Arsene Wenger replacement confirms talks | Santi replacements short and long-term

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Wakes up, pulls on black armband, looks wistfully out the window…

‘Arsenal season, it was good while it lasted. May you rest in peace’

What a fucking shambles. Santi Cazorla has just been sent to Sweden to sample the meatballs whilst his ankle is surgically removed. So his season is over, his career as the puppeteer of our midfield is likely done. Our chances of doing something special next year are greatly reduced.

It’s a shame. It’s a shame because it was predictable. It’s a shame because it happend at Ludogorets. It’s a shame because this is a carbon copy of what happened last season, and we didn’t replace him.

Well, we kind of attempted to, but I’m not sure it’s worked out the way Wenger might have hoped. He had a different view of what Granit Xhaka was. A box to box with a supreme passing range that could be an upgrade on Santi. What he learnt is that Granit and Santi are not interchangeable. So he’ll have to adapt. Or, he’ll have to get his scouts out there and the chequebook ready for some January #Madness.

So who could he look at?

Veratti: The wide-eyed Italian is probably the most like for like replacement on the planet. He moves the ball around with both feet at pace, he’s about the same height and he’s 24 years old. He started out as a number 10, but was switched into the deeplying playmaker role, and I guess that’s what makes him so exciting to watch, he’s kind of the perfect player, great moving the ball forward, daring with his passes and completely unpredictable handful.

BUT, are they going to sell him to us? A big no way.

Wilshere: Jack Wilshere is at Bournemouth at the moment and I kind of feel we’ll not see him back with us as long as Wenger is at the club. The Englishman is finding his feet again, he has vision lite compared to Ozil at 10, but he’s been raised on Wengerball, he knows how the break the lines with his mazy runs and he’s still pretty young. He’d be ideal right now, but, you know, Arsene let him leave.

Cesc F: I know, I know. But if we nipped in there for £10m, would you say no? Still one of the best players I’ve had the pleasure of watching, he could perhaps adapt his now fading game to play the role Santi did for us. He’s not quite the dribbler Santi is, but we’ve seen him walk through a few defences in his time, notably against Spurs where he walked it in from kick off. He needs a career refresh, I wouldn’t be totally against it and maybe he’d be available in January?

Isco: Namely think his purchase would be a coup just because we sing a great song about him. But, outside that, the talent the boy possesses is unreal. He’s not playing the games he’d like to at Real Madrid and he’s relatively youthful. I’d be more than game to jump into the Real Madrid scrapheap challenge this summer, or maybe a costly loan in January?

Who would you take?


This from the Leipzig coach.

“It was a well-researched story,”

“There was a lot of truth to it. I have heard of worse fates than succeeding the longest-serving manager in England. It’s not damaging my reputation, is it?”

“We don’t have to put too much thought into it,” “I have found my luck here.”

“I have found my luck here.”

Tantalising. And reassuring it won’t be Martinez or Ronald Koeman. Read more on him from yesterday’s post.



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  1. Paulinho

    CA – It would be pretty typical of him to get an injury now, but hopefully he stays fit and we can see happens with him. Alot of it in his head, if he has confidence he can be devastating, just don’t think it’s sustainable to do everything with an exclamation mark like he tries to do. Those players are generally more suited to wide areas when you cut players a bit of slack.

    He can be very effective against a moderate pressing side. Allows him to slalom through midfield, and City do give you a chance to play in that sense.

  2. Bystander

    I’ve looked at the data and it’s worrying reading

    The stats say Arsenal have only picked up 7 points against top 10 opposition: Watford, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Man Utd

  3. Paulinho

    Hazard best player in the world for me. Infuriating player at times though with his attitude, especially for Belgium. Best on form though, and he can perform in a locked game, an open game, any sort of scenario he can adapt his game and make the difference.

  4. Rambo Ramsey

    Vicky, ‘by some distance’? Really? I call bs. They’re both playing at a high level, difference if any is minimal at best. Sanchez has contributed 15 goals to Hazard’s 9.

  5. Paulinho

    Vicky – I would take him over Messi now.

    Messi at his best would make the game as well as score, but the older he gets the more he stays higher and doesn’t drop deep and penetrate as much as he used to. Barcelona are shit to watch now, and that’s because Iniesta is injured and Messi conserves himself now.

