Injury disaster potentially made worse

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Good afternoon sweet people.

I really, really despise that we’re in our 3rd international break already. Teams losing their players because of travel and shitty schedules really doesn’t seem fair on the fans of clubs who pay a bomb to see their well looked after stars week in week out.

Bellerin has busted ligaments, and he’ll be out a minimum of 6 weeks. Always factor in the 20% Arsenal effect and you’re looking at New Year before we see him in action.

Then you have the absolute JOKE of a situation over in Chile. They need him for international duty because they’re on the verge of losing out on WC qualification… so they’re going to keep him and likely risk his damaged hamstring, or calf muscle, or whatever shity piece of information we’re using today. Wenger told BeIN Sports…

“I got a text last night (to say) that he has a hamstring injury,” “The team from Chile has travelled without him and they kept him to try and get him fit to play Uruguay for the second game on Tuesday night.

“I believe that with a hamstring injury. We have to get access for our medical staff to the MRI scan to see what grade it is, how bad it is and make absolutely sure they don’t make any suicidal decision that could harm his future for two or three months.

This is not on. It’s also not on from Sanchez. If he’s injured, he should tap out. It’s not smart, it’s not patriotism… but come on here, this is football, not jumping over the trenches to skewer your enemy. He has a job over here to do and he has obligations to the mother ship.

It’ll be outrageous if they break him further.

Another crocked player, Lucas Perez spoke out about his injury…

“It’s a shame that I hurt myself in a cup match, where the boss [Wenger] was relying on me,”

“But that is a risk you have in this sport. When I arrived at Deportivo I also got injured and had to fight. No one said the start would be easy.”

He’s apparently recovering in Depor, which makes little sense to me? Why is he back at his old club? Surely we have better facilities over here?

Anyway, not much else going on today.



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  1. BacaryisGod

    On to Arsenal matters.

    I’m beginning to think that the idea of a breakaway Super League might just help destroy the control that FIFA have over the amount of time players play in meaningless internationals.

    I would argue that Bellerin and Alexis are the last two players we can afford to lose. If Alexis is out, then we’re forced to play Giroud up top and this limits our game. If Bellerin is out, then we have the substandard Jenks or the missing Debuchy to fill in.

    Has there been a study to view the correlation between our drop-off in points in November and our injury pile-up? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s linked. At the beginning of the season, we’re usually pretty covered in most areas and after a couple of months it’s where the injuries begin to pile-up.

    So frustrating when we really need our best players.

  2. Samesong

    He’s apparently recovering in Depor, which makes little sense to me

    Wenger given him time off to go see the family. If he’s injured it doesn’t really matter rather be in 16 degrees recovering then 2 degrees in the cold.

  3. jwl

    I wonder if Wenger on the phone having kittens telling Sanchez not to play or does he tell Sanchez do what he think best, cest la vie attitude. Bad news about Bellerin as well, Arsenal having normal November so far, some things never change apparently.

  4. gazzap

    November is always bad to us. But it can’t be bad luck. Wenger uses the same players game after game and wonders why they get soft tissue injuries in November. Looks like Jenks is going to get some match practice!

  5. Cesc Appeal

    I wonder if we will think about a formation shift to two up top now, Giroud and Walcott?

    Iwobi needs to sit for a while and Oxlade just cannot be trusted.

    Elneny, Caz
    Walcott, Giroud

    Potentially have a go with that for United, though with no Bellerin, our flank play will be seriously weak, then again, I don’t feel as if it is especially great now, we seem to want to play through the middle anyway.

  6. David Smith

    Be thankful Perez is recovering in Spain…..just look at the record of our staff on recoveries.
    As for Alexis, no matter how good he is, should he insist on playing with a hamstring tear, that makes him something of a liability, which should be considered carefully in upcoming wage negotiations. Do we need a player who crocks himself for a third of the season for Chile?
    But, as ever, some of these injuries are self inflicted, and may come to bite Wenger , remember, should he fail, it will be very hard for him to renew, whatever the board think of him

  7. igbo Amadi-Obi

    Again, I say the Bellerin situation is not as desperate as Sanchez’. We can draft any of Jenkinson, Mustafi or Holding to that position. The last time Sanchez felt his hamstring midweek, we played him Saturday and it was au re voir for 2 months. That was as far back as last season.

  8. Steve

    A Sanchez injury was just a matter of time. Wenger never rests him, which is terrible management. Did we REALLY need to play him at home to Ludogorets? Even away to Ludogorets he should’ve been rested – let’s face it, if you can’t beat a two bob Bulgarian team without wheeling out your star man, your squad just isn’t good enough. Same old Wenger, managing like it’s 1998 and not bothering to learn the lessons of his past mistakes.

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    Hey ArsenaLosers! Dont crib about injuries. You had a spurs full of guys on crutches, yet Arsenal could take only one SOT. Who are you trying to fool? yourselves. Entire midfield is stuffed with rank mediocre players who MIGHT one day shine. The whole philosophy of trying to improve donkeys and make them take on horses on courses, is designed to make the fans suffer, and the owners ti make more and more money.

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    This is a f*cking joke. Points dropped in the very first game of November, key players going down like flies, next up I’m sure will be a disastrous outing at Old Trafford.

    So predictable that I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry

  11. Samesong

    I see that press are claiming that Man Utd are going to offer Ozil £250K PW

    Pure rubbish just speculation it’s just to speed up his payrise.

