If Arsenal play for the draw, it’ll confirm a lot about Spurs / United

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Good morning f*cktards. What? We live in a world where being offended is about to be criminalised… so you know, deal with it mushroom face.

What could possibly offend me this evening? Carl J going up against PSG. The boy is a worker, but he’s not the most mobile of right backs and he is prone to the odd ‘oh my, oh my’ moment. However, we do have a home game, so hopefully he’ll be energised and give that extra 10%. SUNDAY LEAGUE STYLE AFTER AN ORANGE AND A HALF TIME FAG (America, that means cigarette in England).

Midfield is going to be very interesting this evening. How Wenger sets up is going to tell us a lot about the Spurs and United games. Has he become strategic with his old age, or is he just in love with Coquelin regardless of how that impacts our style?

I suspect he’s playing the long game, but I can’t be sure. Tonight, if we win, we go through top of the group and we could face Madrid after Dortmund bulldozed Warsaw 8-4 last night (think they’ll top the group)! Most games are tough in the Champions League last 16, so we’ll face a tough game regardless, but I think  it’s important for progress that we power through to the next round in a better position than we have over the past 6 seasons. At least give our odds of a weaker team a chance.

My gut is that he’ll play for the draw tonight, so we’ll see a double pivot of sorts. I’d image that’d be Coquelin or Elneney… or maybe he Xhaka in place of the Egyptian. I’d also suspect we’ll see more of Ramsey outwide. Wenger possibly spooked by Iwobi’s poor showing against Spurs, and also in love with Aaron Ramsey becoming the world class winger we know he’s incapable of becoming.

It’s an interesting opportunity for Arsenal to showcase their tactical teeth against PSG. They’re managed by a seasoned thinker in Emery. He said recently his team watch games at least 12 times back. He’s been hired by PSG based on his European pedigree, netting 3 Europa League’s in a row, recently out thinking Jurgen Klopp in Basel. PSG spurned some outrageous chances in the last game, so we know we’ll have to be at our best if we’re going to keep them quiet today because their record in the league has improved, as has Cavani’s eye in front of goal.

Arsenal need to pull a performance out of the bag tonight. If it’s a hard fought draw in which it feels like we had the right to be at the same table as PSG, I’ll be happy. If it’s a weak cowardly performance like the one at United, or a meek set up that doesn’t deliver much, like the Spurs game, I’ll  start to worry we’re punching above our weight this season. Or, not capable of reaching the heights.

Not that Dortmund are the be all and end all, but they’re out their launching destruction on teams this season. Liverpool and Chelsea have a magic about the way they’re now going about things, they have that intangible 6th or 7th gear. I’ve not really seen that from Arsenal this year (bar Ludogorets), and it’s about time we dished out a more consistent showing of who we want to be on our best days. I think part of becoming Champions is looking like them. Very rarely does a team without a consistent style or feel about them take the title. I can see who Chelsea want to be this year, I can’t really see who Arsenal want to be? The style has improved, but it’s still very wishy washy.

PSG at home would be a great place to start, a win takes us top… but I’m sensing a pattern here, and I think we might play for the draw.

Let’s see how it pans out!

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  1. Dream10


    Cavani wasted a few opportunities in the two matches against us. But, his movement is excellent. He made Koscielny and Mustafi look ordinary. He’s a terrific athlete

  2. karim


    Agree, he can be very wasteful at times but you have to create those opportunities, they’re not served on a platter and he’s one of the best when it comes to calling the ball in dangerous areas.
    Plus he works his socks off !

    His goal ratio remains excellent this season.

  3. Wallace


    “Think you being harsh on Ramsey. He was perhaps the only starter who had a good game.”

    it wasn’t a comment on Ramsey’s performance, more a struggle to understand Wenger’s thinking. if we’re going to progress as a side Xhaka has to be given the chance to prove he can be as influential as some of us think he can be.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Reading some of the comments you would think that we played well last night. I was at the game and we played badly.

