Hasenhuttl: First exciting name linked to Arsenal management role

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via @t0wey (instagram)

via @t0wey (instagram)

Kind of blew my beans with the match review yesterday, but Wenger had some positive things to say about the team even though some of them were a bit, well, stretched.

There was a hat tip to the midfield doing a good job in winning the ball and making chances.

“I think we created chances, we won the ball high up, we won the ball well in the middle of the park as well. We gave them some chances it is true, but the major impact of their chances was basically on set-pieces and we know, since the start of the season, we have been strong on set-pieces.”

Some of the balls Xhaka played were out of this world, the guy knows how to pick out a long pass and he knows how to break up play, if this is him unsettled, I’m very excited to see what he can do when he finds his feet properly. A few people comparing him to Petit.

The question of our finishing was also brought up. 10 shots on target and 11 goals makes for fancy reading, but it also highlights we’re not hitting the target very often. I think it’s an issue across the top 6 at the moment, Manchester United had the most shots on target over the weekend landing a miserly 7. So we’re in good company. Wenger did have  point of view.

“I believe that the quality of our finishing has been very strong, percentage-wise,” “But if you look, it is linked with the quality of the chances we create as well.

“But if you look, it is linked with the quality of the chances we create as well.

“You think, for example, the first goal from Alexis is a 100 per cent goal chance, even if you can miss. The goal chance of Walcott is a 100 per cent goal chance and the goal of Alexis at the end was a 100 per cent goal chance.”

I’m not sure how much I buy into creating 100% YES YES YES chances. Wenger failing to mention the own goals and deflections we’ve had… hardly expertly crafted accidents. Kind of feels like a Wenger wet dream. Back in the day we used to bemoan the managers teams for walking the ball into the net, I guess this is what Wenger is saying… the openings we’re creating are so damn good you can’t miss. That’s all well and good, but it’s not statistically sustainable. So we need to work on that part of our game.

Wenger also chatted about managing Southampton manager, Mr Puel and advising him Southampton was a good club. Like he’d not have heard about the team that produced Gareth Bale. Part of me likes that comment, part of me wonders if it’s wrapped in, ‘LOOK IVAN I KNOW GOOD MANAGERS TOO, CHECK OUT THIS GUY IN JAPAN I LIKE’, but maybe I’m just cynical.

Talking of managers, The Sun have linked us with Leipzig manager, Ralph Hasenhüttl. There’s no real basis for the story, other than this guy being a bit of an under the radar genius. He was a run of the mill striker in the lower leagues of Germany until he earned a chance late on in his career at Bayern Munich. His managerial career has been very interesting, he’s turned in miracles wherever he’s been. You can read more about his meteoric rise to prominence here.

His most recent club successes come at Ingolstadt, the German minnows he took from the from foot of Bundesliga 2, right into the big leagues… with a pretty sturdy defence. For those of you looking for an entertainer on the sidelines, this guy is referred to as the ‘Alpine Klopp.’ The Leipzig role / club is quite interesting for a number of reasons. Ralf Rangnick, hipster coach of the last decade hipster coach of the last decade, who led Hoffenheim to two promotions / the guy who reinvented the press in a blueprint many of the younger coaches now copy, is the Sporting Director of Leipzig and Redbull Salzburg.

Both clubs are run by the soft drinks giant. Anyway, remember a few seasons back I was banging on about Oli Bartlett, the Aussie who helped Klopp keep his team fit enough to keep that press going on all year? Well, he left Klopp to go to Salzburg where his fitness genius helped take them from 4th to 1st with basically the same players.

ANYWAY, back to Leipzig. Rangnick hired Hasenhüttl (who is no spring chicken at 49) off the back of his success with Ingostadt, he’s spent about £35m and he now has a very exciting compact team that are currently doing a bit of a Leicester. He’s no fluke, he’s intense, he’s tactically astute, he’s being overseen by a bit of a master, he’d be exactly the sort of under the radar manager I’d hope Arsenal would look for when Wenger eventually leaves. We need fresh ideas and a fresh energy at the club. I think this is the sort of guy who would bring a new philosophy to the club and he’d certainly take our ideas to the next level.

I’d be happy with him, a defensively minded coach, learning how to attack with the vigour of Ragnick above him… he looks to have good balance and most importantly, he’s not a monster name that Ivan could make a King. No more dictators dominating the club in a less than progressive way.

Quickly on tonights game…

I’m going with


Jenkinson Gabi Holding Gibbs

Ramsey Elneney


Jeff Perez Chambo

What you saying people? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!

