Wenger has a Sanchez conundrum brewing

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Big, BIG week for Alexis Sanchez. The will he won’t he saga kicks off tomorrow. We know he has a hamstring injury, we know he loves his country more than Arsenal (how dare he), we know the Chilean management team have already broken Vidal, we know this is likely to end in tears.

For me, this should be simple… you don’t play. There is no point in inflaming an injury for the sake of a single game. There is nothing smart about playing a half fit player whose main benefit is being able to tear around like an animal. This is gung-ho by anyone’s standards… not least, Alexis personally.

He’s an adult. Adults need to make decisions that are mature. The club should be pressuring him and if he goes against their wishes and botches our season, there should be ramifications. There has to be discipline at the club and there has to be the expectation that you don’t ruin the season for your team by making reckless decisions with your health.

… but how do you enforce that? It’s a hugely tough ask of Wenger. Discipline a guy who wants to die for his country? A guy who isn’t the sharpest… A guy who is one of the best players in the world right now? A guy who is in contract negotiations with the club?

How do you even attempt dealing with a situation like this?

… but Wenger’s allegiance is to the team and the club. So he’ll have to do something. He can’t look weak here.

Big managers make big decisions… and Wenger has benched Henry in the past for misdemeanors. So we know he’s capable of it.

Let’s see…

There’s not a lot else to talk about, so I’ll leave you with that to ponder today.

How would you deal with Sanchez?

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  1. Jonraid

    Am I talking to computer generated comments? No one’s replying. Pedro posing as DM and all? Well, then, Pedro talk to me.

  2. DM

    Lol, sorry, I’m not Pedro… just don’t have much to say on a quiet week, or at least nothing to add to what’s been said already re Sanchez

  3. Jonraid

    Does fining players hurt them at all? Banning him from games benefit rivals even more. Ultimately buy enough depth in the team so that players know if they injure themselves foolishly, their place would be taken. Full circle, Wenger has himself to blame for losing his control to his stinginess.

  4. Red&White4life

    “For me, this should be simple… you don’t play. There is no point in inflaming an injury for the sake of a single game. ”

    Do you know whow you speaking to ?? The f*cking Terminator himself!!

  5. kc

    Arsene broke Sanchez by over playing him. He made his bed now he must lie in it. Sure he shouldn’t play injured for Chile, but Chile didn’t do this to him, Arsenal did. Should have bought a proper Striker in the summer instead of that panic buy Perez. That’s two ways Arsene could’ve avoided this mess.

  6. china

    yeah have to say arsene shouldn’t have burned him out so early on. national managers are annoying as hell because they don’t give a fuck about wrecking domestic seasons if it earns them a couple more points in the few shitty international games they play – but we know this already

    what manager honestly thinks the national coach isn’t going to pick their amazing players and get everything they can out of them?

    the best you can do is make sure you rotate more often and then he won’t be going there already this close to breaking down

  7. Dissenter

    If Alexis declare himself fit and the Chilean team doctor certifies him fit then there’s nothing Arsenal can do.

    I find these fake outrage laughable.
    Maybe if England had to qualify from a very difficulty confederation then Pedro would understand what is going on in Alexis’ mind.
    CONMEBOL is the most difficult confederation to qualify from. Argentina are currently 6th with all the mega starts they have at their positions.

    Kudos to Alexis for giving his 110% for his country.
    He was never going to play on Saturday if Arsenal’s concerns were ever valid.
    It’s just foolish to think he’s hold back from giving 100% to his country on Tuesday so that he can play in a routine league game on Saturday. There’s time to claw back lost league points but Chile wont have the same luxury.

    If you were the Chilean manager would you give a rat’s arse about Arsenal’s predicament?

  8. jwl

    Maybe Sanchez think if he suffer injury he out for 6-8 weeks and L’oreal can get some game time now. If I was Wenger, I would be on phone/skype and demanding Sanchez not play. Sanchez is actually injured, not fake, so Chileans can’t complain about him not playing.

    I have thought Wenger is weak manager since L’oreal was caught shagging goupies he pick up in hotel lobby night before match. If Wenger was focused on winning things, L’oreal would have been sold or demoted to bench because he obviously not 100% for match if he having sex till 4 am.

