Wenger plays worrying card in Ozil / Sanchez negotiation game

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Weeeeeeeelcome to Friday.

Critiquing Ozil is like telling Tom Cruise Scientology is fucked up. You just can’t do it. I’ve got people parked out on the hotel lawn with video cameras committing perfectly legal acts of stalking… and there’s nothing I can do, all because I made a loose comment about the character of Mesut.

‘Yeah, you don’t get it’

‘LOLLOLLOLOL So ignoraaaaaaant’

‘My god, someone make sure Pedro isn’t invited to next weeks Ozil-Believers circle jerk’

Jokes aside, I’m not saying he isn’t a wondrous genius with mercurial talents that go beyond simple football healing. All I’m saying is to reach e450,000 p/w, he’s going to have to kick his game up to Messi / Ronaldo team lifting standards. That’s fair I think. He goes missing in big games and I think it’s fair to say he goes missing for chunks of seasons as well. First season he tailed off hardcore fitness wise, with his sprints per game tanking past Jan. Second year he suffered injuries that muted his season. Last season he started like a hero from a place only the gatekeepers of the Ozil Dimension knew about, but then he kind of tanked with the rest of the team from January onwards.

Is it fair to say that I’d like a complete season? Is it fair to say that our great players of seasons past could lift the team? Is it fair to say that he is a great player who deserves special money, but if he wants the sort of money Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Neymar and Messi earn, he’s going to have to move his game to their level? I think that’s fair.

… but look, don’t ask me about that sort of thing, lean on Wenger to hear a gauge of how much he thinks the boys are worth.

“Yes, but Arsenal is a big club. It is not one or two players who will make the difference to the club. The importance is that we are today in a financial position that is strong, that was not the case before.

“That means as well we are in a position where we can plan our future, and do what we want to do. And what is important is always to take care of the values of the club, and the identity of the club, and not to depend too much on one or two players. The history of Arsenal is bigger than that.”

Errr, Arsene, wtf is this all about? Sounds like a resignation there. Those words read like you’re rolling over to the idea of losing the players? That does not sound like fighting talk, especially when in the same article, you’re offering Santi Cazorla, a man who has a terrible injury record, another new deal?

“We will extend, certainly, with Santi Cazorla.”

Dear oh dear. Hopefully this is just the manager bluffing.

Two things here bother me:

Firstly, Wenger is well known as wanting to be the highest earner at the club. I do hope this isn’t an ego thing. Ozil and Sanchez are worth a lot more money than Wenger is on and the club should pay. We’ve spent 5 years trying to find a striker, then realized in year 5 after trying to sign Benzema for the 5th season running, we actually replaced RVP 3 years ago.

Anyway, replacing Sanchez is a £65m job right now. Just pay him the money he wants, I’m sure it’ll be cheaper than spending 5 years replacing him, and less painful than making a point about the bastard agents in football hawking salaries higher than the main man Wenger.

Second point, and this one really worries me. The instability of having our two best players winding into 18months is dangerous. As the season wears on, the only subject journo’s are going to be talking about is the subject that generates the clicks. That’ll be the will they won’t they OZIL / SANCHEZ . Arsenal fans sitting there tapping F5 on newsnow like a mid-nineties kid pummelling a control on a track and field SNES game.

I just hope it doesn’t feel it’s way into the squad.

‘Nah, we just focus on our game’

… will be exactly what Theo Walcott comes out and says, but it does impact players, and it surely impacts the feeling of unity that comes from knowing everyone is fully focused on the job in hand.

That’s me done. I’m off to find the bastard Oziltologist who posted a cat poo under my hotel door. You bugger.

#FIRMALO (sign the ting in Spanish, for fucks sake, tweet it, let’s start a movement)

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  1. Black Hei


    To be fair to the agents, they are just trying to milk their clients as hard as they can.
    Those 2 have fairly big tits as far as the cow analogy is concerned.

  2. Leedsgunner

    I’m convinced when it comes to transfer negotiations Wenger says the first thing that comes into head… in fact I can’t be the only one that just wishes he would say nothing at all than to say tripe like this.

    Say nothing. Just prove with actions what you said before. During the summer Wenger always says he isn’t afraid to spend the money on super super quality.

    Guess what? Super super quality has a name. His name is Alexis Sanchez.

    Sign him up.

    We are a big club. Why aren’t we acting like it?


  3. Leedsgunner

    Last season Wenger revelled in the fact that we were progressing because we longer had to sell our stars. What’s changed in less than 12 months?

    There’s not a reason in the world we couldn’t re-sign Alexis and Özil if we wanted to.

    We have the money.

    We have the stadium.

    We have the TV deal.

    What’s the problem?

    In fact isn’t this the exact reason why we pay the highest ticket prices in world football, the highest match day tickets in world football and among the highest prices for club merchandise?

    To sign and keep world class players… wasn’t this the very rationale we were sold on the Emirates?

    It’s time for the Board to come good on that promise and stop taking the fans for a ride.