  6. Pierre

    “Typical flat track bully type of result beating an awful 17th placed West Ham team and then disappoint against the better teams.”

    Do you mean the way we disappointed against Chelsea …..

  7. vicky


    Hazard’s game is the game of a complete player and for me there are very few complete players in the world. He makes the right decisions almost all the time,his passing is better than that of Alexis, his dribbling is more efficient and less predictable than Alexis and he can accelerate more. You could also say the Belgian is more two-footed and often impacts the big games. Sanchez compensate his lack of efficiency with immense hard-work and fighting spirit but Hazard is technically a much better player..though that’s just me.

  8. Paulinho

    “Wasn’t too long ago when Bellerin had him comfortably tucked in his pocket”

    That would make some sort of sense if Hazard was a touchline hugging winger, not someone who continually comes in off the line to create in-field. Like he did in that very game for the chance for Willian at 2-0……..

  9. vicky

    Paulinho……so yes,that basically means on their current form, fair enough. In terms of genuine ability alone, I have never see anything as magical and lethal than a prime Messi. Almost supernatural.

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    vicky, agree that Hazard has a more polished game than Sanchez, certainly is easier on the eyes… but being accomplished in technique isn’t the only thing that makes a footballer standout is it? Or else Messi should have won Balon d’Or for the last 10 years straight.

  11. Paulinho

    Vicky – Yeah Messi at his best was incredible.

    My fondest memories of him, funnily enough, were back in the 08/09 season or could have been the season before, when Barcelona simply couldn’t win or score at home for a spell, yet Messi was incredible. Constantly picking the ball up deep and running across the byline to pull it back for someone, and yet somehow it never led to anything.

  12. Pierre

    PSG 2 games, Chelsea , Spurs, Manu … Unbeaten …. Very disappointing ….. Lost to Liverpool ……. Also unbeaten against city in last 5/6 games ….

  13. karim

    Monaco scoring 4 again, a brace for a ” back in business ” Falcao.
    Psg beaten by Montpellier 3/0, Nice still top and will play tomorrow.

    Lol, another one for Monaco, 5/0 !

  14. HillWood

    West Ham struggling at their new home
    Maybe Newham Council will lower the rent till they find their feet , poor loves

  15. vicky


    Ballon D’or takes in to account so many things – stats and trophies won by the player besides the natural ability of a player. If natural ability was the sole parameter Messi would have won it 10 years in a row , no doubt about that. I was comparing Hazard to Sanchez in terms of natural ability alone but may be Alexis’s stats are better, I don’t know.


    I know what are you referring to. In those days , media used to discuss – who would be the future best player – Messi or Rooney. Rooney’s stock was very high then. Raw Messi was less efficient than prime Messi but was even more exciting. I agree with you there. I can never forget those serpentine and mazy runs.

  16. BigCheese

    Hazard a complete player? Nope. Nowhere near complete. Yet.

    Still young enough to improve but right now his attitude is questionable and his application depends on his mood. How he went from world beater to relegation fodder in less than 12 month is mental.

    The thing that separates the class players from world class players is a sheer desire and single mindedness to be the best no matter what.

    Hazard just doesn’t seem to have that. Look at Messi and Ronaldo; two absolute ruthless killers on the pitch. They will literally do anything to win.

    For me Hazard and KDB should be taking over the mantel from Ronaldo and Messi at the summit of world football. If it was on talent alone then then it’s almost a given. But I doubt it’ll happen as they lack that killer instinct like Messi and Ronaldo.

  17. alexanderhenry

    I predicted that during the grind of champions league qualification we would probably struggle as we have done in previous novembers.
    However, the squad is bigger and stronger this season so I think we will bounce back.
    This is almost certainly wenger’s last season, but this is definitely the best squad he’s had for years. We’re still not favourites but I wouldn’t rule us out.

  18. Rambo Ramsey

    “How he went from world beater to relegation fodder in less than 12 month is mental.”

    Yep, this is pretty much it. He started this season pretty poor as well, went missing against both Liverpool and Arsenal, its only in the last 10 or so games he’s looked like his 2014/15 level.

  19. Red&White4life

    Nice win today.
    Wenger must have hails ze mental strenght, it’s important, especially when you play a team which will fight for avoid relegation.

    The top 4 spot is almost secured, all hails wenger.

