Arsenal’s first major pressure test and why cards are stacked positively 

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Today is a tipping point and we’re only in December. Lose to Manchester City and we hand momentum to Pep and Chelsea in a title race that already feels heavily advantageous to the Blues. Win and Wenger will have a proper title challenge on his hands, we can look at the Everton game as a blip and we can start thinking about how many points we can rack up in the remainder of the festive period.
So what do we know about City? ‘All the minutes man’ Fernandinho is not playing because of a suspension he picked up against Cesc, they have no Gundogan to pull strings and they have no Kun Aguerro. That’s a gift right there, it’s not as if they don’t have great players to step in, but the core is interrupted, especially in midfield.

We also know that City have only kept two clean sheets in 15. One against Watford in their last game which was perfect timing for us. John Stones has looked anything but a £50m defender this season and we know he can be rattled by an agressive press, or just being asked to make a simple pass. We also know Claudio Bravo is super suspect. His positioning has been consistently poor this season, he’s poor from crosses and it seems to get worse by the week as he struggles for confidence.

The key for me today is aggressively attacking them where their moves start at the back. Spurs had a great time employing that tactic. I also think we can damage them on the counter, they are such a mess at the moment. This was a great summation of City under Pep from Paul Doyle of The Guardian.

‘City could not cope with Leicester’s energy and directness and at times seemed confused by their own highfalutin scheming, with Pablo Zabaleta’s wandering role a particular puzzle. It is not anti-intellectual to suggest they were trying to recite poetry before showing they had learned their ABC.’

I don’t think City will be confused forever this season, so this is a major opp to do damage while they’re licking their wounded brains. But, as is a familiar pattern, when we’re called upon to fight, we’re always found wanting. This is a pressure game, the sort that will define our season. We already collapsed at Everton, when we should have taken a draw. Can Wenger summon something special, or will we be talking handbrakes and fatigue post game?

Who knows… but it’s going to be exciting whatever happens.

Buckle in and we’ll talk tomorrow!

P.S ok, so I was wrong about Ibrahimovic. But not wrong that we didn’t need him. We have Sanchez and a far more mobile set up because of it.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Go now you lying cheating french reject disaster of a manager …

    All love once for you has turned to hate

    Leave any way possible

    Arsenal football club is done with you .

  2. Bishop

    Gabriel has messed us up big time..Mustafi got injured at the worse time…Holding is a far better player.

    Ozil you bastard..go home and sulk your fingers Motherfucker

  3. Elmo

    This might be the point where Sanchez decides not to sign a new deal.

    He’s been at the club long enough now to recognise Groundhog Day.

  4. Jeff

    The simple fact is that we aren’t good enough. We don’t play well enough to beat Everton and City both of whom came back from being 1 down to beat us.

  5. izzo


  6. Thank you and goodnight

    Please Mr Wenger leave now. Give all us genuine Arsenal fans an amazing Xmas present and fuck off into the sunset. Please

  7. Roaaary

    Wenger is so petty. Can’t look at pep when shaking his hand. It’s wedges fault we were so shit not pep.

    He didn’t rotate the team properly and we looked exhausted. Disgrace as usual when we play a big game

  8. Ankit_gooner

    No player really deserves the blame.Its on wenger.How do you expect players to do anything if they are constantly in bad positions?Its the manager’s job to put them in good positions.City’s organisation improved and they had superiority around the ball.But there were still a lot of holes in their play.A less shit team beat a more shit team,that’s all.

  9. Ishola70

    Danish Gooner:

    “It went to pieces when Mustafi Got injured.”

    When did he get injured again?

    This team has been conceding goals on a regular basis since the middle of October.

  10. EN1AFC

    Same problems different season.. For the past decade. ONE constant. ANYONE who thinks things will change or improve without change is part of the problem.

  11. Samesong

    Pep smart man knows that iwobi would stay forward puts sterling on right. Sane get chance to run through middle.

    Arsene please go.

