Tired sentimentalism driving current Arsenal malaise

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Funny how quickly the media are to declare the title over in December. Especially considering how inconsistent most teams have been this year / how open the league is to everyone beating each other. Have to say though, it looks bleak for Arsenal. Away days at most of the top half of the table clubs. Players looking heavy legged. A manager and our two star players not committing. In game management desperately missing. It’s a recipe for a finish that sits outside the top 4.

That would be a farewell to forget. But look, it’s no more than we deserve based on our timid approach to developing the club. You know it’s bad when we have to bring in an All Blacks sports psychologist to motivate players to win. I mean, I’m sure the guy is immense, but managing the psyche of a nation that are born to destroy seems an easy job compared to convincing Ozil to give a rats backside about chasing down players.

This season is all on the manager. He has the resource to win the league. Make no mistake, he has great players at his disposal. He hasn’t used it properly, but more importantly, it feels like he’s not running it with an aggressive winning mentality. Our players coast. No one is coasting under Conte. The difference a manager can make is so apparent at Chelsea, look at Costa and Hazard and how they’ve turned around. Look at Victor Moses, one of the most devastating players in the league this year. They’re motivated properly, they’re given very specific jobs and they’re held accountable. When players aren’t running for you, and there seems to be no vision, it’s one person who takes ownership of that.

Would Ozil be playing the next game after what he did against City under any other manager? Would he have lasted the half? No way. He’d not have been picked based on his nonsense performance against Everton. Supreme talent, but if it doesn’t show up when it’s called upon, it’s a luxury you can’t afford unless you’re Madrid.

Also, the talk that Sanchez and Ozil will only stay if Wenger stays actually makes me even more concerned, what sort of elite player would want to stay for more of the same also rans under Wenger? You’re not staying for the right reasons if that’s your schtick. Judging from the Sanchez comments, he’s leaning towards seeing if this season is a car crash. Ozil? Who’d take him based on this season? Especially if he’s asking for £290k pw. You can land a lot of hungry talent for that salary.

We’ll see though. I personally think our squad, though solid, is stale at its core. Any new manager coming in needs to rip out a chunk of he malaise and reinvision what Arsenal are all about. Sell a couple of big names and start again. A bit like Tuchel last summer. If you’re a good manager, and you have good support, you can hit some major surgery and make it work. My fear is, that despite reports he’s signed a new deal, is that he hasn’t and we won’t get an answer until the last minute. Then the new man won’t have time to build a squad. Still, at this point I’d take a year in the wilderness if it was driving towards something special.

Kind of hoping Wenger’s retrospective talk in recent weeks coupled with confirmed reports we’ve spoken to the Leipzig and Bournemouth coach mean it’s coming to an end. There are a lot of great coaches around at the moment. Tuchel, Sarri, Favre, Allegri and Sampiola all fit the Arsenal bill and would all bring much needed new thinking to the club.

Let’s hope we don’t let tired sentimentalism steer the decision. Fingers crossed Stan K sees greater riches in new blood… fingers crossed Ivan can persuade him of a brighter future… fingers crossed Wenger has tired of the rat race.

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  1. Wallace

    “I read that Wenger considers me the missing piece of the Arsenal’s game, but he’s never told me that!”

    “We conceded five or six at home against them. When you see them playing, as a technical player, you could only have fun in that team. They’re candidates for the title every year.”

    – Dimitri Payet

  2. Wallace

    “Nothing is done,” confirmed a member of the player’s entourage to Le Parisien. “Julian is hesitating between PSG and Arsenal. For the moment, he is thinking.

    “A decision will be made in the coming days. One thing is certain, he has played his last match for Wolfsburg.”

  3. HillWood

    Wenger in his new long coat reminds me of Zilly from the cartoon Dastardly and Muttley.
    Zilly was a spineless coward who would shrink into his coat at the first sign of trouble

  4. Leedsgunner

    This “waiting around until we go on a good run” to announce Wenger’s supposed new contract displays utter contempt for the welfare of the club and the fans who love her.

    If the Board’s conviction is that it really is in the club’s best interest that Wenger be given a new contract they should go on announce the deal regardless of our form.

    The mere fact they haven’t yet but they are waiting for the right time to announce shows that

    1. They feel that fans’ sentiments can be manipulated through circumstances (showing dusregard for the fans ultimately)
    2. The Board isn’t IMO acting for the club’s best interest but their own.

    This is what I find disturbing of this whole mess.

