Mesut Ozil negotiations starting at ‘I want to leave’ levels of banter

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So the newspapers are dropping Ozil numbers like the more stupid the number, the more likely people are to click the article?

No. Damn. Way.

Mesut Ozil is apparently chasing e450,000 per week to stay at Arsenal. Now, from where I’m looking, when you’re asking a club like Arsenal for that sort of money, you’re basically saying you’d like to go elsewhere. It’s like your partner asking what you’d like for breakfast and you saying a better attitude and their best friend for one night only.

I have my doubts that’s what he’s asking for, it’s not even an aggressive starting point for negotiations. Bayern wouldn’t pay that for him and outside that, I’m struggling to see who’d take him. Would Madrid pay him that? I’m pretty sure that Gareth Bale isn’t anywhere near that and he’s kind of the new best player in the world elect. Outside those two, who could afford it or would want to?

I know it’s super untrendy to say, but I love Ozil, I’m just not sure he’s quite the consistent world beater he could be. He has it all, bar the edge… do you know what I mean? Someone rightly pointed out in the comments the other day that if he does as much running as Sanchez, he’s not doing it right, because his impact isn’t anywhere near what the Chilean offers.

Sure, he pulls people out of position, passes like a demon and posesses voodoo like magic, but look… Carlo A preferred Di Maria to Ozil because he had a character more suited to Madrid.

“It’s true, that maybe Di Maria has less quality than Özil but on a profile of dynamism, character and help to the team I preferred Di Maria.”

Carlo is one of the greats of management. Up there with the best. I totally get what he’s saying there. It’s not like he’s comparing Thierry Henry to Ray Parlour there, he’s comparing two great players and saying he prefers one because of character traits. So I’m not saying I don’t love Ozil, I’m not saying he doesn’t wow me, I’m just saying I’d like to feel his presence more often and I’d like not to have to search for it in the big games.

Until he offers that up, he’s not in the £384,000 p/w category.

Now Sanchez. Well, if he can maintain this streak, he’s pushing himself right up there with the best. So he might be worth pushing the boat out for.

I just wonder how the coach will deal with Theo when he comes knocking for the same.


Right, it’s 1145 here, I’m tapping out. SEE YOU IN THE TOMORROW MORNING x

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  1. Christian

    with their level of bromance in the pitch,sanchez and ozil go together..lose one and the other is probably on the way out.unless u replace the other with a mega superstar which I don’t see happening

  2. Joe

    gonsterousDecember 8, 2016 16:21:28
    And get rid of some of the dross players while we are at it !!

    Love it. And the dross managaer as you alluded to earlier

  3. Joe


    Would start theo before ox

    Ox is garbage.

    Ramsey doesn’t deserve to start.

    I would rather iwobi there than Ramsey

  4. kc

    Pay the man his money. Ozil and Sanchez are playing off each other so well, it’s ridiculous that this is even in question. One of the richest clubs in the World and we still act we’re fucking broke. Really hope this frugality goes away with Wenger.

  5. Du Vi

    Someone needs to have a word with The Fraud Mezut who already earns just slightly more than Lalana and Coutinho combined ,Two infinitely more accomplished attacking mids…….

  6. Grouvillegooner

    Agree with your comments Pedro about Ozil it is a bit like “Black Adder” when he dared to say that Charlie Chaplin was not funny.
    However the goals are starting to appear it just needs a little more on the defensive side of his game (he is officially a midfielder) to make him a great.

  7. Pedro

    Guys, you’re like the child that’s lost a loved one and thinks they saw them in the street.

    Redtruth is unbanned, but he doesn’t want to come back because you were all mean to him when he was here.

    Let that be a lesson to you all.

  8. jwl

    I dont believe anything when it comes to salary negotiation articles – both sides are spinning media – so we’ll see what happens by end of this season.

    Le grove commenters have been “mean” to Redtruth for years and he only now getting prissy about it?

  9. Kane

    Du Vi December 8, 2016 17:18:54

    Someone needs to have a word with The Fraud Mezut who already earns just slightly more than Lalana and Coutinho combined ,Two infinitely more accomplished attacking mids…….

    – – – –


    Lalana more accomplished than Ozil….


  10. Boyd

    The English media are Arsen and Arsenal haters, all coz they are envious of the class n sophistication of both manager and the team. Sanchez and Ozil came to Arsenal because of Wenger yet the dim wits at daily mail et al would like us to believe Wenger is the reason the two will leave ,,,,it boggles the mind.

