Ozil to United? Desperate Mourinho mind games begin

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Jose Mourinho, a solid disciple of The Art of War has consistently taken the stratagems to embarrassing extremes in his quest for glory.

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

Psychological warfare with Wenger tends to be his preferred method of attack and it’s worked year after year. Whether he’s poking holes at his success, whether he’s calling into question his suitability for the job or bemoaning his voyeuristic nature… Jose always has a way of getting under the skin of Wenger.

At the moment, it is clear United are weak, so what better way to show strength than make noises about our best player joining his rabble?

Stories bubbling to the surface point to Mesut Ozil being the target of Jose this summer. United, famed for throwing bad money after bad money these days are apparently in line to offer our German superstar £250k per week compared to our pitiful £200k per week.

For me, it’s all nonsense. It’s part of Jose’s build to a pivotal game. Misinformation in the press targeting the spirit of our best player is par the course. I’d imagine the closer we land to the game, the worse the ramp up will be. He’s inviting questions about the subject where he’ll have something up his sleeve directly aimed at stirring the German.

Ideally, we’d leak something to return the favour. John Cross should write an article about United secretly tapping up Arsene Wenger about the United job next summer, turn those tables. Wenger should make mention of the consistent leaks out of the camp this summer. Perhaps Wenger should mention that he’d have made Mikki a superstar rather than squander talent to make a point no one needed to make. Perhaps Wenger should mention that United appear to be trying to buy the title again?

We won’t do that though. I know that you can cite class and other things like that, but wouldn’t it be nice to play the game back occasionally?

In other news, I thought Debuchy had left on loan in the summer, forgetting that he’d played for us against Forest or someone. So actually, our right back issues might not be that bad if he could return some of the form that made him and exciting signing a few seasons ago. Firstly, he has to prove his fitness, which is in doubt.

Carl Jenks is an option, but not a great one. Then there’s the idea of moving Mustafi or Holding to right back. I’d rather not mess with the centre back set up, but with Per Mertesacker (laughably another player made captain who isn’t first choice) returning soon, the temptation might be real for Wenger.

Lionel Messi bowed out of international football last night taking and absolute spanking from Brazil. Some sort of passing of the baton to Neymar? Sad to see the great man leave this world without a World Cup to his name, but whatever, I really don’t think that’s what makes the difference between being the greatest and not anymore. Winning all those CL trophies is a bigger deal in my opinion. Needless to say, if you can’t win the World Cup with that sort of talent, your FA really is in a sorry state of affairs… not as bad as ours considering Gareth Southgate is potentially the future… but pretty close.

Interesting to read on Marca that Luis Enrique’s contract is up at the end of the season. The Spaniard is considering his options after three pretty good seasons at Barcelona. Does he hit the beach? Does he sign on for more good times? Does he take on another project. It’s weird that he’s been wildly successful at Barca, but people don’t talk about him on the level they do Pep G?

Wonder if he could replicate his success somewhere without Messi?

Anyway, that’s me done for the day. Have an excellent Friday night!

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  1. Emiratesstroller


    As I suggested this morning Wenger needs to focus on the game and not the
    wind ups from Mourinho. Arsenal need at worst a draw next weekend to keep Man Utd at arms length from top four place.

    Hopefully Man Utd will sooner rather than later recognise that Mourinho is not such a brilliant manager and offload him if he fails to deliver at very least
    Champions League Qualification.

    My guess is that Man Utd is his last chance saloon and we will not see him again in EPL. Frankly I cannot see Arsenal or Man City recruiting him and Mourinho without a huge transfer budget at his disposal is not going to deliver results.

  2. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Jose always has a way of getting under the skin of Wenger.’

    I don’t think mourihno’s mind games make any difference to wenger.
    Mourihno’s record against us is almost completely due to the fact that he’s spent a lot more money than us and has consequently had better teams with better players.
    That and some good luck.

    I think mourihno’s odd obsession with wenger and his rather pathetic, continued criticism of him, is down to the fact that wenger was pretty much the only manager in football to question the validity of mourihno’s achievements.

