Man Utd 1-1 Arsenal. Lucky point, insipid performance, ominous signs

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OG about to drop the baddest hip hop album of 2016

OG about to drop the baddest hip hop album of 2016

Morning all, Alex here.

What’s that on the horizon? Is it Arsenal’s annual November collapsathon? But for the 88th minute bullet header of a surly Frenchman, you’d have thought so.

We have been playing very, very well of late. The results and the performances of the team are testament to that. In fact we’ve been playing so well that even the most cynical of Arsenal supporters (i.e. me) are starting to believe that this year could be different.

But at the back of your mind is the knowledge, learnt through years of bitter experience, that Arsenal are always two flaps of the butterfly wing away from turning in a banter performance, which can quickly degenerate into a banter run of games and, if not checked, end in a vintage banter season.

Maybe we shouldn’t read too much into the tea leaves at this stage. This is one game, which we drew. United, are a team with great (expensive) players. Mourinho, as much as it pains me to say it, is still a great manager. And we were playing at one of the toughest away grounds in the league where the pitch is 7 miles wide and the grass is made of tarmac or something.

However, bar one moment of magic from Oxlade-Chamberlain and Giroud, that performance was insipid. From the initial team selection to our passing, to the way we pressed the ball. The whole thing was just a bit Brexit.

Specifically there are a few things that worry me:

Wenger STILL doesn’t know how to beat a Mourinho team
And it looks like he doesn’t really want to try. Mourinho set his team up the same way he has against Arsenal for the last gazillion times he has faced them because he knows our manager will never, ever change his plans. As good as our players are, it was painfully obvious that United had a plan to control them: camp around the penalty area then hit on the counter. Poorer managers than ours, with worse players at their disposal, have come up with ways to beat Mourinho’s United (or at least give them a run for their money). More than anything, it’s got to be disappointing for Arsene Wenger personally that he’s never been able to defeat the gloating little turd.

Midfield bra, seriously?
Aaron Ramsey on the left? No, no, no, no, no, no. But he provides defensive cover… except he doesn’t. Monreal got beasted all day by Valencia (who should have had a penalty) and Ramsey, one of our best players, had zero impact on the game.

Instead it was left to two defensive midfielders, Coquelin and Elneny, to try and build play from the back, which neither could do because that’s not their game. Elneny, who is a great player, was awful yesterday and should have come off at half time. Between the two of them they were completely overrun by Pogba, Mata and Anders Herrara who, incidentally, joins the legions of diving, cheating United players that you despise with every fibre of your being. In short, this game was crying out for Granit Xhaka in the middle, or Aaron Ramsey, or both. The manager’s aversion to this midfield combination remains one of the great mysteries of the 21st century.

Which leads on to another favourite topic. Arsene made two great substitutions that saved us a point. But how he could have watched that performance and not wanted to change anything before 70 minutes is very worrying. Stubbornness in the face of incontrovertible evidence has been a hallmark of our manager for the last decade, and one of his greatest failings. It was clear yesterday the selection he had started with was not working. We were completely overrun at the start of the second half and their goal, when it came, felt inevitable. If the Arsenal-supporting world and its dog could see it coming, why couldn’t the one man who can actually make a difference?

Fatigue, mental block, handbrake yada yada yada
After the game the manager said: “Maybe it’s the mental block here because for a while it didn’t go well for us. Was it a bit of fatigue after the international break? I don’t know.”

How many times have we heard this over the years? Some intangible, unidentifiable blockade that makes our players’ legs turn to jelly and their brains turn to hot Bovril. He’s right though. We looked knackered; even Mesut Ozil who has just had two weeks off. And we looked scared, like we didn’t want to be there, which isn’t really good enough for a game against our fiercest rivals.

I don’t really subscribe to the ‘pashun’ hypothesis – the idea that the team which shows the most will automatically win the game, otherwise Stoke City would be champions every year. But I do subscribe to the idea of not playing football like you’ve just walked in on your best friend snogging your mum: scared, confused and a bit sick.