    The shots on target confirm that fact and also the number of wasteful passes as well.

    We have blown the opportunity to finish first in the group because PSG have scored two goals, which means the outcome in Basel will be meaningless. PSG
    will beat Ludogorets in Paris.

    I would now treat the Basel game in the same way as we play in League Cup and send out our reserves. Players like Ozil, Sanchez, Mustafi and Koscielny
    need a rest and to be honest we need to find the best solutions in midfield,
    because the way we are playing there at moment is very poor.

    My team for Basel if everyone is match fit would be:
    Ospina,Debuchy,Holding,Gabriel,Gibbs,Elneny,Xhaka,Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey,Iwobi,Lucas

  5. Dream10

    Finishing first or second is not a big deal. Because judging by our performances in the last three matches, we’ll be beaten fairly comfortably by the majority of the teams who advance.

    AW is making the same mistakes with the CM pairing. Not having someone who can pass into the final third last year is what cost us the title.

  6. Thank you and goodnight


    Spot on. I’d also like to ask what’s really changed from last year or the year before that.

  7. Red&White4life

    Arsenal vs Spuds ==> arsène “pleased with point”

    Arsenal vs manure ==> theo “pleased with point”, hails “mental response”

    Arsenal vs paris ==> wenger “pleased with point”, “hails Ze mental ztrength”…

    ==> lol

  8. Masterstroke

    I didn’t see the game, but did Sanchez dive for his penalty? Reason I ask is because Untold are in complete denial, which suggests to me that he did.

  9. GoonerDave

    So many draws.
    For all the talk there’s been about belief and confidence this season, we still seem afraid to impose our game on quality opposition unless they are having a shocker.
    And Cazorla back, ASAP please. We are child-like without him.

  10. Red&White4ever

    Arsenal smashing bournemouth >> expected quotes >>

    “we are title contenders”
    “we sent a strong message”
    “ozil was amazing (lol)”
    “we showed our ability to bounce back”
    “we were nerver worried by those draws”…

    Oh oh oh to be a Gooner, under arsène wenger – nice rhyme!! lol

  11. Steveyg87

    “I didn’t see the game, but did Sanchez dive for his penalty? ”

    Looks like very minimal contact, any top player would have made a meal of it

  12. WengerEagle

    Well that was depressing to watch last night, fuck me we got a point and we’re technically still unbeaten but we’ve once again surrendered topping the group to a very average PSG side if truth be told, was shocked by how much worse they looked than even last season.

    We’re chugging our way through November, not losing games but not winning them either and the weathered and borderline gutless performances are all too familiar.

    Hard to praise anybody individually after the match, thought that Ramsey was actually one of our better players but not surprised to see him catch a verbal smacking on here. Even he was pretty average, I’m just reaching for positives.

    Coquelin was dire, as was Mustafi (form has deserted him of late), Giroud was ineffective but received no proper service and did well to win (showed desire to win back possession in their third) and dispatch the penalty.

    Sanchez wasn’t lacking in endeavour and effort but once again he didn’t produce the quality that was needed on the night.

    Ozil was awful, felt that he was one of our worst performers, constantly being bullied out of possession and running down into blind alleys on the wing, was a nice reverse pass for the penalty incident mind.

    Ospina was solid tbf to him, wouldn’t blame him for either goal and his distribution was very good.

    Iwobi I thought was poor, showed heart and was our only forward beside Sanchez who had the guts to impose himself on the ball and actually look to make things happen, execution was mostly woeful unfortunately and his dribbles were mostly dispossessed. Such a silly decision to put his head on an easy catch for Ospina too, ended up costing us the match.

    Jenko is a good lad but fuck me is he way out of his depth out there, embarrassing to watch at times. We badly need a reliable Hector replacement.

    Kozzer was better than Mustafi but he was crap too. He lost Cavani for the goal even though it was mainly Mustafi’s fault letting Matuidi coast past him looking for a stupid offside.

