Santi keeps the injury doom train chugging along

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I took in the Connor McGregor fight last night, right next to Madison Square Garden, what a f*cking mistake that was. Great event regardless, the absolute brutality of that sport is a sight to behold. The Irishman proving once again that he is one of the biggest superstars in sport and so much more than just talk.

Anyway, onto football. This international break is dragging hard and I’m really struggling to get over it… but the good news is it’s nearly over.

One story that’s been growing all season is the Serge Gnabry one. He smashed up the Olympics and he’s been starting for Werder Bremen… he also banged in a hattrick for Germany on his debut this week. It’s important to note that his club team sit 16th in the table achieving 7 points from 10 games. But hell, let’s not take anything away from the young wide man, he’s banged in 4 goals and has an assist to his name. Pretty good going.

I think there’s a lot of, ‘well, the club did all they could’, well, I heard from a very good place that Arsenal didn’t start negotiating a new deal for him until AFTER his Olympic success. So for me, it kind of sounds like Arsenal were done with the German and the penny dropped when he started to resemble a player.

It’s a bit embarrassing Wenger didn’t know how to extract more out of him. Especially sad to see when you have Chambo stinking out the place more often than not… but look, you have to remember this is a kid who couldn’t make it at Arsenal and a guy who struggled to get into a Tony Pulis squad. So it was hardly a done deal he’d be superb this season. So we can look at the stick with which to beat, or just keep our fingers crossed he doesn’t turn into Bayern Munich’s next superstar in the next 3 seasons (they basically did the deal to land him at Werder).

The ever reliable AFC Camden blog has Santi out until December. It also reports the club knew he had a dodgy Achilles problem. Part of the reason I’ve been calling for him to be replaced. Outside the Achilles problem, playing a 32 year old 3 times a week was dim, again, as we’ve said on here so many times before. Arsenal fans bleating on with…

‘Nah mate, it’s October, pro athletes can handle it’

… has once again come unravelled. For the United game, we’re missing Sanchez, Santi and Bellerin. It’d be hard to say that’s anything other than a disaster, even if United are a car crash of a side this season.

It’s also worth noting that these issues aren’t luck, they’re bad planning. The sort we see every single season. Let’s hope the squad is strong enough to handle it. That midfield against United is looking like Xhaka, Coquelin and Ozil. I’d be looking to bring in Aaron Ramsey into the squad at some point, despite everyone here thinking he’s a terrible player. I think we need to look at his last 10 games and I think Wenger needs to work out a way of making his talent work for our squad… because I’m certain if he leaves us he’ll be a superstar somewhere else (if they can keep him fit).

Finally, big congrats for Nacho on landing his first goal for Spain!

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  1. karim

    France was so painful to watch versus a young Swedish team, we were lucky to win.
    Koscielny prevented a goal with a wonderful tackle, and seemed like he was back to his best.
    We’ll need a very good Kostafi next week-end.

  2. Mark S

    Why do the International Breaks this year seem so much more annoying than usual? Is it because we had the Euros and Copa America this year? Is it because we go from having like 9 matches in 5 weeks, and then nothing for 2 weeks? It’s just seems different this time around. This is the last “Arsenal free” weekend until February or March I believe. Thank goodness for that!

  3. Ogban

    What irks me most about the Santi case is that we were told by Wenger when it happened that it was a minor thing and the player was expected back shortly. Now, several weeks later, he is still out and not even being mentioned in the weekly team news anymore!

  4. Maycee

    If I were Wenger i would play Xhaka Coq Ramsey and give Ozil a free role from the left.Iwobi should be rested.Too many games for the young lad.

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    There is no such thing as luck …really in football terms.

    We’ve all known tat Wenger is a shocking man manager ,
    Can’t control,a one on one with a player ..
    Now serge is doing well wengers creditability across Europe will be tainted …

    Only seven more moths of this cretin dinosaur at the club .

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The club have continuously lied an told misleading stories regarding injuries …

    Nothing will ever change till it cuts out the problem at the root …an that will happen once Wenger goes .

  7. Bystander

    Off topic: Regarding the Mourinho versus Wenger debate.
    Not denying Mourinho’s skills as a manager but had Wenger had Mourinho’s spending power then i have no doubt that Wenger would at least have won 2 titles in the last 10 years.

