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As news slinked in the back door that Theresa May had her Snoopers Charter passed, the realities of the dark surveillance laws came into the mainstream… and you know what, I bloody like it.

Serge Aurier kicked back at the border for being a bad man. Good work Theresa, good work.

In slightly less promising news, Wenger had given up on Santi Cazorla’s inflamed Achilles… he’s out for at least two weeks, which means a month, which means early February. Terrible mismanagement of a players fitness that we called here early on in the season. He’s a great player, but far too integral to our starting 11 considering he’s 32 next month. I don’t know who could replace him, but god damn it, those scouts best have a decent solution.

I mean, to be honest, our midfield could limit the loss of Santi by sparking up the passing ability, bringing in Xhaka as a DM and seeing whether Aaron Ramsey can function in a central role he’s always pined after.

My guess is we’ll see a beastly double pivot against PSG. The goal is not to lose, which seems to have been the objective of the Spurs and the United game. I’m sensing a Coquelin and Elneney move here. It’ll be interesting to see if we can snuff out their attacking threat under the pressure of potentially losing our top spot… something we’ve consistently done over the last 6 years.

Mixed stories about Rambo, some say he has a toe injury… Wenger says we’ll have everyone from the weekend back. Good news that Debuchy and Lucas are training. Happy days.

It’ll be interesting to see what Wenger does up front. Will he play Sanchez again, after the horrible week he’s had… or do you think he’ll opt for Giroud to hold the ball up and bully PSG’s back 4? It’s going to be an interesting game, that’s for sure. Smash PSG at home and qualify, or play it safe, grab a draw and make sure we don’t do an Arsenal in the last game.

Anyway, it’ll be exciting regardless.

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  1. Bamford10

    I’d probably go with something like this:


    But Wenger will probably do this:


  2. freddylekgunner

    Sanchez shouldn’t start tomorrow match, he deserves a rest. Iwobi should start on the left and Giroud up top with either Walcott or Ox on the right.

  3. Revel

    I would love to zee thiz….
    Wolcott _______________________Ozil___________________________Alexiz

  4. igbo Amadi-Obi

    First, I worry about PSG. No team has dominated us this season like they did in Paris. They created chance after chance. It was down to one man’s profligacy and another’s agility that we didn’t lose by a wide margin. Playing at home might not change much.

    On Santi, we have Wenger to blame for not planning well in the summer. Achilles and knee ligament in one season at 32 should spell end of top flight footie. I don’t see him recovering fully. 2-3 games at a stretch is the most we should hope to get from him before he’s off again for a couple of months. Sad end to an unfulfilled career, I fear.

  5. Revel

    I would love to zee thiz….
    Wolcott _______________Ozil_________________Alexiz

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Difficult one to predict tomorrow night, should be a really good game though, PSG will likely go with Motta, Verratti and Matuidi as a middle three, Rabiot being out. That is a pretty strong centre, we don’t really have a response to that so probably best to try and just contain it and play around it, go after Meunier (I think) who will drop in for the missing Aurier.

    The worry though is if Di Maria is fit, given Monreal’s performance at Old Trafford and in general this season, that could give us some problems, ditto with Jenkinson on the other side. Could well end up being a game where both sides target the flanks.

  7. Sky

    I can see a lot of people don’t want to accept that Ramsey is an average footballer. You don’t put a player that looses the ball continuously in central midfield. You need a player that can control play and hold the ball under pressure. Ramsey is not good enough and people need to accept this.

    Theo Walcot is even a more better player than Ransey and that says a lot about how average Ramsey is.

  8. Batistuta


    Amazing everyone putting up team sheets and still putting Ramsey in there, a bit like they just don’t want to accept that no matter where you play him,he’s an absolutely shit footballer

  9. Batistuta

    Loving what Sampaoli is doing at Sevilla,almost impossible to predict what formation they playing but seems the 3-5-2 is going to be around for a while yet

  10. vicky

    Watching Spurs vs Monaco. Spurs’ football these days is all about hustle-bustle and physicality. For a team contending for the league title, they severely lack creativity and craft.