    Gibbs was Gibbs, lightweight going forward and hopeless tracking back. Barely noticed him for 90 mins barring a few tackles towards the end.

    The 3 subs weren’t given enough time to have any effect on the game whatsoever, not that they even would have necessarily. All gave a nondescript 15-20 mins.

  13. WengerEagle


    Haha are you well pal? Feel sorry for the likes of Claude who put themselves through the same amount of shite each year going on virtually nothing but blind faith that it will be different and end up putting on 10-15 pounds from drowning the strong stuff and comfort eating themselves into next week.

    It’s not worth the mindfuck, I honestly don’t get upset anymore when we lose.

  14. S.Asoa

    Akbs are celebrating draws nowadays. Wenger really personifies “Average” and “meh”.

    Defining comment of the year

  15. Jasongms

    “It’s not worth the mindfuck, I honestly don’t get upset anymore when we lose.”

    Same , its become a mind numbing Experience under Wenger ..

  16. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger Eagle

    Ozil has not played well in last two games, but in the second half he attempted to make an effort. On several occasions he was left completely isolated with absolutely no-one to pass the ball to.

    That was incidentally the problem with other players including Iwobi and Sanchez as well. There was absolutely no movement or understanding between the players on the field.

    What gets my craw was that Wenger sat in his seat and did not react to what was going on. He delayed bringing on Xhaka, Walcott and Ox until it was too

    The irony was Xhaka was kept waiting at least 5 minutes on touchline before
    being brought on. In that time Iwobi who was to be taken off conceded an own
    goal. The question I ask is would you choose to bring on Xhaka for the corner
    or keep on a tired Iwobi.

    I am not going to blame Wenger for everything that has happened in last two
    games. The players have to take some responsibility, but a top experienced manager should be able to make the right judgments. I have said for a long
    time that Wenger fails to do so.

  17. WengerEagle

    ‘What gets my craw was that Wenger sat in his seat and did not react to what was going on’

    Now where have we seen this before? It’s every poxy week with him, like clockwork. Could count the amount of times in an entire season he makes any changes before the 70 min mark in big matches on one hand and that’s being generous factoring in injuries/sending-offs.

    I thought Ozil was poor but so were all of the forwards and midfield, no one really comes out of yesterday with any credit. Limp-dick performance once again at the Emirates where we should be beating a PSG there for the taking missing their most dangerous player in Di Maria.

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    @Wenger Eagle

    I’m good mate and you? You all good? I agree I no longer lose sleep over our results anymore. Things will only change when Wenger goes, just hoping to God they don’t give him another 3 years

  19. kc

    So it’s second place in the group again for the Sixth season in a row. Fantastic. This team will never win shite until Wenger Fucks Off. He’s a useless 8 million quid parasite at this point.

  20. WengerEagle


    All good here man, how are the little ones, running you ragged? 😀

    I haven’t given too much of a shit since 2011 tbh, 2010-11 was the last season I actually believed in the team and felt that we had a proper shout at the BPL. After selling Fabregas and Nasri both in their prime and replacing them with mid-tier level players I knew that the jig was up, 2011-12 was bordering on just for laughs with the 8-2 at OT because we would have finished mid-table were it not for RVP.

    Long gone are the days where teams would worry about the Arsenal, Wenger’s turned us into a laughing stock (at least Neuer and Bayern think so).

  21. kc

    The rope has been given over and over, and over and over Wenger hangs himself every year. We play in four competitions every year yet Wenger refuses to buy quality backup players so he can properly rotate. Big stadium, small club. It’s got so tired. Yawn.

  22. Red&White4ever

    “Ozil has not played well in last two games”
    Mesut has played the 2 last games ???

    “Wenger’s turned us into a laughing stock (at least Neuer and Bayern think so).”
    Messi and co thinks the same thing.