Unfortunately, along with 70 minute substitutions, mental blocks in big games is something we are likely to be stuck with until the manger changes. Let’s just hope when that happens, we never hear of that cursed handbrake again.

Finally, big props to Olivier Giroud for producing something MAGIK from the bench again. I’ve always loved the man and wanted him as a Plan B in tough games. It seems he isn’t happy with the role but no one’s going to care about his feelings and stuff if he keeps scoring.

Anyway that’s yer lot from me. Roll on PSG. Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. tunnygriffboy


    Why is je demeaning little snide remark at the end oc your last post ?

    I watch plemty of football thanks

    Replacement for Viera/Rvp were not forthcoming.

    You might have noticed we’ve started to spend mote money than we ever have over the last three years. This wasn’t the case when the aforementioned players left. If Alexis leaves he’ll be replaced with another big signing.

    I can’t believe that you don’t see this. I think you know this but just enjoy trollimg and getting a rise out of people.

  2. tunnygriffboy


    Same for you. Last tjree years we’ve spent money on very good players. We now have the money and will continue to spend it. If you were to lose Alexis you’d have to replace him.

    In the past this wouldn’t have been the case but the last three years would suggest we’re willing to spend money. We couldn’t afford not to replace him.

    Once again I think you know this deep down.

  3. Joe


    Have xhaka and Perez proven to be really good players? Not even close yet

    What have we won while spending all this momey on great players.

  4. Joe

    Xhaka can’t displace le

    Don’t get me started on waste of money Perez. If there was a perfect example of a panic buy that was it.

    Elneny? Denilson mk2

    Cech? I’ll
    Refer you to red’s evaluation on him.

    Ozil would not have been bought if it weren’t for the loss to villa.

  5. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Tunny… let’s not kid ourselves…Ozil was gifted to us as Real we’re looking to dump. Same with Alexis and Barca…he was not a fit for them. It’s not like Wenger went out of his way to “discover” them. They essentially fell into his lap by chance and even you know that. Wenger’s transfer record is well documented and it’s not exactly stellar. He’s not mythical, not even hypothetical. He’s more fortunate than anything else.

  6. Joe


    Go through wenger’s list of “we almost signed” and you’ll see how much of a loser he is in the transfer window

  7. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Tunny…Alexis will leave, he’s selfish. Who will Arsenal bring in to replace him? If Wenger stays, he’s got his replacements with existing branched out players. If Wenger is gone, then it’s anyone’s guess. Either way, Sanchez is gone before his contract expires. Barca knew what they had…a mercenary at best.

  8. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Tunny….Wenger is an excuse machine beyond reproach. Has a response for every failure and an I told you so for every success. The signs, as Alex points out, are ominously there. I’m never fooled by Wenger and his cocophany of stealth statements. That died and dried up like my tears years ago. Only a fool would believe the nonsense that comes out of that senile old fool. The track record is a charlatans dream of make believe success. Not this guy, not ever again.

  9. Goonereris

    Adam, . “It’s not like Wenger went out of his way to “discover” them. They essentially fell into his lap by chance and even you know that. Wenger’s transfer record is well documented and it’s not exactly stellar. He’s not mythical, not even hypothetical. He’s more fortunate than anything else.”.
    Just listen to yourself. I don’t know what joy you and your kind derive just slagging off the manager, despite his history of successful buys (Vieira, Henry, Pires, Sol, Toure, Ljumberg, Cesc, Bellerin, etc.). Did you read Ozil’s recent interview to see that Wenger had long identified him as a target? Did you read that Liverpool actually thought they had won Alexis, just before Wenger swayed him off his feet? Ramsey was already announced on the Manchester United website before moving to us. For your information, most buys are the result of someone else willing to let go, either for the money, the ambition (or lack of it), the player’s contract tenure/state or, even the player’s desire for a change. It is largely “fortune”, most of the time. With the money available to almost every club these days, bullying another club for their prize assets is no longer fashionable.