  11. Sky


    I don’t even know what Ramsey brings to the team. His technique, passing, attacking and defensive abilities are so average. Elneny is a better footballer than Ramsey.

  12. Chiboy

    my worry is d right back position…jenkinson Is nt good enough to play fr us! against united he ws totally poor, he couldnt attack or defend f**k! the ox can feel in thr. I knw dt sounds crazy bh trust me.

  13. Kelvin

    Deep down the Ramsey fan boys know he is crap but they just hoping he proves them wrong. Once upon a time i used to call him General Rambo, Maximus,…smh….but it was just for a few months.

  14. Frankie T

    Why does everyone think Coq can only play with Santi. Like as soon as Santi is out we have to find a brand new combination. Santi is out so bring Xhaka in.
    People dreaming up this combo of Ramsey and Xhaka but let’s be honest Ramsey is awful.
    There will be a day when Ramsey plays central midfield and we are playing awful. He will get sent off and then we will suddenly look like a team with ten players just because he’s not out there being a waste of space.

  15. Joe


    Ramsey had his chance last season to play CM and he was just as bad there as he is out wide.

    He is an
    average player.


  16. vicky

    Tottenham ,unbeaten in EPL ,outplayed by Monaco, the 1-2 scoreline flatters them. Lyon were unlucky to not beat Juve. PSG embarrassed Arsenal a few weeks ago. Some very solid performances from French teams in CL.

  17. karim

    Allez les Bleus ! ( bar tomorrow night, goes without saying )

    Even Lyon can qualify if they beat Sevilla 2/0

    It’s been ages since the French performed on the European stage.

    In your face Red and Blind


  18. karim

    Dortmund win 8/4 with a Reus hat-trick
    Dembele with a hat-trick of assists and a goal.

    They were very good v Bayern too.

    Achtung !

  19. Pierre

    It is of no importance what anyone on here thinks of Ramsey , Wenger loves him and will always find a place for him in the side. …. Wenger will persevere with Ramsey the way he persevered with denilson, bentner , eboue etc even though it is plain to see that Ramsey will continue to hold the side back….
    I actually thought that Wenger would be different this time and not find a place for him. The proof is there for all to see that during the period he was out injured the team functioned better without Ramsey. obviously Wenger thinks that Ramsey adds something to the team …. Weird

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Fingers crossed Theresa May was watching that, that is how you get out of Europe quickly.

    Need Spurs to end up in Europa now, would not be good for them to drop out of Europe entirely and along with Chelsea and Liverpool have nothing to do mid-week but rest up and plan for a weekend fixture.

    Need to find highlights of the BvB game now, ridiculous.

  21. Pierre

    “First, I worry about PSG. No team has dominated us this season like they did in Paris. They created chance after chance. It was down to one man’s profligacy and another’s agility that we didn’t lose by a wide margin. Playing at home might not change much.”

    Though I agree that PSG were the better team on the night and created the better chances ( especially in the first half) the stats actually say the game was not that one sided … Goal attempts , shots on target and possession were all marginal . It was actually a very good result for Arsenal and tomorrow night should be the time to show that we are a better team than PSG . I am looking forward to a good game of football.

  22. Southernpeople

    PL is rubbish the only undefeated team in this league is loosing twice to a team that is 2nd or 3rd best team in the Ligue 1.

    There’s no quality in our league, only physicality.

  23. Batistuta

    Spurs commitment to banter is really admirable it must be said

    Leicester doing what even City with all their money couldn’t do for 2 seasons

  24. rollen

    As news slinked in the back door that Theresa May had her Snoopers Charter passed, the realities of the dark surveillance laws came into the mainstream… and you know what, I bloody like it.

    lol u will get hacked by government spud or AKB

  25. Peter12

    My main worry is when Ramsey tries to play out of defence (around the 18-yard area) by attempting to dribble passed the opposing forwards – and losing the ball and we get punished. He must think he has the skills of (say) Messi; he doesn’t. He is a liability around our goal and should never be allowed to dribble. Actually, he should be barred from dribbling in any part of the field because when he loses the ball when he is (and the rest of the defence) is so far up the field that we get done counter attack.
    In back 4, we have a huge problem with our fullback. Jerks is just not good enough (sadly) and Monreal not quick enough. I don’t know why we ended up in this position. OK, Gibbs would be faster but erratic in defence because he is not a defender by nature. Yucks! Rather than Mustafi I would play Holding. Dhaka is a bit of a problem in that he always gets booked and in danger of getting sent off. Giro U.S. must start up front as he is hungry to play and get get their defence rattled.