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    @Wenger Eagle

    Yeah little sods running me ragged….gits!
    Totally agree with you in terms of wenger turning us into a laughing stock. People claiming last night’s draw was a good result are talking nonsense. This is a good psg side but nothing special, we should of beaten them home and away in my opinion. As usual it’s the same old failings from Arsenal this year again

  24. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger’s Eagle

    It might have been different if Wenger had brought on fresh legs after 70 minutes, but on this occasion it was almost 80 minutes before he did so.

    The reality is that Arsenal as a team under Wenger’s management are predictable.

    Each year we struggle against the same teams, miss out on first spot in our
    group Champions League AND have a poor November.

    You would have thought that by now a Manager of Wenger’s experience would be able to resolve these problems. The reality is that he does not.

    This is no longer a matter of Wenger bashing, but the stagnant and too comfortable culture that continues to exist at the club.

    PSG were missing at least four of their major players and yet completely outplayed and outthought our team. That was obvious to everyone sitting around me in the stadium.

  25. Red&White4ever

    “Granit Xhaka was arguably Arsenal’s best player in the north London derby, but he has dropped out of the team since then. ”

    that’s because wenger nose best lol

  26. Alex James

    Once again, people are misjudging Wenger. He is a master strategist. He knows we cannot win the CL, so arranges for us to get knocked out as soon as possible. This will leave us to make a serious challenge for the Premiership. A proper master plan do you see? Lol.

  27. Jeff

    No need for Arsenal to panic. Quite right. When we exit the CL in the next round, we’ll be free to concentrate on fourth. Win-win I say.

  28. Red&White4ever

    another wenger gem : “we can wonder, when you look at the other groups, if it is really an advantage to finish first”

    another gem from kos : “this is not over yet”

  29. Spanishdave

    It’s the same pattern each year, loose first game, panic buy, good run against mid table clubs, hit November can’t best bigger clubs, little run of results at Christmas, Feb back to bad run, pick up when it’s too late and get 4th. Year in year out. Stagnant , looser of a manager, they are afraid to chuck him out, because he’s the big I am.

  30. Steveyg87

    Fucking miserable lot you are, you do realise it was PSG right? 2nd half we matched them pound for pound and unlucky to only have a point. We havent turned in to world beaters overnight, lets be realistic here

  31. Steveyg87

    Having said that, Wenger isn’t doing himself any favours with his team selection!
    See he was battling with his jackets zip again last night, some things never change

  32. ArseneisaFraud


    But don’t you think that we should be?

    Are we an elite club (which is what we all here are expecting us to be) or are we a club happy to act like a mid table club that keeps getting lucky in finishing 4th?

    This is what bothers me so much…. we should be punching above our weight (which was what that stadium move was all about, right?) yet you lot are all to happy to settle with mediocrity.

  33. Wallace

    “This is what bothers me so much…. we should be punching above our weight…yet you lot are all to happy to settle with mediocrity.”

    why should we be punching ‘above’ our weight?

  34. Joe


    What is our weight. 4th and round of 16th.

    What should it be. Competing for 1st and at least semi – finals /final every few years. I’f atletico /Dortmund/juve can do it so can we.

    What would it be with a manager with a fucking clue. League within 2. CL within 3-5

  35. ArseneisaFraud

    Are you happy to be paying that kind of money every year to just watch Arsenal finish minimum 4th and to be booted out at the last round of 16 in the CL?

  36. Joe

    Beating PSG is not punching above our weight. It’s the level we should be. Under another manager we would. Be.

    That’s the wenger loser mentality he has instilled in the team and fans like Wallace etc

    Being outplayed by a crap Man U and spuddies at home.

    But draws were good results they say hha

  37. Joe

    Arsenal have stagnated as a joke because of wenger. That’s it.

    Not because of Ramsey. Not because of injury to cazorls. Not because of Ozil.

    All because of the cunt of a loser we have as manager.

  38. WengerEagle

    ‘Fucking miserable lot you are, you do realise it was PSG right? 2nd half we matched them pound for pound and unlucky to only have a point. ‘

    Are you having a laugh?