    Who is looking out for the club?

  5. Redtruth

    Arsenal have been abysmal in the big games.

    Should have lost both games against PSG.
    Should have lost to Man Utd.
    Should have lost to Leicester when they had a clear penalty not given.
    Did lose to Liverpool, Everton and Man City.

  6. WrightIsGod

    This PSG want Wenger baloney circling about is the same baloney circling when fans were genuinely questioning him circa 7 years ago.

    Then Wenger told the world Real Madrid were after him and we lauded him and couldn’t imagine life without him….My foot.

    Our fanbase is a joke. It’s either full clowns who have never played the game to a decent level or have no idea of common sense.

  7. Thank you and goodnight


    Spot on mate. Funny how every time wenger’s under pressure ,over the fact he’s shite and fucked another season up, stories emerge of wenger being linked to some big club. Apart from the window licking AKB’S do they really think the rest of us believe the shit they spew. I mean seriously ,wenger is such a poor manager these days that my local Sunday league team wouldn’t approach him to be their manager. At any other so called big club wenger would do wonders too last 6 months before being packed off for the fraud he is. Fact these stories about him being linked to big clubs are coming out tells you all you need to know about his new contract……it’s already signed, done and dusted. This club ,the board and owners are a fucking joke and disgrace and care only for their pockets. FUCK OFF OUT OF OUR CLUB YOU CUNTS

  8. qna

    So Wenger is wanted by a club that is willing to sack its manager after 6 months for precisely the same level of performance that his current club is willing to accept for 13 years from its manager.

    Someones having a laugh. He will never walk away from the cushiest job in world football.

  9. Sid

    This PSG drama is nothing but stunt of Wenger to get a new fat contract. Wenger will sign a new 2 year contract worth minimum 10 m per year.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger is 67 now, I cannot see him wanting to become an actual football manager again by moving to PSG, he will not be allowed to spread himself all over the club and then use that as an excuse for mediocre results.

    PSG owners seem very ambitious and very impatient, I literally could not think of two more worse traits to have if your manager was then Wenger.

    If it is some sort of ploy by Wenger and Arsenal, it does not really seem to be working, most of what I’ve seen is Arsenal fans saying ‘best of luck, time to part ways,’ or rather more nasty things than that.

    I don’t know what the club are going to do, the reaction to Everton and City shows that, following from last season where it was evident, Wenger has run out of goodwill amongst the fans, well about half of them anyway and then there are a fair few flip-floppers, every Arsenal capitulation that is similar to ones we’ve seen before is going to be greeted by anger, so will they now, having seen that and realised a summer spend etc did not placate the fans or rekindle an affection for Wenger, will they give him a contract the very first good run we go on?

    Or will they wait until the very end of the season, keeping their fingers crossed that fans become worried and desperate when no news has come out and grab onto Wenger like a life raft as we finish in the UCL qualification spots again and above Spurs?

    Personally, as someone who views Wenger and Kroenke as the problem, and that one needs to go for the other to become vulnerable, I would not mind them butchering it, if Wenger walks off and the club appoint some clown because of a lack of ambition and diligence, and Arsenal end up 6th or 7th or something next season, really could not care less, because if there are those levels of stupidity and lack of ambition, we need to see them, and right now we’re being shielded from them.

    If there’s rot find it and get rid, right now we’re not looking because Wenger is here.

  11. Jeff


    The two back to back losses aren’t severe enough to make the board even flinch. We’re fourth. That’s where they all expect us to be. In the eyes of Wenger and the board, we’re making a mountain out of a molehill. That’s how they look at it. You and I both know that the only way anyone acts or thinks about acting is if top four is in danger. That’s the only red line at Arsenal and I’m doubtful even if that itself is a red line.

  12. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger only realistically has to keep arsenal challenging for 4th place and a few good wins against inferior opposition in the fa cup to keep half the fanbase on-side.With sanchez, digging out goals and performances(like rvp before him), this target is achievable.
    Akbs think on a different frequency, for them a defeat is always justified or explained away. Cumulative defeats are attributed to a poor run; November or injuries. Finishing 10 or more points behind the winners of the prem is ignored by them with the deflected boast that we finished above the spuds and got champs league qualification. With such a mindset apparently rife amongst the fanbase its easy for this ineffective fraud to languish and posture at the top of our club.Anyone could replicate this useless tossers achievements. A half- decent manager would do significantly better.