    Any one with an iota of a footie brain will tell you both Ozil and Sanchez had a nightmare time in Barca and Real respectively. It is the Arsenal environment, style and Wengerball that has revived and rescued their careers. it is Arsenal that has blossomed their visibly exciting bromance. Both players look obviously happy in practice or real matches.

    The British press is trying to plant seeds of division in the dressing room to help their beloved Chelski, Manure or the Liverfools.

    In the last 20 years, Liverfool, Chelski, the Spuds and even Manure have plummeted from Top teams to mediocrity with all of them currently out of Champions League. In fact Manure, Liverfools and Chelski did not even qualify for Champions league. Arsenal has been consistently Champions League for 20 years and in those 30 years they won the leagues many times including going the whole season without losing with the invincibles. Always top four and never a mid table mediocrity that Manure has been for a wile now.

    Wenger is class and Arsenal are class. Arsene Wenger makes players great and no player who leaves ever reaches the greatness at Arsenal. Ask Nasri, TV5, Adebayo, Van Pussy, Cesc etc.

    NB: I CANT WAIT FOR WELBECK TO COME BACK and see what a beast Wenger will create out of him!


  11. DaleDaGooner

    Ozil can be replaced, so his wage demand needs to be realistic. Best thing the club needs to do between January and Summer windows is to identify potential replacements. An excellent number 10, who can score goals as much as create them, and a TOP striker, even if both Ozil and Sanchez stay, it’s a win win for us. We can afford it! and it’ll be proactive. Players in the mold of Coutinho and Gabigol types who won’t ask for so much initially…..Sanchez and Ozil are asking for more than Real, Barca and Bayern will pay them weekly. We need to win CL and/or PL to have these two sign up without too much fuss, me thinks

  12. Joe

    Agree though that we need to comepete for the title in order for them sign.

    Finishing far behind the leaders and they will walk regardless if he offer 250 or not

  13. Pierre

    Boyd…. Well said

    Can’t wait for that Pillock Joes reply……
    I am sure we would have heard it all before as he has a habit of repeating himself

  14. Joe


    Not needed.

    The post itself says we all need to know about Boyd.

    It’s the funniest crap I’ve read since reading Alexander’s post

    wenger creates all these great players ,or so Boyd says, yet they have to leave to win trophies under much much better managers.

    He actually proves the point that wenger is the biggest fraud in football.

    Chelsea and Man U have plummeted? Haha chelsea won the league 1,5 years ago. And yeh CL a few years ago. Man U won the title 4 years ago. Haha.

    The whole post is full of crap and so easy to pick apart.

    It has the be a WOB posing as a akb just to take the piss because there is no way someone would write that and be serious.

    And it’s not even joke Friday but that post was hilarious

  15. GoonerDave

    Its highly unlikely that the media are privy to our contract negotiations. They do know, however, that Arsenal have a massive fanbase and they will stoop to any level in order to generate clicks.
    The truth is that we can afford to pay Alexis and Ozil 200+ a week. In today’s market, they are easily worth it. Pay up Arsenal.

  16. Joe


    Still waiting for you to actually post something football related instead of just moaning and whining.

    Your wife must love having you around.

    How can a man be such a bitch is beyond me

  17. Joe

    It’s hilarious that akbs are blaming the media.

    I mean I guess after Ozil and Sanchez read the papers they will ask for 400k a week because that’s what is in the papers.

    Ozil ” arsene , The Sun says I’m asking for 430 a week, I like the sound of that. That’s how much I want”

    Sanchez. ” the daily mail says china is going to pay me 400 a week after tax arsene, pay up bitch”

    Yeah. That’s how real life works.

    Boyd another brainiac akb

  18. steve


    And it that time Arsenal have won the CL precisely ZERO times. Great achievement. Arsenal are consistently average.

    Another delusional AKB wanker.

  19. Joe

    no player who leaves ever reaches the greatness at Arsenal. Ask Nasri, TV5, Adebayo, Van Pussy, Cesc etc.

    Everyone of them won the title at another club. And nasri rvp and cesc had huge parts in there team winning it m


    Rvp single handedly won the league for united hahahaha

    Jesus. This post is ammo for weeks.

    Untold let one of their cult members leave the asylum it seems to start some shit over here

    Troll of the highest order. So obvious to see right through it.

  20. tunnygriffboy

    Lock Alexis in a room and don’t let him out until he signs a new contract.! !!!!