  26. grooveydaddy

    spurs should have arguably won that group.

    while not easy by any means, Monaco, Leverkusen, and CSKA are firmly mid to lower end of the CL spectrum at best.

    I think they’ll get a draw or better in their last game to finish 3rd, and play their kids and reserves in EL like they did last year.

  27. Black Hei

    “imagine if Leicester would win CL and then got relegated from PL.”

    The banter will be endless. The history unprecedented. And the legend……

    You can get rich making movies out of this.

  28. Wallace

    shouldn’t go too hard on the Spuds. we found it tough way back when we had to play our CL games at Wembley. and the Europa League is still a great, great competition.

  29. tunnygriffboy


    Will spurs throw the gamev Cska ?

    Who plays for us tonight ?

    I really hope we have a good performance. Win tonight and against a pretty good Bournemouth side on the weekend and November won’t have been awful for us.

  30. Wallace


    I think tonight will be a very good game. would be okay with Giroud getting a start and Alexis on the bench. maybe this –

    Jenks – Mustafi – Koscielny – Monreal
    Coq – Xhaka
    Walcott – Ozil -Iwobi

    would like to see Xhaka/Elneny as I think it’s a pairing that would suit the CL, but think Coq will get the nod over the Egyptian. I’d also gamble and play AMD at RB.

  31. karim

    Di Maria couldn’t finish the training session last night, I doubt he’ll start tonight.
    I think it will be Ben Arfa, don’t know if that’s good news actually.

  32. tunnygriffboy


    I like AMN but this game bit to much of a risk for me.

    Think Alexis will play either on left or right with Giroud. Xhaka has to play with one other. I’m thinking that maybe Gibbs could have a run out soon, Monreal has not been convincing of late.

    If Alexis plays will Wenger once again balance it with Ramsey on the right.? Be very interesting sellection tonight. Oh for Santi ** sigh **

  33. Wallace

    yeah, wouldn’t be surprised to see Gibbs play. hope he doesn’t move Alexis wide to accommodate Giroud. would rather he just play CF for us this season.

    and yeah, shame about Cazorla. any side would miss him as he’s a wonderful player, but think Xhaka can replace him while offering a slightly different skillset.

  34. ughelligunner

    I am not trying to bust the spurs fan boys here, but when they are told that spurs play out their way in the Europa league with their second team and still come out successfully in the Epl because their first teamers are usually rested, people refuse to listen, they keep comparing them to Arsenal. The Euros and now the Champions league has ousted them and those waxy spuds supporting gunners. Neighbour’s Grass always greener.

  35. tunnygriffboy


    To be fair to Giroud he’s probably thinking he’s done enough to get a start. He’s all but kicked the door in.

    For me though he’s become what loads of us have been saying a great plan B. Coming on after an hour of defenders chasing Alexis around he’s been too much for them. From the perspective of the team this use of him has been brilliant. He has been outstanding coming on.

    Would go with Alexis tonight and maybe play Giroud on Saturday v Bournemouth.

    With Santi u/a he surely has to pick Xhaka due to his passing ability. While we know Coquelin and Elneny ability neither has the passing range our ability of the Swiss. As long as Santi is out imo Xhaka has to start every game.

  36. ughelligunner

    Spurs are physical and younger and faster, its favouring them in the Epl, but that wont sop them from chopping and changing in the summer.

  37. Red&White4ever

    “Smash PSG at home and qualify, or play it safe, grab a draw and make sure we don’t do an Arsenal in the last game.”

    I’ll go for the 2nd option lol

  38. ughelligunner

    tunny, players are easily infiltrated by been benched, expecially if they think they have done well over two to three matches. Either they are complaining of been benched or been played in the wrong position.