  20. Vote leave

    Once messi and ronalfo retire so will the category they belong to
    Not one other player in recent history can claim to compare
    Nope pele and Mara Donna in history can make that claim
    Possibly Best

  21. Vote leave

    Saying that

    I would put best behind messi and maradonna and over pele and ronaldo

    You forget sometimes just how great best was in a time of beer drinking, defensive hacking, heavy balls and water logged pitches.

    Put him in the modern game and I’d love to see how he compared

  22. steve

    “PSG 2 games, Chelsea , Spurs, Manu … Unbeaten …. Very disappointing ….. Lost to Liverpool ……. Also unbeaten against city in last 5/6 games ….”

    PSG x2, Chelsea, Tottenham, Man Utd and Liverpool. ONE win lol.

  23. alexanderhenry

    Vote leave

    It is to many on here.

    This blog was overrun with posts after we got knocked out of the league cup. Says it all really.

  24. Wallace

    11 goals & 4 assists in 14 games….nice to have a top quality striker in the first eleven again. and he should get better the more he plays there.

  25. Wallace

    “I’d still rather have Sanchez at United than any other player currently playing in England. Bluddy marvellous footballer. Like Suarez but without the Twat Added. I know he was offside, but still, that finish was dreamy.”

    – posted on the Guardian’s match report

  26. Joe

    Funny how the akbs are all out today but have been hiding since wed.

    Good result against the 17th place team in terrible form.

    Yep must mean we are title contenders.

  27. naijagunner

    “Dead on le grove after a 5-1 win
    Fancy that
    Any one would think that this result is a disappointment”

    This place is only alive when we lose

    Didn’t u see the hazard Sanchez comparison immediately after a hattrick from Sanchez??

    They wanted to let u know he was still inferior to other so called world class players…anyone who does not play for Arsenal is gold

  28. Joe

    HillWoodDecember 3, 2016 21:30:51
    West Ham are a mess
    It’s no shock that we hammered them


    Where was this performance vs united. Spuds. PSG. Soton.

  29. naijagunner

    “Funny how the akbs are all out today but have been hiding since wed.

    Good result against the 17th place team in terrible form.

    Yep must mean we are title contenders.”

    Thought we were supposed to be 10 points off the league leaders by December you shameless man

    Is the League cup now so important to you after you bent over backwards to shit on two consecutive FA cups ??

    You have completely ruined this blog for many posters and i blame Pedro for that

  30. Vote leave

    We are second
    We are top goal scorers
    Carrying arguably the leagues best player
    We demolished the best side in the league and still you aren’t haopy

  31. Joe

    Haha. Naija

    Do we win the league in dec by beating a shit west ham

    You ruin the blog for me. I blame Pedro for that

    You’re free to leave naija.

  32. Joe


    I know you are probably illiterate and have no reading comprehension but I said the Mickey Mouse means nothing as does the FA cup for a team
    Arsenal’a stature.

    Jog on muppet

    Instead of looking at the result of the league cup. Why don’t you look at the motivation of the players. The preparedness. The way we lost the match

    I know you are a very simple man but try to think before you post

  33. Cesc Appeal

    This is what is kind of annoying to be honest, for weeks people will go on about moaners not just talking about the football, enjoying the football etc, Arsenal have a good performance and win in style and those same people then want to make it about moaners and why are they not moaning now essentially creating the same sort of fight they’ve been complaining about for weeks in the wake of a performance that fans can actually enjoy in the way they’ve been asking for for weeks.

    Its December, so trying to make any sort of ‘told you so,’ longview points now is total redundant.

    It was a good performance, Sanchez was terrific, Oxlade had one of his best games in an Arsenal shirt for a long, long time, but yeah, against a side who are languishing near the bottom of the table and it is the beginning of December.

    Essentially, if you want to turn this into a pro-Wenger vs anti-Wenger fight after that, you cannot really complain about moaning on here ever again, because after a great win you’ve turned it into a bunfight.

  34. Vote leave

    Cheeky little creep aren’t you

    You have the gall to say naija is illiterate and then come out with an abomination like…..

    Wait for it……





  35. Joe

    Essentially, if you want to turn this into a pro-Wenger vs anti-Wenger fight after that, you cannot really complain about moaning on here ever again, because after a great win you’ve turned it into a bunfight

    Exactly cesc

    They call out the wenger out brigade. And then moan that we are ruining the blog when we post

    Childish and pathetic really.

