Arsene Wenger dances around what will really make Ozil and Sanchez stay

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Well, it’s f*cking cold in Alaska, let me tell you that for free. Couldn’t get into the car for 10minutes because the doors and the boot were iced in.

Arsene Wenger left my hands and toes numb when I read his predictable press conference. He’s taking Alexis to Basel just in case PSG are turned over by team so poor they still consider the magic sponge part of the backroom team.

I don’t mean to be a moaner here, but let’s be real, Arsenal against a top team in the CL are very unlikely to win over two legs unless we do something drastically different this season. 1st or 2nd has marginal consequences for where we finish, we’ve not managed win out against the Barcelona’s or the Bayern’s which some say is fair (I don’t because you should be able to come up with at least a fluke every now and then), but we’re also capable of dropping out against a struggling Monaco.

I really don’t understand why Wenger doesn’t leave Alexis at home. Well, unless he plans to rest him against Stoke so he’s explosive against Everton? Then I’d be fine with his inclusion. I still don’t understand why we need to throttle him every game. The team needs to at least have a go at playing without him so we’re not full on useless if he picks up an injury, which becomes ever more likely the more we continue to persevere with him every game.

The squad is the same as it was at the weekend (if I’m reading Wenger’s comments correctly), bar Coquelin who is suspended. When I wrote the other day that this December would be decided on decisions like who he takes to Basel, this is exactly what I thought he’d do. He can’t resist. Last time took a mega squad to a terrible team away, we lost Santi Cazorla for the rest of his career. Seems a massive risk for a game he could easily rotate in the league cup disappointments who owe us a performance. Also disappointed to see Ozil heading out there a player we know dips bigly in the second half of the season (is it ok to use Trumpism’s?).

Also, what’s up with Perez. Is he a flop or what?

Talking of our star players, Wenger thinks Ozil and Sanchez care about things other than cash money.

“I believe personally, and maybe I am a bit naive, that it’s more about getting to meet the player’s needs. That’s more about the way the club has values, the way the club has ambition, the way the club respects the players.

“So I think, for me, that is more important nowadays and an important ingredient for every player to consider. The money is good everywhere for everybody.

“You know, nowadays, you negotiate with the agents more than with the player. We are in negotiations, yes. The players [Sánchez and Mesut Özil] are 18 months away from the end of their contracts, so it’s normal to be talking. But the players always come in at the end, when it’s a renewal, because with the first contract you need the players present. But after that, when you renew, 90% of the contracts are negotiated with the agents.”


They care about that silverware. Those boys are already rich. More money is keeping up with the Jones’s, and it’s totally acceptable for both of them to think they should earn more money than Adebayor and Nasri. But the key to them staying for me, would be that they’re both able to compete for the top honours in Europe.

Do they think they can achieve that under Arsene Wenger? Maybe not. Which is a problem for two players about to hit their prime. I mean, let’s be real here, Sanchez has played under Pep G, Ozil has played under Mourinho in the good times, they both fully understand where the disparity is… so what do the club do to ensure the two are convinced the future is red and white?

If Wenger is leaving, does Ivan give them a sneak peak at his list of replacements? You’d have to doubt that… but he can’t let them leave before the new manager has had the chance to give them the once over.

I also love that Wenger thinks it’s about values. Like Sanchez is sitting there, casually dabbing lipstick on his dog, as he mulls over the unsung details of the club …

‘Geez, I admire the fact that Arsenal sent Martin Keown to open that pitch for Syrian refugees. I mean, imagine if Vladimir Putin was as deft at dealing with Aleppo as Ivan Gazidis is with the guy who asks about the price of Bovril at the AGM. Wouldn’t the world be a beautiful place? Fuck yeah it would. Where’s that contract, I’m gonna sign whatever the number.’

Values when your life is dogs and football is about having money to treat your dogs well and trophies to make your football seem purposeful.

That’s why I’m very worried about Sanchez becoming one of the best strikers in the world right now. That’s why I’m worried about rumours of Pep flirting with him. That’s why I fear the links to Juventus and Bayern. My world is caving in, SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP.

