manager, they have lost faith in him,Alexis makes this palpable clear, others have as well.
    We all know how things ended for England , and their… beyond useless… manager last summer,but at least even the poorly run England setup knew when to let an underachiever go

  47. gonsterous

    I would love to be in the dressing room at half time. Just sitting in silence. I bet there was a time when the players just looked at the boss, thinking, when’s he gonna speak, or what’s he gonna say. Now im sure they can’t wait for the 15 mins to be up..

  48. Dissenter

    Mikem ,
    its a socialistic wage structure because it overlays average players then tries to prevent the two ectremes from swinging too far.
    It so neglcts the reality of the market.

  49. Dissenter

    Payet is a no-brainer for me because rational brain shouldn’t even come up with him as an option.
    Rather than Payet I’ll rather do a Rosicky on Cazorla; I’ll keep him till he’s 35 years old.

    Payet is going to end up in China. He’s go to be 30 y/o in March 2017.

  50. gambon


    Sorry, but the idea that our socialist wage bill has gone is ridiculous.

    We have a £196m wage bill, and our top earner is on £140k per week.

    Man City used to have Silva, Yaya, Aguero, Adebayor, Nasri on £180k+ with a £180m wage bill.

    Man Utd had RVP and Rooney on £240k per week with a £190m wage bill.

    Fact is, we have a very high wage bill, and a very low wage ceiling (compared to other big teams), which means a lot of players must be getting overpaid.

    You only have to look at the evidence.

    We cant sell Szczesny or Debuchy and so are stuck loaning them out. We had to write off Park as an asset because we were stuck with him. We had to loan out Denilson, Squillaci, Bendtner because their wages were so far over market value.

  51. gambon


    No, its the exact opposite of a big Accountancy or Law firm at Arsenal.

    If you work at a magic cirlce or Big 4 firm, the salary levels for a newly qualified vs a Partner would be something like £50k vs £700k

    At Arsenal the ceiling is to low to attract the best players, but the wage bill is up at the same levels as Chelsea, City, Bayern etc.

  52. steve

    “Rather than Payet I’ll rather do a Rosicky on Cazorla; I’ll keep him till he’s 35 years old.”

    That sounds like a terrible idea. You don’t rate Payet to the point that you would keep Cazorla until he’s 35? Really?

  53. qna

    Gambon. Socialist wage structure isnt going anywhere, whether Wenger is there or not. It is now proven a complete success for the Arsenal owners. It gets 100% hit on KPIs which is the revenue that comes with champions league football. Winning trophies is not even a KPI for this owner. Champions league football isnt even of interest, only the money that it brings.

    Billy Bean wants to manage an EPL team and I wouldnt be at all surprised if he is put in charge of the transfer budget once Wenger leaves. There will be no shortage of manages willing to be a puppet under that structure.

    Many people suggest that we need to fail and fall out of the top 4 for any changes at Arsenal. I fear it is much worse than this. I think Arsenal would need to fail so badly that the long term economics of Arsenal PLC as a financial asset is affected. I also fear that we have enough money to keep this money ball tactic going indefinitely.

  54. WrightIsGod

    Agree Kronke is a problem but nowhere near as big a problem as Wenger.

    All footballing decisions and player valuation is down to Wenger. In fact Wenger has the most cushiest job on road perversely making Kronke the best owner a man could have.

  55. Jeff

    I can’t believe Kroenke is still thought to be the problem when we have a wage bill of nearly £200m and expenditure on player acquisition has been pretty free-flowing. His only faults are:

    1. No interest in big success
    2. Won’t risk any of his own money

    The rest is down to our beloved manager.

  56. WrightIsGod


    You’re pushing it a bit and veering on the realms of fear-mongering. Arsenal do not need to fail as bad as anything. They just need to get a manager who can work with a team with a £190m wage structure.

    There are managers who could win the treble on that budget.

  57. qna

    WrightIsGod, have you not heard Kroenke talk about Wenger. He gushes about him. I have not heard a single shred of evidence that Kroenke cares about the football side of Arsenal and I dont believe he does, other than how it might benefit his investment. I dont think he even cares about the on field success of his American sports teams.

