Arsenal’s first major pressure test and why cards are stacked positively 

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Today is a tipping point and we’re only in December. Lose to Manchester City and we hand momentum to Pep and Chelsea in a title race that already feels heavily advantageous to the Blues. Win and Wenger will have a proper title challenge on his hands, we can look at the Everton game as a blip and we can start thinking about how many points we can rack up in the remainder of the festive period.
So what do we know about City? ‘All the minutes man’ Fernandinho is not playing because of a suspension he picked up against Cesc, they have no Gundogan to pull strings and they have no Kun Aguerro. That’s a gift right there, it’s not as if they don’t have great players to step in, but the core is interrupted, especially in midfield.

We also know that City have only kept two clean sheets in 15. One against Watford in their last game which was perfect timing for us. John Stones has looked anything but a £50m defender this season and we know he can be rattled by an agressive press, or just being asked to make a simple pass. We also know Claudio Bravo is super suspect. His positioning has been consistently poor this season, he’s poor from crosses and it seems to get worse by the week as he struggles for confidence.

The key for me today is aggressively attacking them where their moves start at the back. Spurs had a great time employing that tactic. I also think we can damage them on the counter, they are such a mess at the moment. This was a great summation of City under Pep from Paul Doyle of The Guardian.

‘City could not cope with Leicester’s energy and directness and at times seemed confused by their own highfalutin scheming, with Pablo Zabaleta’s wandering role a particular puzzle. It is not anti-intellectual to suggest they were trying to recite poetry before showing they had learned their ABC.’

I don’t think City will be confused forever this season, so this is a major opp to do damage while they’re licking their wounded brains. But, as is a familiar pattern, when we’re called upon to fight, we’re always found wanting. This is a pressure game, the sort that will define our season. We already collapsed at Everton, when we should have taken a draw. Can Wenger summon something special, or will we be talking handbrakes and fatigue post game?

Who knows… but it’s going to be exciting whatever happens.

Buckle in and we’ll talk tomorrow!

P.S ok, so I was wrong about Ibrahimovic. But not wrong that we didn’t need him. We have Sanchez and a far more mobile set up because of it.

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  1. vicky


    Relax, will you ? I watched enough of Ozil even before he joined Arsenal and I also know he has never been a very good dribbler. But your comprehension ability are limited as I said although he has never been one, given our poor wingers we need a CAM who can beat players as well rather than just pass. Keep making excuses for him though, have heard them enough from various other apologists.

  2. Ankit_gooner

    ” he has never been one, given our poor wingers we need a CAM who can beat players as well rather than just pass.”

    Nope.In fact,I would rather we play without a CAM at all.We dont play wingers generally.Wide forwards or wide midfielders.

  3. TitsMcGee

    Took a break from Le Grove. Fast forward a few months and Arsenal /Wenger are the same predictable shiiite they have always been and will always be as long as Wenger is the manager.

    It’s comical at this stage (really has been for years) how the AKBs defend him for the sake of it.

    Wenger is like the guy at work that never really excels but never does anything worthy of getting let go. He’s just there.

    Like Jeff said. Wenger will leave this club feet first. He’s essentially Putin/Mugabe.

  4. James wood

    I’m afraid the whole set up at our club is stale and has been for a long time.?

    This is from the very top down ,greed is rife,jobs for the boy’s is the norm.

    Wenger is untouchable and while the voice of the supporters is fractured by the Wenger stay brigade nothing changes.

  5. Carts

    Come what May, Sanchez will have a year remaining on his deal.

    If I’m entirely honest, barring the amount of money floating around from here to Shanghai, I don;t actually think Sanchez is totally money orientated as he knows full well that there are 6 teams that can match (and/or surpass) Arsenal’s offer.

    The difference being that Arsenal can’t guarantee anything of worth. He’s now 28 and he’s no closer to winning the CL or league with us.

    Shanghai SIPG other dozen teams

    Take your pic Sanchez…

  6. Carts


    So you mean to tell me we spent a week preparing for City only for our keeper to have more passes that our outfield players??

    Merry fucken Xmas, Wenger

  7. Spanishdave

    Our club has a losing mentality like the manager, he simply cannot win these type of games. 1 nil up and we sat back, same as the Everton game.
    Wenger raises his arms flaps about and has no idea what to do.
    Sad times it seems to just go on and on

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What a waste of 100m in transfer fees

    Plus 100m plus in wages on very average players

    The door has finally close a on him …

    He can’t have any allies upstairs now surely …

    The club is dead under him …

  9. Vote leave

    Hill wood

    Thought it was Ramsey
    Or giroud
    Or wilshire
    Or ox
    Or Theo
    You lot need to get a life seriously
    This is all you have?
    Arsenal losing is all you have

  10. London gunner

    The thing is that was our strongest squad and we still lost.

    It’s a question of wengers management as I believe we could have won with the players we have, but I also believe that Iwobi shouldn’t be being played in such an important game and Walcott should be the bench.

    We needed a world class winger I said that all through summer.. That was when I thought Sanchez would still be on the other wing. With Sanchez as CF it’s even more important.

    We also needed Kante as a box to box and we honestly could have got him as we could offer him CL.