  4. Leedsgunner

    Black Hei

    I’ll give you this — Walcott’s agent… whoever he is — he’s a genius. He should the one negotiating for the UK in the Brexit talks. 🙂

  5. Black Hei


    I am not sure why we should even be bothered. I am sure Barca or Madrid isn’t going to sign either of them for that kind of wages.

    In the absence of something concrete, I think you can call their bluff. Its not even an issue between Wenger and the 2 players.

    It is a western showdown between the agents and Dick Law. If Ozil is doing his own negotiations he is likely going to fold in 2 seconds. Sanchez can probably be bought by buying him a home for lost dogs. Which is why they have agents to do this thing.

  6. Black Hei


    “He should the one negotiating for the UK in the Brexit talks. ”

    The 3 musketeers. Nigel, Boris Johnson and Walcott’s agent. But nobody remember’s his real name, just like the Frankenstein monster. They only remember Walcott’s.

  7. Leedsgunner

    Black Hei

    Wasn’t you that pointed out that in China they eat dogs? Lol… had me chuckling for the rest of the day. 🙂

    If that doesn’t put Alexis off China — nothing will.

  8. Leedsgunner

    “But nobody remember’s his real name, just like the Frankenstein monster. They only remember Walcott’s.”

    Or Keyser Sosaze. 🙂

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Always worries me when Wenger starts going on about ‘Arsenal standards,’ it seems to be used to try to cloud failure, or rather move focus away from normal club goals, like success, securing big talents etc, and create an ‘Arsenal standard’ based on our value and ‘class’ as a club, seems a total cop out to me.

    It is like they are saying, yeah we could win major trophies, yeah we could tie down our best talent etc, but then, we would have to abandon our values like financial stability and cohesion, so actually, finishing fourth every year and losing big talent due to lack of ambitious financially and in terms of football is not that bad because we’re still Arsenal.

    Also, the fact Sanchez does not earn more than Wenger is pretty incredible. We forget that Wenger was ‘ridiculous player wages’ a bit before most players were, would like someone to pull him up on that, he’s been on £8.5 Million for a while, so was alright for him wasn’t it, alright for Gazidis as well as the highest paid CEO in football, now we’ve got one of the best players in Europe who actually deserves, unlike those two, to be amongst the highest paid, and suddenly ‘that is not the Arsenal way’ rears it head again.

  10. HillWood

    So there was a world class striker in the team but it took Wenger 3years to see it.
    What do they do in training all week?

  11. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger can say whatever he wants to say but the fact remains: If both Sanchez and Ozil leave, that’s Arsenal finished as a top club.

    Might as well change the cannon in the badge to a white flag.
    ‘Where no top class player will want to stay’

  12. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    See Pedro, I agreed with yesterday just like I agree with today. If the manager can be dispassionate and say we must avoid a situation where our faith is determined by a couple of players, then there’s nothing wrong in saying that as exceptional a talent as Ozil is, he’s obviously lacking in consistency, grit and fight. I don’t have to wait till the end of the game to be showed stats of what distance he covered. I want to see it like I see Sanchez.

    I have to say also that fans have a hand in the agents’ perception of the value of their principal. When we praise Ozil to high heavens even if he has a normal game by Barca standards, it strengthens the hands and belief of the agent. Sometimes the hero-worshipping can get excessive. I know a blog where you are guaranteed 50 thumb-downs in 10 minutes just for questioning the fight in Ozil.

    This is the danger in not having a team dominated by ‘big boys’. The same Ozil and Sanchez were not worshipped at Madrid and Barca respectively. The reason they stick out and look like magicians at Arsenal is because they are surrounded by not so stellar performers. Pep could afford to bench Yaya. He can afford lose Silva to injury and Arguero to suspension and still boast a good team. But the moment we hear that Sanchez is about to play for Chile with a bandaged leg, our world and that of our manager comes crashing down.

  13. Leedsgunner

    If Alexis and Özil leave — we will recover and continue as a club…. just not a top club which wants to win trophies. We will always be the bridesmaid, never the bride.

    Perhaps if Alexis and Özil do go, perhaps the club can freeze the season tickets back to 2004 prices… you know back to when we won big trophies? After all, it’s clear if they do go, the club doesn’t want to compete do they?

    It will be like if the past 8 years never happened — and Wenger (who will most likely help himself to a bumper contract, because you know it’s Arsenal Values) will embark on a another rebuilding product and a new cycle of “If only” “We can’t compete” “Give Arsene more time.” will begin.

    I’m just tired of the excuses.

    Always winter — never Christmas.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    Yesterday’s comments by Arsene Wenger suggesting that Arsenal would
    hold onto to both Ozil and Sanchez until the end of their contracts sounded like pure bravado.

    Both players will be 28 next summer, which is effectively the last window when Arsenal can sell them for a half decent transfer fee albeit with just
    one year left unexpired on their contracts it will be depressed.

    At the moment the combined transfer fee of both players if sold in January would probably be approaching £90 million+. By the Summer based
    on the Van Persie situation it will probably drop to £50 million.