    He is an investor. To understand him, you have to completely forget any feelings you have as a football fan and try to imagine yourself purely as an investor that specializes in sports teams. Now, I cant say that I know more than anybody else after this point, but I do know that I am at least able to make this point of reference as the starting point of discussion.

    Most of the things that are said about Kroneke on LG are said through the eyes of an Arsenal fan. That is truly useless here. He is not an Arsenal fan, he is not a football fan, he is not thinking the way that fans think.

    What I have said is definitely a guess/opinion, I recognize that. But I believe it is supported by the realities of how the club is being run and comments I have read from Kroenke over the years.

  58. TheBayingMob

    Fundamentally you just want to feel like the club is trying to be progressive and ambitious; thy are not which is a big problem for any sporting club or any business doe that matter. The main problem is the AKBs are OK with Wenger and the club not being ambitious as they are generally older and more risk adverse supporters who (although they accuse everyone else of being doom mongers) are terrified of change as it might be negative. The WOBs just want some excitement and change, a bit of fizz and to feel like the club is at least trying to push on. Elite purgatory as Pedro put it …

  59. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    A very rich man gave birth to a son. On the son’s sixteenth birthday, The man asked him what he wanted, and said that he would get anything his heart could desire. The son only asked for a pink ping pong ball. His father was curious, but complied. After they had cake and ice cream and the son opened his presents, he went up to his room with the pink ping pong ball. The ball was never seen again.

    The next year, on the son’s seventeenth birthday, the man asked him what he wanted, and said that, since he was starting college early, he could have anything he wanted. The son only asked for a crate of pink ping pong balls. His father was confused, but he got a crate. After they had cake and ice cream and the son opened his presents, he went up to his room with the crate pink ping pong balls. neither the crate nor the balls were ever seen again.

    The next year, on the son’s eighteenth birthday, the man asked him what he wanted, and said that, since eighteen is a big milestone, he could have anything he wanted. The son asked for a truck full of pink ping pong balls. The father couldn’t hold it any longer. he asked “what do you want with these pink ping pong balls?” The son only asked that he trust him a little longer. the father valued his sons privacy, so he did not pry, and bought his son a truck full of pink ping pong balls. After the sons extravagant eighteenth birthday party, he went out to the truck alone. The next morning, the pink ping pong balls were nowhere to be found.

    The next year, just before his nineteenth birthday, the son got in a car crash. When he was recovering in the hospital, the father went to visit him on his birthday. He asked, “Son, is there anything I can do to ease your pain? What shall I get you for your birthday?”

    The son only asked for a single pink ping pong ball. The father said, “You will have that, only tell me what you do with all these pink ping pong balls.” The son said he would explain once he had the pink ping pong ball. The father went down to the corner store and bought a single pink ping pong ball.

    When he returned to the room, the son was having lunch. He sat down next his son and gave him the pink ping pong ball, “Now, please, tell me what you do with them.” The son spoke, slowly and with a stutter inflicted by the car crash “I wanted all those pink ping pong balls because I…” He died midsentence.

  60. TallestTiz

    Fans complaining of Chelsea offloafing players for mega bucks…lol
    When all you do is criticize your own players, how commercially viable will they be??
    Example, Cuardrado couldnt attract such fee cos he was put out as ‘damaged good’….

    So, if you want our players to be attractive, create a good impression on the global network.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    We all know what type of fans will be complaining about Chelsea selling to China, I would have no problem if Arsenal managed to shift Walcott, Wilshere, Debuchy, Oxlade, Giroud etc type players for massive, massive money.

    In fact I’d be incredibly impressed.

  62. TallestTiz

    Cesc Appeal

    Those players wont command a fee.

    The media are anti Arsenal… fan base too negative.

    However, if Wenger can pull off a title winning campaign with those players playing a part(no matter how small)…
    And the fanbase hype them over the summer, trust me we can offload them for at least 100 million

  63. Cesc Appeal


    Not sure about that at all, I mean, you seriously think the media is anti-Arsenal? Some pockets are, but most supporters of any big club in the country could point to sections of the media that are overly critical of them, you still get people like John Cross for example, who literally live inside Wenger’s arse.

    Don’t confuse realism with criticism.