Right, enjoy the game tonight, pray for a massive rotation, and pray for the hamstrings of all our best players. We have some super important games coming up, this one is the least of our worries…



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  1. ughelligunner

    Chelsea vs Man utd…the point after the game where Morinho was telling Conte to stop riling the fans against him made me laugh. It was as if he was telling him, my friend calm down, i used to do it more than you, wait until you become older. Lol

  2. Wallace

    Gabriel – Holding – Koscielny – Gibbs
    Ramsey – Xhaka
    Iwobi – Ozil – Lucas

    interesting team…

  3. Willie

    WTF! WTf is wrong with Wenger? How can he still manage to disappoint me in 2016 after nearly a decade of disappointments? An here I thought he can’t irk me anymore. Why’s Sanchez and Ozil starting? WTH!

  4. Dissenter

    Why all the over-reliance on Alexis?
    What in the world is wrong with Wenger/
    Give the lad a break. Isn’t this the same man who was jumping all over the Chilean FA just last month?

  5. Wallace

    re Alexis – Wenger thinks it’s risky resting a player when they’re in a rhythm. we have all the high-tech shit at Colney these days monitoring the players, if he was showing signs of fatigue it would be showing up.

    pleased he’s kept Gabriel in at RB and Holding’s getting a game.

  6. Dissenter

    “re Alexis – Wenger thinks it’s risky resting a player when they’re in a rhythm. we have all the high-tech shit at Colney these days monitoring the players, if he was showing signs of fatigue it would be showing up.”

    You really cant help but defend Wenger come what may.
    If Wenger called a circle a square you would argue about how rounded the edges were to deflect from Wenger’s mistake 🙂

  7. Rambo Ramsey

    You heard Wenger’s interview-‘If a player is in form, you keep playing him’-or something along those lines.

    Strikes me as the kind of man who is running a motor boat on a calm sea, is smart enough to realize that the boat may run out of fuel but still enjoys the smooth sailing sensation so much that he decides to keep riding anyway. If worst comes to show, there’s always the paddles!

  8. Pierre

    Pcy left testicle
    “Did anybody else notice that dickhead Ramsey sulking after two of the goals we scored on Saturday. Instead of joining in with the rest of the team he just stood there with his hands on his hips both times. After one of the goals he even gesticulated that he should of received the ball. We bloody scored you self obsessed twat.”

    Yes, I noticed and yes I thought he was a self obsessed twat as well though I did think he played well when he came on.

  9. Dissenter

    “You heard Wenger’s interview-‘If a player is in form, you keep playing him’-or something along those lines.”
    It’s like a pilot plotting a flight plan that wont leave room for emergency for aviation fuel for contingency.

  10. Dissenter

    *It’s like a pilot plotting a flight plan that wont leave room for for aviation fuel in case of contingencies.

  11. tee

    hazard plays every Chelsea match unless when injured. so I don’t understand all these cry. all footballers are liable to get injured anytime irrespective of the number if matches played

  12. BacaryisGod

    Pedro is right-it’s so infuriating that he’s risking our best players for what is almost certainly a meaningless fixture.

    Didn’t he see how sharp they were against West Ham after resting them all against Southampton midweek?

    As for Ozil and Alexis’s contracts. I have to think that this could drag on until a decision on Wenger has been reached. I genuinely think Alexis and Ozil enjoy living in London and we do have a great club in many respects. They may also enjoy playing under Wenger but they might more likely see up close all the flaws we see from a distance.

    Ultimately, it doesn’t make sense to pay Pogba wages but I can see a solution where individual and team incentives push them to that level. Here’s the problem if I’m Ozil or Alexis. What good is an incentive if the club isn’t committed to seriously competing for the Premier League or Champions League?

    The club can point to a big investment in recent years in the playing squad. That helps. But we all know that signing Reus or Aubameyang in the summer would probably excite our top stars more than the club’s ‘values’ ever would.

    Here’s one final interesting element that may be even more of a factor in Ozil and Alexis staying and that’s the on-field relationship they’ve developed with each other. Alexis has spoken glowingly of a near telepathic communication they have. If one stays, I think the other is more likely to also.

    So here’s the checklist:

    1. Have a great season
    2. Buy a ‘third’ musketeer (Aubameyang please) in the early summer window.
    3. Load up their new deals with a big bump in salary and plenty of incentives.

  13. tee

    Ramsey again? this guy is so self centered that he couldn’t even jubilate with the team when two if our goals were scored. no wonder he was shit against Southampton. attempting to score when a simple pass would have been better

  14. Alexanderhenry

    If sanchez is fit he should play. It’s odd that many of you have been wanting wenger to rest him from about the fifth game of the season.

    Henry used to play every game pretty much.