  10. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Slagging off the manager? Get over yourself, Goonereris! Ramsey??! Please, he’s never going to reach his true potential under Wenger, who continues to persist in playing him out of position. Live in the past, its safest there. Dream of future titles cause it’s never going to happen with Wenger 2016 and beyond. Live in the now…Wenger sure as heck isn’t.

  11. Goonereris

    Why not just stick to your narrative about how poor we are/were and just leave it there, as everyone on here agrees especially with that OT performance? Wenger has re-built our team 4 times over now and each time, has sustained a challenge even during the lean times. To prove it, the club has won the FA cup back to back, failing to win the title last year owing to poor depth (yes; when Cazorla and Coq injured meant Arteta and Flamini as replacements), which has largely been addressed, even if the new players haven’t started to show just how good they are, bar two. There’s still a long way to go and things could change quickly.

  12. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Things could change quickly indeed. Keep dropping points as we have and indeed they can. Spend enough seasons supporting these guys and one thing becomes crystal clear, don’t bet the mortgage on a title win cause you’ll be on your rear end and cold sooner than you imagine.

    This much you will know, Goonereris…come Boxing Day this team will be closer to its predictable impnjury crises than it will be to the title. And you know it!

  13. Goonereris

    As for that outing at Old Trafford, I was disappointed too, we have not gone all out to win it and discourage that lot a bit more. It was obvious to me that if we played at our best level, we would beat (no, tear apart) that lot. Then it occurred to me that Wenger has simply talked up a “quality” game to suggest he would be expansive and goaded Mourinho to play to entertain; only to turn around to set up the team to be defensive, which took Mourinho by surprise, clearly. That he was unhappy we equalized, by simply stepping it up, tells a story in itself. On the brighter side, we could score “when we want” by tweaking things a bit. Sounds unlikely, but that was how it looked to me. We still have a big fish to fry on Wednesday. I would draw my conclusions about the state of the team after that game.

  14. Goonereris

    Adam, it is impossible to have direct replacement of every skill set of a player. Who will replace Messi, for instance and weave the magic he is adept at? No one! RvP was good; Arsene made him so (as he himself admitted he did not think he was a striker). He also had weaknesses and off days. Alexis has some qualities RvP did, possesses a few he didn’t and a bit more, if you ask me.

  15. Goonereris

    I am still vexed that we didn’t just go at them and score as many as we can. I will have to settle with the “mental block.” reason/explanation (see? I avoided “excuse”). It is a progressive step. Same as it took a few draws to get us out of the Chelsea block 🙂

  16. Adam A. Carbarundum

    RVP was a game changer, Gooner. Alexis has raw energy, but RVP could carry a team on his left leg. We had no business finishing where we did in his final two seasons. Wenger botched the trasfer window after the 8-2 shellacking at OT. RVP carried this team like no other. Alexis is no RVP, but Wenger desires him to be, it’s a desperate move on his part for a botched transfer window. It is.

  17. Goonereris

    Warning: There is no such thing as a weakened PSG side! In any case. DiMaria is still eligible to play. He was taken off as a precaution, his manager said. He said it felt like a tear. Gamesmanship? Who knows? It will be a good match to watch and one where we must show how far we have come as a serious side.

  18. Joe


    Give my £8.5 a season and I’ll find an rvp replacement for you and trust me it won’t be sanago , park or Perez.

  19. Joe

    Griezmann was just around the time rvp left. Actually we could have had him in the vela deal. Wenger wanted the money instead


  20. ozrus

    Joe, even if you got £100 mil a season you would still be the same thick cunt that you are now. You couldn’t evolve into a thicker cunt because it doesn’t get thicker than your thickness. Your talk shit buddy Adam A could almost match you in the thickness stakes.

  21. Goonereris

    £8.5m for a direct replacement for RvP? Lol.