See you in the comments.

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  1. Danish Gooner

    It is as if the pick their games to perform in or maybe they are just 90 percent crap and 10 percent brilliance ????

  2. Danish Gooner

    I dont agree with you Jim because Arsene cant pick and choose his tournaments because he havnt been successfull for so long,if you are Barca or Real then you can do it but Arsenal is a vastly underperforming football club and have been for almost a dousins years now,it is arrogance personified by Wenger because it isnt exactly like we are bringing home the pl or the cl instead,this team is struggling and two great games against pool or Manure would given us something to cheer about.

  3. Roaaary

    That was fucking awful.

    We pass sideways and backwards before launching long balls. People pass and then stand still. No one breaks the opposition lines. It’s like we expect them to fall apart and not hold shape!!!

    Martinez – not a goalkeeper. Looked like an outfield player made to go in goal. Spilled weak shots/crosses and generally looked well below a player of his age should for a prem team.

    Gabriel – has regressed. Looks messy and scared when defending. Doesn’t control the defence.

    Jenks – not a footballer. He tries, but he is just useless. Caught out positionally so often. Makes countless mistakes on the ball. Doesn’t stop crosses. Opposition target him knowing how bad he is.

    Gibbs – isn’t interested. NEVER plays the ball forward. Always goes backwards and doesn’t go past his opponent. Allows crosses in and doesn’t talk to his centre half.

    Ramsey – takes too many touches. Never plays a simple quick ball. He slows our attacks and makes us predictable. Always seems to make the wrong decision.

    Coq – pointless in this team. Runs around a lot but is just a distraction to our team.

    Lucas – nothing came off for him today. Didn’t have any service to be fair.

    Iwobi – good touches and was trying to make things happen. Our best player. Raw.

  4. Micheal

    Embarrassing. Even the fringe players trying to makle an impression did not contribute. It is so weak, predictable and lethargic. We are not paid £8m a year and we can see it. Surely it is blindingly obvious to anyone who knows two-thirds of fuck-all about football.
    Only another 6 months of this folks.

  5. Confidentgoner

    Shouldn’t this display tell Wenger that he is finished with managing at the top end? Several years ago, our B string were a match for top teams like Liverpool etc. Today, the whole team finds it difficult to put a shot on target. Pathetic.

    Ramsey pit in another dreadful shift. Passing backwards and crouding spaces. No pace. We are terrible across all sections.

  6. Jim Lahey

    And holy fuck the more and more I see Xhaka play the more terrified I am by his lack of pace, if he is caught on the ball high up the pitch he is totally out of the game. He will not be chasing players down..

  7. Joe


    If 8-2, 6-0, 6-3, 5-1 and numerous annual beatings in the CL won’t make the cunt walk , this definitely will not

  8. Jim Lahey

    “Several years ago, our B string were a match for top teams like Liverpool etc. ”

    Several years ago this team not only would have game Southampton a game but the team would be mainly comprised of players from the U21s.. You look around tonight and many of those players were first teamers.. Gibbs, Gabriel, Jenkinson, Coq, Elneny, Ramsey, Lucas and Iwobi all these players are part of the first team set up.

  9. Arsenal not Arsene

    I said it when it happened and I’ll say it again, 17m for Lucas and + 16m for Welbeck would have gotten us a good striker not while back but when this whole club is modeled around a has been like Wenger what do you expect! LUCAS is a waste of money. A deadwood to be precise.

  10. Joe

    Akbs like Alex before the match

    We are in all 3 comps. Shows how good we are this season

    After losing today. This comp is meaninglessness

  11. Joe

    Lucas was the epitome of a panic buy. No matter what the akbs and wenger want to tell you

    And alex is excited about wellbeck coming back. Haha

    Another striker who does nothing but run around

  12. Paulinho

    “And holy fuck the more and more I see Xhaka play the more terrified I am by his lack of pace”

    I was saying to C. Charlie at the start of the season. He can ‘get up to speed’ as much as likes or adapt, but he is as slow as fuck and always will be; and it will always be a massive handicap as well.

    As for Lucas, said the day we signed him he’s not a good enough athlete. He waits for the ball to come to him all the time and doesn’t run enough into space.

  13. Roaaary

    To be fair, welbeck offers great movement behind the opposition defensive line. He’s a dangerous player.

