Wenger home schools Sanchez

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via @t0wey (instagram)

via @t0wey (instagram)

This part of the year is so painfully slow for the world of Arsenal news. It’s like going through your third round of interrogation… you have nothing, you can’t even be bothered to make anything up, you’re just strapped there in your chair in a pair of lightly soiled unflattering briefs.

That’s me right now.

Outside, it’s raining. My newsfeed is arid.

Arsene Wenger revealed his method of training Sanchez to be a better player… and it’s going to blow your tiny mind.

“He asked me to play there so I said fine — I looked up some videos on the internet to see how I needed to adjust my movement and I’ve been adapting since then.”

I love that. So many people lambast football fans who learn their stuff online, and I often wonder why? What can’t you learn from the internet? I tell ya, the comments section of Le Grove throws up exciting players way before they hit mass market fame. I’m constantly fascinated by the new crop of tactical bloggers who post their thoughts mapped to videos. You can learn so much by studying online materials these days… so it’s not a surprise Arsene let Sanchez loose on the internet.

Wonder how long it took him to deviate to dog videos?

Boss: Sanchez, who did you study today?


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We find out later whether our season is in a state of RIP when Chile take on Uruguay in World Cup qualifications. The game kicks off 630pm EST time, so I’ll be tuning in whilst biting through my nails and the girls who sits next to me. Apparently they’re going all out in risking everyone to make this match happen.

Just to add additional worry into the mix, the stadium, according to two seconds of research is 1760ft above sea level. Less oxygen, faster fatigue, shitty grass, long plane journey… already damaged player.

What could POSSIBLY affect our plan for Manchester United?

Sad times.

Talking of sad times, England hired Gareth Southgate, who thinks class is permanent and has rehired Wayne Rooney to the England setup. Beyond embarrassing how consistently managers of England fall for superstardom despite statistics telling them the hard truths.

How can England be so bereft of coaching talent? All hiding out in the lower leagues I’d guess. Not just that, but we have an FA that has no vision. How do we expect a group of old past it football establishment to #1 Recognise Sam Allardyce was a bad manager and dodgy as fuck #2 think creatively beyond Gareth Southgate.

<Update> Wayne Rooney out of the England game because he was pissed at the hotel

We get the manager we deserve. We get the team we deserve.

AS are reporting that Madrid are set to offer Le Grove favourite Dybala of Juve a 15m a year deal to join them. What a player that boy is going to become!

Right, that’s me done.


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  1. Jonraid

    Pedro, true. But I’m sure their FA are also full of past it football establishment too right? Maybe the problem really lies with the talent pool. There just not much good English players around as most top English teams are full of foreign players. E.g. Most of English strikers are injury prone: Walcott, Welbeck, Sturidge etc. Even for Wenger, it is obvious he is breeding Young French players at Arsenal… Though, the English core experiment failed miserably.

  2. Emiratesstroller

    November is always a difficult month for Arsenal mainly because of the volume of matches, which are played combined with our ever “growing” injury list.

    Nevertheless I do think that Arsenal are better placed this season to compete
    for the title despite many of the usual negative posts which you read not just on Le Grove, but also from the so-called “expert” pundits.

    We have won 3 games in CL and drawn the other against PSG away from home and our only defeat in league was against Liverpool in first game of season when there were special circumstances for that loss not least the absence of our two main CBs and several other players missing or not match fit.

    Realistically the only major disappointment sofar this season has been the draw against Middlesborough. The Spurs draw was not altogether a surprise
    when you review recent history.

    This Saturday’s game against Man Utd will be probably our fourth major test
    of the season, because of our poor record against this club at Old Trafford and of course in matches against Mourinho. If we win then I think that we are on
    track to do well this season.

    Our injury record continues to be of concern. The loss of Bellerin is not good
    news and we need to be cautious over Sanchez. Frankly I would rest him against Man Utd even if he returns fit. I would opt to play him against PSG,
    because that game will decide the CL group.

    We need to nail the contract of Ozil, because it will help everyone to relax. My
    view is that he will sign a contract extension. There was a small piece of news
    today in the press which seems to have gone unnoticed that Ozil has just bought a £10 million house in Highgate. Assuming that is true then we can assume that he has long term plans to stay.

    The next piece in the jigsaw for me will be to extend the contract of Koscielny.
    It is vital that we keep him on the books even if Wenger plans to buy a new
    centre back in summer. Messrs Mertesacker and Gabriel are not good enough

    This will leave the club with one piece in the contract business to resolve and that is Sanchez. He is more likely to sign a new contract if he sees our best players remaining at the club.