    If they walk away at end of contracts it will be zero and finding two replacements in same transfer window who are in their mid 20s would cost
    at least £100 million if you managed to find them.

    Sanchez for me is indispensable, because it has taken now at least 5 years
    to find someone to operate as a striker who is potentially world class. Frankly we need to finalise a deal now if at all possible and yes pay him if
    necessary £250K pw which is in line with what Aguero earns.

    In the case of Ozil who is less strategic, but nevertheless an excellent player I would not make the concession. He falls in the same category as De
    Bruyne and therefore is not worth the same wage level.

    There I would “divide and rule”. Offering him a £50K pay rise should be more than sufficient and if he does not accept it then sell him in the summer.

    Let’s get real there are today far more players of Ozil’s potential than Sanchez. My concern is that based on precedent that it may suit both Bayern and Real Madrid to do absolutely nothing until the end of his contract
    when they can afford to pay him an inflated wage just as we managed to
    do with Campbell when he arrived on Bosman and Bayern did when acquiring Lewandowski from Borussia Dortmund.

    Arsenal have reached the point where we have a half decent team/squad.
    We may not win the title this season, but I suspect we will be as close to it
    as we have managed in last decade.

    With these two players on our books we will be in a much better position
    to recruit top quality players in the two or three positions that need strengthening.

    Wenger is right that money is not everything. Frankly the major impediment at the club to success is him remaining Manager at the club, because his stubbornness and failure to acknowledge his shortcomings is
    what continues to cost the club any prospect to win major titles. He leaves
    us always short.

  15. grooveydaddy

    Sanchez hasn’t stayed at a club longer than 3 years, nor has he signed a 2nd contract with a club apparently.

    How do we buck this trend?

  16. Diabyearnshowmuch

    Is it time to admit defeat and accept that we will never be a big club. sad fact is that while we have the management team and owners in place we will never be able to compete at the top table of football.

    we get to a point where we contemplate offering out stars £200k a week, and the rest of the big boys are talking about £400k.

    I can feel a 4th place trophy coming on

  17. Louis Almeida

    Plans are in motion to have a banner of Alexis and his dogs Atom and Humber on display at the Emirates – REDaction

  18. Samir

    We MUST tie Sanchez down to a new deal.
    Ozil on the other hand…I wouldn’t mind see him leave to Bayern. There are replacements out there for him but not Sanchez.

    Draxler in the number 10 role would be a good replacement for Ozil.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    I think Sanchez will be less concerned about his dogs on banners and more concerned about having a manager in the dugout building a team he thinks can have top level success.

    Sanchez has to believe he can win here, if he leaves that for me is a huge indictment of Arsenal’s ambition. The same as RVP, we can all make points about how much worse RVP’s move was because of his injury history before etc, but he still moved on because he did not believe in Wenger and Arsenal’s ability to win things.

    Every top flight footballer will be a multi-millionaire, only some will be multiple UCL winners, league winners etc, Sanchez belongs to the category of player that should be playing for a club capable of giving the opportunity to have that success over the course of his career, Arsenal feel like a club waiting for the stars to align for us to have success, we’re not going to pursue it, it will come to us in the circumstances of a season (though you could argue that was last year.)

    If Sanchez leaves, it is because he believes Arsenal are perennial also rans, simple as.

  20. Savage

    “As the season wears on, the only subject journo’s are going to be talking about is the subject that generates the clicks. ”

    Oh the irony.

  21. Savage

    Cesc Appeal, your logic comes under question when you consider why Sanchez left Barcelona, ditto for Ozil. Trophies and money are certainly two factors for footballers, but Wenger is right that they’re not enough. Gerrard chose to stay at Liverpool when he had trophies and money on offer at Chelsea.

  22. IvoryGoonz

    I will join Wenger on his comment for once. Yes it is not about 1 player at this level.
    Its about having 25 men that you can rely on for a whole season.
    Not 11.
    If some of your principles prevent you from ripping the benefits it’s that you do something wrong or some principles are biased.
    A couple years back the excuse was referee.
    But what, Thierry Henry wasn’t a gem inside the invincibles? No, the whole team was. All this is still shit politics talks… from a man who has long passed the due date.

  23. Jim Lahey

    “especially when in the same article, you’re offering Santi Cazorla, a man who has a terrible injury record, another new deal?”

    2006-07: 34 Games
    2007-08: 36
    2008-09: 30
    2009-10: 26
    2010-11: 37
    2011-12: 38
    2012-13: 38
    2013-14: 31
    2014-15: 37
    2015-16: 15
    2016-17: 8

    Apart from his injury last year, which I blame Wenger for, where is this terrible injury record you speak about?

  24. Jim Lahey

    Regarding Ozil & Sanchez – Both should be offered 250k a week with added bonuses, Ozil should be given the No.10 shirt.

    Arsenal need both of those players, they don’t need Arsenal. Everything that can be should should be done to hold onto them.