    Our problem is how open we look in defence at the moment. Teams slice through our midfield and defence with ease

  14. steve

    “Akbs like Alex before the matchWe are in all 3 comps. Shows how good we are this season”


    lol you couldn’t make it up. Like I said before, Debuchy, Welbeck, Chambers, Perez and Xhaka. That’s almost £100m down the drain. Good job Arsene.

  15. Jim Lahey

    “To be fair, welbeck offers great movement behind the opposition defensive line. He’s a dangerous player.”

    Welbeck has pace, power and a decent touch, but can’t finish. This is why United fans were delighted to see him go.

  16. Danish Gooner

    Now Wenger have spent 100 mil and we havnt progressed one bit,same terrible slow sideways passing,zero creativity,lethargic has beens running around acting like they were at a funeral,embarrassing only Wenger could oversse this and defend it,Fergie would have thorn down the walls of the changing room if his Man Utd came out performing like this at home.

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    But Jim

    Like many young players the older an more experience he gets he will hopefully be more natural an calm in front of goal

  18. Roaaary

    I was furious when we signed welbeck…..And I’m not saying he’s a quality player, but he offers something we lack at the moment – movement.

    He always looks off balance and I’ve never known a player fall over so often when shooting/crossing.

    He does give a good final ball and scores a fair few goals even if they are mainly fortuitous

  19. Vince

    How Wenger can watch Jenkinson for 3 years and still see something in him I don’t understand. AMN did more in less than 20 than Jenkinson has done in his entire Arsenal carrier. I’m of the opinion that not starting with Jenkinson alone would have given us a far better chance.

    And Ramsey is still as pony as ever.

    And I think we’d better start molding Adelaide into playmaker. He’s way too sluggish to be a winger but nobody can ignore the amazing potential he’s got.

    And Iwobi had better start spending extra time on target practice….before he becomes the the most impotent player alive.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I agree with. The iwobi comment
    Breath of fresh air at the start been dried out by wenger ..

    But two misses in front of goal this season ..
    man shoots like he has a pussy foot as my old sports teacher would say ..

  21. Roaaary

    Ramsey played in a reserve team and looked one of the worst players on the field….constantly slowing play and breaking attacks up. That says all about his ability at the moment.

    I just can’t work out how he was so effective a few years ago

  22. Jim Lahey

    @R.S.P.C –

    I think he is a useful player, but not a striker.

    Regarding his goals for England, he has scored 14 in 34 games.

    Teams he has scored against: Lithuania (1), Slovenia (2), San Marino (3), Switzerland (2), Moldova (2), Scotland (1), Sweden (2), Belgium (1).

    Much like Wilshere and his stand out performances for England, they are generally against poor opposition.

  23. Jim Lahey

    @R.S.P.C.Arsenal –

    On Iwobi, I slaughtered Wilshere for his contribution when he played, a good technical footballer but brought nothing to the team. I would be remiss if I didn’t level the same criticism towards Iwobi. He is after all an attacking player, but doesn’t score and doesn’t seem to be creating chances.

    He seems to be very much another Wilshere, great on the ball.. no real end product.

  24. vicky

    “I just can’t work out how he was so effective a few years ago”

    As much as I don’t rate Ramsey, he makes very intelligent runs and during those much famed 6 months, he was almost always at the right place at the right time. But the other aspects of his game are so poor, he was never going to sustain that form and soon after he returned back to his usual level of mediocrity.

  25. Roaaary

    Iwobi us a great talent. He may not score / assist but you can see he isn’t far off.

    He links play amazingly well from midfield to attack. That’s where we are lacking recently and I feel a big part is because Iwobi didn’t play.

    He assists the assist a lot. He also pressures well and wins the ball high up the pitch. Doesn’t track back well but I’m confident he can develop

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Could be Jim ,,

    Not sure iwobi will be the player. We wanted or thought he would be ?

    Bit like jack after the West Ham youth game ….

    In fact a bit like all youth players …

    All full of potential but no product

  27. Pedro

    Joe, Wenger manages Arsenal, if you enjoy seeing him squirm, you may as well go and support another club.

    No fan / supporter / person that understand football culture should enjoy the manager doing badly.

  28. Joe

    You kidding Pedro??

    Wenger wore out his welcome years ago.

    I owe him nothing

    It’s all his of his own making

    He does not have my respect. Or my gratitude.

  29. Pedro

    You owe the club something if you support them. Also, what does it say about your support if you enjoy watching us lose and watching real supporters of the club squirm?

    It’s not a good look. It’d be an even worse look if you did that after a game in the real world.