    Arsenal fans also always complain too much in regards to our players playing on the wrong formation or been benched. Managers and players are supposed to work out ways of helping the team in what ever position. I think wenger’s quiet attitude makes these players dare compalin out. You dont hear Chelsea, Man city or Simeone’s players complaning of been played on the wrong position, neither do fans, instead they praise the manager’s tactical awareness. Only at Arsenal that we see differently

  39. tunnygriffboy

    Nah, win tonight. That means Alexis can then have a rest v Southampton next week and then again in Basle. He gets to get a breather before the midweek (sic) Everton game and the City game on the weekend after.

  40. tunnygriffboy


    Giroud has been unbelievable coming of the bench. For the good of the team that should be his role unless playing a team that parks the bus. However as an individual he probably believes he deserves a chance and I don’t blame him.

    Generally we look more fluid when Alexis plays up top. If we need a change the Giroud comes on. I do wonder though that should Giroud start defenders get used to him and perhaps not the shock he represents when he comes on having been concentrating on Alexis and the problems he presents for the last hour.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are playing this season a 4-3-3 formation with Sanchez and Walcottmore or less guaranteed a place in starting forward lineup and with Giroud, Iwobi and Ox-Chamb competing for the third position.

    The defence is also fairly stable when everyone is fit, although there is some concern about Monreal’s current form.

    The major uncertainty in the current set-up is in midfield. I think that apart from Ozil our Manager has yet to make a decision on his preferred

    Three seasons ago he opted for Cazorla and Coquelin. Both suited each other’s game. Since then Cazorla who will soon be 32 has become injury
    prone. Cazorla is an outstanding footballer, and when match fit should be
    an automatic starter in most games.

    Coquelin is reasonably reliable from a defensive perspective, but is limited in his distribution. He is an excellent player to have in the squad, but
    is never going to be a headliner.

    I hold the view that Xhaka should be starting regularly in the lineup, because he is an intelligent footballer with first class passing skills. The difficulty at the moment is finding the best player to complement him in
    central midfield.

    Personally I don’t think that either Ramsey or Wilshire [currently out on
    loan] are the solution. Both lack the discipline and football intelligence of
    Cazorla to play alongside Xhaka.

    Both are of course good options to have in squad, because of their utilitarian value, but neither is likely to want to stay with club unless guaranteed
    a starting place.

    For this reason I do think that Arsenal will need to recruit a CMF who is
    an upgrade on both these players and is better suited to complement both
    Xhaka and Ozil.

  42. tunnygriffboy


    There were rumours we’ve had conversations with Paredes representitives. He would be a great replacement for Santi

    For the time being with Santi out Xhaka has to start every game with one other. Tonight I’d go with Coquelin to start. You then have the option to bring on Elneny or if we need to chase the game put Ramsey in there.

    Win tonight and the next two midweek games become matches we could rest our important players. We then have Everton away in midweek and city the following weekend. If we could give players a rest it’d be a real bonus.

  43. Ivan

    Few years back there was Lyon purple patch when they dominated Ligue1 i have been handfull in cl. They knocked out RM twice in 3 years if I remeber correct. Meanwhile they got PSG and Monaco pumped up with Arab and Russian money so subseqently ligue quality went up and that shows in CL. On other hand PL got insanely competitive with West Ham and Everton buying 30 mil players. Add to it that PL was allways more phisycal than rest of euro counterparts you get crazy marathon and it shows in CL. Best example is Leicester, sacrifying PL for CL result couse they cant handle both allthough they are reigning PL champions.

  44. Wallace

    “We are unbeaten in the Premier League, close to the top but to compete in the Champions League was tough. Maybe next season, if we are in the Champions League, we need to make some changes. After two and a half years, we have reduced the gap at the top of the Premier League but to be competitive in that and the Champions League, we need to show more.

    “Maybe we need to add more quality in the squad. We have quality, yes, to compete in the Premier League but, today, you could say we struggled a little bit. When you have problems, injuries, it is difficult to be competitive. At the moment, to compete in the Champions League and the Premier League, we struggle a little bit.”