    Mourihno only wins when he spends more than anyone else, which he has done consistently over the years
    . Most of the time he prevails by employing some of the worst kind of cynical, percentage football, despite having having some of the most talented players in football to work with.
    When things go wrong- usually as a result of not having spent as much as he would like- he jumps ship and blames everyone else for the mess he leaves behind.

    In many ways he incapsulates everything that’s bad about modern football.
    Most other managers would agree but few have the courage to say so.

  3. Alexanderhenry


    Agreed on mourihno.

    If I was a man u fan I’d be very worried though. I think mourinho knows this is his last chance at the highest level- for some time anyway. He might stick around therefore, and the glazers seem madder than he is.
    They have the largest debt in world football and they just keep spending. The more they spend the worse they seem to get and despite their unrivalled global support, that support is not a bottomless pit.
    It will start to dwindle if they continue to flop.

  4. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    As vile as he can be, I like that Mourinho brings something to the game off the pitch – talking points. Whether it’s mind games, or he’s rubbishing his players and personnel in public, or poking Tito in the eye, or holding a post-match review in the middle of the pitch, or taking on referees and the FA.

    And I agree you can do some of that and still keep your class. but Wenger wouldn’t. Not in his character. Which is sad because there’s more to the game than kicking the ball around in the field.

    Sadly again, the manager’s relationship with Debuchy appears to be irredeemable. He doesn’t even make the bench in League Cup games where Niles starts at right back. I wonder if it was the manager that stopped him leaving in the summer, or if there was no decent offer for him.

    Whatever it was, I hope he’s able to leave in January. He deserves to be happy.

  5. Pedro

    Alex, don’t be ridiculous. His record against us is because we’re easy to plan against and he knows how to get the better of Wenger.

    Wenger has never beaten him in a competitive game.

    Your logic is childlike… like if you have the best players, you’re unbeatable. Complete nonsense. If Tony Pulis can lay down a defeat against Mourinho, a manager in charge of a club with double the resource can.

  6. Pedro

    Distilling Mourinho down to simply a guy who can only operate on a budget also shows a lack of understanding of the game.

    Mourinho was a powerhouse of a manager, he landed the biggest budgets because he was the best.

    ‘Could Tim Cook do it a BHS’ isn’t something you’ll ever hear because it’s a stupid notion.

  7. foreverinourshadows

    Trouble is Wenger has no idea how to cope with Maureen, he can’t deal with his tactics, his mind games, we will be lucky with a draw, Man Utd are there for the taking but le fraud will bottle it, he always does, he will have his excuses ready and will probably play the useless Ramsey at some point. Sanchez and Bellerin will probably miss the game. same old Wenger same old story

  8. kel

    I think this is all agent banter, why would jose want ozil a player he sub on 50 min when he was at madrid? Also the modern managers wont want Ozil because as goo as the German is he’s still a lazy player who would never fit a pressing game which all the modern guys are playing at the moment, Arsenal fits him well. Ozil wants more money so his agents are doing a number. Really sad you didn’t mention this aspect pedro as you appear to be looking through Arsenal glasses. You also said liverpool are an average team at the beginning of the season wonder if you still have that view??

  9. reality check

    omar November 11, 2016 18:02:41
    Am I missing something? Did Messi retire from international

    ha! When the going gets tough…

  10. omar

    Did WC qualifying end last night? Because when last I checked, there are still 7 rounds of matches to be played in South America where 4 teams qualify automatically and the 5th is given a walk over vs some unlucky Oceania team for the 5th spot. Argentina are currently a distant 1 point behind 4th and 5th and a whopping 2 points behind 3rd. Bit early to be writing them off dont you think Pedro?

  11. tunnygriffboy

    Smalling and Bailly out as is Valencia. Rojo, Blind and Darmian likely to play. Giroud could bully that defence. However Alexis movement could cause two left backs playing in the centre serious problems. Also there’s not great pace in that defence or their CM to be honest. Interesting to see how we’ll go. Depends on availabilityand injury unfortunately

    Zlatan is missing. Good or bad ?