  36. Joe

    a state of readiness, especially for war.
    “the country maintained a high level of military preparedness”

    Hahahahhahhhh vote leave

    Please leave before you embarrass yourself some more. Hahahaha

    What a fucking moron

  37. Vote leave

    Joe and Steven are trying to deflate the mood by insulting the club, team and players. Not the manager today.
    Is there anything wrong with defending arsenal against this.
    Especially considering the position we are in right now

  38. Joe

    Vote leaveDecember 3, 2016 21:50:06
    Cheeky little creep aren’t youYou have the gall to say naija is illiterate and then come out with an abomination like…..Wait for it……PREPAREDNESSBAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAWANKER


    What an absolute fucking plank

    Really. Just leave now. Never come back

    You have truly just embarrassed yourself

    What a loser

  39. Joe

    Dead on le grove after a 5-1 win
    Fancy that
    Any one would think that this result is a disappointment

    I hadn’t made a comment until you made that one wanker.

    And then you moan.

    Start the fight and then cry and moan

  40. Joe

    Vote leave

    Just leave while you are a million miles behind and looking like a complete moron


    Or keep going and look
    Like a complete idiot

  41. Vote leave

    Nobody was talking to you joe

    You embarrass yourself here daily
    Little boy

    Shouldn’t you be out on a Saturday night or are you still tossing off in mummies basement, going on the internet and pretending to be a big boy.

  42. Joe

    Don’t change the subject you Mong

    You just proved yourself a right dumb fuck

    Vote leaveDecember 3, 2016 21:50:06
    Cheeky little creep aren’t youYou have the gall to say naija is illiterate and then come out with an abomination like…..Wait for it……PREPAREDNESSBAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAWANKER

  43. Wallace

    only posters who’ve mentioned Wenger are Cesc Appeal & Joe, no?

    wouldn’t be surprised if they see him in their cereal…

  44. Vote leave

    Get board of Warcraft and gay porn and popping your zits.

    So now you log onto British football blogs and irritate adults

  45. Joe

    Vote leaveDecember 3, 2016 21:50:06
    Cheeky little creep aren’t youYou have the gall to say naija is illiterate and then come out with an abomination like…..Wait for it……PREPAREDNESSBAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAWANKER


  46. Joe

    Get board of Warcraft and gay porn and popping your zits.

    Get board or get “bored”


    The gift that keeps giving vote leave

  47. Pierre

    very enjoyable game with quality movement and goals ….. Quite a few positives to take forward…
    Ozil looked back to his best , never put a foot wrong …purrrfection
    Xhaka ..another quality performance ..96% pass completion . He and coquelin bossed the midfield .
    Sanchez…say no more
    Ox… Good to see him on the score sheet again . Showed pace and strength on the break .
    Ramsey …very good cameo role… Played for the team .

  48. Joe

    Keep posting vote leave

    You are proving to be quite the moronic illiterate yourself hahahah


    Preparedness is a word you absolute window licker hahahahaha

    Keep going though you moron

    It’s too funny

  49. Joe


    Was a great game.

    Sanchez is in unbelievable form right now for country and club.

    He is playing himself into a huge contract or a big transfer out

  50. Vote leave

    Spell check you little creep
    I’m trying to watch west world and you keep irritating me you little fanny

    You’ll never get a girlfriend if you don’t get out into the world kid.
    Or do you just sit on the Internet all day chatting shite
    Literally nobody is on this page as much as you.
    Do you work joe
    Do you go college
    Where do people get all that spare time
    You couldn’t possibly pay your own way.
    Must be kept by mummy and daddy

  51. Joe

    My “preparedness” for life is a whole
    Lot better than yours vote leave. Don’t you worry.

    Just here being “bored” with your illiteracy

  52. Wallace

    Vote leave

    “I’m trying to watch west world and you keep irritating me you little fanny.”

    if you’re watching Westworld I’d be shutting everything else down if I was you. it’s some pretty complex stuff.

  53. Gommit

    I didn’t feel like reading all this shit talk going on.. so I might be repeating someone else, but I think the reason we won West Ham so comfortably was rotation or resting our key players for 6 days.. It “never” happens that our core gets a whole week of rest and preparation for the next league game. West Ham or not, I think we would have won most teams in the league today. It is not comparable with games when our star men are playing every 3 or 4 days…

  54. Wallace


    “Do you enjoy Westworld?”

    yes, I think it’s pretty amazing, but I missed a lot of what was going on and it was only by checking some of the viewer comments on the Guardian’s weekly recap that I got up to speed. I don’t think it’s possible to get it on just one viewing.