  13. Leedsgunner

    I would not give any credit to the stories linking Wenger to PSG – why would they want him? It’s just a ploy to rally the fans around Wenger… make us “grateful” for such a loyal manager.

    He talks much about how his integrity is much to him. He said his future would be determined by results. Anything less than the EPL title or the UEFA Champion’s League trophy is unacceptable.

    If we come out of the season without either of those trophies he needs to go.

  14. Redtruth

    Leedsgunner October 21 2016
    “I have to say it’s been great to enjoy the team’s great form — I really think this year is going to be different. We’re slaying long time bogeymen that have haunted us in previous seasons1. Beating rivals like Chelsea
    2. Not giving stupid points away to mid-table teams like Swansea, Southampton and Burnley
    3. Not folding folding like a pack of cards to minnows in the UCL… but punishing them instead in the first half and the second half (Ludogrets)
    4. Playing to the 90th minute (Southampton, Burnley)
    5. Rotating in new players when they play badly
    6. Not giving points away after international breaks (Swansea)
    7. Grinding out valuable draws against more illustrious sides in the UCL (PSG)”

    Confirmation of your stupidity

  15. Jeff

    “If we come out of the season without either of those trophies he needs to go.”

    You haven’t read the small print. It says “unless it’s not his fault”. And guess what, it never is.

  16. RJM

    Here we go…… PSG want Wenger!
    Quick sign him up before he decides to leave!
    Bet Kronke’s having kittens over not signing him up before the seasonal collapse! Gazidis must be sweating the King of the AKBs is going to sack his arse!
    Another couple of mill a year extra for Le Wanker then….

  17. Cesc Appeal


    The club do have to be careful though, I’ve never seen such a flat fan base as Arsenal’s, you have away fans singing ‘is this the Emirates’ when a stadium is quiet, you have a deeply divided fan base, you’ve had physical confrontations amongst fans over recent years.

    If they give Wenger a new deal, I truly think they are going to alienate a large part of the fan base, personally, I’m not going to bother as much, on here, watching Arsenal, following them and stories about them, because I really am tired of this now, the only thing pushing you through is the thought of something different.

    Really, it is Arsenal fault though, you cannot let a manager run wild like that, Wenger is single-handedly responsible for the divisions in the fan base and he does not seem to care that much, that is why it always amazes me people so vehemently defend him, he could not give a toss about them, he would play to am empty stadium every week as long as he was getting his £8.5 Million and had his total control.

  18. Pendrey

    Unfortunately this has been dragging on for a few years. He has to go, this stubborn old man. Meanwhile the brand is damaged, support is slipping away, one disappointment after another, 1-0 to ‘the Chelsea’ is the new

  19. Dissenter

    Chelsea are really well run.
    This is the second consecutive winter break with a huge gift from the Chinese Santa

    Last winter window it was Ramirez with £25 million for a player with one year left on his contract.
    This season it’s £60 million for Oscar though his transfer value is about 25 million.

    These days they don’t need Abrahimovic’s money to get ahead, it’s all about astute management. They are really pulverizing us.

  20. Leedsgunner


    I enjoyed the team when they were doing well… what’s your point? So what?

    Happy Christmas to you by the way.

  21. Bamford10

    I don’t put a lot of stock in these rumors, but supporters need to make it clear that they do not want Wenger to continue on. Banners, protests, chants, songs, tomatoes. The message must be loud and clear.

  22. Redtruth


    What was their to enjoy.
    You were warned of your folly at the time and yet persisted.

    Now you are preaching a different script when the team.is not doing so well.

    Flip floppers like you are a bane to the club.

  23. Leedsgunner


    Warned? By who? You?

    I’ve been consistent Wenger Out but I had the decency to enjoy the team when they were doing well.

    Shame on me as an Arsenal fan enjoying my team’s good fortune. Shocking!

  24. WrightIsGod


    There’s no point pretending to enjoy a shag if you can’t cum at the end.

    Believing we have turned a corner is dilution in itself and gives Wenger and his fans the fuel to thrive and survive.

  25. kc

    Akb’s now making excuses for being gullible. Sure you’re right, you’re the better Arsenal fan because you’re easily fooled. Every year Wenger manages to pull the wool over on you mental midgets. If you truly support the club and not the manager, it should be Wenger Out until he’s a distant memory. He’s nothing more than a cancerous leach.