    My concern is that with suspension and injury mourinho may just stumble on a combination that could cause us problems especially with our high line. We could end up facing Rashford, Martial, Mata and Mikhataryan. Be just our luck.

  12. Alexanderhenry


    Totally disagree.

    I’ve always thought mourinho was overrated. He can drill a defence and he used to have an aura about him that enabled him to get the best out of players and persuade clubs to give him hundreds of millions.

    That aura has now gone and he’s looking limited tactically, petulant and devoid of ideas.

    On the money issue, you can ignore it’s importance if you like- which you do- but it is the single most important factor determining a club’s ability to compete.
    It’s no coincidence that mourinho has spent more than any other manager in the last ten years at least.

    That gets you trophies.

    If Wenger had had similar funds he would have won as much, if not more.

  13. Pedro

    Rich clubs always spend money. The rich clubs basically stayed the same.

    He won the CL with an average Inter. He won the CL with Porto, which is fucking incredible. He beat Barca to a league win, with the best player on the planet.

    He is an outrageously successful manager. Money is a factor, because it buys you better players… but clearly, as we’re seeing through his demise… ideas, management, motivation, scouting, back room team, tactics, data analysis, preparation… are all far more important once you reach a certain level.

    Also, Leicester won the league last year. Atletico have been to CL finals and won La Liga. There are examples all over Europe of how smart management is leading the way.

    Money is a lazy excuse. Wenger wouldn’t win the league if he had £300m to spend, because he’s not one of the best.

  14. carter

    yeah right money is a lazy excuse.zidane won the CL because he is an exceptional manger so Enrique despite being underwhelming at Roma

  15. carter

    Your Comment Here i can not fathom how u think wenger wouldn’t win the league with £300m wn the likes of mancini & pellegrin won it with city.

  16. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro, I believe you’re a numbers guy…surely you’d accept, more than likely money will more than likely win you hings, guaranteed. PSG, Chelsea and City are quite successful after a huge injection of cash, regardless of who manages.

    People give Mourinho a huge credit for the Porto team…they were a squad of top quality players that Porto assembled, they were one of the best in Europe and best in portugal. Mourinho was very motivated to win and yes he has a lot to offer as a manager, on Inter, they spent their way to the top…make no mistake. It was Real Madrid like, but Mourinho did provide an expensive list of players he wanted.

    Prior to Mou taking over at Inter, they were already vying for top football unlike today.

    The game has changed for Mourinho and he isn’t adapting fast enough, others have emerged, let’s say the same thing that happened to Wenger is happening to Mou.

    And may I correct folks, Wenger has beaten Mou in a competitve game recently, if you think Mou didn’t want to win at Wenbley, you’re fooling yourself.

  17. Kelvin

    I hate getting into a wenger vs another coach argument cos there is not enough to boast of Wenger with. Besides we all know pedro doesn`t like Wenger and would rate any coach ahead of Wenger always.

  18. Red&White4life

    “The aura didn’t die… he just got old and didn’t evolve.But he was the best. No doubt.”
    Reminds me of another manager…

  19. Pedro

    Dale, 2 CL titles with two teams that were not the best in Europe. Inter weren’t anywhere near CL winners before he arrived, that’s why Mancini was fired.

    Money plays a role. But Chelsea were fighting City / United / Arsenal… Inter beat Europe and clubs with way biggger budgets… Porto beat Europe with a tiny budget.

    Mourinho got the big jobs because he was the best, he’s still living off that rep and it’s not working.

    … but he’s still spending money.

    Which shows you that he wasn’t about money, he knew how to work a team and power out a vision.

  20. Pedro

    R&W, exactly… Wenger survived because he doesn’t need to win, he just needs to stay top 4. There’s no expectation or real pressure.

    He’ll not win the league this year, even though he has spent money, because he’s not good enough. Look how he’s managed Santi, Ramsey, Bellerin and Sanchez. He’ll get found out by better managers. As always.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Sterling seems so slow of thought, quite a few times he broke well, had runners either side of him and just dawdled.

    Rose has turned into quite the fullback, never really rated him that highly, but the last couple of seasons he’s really come on.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    At a big spending club Wenger just would not be able to survive, could not handle the pressure and expectation.