  12. izzo

    Double digits behind the leaders by end of the year Joe said and he was mocked and later binned by Pedro. #BRINGJOEBACK LoL…

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Once again we’re facing a tough situation …

    All because of the count in the coat …

    He is truly the worse thing that has happened to the club …

    Out. Out out

  14. Ishola70

    Ankit Gooner:

    “No player really deserves the blame.Its on wenger”

    The players don’t really buy into Wenger. They don’t truly believe.

    Leicester players bought into Ranieri last season, Chelsea players are buying into Conte this season.

  15. Majestic gooner

    I’m sorry but we have to sell ozil and replace him with a more productive No 10 , one can understand not having a good match but not putting the effort in , that a problem. We can’t afford to have passengers and Walcott , apart from the goal what else did he do? No defending from the front, you can see Sanchez waving them forward to press the defenders but None did. I really don’t know why fans bother.

  16. Thank you and goodnight

    It’s not just Joe though. Most of us could see before a ball was kicked we wouldn’t be genuine title contenders, it’s only the AKB’S who can’t see.

  17. vicky

    United slowing getting back in to some sort of form and Spurs close on our heels, 4th is not a given. Not that any fan should care about 4th any more.

  18. Bamford10

    “He doesn’t play this lackadaisically for Germany”

    Because the German players and coaches would tear him a new one if he did. He can do whatever the fuck he pleases under Wenger.

    Yes, Ankit, it has a little to do with positional instruction, but it has even more to do with the soft & uncritical approach of the manager.

  19. Jim Lahey

    Lets be honest… Xhaka has been a monumental waste of money so far, I honestly cab’t think of a game where he has been impressive.

    Ozil… Ozil is not worth the contract extension. Let try get as much as we can for him now, and bring in someone who actually wants to play for the club.

  20. Mohap99

    De Bruyne is better than ozil. Don’t bring up shit stats. If you watch football you know he’s better. God wenger should get out please it’s enough it’s enough

  21. Dissenter

    It was clear that the Arsenal players didn’t know how to react to the simple tactical changes Pep made.
    Wenger seemed lost and so did his team.

  22. John

    Anyone surprised by this December collapse? I mean if you are then you haven’t been watching Arsenal the past decade. Same crap, different year. I don’t wan to hear bad officiating, missed chances etc etc from Wenger. You want a different result CHANGE the guy that has been there for two dam decades. Kronkey the Donkey did it for his LOSING Rams, now do it in London. Better yet I agree with the guy who asked for a Christmas present, RESIGN.

  23. Dissenter

    ‘Should have kept hold of jacky boy
    Would have been a lot better than this shite”

    “Jacky boy”?
    He’s a grown man now and he’s been average for Bournemouth.

  24. Bamford10

    I’m with Robbie: defining game, and DAMNING for Arsenal.

    Season is over, gents. Now it’s a matter of making sure Wenger fucks off.

    Remember that Wenger said that whether he is at Arsenal next season depends on how things go this season. Well, he must be told in the clearest and loudest of terms — everywhere he goes — that the fans want him to fuck off.

  25. WengerEagle

    Sanchez turns 28 tomorrow, he must know by now that he has absolutely no chance at ever winning the UCL with us and that even a league win is incredibly unlikely given the sterile performances that Arsene Wenger teams produce when put under pressure like today and Tuesday time and time again, hard to see him signing on the dotted line when he puts two and two together chopping it up with his agent.

  26. GuNZ

    Two games away from half way through the season, down to fourth place, Spurs one point behind, Liverpool with a game in hand, in danger of losing sight of the top three, Bayern Munich in the CL knockout stage. How The Wenger stole Christmas.

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    Sad thing is that Alexis has been brilliant from day dot we signed him. Absolutely gutted ,as he’s been our only genuine world class player since RVP left, because there’s no way he’s staying. As for Ozil, sorry he has to go. Wasn’t his fault we lost today but for 42million pound I expect a hell of a lot more from a player.

  28. Bishop

    Wenger won’t finish top 4 this season and he might still sign a new contract.

    This game would demoralise Sanchez..he looked fed up.

    Ozil has nothing important to offer aside showing off against Ludrogrets.

    He was shit against Liverpool, Utd, spuds , now city..was only good against Chelsea cos the whole team turned.