    If Sanchez is injured, he wont be punished, Wenger wont take serious action against our star player.

  9. tunnygriffboy


    He loves his country. They love him. They all want to go to the WC. There is nothing Arsenal can do.

    Sure I’ll be bummed if he wrecks his hamstring and is out for two months as it could cost ua dear. However a club cannot stop a player meeting up with his national team. It’s hugely frustrating because he’s been playing really well and we’ve been on a good run.

    It’s doubly irritating as we have two crucial games coming up in the next 10 days.Sadly there is nothing we, the club or Wenger can realistically do about it.

    It’ll be over to Giroud as annoyingly Lucas is still out. It’s compounded with Bellerin and Santi also being out. Saturday and Psg now become much more difficult and I’m not as confident as I was 2 weeks ago.

  10. tunnygriffboy


    How has Wenger burned him out ? Other top players play every game. He’s been taken off in games. Like all top players he is vital to their teams success.

    Every game in the PL is really difficult now. You have to play at 100% to win matches. Leave him out and we lose then Wenger would get hammered. I’d love to leave him out but there are very few clubs who leave their best players out.

    We don’t know how his injury occured and we don’t know the true extent of the injury. I fear the worst. I hope it isn’t too bad and that he can be back soon. It seems that he’ll at least miss the next two crucial games.

  11. freddylekgunner

    Tunny I share your thoughts and the most damaging is Bellerin. If Sanchez doesn’t get injured playing for Chile tomorrow there’s no reason he shouldn’t show the same passion to play for us against Manures atleast. He can rest against PSG, the Utd match is more important.

  12. BacaryisGod

    It just occurred to me that 2016 has got to go down as the worst year for a very long time.

    -Arsenal finish ahead of Man City, Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs but STILL don’t win the title

    -Brexit and Trump

    -Bowie, Prince, Mohammed Ali and our family cat died

    Can’t wait for 2017 unless that’s the year that we sell Alexis and Ozil.

  13. Troy McClure

    The intensity of the South American matches is ridiculous too, at least Chile’s style of play. We get the matches on tv here in South Florida. Chile played vs. Colombia in Barranquilla, which is at sea level on the Caribbean, almost on top of the equator. The players were soaked through their shirts by minute 10. There is a hell of a lot of gamesmanship, and some brutal challenges. And Chile is a nice place, but it is fucking far from everywhere. Maybe Sanchez can rest up on the 15 hr flight in super first premium class, just pull down the oxygen mask and let it heal him up.

  14. Dissenter

    Which moment will Alexis never forget;
    The two FA cup victories at Arsenal


    The two copa America victories [first one was Chile’s ever trophy]

    The answer is crystal clear to me, even if I put my gooner hat on.
    The national team games are viscerally more meaningfully to these players. The club matches are just business.

    It’s like an A-grade hollywood actress kissing in a movie and then going on to smooch her high school sweet heart she’s been married to forever.

    We [arsenal] don’t connect at the same level. The same part of the brain isn’t processing it.
    If we push Alexis too hard, he’ll just go on an sign for another big [or bigger] club for more money..and you bet he’ll kiss that badge too.

  15. Goonereris

    Dissenter, I won’t hold it against Alexis for playing for Chile in this crucial qualifier. The South American WC qualifiers are tough and with Argentina losing to Brazil, the game VS Uruguay offers an opportunity to pull further away from them on points. I believe they will only play him if he is declared fit (what we hear could be mere squad sheet gamesmanship); if he doesn’t play, then not even Arsenal can play him on Saturday. I’d rather accept the ‘good news’ that he is fit.
    On the matter of “Wenger burning him out”, I feel the club has managed him well, since the start of the season, playing only 15 games and subbed of in a few, in all competitions. It is the best you can do. No team leaves their best (paid) players on the bench and very few good players like to be rested.

  16. TheBayingMob

    If he comes back broken I’d still sue the Chilean FA.

    I can understand all the arguments around playing Sanchez but it’s hugely detrimental to the player mainly but also to the club that pays his wages.

    It’s simple … There should be a legal precedent that if an FA (any FA!!) breaks a player they cough up his wages for the time he is out.

    Why not? It may well then force FIFA (under pressure from less than well off FA’S) as a whole to consider this interlull mini league season they have created and all the frustrating and pointless friendlies!!