    As for Griezmann being available, who knew that? Why then, did another big club not snap him up. Griezmann wasn’t the player he is today at the time we sold Vela; that’s for sure. Had Wenger gotten him then, there will be many who will deride him as cheap? Anyways, let’s not deal in speculations.

  22. Black Hei

    And Alexis will not leave…….because he is selfish.

    He is now in a team where the manager plays him where he wants and builds a team around him.
    He gets to stay in London and his dogs are happy.

    If he goes to another team, he might be forced to pay more attention to being a tactical cog and all that BS, so he will stay.

    Anyway, he is very talented so he is worth it. Use intelligent and willing teammates to supplement him and the team will rock.

  23. Black Hei

    Xhaka is a Wenger buy.

    In Xhaka’s interview, Arsenal came for him last year but he chose to stay. Wenger waited another year before going for him again.

    This time round, Xhaka thankfully decided to leave.

    I have no doubt that a Xhaka-Ramsey partnership is what Wenger wants in the long run.

  24. Joe


    Pay me 8,5.m. The same wenger gets do his job. Not to get rvp replacement ha

    And atletico snapped him up

    And he was available. In a swap for vela instead of them paying 15m or whatever it was

    Pay attention.

  25. Joe

    I have no doubt that a Xhaka-Ramsey partnership is what Wenger wants in the long run.

    Xhaka sat on the bench at the expense of coq and Elneny.

    If it’s a wenger buy and he paid 35m and he was good enough. He’d be playing before coq and Elneny.

    Ramsey in the long run. Hahahaha

  26. Joe

    If wenger has been chasing him for 2 years. Why isn’t he starting for the biggest match of the season to date.

    Why has he only got a sniff when coq was hurt?

    Sanago and chamack
    Saw more action than xhaka when they first showed up haha

  27. Joe

    Regardless if he was a wenger buy or not

    We have a 35m pound transfer sitting on the bench.

    From a guy who hates to spend a dime. Started sanago vs Bayern.

    He doesn’t trust xhaka or doesn’t rate him

    You all mock Jose and the mkhit situation. This is exactly the same.

  28. peanuts&monkeys

    the biggest problem is Wenger. Arsenal’s maulings at the hands of Man Utd has bore such deep scars in his mind, that he cant find his balls during a Man Utd match. OT gives him jitters thru his ass upto his fossilised peanut brain.

  29. Batistuta

    Man this place has descended to the bin again with the reintroduction of the now stale Arsene is past it discussions,everyone and his dogs know that already

  30. Steveyg87

    Had high hopes for Wenger this season, unfortunately, and i called it, Wenger is shoe horning Ramsey back into the team. Iwobi must be thinking to himself how fucking bad must he be to be displaced by that turd? Anyway, its old problems resurfacing and it doesnt look like Wenger has learnt his lesson. Best we can hope for is that Ramsey injures himself again or this season is over

  31. Pires7

    Those who are the loudest in the room are normally the least intelligent ones with fuck all to say.

    It’s also runs true in here with Joe the Canadian ice hockey wannabe and part time soccer fan…the more he talks the more apparent it becomes he know absolutely nothing….about anything.

    Then we have his partner in crime Adams A Cucumber who is an American baseball historian trying to appear like he knows about the Arsenal by using bigger words than Joe. This cunt discovered soccer and decided he knows everything about that too..,lol clearly you don’t.

    You’re yet another one of the glory hunters that Arsene attracted to the club but now the milks gone sour because you picked the wrong horse that doesn’t win the title every year.

    Shame on you plastic Johnny come latelys we don’t need you in our club, stick to your 1st love and leave the soccer to people who understand it a little better than you part timers from across the pond.

  32. Wallace

    I’ll bet Pedro’s inbox is stuffed full of emails from the Canadian Tourist Board pleading with him to bin Joe. the man’s a walking apocalypse.

  33. vicky


    Chambers had a good game, looked composed and confident unlike his usual nervy self when he plays for us. I still like Holding much more but would not write Chambers off as yet.