    Xhaka I never loved didn’t quite get the hype not because he isn’t a good player but because having Zero pace is so limiting in the premier league and will be cruelty exposed, but perhaps Kante would have made up for this weakness somewhat

  11. Ofebs

    One word sums it all – WIMP…

    Even LeGrove is afraid to call it as it is, protecting his cushy relationship with the club.

    Arsene is a wimp, and in the main has only recruited players in the last decade who are wimps.

    Arsenal needs Drill Sergeant Diego Simeone no matter what it cost.

  12. Ashley

    Sane first prem goal was it ? That’s about right , you always get your first prem goal or first goal in 800 minutes of league football or first ever headed goal or first ever goal to be scored off both feet at the same time or first ever goal with your left foot – against US

  13. Ishola70

    I think Ankit is confusing respect with an actual belief that this manager can lead his players to a major trophy. They can respect him for his seniority and his longevity at Arsenal but that does not mean that co-exits with buying into Wenger in regards winning the top trophies.

  14. Ishola70

    First Man City goal was clearly offside but Bellerin could have prevented if he wasn’t fast asleep on the pitch. He was oblivious to the initial run Sane made and Bellerin was the nearest player to him. Bellerin should have been aware and tracked his run and yes that means coming into the middle of the pitch. Rather than Wenger cry about offside he should take Bellerin aside and tell him to be more aware defensively.

    Second goal we see so many given now when a player is offside but is not directly involved in the goal. The refs are instructed to officiate in a way to make the EPL a goal-fest league. I would have thought Wenger and his disciples would like this idea. So it is ironic to see Wenger crying about that goal too.

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m sure I’m not alone …
    I love the club but hate him as the boss , – it’s at a point where it’s been for a while defeats don’t bother me now , used to massively …now until that fraud thriving cheating fucker leaves I don’t fell Arsenal are my team …

    He can’t inspire no more
    He can’t buy correct players anymore
    He can’t tatatically change the team at any point ..
    He can’t change it neither …

    He can leave tho .

  16. hal

    That was painful to watch, just like the Everton game. Said it in 2008 and every season since. He needs to leave as he is finished as a top level manager, due to his lack of changing with modern approaches to the game and his repeated failure to win with teams that were good enough to do so.

    As he has pointed out repeatedly, the team lacks the “mental strength” to be all they should be and that is down to one person only and it isn’t the physio (just incase that wasn’t enough for people, I mean it’s Wenger that is the problem)

  17. Ishola70

    Ozil was absolutely pathetic at Old Trafford. One of the worst non-performances I have witnessed from a so-called key player. All through that match Sanchez had to drop so deep into the middle of the pitch to try to initiate Arsenal moves with Ozil just standing and watching the game pass him by. Only the late get out of jail goal prevented Ozil getting the absolute mauling he deserved after that match. Add in his other no-shows and it’s no wonder there are so many doubters.

    Wenger is still easily the main problem though rather than individual players.

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It gets boring don’t it ,

    He was an is the only person who could have improved that …

    The man should leave in Jan allow the club 5 months to find a good manager who can take the club forward.

    Would love to hear any ardent arsene supporter explain this …

    He’s a fraud

  19. HillWood

    It doesn’t really matter which players are at the club.. The manager is a feeble, lilly-livered fraud who will always poo his pants when the pressure is on to win

  20. hal

    Would love to see Wenger go in Jan and give Bould the job on temporary basis to give us time to find a replacement (and find out if Bould can actually do anything going forward)

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Today’s performance particularly in second half was a disgrace.

    Our midfield was virtually non existent and the defence since Mustafi’s injury is pretty porous as well.

    We have gone through two games, which we have lost having led in both of them.

    Bluntly there is no leadership or tactical nous both on and off the field.
    Some very serious questions need to be asked about some of the players
    recent performances and may be mr Ozil needs to ask himself whether he merits a pay rise.

    Mr Wenger needs to go at end of the season and we need to find a world class coach who can compete genuinely with coaches at Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea. Everyone apart from the management at Arsenal know he is past his best.

  22. Ishola70


    “and the defence since Mustafi’s injury is pretty porous as well.”

    I keep hearing this.

    Arsenal have been conceding goals on a consistent basis since mid October with Mustafi in the side. You probably didn’t care at the time because Arsenal were putting plenty in the oppositions net but it leads to bad habits and you get shot in the foot more seriously further down the line.

    It’s not about individual players. It’s about that man from Alsace-Lorraine.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    ‘It is saying that the fans on this site have a losing attitude when 2 games are lost.’

    Arsenal have had a ‘losing attitude’ for twelve years, hence fans on this site having a realistic attitude to Arsenal’s chances of success, it is not one game against City, or one game against Everton, away to United whatever, its those fixtures looking exactly the same as Arsenal failures we’ve seen over the past twelve years.

    Anyone claiming Arsenal have a chance of title success are being the unrealistic ones and the ones who should have their positions heavily critiqued.

  24. Rainman


    Some akbs got pissed at Joe, probably inundated you with complaints and u actually binned him?
    What happened to all that everyone is free to have an opinion etc. The dude might be slightly abrasive, but that’s understandable considering the shit fest Wenger the Despot is always servng up. Heck everyone is frustrated(except the akb’s of course, they loving it), so tell him to be a bit more polite and bring him back, come on the comments section more interesting with him around.

    Bring Joe back.