    Fan base negativity would have no bearing on Chinese investment, they are looking to improve the quality of their and make waves in Europe with their spending power, Giroud, for example, is likely better than the vast majority of players in that league, but they have to incentivise him to move and his club to sell to them, that’s where the ridiculous money comes in.

    The problem is players wanting to play in China, not sure if you could convince them to go, but then a player like Giroud, approaching 30, £250 000 a week plus in China, must be attractive.

  64. Spanishdave

    Wenger is the art master of excuses for failing to win, because that’s how he keeps in the job. Unfortunetly the dick head board believes his bull shit.
    He’s hanging on , he would rather destroy the club than to move on for the good of the club. That’s all that matters to him

  65. Cesc Appeal


    The club have very successfully altered the belief and expectation of a great many fans, they’ve created a culture of feeling like the underdogs on the side of righteousness against great financial powers polluting the game.

    Therefore, hanging onto their coattails whilst also to our principles should be viewed as success. That, and a combination of sentimental attachment to Wenger and fear o the unknown keep Wenger in a strong position.

    The problem is, more and more fans are rejecting that now.

    The board have not been deluded, I don’t think, they are running the club like a business, where financial stability is key and on field success would be a bonus, in no way, shape or form is that excusing Wenger, because he and Kroenke have cultivated that environment.

  66. Bobby 7


    You honestly think any Chinese scout or whoever does the scouting for a team in the Chinese league would be searching Arsenal blogs to see if our players are good or not?

    Wow! Anything for an excuse these days.

  67. Spanishdave

    We are all just sick and tired of Wenger, he’s finished really but he will not go as long as the board and Stan accept his excuses.
    It’s frightening to think that they feel he has got more to offer when it’s clear he’s done for.
    Sanchez could show up the clubs lack of ambition if they stall at his demands, as he would be earning more than Wenger , and that would ask serious questions

  68. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed, I’ve always said Wenger and Kroenke prop each other up, one must go before the other is naked to criticism.

  69. TheBayingMob

    I think Kroenke is a shit owner in the scale of things, but he’s not the worse. The wage bill and the recent Ozil and Sanchez signings says that.

    The general philosophy is that we operate within our own margins; that’s fair enough but, in the whole, the man charged with doing that is Wenger. He has wasted MILLIONS on injured and dross players and continues to do so.

    If you take Oscar as a point in case. I think he signed for Chelsea for like 20m ish. At the time (2012 ish?) most AKBs would have wet their pants at the fee and the manked on about the total cost of ownership of wages. He’s now been sold to China for 60m which makes all arguments look like total nonsense. They all total short sighted cocks which Is what they are.

    Wenger is still indulging his pet love of buying young from the continent and trying to turn a massive profit on them. He is still hooked on the Anelka days but his success rate has dwindled to almost nothing. We could have been turning massive fat profits on Hazard and the like but there is no ambition or vision to do that.

    The club promotes itself on the morals of business yet it is run really quite poorly if self sustanence was really the main goal.

    Wenger is simply indulging his ego. He is shot but like any narcissist he can’t see it. I’m not sure what the motives IG and the board are – seems as long as they are lining their own pockets they don’t really care.

  70. S Asoa

    Bloody shameless prostitute way past the prime.
    You know who.
    And a few pervs who sing ” one Arsehole Wanker ”

    Can stoop so low as to plant the preposterous post about PSG wanting him. The only reason PSG will want the Senile Imbecile is to clean their toilets.
    PR way past it become a joke

  71. jwl

    Wenger is much more to blame for our dire situation than Kroenke is.

    Most of us would not be complaining so much if Wenger spent profits Arsenal earn annually on quality players. Instead, our manager collects massive salary to play overpaid mediocrities while enlarging club’s bank balance.

    Conversation around Wenger would be much, much different if he’d replaced rvp with proper, world class striker and bought a couple of topnotch midfielders.

    I wonder how many other professional managers around the world don’t really care about winning matches, who prefer stasis over trophies.

  72. WrightIsGod


    Forget talking about Kronke, he owns the club, he is not the manager or head coach. I mean what owner doesn’t want to make money. The criticisms against him are often asinine.

    Point is with another manager our mentality, tactical approach, transfer policy, wage structure and general aura ie the fanbase will be different.