  8. G

    ’we’ve all known tat Wenger is a shocking man manager
    Alot of x players such as ray parlour..keown say the opposite but what would they know

  9. Red&White4life

    “You do realize that “out until December” could mean just 2 or 3 weeks? Is that really a disaster?”

    lol somebody don’t know how to count in “arsenal time”…

  10. jwl

    Nevermind schadenfreude, I have schadenboner from all the butt hurt left wing people have been exhibiting since Trump won election. I would never have voted for Trump if I was American but I have enjoy the outpouring of progressives emotional incontinence past week.

    American election has been awesome, helping me get over Arsenal and our typical November injury crisis and things going tits up like usual.

    God bless America.

  11. Goonereris

    Gnabry had his chance at Arsenal and didn’t exactly set the place on fire, good talent that he is and the club knew this, hence the efforts to bring him back to full fitness when he was sent on loan to WBA (which didn’t go well). Weder Bremen are 16th in the Bundesliga; not exactly brimming with the kind of talent Arsenal have, standing in his way. Scoring 3 against a hapless San Marino side isn’t the hardest thing and to suggest this, somehow, taints Wenger’s credibility is very laughable is injustice to the many first team members given a rest for that game (only reason Gnabry saw any game time).
    Fact is Gnabry wasn’t going to get into the Arsenal side and he took the chance when Bremen came calling, after his exploits at the Olympics. Same as everyone else, seeing as most wrote him off after Pulis’ snub. All we should do is wish him luck, not start to cry over spilt milk!

  12. Wallace

    that pic of Alexis training with a heavily bandaged hamstring isn’t doing much for me. even if he plays some part for Chile tomorrow night I don’t see us risking him at the weekend.

  13. Wallace

    best paid teams in world football –

    1 – Man Utd – 5.77m (per year)
    2 – Barcelona – 5.65m
    3 – Man City – 5.42m
    4 – Real Madrid – 5.05m
    5 – Chelsea – 4.51m
    6 – PSG – 4.47m
    7 – B Munich – 4.16m
    8 – Juventus – 3.97m
    9 – Arsenal – 3.70m
    10 – Liverpool – 3.01m
    11 – Roma – 2.95m
    12 – Spurs – 2.68m

    (source – Global Sports Salary Survey)

    also, average salary in the PL is now 48.5k per week, double that of 2nd placed la liga.

  14. Wallace

    ps – so the above’s the average salary of each player at their respective club. not the total annual wage bill…obvs.

  15. T

    Vs United i would start with
    Jenks, holding, kozz and gibbo in the Bäck
    Then a midfield diamond neny,Chaka,ramsey and coq
    And up top with giroud and ozil.
    Surprise mou with a good bag of coast to coast antifootball and whip in crosses all day for the big frenchman! 😀

  16. BacaryisGod

    I’m getting worried for the Man U game. Jenks, Kozzer, Ramsey, Coquelin and Theo were all in the team when we lost 8-2 at OT. That’s half of our outfield players (plus Ox who came on as a sub) that were scarred beyond belief.

  17. tunnygriffboy


    That was an unmitigated disaster.

    Bad enough us missing Bellerin on Saturday but we shouldn’t be playing Alexis. Chile if it goes completely and rules him out for months. We have a really critical part of the season arriving and him being out for any length of time could scupper any title ambitions.

    Man u have injury worries of their own. No Bailly or Smalling. Valencia out as well. That leaves Rojo and Blind at CB and Darmien on the right. Giroud is capable of bullying these but Alexis movement and pace could really pull them apart.

    Zlatan is out and that worries me because he’ll end up playing Rashford, Martial and Mata. That could cause us more problems.

    Finally that 8- 2 result was a few years ago. The players you mentioned were young and relatively inexperienced then. They’re much better equipped to deal with it now ………….. Hopefully 🙂 🙂

  18. Jeff

    The dreaded month of November is upon us and we are fourth. Those two draws against Middlesbrough and Tottenham ought really have been wins if we’re honest about it but there we are.

    I have never really believed that we could win the PL this season (or any other recent season under Wenger) because all the signs that we are still fragile in certain areas are still there. So Man U next away – the question is: do we feel lucky? Well do we?

  19. Dissenter

    It’s “suicidal” for the Chilean manager to start Sanchez knowing fully well that he’s has muscle injuries.
    It was suicidal when Wenger played Alexis against Norwich last year even though he had muscle injuries.

    Chile are in a desperate position in the world cup qualifiers. Once Alexis don’t declares himself fit they have little choice but to pick him. He’s their best player.