    Utd and spuds have picked up.

    The idiot even stayed back and allowed the other idiot Cech to pass when he should be kicking it straight.Ref had to blow

  29. Jim Lahey

    @WE – I was hoping that Xhaka was the answer to all our midfield problems, but he just hasn’t been. Very slow across the pitch, panics when any sort of pressure is applied and so far is nowhere near Coq’s level of recovering the ball.

    I say again, I wanted the guy to be a superstar, but looking like a complete dud so far.

  30. Jim Lahey

    “hard to see him signing on the dotted line when he puts two and two together chopping it up with his agent.”

    Would anyone blame Sanchez for leaving the club? Why would he stay?

  31. Samir

    We should of had Mane, a PROPER CM and Mustafi in the Summer…What terrible buys: Elneny, Perez, Xhaka, Ox, Walcott, Gabriel, Debuchy, Ospina….. etc

    Wenger is a shit manager that got lucky back in the day.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    How long do you think before a pro-Wenger fan comes on saying something along the lines of, ‘just checked in to see the joy on Le Grove,’ ‘funny how busy Le Grove is after a win,’ ‘typical Le Grove hysteria’ etc.

    I always look forward to those and watch them completely miss the point as they say ‘its just one game.’

  33. WengerEagle


    I don’t even think that it’s an attitude issue with Ozil, more of a quality one.

    He’s nowhere near as good as a lot of people will have you believe. De Bruyne is just one CAM that shits on him from a height.

  34. Bamford10

    Mesut Özil vs. Man City:

    1 chance created
    0 crosses completed
    0 take-ons completed
    0 shots


    – @Squawka

  35. leftsidesanch

    Why is everybody upset? This league is majorly competitive this year, and the worse off we finish then maybe..just maybe that old fraud can run off into the hills.

    Do you think that contract negotiations would be so protracted if we had another manager in the dugout? Where are we going under Wenger we are a laughing stock.

  36. Ankit_gooner

    “The players don’t really buy into Wenger. They don’t truly believe.”

    Most of them do.Bellerin is a super player and would be a great choice for almost all clubs.Especially his underlapping movement,only lahm and alaba can do that and it can be a huge asset.He just signed.What do ozil and alexis do with their contract will answer whether they do too.

  37. Jim Lahey

    We as fans have called the likes of Nasri, Cesc and RVP snakes and traitors for leaving the club, but …. why would any of them have stayed? Each one has won the league once they left. I can’t blame any of them for leaving this club.

  38. Jacko

    There you have it. Other than an out of sorts Chelsea, we are unable to beat anything resembling at top team.

    Probably the defining game of the season. No challenge, no hope, no point.

    Why on earth would Sanchez want to waste his prime years under Wenger?

    As for Ozil, sublime as has can be against weaker opposition, just put that 250K to better use.

    Will Wenger’s reign ever be over?

  39. WengerEagle


    Think that you’re being overly harsh on Xhaka but right now, I don’t disagree with your sentiment. And it’s disappointing, I was a big fan of his when he was in Germany.

  40. WengerEagle

    ‘Would anyone blame Sanchez for leaving the club? Why would he stay?’

    Nope, not at all, his time at Arsenal peaked in the 2015 F.A Cup Final, that’s as good as it will get for him here in terms of success.

    Why would he stay?

    Maybe he prefers being a big fish in small pond, can’t think of any other reason he stays.

  41. Dissenter

    Ozil never puts his body on the line for his team mates. That is unforgivable in my humble opinion.

    I really think we should be starting a new project under a new manager.
    I expect Alexis to leave. He can get 250k weekly from a much better team than us. Ozil? let him sulk off. I don’t really care whichever way he goes.
    It will be rough no doubt but it’s doable under a new manager.

  42. Vote leave

    Everyone blaming wenger
    Went could have won it in the first half.
    These players let themselves and their manager down

    Oh well
    At least we’re leaving the eu

  43. Samir

    The only way this season ‘will be different’ is that we won’t finish top 4.