  25. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    “Gerrard chose to stay at Liverpool when he had trophies and money on offer at Chelsea.”

    The classy scousers burning effigies of him might have had something to do with it.

  26. Paulinho

    It’s obvious both are off – at least Sanchez is anyway.

    When Wenger starts talking complete bollocks about both staying to the length of their contract – and then admitting later ‘he doesn’t make these decisions’ (which again is nonsense) when asked him selling them like they did with RVP, Nasri, you know they are both off.

    The values of this club are Wenger getting paid the most and it staying that way.

  27. Jim Lahey

    @Paulinho –

    And we all know that he would have no problem selling either of those players to City, Chelsea or United. Fuck, if Spurs had the money he would see to them.

  28. vicky

    Well, the positions of Wenger and Gazidis will become absolutely untenable if Alexis and Ozil leave. Earlier when our star players left us, they could cry poverty and at least give the false hope of a better future, I suspect anyone would buy anything they say if these 2 players leave. If we win the league we may well be able to hold on to Sanchez,otherwise he’s off.

  29. Leftsidesanch

    How can people still back this man? Hes already sounding defeated and making justifications. At this point in time, Sanchez and Ozil are bigger than the club whether you admit or not. Our short term future depend on how they perform.

    If Wenger signs a new contract and they don’t, will any of you still tune in to watch this lot every week?

  30. gonsterous

    I thought contract deals were made between the club and the agent players. If Wenger asks the board to renew the contracts of both players , the board would still have the last word on it. So not everything is wengers fault. If the board decided they won’t go over a certain amount Zen le monsour can’t really do anything !!

  31. Elmo

    Maybe this is Wenger laying the groundwork to stay six more years.

    ‘Involuntarily’ sell your two best players when you “were just about to win everything,” requiring a new Wenger contract to rebuild (“we need stability right now”), followed by another renewal in 2020 when we are told we are ready to challenge again.

    That would see him through, bearing in mind the amount of processed Alsatian sausage he’s been eating for 70 years.

  32. Goonereris

    I am certain the last concern on Wenger’s mind, in negotiating for new contracts for the players, is how he, Wenger, can remain the club’s highest earner (which he deserves by the way, on what he’s achieved and sheer longevity of his service), at the risk of losing both of our top stars. From all we read, the club is willing to go as high as £200k+, but the agents (mainly, Alexis’) appear to keep shifting the bar thus frustrating the process. I did have a supervisor back in Lagos, Nigeria, who hired me after a head hunt, on terms I had named. It was not until I left the company that I realized I earned more than he did; the story was told me of how he had gone to the CEO with my proposal, fearful of rejection but ready for the fight anyway, only to be relieved the CEO knew me and didn’t believe the luck of getting me on board.

    That’s what managers do, when they focus on success. It isn’t improbable that Wenger has met with resistance by the board and was pissed off with the persistent media inquest and the narrative that the club relies heavily on two players, when there is a squad of at least, 25 players to worry about. It sends a poor signal to the others, contrary to how easily some fans brush our other players aside. It is a team sport! That’s why after Alexis loses possession as he frequently does (Ozil too, mind), Coq and/or Kos break their backs to save his blushes. Arsenal is a big club and cannot have players holding it to ransome, or the managers can pack their bags. Much as I will like nothing more than to keep the pair at great cost, if the demand is above a 200k-250k bracket, it won’t be good for the club in the long run.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    In a normal club that is probably true, but this is a club where the manager had a hand in appointing the CEO, this is a club where the owner shows total deference to the manager on most issues, there are innumerable quotes from board members essentially saying they just follow Wenger’s lead, his is the first and last word.

    Look at the last two summers, one summer a spend of £10 Million, the next £90 Million, that makes no logical sense for a supposedly financially restrictive board does it, if it is always just looking at cash reserves and minimal spends?

    What Wenger asks for, Wenger gets, the problem is, Wenger has gone from being more of a manager in the Dein days, to now taking on Dein’s role as well and becoming a manager/executive.

    No other manager in world football has the power Wenger does at a club. It is not healthy.

  34. Guns of Hackney

    Wenger is being clever with his comments.

    1. He’s saying they may leave.
    Knowing how much the fans love these two players, he’s hoping that the fans do all the work convincing them to stay.
    2. He mentions wages in two ways: one how much they may want to stay and two, how wages are unimportant to these players.
    This turns the attention towards the players and their demands…almost as if Arsenal are being held to ransom and of course, “Arsenal do not negotiate with terrorists…sorry, footballers”. Wenger, once again looks like he’s saving the club from financial ruin.
    3. Wenger has every intention of selling Sanchez and Ozil.
    These two are not Wenger protégés and were already pretty much the finished article. He didn’t mould them like a Theo or Ramsay…they are someone else’s work. Ergo, I just don’t think he cares that much.

    Wenger is self serving and like any politician, he will do everything he can to remain in power and lay the blame with everyone else.

  35. Pedro

    Savage, Gerrard stayed because gangsters threatened his life.

