Manchester City game: Advantage Arsenal, but will we take it?

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courtesy @allthatchas

GOOD MORNING! Or afternoon. Quick post today because it’s Christmas party night. That means wishing people happy holidays because apparently wishing someone happy Christmas is offensive, it means watching American’s binge drink which they are not accustomed to without a meal accompanying the drinking (honestly grow up) and it means I am going to be in a world of pain on the plane back to London tomorrow. Super excited to be back home with an Arsenal ticket or two on the cards!

Knee Jerk

Lot of critique coming my way for pointing out the things I’ve been pointing out all season. You seriously can’t win on the internet. I appreciate Arsenal have been good this season, I’m enjoying it more than I have in 5 years, but you have to play the game with Arsenal, don’t let hope creep in because your dreams will be crushed.

‘This feels different’

… is something I hear every season from Arsenal fans. Look, it felt different last season when we were top in January. It felt different when Aaron Ramsey was scoring lights out a few years back. It felt different when we blew our chance at Liverpool at home. It felt really different in 2008. There’s always a reason it’s different, but one constant as to why we never follow through with the goods.

Maybe we’ll turn it around on Sunday. I mean, there’s literally no better time to be playing City. We have a day of rest on them. We will NOT be facing Gundogan, Fernandinho or Aguerro. City had a shaky defence until they kept their 2nd clean sheet in 15 at Watford in the week. But look, we have the players to cause a nuisance if they’re fit and focused. We should batter their backline with a trio of Sanchez, Chambo and Theo. Will they be on their game heading into their 3rd game in week? Gonna be tough…

Results elsewhere didn’t go our way. Liverpool, City, Spurs and even United won. We really need to not lose ground at City. It’ll damage confidence and put us further behind in the title chase. Fingers crossed.

In other news, Mesut Ozil has been trying to persuade Julian Draxler to come and play for Arsenal. Which is great news, because that would mean he’s going to stay on for us. Draxler is a precocious talent, but is he damaged goods? He’s wildly out of form, he’s sulking with his club which doesn’t bode well and he’d be £30m. Is he an upgrade on Chamberlain? Or a similar sort of risk? Does he have more room for growth than Iwobi? I love his pace, I love that he likes playing wide and I think he could do a good job across the frontline. Just don’t see it.

Also, I don’t think I’ve headed into Jan not fussed about signings? The only want I have is a replacement for Santi, but I’d say that was probably best to happen in the summer, rather than force in January.

Right, that is me done. Wish me luck.

*reaches for drinking boots

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  1. Wenker-wanger

    Pep guardiola apparently wants the much criticized ox for £25 m…… Fans on here must be jumping with joy!.
    If you believe pep is a world class manager, then his valuation on the ox must be sensible. So is the ox a very good player or not?
    For me, he has a natural talent and is valued correctly by pep. The question is why has his form for arsenal been so patchy?….One word: Wenger.
    He won’t play him regularly for 90 minutes, whether that’s due to the apparent £10000 appearance money due to Southampton every time he plays more than 70 minutes a game or not , no-one really knows. But the ox has had it with Wenger, which is clearly apparent now. I hope he leaves and plays to his potential. Wenger will be shown up yet again just like when RVP left us and the failing wenger to win the prem with man UTd.
    A fcking useless manager with resources to create a great team, yet fails into 4th place mediocrity every season.

  2. Pierre

    According to the media and the majority on here, arsenal should win the game today because we are facing a depleted squad.
    Not quite true is it
    Arsenal have 7 out injured.. Cazorla, mustafi, wellbeck, Ramsey, mert, debouchy, akpom ….. City have 3 injured with a couple of self inflicted suspensions.
    It’s city who are facing arsenals depleted
    Squad but I suppose that doesn’t make a very good story does it…

  3. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Cazorla, mustafi, wellbeck, Ramsey, mert, debouchy, akpom’

    What absolute nonsense, this is the type of rubbish that gets peddled on here by some that is really aggravating.

    The only players anyone cares about that City have lost are Fernandinho, Gundogan and Aguero.

    The equivalent of us arriving to the game missing Xhaka and Coq and Sanchez. People like you would then be all over the excuse making, wouldn’t you, how depleted we are and so City are overwhelming favourites?

    Adding Ramsey who does not even play regularly for Arsenal, Debuchy who has played about fifteen minutes for us, Mert who has not played, Akpom, are you f*****g serious, and Welbeck who has not played in months and months is the height of absurdity.

    Essentially, Arsenal are missing Mustafi and Caz as key players.

    For someone who constantly defends Wenger on here and tries to say that this team is as good as any etc, you seem to be part of that brigade that constantly wants to paint us as the weakling who would be lucky to get a point out of games like this.

    Wonder why that is.

  4. gambon


    So you think Man City, at home, have a 10% chance of winning?

    There will never be a game at the Etihad in the next 100 years where that is the case.

    Certainly not when old man Wenger rolls into town.

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m blaming Wenger for all the transfer stuff that’s going round….

    If he is going in may ( fingers crossed) then come out an say it .
    If some of the players are concerned about if he stays or goes an how it affects them staying,
    Then Wenger is derailing his own bid to go out on a winning high..

    It’s Wenger an the clubs fault for all this uncertainty …

    But still the money rolls in so what do the lub care eh ..

    On ox strange things happen stay at Arsenal an still play under pep next season ….u never know

  6. vicky

    Will be interesting to see what’s our starting line up. I don’t want to see Gabriel partner Koss, Holding-Koss look far more comfortable and assuring.

    Two places on the flanks are up for grabs. Knowing Wenger ,he would definitely pick Walcott, on left wing perhaps Iwobi will start ahead of Ox. Although I would rather have Iwobi and Ox on the two flanks. Can’t see either Giroud or Perez start.

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I would normally agree about gab but this recent ru. In the team had done him well an he ain’t played that bad ….
    Love yo see Wenger match 3 at the back with


    Gab holding kos

    Bel. Mon

    Ox. Ozil. Wally


    Bit of pace a
    Up front to run at them ,
    Get at stones he is overrated an glassy …

  8. gonsterous

    Dreamt that Sanchez was out for 4 months. Hope this isn’t a sign. Wish I could dream up lottery numbers instead !!

  9. vicky


    Yes, we need to press high and put a lot of pressure on Stones and Bravo. Even Kolarov and Zabaleta are a bit suspect defensively although they’re very good going forward.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Usually I do not like the fact that regardless of opposition Arsenal just seem to play it straight down an opponents throat, but today that should work out very nicely, City’s central midfield will likely be Fernando and Yaya Toure, unless Guardiola springs a tactical surprise, and we should be able to get past that and then straight at their weakest area, Stones.

    Sanchez should just stay high and buzz around him all game long, the fact Stones dawdles on the ball and Sanchez presses CB constantly could pay off for us as well, can maybe see a spill or a dispossession up high.

  11. Marc

    Gary Neville would be running rings round the journalists on Sunday Supplement if they were intelligent enough to understand his point.

    I reckon the factory that produces the moron refs must have a second production line.

  12. Jeff


    I was being cautious because City were comprehensively beaten by Leicester and they still won’t have Aguero. So on balance I thought we’d have a better chance of registering a win there than might otherwise be the case. If we play like we played against Everton, the chances of losing goes up. This is one of the anomalies and inconsistencies of Arsenal – one never knows what sort of Arsenal will turn up regardless of who plays in the team. It’s a very strange phenomenon.