    1. Chelsea
    2. Liverpool
    3. Man City
    4. Spurs
    5. Man Utd
    6. Arsenal

  44. Dissenter

    Surely Oxlade would have known that he was not 100% before he was subbed on.
    This was not an abrupt tear of the hamstrings because he was still moving. It was more of a twinge.

  45. WengerEagle

    ‘How will the players respond?

    What attitude will they bring to this game? What level of energy, confidence, commitment? You know what you will get from a Sanchez, from a Koscielny, from a Monreal. But what will we get from Ozil? What will the team response be if we go one down?

    Will be interesting to see.’

    Not all of the these questions answered, some new ones answered, thoughts Bamford?

  46. Jeff

    I think it is a knee jerk reaction and pointless venting laying into players whilst Wenger is still at the helm. Don’t forget, this has been our level for 13 years and we’ve many players come and go since then. Were they all crap? No. You keep forgetting then Wenger does not inspire confidence in his players. He has no real success to boast of other than a job for life at Arsenal.

    You have to put things into perspective when you start laying into players out of anger and frustration. Until Wenger goes and we get a proper manager, we will never know how good or bad our players really are. Don’t forget even the best of the best (e.g. Henry) left us because he couldn’t see how Wenger was ever going to bring any major success. You chaps keep forgetting this – even the Wenger Out brigade.

  47. karim

    James says he has 7 days to think about his situation as he hasn’t got enough playing time in Madrid.

    Swap him with Ozil, he’s brilliant and he’s Ospina step-brother !

  48. Dissenter

    Oxlade’s hamstring twinge is probably a ply to get his boxing day and new year period off for some nice social activities.

  49. Jim Lahey

    @WE – Yeah its not getting better for Sanchez here. I can see him leaving this summer, knowing Wenger we’ll sell him for around £30m … I can see Ozil staying however, he seems to not mind the rank mediocrity throughout the club, hell he is contributing to it.

    On Xhaka, I just can’t see it getting better for him.. I honestly wish I could, but he was dominated by a Toure well past his prime.

    Where does the club go from here? We need to hit the reset button.

  50. Jim Lahey

    @Karim –

    “James says he has 7 days to think about his situation as he hasn’t got enough playing time in Madrid.Swap him with Ozil, he’s brilliant and he’s Ospina step-brother !”

    That would be an ideal move for us!

  51. Samir

    New manager.

    …………New young GK………….
    Bellerin–Mustafi–Koss–New LB
    ………….New CM–New DM…………
    New RM–New CAM–New LM
    ……………………New ST………..

  52. Ankit_gooner

    Its fun to see how ozil and xhaka get blamed.If they leave arsenal,and play under a good manager,immediately they will be praised again.Gnabry is praised now,if he was at arsenal and then not performing,then you guys would have been saying why he wasn’t sold.
    Problem is the manager,not the players.

  53. Jim Lahey

    Also just to say as much as we are shit, City’s first goal was offside, it just was. It we had scored that goal people here would be screaming that it was offside.

  54. WengerEagle


    Have said forever that I’d take James over Ozil with my eyes closed.

    Ozil’s opposite in many ways, the way he has carried Colombia NT is a level of influence that Ozil has never got close to in his entire career.

    He’s far too good to be rotting away on the RM bench. Same goes for Isco.

  55. Dissenter

    If ever James were to leave Madrid, there are better clubs with more money that would be ahead of us to get him.

  56. Ankit_gooner

    “Also just to say as much as we are shit, City’s first goal was offside, it just was. It we had scored that goal people here would be screaming that it was offside.”

    True,but even if that hadn’t counted,still we were shit.I said we were playing shit when we were leading at half time.

  57. Dissenter

    Wenger does not know how to REACT when the opposition make tactical in-game changes.

    He just sits there and hopes for the best.

  58. Majestic gooner

    Isco could replace ozil, more energy from him, even Santi gives us more in that position, shame about his age. Now watch ozil back to his best come West Brom at home and he expects an improved contract? He should watch de Bruyne and silva today, both working hard to win the ball back. If it’s a fitness thing then I suggest he stops tweeting and gets himself fitter but I think him and Walcott it’s more an attitude thing, you cannot compare these players to pires and Freddie , even hleb and nasri put a shift in.