    Jim, Santi is 32, next week, he’s blown over season 2 yrs in a row and he’s just had an operation on his Achilles. Short term terrible injury record unlikely to improve at his age is what I should have penned.

  36. kc

    A lot of folks on here acting like there’s no possible way Arsenal would let Sanchez and/or Ozil walk. As ludicrous as it sounds, Wenger has already done this before. This could be just like the year we lost both Cesc and RVP. Wenger is the one who needs to be handed the walking papers. Fucking greedy parasite just takes 8 million a year for doing nothing. Just Go Away you fucking dinosaur.

  37. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    Ted and Julie are about to have sex with each other for the first time.

    Julie: “I should warn you, Ted, I’ve got acute angina.”

    Ted: “Your breasts aren’t bad either.”

  38. jwl

    Is Wenger still the highest paid employee of Arsenal? I have long think that ridiculous, top two or three players should earn more than manager. Wenger’s ego is bigger than his achievements.

  39. grooveydaddy


    Pep is on pretty silly money, so I think he earns more than anyone at City.

    Mourinho is on pretty silly money too, but I think Rooney, Pogba, and maybe Zlatan earn more.

    Barca, Bayern, Real, Chelsea, PSG all have players earning more than their managers.

    Even Milner earns more than Klopp at Liverpool.

    Simeone is only on like £80k/week at Atletico. Maybe Greizmann earns more??

  40. grooveydaddy

    Not sure about the likes of Juventus, the 2 Milan clubs, Monaco, Lyon, etc.

    Haven’t looked them up properly…

  41. naijagunner

    Wenger this

    Wenger that

    Wenger signed both these players ( for 35 and 42 million) respectively and placed them on money they themselves considered their worth at the time. One of them ( Sanchez) was given freedom to do as he likes on a football pitch , something he did not have at his former club, and he has flourished and now believes he is worth more than 200k a week ( which he is not in my humble opinion but at least deserves it more than the laziest footballer since Adebayor, and mind u i love Mesut Ozil but he blows hot and cold )

    I really do not care if they renew or not, i was an Arsenal fan when Fabregas ( I loved than Spaniard beyond words) Henry and Van Persie were sold and i remained an Arsenal fan. the exit of Sanchez and Ozil will not change the prize of garri in the market, it’s just two rich blokes looking to get richer and there is nothing wrong with that.

    And please stop all this talk of ambition, if they had any they wouldn’t have signed for Arsenal to begin with

  42. karim


    Juventus and Sevilla are both beatable, judging by their 6 initial games imo.

    Lyon are out mainly because they’re too young and also because they were unlucky ( 4 shots on the posts in their 2 games v Sevilla, missed a pen v Juve ).

    Monaco have been fantastic and are scoring for fun but they’re no Madrid or Barça either.

    Hard to find the top dog this year to be fair, lots of dark horses, including us maybe ( Yeah, I know Joe )

    A nice draw would be a good start, I’m hoping Leverkusen or one of the Portuguese clubs for instance.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Even with an ‘easier’ draw, you can never underestimate Arsenal’s ability to bottle, however, this year, playing the away leg first might actually mean we’re more focused than usual.

    Always have a greater chance to undo any self-inflicted injuries at home.

  44. Red&White4life

    “Wenger can say whatever he wants to say but the fact remains: If both Sanchez and Ozil leave, that’s Arsenal finished as a top club.”

    That would be a logic ending to a decade of shit.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    I feel it does get overlooked that Wenger earns £163 000 a week, that is enormous money, that he earns by making money, basically. So for him to say the club is not about money, is not really on the money.

  46. Alexanderhenry


    This is an anti wenger blog. I get that, but surely uncertainty over wenger’s future must be feeding ozil and sanchez’ procrastinations.

    Wenger signed them and they must have thought he was a decent coach when they joined us. I’m sure you and many on here will claim that they’ve lost faith in wenger, which is why they could be heading for the exit.

    I disagree and there is no evidence to support that.

    What is more likely is that they are understandably worried by the prospect of playing under a lesser manager- Eddie Howe is promising but arsenal have to do better surely- and are aware of arsenal fc’s reluctance to spend big and emphasis on ‘self sustainability’ and running a tight ship.
    Gazidis’ statement early in the season that arsenal ‘cannot compete’ with the top clubs in transfers, and that the club will have to invest in players from the lower divisions won’t of gone unnoticed.

    Having said all that, what is even more likely is that their agents are creating uncertainty in an attempt to get as much money as possible for their clients- and themselves.

  47. Alexanderhenry


    ‘It’s time for the Board to come good on that promise and stop taking the fans for a ride.’


    If – and it’s a big if- it’s all about money, there is only one man who will be responsible for us keeping or selling Ozil and Sanchez.


  48. Samesong

    This isn’t an anti -Wenger blog it’s Arsenal fan blog. There are both sides Wenger supporters and anti Wenger supporters.

    And there’s random fans who are haters.

  49. Red&White4life

    @alex : if kroenke was responsible for ANYTHING concerning our club, we should have know it by now, don’t you agree ??

