Poised for a fall, or ready for a change? Massive game looms for both managers

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Apologies for the late posting today. I’m in Montreal for the weekend. I want to be as far away from masses of football fans as we possibly head into our annual Jose Mourinho debacle.
On the face of it, things couldn’t be more poised for a fail. Jose has won a game, Pogba has had one good match, Arsenal are entering their usual key player crisis, our best player has been on a long haul flight nursing a semi injury, Santi is out, Bellerin is out… and we just don’t like playing Mourinho regardless of form.

I’m having nightmares thinking of the United frontline terrorizing Carl Jenks at right back. I’m worried a central midfield of Coq and Xhaka will be deathly unambitious against a consistently turgid United side so afraid of playing against Liverpool, they rocked 6 at the back.

I also think Wenger gets beaten by Jose psychologically before the game every time we play.

… however. United are bad. Ibrahimovic has been pretty ineffective against teams that nullify his lack of movement. Mikki hasn’t had a look in for no reason. Rooney has a drinking issue. Pogba has been used badly. Someone in the dressing room is leaking stories to the press about how awful Jose is. Smelling has a broken toe. Luke Shaw is fat.

… yet somehow, he’ll find a way of turning us over.

For him, the game is a major pivot point. He needs the win. For us, away from home, a point would be pretty damn good. We just need to escape November undefeated. Great news is no one has had much time to plan this game, which works more in Arsene’s favour.

We also have great form to lean on. We’re playing pretty good football this year, we have a pretty good press this year. We have Aaron back in the side, a player Madrid are courting. We might have a fired up Sanchez terrorizing United’s error prone back line. On paper, there’s no reason we can’t blitz them early and watch it crumble like Chelsea did. We can be bold, because United aren’t a good defensive set up right now and their team has none of the Mourinho nastiness his sides of yesteryear boasted.

It’s a big game for Arsene. He needs to break the duck. He needs to make this season different. He needs so show us he can out think a Mourinho way past his prime.

Let’s see how it goes… could be an exciting turning point for Arsenal, and a continuation of the improvements we ‘think’ we’re seeing this year.

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  1. SUGA3

    Good point, given how dogshite we played, nicked so late, almost felt like a win. I feel Wenger’s boner to include Ramsey will once again bite us on the arse. I think playing him instead of Elneny would have been a much better idea with Iwobi wide left. The latter would at least give their right back something to think about, regardless of the hit and miss end product in front of the goal.

    Then again, I think Ramsey is slowing our game down overall. He should form a part of the sub players, give him Giroud treatment and he may come good.

    Bench: Ospina, Gabriel, Gibbs, Ramsey. AOC, Lucas, Giroud.

    a potential supersub bench if I ever saw one…

  2. Batistuta

    Also pls can we start with Mustafi at RB till Bellerin returns……Jenkinson gives me all sorts of nightmares playing there

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I really wish Wenger would adapt to 4 4 fuckin 2 from time to time. …

    Sanchez an Ollie

    Up top

    He needs to think outside the box with all these people switching to 3 4 3 …..an all the other fancy formats….

    It’s time tomgo retro Wenger with 4 4 2

  4. Pires7

    We mourinho’d mourinho yesterday. Think we set up for a point and got one.

    What’s funny is out of 5 pages of ranting only one poster has mentioned Bellerin and how important he is to how we play. You just had to look at Valencia on the other side to see how effective an outlet a player like that is to a team.

    Why the fuck on the insistence that we ‘had’ to beat this Utd side? People making out that it’s their worst side in decades…it still cost over £300m+ and they’re far more dangerous to a side like us without ibra.

    People are so dramatic on here about anything but getting a point away at OT isn’t a bad thing. In these games if you can’t win them don’t lose them.

    Jenkins isn’t arsenal quality as much as he tries. Oxlade at RB could well be the solution until hector returns l.