  55. Gommit

    Might be true.. But the energy levels were higher than lately.. Also, worth to note that the game against Chelsea also came after a week’s rests since the ‘B’ team played Forrest midweek… Just shows how important it is to rest our key players midweek when possible (like next tuesday) ..

  56. Samesong


    West Ham were due a tonking from us regardless of their position in the league.

    They ripped us apart last season.

  57. Wallace

    “How the hell did Chelsea win, one of the most undeserved wins I’ve seen in a long time.”

    yeah, that was an Arsenal-like performance from City. losing a game they should have won easily. loved Fernandinho going berserk on Cesc though.

  58. alexanderhenry

    Very positive performance today from arsenal and what a hatrick from sanchez.

    I remain cautiously optimistic.

  59. steve

    Akbs celebrating the “we beat 17th placed West Ham” trophy.

    “Not the day for Wenger bashing”

    Every day should be Wenger bashing day until he leaves. Matter of fact he should be bashed after that too.

  60. Red&White4life

    “what a hatrick from sanchez.”
    Still waiting for the same kind of performance from him against manure at home, liverpool at anfield, and chelsea at the bridge… Nah, just kidding 🙂

    Enjoying today’s win doesn’t means being totally deluded, like alexanderhenry the king of akb’s.

    “Not the day for Wenger bashing. Awesome performance.”
    Against ze mighty west ham lol
    You must be a good friend of alexander…

  61. Emiratesstroller

    A decent result albeit against a weakened team.

    Sanchez played very well today and good to see him score a hat trick. Ox
    had one of his better games albeit I thought that he was wasteful in first

    One concern for me is that our midfield did look periodically fragile. I am
    concerned about our vulnerability at the moment in this department.

    The good news is that both Fernandhino and Aguero will be missing in Man City”s game against us later in the month.

    On a final note I challenged Pedro’s comment earlier in the week when he
    expressed concern about our goalscoring potential. I pointed out that we
    were averaging more than two goal per game and we are on course this
    season to score around 80 goals in EPL.

  62. BacaryisGod

    It’s a nice thought that Arsene might look at replacing Santi but it’s never going to happen and he’s said as much.

    The reality is that we’re riding this squad all the way to either glory, usual mediocrity or oblivion.

    It means that perhaps Coquelin-Xhaka is the midfield combo to push us forward and we’ll use Ramsey and Elneny to rest them. After today’s evidence, that would seem to make the most sense right now.

    As for today, I’ll try not to get too excited because I wasn’t suicidal after the abysmal turnout against Soton midweek. But it was almost a complete away performance and highlights how critical it is to rest our top players.

    Bellerin is obviously missed but there’s something reassuring about having a tough bastard like Gabriel at right back. For an away game like this one, we have a no-nonsense gritty back four and I can’t imagine too many teams wanting to face them.

    We’ve seen too many false starts from Ox to wish for great things this season from him, but if he can turn in a great showing one in every two game and Theo can do it every other game as well, it gives us the extra punch alongside Ozil and Alexis we so badly need.

    Now the real test begins for Arsene. He must rest Alexis and Ozil on Tuesday. First place is gone but we need to be at full sharpness for Stoke.

    Team for Ludogorets

    Ospina, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Mustafi, Gibbs
    Elneny Ramsey
    Walcott Iwobi Lucas

  63. London gunner

    Getting kind of sick of the Sanchez underating on here.

    People always comment on how hard working he is as if that’s all he has to his game and severely under appreciate the technical and creative aspect Of his play.

    You aren’t such a top level player with the kind of stats he has (goals and assists) just because your a hard worker it also takes immense skill.

    Sanchez is a physical beast his speed, stamina and strength are top top level. Like one of the most physically gifted athletes to beast 6’2 solid West Ham defenders at the paltry height of 5’7 is something special.

    Then let’s talk about the technical aspect of his game the first goal that touch to take it around the defender and scoring from such a tight angle of that isn’t top level technique I don’t know what is.

    The second goal on the half volley expertly crafted into the corner of the net and that third goal with the awesome flair and skill to complete con the keeper was superb.