  30. Carts

    saw the lineup and knew straight away we weren’t getting anything out of this game…especially if we went behind.

    Haven’t seen the highlights or goal either, but when I saw Ramsey in the hole, I knew Wenger wasn’t taking this game seriously

    We have so many bang average players, it’slaughable. And to top it all off, Wenger has either persisted with them or bought them under his own judgement.

    There’s no blaming so director of football like Commoli, it’s all Wenger!!!

  31. Gelbs

    Wenger killed my love for Arsenal. I enjoy watching the bastard lose and Arsenal. Who cares anymore? Fans are mugs for supporting failure and the same shit. I want Arsenal to lose until that prick fucks off. As Joe said. All Wenger’s own doing. Pricks like Keown etc as well who defend him. Fuck them all.

  32. Joe

    Akbs aren’t real supporters.

    They support wenger. Not Arsenal.

    I support Arsenal. Not wenger.

    Wenger owes the club and it’s supporters too. He owes us to fuck off

  33. Gelbs

    And Pedro. You moan at Joe. Well what’s the point in supporting Arsenal to win when all they do is finish 4th and win fuck all? Only way it will change is when Wenger walks and the board have the balls to hire a Simeone which they won’t do. You moan about Wenger. Yet you’re part of the problem going to matches.

  34. Joe

    I don’t enjoy us losing Pedro.
    But i do love watching him squirm.

    I hope he’s embarrassed out of the club.

    He isn’t going to win us the league or CL. Or even compete in it

    On one hand you tell people to accept the LGBT community and on the other you tell me how i should support Arsenal.

    So which is it Pedro?

  35. Carts

    what I can say is this: Wenger has severely dumb downed expectation at this once great club. When you have people openly celebrating top for for x amount of years like that’s some kind of achievement to be grateful of, it really tells you all you need to know

    Like I’ve said time and time again, I don’t get excited about watching Arsenal, in general. If they’re live, and I have fuck all going on I’ll tune in. But I find myself quickly losing patience and for the most part switch over.

    I’ve both BT and Sky subscriptions, but in all honesty, that down to my love of Sport as opposed to a burning desire to see Arsenal live.

  36. Joe


    They celebrate being in the top 4 for 20 straight years and in the CL and now they use that as an excuse as to why we won’t win the league

    You couldn’t make it up

  37. WengerEagle

    ‘Like I’ve said time and time again, I don’t get excited about watching Arsenal, in general. If they’re live, and I have fuck all going on I’ll tune in. But I find myself quickly losing patience and for the most part switch over.I’ve both BT and Sky subscriptions, but in all honesty, that down to my love of Sport as opposed to a burning desire to see Arsenal live.’

    Well said Carts.

    Missed it myself tonight cause I was working but it seems that I escaped 90 more mins of torture.

  38. Joe

    He gets a pass because he only cost 5m and they want to make t out that wenger found a gem for cheap. He didnt

    5m or 50m. He’s avaerage. As is ransey

  39. Gelbs

    It’s funny how City, United and Chelsea can win Titles and a League Cup in the same season, yet Wenger can’t. To not win a League Cup in twenty years is a disgrace. Even worse than not winning a CL.

  40. WengerEagle


    At least Ramsey contributes even if he does often piss us off with stupid decision making and sloppiness.

    Wtf does Elneny even do when he plays? I’ve never seen a more anonymous CM.

  41. Gelbs

    Gallas, Toure, Adebayor, v. Persie, Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin…. Cunt still went eight years without a trophy. Even if you wanted to use the stadium move as an excuse… A great or very good manager at least, would of gradually bought and built a Title winning team by 2011 max or won a trophy or two and a CL. George Graham single handedly built all his own Title teams etc. Great manager.

  42. WengerEagle


    Yeah it is weird how he’s never won a League Cup considering Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Spurs, Swansea, Leicester, Birmingham, Blackburn, and Middlesbrough have all lifted it during his tenure.

    The Birmingham 2011 final was ridiculous, bottle-job of epic proportions, a dish best served by Wenger.

  43. Wenker-wanger

    Southampton don’t spend but seemingly are forced to sell their best players to survive and yet were a much better team than ponderous arsenal.. Once again it was clearly evident that Wenger’s ideas, judgement player acquisition are 2nd rate at best.
    This joke of a manager is hopefully on his way out the club that he has taken into a state of mediocrity over the past 10 years or so. Im counting the days. Perhaps the akbs can follow him out the club as well, after all their loyalty is to their

  44. Gelbs


    Nothing weird about it. Just an incompetent manager lol. Arsenal lost to ‘Boro when they won it in 2004 in semis. Should of won the treble that year at least. Even if Wenger used the League Cup to blood youngsters down the years. More fool him. But the past few years, he hasn’t too much really. Just an average manager who got lucky.