  50. Alexanderhenry

    Red and white

    He holds the purse strings.
    Asking if he is responsible for anything at arsenal is like asking whether abramovich, the glazers or the sheikh are responsible for their clubs.

    Of course they are

  51. Red&White4life

    The difference with abramovitch is that he clearly love football, his club and that he is involve in the big decisions, but you can keep going to make us laugh by saying that kroenke is the same kind of owner (lol)…

  52. Cesc Appeal

    Kroenke’s fault is total deference to Wenger on the football side of things.

    I think the whole ‘Kroenke is tight’ thing has had an atom bomb dropped on it.

    If you really believe Wenger is saying ‘please, please give Sanchez £250 000 a week’ and Kroenke is just laughing and pointing at him, I would seriously question your agenda. A tightwad sanctioning a £90 Million spend in the summer, £140 000 a week contract for someone like Walcott, who, even if you know little about football know is not worth that.

    Kroenke is a bad owner, but don’t pretend he’s actively obstructing Wenger, the club would do anything in its power to give Wenger exactly what he asks for.

  53. gonsterous


    This isn’t an anti Wenger blog. Though they r More anti Wenger posters than pro Wenger and some ( very few ) neutral posters.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Draxler being left out by Wolfsburg, if you could land him at a discount price, would you take him?

    Might be a bit of inducement for Sanchez and Ozil to sign on if we landed a player with that sort of potential in January.

  55. Kane

    Re Ozil / player contracts in general, I have a question – if someone can enlighten me I would be grateful…

    Say you have a player like Ozil – a world class player who is approaching the last year of their contract and wants a unrealistic pay increase…. say from 140k to 250-300k…

    Instead of spending 6 months negotiating – and risk losing a transfer fee if the player doesn’t re-sign and signs for another club for free…. would it make more sense to pay him say 250k and get him on a 5 year deal…. then sell him….

    I understand the risk is that no one wants to pay the players new wage so you are stuck with a player on big wages who you don’t want….. but Ozil would still be wanted by big clubs around the world and his wage wouldn’t be a problem.

    Am sure this is not ideal – but would mean no 6 months of speculation which unsettles the team and fans and then the devistation of losing one of your best players – possibly for free

  56. Kane

    Jim Lahey December 9, 2016 12:36:07

    “especially when in the same article, you’re offering Santi Cazorla, a man who has a terrible injury record, another new deal?”

    2006-07: 34 Games
    2007-08: 36
    2008-09: 30
    2009-10: 26
    2010-11: 37
    2011-12: 38
    2012-13: 38
    2013-14: 31
    2014-15: 37
    2015-16: 15
    2016-17: 8

    Apart from his injury last year, which I blame Wenger for, where is this terrible injury record you speak about?

    – – – – –

    This one Jim

    16/17 – Games missed – 25
    15/16 – Games missed – 27
    13/14 – Games missed – 7

  57. Kane

    Re the ECL drawer…. have any of you guys heard of this little team from North London called Arsenal?

    I think they lost their 1st game of the season – but since then are unbeaten in their domestic league and the ECL so far – they beat the mighty Chelsea 3-0 and have this south american guy called Alex Sanchez or something who has been tearing it up for club and country….

    But hey – forget all that…. they should be worried about facing the mighty Porto, Leverkusen, Sevilla, etc… lol

    Arsenal fans are funny…..

  58. Goonereris

    SamesongDecember 9, 2016 20:55:49
    KaneArsenal don’t think like that. They would rather sell someone than pay them more wages than Wenger.

    Unless there is anyone with a copy of Arsenal Holdings’ policy document which says so, maybe we should be careful how we post speculation as fact. Considering how long he has served creditably, there’s no reason he wouldn’t have received annual increments over the years to reach current levels. At least, he doesn’t earn as much as Mourinho and Pep; Alex Ferguson was always on a bigger package too. I really don’t think the club’s resistance to the players’ contract demands has as much to do with Wenger’s greed (or need to be top dog) than maybe the owner’s/management’s reliance on the laid down values that have sustained the club. Sometimes, you have to stand for something. Remember how Sir Alex was prepared to call Rooney’s bluff when he was sulking about his last raise?

  59. Redtruth

    Regarding Sanchez protracted contract debacle.
    Wenger should give the board an ultimatum but he won’t because he is too cosy in his £8.5m a year job (jolly)

  60. Wengaball

    Does anyone have any evidence of Wenger insisting he has to be the highest paid at the club?

    Or even the fact that he earns £8.5 miu a year?

    Or that Walcott earns £140k a week?

    Who on this blog is privy to these ‘facts’?

    Most of you sound pretty stupid making these claims you know. No one has a clue as to the facts yet people are slinging mud left right and up the arse based on these ‘facts’. Pretty amusing.

  61. Redtruth

    Taken from Arsenal Truth:

    The trouble with writing a blog is that it involves making predictions. If you’re a smart blogger, you won’t make predictions, but the trouble with that is you’ll risk coming across as a fence sitter, and let’s face it, football and fence sitting are diametrically opposed.