  25. Carts

    It’s curtains, Rhys.

    Arsenal don’t have the necessary characteristics to mount a genuine fight for the epl, Especially under Wenger!

    I had zero expectation going into this season besides the rudimentary top 4 trophie.

    Wenger’s so-called philosophy hasnt transfered to the squad for many a seasons now.

    No matter how much he spends won’t change a dime

  26. Wallace

    not seen the game. sounds like a very similar kind of performance to the one in midweek. I’m with Rhys, win the next two and take stock at midway.

    very disappointing to have lost both games though. the only consolation is the thought of Joe, bug-eyed & frothing up a storm at the window, desperate to get in. Pedro, if you have binned him for fucks sake don’t let him back now.

  27. Alex Cutter

    “not seen the game… Pedro, if you have binned him for fucks sake don’t let him back now.”

    I bet he at least bothered watch the match, you fucking AKB douche bag.

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Joe been binned …
    Sad man

    All akbs that moaned to the author to get his spanished hang yer heads in shame … you know who you are ….

    You really are a sorrowful mob if you moaned an got a thoroughly decent honest Arsenal supporter booted off …
    He was colourful at times with his laungage but he was correct at times …

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Come on fella his time is up…
    Ad a club we need to take a suppositorie an shit this big fucker out an flush away ….

    Can’t believe that you say give him a couple more games to see where we are ….

  30. karim

    “Ad a club we need to take a suppositorie an shit this big fucker out an flush away… ”

    Quote of the month

    I mean, nobody even bothers anymore, I swear this place would have gone mental a couple of seasons ago.

    Depressing stuff somehow.

  31. Wallace

    RSPC Arsenal

    “You really are a sorrowful mob if you moaned an got a thoroughly decent honest Arsenal supporter booted off …”

    man, you’re on fire tonight!

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal fans saying that this is the second away game in a row where only a few players went and showed their appreciation to the travelling fans, supposedly only Bellerin, Cech and Monreal went over the away fans at the end, pretty shocking stuff.

    Wenger should be ordering his players to go and show their appreciation to the fans who have paid big money and travelled a long way to see them.

    Especially after they turn in a pile of shit performance, you were invisible for the ninety minutes, but you can at least be visible in showing thanks to the fans who put up with this shite year in year out.

  33. Du Vi

    A manager who knew what he was doing would as a matter of urgency have gotten rid of Mezut Ozil and Theo walcott,In any other top tier club side thier footballing careers would be over,but Arsenal and its predominantly ignorant fan base ensure they get contracts no other club in European football would be mad enough to offer.

  34. Thanos

    The problem with Joe is he is rude and does not know that being polite will help you get over your point a lot easier than calling someone a cunt.

    The problem with Arsenal is arsene

  35. raptora

    Ozil had lots of balls targeted towards him in the second half. Half of them were not ideal, in which he kept repeating the same trick he did vs Everton on their corner. How he kept doing this running away of the ball l, moving himself out of the path of the ball, after watching himself in midweek is just beyond me. Anyone else would put on some work pants and actually tryhard for his team. The other half of the balls were ideal in his feet and he still managed to lose them. Everytime that he was close to an opponent he was moving away of the player’s path. He wasn’t reaching out for balls who were half a meter away of him. When there was an aerial duel he never even tried to jump. When he did receive the ball he was always looking for a foul by falling on the ground without anyone being close to him. The team kept looking for him with their passes and he was just losing the ball EVERY single time. How can we create in their half if the dude is supposedly great with the ball in his feet couldnt really stand on them. Sad part is that he didnt even try.

    People in here keep saying that Wenger is spineless, but the spineless one is Mesut Ozil. Then they say he has a Bergkamp in him?!?! Dennis, alongside the sublime talent he had, he would fight for his team like a true gladiator, would lead the team with his smart play, oustanding control, passing and goalscoring alongside with unbelievable heart and desire to win. Ozil is NOTHING CLOSE to DB10 and he will never be. That’s a dude who would preserve his body and stay away of ANY duels in the game. That would not fight for the cause and lead the team. He is someone who would shine vs subpar teams but before everything else he has no character of a winner who is ready to do what it takes. He would shy away and be happy with himself with what he’s done. If the WOBs want Wenger out, he might aswell get Ozil with him. Give us Payet, Mahrez, Reus, Obameyang. Those are players with talent. Not Mesut “Scaredycat” Ozil.

    Xhaka is a failure and I hate him as a football player. Slow, reckless, his mistakes are ALWAYS fatal AND he’s made a nice number of them already, has close to no technique or flexibility, can’t even retain the ball when put under pressure. Would get Joe bloody Allen over him any fay of the week. Thinking that we could have had Kante or even Wanyama instead of this dud is minblowing.

    Rant over.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    The real point is that Chelsea are now 9 points ahead of us and both Liverpool with game in hand and Man City have overtaken us. Also Spurs and
    Man Utd have closed the gap. When you consider that at beginning of last week we were 10 points ahead of Man Utd and that has been cut dramatically to 4 points that is a concern.

    What worried me most was that the team showed absolutely no capacity to raise their game after both Everton and Man City scored equalisers.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    I actually think Ozil is just the personification of Wenger’s whole approach to football, or rather how his teams works.