  45. Gelbs

    If Wenger bought better players, maybe his rotation would work in the League Cup. But then his team should of been good enough to of won tonight anyway. Alright, players are average…. But, a better manager makes them better. Why Southampton won. Better tactics and management.

  46. BacaryisGod

    I thought it was a nice touch that both the Arsenal players and fans observed 46 minutes of motionless silence out of respect for the Brazilian plane crash victims. Unfortunately, it put us in a bit of a hole for the second half.

    As I said yesterday, Jenkinson is simply not nor ever will be Arsenal quality. He just doesn’t have the speed of thought or action. Lucas had the game I expected him to have after his layoff. He looks for the lay off far too often (particularly when we have a 4 on 2 break…). Ramsey was at his worst tonight which didn’t help. Adelaide was invisible. When you have 3 out of your 4 most advanced players performing at such an abysmal level, there’s very little hope to win the game.

    The only player to emerge with credit yesterday was Iwobi who ran his socks off and always tried to be positive. He has a good future at Arsenal.

    Please, please Arsene. Sell Jenks in January. Good guy, will do well at Leeds or another Championship level team.

  47. reality check

    Again.. There’s no argument. Ramsey ElNeny Coq all average. Can do a job. But you need more if we want to win this league. Let’s be real. Most fans don’t really mind if we don’t win the league. Its more about the journey more than the outcome.

    Look at DT. Pissed off and angry all the time. Yet, he’ll keep renewing his ticket. Paying for flights ect.

    Xhaka is new so can’t fully judge now but it’s not looking good.

    Santi is by far our best CM. Truth be told hes an AM.

    I’d take a fit jack right now and I ain’t his biggest fan.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    I think that it was abundantly clear tonight that Wenger made a decision
    not to put out a “competitive” team for this Cup Game. The starting
    lineup consisted almost entirely of second, third and youth string players.

    Southampton were clearly more motivated to win this match and progress in the competition and selected a team to achieve that goal.

    Looking at Martinez he is probably okay as a third or fourth string goalkeeper, but on evidence of this performance is probably not better than an emergency bench player.

    I think that Arsenal need to recruit at least two new full-backs over the
    next two transfer windows. Jenkinson is not good enough for squad and
    Gibbs needs to move on to pastures new. Debuchy is clearly injury prone.

    Arsenal need to bring in another Centre Back to provide competition for
    Mustafi and Koscielny. I don’t think that Gabriel is good enough. Holding
    is a decent prospect but probably at this stage a fourth or fifth choice.

    I think that it is very evident that the club are now short of quality in midfield. Coquelin, Ramsey and Elneny are not first string players.

    Ramsey falls into the same category as Wilshire. He would expect to play
    regularly in a starting lineup of an EPL team, but is not in my assessment
    good enough for one of top four clubs, which includes us. Like Gibbs it is
    time to move on and be replaced.

    Lucas looks like an emergency signing in absence of Welbeck. Personally I don’t see anything which ranks him higher than fourth or fifth choice
    striker at club.

    Oxlade- Chamberlain needs to prove by end of this season that he has a
    future at club. He does have some talent, but he needs to add football
    intelligence and composure to his game.

    I am not going to criticise the younger players who turned out tonight. However, I do recall what a local sports journalist said to me about Reine-
    Adelaide. He said that he needs ‘too much time’ on the ball and in EPL that
    is not a commodity which you can afford to have.

  49. Dolomite

    Ah … Gelbs is back after a defeat
    There I was thinking he is Joes Wenger obsessed alter ego….!

    Back to the football, Wenger has to realise that certain players will never make it at the top level- Jenkinson, Gibbs , Ramsey

    They are no better than squad fillers, rather than quality replacements for 1st teamers and his systems have to legislate for that-not play more than two of them at the same time

  50. ofebs

    No ifs or buts… Arsenal needs Diego Simeone
    Thats the only drill sergeant out there that will kick these complacents into shape

    Arsene – you are a failure…

  51. Mano'gunner

    “But it was one of those nights where it looks like you can play two hours without scoring a goal. We had not enough urgency in the first half, and we were weak in some departments, and we paid for that.”