    On September 27, I wrote off Chelsea’s chances of competing for the Premier League based on a terrible performance against the Gunners, yet five weeks later they’re looking a completely different side.

    Manager Antonio Conte has demonstrated his calibre by switching to a back three system and allowing lazy bastards like Fabregas and Hazard complete freedom to play an offensive game. This has not only provided Chelsea with defensive stability, but a remarkable attacking transformation has occurred.

    Since the Arsenal defeat, they have won all five Premier League games, scoring 16 goals and conceding none. Those victories includes a 4-0 pasting of Man Utd and an awe-inspiring 5-0 victory against Everton on Sunday, which was about as perfect a performance from a Chelsea team as I can remember.

    Liverpool are also battering teams out of sight and now sit top of the table. Arrogant Daniel Sturridge, so instrumental in Liverpool’s title charge two seasons ago under Brendan Rodgers, has been humbled. Now, Klopp only brings him on if he’s desperate or the points are in the bag.

    However, Man City have floundered. Pep Guardiola’s players are struggling to adapt to his nuanced tactics. It could be that his pressing game is negating their creative potential. The Pellegrini picnic is over and, like Klopp, Guardiola might need a season to discover which of his players are willing to match the physical demands placed on them – or maybe they just need to acclimatise.

    A similar problem is also haunting Jose Mourinho, who is already calling players out in public for crying off injured, unwilling to put their bodies on the line.

    The upshot of all this is that I now have to reinstate Chelsea as title contenders.

    For the first time in 35 years, I did not watch the North London derby and settled for highlights. Spurs impress me more than Arsenal because they have resilience, something Wenger has not installed in Arsenal for over a decade. Even when they’re down on their luck and missing key players, Spurs won’t roll over.

    If you add up all the points Arsenal have lost in big games due to Laurent Koscielny clangers, it would be very revealing, and he was at it again on Sunday. Koscielny is an accident waiting to happen. Like the club he plays for, he always flatters to deceive and reveals his flaws eventually.

    From where I’m sitting, Arsenal have been lucky this season and don’t deserve to be above Tottenham. Against Leicester, they were lucky to get a point when the home side were denied a stick-on pen in the last minute, and at home to Southampton they got a goal at the death that should have been disallowed due to a head injury in the box. Wenger’s men narrowly beat Burnley, but only after Koscielny handled the ball before scoring.

    Most of the key decisions in games have gone for Arsenal this season, but they still don’t look convincing. Meanwhile, Wenger is busy destroying his only world-class player, Alexis Sanchez. He plays him up front in every game and never rests him. By February/March, he’ll be ruined.

  62. Redtruth

    Apologies, Ignore previous article.
    This is the correct Article:

    Swiss Ramble has done its annual carving of Arsenal’s full-year accounts. It’s probably too complex and boring for the average fan to read, but here are the highlights:

    Arsenal’s cash balance stands at £226m, more than Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich put together.

    Chairman Sir Chips Keswick explained it’s his “duty to point out” that after excluding debt service reserves and amounts owed to other clubs on past transfers, the balance is more like £149 million.

    I would have thought it also his duty to point out what other clubs owe to Arsenal, but then why paint a full picture when you can obfuscate?

    Either way, one has to question the wisdom of leaving hundreds of millions of pounds sitting idle in the bank last season when interest rates were touching zero.

    Profit before tax fell to a measley £3m. Commercial income rose by a paltry £4m and match day revenue dipped slightly. Most of Arsenal’s growth has come through improved TV deals via a 63% increase in broadcasting revenues.

    Despite generating little income for the club, other than what broadcasters give Arsenal for nothing, Ivan Gazidis has awarded himself a 15% increase in remuneration from £2.2 million to £2.6 million pa.

    Indeed, Arsenal’s commercial revenues trail badly behind their peers. Of the top 10 wealthiest clubs in world football, Arsenal have the second lowest commercial revenues as a % of total income.

    This could soon become a problem for the club as it is part of the Premier League’s Short Term Cost Controls, i.e. ‘salary cap’ programme. The rules prevent clubs with wage bills in excess of £67m from increasing wages by more than £7m for each of the following two seasons.

    Yet Arsenal have 15 players whose contracts expire by 2018. And not any old players: Mertesacker, Koscielny, Cazorla, Monreal, Sanogo, Toral and Campbell (expire 2017) and Sanchez, Ozil, Giroud, Wilshere, Szczesny, Gibbs, Jenkinson and Oxlade-Chamberlain (expire 2018).

    Presuming those players want to stay – or the club wants to keep them, new contracts would mean salary increases that would likely push the club way over the £7m limit, invoking a points deduction for breaking PL salary cap rules. Obviously, Sanchez and Ozil’s wage demands are likely to be a key element of this.

    Rules state that salaries can be substantially increased if funded by increases in revenue from sources other than Premier League broadcasting contracts, i.e. commercial deals. However, Gazidis’ does not seem capable of generating sufficient funds through commercial activities.