    It shouldn’t affect the player at all. He is free to make decisions with his club / FA whether to risk himself.

    That’s fine.

    You come back broken for six months then the Chilean FA owe Arsenal FC circa 2.5/3m … I don’t see the problem…

    Someone or something has to reign in this ridiculous international nonsense ….

  17. Joe

    Baying Mob

    Don’t teams already have insurance that covers part of wages when injured

    And also. Sanchez hurt his hammy Before even playing in a match. It was in training.

    They could very easily claim he was injured before he came or overplayed at Arsenal.

    Its not like he hurt himself during the intensity of a match.

    He was going to break sooner or later. If Man U match was last weekend he most likely would have broken then

    To blame Chile is ridiculous.

    Do you not think wenger would have trained and played him in the same
    Situation as chile. Exchange chile for man U and Sanchez would be playing.

  18. TheBayingMob

    Hell ye blame the Chilean FA. He is injured and they are going to play him, that has nothing to do with anyone else. If wenger injured him then the same scenario will stand. You don’t play injured players.

    Players get injured of course. But to actually go ahead and play a player with a known soft tissue injury risking further quite possibly bad injury it’s massively irresponsible of the management and the player himself (of which wenger is guilty of doing but this is not about wenger)

    Like I said “if” he comes back broken.

    Something needs to happen to address the ridiculous amount of internationals and friendlies going on.

    It’s insufferable and generally the spectacle is poor …

  19. Joe

    I agree. I don’t think I’ve watched one match. Maybe a bit of England – Scotland.

    There is no
    Excitement whatsoever in watching any of it.

  20. bacaryisgod

    I love how some blogs are seeing that selling Alexis is not the worst thing that could happen to Arsenal.

    Let’s be clear. He’s a superstar. He works like a madman and his passion rubs off on his teammates. He can play across the front line and turn a game in a second. Losing him would be a disaster.

    I can understand Arsenal not wanting to shatter their salary structure but this is the elite league of clubs we’re trying to break into. We should be adding to our number of world-class players (at last count, 3-4) rather than reducing it.

  21. Black Hei

    I don’t think losing Sanchez for a short period is an unmitigated disaster.

    Sooner or later, Giroud has to start. He isn’t perfect, but when it is time for the backup to back things up, I say he is suited for that role.

    Perhaps we might see Ramsey back in the mid alongside Xhaka. Would be a bold strategy if Ramsey is ready to channel the Ramsey of old alongside an upgraded Arteta replica. It will be the same spine of yesteryear, Ramsey, Ozil and Giroud with Xhar-teta behind them.

    Other issues are can Walcott and Jenks play on the right? Will Iwobi be useful on the left.

    Lots on questions, but the starting 11 isn’t a disaster, at least on paper.

  22. karim

    Exactly, the consensus was that Giroud was a good plan b, wasn’t it ?

    So, here we are.

    Plus Sanchez ain’t broken for now.

  23. karim

    Great game last night between France and England U23.

    England absolutely bossed the first 20 Minutes, and logically took the lead thanks to a beautiful lob by Watmore.

    Moussa Dembele replied with a powerful shot after an assist a la Iniesta, in the back of the 2 defenders.

    Dembele then scored with a nice free-kick as France started to dominate.

    Ten minutes before the end, Baker ( or was it Redmond ? ), responded with another very nice free-kick 3 minutes before Cyprien’s 30 yard- free-kick ( again )
    sealed the win for France.

    Rob Holding did a good job even if Dembele was hard to contain while Isaac Hayden played the last 10 minutes for England.

  24. Wallace


    “Let’s be clear. He’s a superstar. He works like a madman and his passion rubs off on his teammates. He can play across the front line and turn a game in a second. Losing him would be a disaster. ”

    this season, in his new role, he’s our most important player. Chile have passed him fit for the game tonight. not sure how you recover from a small muscle tear in less than a week.

  25. gonsterous

    I think it’s totally acceptable that Sanchez can go and play for his national team. If it was a friendly , then we can freak out but it’s the WC qualifiers.. if I had sanchezs quality I would want to play for the nati too..

  26. Black Hei


    I have to reluctantly agree with you. If we are talking about the CL final with an upcoming world cup or coppa america, we would have totally played Sanchez even if his is strapped up like a mummy.