    Is this a joke? This is the umpteenth time he has used “lack of urgency” as an excuse. Well fucking do something about it. As a coach isn’t it your duty to rectify this “lack of urgency”?

  52. peanuts&monkeys

    I told you i told you…Xhaka is a younger Arteta.

    Ramsey’s shit is exposed when Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla is not around.

    It is shameful! Arsenal should not go higher than 7th is the league.

  53. peanuts&monkeys

    AKBs, you have sucked away enough blood from Arsenal”s veins for the last 10 years. for 10 years you have been ruining Arsenal along with the pea-sized brained fossil. You have given millions of pounds to Wenger in exchange for your misguided love of the club.

    Lets bring some glory now. Some true glory. Some true grit and mettle. Please write to your sweetassed fossilGod to back off.

  54. Arsenal not Arsene

    Arsene is the real specialist in failure. He just doesn’t fail hard but still fails. For 10 years now. Spending shit loads of money and what he has to show is just two fa cups. We are paying the sins of akbs and semi akbs who think every season is different

  55. Batistuta

    Why wasn’t Giroud in the squad yesterday,its not like he’s started a ton of games for us lately and needed a rest,even the OX should have started that game, Adelaide is just all hype to be honest, the less said about Ramsey the better for everyone

    I’d love to see Iwobi play in the Ozil hole,only one who looked like doing anything but with the pile of crap in front of him he couldn’t, its almost like Wenger set up to lose that game yesterday

  56. Batistuta

    Lucas is not a striker at least not Arsenal level type of striker,sad really that we haven’t still replaced Van Persie and its almost 2017, really really hope and pray its Wenger’s last season at the club for all our sakes

  57. kenyangunner

    Just seen the highlights. Could have easily been 6-0!

    What do people mean when they talk of Arsenal ‘quality’?

  58. Wallace


    cheers! disappointed Reine-Adelaide’s not really shown much of his talent during this cup run. was expecting him to make his mark on the first team this year, but he’s looked far too timid.

  59. Dream10


    Agree with Batistuta that Iwobi was decent. Xhaka decent but unspectactular. Coquelin, Ramsey, Gabriel, Luke Perez, Gibbs were below standard. Martinez & The “JEFF” not showing enough progress, will be difficult for them to break into the main squad.
    Jenkinson out of his depth. When you consider the stick that Andre Santos got & he is a far better footballer than Jenko (scored in a 5-3 win at Chelsea) & Eboue (who was made a scapegoat during some average times for the club). Remember he was very good in our run to the CL Final, a full international for a proper footballing nation in the Ivory Coast. Poor signing and he’s stuck around for five years, Major mistake from the big man to not give AMN the full 90.

  60. Wallace


    yeah, people forget how good Eboue was that first season. I think Wenger might go with Gabriel at RB until Bellerin returns, but would love to see AMN get a shot at it.

  61. Dream10


    Payet is having another top season. Don’t think Gabriel can handle him tbh.
    Either Coquelin or AMN the best choice. We have many squad players who are not capable of being starting material for a top side imo.

    The next two and half weeks is the most testing time of the season so far. Three of the next four PL matches away from home at West Ham, Everton and Man City, along w/ a home match against Stoke. Eight points from those four would be good, 9 or more would be excellent. Need to get the habit of consecutive draws out of our system. Last season, I thought our title challenge was unlikely after back to back draws away to Stoke & Liverpool in January.

  62. Wenker-wanger

    Why does Wenger continue?…. What is motivating him? He would be better off becoming a postman, librarian or office clerk. He clearly is a failure at what he attempts to achieve. His 4th place and last 16 is not progress, his reasonable quality players will get that far without his influence anyway.His ego far outweighs his basic consideration of making arsenal a top notch club that competes with the top clubs in Europe.Not knowing when to quit is a sportsman’s worst enemy, if Wenger was a boxer the boxing board would have cancelled his license to save the tosser from further punishment.

  63. ughelligunner

    Looks like Pedro’s just noticed joe on this blog…what the hell. We all have been saying that he wants and enjoys us losing. I thought you were just supporting him because he is a wenger out supporter. Now i know, you never belived us, now you have seen it with your own eyes.
    P.S. Why are people acting surprised that we losed out after a million times in the carling cup? Wenger just uses it to know which upcoming player to promote and cut lose. I know for sure Jekinson is done. Ramsey next.