  15. Willie

    “hazard plays every Chelsea match unless when injured. so I don’t understand all these cry. all footballers are liable to get injured anytime irrespective of the number if matches played”
    A couple of fallacies of argument here:
    – Cherry picking
    – Overwhelming exception
    – Fallacy of composition
    – False equivalence

  16. Joe


    But their is no reason for Sanchez or Ozil to play today.

    It’s bit wenger in the ass so many times , you think the cunt would learn.

    Nope. Too daft for that

  17. tee

    A couple of fallacies of argument here:
    – Cherry picking
    – Overwhelming exception
    – Fallacy of composition
    elaborate please

  18. Kayciey

    Signed in to see the complaints about Wenger starting Alexis and Ozil and sure Grovers don’t disappoint. What a bunch of mourning souls.

  19. Carts

    Great start for goners. Perez getting on sheet will do him bundles of confidence too

    And I was about to put £20 on Roberts to score any time.

    Great 18 pass goal by City

  20. tee

    @Joe, i understand your sentiment but the way we gooners portray things you will think gunners are made of cotton wool

  21. Cesc Appeal

    So similar to the first goal, nice ball from Ozil to Gibbs.

    Perez must be laughing his arse off. Two goals delivered on a plate.

  22. gonsterous


    I think he can replace theo now. Theo was in great form at the start of the season so it was hard for Wenger to drop him but now Perez has his chance..

  23. Bobby 7

    Gibbs definitely took his vitamin pills this morning. Very impressed with Holding so far. Looks calm and composed.

  24. loyika

    Man do i not like this jersey!!

    For the Rambo bashers? I see him celebrating the goals here with everyone, so wonder what the noise is all about him not joining in at West Ham.

    The lads are ding their bit, Lets hope PSG do their t help the cause.

    Alexis and Ozil to come off at HT please!! Koz can still play (He’s a fcuking defender ffs!! He should be able to play every game)

  25. Wallace

    every time I’ve watched us in this kit we’ve played well.

    agree with Bobby7 on Holding. very composed. also like the added security of Gabriel at RB in these away games. seems to know what he’s doing there, unlike a lot of CBs.

  26. LeMassiveCoq

    Everyone looking good (except Ramsey who looks like he has forgotten how to play football). Bring Sanchez, Ozil and Koz off if we get another.

  27. R.P.S.C.Arsenal

    If holding keeps improving at this rate we have a fucking good player in a couple of seasons ..

    Wenger not burning him out good to see

  28. gonsterous

    Wtf is kos doing :?? He should be trying to block opponents shooting at goal. Not get out of the way and let it go on target..

  29. Cesc Appeal

    That’s the problem with youngsters, Iwobi has just dipped into a trough with regards to form, need Oxlade to find some form and consistency now.

    Would not leave it too long, if Iwobi is still playing poorly hook him off for Oxlade, then take off Sanchez for Giroud, then Ozil for Elneny.

  30. karim

    City still struggling, 1/1 v Celtic
    Bayern lead 1/0 v Atletico

    Can’t believe Paris are being led at home after a whole half v Ludogorets.
    Long may it last.

  31. karim

    Psg’s dip in form started a week ago in a game they won but where Lyon absolutely outplayed them in the 2nd half.

    Then they lost in a similar incredible fashion at Montpellier who were 19th at the time ( 3/0 ) and now this, so who knows, they might not do it after all.

  32. vicky

    Yes in terms of numbers we have a big squad. Sanchez, Giroud, Perez and Welbeck all can play as CF. Iwobi, Theo, Ox, Danny, Perez can play on wing and of course we have loads of midfielders and defenders.

  33. gonsterous

    Basel so bad. Can’t believe they are leading the table by a 12 points margin.. goes to show how poor the Swiss league is..

  34. gonsterous

    If psg get another goal, they top the group, right ?? Maybe I was getting ahead of myself when I Said we could get past the round of 16 !!

  35. PaddyV91

    What a joke that alexis and ozil are still on the pitch with the game over…why risk your 2 most valuable players…he’s afraid of upsetting them has been a problem with Wenger for years hates confrontation

  36. Joe

    Ozil and Sanchez adding $10,000 a week everytime they play. Too bad it’ll be another team that it’ll be another team that pays them what they want while Wenger tells them it’s not about the money but top
    4 trophy that counts

  37. gazzap

    I’m sure it’s been said before on here but Sanchez looks for Ozil every time. he only passes to someone else when Ozil is not an option. If Ozil is half an option then sanchez passes it to him and pretty much vice versa, with Ozil favouring a pass to Sanchez over someone else.