    Spending money increases your chances of success (mostly) but it also brings with it enormous expectation and responsibility.

    That is why I never buy into his whole ‘I had offers from clubs x, y and z and could have left,’ he may well have had offers, no way would he have taken them.

  23. Joe

    I don’t think mourihno’s mind games make any difference to wenger.
    Mourihno’s record against us is almost completely due to the fact that he’s spent a lot more money than us and has consequently had better teams with better players.
    That and some good luck

    Alex and Rambo

    If it’s not Jose.

    Why were we able to beat Chelsea a few seasons ago when Jose was gone? The ‘terry slip’ match.

    Hmmmmmm. Another alex theory blown right out of the water.

    Must be hard to be wrong all the time alex

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Fair play to Gnabry, some players are happy sat on their arses at Arsenal earning big money for not a whole lot.

    The talent is unquestionably there, just always seemed to be question marks over attitude. Be nice to see him really kick on, shame it isn’t with us.

    With Oxlade seeming to be on the slide into total irrelevance, could well have got some game time.

  25. Edstarsky

    Gnabry hattrick for Germany. Didn’t even realise he was selected for the national team BUT how can he go from Arsene Wenger not selecting / seeing anything in him to this in the space of what, 6 months?!?!? I’m an Wenger supporter and always been ( sorry) but this really gets me cross……don’t get it really don’t. I know it’s only San Marino but still it’s a for the first team and he bags three goals!!!

  26. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Also, Leicester won the league last year. Atletico have been to CL finals and won La Liga. There are examples all over Europe of how smart management is leading the way.Money is a lazy excuse. Wenger wouldn’t win the league if he had £300m to spend, because he’s not one of the best.’

    I was waiting for the leicester example.
    Last season was a one off. You know it and I know it. It’s unlikely that it will be repeated for another 20 years at least.

    Following your logic, ranieri is a better manager than wenger and so is roberto di matteo.
    This is of course nonsense.

    Money is one hell of an ‘excuse’ Pedro.

  27. joe

    funny how alex keeps ignoring atletico and dortmund who did it and keep doing it( atletico) over and over again against money men

    sorry it doesnt go with your agenda alex

    but your wrong. money is not the answer. wenger just isn’t good enough of a manager. period.

  28. joe


    you didn’t respond to my comment about you saying jose doesn’t hold a mental edge only a money edge over wenger

    how was wenger able to beat chelsea once jose left.

    and if jose doesn’t hold any edge over wenger , we should have no issue with beating man u next saturday as they have been terrible all season

    right alex

  29. rollen

    If Wenger had had similar funds he would have won as much, if not more.Your Comment Here

    lol why lie?
    Wenger never won and never will modern era PL. He only won it when MU was only competition. However low Moureen will sink he will still be remember as one of the best in Europe, Arsene not so much.

  30. Joe

    I remember when he scored the 2 goals and everyone felt he was going to
    Turn the corner and gain confidence…

    Haha. Akb logic

  31. mysticleaves


    All coaches reach their sell by date. JUST like Wenger has. Anyone that thinks Wenger wont be remebered as top manager upon retirement is as silly as they come.

    Just wait for his send off party.

  32. mysticleaves

    Talking on the Athletico thing, they just did a leicester. They won the league only once recently and havent repeated it since, sometimes being a distant 3rd. This year should be no exception.

    Same as Dortmund. They blitzed the league with top players and a top coach only just twice since Pedro knows how long. Havent won it since. Bayern keep winning and this year will be no exception.

    You people of the “money is a lazy excuse” keep sighting these teams when its clear its money they need to push on and that their league winning years were exceptions to the norm.

    And its easier to get to the latter stages of cup competitions because its a KO competition. your technical input and your know how can get you there.

    lastly to Pedro, When porto won the UCL, it was a “leicester” year. 3 of the semi finalists were POrto, Monaco, Deportivo

  33. seg

    Wenger would be remembered for things like going unbeaten whole season, and never winning the champions league. And for fourth place trophy!