  34. Leedsgunner

    £8.5m+ pa for admitting finally admitting that he doesn’t know how to motivate his players for our season’s usual biggest games… at least he was honest.

    After the NLD I would imagine playing Man United is the game that most Gooners look forward to most… if you can’t motivate your squad for that, well, 50 000 substitutions or not, it’s greatly disappointing.

    Why do we have to play Ramsey on the left?

    He’s useless there… better to have started with Oxlade Chamberlain there… evidenced by the fact that at least Oxlade ran at defenders… and got a cross in. Never thought I would see the day when 1 shot on target against any opponent would be seen as a decent performance.

    We got a undeserving point. It was a poor poor performance… roll on PSG. Let’s hope that we make amends… and quick.

    The fans who pay their hard earned money to watch them deserve better.

  35. Jim Lahey

    “Name one player who is available for sale, that is a direct replacement for RvP?”

    Why do players have to be available for sale?? You think all of or players were “available for sale”? No, they were taken from us. Like the vast majority of transfers the clubs do not want to sell, but have no choice after a huge bid comes in and the player wants to leave.

    Don’t see why Arsenal are expected to wait until a player is all but transfer listed before we are expected to make a move.

  36. Wallace

    “Chambers had a good game, looked composed and confident…”

    cheers, vicky. figured he was doing well as Boro had a strong, settled CB partnership last year and he’s already split it.

  37. Dream10

    We looked toothless up front for the majority of the match. I would like to see Xhaka, Iwobi, Chamberlain and Giroud in the XI on Wednesday.

    XI I want
    Coquelin Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Xhaka Elneny
    Ox Ozil Iwobi

    XI I think we’ll see
    Jenkinson Mustafi Koscielny Gibbs
    Xhaka Coquelin
    Ramsey Ozil Iwobi

  38. Batistuta


    Chambers has been brilliant for them up there,much much improved,Karanka getting the best out of him it seems and more importantly,he’s much more confident, didn’t get beat once by Costa all game

  39. peanuts&monkeys

    Ramsey, Oxlade, and all English material in Arsenal are pure shit. All dross. All shit. All below average. Walcott, Ramsey, Welbeck, Chamberlain…these guys are no better than that Joel Campbell. No one will buy them. Not even for free. Ha ha. ArsenaLosers.

    Change the club’s mngt. get a sheikh, you ArseHoles!

  40. peanuts&monkeys

    Its for this reason no striker will ever join Arsenal. They cannot imagine themselves rotting amidst so much dross around. If a 30 year-old Vardy could not be lured to Arsenal, that’s a strong vindication of the fans’ belief Arsenal is a dying club.
    Losers losers

  41. Jeff

    So what makes a successful football team? What are the main ingredients? Everyone would agree you need talented players. But is that all? No obviously you need a manager who can turn the set of individuals into a winning team. How do you do that? Well, it’s difficult but that is why top managers manage top teams in top leagues and get paid top money. So what does a manager have to do?

    1. He needs to know his best side.

    2. He needs to know and understand the strengths and the weaknesses of each player and plan his team selection accordingly.

    3. He needs to know which formation to play against which opposition and which players in his team are best suited to that formation. This means he must be able to adapt and change positively on the spot.

    4. He needs to read the game and make tactical decisions based on a deep understanding of the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses and how his own team can exploit the weaknesses and mitigate the strengths.

    5. He needs to have his team worship the ground he walks on – because that’s how you get mental strength, that’s how you get that little bit of extra out of each player, all the time, not just once in a while when they feel like it.

    6. He needs to build and nurture relationships on the pitch which promotes leadership and mutual respect between the players. This is very important when things aren’t going well and you need people to change the way they play or react on the spot.

    7. If he’s going to win big things, he needs to motivate the team to perform better than OK most of the time, not just once in a while. This is achieved by what you say to players, how and when you say it. There are training ground speeches and there are dressing room half-time talks. The two are never exactly the same. The players need to be psyched up full to the brim with self-belief and determination.