    Flashes of brilliance, pleasing on the eye, technically great (mostly), but no substance, no spine, no fight, goes missing when it matters, no tactical nous, no discipline, purposeless and lacking direction and intent.

  38. hal

    If Bellerin, Cech and Monreal were the only players to go to the fans and Wenger didn’t do anything about that, then that says all you need to know about the club under him.

    Walcott and Ozil, arnt bad players but they arnt hard workers either. They need a kick up the back side by being dropped. I personally wouldn’t play Ozil against the big teams (especially away) unless he changes his work rate and desire (that goal against Everton where he ducked and walked away was just embarrassing)

    The question is not Wether Wenger should tolerate their poor attitude today as he clearly does. More how much it shows the difference between a manager like Wenger and a manager capable of motivating players (Klopp, Pep, Simeone etc)

  39. Du Vi

    The usual occurrence of the fan base applauding the fraud Mezut Ozil when his about to take a corner has got to be one of the most pathetic displays from any fanbase in world football.

    Alexis would be right to leave as Arsenal entire attacking potency is welded firmly on his shoulders..

  40. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    All previous mangers knew when there time was up , the fans knew in fact the board was close an could hear the groans from the crow…
    Now days stuck up behind bullet proof pilkington they don’t care ….

    If he had an ounce of decency he would leave ….but he does metric …..

  41. raptora

    People kept bashing Feo for not working enough but Feo did something not only tonighy but since the begining of this season especially. He’s trying and chasing ppl, he and Bellerin kept Clichy and KDB relatively quiet, he got in a nice goal which a lot of players would fail to score with nice some timed run. Especially his goals are pretty regular, he does put defensive effort with tackles and aerial duels. He is obviously not a top class winger but I wouldnt say he hasn’t justified his presence in the team this season especially in the big games. Basically himself and Alexis are carrying the goal threat in our team. He is not a world beater but he gives his all, works and fights for the team.

    Now look at Ozil.

  42. reality check

    TallestTizDecember 18, 2016 17:58:26
    My first time of saying this…
    Wenger MUST leave

    Welcome welcome we’re happy to have you.

  43. kc

    That’s 8 PL games in a row now without a clean sheet, 12 games in all competitions. In case your curious, it’s been 12 years since we’ve had a stretch like this.

  44. Du Vi

    When compared with Walcott Aaron Lennon like for like is an infinitely better player. with significantly better technique yet Tottenham deemed it fit to get rid because there is always clarity of thought on thier end on the need to upgrade.Why do we consistently make bad transfer decisions and fail to cut our losses,case in point again being Granit Xhaka a result of astonishingly atrocious scouting. but whose contract whenever it comes up would no doubt be renewed

  45. kc

    Not sure I believe the Oxlade injury. Seems like a face saving excuse. He came on and instantly the left side started leaking like a sieve. Nacho was getting lambasted. Either way the Ox simply isn’t good enough.

  46. Jeff

    Anyone who thinks Wenger is going to leave in January is dreaming. Pigs will take to the air before Wenger leaves in January or June for that matter. We’re stuck with him for another 3 years and the sooner you face the better you will feel. Does he look like a man who’s on his last season? No, we’re still in transition. He’s still searching for the secret formula for one more PL win.

    I know there’s a lot of anger and distress at the moment because we just lost two back to back matches having gone in front and you want to blame your favourite scapegoat player(s) but it really is boring and irrational. Wenger’s had 13 years and probably over 50 teams in that time and he didn’t come close with any of them. Foaming at the mouth about this player or that player is just absolutely futile and nonsensical.

  47. reality check

    The ox cost 15 mil didnt he.. back then aswell.

    We must get to the facts of what happened. I’ve never seen Wenger sub like that b4. Closest being eboue that time.

  48. Rainman

    Foaming at the mouth about this player or that player is just absolutely futile and nonsensical.

    No it’s not, it’s cathartic, try it, you will feel better.

  49. Jeff

    And most of us predicted this in the summer anyway. We said that Chelsea would have a new charismatic manager who didn’t have to worry about CL. We said Guardiola would be good for City. And we also salivated about Klopp going to Liverpool and doing well there. I know the season is not over but isn’t it panning out like how we more or less predicted. We’re in a dogfight for fourth at the moment with Spurs snapping at our heels.

    The only real surprise is Leicester’s sharp downfall and Mourinho’s failure to make a dent at Old Trafford. Other than that, I think normality has returned. Unfortunately for us, it doesn’t seem to matter who is doing well, we always somehow contrive to be second or third best to that team. Go figure – if I didn’t know better I’d say it was a curse.

  50. Follow the money

    Surprise surprise, here we are again. Petit had a spine and guts, as did Vieira and Adams and many others of yore. We haven’t had a proper leader since 2006. All flash, all show, No Steel. Just like the manager

  51. Ishola70


    “We said that Chelsea would have a new charismatic manager who didn’t have to worry about CL”

    It doesn’t harm them does it no CL but this will end up being the excuse of the Wenger disciples. They will tell you that Chelsea winning the league is a follow on from Leicester winning it last season and they will say what do those two teams have in common = no CL football.