  64. ughelligunner

    Dream 10, the analytical stats machine has given us two players who cant cut it at the highest level. Gabriel and Elneny, but we cant have 24 worldclass or top class players in the team, we need squad players to boost play, and thats what they are.

  65. Dream10


    Agree that you can’t have 20 top class players, but it puts heavy pressure on the main men. Hope Sanchez and Giroud don’t get inured.

  66. Confidentgoner


    You make it so easy on yourself and Wenger. We are not the only team that bloods youngsters in this competition. All teams do. I don’t need thus match to tell me that Jenk, Elneny, Ramsey, Gibbs need to take their craft elsewhere .

    What did he see in Pedro in a team needing tall and fast and strong players? Why waste money to buy misfits?

    I know you support Wenger which is your right, but he has not done what is in our best interest as a club.

    We need a Cetzola replacement. We need a fast winger. We need a good striker ( I hear he wanted Auybeymeyang and was ready to pay 90 mil Euros). We need a left back and a right back. Strong players, pact players, hungry, made for the EPL. Wenger has not served us what we need to be winners.

  67. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger putting all his efforts in the FACup…after all 4th place is a trophy the CL last 16 is acceptable with the European giants unfairly engaged in financial doping…..and the Micky mouse league cup is only used as a testing ground for his hand picked rookies.
    Good job we didn’t play manure last night it may have been another 8-goal thrashing.
    I refuse to believe he is going in may, as such hopeful joy could get horribly destroyed if the useless cnut gets another contract.

  68. mysticleaves

    something is fundamentaly wrong with Wenger coaching drills. check this out

    El Neny: before arsenal, very industrious and forward thinking player, was more attack minded than defence minded. took shots regularly and landed quited a few. at arsenal, pony sideways passer who is neither good going forward nor in defence

    Arshavin; before arsenal, the creative hub of his ZSP and russian teams. at arsenal, shunted to the left and gradually killed

    Gabriel: assured defender in la liga. among the best for a season and half before we signed him. at arsenal, turned to shit, very jittery, cant pass nor is aware.

    Xhaka; monster CDM in Germany. at arsenal, too early to judge but the signs point to shit.

    chamack: very good striker who could play with his back to goal, had speed to terrorise defences and could actually finish in big matches. was always ever present and even had a consecutive goals record in the CL group stages back then. at arsenal, turned to shit that was always looking for lay offs and one touch passes.

    perez; before arsenal, same perfomances like chamack (at least in his last season). at atsenal, too early to judge but you can already see he will turn out like chamack.

    why i highlighted these players is that i have the belief they could have worked in any other team that had better coaching or guidiance. there is something wrong with how arsenal coach his players.

    infact i am struggling to remember who wenger has signed for the first team in the recent past that actually went ahead to dominate the league or atleast tried to. Sanchez is an obvious exception but you get the feeling he doesnt actually listen to Wenger, else his playing style would have changed.

  69. GoonerDave

    Is it a case of fringe players not getting enough game time or simply that we need better quality in reserve?
    Its easier to excuse young players, but Jenkinson, Ransey, Perez etc. are hardly youths. Our experienced players were simply not up for the game last night. Lacked desire, maybe thought it would be easy, but credit to Southampton for wanting it more.

  70. Emiratesstroller

    Here is a summary of our current first team squad:

    The following players are good enough for starting X1
    Cech [GK],Bellerin [RFB], Mustafi and Koscielny [CB], Xhaka [CMF],Walcott[W], Ozil [AMF], Sanchez [ST] 8 players

    The following players are good enough for squad and I would keep:
    Ospina [GK], Holding [CB]+, Monreal [LB], Elneny [CMF], Cazorla*,Coquelin [DMF], Giroud [ST], Welbeck [ST/W], Iwobi [W]+ 9 players

    The following players should be reviewed at end of season to decide whether to keep or offload:
    Gabriel [CB], Ramsey [CMF], Wilshire [CMF], Oxlade-Chamb [W] 4 players.

    The following players should be sold, released or loaned out:
    Szczesny [GK], Debuchy [RB], Jenkinson [RB], Gibbs [LB], Mertesacker [CB], Chambers [CB], Campbell [SS/W], Lucas [ST], Sanogo [ST], Akpom [ST] 10 Players.

    * Cazorla is good enough to play regularly in first team when fit, but age and fitness need now to be factored in.

    + Holding and Iwobi are good young prospects, but not ready for regular
    place in first team.