    PSG aren’t all they are cracked up to be, sue they are still stacked with internationals and they have some worldie talent in Veratti, Silva, Cavani but they aren’t an elite side. They were there for the taking yesterday, both of our goals were incredibly fortunate one being a penalty we didn’t deserve and the other being a freak own goal, they also scored through Iowbi sticking it into our net but at least they opened us up a fair few times, we never looked like creating anything for 89 mins and they knocked it about for most of the match as if we were in Paris.

    We also got dominated by a United side in the middle of a crisis, Spurs at home too we looked just about anything but convincing.

  39. Joe


    Wenger saying something like
    We showed great fight to come
    Back but got down by an own goal. Failing to mention
    That it was an OG and a questionable
    Penalty (again lucky) that got us back in the game.

    And dudes like
    Steveyg lap it up.

    Happy with a draw vs spuds, Man U and PSG. Especially in
    The conditions the first two
    Teams were in

    Give me
    A break.

  40. vicky

    I think we should regularly make it to the Q/F stage of UCL with occasional S/F appearances. To suggest round of 16 is our standard is setting the bar very low. Till last year we were in pot 1 of UCL meaning winning our group was a reasonable expectation and winning our group would entail more chances of getting a pot 2 team in the round of 16.So reaching the quarter finals regularly wasn’t a big ask. Forget reaching Q/F regularly, we haven’t reached there even once in last 6 attempts.

    And of course we should have won 2 EPL titles in last 12 years- we should have won it last year and at least one between 2008 to 2010.

  41. Alexanderhenry

    Regardless of what all the doom and gloomers on here think, arsenal are in a strong position. We’ve stuttered in november as have man city and spurs, but this month hasn’t been as bad as many of you had hoped.

    Playing back to back PL and CL games relatively early in the season has ruined us in past but because we now have a bigger squad, we have coped this time around.

    I believe the team will come back strongly and challenge.

    Long way to go.

  42. Joe

    Coped?? We’ve dropped 6 of 9 points vs boro, spuddies and Man U in which alex I’m
    Sure you would have though we got at least 7 out of 9.

    We dropped to 2nd in the CL group.

    We haven’t won a match in November bar ludo which means fuck all
    As we will
    Still finish 2nd in the group

    Please alex tell
    Me in all your wisdom how we have coped.

  43. Wenker-wanger

    Once again: not impressed. Some good possession, some great spins from sanchez. But overall if I were a last 16 team I would hope I would draw arsenal.Theres not a lot to fear is there ?
    It’s the same old routine and we are 4th in the league and look like qualifying for CL in second. Wenger’s equilibrium could be admired in a business selling reasonable but not top grade commodities and pulling a steady profit. But this is football and fans want and expect some change in the continued predictability. Would you take the risk of finishing 8th or top this season in say the flick of a coin? I know I would. Leicester city’s seasons last and current I would take over our likely fate this season. Arsenal under Wenger are just boring. Plain and simple

  44. Wenker-wanger

    That bloke on face time is probably married. Happy to use the excuse of watching wankger’s arsenal whilst having luxury time to phone his g/f.
    Wengers arsenal can be useful.

  45. Alexanderhenry


    Usually, I avoid answering your posts because I’d rather not waste the five minutes of my precious life it takes to reply your brainless nonsense.

    Anyway, as the crystal clear logic of my argument has evaded your walnut sized brain, I’ll make an exception this time.

    I used the word ‘cope’ because that’s what we’ve done. We haven’t excelled, we haven’t won every game and I admit we haven’t been playing particularly well. However, considering how this time of year has effected us in the past, we have kept things steady which is encouraging.

    Playing back to back PL and CL games is gruelling for any team. Spurs are out and Man city with twice our resources and arguably the best manager in the world, have also struggled.
    Chelsea and Liverpool have had one game a week and we’ve had two. It’s not surprising their form has been better than ours.