    When it comes to Wenger, he is an OK manager and as such over the years has done OK. But he has a ceiling and this is what many supporters either don’t understand or don’t accept – preferring to look for outside excuses as to why we can’t win big things and often bottle big matches.

    Of the seven categories listed above, in my view, Wenger scores poorest in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7. His greatest skills are centred on soft skills, people skills. He basically belongs in an office rather than on a pitch but his followers will never understand or acknowledge this because they still look at the first 10 years and ignore the second. Basically he and his supporters are stuck in the past.

  42. Steve

    I feel this sentence from the post should be amended from: “We have been playing very, very well of late” to “We have been playing very, very well of late against poor opposition. But when we are up against good sides, our limitations are exposed.”

    Here are the good teams we have played so far this season:

    Liverpool – LOST (played poorly)
    PSG – DREW (played poorly, got lucky)
    Chelsea – WON (played excellently)
    Spurs – DREW (played average)
    Man Utd – DREW (played poorly, got lucky)

    Thank goodness we played Chelsea before Conte had sorted them out, and thank goodness we had some massive luck against PSG & Man Utd. Taking all this into account, our age-old failing of under-performing against good teams is still there. Nothing has changed, nor will it ever under Wenger, so we will be fighting Spurs and Man Utd for 4th place in May.

  43. peanuts&monkeys

    Its astonishing how Wenger could not motivate his teams to win against the most low-key Spurs and ManU. I believe, as Arsenal without this fossil’s managerial intervention could have won one.

  44. Wallace


    “Thank goodness we played Chelsea before Conte had sorted them out, and thank goodness we had some massive luck against PSG & Man Utd. ”

    and thank goodness we were able to leave Ozil out & go with Holding & Chambers at CB against Liverpool.

  45. peanuts&monkeys

    Another club, another set of fans would have taken this fossilfucker out on Saturday and cried in the shrillest of voices for his ouster. There is no point screaming or crying at Feb/March. The team is going down. If ArsenaLosers have to arrest their fall, they need to kick the fuck out of Wenger RIGHT NOW!

  46. DogsBollocks

    Get rid of Arsene now?
    When we are unbeaten since the liverpool game, fourth in the league and thru to last 16 of Champions league.

  47. raptora

    On the brigther side, we are going undefeated in really tough games without the one player who is ALWAYS making the difference in our game – Cazorla. Once the magical spaniard is back, so it will the fluency in our game. For sure we are playing way worse without him but atleast the damage in points so far is limited. I am an optimist for the game against PSG and I think that the boys will turn up and will make sure we get first place in the group.

  48. Steveyg87

    Its not all doom and gloom lads, the team didnt just turn shit over night, but Wenger absolutely HAS to learn from his mistakes! What was Ramsey doing on the pitch? What more has Iwobi have to do to cement his place? The game was crying for xhaka/coq to build up from the back. Manu tore us to shreds down the right. Monreal/Ramsey? i mean fucking seriously, i could’ve told you this before kickoff, Ramsey up against one of the fastest in the league.i have nothing against Rambo,he just sucks, plain and simple. Midweek the old fossil has an opportunity to rectify the situation, but like the great Kanu says, when you expect this team to kick on, they let you down, lets hope this isnt the case come PSG

  49. raptora

    Problem with Ramsey since he came back is, and this is something I saw in person vs Ludogorets, that he is not a solid passer or a reliable ball retainer. You just KNOW that when the ball reaches him there is a decent chance that he will lose it. And losing the ball is a big problem for any team. Obviously you give the other team the chance to make a counter or which is the bigger problem, retain the ball and start passing wasting time destroying our fluency and putting our passing game under pressure. When you lose the ball 10 times like he does and the opponents stop us from controlling the ball in different ways like throw ins, corners, fouls, passing with their keeper and CBs, this 10 time losing the ball translates into roughly 20 mins of lost time which is HUGE. This is why no one has the luxury of being a low percentage player in big clubs. And Ramsey’s mistakes aren’t even when he’s trying a decisive, potential assist pass, or when he’s making a great run down the flanks or inside of the field. He fails to make simple passes and spraying the ball around. Hopefully he gains his form back cause we will need everyone in this team to have a role if we don’t want our main players to get wasted from overplaying in December and January.