    The man in the ivory tower or in his ranch is not the man who dictates the actions on the football pitch and why Wenger hangs on to his useless babies ala Walcott, Ox, Wilshere, Ramsey, Chambers, Jenkinson….. must I go on, ensuring they are paid unjustified wages, where that money could be better spent elsewhere.

    I mean, was Diaby Kronke’s fault? Was Denilson Kronke’s fault? Was Kallstrom? Was Almunia? Was Silvestre? Djorou? Senderos? Park? Gervinho? Chamakh? Santos?

    Honestly qna thanks for explaining how we only view Kronke as Arsenal fans therefore cannot see how much of a menace he is but essentially that’s what I am, an Arsenal fan, so if anything your point is irrelevant.

    The biggest menace is Wenger in terms of how this team has performed for 10 years.

  73. Dissenter

    I don’t even know why the media keep casting a negative cloud over players that choose to play in China.
    one sixth of the earth’s population reside in China, It can’t be that bad.
    I think it’s western snootiness to think it’s sensible to decline 5 times your wages to remain competitive for national team places.
    fcuk the national team place.

  74. TheBayingMob

    “who prefer stasis over trophies”

    I don’t think he prefers stasis I think Wenger just does what he has always done and genuinely does not see that it is now deeply unsuccessful, he just uses other excuses to distinguish his success (continuous years in CL versus the money men of football, etc. – even though it is a dead argument)

    He is a narcissist, if you look at the traits of the personality disorder many of them represent Wenger in some form. Narcissists are a cancer in any business, they need to be thoroughly cut away, no good ever comes of them. Maybe at some point in the past he was a humble servant but his absolute power at the club has corrupted him absolutely …

  75. TheBayingMob

    “one sixth of the earth’s population reside in China, It can’t be that bad.”

    Lol … having worked there and seen the sheer misery, pollution and poison being pushed into the air and water I can tell it sucks hard balls unless you are one of the “haves” or a well paid expat (the expats children behaved disgustingly in Shanghai)

    In saying that the US and its people should be ashamed that their social laziness and corporate greed has allowed China to easily steal in and become the monster it is.

    If there’s one thing you can’t accuse the Chinese of is an expectation of a standard of living. They work their arses off and do so humbly. Something that the West has long forgotten how to do. Unfortunately they are polluting their own land and water in their quest to rule the world by proxy via industrialism.

    I was sick at how much knowledge and industrial power the west served up to them in the quest to make a few quid quickly.

    More fool us …

  76. jwl

    Players going to China, if all player cares about is making as much money as possible, going to China makes sense. If player cares about fair play, real football that people around world care passionately about, stay in Europe.


    Match-fixing and bribery are endemic in Chinese football, primarily because of low player salaries and unchecked local government officials, according to the deputy editor-in-chief of a popular Chinese sports newspaper and a former professional footballer.


  77. jwl


    I agree that Wenger is narcissist or something similar – Wenger obviously does not like to be questioned about his methods nor does he learn from mistakes and improve, highest paid person at club so he’s boss of everyone, making world class players play in different role than player use to …… there are a few things that make it obvious that its all about Wenger.

    I say stasis because nothing much changes from year to year to year with Wenger.

    gonsterous and Frost:

    Has similar reaction as you two’s when I first read joke, thought I would pass it along. I also edited that joke, there were a couple more birthdays in original.

  78. mikem

    From lunch time. Probably talking to empty room by look of things but point taken dissenter and gambon re wages- I know it’s an incredibly cretinous setup-but the man, according to him, has the burden of keeping 4 or 500 souls employed, a great many of whom are living on a subsistence. We know the base figure he is compensated, (a pleasingly deflective word of which he’d doubtless appreciate), with but can any of us allay the suspicion that he has his spindly fingers even deeper in the pie.
    Loius IV6 was more of a socialist than that God awful creature!

  79. Wallace


    “I don’t even know why the media keep casting a negative cloud over players that choose to play in China. one sixth of the earth’s population reside in China, It can’t be that bad.”

    it’s a retirement home for 35yr olds. insane money, but any player in his prime moving there is telling you all you need to know about what he’s in the game for. it’s not like Oscar will have been struggling to make rent while at Chelsea.

  80. gonsterous

    I know someone just perfect for China, mesut, lazy guy don’t need to do anything and get paid a whole load of money @!