    It’s a load of nonsense really. The CL group stages are a cake walk for any real capable side. That’s why many fans get bored with CL because it always follows the same pattern with the same teams advancing to the knockout stages. Arsenal playing CL group matches shouldn’t be seen as a hindrance. It should be comfortably dealt with. You can argue that the later knockout stages can be a distraction but Arsenal look to be out of real serious contention for the EPL title before this stage. If you make a big deal out of qualifying from CL group stages then you are doing something wrong as Wenger did a couple of seasons ago playing weakened sides in early group matches. He knows the CL group stages are a cake walk so much so that he took the piss those couple of seasons back.

  52. Jeff


    Excuses for Arsenal’s failure over the years have been made into a fine art. You don’t so much hear the “financial doping” and “stadium” ones any more. It’s more about how much more lucky other teams are and how referees favour them and not us. If it’s not that, we tend to scapegoat the players or their injuries.

    It’s basically a merry-go-round of excuses year after year while the real culprit keeps getting a new contract and the ever hopeful fan-base gear up in the summer for a season of promise and success only to be disappointed and looking forward to the next season before even the first half is over. Given all of that, I’m surprised we as fans haven’t ended up in lunatic asylums. How much more can we take – not much according this fellow.

  53. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Not really surprised at today’s result. Not overly concerned either…it’s not like we were going to win the Premiership anyway.

    All things in perspective now, take what you can when you can. No longer bothered, what with the Grand Underachiever Wenger in charge.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Protected like lions in zoos.

    First off, surprised Wenger’s first thoughts ran to a lion when he thought about an animal, having watched the sides he’s put out over the last twelve years you would think penguins, dormice, flamingos, meerkats something like that.

    Second, ‘protected,’ coming the most protected manager in modern football history. Just take your failure like a man, you would have thought you he would be use to it by now, Arsenal bottling an occasion and putting in a pathetic performance does not really require some emotive, irrational response as if you’re stung, just a gentle shrug and ‘that’s Arsenal’ would do, you could literally say anything Wenger, anything, and half the fan base will still call your s**t ice cream, please just don’t embarrass the club.

  55. steve

    gambonDecember 18, 2016 23:39:09
    No Wallace?Surprised by that.


    He used his “didn’t watch the game” bullshit. Fucking joker.

  56. reality check

    steve December 19, 2016 00:30:10

    gambonDecember 18, 2016 23:39:09
    No Wallace?Surprised by that.___

    He used his “didn’t watch the game” bullshit. Fucking joker.

    True. usually wallace sticks around more than the others but, “i didn’t watch the game” is a pretty pathetic excuse.

  57. Cesc Appeal

    I can understand Arsenal fans wanting people to lay off Wenger as it is his last year, but I cannot understand Arsenal fans wanting him to stay on after this season, I simply do not understand that, it is a vote for stagnation basically, it is a vote to keep everything the same.

    They do not want to gamble on things getting better, because they may get worse than under Wenger, so they just vote for repetitive failure and mediocrity. Not sure what that says about a person, particularly when this is your sports team, not a mortgage or job or something else of that nature.

  58. china

    well no particular surprises for any of us except the wenger lovers who are shellshocked at the misfortune of us somehow dropping points against a good team

    people saying win the next two games and see where we are at halfway. what a joke. already looking to two games ahead we need to be focusing on the next game. it’s looking two games ahead that cost us the everton game.

    there’s so so much to be said about this game and arsenal right now but we can all see it. we all know. apart from the resident twats who would bend over for arsene in the showers there’s nothing i can say here that any of you don’t already know

  59. china

    also lol at people saying see where we are at the halfway point.

    if we get 40 then we are not on course to win the league. if we get less than 40 then our chances are really slim.

    let’s just be bluntly honest here. whatever happens with chelsea city and liverpool, there’s no way in hell that we will manage to finish above all 3.

  60. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Never ceases to amaze how Wenger comes up with excuse after excuse for what is tantamount to his own failures. Admits though that his players were tired in the second half – can’t imagine why? Year after year it’s the same old same same with Wenger. It’s like playing that favourite Christmas DVD each year…you know it’s the same, good or bad, and yet you somehow have convinced yourself it’s all worth it each and every year.

    Arsene Wenger…The gift that just keeps on giving!

    Honestly, you can’t make this up year after flipping year.

  61. china

    wenger also blamed having tired players because we had a day less rest before everton.


    we had a day more rest than city since the game

    secondly if your players are tired ROTATE.

    we know the fixture list and schedule since before the season began so only a massive twat would blame the fixture list for fatigue. it’s not the fixture list’s fault that arsenal always beast the same 11 until they get tired and injured. and if wenger isn’t willing to rotate it only proves that he lacks confidence in his squad that he assembled.


    wenger said we were in control of the first half and looked like we couldn’t lose.


    until the everton game we were having a pretty good season. beat everton and city and we’d have been in a fantastic position. but NO. it’s just out of the question. i’ve given arsene credit this year for the things that have been good but now he’s unravelling himself before our eyes like usual and i’m afraid the daggers will be out unless he performs miracles now

  62. Adam A. Carbarundum

    To Arsene a Wenger…If you need to check the replays thrice over to be sure a player is offside then you really shouldn’t use it as an excuse.

    Then again, when was the last time that Wenger took accountability for his teams failures???

  63. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Vicky…”I have never seen a dumber person in my life than TY of Arsenal Fan TV.”…

    Yes you have, Ty’s Mum and Dad, who clearly had revenge on the world when they conceived that dumb sack of marbles!