  3. Frankie T

    We know how the Sanchez situation is going to go down don’t we. The state Man Utd are in this year but yet I’m still petrified to play them. Without santi and Alexis (come one we already know it’s happening don’t we) I would like to see us be a bit stable and play a flat midfield 3 to keep tabs on Pogba and Fellaini.

    Giroud in to bully Rojo and Bailly and Walcott to switch to the left to fill in for the out of form Iwobi.
    This means Ozil on the right for one game only but with him cutting in onto his left foot to deliver for Giroud in the centre and Walcott getting in at the back post. Could be a curveball as we are so predictable right now.


    Jenks. kos mustafi Nacho

    Coquelin. xhaka. Elneny

    Ozil. Giroud. Walcott

  4. Dissenter

    Let me see if I get this right
    You’re complaining about Chile beating Alexis yet you’re still putting him in the frame for playing him early on Saturday?

    Big clubs have alternatives for a reason.
    I hope Wenger does not even have Alexis factored in for saturday.
    CL at home against PSG is more like doable.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah I think you have to say, Sanchez is not playing on Saturday regardless of whether he ends up injured.

    Not too worried about whether he does play or not, more our bottle and approach to the game, we lost to an awful United side last year at Old Trafford, and United are not exactly setting the league alight this year, so we can win, the issue is the manager’s preparation and bottle.

  6. karim

    ” United are not exactly setting the league alight this year, so we can win, the issue is the manager’s preparation and bottle. ”

    You mean, the plastic one ?

  7. freddylekgunner

    I’ll have Sanchez on the bench for Saturday that’s if he’s not injured already before then and completely rest him against PSG.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    I always like to think the bottle is located in the soft part of the gut, not the head, but after that one goes then yeah, the plastic ones will get a good seeing to on the touchline amidst French curse-words and smug Portuguese grins.

  9. igbo Amadi-Obi

    If Alexis plays for Chile tonight, for any number of minutes, he’s out of the United game, even if he doesn’t aggravate his injury. Otherwise, Wenger would be guilty of assisting suicide as he indirectly accused Chile’s manager. It would be hypocritical that we warned he shouldn’t play because he’s injured, only to play him 3 days after Chile made him play. .

  10. jwl

    At every other football club in the world, the manager is paid to explain their ideas, techniques, but that’s not how our manager rolls. Wenger tell players to watch videos on internet and figure it out for themself while he gets paid a tidy sum for his knowledge.

  11. Dissenter

    Wenger should just resign and be the emeritus professor of video editing.
    He can’t even be half-arsed to give Sanchez proper instructions of how to optimise his skills as a center forward.

  12. Pires7


    ‘He can’t even be half-arsed to give Sanchez proper instructions of how to optimise his skills as a center forward.’

    And how the fuck do you know what is and what isn’t said in training? The idiocy in this place is astounding.

  13. Joe

    Sanchez comes out and says he watches videos to learn about the position and adapt and Pires7 says Bullshit.

    Why didn’t Sanchez say wenger coaches me etc


  14. Dissenter

    “And how the fuck do you know what is and what isn’t said in training? The idiocy in this place is astounding”

    Go read up on Alexis comments.
    My comments was tongue in cheek. To be fair Wenger has been bigging up Alexis as a center forwards forever.

  15. Joe

    Alexis’ comments

    “He asked me to play there so I said fine – I looked up some videos on the internet to see how I needed to adjust my movement and I’ve been adapting since then.”

    Why no mention of wenger??

  16. Pires7

    Would it give you a hard on if he mentioned Wenger?

    Do you expect AW to go round his house on a Thursday after training for video night?

  17. Joe

    Says it all really that he thinks it was more important to mention watching videos than wenger coaching him in his new position

    Twist it however you want Pires

  18. reality check

    I jo8pe you all noticed Girouds 3rd or 4th round of complaining about his status at the club. what makes some of you think he will settle for 2nd choice striker ill never know.

  19. Joe


    It’s because he’s been bigged up to be something he isn’t by you know who

    Now he thinks he’s WC and deserves to start each matvh

  20. Pires7

    Lol it must be a calling card….then like magic the king of the idiots appears.

    1) he watches videos of his own performances to help him improve not other people. He’s not watching striker 101 for beginners.

    2) what relevance is it if he mentioned the manager? If he goes out of his own way to help improve himself as a player. Would it impress you if he mentioned AW?