  20. Dream10


    Our 3-2 defeat at Old Trafford last season was worse than the 8-2. When they scored the eight, at least Utd were on their game that day. Last season, our performance was abject and pathetic. Walcott was terrible and we made Carrick look like a mixture of prime Baresi and Nesta at CB. Their pace and movement up front w/out Ibrahimovic will be more difficult for our back four to deal with. Mustafi has struggled w/ his positioning and he could well be exposed.

    If Sanchez plays for Chile tmrw and aggravates his injury, Chile should be responsible and so should Sanchez. He is too brave for his own good

  21. tunnygriffboy


    Tbh with Bellerin and Alexis in the side I would have had a bit of confidence as defensively they not as strong as spurs. Not so sure with those out

    Not sure Zlatan being out necessarily helps us. With Rashford and Martial likelyto be in the side it’ll suit the way mourinho has always played against us.

    International breaks I’m sure are dreaded by all club managers and fans

    Why are there being friendlies being played this week ? It’s ridiculous.

  22. Dissenter

    “If Sanchez plays for Chile tmrw and aggravates his injury, Chile should be responsible and so should Sanchez. He is too brave for his own good”

    Actually in defence of Chile.
    Once Sanchez declares himself free then Chile aren’t responsible for anything. Players play through injury the time
    Didn’t Wenger play Ramsey against Liverpool in the opening weekend leading to a muscle injury that requires just required 6 week rehab?

    People need to stop being emotional.

  23. Jeff


    I agree that Zlatan being out probably doesn’t help us because his recent form has been poor. However, as we all know, Mourinho won’t want to relinquish that record of his against Wenger. The psychology of it all isn’t on our side and we are always very brittle in grudge matches .

    On paper though and given Man U’s poor start to the season and their current position, we ought to come away with at least a draw. If we lose, it will cement the idea in the players’ heads that we can’t win the league and I would suggest it will be a major drawback to our campaign this season.

  24. TheBayingMob

    “Why do the International Breaks this year seem so much more annoying than usual? ”

    I was thinking there seems to be at least one more interlull so far. Is it because of WC qualifiers? Has there been an extra round slipped in? It’s fucking agravating nonetheless …

    As the WC expands, goes to ever more ridiculous places (Qatar … say no more, I mean FFS, Europe and the US could be entrenched in war with Russia by 2022!!), becomes more corporate there will be an ever growing disdain for international football and an ever growing backlash against it

    Fifa are, it seems, creating a long international league season within the domestic ones (ever more greed)

    It will come to a head at some point when PL profits are risked as Asia turns off because the season is just so disjointed.

    Personally I think all the major countries say in the top 16 of the world should be grandfathered in to the WC with only the smaller nations scrabbling to qualify. The ranking should be done from friendlies (played in the non WC / Euros / Copa summers making them a little less than utterly pointless training games) and the tournaments themselves.

    That wasn’t meant to be the rant it turned into …

  25. Dissenter

    Arsenal aren’t going to start anything with the Chilean FA because we want to keep Sanchez happy so he can sign a contract extension.

    I don’t understand why everyone is mad at the Chile set-up.
    They want to qualify for the world cup and want to risk their best player in a win-at-all-cost game.
    Why all the whinnying.

    Doesn’t Wenger do this all the time?

  26. reality check

    You know what really pisses Jose off about his record over Wenger.

    Its that he could keep winning games against Wenger 10 more times over the next 5 years and it wouldn’t make any difference.

    Wenger would still be running things at arsenal, walking around the club in his slippers. No pressure at all.

    whilst Jose would’ve been chewed up and spat out by some other random club that needed a quick fix.

  27. reality check

    you know what really pisses Jose off about his record over Wenger.

    It’s that he could keep winning games against Wenger 10 more times over the next 5 years and it wouldn’t make any difference.

    Wenger would still be running things at arsenal, walking around the club in his slippers. No pressure at all.

    During that time Jose would’ve been chewed up and spat out by some other random club that needed a quick fix.

  28. Jeff

    To my mind it’s quite simple. The Wenger phenomenon is based on the philosophy that so long as you do well enough not to drop out of top four, that is enough. And I’m not saying there is anything wrong in that policy – what I’m saying is that there is something wrong when you do it purposefully, intentionally and religiously for many years.

    I would much prefer us to take bigger risks with top players, wages or managers and get a big win or two every three or four years than to win nothing of note for thirteen. This isn’t about doom or pessimism – it is simply a reflection of our reality. He won’t leave and he can’t be sacked but you can pretty much guarantee top four and for many Arsenal fans that is just fine. But it is never going to be fine for all.