  64. Ankit_gooner

    “I think Ankit is confusing respect with an actual belief that this manager can lead his players to a major trophy. ”

    I dont believe wenger can lead us to a major trophy.
    As for players,alexis and ozil have already won big trophies.They may sign on,because wenger gives them a lot of freedom in their play.If they leave,it will be for another crack at ucl but then the only option they have to go to is bayern.That’s the only club they can go to,that could win ucl.I think they will stay if bayern doesn’t come calling.

    “Anyone who thinks Wenger is going to leave in January is dreaming. Pigs will take to the air before Wenger leaves in January or June for that matter. We’re stuck with him for another 3 years and the sooner you face the better you will feel. ”

    It makes no sense to sack someone mid-season as you rarely get quality replacements and especially when the guy we have leads us to top 4.Gives us a stability to search for a top option.I wouldn’t mind waiting for 1 or 2 seasons,if we get likes of simeone or allegri who will leave their clubs sometime in recent future

    Anyway,I think wenger being 67,doesn’t have another rebuilding job left in him.If ozil and alexis leave,he will have to rebuild again,which he probably wont want to.So,I think if ozil and alexis leave,wenger would probably leave.

  65. Mick Kartun

    So,I think if ozil and alexis leave,wenger would probably leave.

    Amen to that Ankit. And I will run off the street naked with my dangling cock if the old man leave for real.

  66. Redtruth

    If Sterling’s goal was offside then you can chalk off 200 of Messi’s goals from his total.

    Firstly a good keeper should not be beaten at his near post and secondly the defending was abject.

  67. Sid

    Cech is past his sell by date and we need to start playing Ospina now. It wouldnt be a bad idea to get Joe Hart if City is willing to sell.
    As for Ozil, he should only start against bottom half teams at home. He either lacks the mental strength to deliver in important away games or just doesnot try enough. Easy money.

  68. Frank Mc

    Wenger saying that referees are in a “comfort zone” no mirrors at chez Wenger??
    At least the double is still on and we’e got a lovely stadium….. there’s no pleasing some fans!!!

  69. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s focus on facts and not fiction:

    1. The team selected in our last 2 games was the same apart from Iwobi being preferred to Ox in starting lineup.

    2. In absence of Cazorla the midfield is now woefully short of creativity and
    more importantly the ability to “keep control of ball”. The number of occasions that we gave the ball away to opposition was shocking.

    3. We scored the first goal in both games and then attempted to shut up shop rather than kick on. Everton were on a poor run before they played us
    and Man City’s defence were ripe for taking apart, but we failed to take advantage on both occasions.

    4. Ozil has been in both games almost anonymous. Is it because he has played too many games? Or more importantly are there “offield” matters
    including contractural negotiations and his future which is impacting on

    5. Manchester City changed their formation and tactics after half time. Arsenal did not. That is as usual par for the course. Wenger’s teams do not have the ability to adapt to what goes on or for that matter think for themselves.

    6. There are deficiencies in the team/squad some of which are long term and others which are manifesting themselves now.

    7. Arsenal has a soft underbelly. Life has become too easy for the players at
    the club. When matters are going well for team everything is “brilliant”. The trouble is that sooner or later the “wheels come off” and there is no-one on or off the field to deal with situation.

    8. The club needs someone to run it who has a “ruthless streak”.

  70. Wallace

    reality check

    “True. usually wallace sticks around more than the others but, “i didn’t watch the game” is a pretty pathetic excuse.”

    I had to work so couldn’t watch the game. just didn’t see the point of coming on here and getting into some no doubt heated arguments when I hadn’t seen it.

    also, hilarious gambon asking where I am. same place he was while things were goiing well.

  71. Wallace

    arseblog mentions the similarity between Sane’s run and Monreal’s at the end of the first half where one was flagged for offside while the other wasn’t. we’ve definitely had the shit end of the stick when it comes to the important decisions this week, but would have been a lot easier to bleat about it if our performances had been less anemic in the 2nd half of both games.

  72. RJM

    How can Wenger claim both goals were offside?
    First one technically was by mm’s and we all know the benefit should go to the attacker.
    Silva is not interfering for the second. 8m a year and he doesn’t even know the rules!
    But he does know the rules…… he’s just a fraud and a liar.
    Everytime we lose he’s all over the 4th official crying like a teenage girl! He’s a fucking embarrassment!
    Our GK makes more passes than anyone else but it’s the officials fault we lose!
    Always someone’s else’s fault hey Arsehole?

  73. Arsenal not Arsene

    Wenger has no dignity at all. When he leaves Arsenal need to cut all ties with him. Well if they have balls of steel that is. The weak mentality needs to be far from the new regime as possible. And no he didn’t build the club nor did he build emirates from the ground up. The biggest misconception with akbs. Loser.

  74. Thank you and goodnight

    I always wondered if we’d have a zombie invasion of the world. Seems we’ve had one in North London for 10 years or so and they’re called the AKB’S. Brain dead zombies

  75. Vintage Gun

    Rumor has it Wenger and the board have agreed on a new two year contact extension. Just waiting for a suitable time to announce the deal.

    Im shaking at the thought. Im done if true

  76. Confidentgoner

    Ozil needs to go, I have always said it that he disappears in important matches. Yesterday and the match at Everton, he was nowhere to be seen. Sell.