    Oh were it that simple. I don’t think Alexis does his negotiating.
    It’s possible this has been going on a long time
    Perhaps he’s been advised to leave it to this stage so he gets the best deal possible

    Maybe he wants to see how we do this season.
    It just maybe he’s set his heart on playing for another club

    We don’t know any of these answers. It’s just another stick for the punditry/press to bash us with. They come out with all these assumptions stated as fact and make up a narrative that gets clicks/viewers/listeners and drives gooners demented.

    I hate lazy journalism/punditry where they are free to make all sorts of stuff up without any come back

    Best thing to do is keep winning to get them frothing at the mouth. W.nkers.

    Sorry. Rant over 🙂

  21. steve

    AlexanderhenryDecember 8, 2016 22:34:27
    BoydWell said. Nice to have a bit of balance on le grove.


    A post full of lies and disengenious crap. “Balance” lololololol

  22. Joe

    Don’t know why the like of reality check and Alex just don’t go to untold if they like the bollocks Boyd posted


    Alex leaving would be a Xmas blessing

  23. reality check

    Joe, once upon a time. There were no WOBs. Truthfully i believed i was the only one.

    12 years later. There are Websites Bloggers Social Media accounts with huge followings and even expros/pundits who are all ready to see and are actively encouraging Wenger to go.

    The majority of those WOBs were AKBs not too long ago..

    If you could convince someone as diehard as boyd, that it is time to say goodbye.

    That would be impressive.

  24. Jeff

    Wenger will get a new deal at 10m per annum. Ozil and Sanchez will be offered 9m a piece and everyone’s a winner. Job done.

  25. London gunner

    The way I cunnting see it, is that paul deserves a pay rise due to wage inflation and the fact his base level as well as his performances currently are way above the rest of the squads attacking(non defensive) players bar Sanchez obviously.

    However he does not deserve astronomical out of this world ronaldo/bale wages and I think he knows that it’s just the media playing games.

    We should offer him a fairly substantial improvement in wages as it’s a crazy market so we have to pay his worth.

    However if he did want astronomical wages which we were beyond riddicalous we have options out there that I feel would bring the same level of quality in that position if not the same type of play.

    Sure isco has a different game to ozil, but I could see him playing central and using those dribbling skills to open up space distract defenders and then slip the penetrative pass through to our strikers I also think he could become a good goal threat as he has the ability to open up space and shoot.

    That’s just one example. Now as for the possibility of signing isco and before go Real Madrid won’t sell ect, they sold us ozil which let’s be honest was a shocker so these things can happen.

  26. Joe


    Don’t need to convince Boyd. They all go into hiding soon enough.

    And once wenger goes. Hopefully the Boyd’s and the alexhenrys will be gone for good

  27. grooveydaddy

    what has to stop is wenger being the highest paid at the club

    if the players are to be paid market rates, so should the manager

    longevity is the only thing in wenger’s favor, which only applies at Arsenal. to another club, he would be worth what other 3rd/4th place managers with no league titles in over a decade and no European success are worth. probably half of what he is on now?

  28. grooveydaddy

    actually scratch that^^^

    poch is on 5.5 and koeman is on 6, so maybe wenger’s salary isn’t so outrageous

    but the fact remains that he gets paid more than some managers who’ve actually won their leagues in the last few years (klopp, conte, enrique, simeone, etc)

  29. Waldo

    Am I correct, after looking at the Arsenal wages, Wenger has the 3rd highest wage in the team at $7MM per year?

    Other than in college sports, in what world is that right??? WTF??

  30. Joe

    Numerous people have been going bat shit on here about making sure people realize Sanchez is world class.

    Well pay the man what a world class player should get.

    Arsenal or not. You want to be a top club you pay top prices for top players and lead you don’t pay the Walcott, Ramsey’s and jacks double what they should Be getting.

  31. pedro

    Joe, you’re attacking people on here again. One final warning and then you’re gone. Not acceptable that I get complaints about you for behaving like a kid. Not acceptable you bully on here.

    Last chance.

  32. Black Hei


    When Alex, Boyd and Wallace actually leave Le Grove, your existence and worth as a troll will disappear like sand in a windswept dessert.

    You will have little to no chance of gloating at any AKBs, except to go unto Untold blogs and get yourself binned.

    So if you want to do your ribbing, make it funny and less personal. Its a game after all.

  33. grooveydaddy

    A family walks into a hotel and the father goes to the front desk and he says, “I hope the porn is disabled.”

    The guy at the desk replies, “It’s just regular porn you sick fuck.”