    Now people always slag of his passing but it’s actually very very good hence why he has such high amount of created chances stats. He has a high risk passing strategy which doesn’t always pay off but it does lead to goal scoring opportunities.

    The amount of perfectly weighted through balls and crosses I’ve seen from the guy but people always choose to gloss over this.

    Guy is one of the best players we have ever had at this club. He is an absolute dynamo.

    Also ludicrous posters above talking about hazard is perfect and never makes mistakes that’s obviously complete bullshit, where were you last season?

  64. ArseneisaFraud

    I totally agree with you London Gunner, Sanchez is doing a great job. Today’s game from him was exceptional. He definitively has an eye for some passes and his ball distribution is always with an intent to go forward. When you think of it he is a bit of anti-thesis to the team with their “constant” back passing.

    One thing I noticed is the we never, ever cross the ball from one wing to another which results to us to being too slow when switching wing is required.

  65. Leedsgunner

    Sanchez vs. Hazard?

    No contest.

    Sanchez for his energy passion and most importantly consistency. Rarely has Sanchez not produced when called upon. Hazard is a great player when he is on form but he is so temperamental. Let’s not forget that he completely disappeared for large parts of last season which got Mourinho sacked.

    Sanchez just loves to play. He loves to put on our shirt and give everything on the field. You have to admire passion like that.

    Pay him what he wants. Keep him at the Emirates.

  66. ArseneisaFraud

    London Gunner

    Agreed. It’s surely is at least one thing that Wenger must be able to to see. This guy most certainly must be our highest paid player.

  67. Leedsgunner

    If today’s result taught us anything it is this. Keep your best players fresh. Sanchez and Özil were well rested and it showed.

    I would rest Alexis and Mesut again for Basel and play Iwobi in the no. 10 role and Giroud up front if he’s fit.

    EPL has to be our priority.

  68. grooveydaddy

    I would rest all of the 1st XI @ Basel

    The trio of games in 8 days just afterwards (Stoke, @Everton, @City) are gonna need fresh legs throughout.

  69. Rambo Ramsey

    London gunner, top comment. Its a bit ludicrous this logic that ‘most talented player’=’best player’.

    Hazard has got better, or rather, is more consistent in producing good touches and passing but is he capable of scoring the kind of goals Sanchez manages to do so regularly? Nope.

    Interesting to note in the Guardian comment section most people have Sanchez as the current best player in the league. And they place him in a list with Coutinho and Costa. Hazard isn’t even the best player in Chelsea.

  70. China

    Overall our season is going well. Still some big question marks and worries though

    Why is it so hard for people to have balanced opinions?

    The comments on here are what make me lose interest in this blog so often

    Every game the same faces come out and parrot the same shit regardless of what they’ve just seen

    WOB will find disappointment in a good win and AKB will close their eyes after a disappointing defeat

    It’s really tiresome how imbalanced the reactions always are. Let’s call a spade a spade. When Arsenal turn up half baked and let themselves down like in the league cup they deserve criticism. When they turn up and put 5 past anyone without conceding many at the other end let’s give them a bit of credit.

    Right now our season has gone pretty well. Wenger is still a gormless manager though so the prospect of the usual injury crisis and implosion remains ever present.


    Take a deep breath lads.

    Enjoy what’s going well (most thing actually right now) and criticise when things deserve it like the league cup game


  71. China

    People shouldn’t talk down any 5-1 wins in the league. That’s a confidence boosting scoreline, does our goal difference a world of good and also in previous years this is the kind of game we’d have easily either dropped points or got an ugly 1-0 or 2-1. It’s been 6 odd years since we regularly scored 3 or more goals a game and no coincidence that we haven’t competed in the league over that same period

    If west ham are a mess I don’t give a shit. 5-1, cracking result. More please.

  72. Bystander

    You’ve got to take the level of opposition into account when assessing Arsenal

    History shows Arsenal are very good at taking advantage of teams struggling and generally poor against teams that are in form.

  73. underrated Coq

    I can’t take anyone who says Hazard is playing better than Sanchez seriously. Sanchez is playing a new role and absolutely smashing it.

    Just compare him with the player who most consider the best striker in the PL,
    Aguero: 17 apps, 13 goals, 1 assist
    Sanchez: 19 apps, 13 goals, 6 assists

    Alexis is only gonna get better and better as he gets to grips with the striker role.