    This could explain why Wenger has come out in the press recently and started mouthing off about Ozil and Sanchez wanting too much money.

    Either way, fans should prepare themselves for that fact that not only do Ozil and Sanchez probably not want to sign a new contract anyway (in which case the salary cap is irrelevant), but if they do, Arsenal have put themselves in a position where they can’t pay them the going rate without dumping a host of other players.

    On the subject of the wage bill, Arsenal’s has climbed to £195m, £1m higher than Man City, nearly double that of Spurs and £145m higher than Champions Leicester City.

    Any good news? Stan Kroenke has waived his £3m annual fee for “strategic and advisory services”. However, this may have something to do with the numerous petitions against him within the stadium during March and April.

    Arsenal’s stadium debt currently stands at £233m; requiring annual payments of around £20 million. However, due to those cash balances mentioned earlier, net debt is only £7m.

  63. Samesong

    One thing I know is Sanogo is shit and Wenger bought him.

    Possibly the worst Arsenal forward and is still at the club.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    So Arsenal have a problem coming up then, and it may be a player has to be sold to generate other income to apply to wage increases.


  65. Leedsgunner

    We need to sign players like Draxler and KEEP our existing stars rather signing Draxler as a replacement for either Alexis or Mesut. If anyone should go with Draxler’s arrival it’s Walcott and not Özil.

  66. grooveydaddy


    some on here question the validity of the claim that Wenger maintains that the highest paid employee of a club should be the manager

    I couldn’t find any direct quotes online aside from a few scattered references in other blogs/ articles (including a post from you last summer 🙂 )

    anyway, if true, the only possible outcomes are 1) giving wenger a pay rise that he doesn’t deserve at this point, or 2) losing our best players once again

  67. grooveydaddy


    It’s well silly, and ultimately holding the club back.

    As I posted somewhere above, we seem to be the only ‘top’ club that sticks to this (aside from City, and this is only because Pep is on £300k/week)

  68. TallestTiz

    Arsenal can never cease to worry the fanbase for a month at least.

    On the other hand, too much money in the game is making football loose its appeal

  69. Pedro

    Kelvin, not true.

    Also don’t bitch, you begged for me to bring him back. I’ll ban you if you complain about Redtruth.

  70. Wallace

    “I always saw that in Alexis and I must honestly say that when I played him there last year or two years ago I was wrong. The times I tried him through the middle were not convincing and I even remember against Everton I changed it at half-time.

    “Sometimes when you have too many players you cannot attempt something which isn’t immediately conclusive because you’re under pressure. If it doesn’t work in one or two games and you have a top player on the bench, you’re tempted to change it very early.

    “However, this year it clicked very early in the season because he took advantage of the fact Olivier Giroud was not here and not ready, so I was able to give him a run of games and he’s accepted that role very well.”

    – Wenger

  71. Masterstroke

    I rather like this Red Truth bloke. First time I’ve read his comments. Don’t particularly agree with all he says, but he knows his stuff.
    More of the same please and I’ll consider never reading Untold again……..who are off line as I write.

  72. Wallace

    I’d start Gibbs again today, save Monreal for Everton on Tuesday. and great to see Bellerin back in training, but don’t think there’s any need to rush him back with Gabriel looking pretty steady at RB . hopefully now it’s a question of who partners Xhaka in midfield. I’d go Elneny or Ramsey today, and Coquelin at Everton. Alexis up top and another good game from the Ox would be nice.

  73. Dream10


    Remember that Everton match. We were terrible in the 1st half and down 2-0. Big Oli came on at halftime for Sanchez and scored the tying goal late on.

    This season, were winless in the first two matches against Liverpool & Leicester & Sanchez was average in both. Not the first time he struggled at #9 during his time with us. Xhaka didn’t start in either match, Ozil was away & Giroud was not fit. If Giroud was available, he would have start at least one of the matches. Things have worked out well so far. Credit to the big man for trying Alexis at #9 again.

    Think there is an opportunity for Chamberlain to overtake Walcott and Perez in the pecking order for wide players. Walcott has gone off the boil over the past month. Perez, despite his hat trick, does not seem fully up to speed with the rest of the team yet. Imagine he’ll be used primarily as a substitute until the FA Cup game in January. Problem is Chamberlain has mainly excelled in games that are end to end & full of chaos like West Ham, A good six months from him would make Walcott expendable. Great chance for him.

  74. Wallace


    “Things have worked out well so far. Credit to the big man for trying Alexis at #9 again.”

    yes, definitely. there’s also this from the Guardian…

    “He was happy out wide because in his head he was a wide player. But I had to persuade Thierry Henry as well.”

    so it has again been a case of Wenger having to convince him he could do it.

    agree with you re the Ox. if he could produce his best form on a more regular basis we would be so tough to handle on the counter attack. there’s only a handful of players in the league who can go past an opponent as easily as the Ox when he’s feeling in form/confident.