  50. Red&White4life

    “Once the magical spaniard is back, so it will the fluency in our game.”

    And what about his age ?? Are you aware that it’s probably his last season at his best ?? Who will be his replacement ??

  51. Rhys Jaggar


    Has it entered your skull that Man Utd always foul a lot against Arsenal, so maybe playing Xhaka might be an invitation for Xhaka to see red and give as good as he got and get sent off?

    I think Wenger took that into consideration. maybe it will get Xhaka to ask himself if he wants to start Utd games and, if so, what he has to prove to the manager to be granted his wish?

    There is a lot of negativity on here but the reality is that the top 5 are all equally in contention to win the title. City got 9pts from the last 6 games after 18 from the first 6. Chelsea looked like donkeys getting 10 from the first six and like Champions not conceding and getting 18 from the first six. Spurs are still unbeaten but drawing too many, Arsenal and Liverpool coninsistent between first and second sets of six.

    The equaliser on Saturday shows we have a quality crosser and an old fashioned number 9. Is that something to complain about?

    The only thing I would complain about is Darmian still being on the pitch at half time…..

  52. Batistuta

    I’d really love to see Mustafi at RB with Holding partnering Kos, can’t stand Jenkinson running around like a headless chicken for another 90mins

  53. Joe


    Maybe you can get it through your thick
    Skull that xhaka has only started when coq was injured.

    Think before you speak muppet

    Akbs are thick as shit

  54. Joe

    Ox is a quality crosser now is he? Because of one cross? Form a professional footballer

    I fucking hope he can cross the ball

    Let’s forget about how shit he’s been for the last 3-4 seasons but he put one decent cross in hahah

    It’s November Rhys. Can watford are still in the race for top 4.

  55. Joe

    It’s funny how akbs just look at one match at a time.

    Forget the last 10 seasons.

    Someone just wrote wenger has to learn from his mistakes hahahaha


    And the. Well it’s old trafford. Tough game.

    We have played poorly more often than we have played well this season

    But yeah. It’s just old trafford and united

    Then it was “well it’s the derby”

    Well it was the intl break.

    It’s the CL mid week

    It’s boro.

    It’s soton. They are our bogey team

    It’s Burnley. They play in claret.


  56. Christian

    I have to say giroud really serves a purpose..ludogorets tackle fr the elneny assist,old Trafford’s equalizer,the brace in Sunderland..I think he’ll do more

  57. Spanishdave

    Chamberlin a quality crosser that’s funny.
    I think Wenger does the 70 min sub because if he brings a player off earlier he’s saying that the player is playing badly, whereas the 70 min sub he can say it’s to have fresh legs.
    The man is a fool as you cannot get success by pandering up to players, and this explains a lot, plus having his fav shit players on.
    Wally Walnut is now back to type. But he still gets picked to start.

  58. jwl

    The Guardian, today –

    Hector Bellerín has signed a new long-term contract with Arsenal. The 21-year-old Spain right-back is understood to have agreed a deal of around six-and-a-half years worth approximately £120,000 per week.

  59. Wallace

    great news re the Bellerin contract.

    I remember reading a while back that evidence shows substitutes are usually only effective in the first 10-15mins after their arrival, which may partly explain Wenger’s methods.

  60. Christian

    totally agree.but then don’t you think Sanchez gives a better performance in his current position than from the left?

  61. Emiratesstroller

    So the first piece of contractural jigsaw has been completed with Bellerin extending his contract. Very good news.