  59. Ankit_gooner

    “In the 2nd half, we had 2 touches in the opposition third, one shot on target overall.”

    Shows that we could not progress the ball to the final third and still you blame ozil?Strange.

  60. Dissenter

    ““Cesc I’m also waiting for someone to post some STATS backing ozil”
    I think we’re all beyond that at this point.”

    Wait until Romford “Ozil” Pele shjows up.
    He’s a great poster but… 🙂

  61. loyika

    Nothing much to say really. PATHETIC AND RUBBISH DISPLAY!! We went from 2nd (3 points) behind Chelsea to 4th (9 points behind) in the space of 2 games. Really unforgivable and like i said, nothing more to say.

    I am sure we will now go on a run like is our wont, (typing that in a sarcastic manner) But what the fuck is the point!? We don’t have the bottle to win the league ever again under Wenger.

    I am sure Alexis will be gone come end of season (and i actually want him to leave to go to a team that actually tries to win the league, same goes for Kos… they need to both be in a league winning team, not this shyte team we have right now)


    At least Citeh players showed passion against Chelsea as they were losing.

    Have a great night guys. So pissed off right now can’t even be bothered to go through the posts.

  62. RJM

    It’s not the fucking players!! The players are good enough, the manager is not. Why do we have to have this argument every fucking season?!!
    The players change, the results stay the same – it’s so fucking obvious who the problem is! Why can’t the fucking AKB see it?
    No clean sheet in 8games, worst run in 8 years or whatever! Go on Gazidis you cunt tell us about progress!!

  63. izzo

    The plunge down the table i predicted has begun. Sanchez injured and pissed off. Ozil gone missing as usual. West Brom will have a field day against this lot. 4th won’t happen. Man Utd and Spurs are winning games. 4th place trophy battle will be among Utd, Spurs and Liverpool. Its time to start the protest again at games.

  64. vicky

    “Shows that we could not progress the ball to the final third and still you blame ozil?Strange.”

    Well, this is not a one-off for Ozil , is it ? We have read this script over and over again. Every season against every half decent team, Ozil disappears.

  65. Dissenter

    Time to say Thank you and good night to Wenger.
    Time to move on.

    Time to commission the Wenger statue that will be placed prominently in the stadium.
    Time to name one stand after Wenger

    Time to move on.

  66. Jim Lahey

    You know whats going to be really fucking difficult? When Sanchez goes… Not just because we lose a World Class player. But it signifies that we are no longer a club that is good enough to have WC players.


  67. Cesc Appeal

    I thought the exact same thing, Sanchez crouched down at the end there watching that City free kick, hand rubbing chin, looking off into the distance, he did look like he was thinking f**k this for a laugh.

    Seriously, unless he gets some concrete assurances about the next manager and the club’s aspirations, I can see him going, looked frustrated again today waving at his team to get forward.

    Clubs around Europe will line up to nab him, we played one of them today.

  68. Samesong

    Wenger must do one ladt thing before he retiré and that is to Secure kylian Lottin of Monaco.

    I don’t want Wenger doing nothing more for this club.

  69. Micheal

    Same old, same old. Exactly the same every year.

    Why not shut down the forum tonight – just cut and paste the comments from Tuesday’s game.

    Wenger has lost the dressing room.

  70. Thank you and goodnight


    I just can’t see wenger walking away as much as I hope he does tomorrow. He’ll cling on to the job by his fingernails for as long as he can. Fucking gutted. Any other teams fans at least have the shining light that if they’re manager is as shocking as ours he’ll get the boot sooner rather than later. We’re in a nightmare we will only wake up from once wenger’s passed away

  71. Dissenter

    Cech just admitted his culpability for the second goal: “I didn’t see the shot”..”I didn’t see him [Silva]

    The referee got the call right.

  72. Jeff

    But how on earth does a player go up to Wenger and say I will only stay if you leave? It’s madness. Wenger will never leave. He cannot. Only his health will force him to leave. And by the way, let’s not kid ourselves. Fourth is more or less guaranteed because it always is. I see nothing different about this season from the 12 that have gone before.