  34. Joe

    His legacy is ruined. His sell by date was 2006

    It’s 2016.

    He hasn’t been a top
    Manager for 10 years.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded.

  35. Joe

    And its easier to get to the latter stages of cup competitions because its a KO competition. your technical input and your know how can get you there.

    So easy?

    Why has wenger been knocked out in the round of 16 for 6 straight seasons and why hasn’t he won it for 20

    So easy except for a fraud of a manager.

  36. Joe

    lastly to Pedro, When porto won the UCL, it was a “leicester” year. 3 of the semi finalists were POrto, Monaco, Deportivo

    Where were wenger’s Arsenal?!

    If it was such an easy year to win

  37. mysticleaves

    Joe as usual i knew you would equate every thing to Arsenal. you are that thick.

    If you think a Manager that has a coachimg span of over 30 yeara will be judged by his last 10 years, it really shows your thickness lol

  38. mysticleaves

    Even in his last 10 years thats his darkest period as a manager, he has won 2 fa cups and 3 community shields lol. Adds to his legacy. i know it pains you so much but he will soon be gone

  39. Joe

    Mystic. LOL.

    Go through his first 10 years. LOL

    96-97- 0 trophies
    1997-98 double. League and fa cup
    98-99. 0 trophies
    99-00. O trophies
    00-01. 0 trophies
    01-02. Double. League and fa cup
    02-03. Fa cup
    03-04. League
    04-05 fa cup
    05-06 to 12-13 0 trophies.
    13-14 fa cup
    14-15 fa cup
    15-16 0 trophies


    Doesn’t make for that good of reading

    3 good years out of 20

    No CL.

    Wenger is a fraud

  40. mysticleaves

    off to play ball. while you keep denying the greatness of Arsene Wenger.

    When Wenger retires, he will be remembered as one of the managerial greats.

    After all not too long ago he won the best manager of the last decade

  41. mysticleaves

    lastly cant believe Gnabry was let go. More so Campbell and we are left with pony Oxlade who has “a lot of talent” lol.

    Wenger out already.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    Mourinho is in decline as a Manager, because of his erratic behaviour.

    No-one denies that he had success in the past and so long as he was winning trophies some of his idiocincracies were overlooked.

    His poor relationship with Wenger was considered by some to be “amusing” and unfortunately Arsenal suffered as a consequence.

    However, the reality is that Mourinho does not last in any job more than a couple of years, because of his behaviour.

    The writing was on the wall after his intolerable misconduct with Chelsea Doctor and whatever the reasons he has repeated this with his mishandling of
    Schweinsteiger at Man Utd who may well be in decline, but is a player widely respected throughout the game.

    You cannot keep on behaving in this way and expect clubs, staff and players to
    keep on tolerating it. Whatever our criticism of Wenger as a manager I have
    never heard of him treating staff or players with disrespect in fashion of Mourinho.

    The bottom line is Mourinho will find it difficult to find another job in EPL if he fails at Man Utd. His ego will not allow him to take a job at any club which
    does not have a realistic chance of winning a title.

  43. ArseneisaFraud


    Totally agree. Who knows, if he didn’t have such behaviour issues he could have become one of the greats. Now, I think, no big club will ever touch him with a bargepole. Too much of a liability.

  44. DaleDaGooner

    Lol, I came back to say Wenger Out….kept Oxlade-Chamberlain and let Gnabry go out on loan and sold eventually. Loaning out Joel Campbell…….sad sad.

    Let’s not get into the comparison debate..(Joe)

    Mou had an all conquering Porto winning the triple that season. There are anomalies in a football season when the money teams fall down a few and the Dortmunds, Atleti, Deportivos etc win, but don’t deny that money is not needed to buy away the players discovered by that anomaly.

    Pedro….Inter Milan spent a huge deal when Mou arrived and they acquired a few top players to add to their already good squad and defenders. Mou spent a fair bit to get the desired results at Inter. He left them as soon as it was recognized money won’t be spent as he would.

    Mou won’t coach Everton to a CL title, not unless they are willing to get his list of players.