    And he would have played too at 100%. Guy does not know when to quit.

  27. Red&White4life

    Goooooooooooooood morning Grovers.

    So, what’s the news about Alexis, is he out for the rest of the season or not ?? (lol)
    (I don’t even ask the question for our trip to Old Toilet)

  28. BacaryisGod

    Sorry guys, I meant losing Arsenal at the end of this season, not for a few games with an injury. It’s looking more and more likely that we’ll not be able to keep our Chilean.

  29. Dissenter

    FIFA does have to decree that the club get access to crucial make fiscal records in situations such as these Alexis imbroglio.
    This Arsenal medical people ought to have been given access to the MRIs over the weekend.

    What do you expect from an organization lead by a man with name that sounds like an “infant”?

  30. Dissenter

    *November 15, 2016 10:46:10
    FIFA does have to decree that the club get access to crucial make fiscal records in situations such as the Alexis imbroglio.*

  31. karim

    Dream 10

    He didnt have a lot of opportunities but was good overall, his pace caused a lot of problems to the English defense.

    Can’t get much game time for psg for now but a very promising young striker imo.

  32. Red&White4life

    Tonight we have France-Ivory Coast, and also England-Spain…

    What a dilemma for choosing the game we’re gonna watch!! lol
    (but I know which game karim is gonna watch.)

  33. Dissenter

    Honestly why is France playing meaningless friendly against Ivory coast?
    I find it hypocritical that this (and the other silly friendlies) don’t get as much negative coverage as Chile risking Alexis for a crucial WC qualifier.

  34. Bamford10

    Fabio Capello hails ‘spectacular’ Liverpool – but says Chelsea’s defence can win Premier League title — @MirrorFootball

    I guess Liverpool and Chelsea are favorites now in most minds. Arsenal running fourth probably, behind City.

    Wenger outdone — yet again.

  35. Bamford10


    Well, one, I’m just making a passing observation re people’s thinking re who will win this season. I wasn’t actually taking a position myself (though my optimism has waned). Where I previously gave us a 1 in 6 chance of contending, I’d now say that’s a 1 in 8 chance, and trending in the wrong direction.

    You bet on Wenger, though — as you have for ten straight fruitless years.

    Fucking moron.

  36. karim

    ” but I know which game karim is gonna watch. ”

    Yes, I support my national team.
    What about you Sylvain, oh yeah I forgot, too many Black and Muslim players, isn’t it ?

    Rabiot and Ousmane Dembele celebrate their first cap tonight, it’s gonna be very exciting.

  37. Red&White4life

    “Rabiot and Ousmane Dembele celebrate their first cap tonight, it’s gonna be very exciting.”

    You can’t invent stuff like that lol

  38. Wallace

    “Without being in England, I would not be the player I am now. “There was Arsenal’s quick playing style, for example, which I learned.

    “When you are a young player and you get to train with such top players as there are at Arsenal for three years then of course you take something away with you and it improves you.

    “That was definitely the case with me. I probably would not be here now if I had not been in England.”

    – Serge Gnabry

  39. Carts


    Was a very entertaining game. England certainly did boss the first 20-25 mins. They passed the ball around confidently and won almost all the second balls.

    You could sense an air of arrogance from England, which contributed to their progressively poor balls retention and getting caguht in possession a la Chalobah (who looks to be developing into fine player).

    Dembele: I mean, how he wasn’t snapped up by a EPL tteam I’ll never know. I think a tribunal fee of about £6m-£7m would’ve been due to Fulham. Tight-ass Levy bulked at it but had no problem spending £15m on Janssen…Hmmm..

    Augustin: showed promising signs, but Demblele and Cyprien stole the show.

  40. karim


    Yeah, I was expecting them to win after such a convincing start to be fair.
    Reminded me of that ” men v boys ” infamous analogy, that’s how dominant they were.

    The French scored on their very first opportunity and it brought them back into the game, but that still can’t explain how England gradually faded away.

    Nevertheless, they’ll be at the Euros, the French won’t, and haven’t for the last 10 years…

  41. Carts


    haha – when I heard the commentator say that France won’t be attending next year I had to scratch my head.

    It looked like England rotated quite some from the Itlay game. You’d expect them to win it next year too.