  73. Samesong

    DissenterDecember 18, 2016 18:23:23
    I really think Rondon is going to bully us and Westbrom will grind out a draw at the Emirates on boxing day.

    That’s a horrible game the type we could
    Easily lose also. Their confidence must be non existent at the moment.

  74. Jim Lahey

    @Ankit – “Because we can’t progress the ball through the centre against every half decent team.”

    That is rubbish, Ozil’s displays are the fault of one person and that is Ozil.

  75. Jeff

    Home 61%
    Away 39%

    Home 14
    Away 6

    Shots on Target
    Home 5
    Away 1

    Home 8
    Away 1

    Home 9
    Away 13

  76. Ankit_gooner

    Yes,that is unacceptable.But he is primariy a creator and he didn’t play well today because he never got the ball in the final third as you pointed out.How is that hard to understand?And hate to break it to you,but ozil ain’t a player known for his physical capabilities.He ain’t a player to play 3 games a week.Wenger knows that.

  77. Frost


    United will finish above us this season.”

    lol no they won’t. Abject performance from us today, but have you seen United play?

  78. Jeff

    We only had one shot on target and that was the goal. Unbelievable. And we were supposed to be playing against a shit defence.

  79. Ashley

    Laughing out seriously loud at people taking about James and Isco coming here ! As ifffffff any more elite level players are gonna come here whilst Wenger is here ….. For the last few weeks I was starting to believe but those dreams are well and truly done and dusted …. Bar a major collapse by Chelsea and the others and us going on some mega run , this season is finished for us 9 points is too much …. Long live Redtruth and Joe , never budging and not bowing down to us dreamers ……. champagne Charlie where do we go from here ? Fighting for fourth ? That’s what it looks like now …. I know there’s a lot of games left but this really was a must win ….

  80. Lamia

    The realist on here have have been saying for years that we cannot win the league whilst Wenger is in charge. Ferguson won the league with shit squads who with any other manager would have finished mid table. His winning mentally permeated throughout the club, from the coaches to the players.

    With Wenger his influence is to the detriment of the team. There is a spineless streak that infest these players (Sanchez apart) and it stems from the manager. Yesterday, leicester came back from 2 goals down with 10 men. No way could we have done that with these players and this manager. Its just not in our make up.. We have two world class players in Sanchez and Ozil (yes i get frustrated with Ozil) possibly the best right back in the league, one of the best central defender. Few teams can boast this level of talent so why are we talking about 4th spot. The answer, Arsen Wenger.

  81. Thank you and goodnight

    I think every wob would like nothing more than wenger making us eat our words. Unfortunately I can’t see it ever happening.

  82. Jeff

    Everton was the must win game. For this one we needed at least a draw. But we scored and sat back again just like at Everton. Nobody really knows why we do that.

  83. loyika

    @ Jeff

    It’s not even about the Stats.

    It’s about the will to win. We knew Citeh players were better “Ballers” (to use an American slang) We needed to be in their face and be ruthless and efficient with our chances. If we had scored a second goal, we would be looking at another game. But we never go for the kill, we wait for the opposition to make a mistake and then try to take advantage.

    Citeh were there in the 1st half for the taking, but we let them go into the break with something to play for.

    And when we are out played we don’t have the bottle or passion to compensate… look at all that “fannying” at the back from our defenders!? What the fuck was that all about.

    How can we play 2 games and lead in both and end up losing them 2-1? We can slam Ozil and co all we want, but like you said; THE BLAME SOLELY LIES WITH ARSENE!!

    I had mentioned yesterday that a draw wasn’t even good enough, but to lose to Everton and Citeh! How the fuck do we hope to challenge?

  84. Up 4 grabs now

    Same old same old,
    Your playing city away, so we’re soaking up pressure and hitting them on the break, were going to need an out ball, so let’s leave giroud on the bench.
    Stick Sanchez and Theo wide so you still have pace, but you also have giroooood holding up the ball and you have is height on free kicks and corners.

    Granit was invisible again, coq every day even elneny would have been better.
    Chamberlain had his above average game for the year awhile back, so bringing him on was pointless.