    3) guess what? You don’t have a clue about instructions or coaching that is or isn’t given. Just because it isn’t mentioned, in an interview you clearly haven’t read, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.


  21. reality check


    Merts soon back, Giroud, Ramseys already back. I think some of us forgot we have favoritism in our squad. Giroud isnt sitting on no bench for too long, not for sanchez, perez walcott whoever.

  22. Dissenter

    just knew England were going to choke.
    Who’s going to solve this England managerial conondrum?

    Wenger was wise to run away as far as possible from the poisoned chalice.

  23. jwl

    Daily Mirror – April 2014:

    “Fabianski admitted he had studied Wigan’s potential penalty takers on YouTube before the match …..”

  24. Mark S

    Sanchez only played 84 minutes on a bad hamstring, so he should be “fresh” for the weekend. Nice work on bagging a brace though.

  25. Goonereris

    Sanchez was taken off because he asked to be, after he started limping in the 82nd meeting. Clearly, Chile are returning him injured which means he may not start against United. At least, he has vindicated the manager with a brace.

  26. Goonereris

    Pirez7, well said Re: what gets said between the manager and players doesn’t necessarily have to be recounted verbatim. I am not sure what motivates some on here but, we need to have perspective when taking on quotes translated from other languages. Wenger has spoken a lot about Alexis’ movement and ability to come deep, and his eye for the pass (see his assists count and Ozil’s goal count) as the reason he believed he could be a striker. For Sanchez to start studying videos of his own games and how he can adapt, it goes without saying that Wenger has encouraged him. Turns out Wenger is right and Sanchez is getting the job done and allowing Theo and Ozil to flourish.

  27. Chika

    I guess Wenger also simply handed out a bunch of videos to RVP, Kolo Toure and Bellerin when he was converting them from their original positions. He didn’t make any inputs whatsoever.

    Wow coaching must be damn easy.

    Whatever undermines the manager certainly thrives on here. Guess who sets the tone…. Haha

  28. Wallace

    big game for Chile and their main man came through for them once again. let’s hope we don’t end up footing the bill.

    of course it’s down to Alexis to learn the position on his own time. when else might he get the chance? it’s why I’ve been pushing for this idea i like to call ‘training’ whereby the players instead of just showing up on a Saturday morning smelling faintly of booze come in every day of the week and try to improve themselves. not sure it’ll catch on, but…

  29. karim

    Rabiot looked like he had been part of the french team forever for his first cap.

    Sad game, Dembele was a disappointment,so was Fekir.

    ” Good news ” is that Rabiot will miss Arsenal / Psg

  30. ughelligunner

    joe, when you learned to become who you are now, you only took into account what your trainer told you, you didnt do your private research on your own , i presume? Good students and professionals are known to be those who do extra studies outside their normal studies without been told. I bet you, he even asked walcot how he makes excellent runs inside the box, but he didnt mentioned it, did he? That means, he didnt learn from him right?

  31. ughelligunner

    The way the people that hate wenger say words that are surprising just to claim they are right about him, makes me know that hatred can make somebody become less intelligent in their remarks. If wenger doesnt hand them videos personally, since he is also the IT/Video specialist of the club, then he isnt doing his managerial duty. Something tells me, even the players wont have enough time knowing which video to watch or select to view online. Maybe the club video analyst would have sent it to their mails?

  32. karim

    Captain Stupid

    – Do you seriously think I chose this avatar so I could look ” smart and cultivated ” ? You have a serious intelligence complex, Sylvain.

    – Do you seriously think I care about which game you watched last night ?

    – Have you noticed that I’m only talking to you when you attack me, never the other way round ? Same with Sam btw.

    What does it tell about you ?

    – ” Hey bro’, wassup ? ”
    How old are you, 45 now ?

  33. jwl

    I wonder how injured Sanchez is and will Wenger risk his health on Sat. Let L’oreal play against Manure and let Sanchez recover for psg next wednesday seems sensible thing to do but Wenger always seems to zig while everyone else zaging.

  34. Red&White4life

    Sanchez : “look arsène, i’m injured, but I’m fine, it’s ok!!”
    Wenger: “I would like to give you some rest.”
    Sanchez : “but arsène, I want to score against those cunts!!”
    Wenger : “sorry, but it’s too risky. And please watch your dirty mouth.”
    Sanchez : “if you don’t let me play, I will not sign the new contract.”
    Wenger : “I was joking when I’ve said that I wanted to give you some rest, of course you play this game LOL”