  45. DaleDaGooner

    As it stands, Gbabry was a better choice for us to have kept over Ox, Iwobi or even Ramsey out wide. Wengers’ inability to win consistently lays in his decisions about player personnel. That’s one of his biggest flaws. Deciding to handicap the first 11 for the likes of Denilson, Ramsey now, sub par Defenders in the past, Almunia for so many seasons,
    letting better players rot in the reserves and subsequently sold on into mediocrity or damaging their confidence and career while giving chance after chance to others who aren’t good enough and buying players that are not quiet what Arsenal needs (refusing to buy a striker but buying an attacking midfield for £42m rings to mind) ….says a lot about why we are perpetuating around also rans for many seasons after 2006. If we are being forced to watch Ox, Et al why can’t we see the likes of Gnabry after injury, clearly he was the more talented out of the 2. But I guess Gnabry may have had attitude issues too, who knows….

    Don’t forget the list of players almost signed….sigh

  46. Alexanderhenry

    Let’s put the mourihno vs wenger debate in perspective.

    When mourihno took over chelsea, he inherited a squad that had finished runners up the previous season and already included:
    Terry, Lampard, makelele, gallas and bridge. Also apparently ranieri had identified and started to approach drogba and robben before mourihno took over and finalised those transfers.

    Mourihno went on to spend the largest transfer budget in history- up until that point.

    While this was going on arsenal introduced an austerity policy , ostensibly to help manage the stadium debt. Over a relatively short period of time the club sold off viera, henry, lungberg, pires and others and because of the wage ceiling at arsenal, lost ashley cole to chelsea.
    There followed a period where arsenal pursued ‘self sustainability’ and
    ‘made stars’ instead of buying them, investing in youth and second tier professionals. The club saved money but became uncompetitive.

    Anyone who thinks that under these financial restrictions, and under any manager on earth, it is reasonable to have expected arsenal to have won PL and CL titles is living in cloud cuckoo land.

    Mourihno’s advantage over wenger was enormous.

  47. mysticleaves

    Alex you say the right things. But since 2011 atleast Wenger has largely underwhelmed.

    so many questionable decisions here and there regarding player management and transfers and new tactics and outright stubborness

  48. Jim Lahey

    Ozy & Wallace –

    It seems like I owe both of you an apology regrading the question I posed about the use of commas!

    I spoke to a friend of mine who spent his time in University studying both English and Latin. He explained to me the way you guys were using the comma in front of a name is indeed correct! He told me that I was putting too much inflection onto the comma and using it almost as a faux full stop!

    So the sentence “Whats a good job, John” is grammatically correct, I stand corrected!

  49. Pires7


    ‘We kept Chamberlain and sold Gnabry… just let that sink ian’

    Gnabry wouldn’t sign the new contract that he was offered so he had to be sold.

    The club can see the talent he has and didn’t want him to leave.

  50. Batistuta

    Nigeria totally bossing a Mahrez and Slimani led Algeria,Victor Moses with the goal and Iwobi and Iheanacho bossing,oh and Mikel too,wonder why he’s not played for Chelsea this season,the Nigerian team look the best its ever been since winning the Olympics in 96

  51. kc

    Oxlade is a fucking joke. He’s another Wenger favorite that simply can’t hack it at this level. Gnabry had to go because he had ambition. Can’t have that at Arsene FC. God I can’t wait till Wenger Fucks Off!

  52. China

    You don’t need to win a thing to be the best player in the world

    Trophies are won by teams, not players

    If you put Henry, Messy, Ronaldo (both) or any player of that category into any team that at least plays in a top division each week they become no less of a player whether they play for Barca and win the treble or play for Bilbao and win fuck all

    I know people obsess over measuring who is the best player but honestly it’s plain as day that messi is the one- and if he was playing for stoke it would still be plain as day

    It completely devalues legitimately incredible players like Ferdinand, Okocha and shearer when people get so hung up on trophies. If people really must measure trophies as a sign of quality then go with individual honoured in the least.