    GED rid of OX, Monreal, and cut our losses with Elneny, Xhaka. They are too slow and cannot handle pressure.

    Get a better defender than Gabriel. There are many defenders even in England, who will do a better job

    Bench Cech for sometime

  77. Cesc Appeal

    Are people comfortable selling anyone while Wenger is still here?

    It is that old thing of not being sure whether there are certain players who need actual managing, not just being told ‘express yourself,’ so would people like to see anyone go, or rather hold on to them for a new manager to make that decision?

    Obviously if Wenger signs an extension it is irrelevant because for a lot of Arsenal fans they will lose interest in the club and will not follow it as ardently.

  78. Confidentgoner

    If a ruthless manager comes, this is what you will see

    New GK

    Bellerin NewCD Kos LB

    New DM

    CM1. CM2

    LF. Sanchez. RF


    Cech, Holding, Gibbs, Iwobi, Theo, Giroud,

    CM1, CM2, must be serious ballers, with pace, who can tackle, shoot and play free kicks.

    LW, RW: pact, dribblers, excellent at crossing, eye for goal.

    Having speced the job, it’s clear we are lacking in these areas. We need a clear out.

  79. Confidentgoner

    If a ruthless manager comes, this is what you will see

    New GK

    Bellerin NewCD Kos LB

    New DM

    CM1. CM2

    LW. Sanchez. RW


    Cech, Holding, Gibbs, Iwobi, Theo, Giroud,

    CM1, CM2, must be serious ballers, with pace, who can tackle, shoot and play free kicks.

    LW, RW: pact, dribblers, excellent at crossing, eye for goal.

    Having speced the job, it’s clear we are lacking in these areas. We need a clear out.

  80. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think we would see a new CB, Mustafi was a good signing, in my opinion.

    A new LB certainly, Monreal had another shocker yesterday and he really is ageing this season, you can imagine he will be off to Spain in the summer for a last contract.

    In terms of midfield, I’m with you, have been for years, we need a total restructuring once Wenger has gone.

    But what is vitally important is that the next manager actually has a vision and a system he wants to implement. I don’t think Wenger knows what he wants this team to be, usually with Wenger it is a collection of gifted individuals who can play with minimal instruction, but the technical level is not there anymore, it is not a possession team, it is not a counter team, I don’t know what it is.

    Consequently, Wenger just seems to add players to the side without fully knowing what he wants them to do, he’s buying names (which he seems to accuse fans of always wanting and it being wrong), just look at Xhaka, a great deep distributor in Bundesliga, comes over here and Wenger tells him he is going to be a box to box player, which sort of leaves you scratching your head, then Xhaka says he was told he had a ‘free roam’ role, now suddenly he is a deep distributor again.

    I agree, we need to rebuild our central midfield, but we need to actually know what we want our team to be, that can only come from a better manager.

  81. azed


    “Wenger should be ordering his players to go and show their appreciation to the fans who have paid big money and travelled a long way to see them.”

    You mean Wenger who doesn’t give a fuck about the fans?

  82. Confidentgoner


    If he signs an extension, we will be saying the same thing in a years time.

    His management style is so laizzer faire and inefficient.

    I guess he must be thinking seriously about the window and what he needs to do to come 4th. He will know that getting top four this season will not be a simple matter, what with five teams justling for top four places.

    Re, our defense, we have Mustafi, but honestly we have no one to rotate him or Kos with. I would still get rid of Gabriel and get a starter. Kos needs to be rotated. Yesterday, he did look spent.

  83. Sid

    This man Wenger should be kept away completely from Arsenal if he retires. If he is moved upwards, then he will make life of new manager miserable as well.

    Diego Simeone is the best man to replace Arsenal, but he seems to have set his eyes on Inter job. We had a chance to sign Klopp and Conte, but the board messed up.

  84. Micheal

    Please, please, let’s not get stuck in the familiar old groove about who played badly or who we should in the transfer window. It is just a cut and paste job from the last shameful performance – in this case only a few days earlier. Does anyone seriously believe that, for example, signing a new central midfielder or reserve centre back is going to change things ? Get real.

    Concentrate on the major and significant weakness at the club. We have some very good, some good and some poor players.

    But it’s not about the players – it’s the management of this club. The players, however you rate them, plainly do not want to play for Wenger. Or Wenger cannot encourage them to play for him.

    It is very basic.

  85. Cesc Appeal


    I think we’re safe for top four, not that that is any sort of achievement, especially when the legions of pro-Wenger fans will tell you what an incredible advantage not having UCL football is to a title push.

    I think Arsenal are good for 3rd, maybe 2nd depending on how City do, but I can safely say that as long as Wenger is here we will never, never, win the EPL.

    I always quote it, but it is just spot on, from FourFourTwo, ‘under a new manager Arsenal might finish 10th, then might finish 1st, under Wenger, they will do neither.’


    Pretty disgusted by that, I don’t care how upset you are, the fans are more upset, and they are not getting a £500 000 cheque at the end of the month, they are not being carried home in luxury etc

    I always remember United at Sunderland, the last minute Aguero goal against QPR sealing the title for City and the news filtering in to the United players, obviously disconsolate, they went for the tunnel and Fergie grabbed them and pointed to the away fans and marched them over to make sure they thanked the fans.

