The Ozil / Sanchez plot thickens

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Jonathan Walters snapped in Magaluf

Jonathan Walters snapped in Magaluf

When you’re in a village of 1200 people in the middle of nowhere and you’re chatting in a bar and someone hear’s your British and asks if you support Arsenal that’s really cool. Happened last night, check out his bad-ass Instagram Feed. Even he agreed with me that Arsene might be closing out his career this season.

Really good piece from Arsenal Truth about Wenger’s recent ranting about football not being about money, unless he’s involved and the best paid. There’s a new rule coming into effect that essentially works as a wage cap after 4 clubs have totally blitzed their wages to safe and comfortable levels and landed in a good place.

Indeed, Arsenal’s commercial revenues trail badly behind their peers. Of the top 10 wealthiest clubs in world football, Arsenal have the second lowest commercial revenues as a % of total income.

This could soon become a problem for the club as it is part of the Premier League’s Short Term Cost Controls, i.e. ‘salary cap’ programme. The rules prevent clubs with wage bills in excess of £67m from increasing wages by more than £7m for each of the following two seasons.

Rules state that salaries can be substantially increased if funded by increases in revenue from sources other than Premier League broadcasting contracts, i.e. commercial deals. However, Gazidis’ does not seem capable of generating sufficient funds through commercial activities.

Awkward for Ivan because it kind of looks like our commercials will plateau unless we start winning things. Awkward for Wenger because he could have helped move those commercials over the last 5 years by winning the things Ivan needs as negotiation fodder.

So the jist, I’d guess, is that Arsenal can afford to put up their main VIPs deals, but not to the levels they want without killing themselves on the wage increase thing the Premier League are doing. So keeping Ozil and Sanchez might cost us a fine or a points deduction.


I mean, Chelsea and City can just pile in a ‘sponsorship’ from Gazprom or a very lavish Abu Dhabi pick n mix sweet shop. Arsenal won’t do anything of the sort. So after years of being held back in the spending ranks, we’re now in a situation where we are going to be held back because we’re not United and we don’t do things like sign players that are tied to our sponsors.

What a shitter. I mean, I know we finished 2nd in the league last year, but is our squad really worth what we pay for it? I mean, considering what Spurs pay to their players, like, half… it does seem we’re being taken for a ride somewhere. The tail end of that socialist wage policy…

Wenger revealed why he shit the bed on Alexis as a striker 2 seasons ago against Everton (I thought it was Leicester).

“Sometimes when you have too many players you cannot attempt something which isn’t immediately conclusive because you’re under pressure. If it doesn’t work in one or two games and you have a top player on the bench, you’re tempted to change it very early.”

This makes me laugh, mainly because Wenger has done some pretty odd things with players that haven’t worked, and he’s never seemed too bothered. Alexis at centre forward seemed fairly natural compared to Theo through the middle, or Aaron Ramsey out wide, or Bendtner on the wing, or Park Chu Young anywhere near the pitch, Almunia as goalkeeper for 3 years being the biggest banterfest of all.

It’s sorted now, but I still find it amazing that Wenger struggled with a paceless carthorse who couldn’t finish last year when he had a complete nutter with Suarez like ability around goal sitting in the starting 11.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 10.31.47 PM

Talking of Sanchez… and his dogs. A bit of negativity pinging around the web about the news that RedAction, serial banner merchants, are going to make a banner for Sanchez that includes his dogs.

‘I talk to them even though they don’t know what I say’

I mean, it’s very sweet. The banner idea is funny as well. Alexis is a man of simple pleasures, I’m pretty sure once he sees that banner, he’ll drop his $500k pw demands. Then we’ll be thanking the banner.

Team news for Stoke is that Coquelin is back in the squad. We have a tough week or so. Stoke, Everton on Tuesday followed by Manchester City. Does Wenger go full squad for all of the games, or does he pick and choose carefully? We shall see… but I’d imagine he’ll just go all guns blazing and pick his fave 11. Fingers crossed he can keep them firing!

BIG GAME. See you in the morning where I have the indignity of waking up at 530 to watch us play Stoke.

… also, I am very tired, and this might read like a Wayne Rooney business pan after he’s drunk ALL the WKD Blue.






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  1. Wallace


    I like your defence for the Everton game. think it’s unlikely though that he’ll put Bellerin back on the bench.

  2. Dream10


    Agreed. We do have an eight day break after the City match till Boxing Day.
    Just hope Bellerin does not pull up with anything in the next two.

  3. karim

    ” I beg to differ.. The win was never in doubt. ”

    Oh yes it was, Theo did well to score before half-time and Nacho did even better before that when he blocked what was looking like the second goal for Stoke.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    Not only does Pep change tactics every game, he changes personel and plays many players in positions that they are not used to. He also changes formations in game.

    Atm there is no consistency in selection from him and players are being found out when played in unfamiliar positions

    Having said that they are a handful when attacking and when they get it right they can beat any body.

    You just know what will happen when they play us.

  5. Dream10

    I think Xhaka was unlucky with the penalty. He has significant height advantage on the Welsh Pirlo and a bigger man which made the inevitable collision look more serious. Also, with the red card against Swansea, he was not the last man. It was a professional foul and not malicious. We see players every week in the PL who do worse. Compare that to Adam’s stamp on Alexis yesterday, some of the fouls that Spurs commit most weeks, David Luiz’s bodycheck on Aguero last weekend. Rojo’s two footed challenge on Idrissa Gueye last weekend. Most of them did not even get a yellow card ffs. Still angry that the club did not appeal the suspension from earlier in the season.

  6. Pierre

    China on xhaka
    “Him picking up reds and giving away penalties is what he does…. A lot…”

    Your still missing the point ….the red v Swansea and the pen yesterday were harsh decisions ….. Could easily have been no red card and no pen and then xhaka would not be receiving unfair criticism

  7. Wallace


    yeah, Xhaka is key to our season. if he continues to develop that Koscielny-Xhaka-Alexis spine is an excellent one. and allows Ozil to slip under the radar a bit, which probably suits him.

  8. SUGA3

    Looking at the penalty incident, sorry, but it is a penalty all day. Intentional or not, it was borderline assault. Everyone on here would be up in arms if it was, say, Shawcross on Sanchez.

    There is that old cliche about making split second decisions by the refs and it did probably look worse than it actually was during that split second.

    Mind you, I am not slagging of Xhaka. About time we have got ourselves a couple of meanies. Yeah, it will cost an occasional pen or a red card. Never did Vieira any harm.

  9. gonsterous


    They may be a threat when it clicks but this side won’t win the title, it’s already showing. 4 points off the top in 4th !!

  10. leftsidesanch

    @tunny we should really be putting city away in their current state v ours. These are the games we need to turn up for.