  26. steve


    I think what Red is trying to say is that you thought this season was going to be different and now you’re complaining about Wenger. Thinking this season will be any different just gives more breathing room for Wenger to continue the mediocrity. It’s really not helping at all.

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Hi ho
    Hi ho
    It’s off to PSG he goes …

    He’s bags all packed

    He’ll go. before he’s sacked

    Hi ho
    Hi ho

  28. Pierre

    Let’s wait for the “toxic atmosphere” on Boxing Day because we lost 2 difficult away games…..the only “simpletons” and “mental midgets” are the delusional idiots on here who think their voice holds any weight.
    You only have to go back a year for proof of your ignorance as the “protest” didn’t quite happen did it ……. (Now let’s wait for the for the abuse to come my way ) …..
    And by the way , I would prefer it if Wenger would go as his time is up …….

  29. Kane

    I was one of many who felt this year may be different – largely for the reasons discussed already…. in fact, up until the Spurs home game, I felt we had a real shot of winning the league this year – we were playing well, winning games in different ways and there was a renewed sense of optimism around the club…

    However, watching the performances since then and the results that have followed means I have reassed my view and now feel it’s just another year of failure to compete for the league / ECL… the 2 defeats are the culmination of a poor run of 10 games or so, in which we have failed to keep a single clean sheet and have failed to rotate players ahead of a gruelling Xmas schedule.

    I really don’t see anything wrong in being optimistic and hoping for things to improve or taking enjoyment from watching the team you support play well and get good results….

    However, as results change for the worse, ours views should too and anyone coming on here now saying Wenger is still doing a great job this season is deluded.

    Some of you are firmly Wenger out and I can respect that… I am more Wenger out if he fails to make Arsenal competitive… as we can now see he has failed to do that again this year, I am happy to join those calling for him to leave.

  30. gonsterous

    I think Wenger will be manager till he gets the chance to go upstairs. We won’t be rid of him unless he dies or someone shoots him !!

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The future is bright
    The future is without Wenger
    Roll on June

    A manager who can manage, motoivate the team.
    Change tactics when we need to …

    Bye Wenger

    Hello Eddie

  32. Pierre

    Good for you leedsgunner for supporting the team and getting some enjoyment when the team are playing well. .. The only time the sad idiots on here get any enjoyment is when Arsenal lose and the “we told you so ” mob come to life…..
    Most of them have probably never been to more than a handful of games in their life , if that…..
    Well, I will be at the Emirates on Boxing Day , supporting the team and wanting them to win and will be gutted if we don’t get a win unlike the planks on here who are desperate for Arsenal to drop points

  33. Leedsgunner


    Regardless of how the season went I want Wenger to go.

    I’m not just complaining about Wenger because the we’re showing our mental weaknesses.

    My problems with Wenger goes beyond this season…

  34. Ashley

    I wondered how long it would take red to start accusing people of flip flopping because they enjoy Arsenal winning …. If that’s a flip flopper then I’m guilty as charged .. I FUCKING LOVE IT when we win but I FUCKING HATE HATE HATE our weak attitude in big games and I blame Wenger for that …. Red go back to how you were just after you were allowed back on here , I literally agreed with everything you said when you came back on , don’t ruin it by calling people out for enjoying wins , we all want Wenger out but most of us can’t help but love it when the team we are all passionate about wins

  35. London gunner

    Red Truth

    Hate him or not speaks the cold hard truth.

    He has every right to call people out who enjoyed the arsenal wins.

    As by enjoying those wins and being complacent you have allowed the pressure on Wenger to decrease and by your passive attitude have allows his position at the club to be that more attenable.

    As Bamford said increase the boos, increase the descent. We need to make the situation at Arsenal as nasty as possible to rid us of this pox.

  36. mikem

    It’s simply idiotic to attend home games now never mind actually cheer the team on once there. Who in their right mind sings chants in support of a business? The very same business that’s been busy rumping them for years.

  37. Dissenter

    Carlos Tevez just signed a 615k weekly deal with a Chinese club!

    Beware club football is going to be changed forever.
    WTF is going on with this Chinese clubs?

  38. Bobby 7

    Why not try and ship out Wilshere, Ramsey and Ox to China? We could probably get £100 for the trio. We could even trow in Sanogo as a sweetener.

  39. Arsenal not Arsene

    Even the Chinese don’t want to touch our flops.!! Arsenal should send a delegate to negotiate with the Chinese about the sell of some players. With a nice video compilation of their capabilities in bits.