    This is what has happened over the past twelve years, a wall has slowly erected between the club and the fans as Arsenal went from a football club to a business and their goals moved out of alignment with the average fan on the terrace.

  86. azed


    “This is what has happened over the past twelve years, a wall has slowly erected between the club and the fans as Arsenal went from a football club to a business and their goals moved out of alignment with the average fan on the terrace.”

    Wenger is the architect of the wall, he despises the fans and think we are an ignorant bunch to be tolerated because they have no choice (remember the i have made 50k subs and other snide remarks towards the fans?)
    There’s no way he would be bothered about the players thanking the fans.

    Heck Wenger did apologise for the 8-2 or 6-0 defeat.

  87. gambon

    There is little point debating anything about the team, tactics, players until Wenger goes. He has become the epitome of the team, and is holding the entire club to ransom.

    Was discussing with Arsenal supporting friends yesterday, who have gone from Wenger fan boys to Wenger out in the last 3 years, and all agreed that even if we had Alaba at LB, Kroos and Kante in MF, and 2 world class wide AMs we would still crumble everytime we face good team.

    This week has shown us how weak Arsene is as a person, he transmits that nervous, senile energy to the team.

    Very clearly Wenger has never discusses strategy for going one nil up away against a good team. Twice in a week we have gone one up and utterly shit ourselves.

    It was interesting watching Pep screaming at the team at 2-1 up, yet Wenger sat on his hands for 90 minutes, and only ever shows any passion when he moans to the 4th official.

    The whole club is stuck in groundhog day and nothing can change until Wenger goes.

    The stadium is never full, the fans are nervous every single game, we struggle to sell merchandise compared to other big clubs, we have shit sponsorship deals.

    All because we have a weak, frightened old man in charge that cant possibly bring the club success.

  88. Leedsgunner

    Wenger might have valid points about refereeing but it’s not like the first time we’ve folded under pressure is it?

    The truth is during this season we’ve been beneficiaries of soft referring decisions as well as victims of bad decisions. What about the last minute goal at Burnley? Or the last minute penalty at Southampton? We didn’t find Wenger complaining then did we?

    This constant excuse finding of Wenger is extremely tiresome. He needs to just face the truth.

    When facing the very best in the game, Wenger isn’t astute enough man management wise, or tactics wise to compete to win anything of consequence.

  89. Spanishdave

    Yep Gambon summed up nicely.
    The club are frightened of life without him, they will not sack him, he has such a big ego he won’t go either.
    He fails time and time again to buy the right players , he cannot win the league any more.
    It’s never his fault.

  90. Jeff

    You see the mistake that Wenger often makes is that he actually believes his own excuses. If it wasn’t for the referee we would have won – therefore not my fault. If it wasn’t for the fixture schedule we would win – so not my fault. If it wasn’t for oil money, we would win – so not my fault. If it wasn’t for the stadium debt, we would compete – so not my fault. But, since I am such a fantastic manager, despite all of that, I am still delivering top four. Why aren’t the fans kissing my feet? Well, some are, still – even now.

    So you see, it really isn’t his fault. He believes he’s the best thing since sliced bread and so does the hierarchy as well as a big portion of the fans. You tell me how on earth a manager is going to be replaced given those circumstances?

  91. Leedsgunner

    I really really thought this season we had turned some corner and a changed mentality. Yet this week, I’m left disappointed once again.

    Nothing has changed. We are weak willed and more mentally fragile than ever.

    Sure we went on a long unbeaten run against the bottom feeders and mid table teams, but where has it gotten us? What progress have we really made against the very best in the game?

    Sure we beat Chelsea 3-0, but we’ve completely negated that result by giving three points away to Everton. Where are they now? Grinding out wins.

    We are stuttering again.

    Man City was there for the taking. We just rolled over and allowed them back in. Where’s the fight? Where is the desire the win?

  92. ArseneisaFraud

    The desire to win must come from the manager. But considering that Wenger is only interested in top four, he cannot instill any desire to win to the team as he himself is not interested to do it.

    This reminds me of the season where we pipped Spurs by 1 point for 4th spot. I remember the last couple of games seeing the team put up a fight. I can only now think that this desire was instilled by Wenger as he did not want to fail reaching his bare minimum target.

  93. Uwot?

    Gambon & Jeff have it summed up.i would add that whoever was responsible for the idea of erecting a statue to wenger while he was still at the club should be sacked on the told the ” dictator” that he was a god.massive mistake & we are paying the price.

  94. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    All the analogys have been said ,
    All the negative comments have been said about him but like a cockroach in a nuclear explosion he still crawls around full of life an our money …,

    The only way he goes is in a coffin ,

    We are stuck , lumbered …
    The fact he is still doing contracts scares me he an the board are fucking the club over .

  95. Frankie T

    Would love a new manager to come in and make a statement. Clear out the mediocre dross and then raid Real Madrid for Isco and Rodriguez. Let them have Ramsey and 60 million whilst selling Ozil for 35million. We can always dream can’t we?

    Cech/new Gk

    Bellerin. Mustafi. Kos. New LB

    Isco. Coquelin. Cazorla (Xhaka)

    Rodriguez. Giroud. Sanchez