    On another note, loved the midfield partnership of Xhaka-Coq. It was the obvious way to go after Santi’s injury as Xhaka is the closest to Santi in the skillset they bring to the team. Can’t believe Wenger persisted with the mediocre Elneny.

    Lastly, well done to both Ramsey and Ox. They get the most hate on here and on other Arsenal blogs but they’re doing quite well. Second game in a row when Ramsey came on and injected some urgency and forward momentum to our play. Oxlade is quietly going about his job, that’s 3 goals and 4 assists he has to his name this season.

  74. Wallace

    currently, i’d have Alexis, Hazard, De Bruyne & Costa out in front with Coutinho, Dembele & Aguero just behind them.

  75. Emiratesstroller

    My major concern at moment is that Sanchez and Ozil have yet to sign new

    Other clubs seem to have far less difficulty in renewing the contracts of their best players e.g. Spurs have renewed contracts of Kane and Vertongen.

    Frankly I cannot understand why Arsenal have difficulty in signing contracts at £200K pw level. There are enough ‘deadwood’ players to be offloaded in summer, which would cover the extra wages.

  76. Wallace

    yeah, that first touch on his first goal was unbelievable, since he’s moved centrally it’s become almost his signature move. guess it’s something players will pull off quite a bit in training, but you don’t see many doing it on matchdays.

  77. naijagunner

    “I can’t take anyone who says Hazard is playing better than Sanchez seriously. Sanchez is playing a new role and absolutely smashing it”

    But Sanchez already plays for Arsenal under Wenger so he must be shit..that’s the logic

  78. naijagunner

    I still believe there are certain aspects of our game that need a lot of work and certain players not pulling their weight but overall the season has gone better than i expected regardless of where we finish in the champions league group.

    All this “wait till the season ends” comments is kinda meaningless …you enjoy the moment and actually moan when there is something to moan about.

    Chelsea are not imperious by any stretch of the imagination, they should have been 3 to 4 nil down at City yesterday and plenty on here will not hesitate to point that out if it was Arsenal

  79. underrated Coq

    Wallace, the touch and turn for the first goal, the way he dragged the ball to get a better angle at goal-all under pressure-for the second, the dummy for his third…supreme skills all around.

    The pinpoint finishing from an impossible angle for the first, low hard driven shot into the far corner- again with precision- from outside the D, the gorgeous chip for the third…supreme finishing all around 🙂

  80. naijagunner

    And credit to Wenger , he wanted a more dynamic striker and decided as usual to convert what he has …11 goals in 14 premier league matches shows that was a good decision .

    Giroud will definitely leave at the end of the season if he remains a substitute.

  81. Dream10


    I would say that Coutinho, Mane, Firmino and Kante have all been better than De Bruyne so far. Alexis, Costa and Coutinho the top 3 players.

  82. naijagunner

    @ Bystander

    have you also put that much effort in analyzing Harry kanes 1000 penalty goals and other goals scored by other “world class” strikers in the world like Ronaldo’s one million hatricks against shit teams in la liga ?

    Thought not

  83. Wallace


    he’s been the star player for his country as they’ve won the last two Copa America’s. not sure you’ll get much joy out of the flat track bully line.

  84. karim

    West Ham are struggling, alright, but they were not cannon-fodders either.
    They were going for it at the beginning of the 2nd half and I was quite worried they would score, so we did rather well imo.

  85. naijagunner

    Your name Bystander clearly indicates you are no arsenal fan ..just someone here to troll

    Striker scores home goals the narrative is he only scores at home wish he can score more away goals

    Striker scores goals away from home the narrative becomes he only scores away goals away against shit opposition

    Give it a rest its getting boring

  86. Wallace


    my list was more a mix of general quality + current form. on current form you could argue the 3 Liverpool players are doing better, but I don’t think any of them are quite at De Bruyne’s level. Coutinho the closest.

  87. Bystander

    Sanchez 3 home a brace against Bournemouth and 1 goal against Chelsea.
    8 away goals 1 goal against Watford a brace against Hull, Sunderland, Bournemouth and a hattrick against West Ham.

  88. Wallace

    good to know that when an Arsenal player puts in a pretty special performance there are fans out there looking for ways to undermine it. keeps us all on our toes.