    I fancy us to put a strong run together in december and the new year, and I’m looking forward to seeing wellbeck return.

    You are on the other hand are looking forward to nothing, and can bore everyone to death and spoil this blog with your defeatist, wenger obsessive, misinformed abusive crap as much as you like.

    I remain cautiously optimistic and I’m certainly not going to apologise for supporting the team.

  46. Joe

    ” Brainless nonsense”. Coming from the moron who spewed wenger had no money all summer or last summer and kronke never gives him any only for wenger to spend 90m this summer hHaha.

    It’s you that’s brainless and misinformed.
    As proven by your relentless ranting about kronke this summer and last. Especially when wenger himself has come out and said kronke never holds him back

    Boring. Fuck me man. You ever read your.posts. They are great to read when I have trouble getting to sleep at the fire hall. I laugh at you then bore myself roght to sleep reading your crap

    “I fancy us to put a strong run together in december and the new year, and I’m looking forward to seeing wellbeck return”

    Haha because when in the last 12 seasons have we shown to be able to do this? And trust me , this season is no different.

    Wellbeck. Hahahah. Another “Ramsey” completely over hyped player by the Akbs who is bang average. What’s he done in an Arsenal jersey or man I Jersey to warrant being excited about.

    You a deluded first class moron alex

    You support arsene wenger not Arsenal because if you did , you would see the forest for the trees.

  47. Joe

    cautiously optimistic

    Because you just won’t accept the fact wenger is a past it loser who is way out of his depth.

    And you’re just praying he proves you right because you’ve been so deludedly Loyal
    To the fraud.

  48. Goonereris

    “Coped?? We’ve dropped 6 of 9 points vs boro, spuddies and Man U in which alex I’m
    Sure you would have though we got at least 7 out of 9. We dropped to 2nd in the CL group.”

    Joe, if you have already concluded Wenger and the team are poor and cannot achieve anything good, I envy you as you are in a good place….. with NO expectations of the Arsenal. What worries me though, is how hurt you sound after the team only goes to ‘prove you right’. There’s something seriously wrong with such a disposition. Is there something I miss?

  49. Goonereris

    I can understand the Wankfest if we lose, but what we’ve done is make a play for the 1st place, after already qualifying for the next stage. I have seen the game a second time and in my view, we played well against a very good side but were too nervous at times, to finish it off (we seemed more interested in avoiding a loss). PSG will beat most top sides as they have very technical players well stocked in the side and do not lack in physicality. But, they would know they were in a game too. Ramsey played well, contrary to the criticisms seen here; he was intelligent most times, trying to retain possession and did a lot of pressing. Being in 2nd place could also throw up such teams as Benfica or Beskitas, so let’s just await the draws.

  50. Wenker-wanger

    The difference between wenger-outs and AKBs can be summed up by the reaction following your missus being caught shagging the bloke next door. Wenger outs would throw the pair out with varying degrees of violence, whilst AKBs would cry and ask “what have I done to make you do this to me” and ask the bloke how he gets his sweet Williams to look so good every summer. Afterwards he would apologise for bursting in on the couple.

  51. Joe

    Joe, if you have already concluded Wenger and the team are poor and cannot achieve anything good, I envy you as you are in a good place….. with NO expectations of the Arsenal. What worries me though, is how hurt you sound after the team only goes to ‘prove you right’. There’s something seriously wrong with such a disposition. Is there something I miss?

    If you can’t figure out what’s going to
    After 12 years with the same
    Fraud in charge.

    Then I can’t help you. My 4 year old knows wenger is past it, washed up and a fraud.

    But you can’t seem
    Figure it out and think this year is different and we are going to challenge

    Is there something I

    Please tell me, other than being lucky in
    Most matches this season, what gives you hope in seeing most of our performances this season?

    And now Usimg November as some
    Of scapegoat.
    You know
    How ridiculous that sounds? Putting blame on what month it is.

    Hilarious and ridiculous at best.