    I would cut current squad to maximum 20 experienced players plus an
    additional 4 good young prospects. The club must not hang onto to its

  71. Steveyg87

    Well what do you know? we lose a game and the comment section is alive and kicking again.. only positive from yesterday was Wenger admitting that we were shit yesterday. Hopefully he pulls his finger out.. too many players taking this club for a ride.. i look at players like Gibbs who has been given chance after chance and dont take it.. Wengers passiveness has spread throughout the club

  72. WengerEagle

    ‘had speed to terrorise defences’

    Nope, that was never Chamakh.

    We signed him purely based off the fact he was free and went on that flukey but nonetheless impressive goal scoring run in the UCL 5 consecutive matches or something the season before.

    His record in Ligue 1 was turd for a CF.

  73. Bamford10

    Good to hear that fans booed after the game last night and that Wenger heard this. This really must be his final season.

  74. Emiratesstroller

    My real concern in recent games is Wenger’s huge turnover of personnel.

    We have made between 7-10 changes in these games. More often than not it has impacted negatively on the team’s performance.

    Arsenal have of course in past failed to rotate properly, but now we seem to be going in an entirely different direction.

    Yesterday’s performance demonstrated not only the lack of Wenger’s interest in this competition, but that we have on our books too many “overpaid” players on our books who should not be playing for Arsenal and are
    either not motivated or good enough to play for us.

  75. Bamford10

    ‘Liverpool are considering a £20million January swoop for Celtic star Moussa Dembele. With Danny Ings injured and Sadio Mane set to be away for a month at the Africa Cup of Nations Jurgen Klopp is in the market for attacking reinforcements.’ – Mirror

  76. Micheal

    It’s the management that lies at the heart of our club’s shocking performances. Sure some players were shit last night. But Southampton did not field their first eleven and played us off the park.
    The fundamental problem is that Wenger cannot motivate his players to perform. Even those on the fringe, who were trying to break through, were lethargic, slow, lacking motivation.
    Only 6 months to go.

  77. steve

    Time for Wenger to fuck off along with all the deadweight.

    Debuchy, Gibbs, Gabriel, Ramsey, Perez, Chamberlain, Sanogo, Welbeck, Jenkinson, Akpom, Elneny, Asano, Campbell, Szczesny and Chambers.

    There’s always atleast 10 dross players in the club every season. Shocking managing.

  78. Arsenal not Arsene

    Spot on mystic . Surely it’s clear for everyone to see most if not all of our problems point to how the team is coached.The problem at Arsenal is Wenger has no pressure whatsoever to perform. Get a manager who will be on his toes to trying to impress and win things so as to save his job and see how this bunch of players will be transformed. We need a fresh start. Arsenal is soo stale it’s not even funny anymore.

  79. Spanishdave

    Wenger is a fraud of a manager, he started well a got lucky.
    Since 2006 he’s done nothing just hoping something would turn up.
    It hasn’t , he cannot do tactics which is clear when you see Ramsey just ball chasing.
    He is done for but the money’s to good the greedy arsehole will hang on , demonstrating that he loves himself and not Arsenal

  80. Vote leave

    Man you lot are deluded

    You all day there’s no pressure on wenger

    What other clubs fans boo their own team like we do??
    Remember the Eboue situation
    He was only on for 20 mins before the spoiled selfish brats that frequent our ground ruined his co fidence to such an extent he had to leave the club.

    Wenger is under pressure

  81. Thank you and goodnight

    @Vote leave

    I mean how is he under pressure. Pressure to come 4th? Pressure to win the title? Pressure to win CL? because aside from 4th place he hasn’t achieved anything else for 13 and 20 years respectively. So if he was really under pressure wouldn’t of he got the sack by now?

  82. Wallace


    your team’s on an 8 game winning streak and you’re still showing up every day trolling an Arsenal blog?

    you not get on with the other Chelsea boys?

  83. Batistuta

    Hard to believe Wenger is under any sort of pressure at all,he’d have gotten the sack a long time ago if he was

  84. vicky

    “Looks like Santi will need to go under the knife.”

    That’s our whatever little chance of winning the league gone. We just need to draw Barca in the next round of CL to complete the annual ritual.

  85. Red&White4life

    “Wenger is under pressure”

    @Vote leave : thanks a lot, I’m having a good laugh.

    I guess that, with Santi’s career coming to its end (let’s be realistic) we will fight harder than ever for the 4th spot this season.

    Different years, same old wenger’s shit.

    Yes, sometimes – more and more often – you feels tired to be a Gooner…