    “The challenge is not physical and tactical – it is to manage your mind, To play Saturday and then Tuesday or Wednesday is like playing continuously in the Premier League. We struggled to be ready to compete in every game. Monaco had played their league game last Friday night whereas we played against West Ham on Saturday night and it was like a final.

    “To be ready again was difficult. It’s not an excuse. We did not show enough quality but we need to improve our mentality. That’s our challenge – to be ready, everyone to be better.”

    – Pochettino on the difficulties of competing on two fronts…

  45. Leedsgunner

    “Terrible mismanagement of a players fitness that we called here early on in the season. He’s a great player, but far too integral to our starting 11 considering he’s 32 next month.”

    We have Cazorla’s successor on our books… his name is Jack Wilshere. I’m not Jack’s greatest fan but he’s ripping it over there in Bournemouth.

    How is Eddie Howe managing Jack in that he’s managed to play more for Bournemouth this season than he has played for Arsenal in the past two, if not three?

    Anyone at our club asking this question or are we going to allow Arsene to fall back on the bad luck excuse once again?

    If we answer this question and we keep Jack at our best we have a potential £50m player on our books.

    Is anyone challenging Arsene to work out the Wilshere conundrum once and for all? Or are we going to let him sweep it under the carpet?

    He is a very well paid manager of our club, this is his problem. He needs to solve it as long as he is the manager and not just pretend it doesn’t exist.

  46. Steveyg87

    “The simple thought of Arsenal playing for a draw tonight – at home – make me sick.”

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves here, I don’t think anybody on this site classifies us as a genuine big club. You have to pick your fights carefully. In midfield, veratti and rabiot are a class above what we currently have at our disposal, bar Coquelin. If a draw will get the job done, then good, it’s better than what we have accomplished in the past 6 seasons. Improvement, no matter how small, is still an improvement. Monreal must be thanking his lucky stars that Aurier isn’t playing tonight

  47. grooveydaddy

    but a draw doesn’t necessarily get the job done…

    0-0 we still have to win in Basel

    1-1 we still have win in Basel and hope PSG don’t smash Ludogorets like we did and overturn our goal difference

    2-2 and they just have to win at home to Ludogorets

  48. Red&White4ever

    “Improvement, no matter how small, is still an improvement. ”

    It is true that wenger is Ze specialist in improvements lol

  49. Leedsgunner

    ““Improvement, no matter how small, is still an improvement. ”

    Is it worth £8.5m pa though? Where is the ambition? Is it for small improvements that we left Highbury with all its tradition, heritage and memories? Weren’t we sold the dream of this new stadium with the promise that we would compete for the highest honours and not just for small improvements?

  50. Joe


    Spot on

    It’s like celebrating 2nd place not mentioning it was 10 points back of the leaders.

    Well we finished 3rd the year before.

    Small improvement trophy

  51. Rambo Ramsey

    So it begins..?

    How anyone with decent brain capacity can sit and claim ‘climate change is hoax’ honestly baffles me.

    Fine, don’t believe what your scientists or any other people knowledgeable in the matter say, don’t trust what politicians say, don’t listen to what any other human says…Just listen to what your own body tells you, this feeling of every summer getting hotter than the previous while winter getting shorter.

    Or do you think your own body is also a conspirator?

  52. Steveyg87

    Improvement is not getting knocked out of the 2nd round of the champions league, improvement is actually going in to the transfer market and spending(whether or not we agree with the personal) improvement is actually beating chelsea for a change.. Lets not bury our heads in the sand here. I’m not saying Arsene is a new man, i lost faith in him once he starting fielding Ramsey again. I sincerely hope that they both prove me wrong. We all want Arsenal to be challenging for the champions league, we are not there yet, and its not going to happen overnight

  53. Bamford10


    Please don’t remind us of how bad the situation is. Actually, Trump said he was keeping an “open mind” about climate change yesterday, so there may be some progress there.

    The bigger problem is that the US ruling elite clearly decided some time ago that they would rather continue with the fossil fuel status quo (on account of the super-profits it brings to American capitalism) and deal with the calamitous effects of climate change than change course and give up those profits.