    It’s like we go into these games set up to fail before the whistle is blown.

    The fight for fourth starts here.
    It’s groundhog day!

  85. Jeff


    He does however make the AKBs eat their words. They keep saying and hoping that he will win us the league and then leave. Of course he does neither.

  86. vicky


    “And hate to break it to you,but ozil ain’t a player known for his physical capabilities.”

    Again this a deliberate way to twist an argument. Nobody expects Ozil to physically impose himself in a game, nobody expects him to run most number of miles in game but sorry even he needs to try to win the ball back from opposition players, even he needs to press opposition player. Every player in the world except Messi has to do these things in modern game. When Ronaldo, Bale, Suarez, Neymar can do this , why can’t Ozil ? And we’re not even talking about his ability or lack of it to run with the ball beating players when the supply is cut off as you say. He is one dimensional player who is good at making great passes when he gets the ball in good positions but for a team like Arsenal where our wingers are shit, we need more from him anyway,

  87. Sukky

    As for ozil,
    He’s clearly one of the best player in the world but missing in most big games is very bad. You except more from a 42m player. But this comes to mind, he doesn’t play like a passager for Germany.
    My answer : he has a coach that will criticise him and doesn’t take shit from any player . No matter how shit ozil is, wenger will never sub him off. He’s Kind of untouchable in arsenal

  88. vicky


    Anyway, it’s not about Ozil anymore,we have so many pieces missing and we have a shitty manager. I doubt Wenger will win the league even if Messi signed for us, perhaps he will but you get the drift.

  89. Vince

    This is what you get when you go dig up a has-been from the football backwaters of Japan.

    I’ve always felt Wenger has absolutely no idea what’s going on in matches. The only indicator he has that we are being overpowered is when we concede – sometimes you even have to concede 2 for him to be sure how the match is playing out. I’ve watched us get stampeded severally and the old goofball just sits there not knowing anything needs to change till we capitulate. His comments below actually proves this theory. Wenger in his madness thinks we actually deserved something from a match where only 3 players (Cech, Kos and Monreal) showed up.
    WENGER: “The two goals are two offside goals,” he told Sky. “Enough is enough for us, we got some bad decisions throughout the season. Today I look at the goals, they’re both offside.

  90. Ankit_gooner

    ” sorry even he needs to try to win the ball back from opposition players, even he needs to press opposition player.”

    The opposition has 11 players.You expect him to press all 11?In that video,no one was pressing so he didn’t.Alexis does it,what happens?Only reduces his stamina.Pressing is a collective coordinated effort.Does he do something like this for germany?No.
    “And we’re not even talking about his ability or lack of it to run with the ball beating players when the supply is cut off as you say.”
    Firstly if you have to do that,that is wenger’s fault for such a situation being created.Second,did you watch ozil ever before he joined arsenal?I sincerely hope everyone knew he was not a long distance dribbler.Thirdly,you expect a player to constantly beat 2-3 players to progress the ball?How delusional are you?

  91. Dissenter

    ‘I’m intrigued about the groundhog. Is it the same one every season or a different one that emerges from the burrow.”

    This groundhog is a zipper-fiddling manager who earns 7.5 million yearly.

  92. Carts

    Ozil still unbeaten in hide & seek, so it seems

    He’s mental to think he’s worth Sanchez money.

    UNless I’m mistaken, his demands aren’t as high as Sanchez atm, and I’ll tell you why…cos he knows he isn’t worth anywhere near £200k p/w.

    That’s not to say he could get that money going to China or playing for City, Utd or Chelsea; but personally, I’d cut our losses and sell him.

    He’s nauseatingly limited for what we need. If Wenger were to leave could any other manager get something out of him…I doubt.

    Anyway, this defeat along with Everton is worrying. twice we’ve conceded the lead and gone on to lose 2-1. Winter slump is upon us, ladies and gentlemen

  93. Ankit_gooner

    Atleast I hope everyone got to see that if a team is compact and presses well,you dont need a great backline.Defending is about all 11 in a structure.Not an individual thing.