    Hopefully, Messrs Koscielny, Ozil and Sanchez will also extend their contracts in the coming days. At the end of the day increasing these players wages will prove to be a more cost effective than having to go out on the market and finding replacements.

    Nevertheless Arsenal still need to focus on identifying and recruiting at least
    three replacements in left back, defensive/box to box and wing positions in next two transfer windows.

  62. Joe


    Imagine Sanchez playing wide with a WC striker.

    Sanchez was invisible vs Man U as striker.

    Think he is better on the wing against better sides with a top striker up front.

    Imagine Sanchez with rvp in his prime.

  63. vicky

    Very good news regarding Bellerin contract. I hope now Santi,Alexis and Koscielney also sign new contracts. I am indifferent to Ozil’s contract situation, wouldn’t be sad if he left.

  64. mysticleaves


    i like your dream but i have always thought sanchez will be best as a second striker.

    the only caveat to achieveing this is to sell Ozil as he cant play in a formation that makes use of 2 strikers.

    very happy about Bellerin contract. dude is on money now

  65. Joe


    The thing is. If you have a striker like rvp. Thierry

    And Alexis out wide

    They are all very interchangeable. Rvp and Thierry didn’t mind moving out wide etc.

    So Sanchez out wide with a class striker like rvp/Thierry would work with Ozil.

  66. mysticleaves

    Alexis has limitations as a lone striker though he can play it very well as has seen so far.

    But just like Griezmann, he is best as a second striker. freedom to roam and their near ezcellence in sniffing opportunities

  67. Wallace

    I really like Alexis up top. think he’s a far better player there than he is on the wing where he has a tendency to hog the ball and disrupt the flow. if he stays clear of serious injury I’m sure he’ll post very impressive numbers in the goals scored and assists categories.

  68. Kelvin


    I can`t believe Wenger has never really experimented on that, I too has always believed Sanchez would be more dangerous behind a world class striker. Just an opinion before the Wengerites anyone attack me.

  69. Cesc Appeal


    I feel exactly the same way, I cannot really explain it, I think Ozil is a terrific player (when he wants to be) but I would not be sad at all if we sold him, or he forced a move etc.

    Sanchez is far more important, in my opinion anyway. Do feel Ozil gets an easy ride often and is the source of balance issues in our team.

  70. Paulinho

    If Ozil signs a new a contract everyone will be like “amazing”, “great news”, and I’ll be like ‘meh’.

    Not good enough if you want to win leagues or go to away grounds and control the game with purpose, keeping teams on the backfoot, we need better. Look at how De Bruyne played at Old Trafford. You need to match their intensity to then impose your game. Ozil wilts and withers when met with resistance.

  71. Emiratesstroller

    I think that both Ozil and Koscielny will be definitely signing new contracts. Ozil has just bought a £10 million + house in Highgate. You don’t buy a new house if you plan to leave.

    It is less clear whether Sanchez will stay. Personally I feel that it will depend on
    a number of factors including whether he is enjoying his football. This season he has been offered the opportunity to play as a striker and I think that role suits his ego.

    Also Arsenal have invested in a couple of very good players and been able to
    hold onto their best players. If Ozil signs a new contract then I hope that Sanchez will be encouraged to do likewise.

    Arsenal are not the ‘finished article’, but there is no question that the current
    team/squad are the best that we have had for a very long time. There are still
    some holes to fill but the team is at least now ‘competitive’.

  72. Goonereris

    Jim Lahey, -”Why do players have to be available for sale?? You think all of or players were “available for sale”? No, they were taken from us. Like the vast majority of transfers the clubs do not want to sell, but have no choice after a huge bid comes in and the player wants to leave.

    In every player transfer, all three parties must agree to make a player available. How many transfer listed players has Arsenal ever brought in, in recent memory? Now, did you think Suarez was “transfer listed” the summer we went for him? We did go for him, as Liverpool unwittingly allowed the world to know, but he was not “available”. Does that clarify my position enough?