    But as I always say there’s this obsession with statistics as numbers as evidence which completely oversimplifies what we see in front of us – something far more complicated than a number of elite trophies

    Darren fletcher, Anderson, John o’shea and Wes fucking brown won how many elite medals between them compared with the elite players I listed above? It’s a sad story lol

  53. China

    Also lol at athletic I having won the league once and not getting close since

    Err they’ve recently become one of the best teams in Europe consistently. They’ve made 2 of the last 3 CL finals… Something we’ve managed once in our fucking history

    By all means make a point but don’t make shit up about atletico not being the real deal because they quite clearly are a massive force in football at the moment and have been consistently for years

  54. Wallace

    pleased for Gnabry, although shame he had to leave us to kick on with his career. don’t blame Wenger too much. if he turned down a new contract because he wanted first team football you can’t really argue with that. and got the impression there were people involved with the national set up putting pressure on him to force the issue.

  55. Joe

    You think if gnarby was promised the chances and playing time the ox or Ramsey Get, he would have left??

    Not a chance.

    Wenger blew it

  56. Arsenal not Arsene

    TheBayingMob November 13, 2016 00:03:09
    I’m looking forward to the Premiership Break coming up
    although obviously it interrupts the ebb and flow of the
    International Qualifier and Friendly season …

    Hahaha.. Funny.

  57. mysticleaves

    sadly Joe is right on the Gnabry issue. Wenger blew it. am sure he promised him “gametime” but wasnt going to pick him ahead of the Ox no matter what.

    just like he did last season with Joel Campbell. Theo and Ox were always picked before JC no matter their form and his own.

    Wenger blew it and will also blow the JC issue. biased sqaud management.

    watch the new manager turn JC to something close to what Moses is doing at Chelsea now. Thats if he hangs around that much.

    Now if Gnabry wanted to leave for first team appearances and Arsenal wanted to keep him wouldnt it have being ideal to insert a two year buy back clause? Or at least a first option clause? sickened.

  58. mysticleaves

    i just saw a picture message that says

    Iniesta: 624 games, 64 goals, 92 assists, 30 years

    Ozil: 372 games, 65 goals, 152 assists, 26 years.

    i think it was taken from 2 years ago but then stats have never told a bigger lie than this.

    But it begs the question why does a player that good have such an underwhelming end productive stats

  59. mysticleaves


    the greatest ever pemier league managet ever, Alex Fergie, went 4 years without winning zilch and wasnt sacked. he won the FA cup the next year, thats how he saved his job.

    i dont consider 2006 – 2011 as bad years for Wenger because he grossly over achieved.

    he stayed 2012 and 2013 trophyless and the won the FA cup in 2014. but saved his job.

    If you see it otherwise, thats your problem.

  60. useroz

    Gnabry was not that great but didn’t seem to be doing silly stuff Ox would. Both a tad fat and lazy but I’d have kept Gnabry.

    The Campbell case epitomises Wenger as a coach. Ramsey, Ox and Walcott (ok he’s doing fine) are here and campbell off on loan. Poor.

  61. WengerEagle

    Mac cracks Alvarez to become the first ever simultaneous holder of belts in two weight divisions in the UFC!

    Crazy fun card, Woodley-Thompson, Khabib and Romero all looked amazing.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    The Mirror saying EPL bosses looking likely to allow sleeve sponsorship soon, that would be another nice bit of income on the commercial side of things.

    It would be nice, when our deal with Emirates comes to an end if we actually whore ourselves a bit like United have, no reason we cannot, fair enough we are not successful, but we’re still a hugely watched, hugely followed club in the top five in terms of worth, number one for match-day revenue etc

    Be nice to see us get separate sponsors for match kits, training kits, the stadium, sleeves, training ground etc, really rake in the commercial money to put towards the playing team. I don’t buy into this whole purity and ‘Arsenal way’ thing that means we shouldn’t, the same people who would say that are then the same people blaming money for our failings or other’s successes.

    Whore away I say.

  63. freddylekgunner

    I’ll be more than happy if we beat Utd at old toilet and Mou get the sack, but it’s a dream too far…. or not?

  64. rollen

    If you see it otherwise, thats your problem.

    lol so kind of you.

    Beating Moureen and UTD would be great but we all know what will happen.