    It will probably take a revolution to save the planet now. And I mean that quite sincerely, without any sensationalism.

    Read the opening pages of either of the two books below if you doubt me:

    Learning to Die in the Anthropocene – Roy Scranton

    Cimate Change – Joseph Romm

  54. Cesc Appeal

    If PSG are missing Aurier and Di Maria that is a huge boost for us, when you think about our struggles down our left, the oppositions attacking right at the weekend, how Monreal has seemed to regress this year, how well Aurier played against us in the first match, PSG losing their entire attack down the right flank is massive.

  55. Bamford10

    “Improvement, no matter how small, is still an improvement.”

    Ehh, sort of, but not really. Should we be competing with a PSG at this point? Yes.

    So why aren’t we? A number of reasons, none of which is money, and all of which are down to Wenger.

    (Actually could someone look up PSG’s spend over the past five years?)

    I agree that our midfield is nowhere near theirs, but why is that? I’d say if Wenger had brought Wilshere and Ramsey along properly, we’d have a midfield to rival theirs. But he hasn’t, and both of these very promising young players have become irrelevant on the world stage.

    Under a proper manager, a Wilshere + Ramsey + Xhaka central three might have been the equal or the better of PSG’s midfield.

  56. tunnygriffboy

    Guys. Let’s see how things pan out tonight. They have players missing, we have players missing. We have to go for the win. Winning means Basle becomes a dead rubber and we can rest people.

    We need an improvement on the last couple of games and Xhaka has to play.

    For our confidence we need to win tonight. However the next round could end up as a bit of a lottery and the 2nd place sides could include Madrid/Dortmund, Atletico/Bayern and possibly Barca.

  57. Leedsgunner

    Along with proper transfer spending (by that I’m not talking about spending for the sake of it but spending on the right type of player for us) we need to answer why so many of our stars are injured for such long periods of time.

    This problem is made more stark this season by the fact

    1. that Ramsey enjoyed a very good injury free Euros where he lit up the tournament. In our first competitive game back (in the season opener) Ramsey gets injured and is out for close to 6 weeks.

    2. Gnabry, an injury prone right winger whilst at Arsenal who couldn’t get into the WBA side suddenly starts flourishing in Germany. What are they doing that we didn’t do? Anyone looking into it?

    3. Wilshere who barely played 2 games for us at the end of last season is such player back to back games for Bournemouth. Why? What are they doing that we are not doing?

    Wenger owes it to the club to figure this out, or if he can’t he needs to say so. To point to bad luck and accidents continuously is simply not good enough… whatever amount you are being paid… but especially for £8.5m + pa.

  58. Leedsgunner

    ““The Small Improvement” or “We Beat Leicester Twice” Trophy??

    I settle for “We smashed a Jose Mourinho team in the EPL and got him sacked” trophy. 🙂

  59. Dream10

    Must say I have a bad feeling about tonight’s match. We’ve snatched draws when we haven’t been playing well. Can see AW playing an XI which will invite pressure and try to nick a goal on the counter. Sanchez and Chamberlain wide with Coquelin and Elneny means little ball retention. Fear we’ll see Iwobi, Xhaka left on the bench again.

    Jenkinson Mustafi Koscielny Monreal/Gibbs
    Elneny Coquelin
    Ox Ozil Sanchez

  60. vicky


    Would like to see Holding pair up with Koscielney and Mustafi play right back. I don’t think Jenkinson has improved much since he left us on loan, looks very shaky at the moment. Holding is a quality player, will slot in very nicely.

  61. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    It does look like Monreal’s legs (what they were) have gone. I just hope we have a ‘left sided’ Bellerin in the youth set up or we splash some cash. Gibbs is not the answer and never will be.

  62. Dream10


    Agreed. Holding looks a class player. Wouldn’t mind that at all. However, AW is the type to ride his luck and hold on to the outcome on Saturday regardless of the poor decisions that went into the process (bad XI). We need the win more than them because with our schedule, I don’t trust us to win at Basle. PSG will host Ludogorets on matchday 6.