  81. Wallace

    reading that Diego Costa’s new deal will be a bump from 150k to 200k per week. I’d imagine something similar for Alexis & Ozil.

  82. Jeff

    Absolutely no way on hell is any player at Arsenal getting paid more than Wenger unless Wenger also gets a huge pay rise – e.g. over 10m per annum . It’s one of his non-negotiable red lines.

  83. Wallace

    “Absolutely no way on hell is any player at Arsenal getting paid more than Wenger unless Wenger also gets a huge pay rise – e.g. over 10m per annum . It’s one of his non-negotiable red lines.”

    get that nugget from a reputable source, Jeff?

  84. Wallace

    “Yes Wallace. Best source there is. History.”

    that last year when we paid Henry an absolute fortune to stick around, I’ll bet he made more than Wenger.

  85. Jeff

    Which source is that nugget from Wallace? And what are the figures? Any idea or did you pick one instance that you think may disprove what I’m saying if only you knew the exact facts as opposed to the sea of evidence with facts and figures that demonstrate exactly what I said.

  86. Jeff

    David Moyes: “Manchester United’s great traditions have gone says Sunderland boss”

    What he really means is they aren’t winning things any more. But it did kind of start with him when Ferguson decided to pick his heir to the throne. Big mistake that was.

  87. Cesc Appeal

    Draxler to PSG for £34 Million.

    Interested to see where he plays, interested as well to see if Emery will be his manager much longer.

  88. qna

    Wallace: if Welbeck comes back 100% then Giroud’s gone in the summer. hopefully to China for 65m.

    Welbeck is shit. He only survives criticism because he is always injured. Giroud is twice the player that Welbeck or Perez is and Giroud himself was never that great. Giroud has had it now midn you so we are left with 3 inadquate centre forwards and three inadequate centre backs. False economies of spending rule this club.

  89. Cesc Appeal

    In all honesty, I don’t know if we can predict what is going to happen with players this summer whilst there is still a glimmer of a chance that Wenger will leave.

    You could end up with a manager coming in who has a totally different idea, or at least ‘an’ idea about what he wants this team to be.

    Of course you could end up with a contract extension for Wenger, or Wenger as DoF in which case, as you were, completely predictable what will happen.

  90. Cesc Appeal


    Like I said, becomes the Wenger show.

    Personally, I think Arsenal should have secured a manager to hand over this summer just gone, sudden, shock replacement, that way you avoid all of this.

  91. Cesc Appeal

    The club better be talking to other managers, I really hate the power Wenger has at this club, he’s going to make the decision about whether he stays on or not, unless that is a public facade, that sort of ties the hands of the clubs when they are talking to other managers, they cannot even guarantee there’s going to be a job at the end of the negotiations!

  92. kc

    Wallace you stupid fucking AKB tosser. Always trying to find excuses for your Lord and Savior. Welbeck is shite. Fans like you are the problem right behind Wenger. Can’t wait for your lot to fuck off when Wenger slithers away like the snake he is. Go watch an Arsenal video from 13 years ago ffs. It’s the last time your opinions were relevant.

  93. Wallace


    “Which source is that nugget from Wallace? And what are the figures? Any idea or did you pick one instance that you think may disprove what I’m saying….”


    “A review of the financial accounts of Arsenal by the Arsenal Supporters Trust has revealed that Thierry Henry received around £10 million pounds in wages and fees in his final season with the club.

    The Trust arrived at the figure after identifying a signing on fee paid at the start of the 2006-2007 season estimated to have been as high as £5 million.

    Scrutiny of the amortisation and player registrations costs in the club’s six-monthly accounts up to last November identified a substantial one-off payment being paid in 2006.
    Adding that sum to Henry’s wages would make him the highest paid player ever in English football across a single season.
    After procrastinating about a potential move, Henry decided to remain with the club on the eve of Arsenal’s defeat to Barcelona in the 2006 Champions League final…”

  94. Jeff


    “substantial one-off payment being paid in 2006”.

    We’re not talking about one-off payments. We’re talking about player contracts of 2+ years where the agreed salary is more than Wenger’s. If the only example you can find is a one-off payment made to our greatest player ever in 2006 (who left anyway) then that kind of proves my point does it not?