  12. tunnygriffboy

    I understand Alexis going to Chile it’s a WC qualifier and the desperately need the points. However he should be nowhere near playing if he has a tear. He however will push to play.

    On the other hand maybe it isn’t really that bad if he is to play next week

    Wtf regarding Bellerin ? If he was injured against spurs why is he training this week? It’s their u21s as well ffs.

    Sad thing is clubs have to let players join up with their national sides to avoidclubs withdrawing players. They have to be assesed by the national team medical staff.

    It’s a disgrace that there’s been 3 international breaks all ready this season. Also teams are playing friendlies next week for fs.

    Clubs have huge investments in these players. For us Alexis and Bellerin missing the next few games could cost us dearly in both the league and CL with the tough games coming up. It’s a real bummer.

  13. bacaryisgod

    I would be more than a little concerned about Man United’s interest in Ozil.

    The player isn’t far off from RVP contract length remaining, he’s gone on record as saying he thinks Mourinho is the best manager he’s ever had and Mourinho has stated he thinks Ozil is the best #10 in the world.

    Then you have the text that Mourinho told a reporter he received from an Arsenal player (it can really only be Ozil if true) as reported below: Mourinho told Beasley: “[One of the Arsenal players] sent me an SMS to say players did themselves, organised themselves during the week. Wenger did nothing.”

    I still think we’ll keep him but my faith was shaken when RVP, our club captain and boyhood Arsenal fan, left. The situations may be different but I wouldn’t rule it out by any stretch.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    1. I expressed the opinion on Sunday that I thought that Bellerin was carrying an injury. He looked inhibited during second half of game.

    2. Sanchez has a responsibility to Arsenal who are paying his wages and not to
    Chile who do not. It is clear that the manager of International Team shows absolutely no concern or interest in the player’s welfare.

    3. I am sure that Man Utd would like to acquire Ozil if he becomes available.
    However, I would suggest that the rumours percolating in press are no accident coming just one week before our game against them. Mourinho and his
    crony friends have a habit of playing mind games designed at unsettling Arsenal. Let’s face it his antics have become over man years predictable. My hope
    is that Man Utd have a bad season and Mourinho gets the sack and we see the
    back of this man in English Football once and for all.

  15. tunnygriffboy


    Mourinho is a grade A c.nt.

    Ozil wants a pay rise. Amazing how all this comes just before we play man u. Anything to deflect the way mourinho is treating his players.

    Just gutted Alexis and Bellerin be missing the man u game. Lessens our chances of turning them over.

    It really is a big couple of weeks. Unbelievable that we’ve lost two really influential players. Do you know if Santi is back post international break ?

  16. Wallace


    I think we’re in a lot stronger position than we were when RVP was pondering his options. the way he engineered his departure lacked class, but I understood his reasons. not even the most blinkered Arsenal fan back then could deny he hd a better chance of the PL under Fergie at Utd. I don’t think that’s the case now.

  17. tunnygriffboy


    Yes the football here would be far better for it if he disappeared.

    Pay Ozil what he wants. Ditto Alexis and keep bringing in top quality players.

    Just I was starting to enjoy the season the injury curse has struck. Mind you manu likely to have Blind and Rojo at CB v us. GGiroud could bully them. However with Darmien at RB their back four would lack pace and the CBs are usually left backs so Alexis could give them the runaround *** sigh ****

    They won’t be as defensively strong as spurs

  18. Rhys Jaggar

    Bellerin injury not due to international break, so stop whingeing about it. It’s an injury associated with playing for Arsenal, get over it. Whinge about Wenger and the medical team if you must.

    Alexis is hardly going to get a big pay rise at Arsenal if he plays for Chile when injured and misses 8 weeks. So if he does that, it says he wants to leave. That’s hardly good news but I don’t read a single thing into press rumours about events half way around the world. It’s always time for silly stories when international week is on.

    If people don’t think Jenkinson or Debuchy can deputise for Bellerin, then four possibilities exist:

    a. Shift Monreal to RB and bring in Gibbs at LB.
    b. Go 3 at the back with a solid three in front e.g. Ramsey, Coquelin, Xhaka; Coquelin, Cazorla, Xhaka;
    c. Go 3-4-3 or 3-5-2.
    d. Have stupendous faith in Ainsley Maitland-Niles and play him at RB.

    If Arsenal has a professional management set up they will have scenario planned injuries to all their top players, Bellerin included. If they haven’t they are in dereliction of their duties and could be justifiably sacked for gross professional misconduct. That’s what you get paid £10m+ for.

    There is of course the entirely conceivable scenario that ‘injuries’ are all part of the ‘market making’ activities of pundits, professional gamblers and owner syndicates. It is entirely feasible that it has already been decided who will win the league, who will win which big matches and who will flatter to deceive. Football fans are being defrauded of course if that is the case, but when did mafias ever care about that? Everyone must make their own judgement on whether football is run by mafias for money or by sportsfolk to provide sporting competition.

    Far more likely is media tittle tattle aimed at testing the mettle of Arsenal FC and their fans. From the comments on here, the mettle is somewhat misguided. How about playing Mourinho at his own game? Snide stories in the Press about discord in the Mourinho household (that’s why none of them moved to Manchester with him)? Pictures of him looking youthful 10 years ago and grey and pallid now? Stories about MKhitaryan, Schweinsteiger and Luke Shaw being at daggers drawn with him? Stories about Rooney’s weight, lack of fitness?? Stories about Darmian ‘not being a Man Utd player’?? You know the sort of thing. Nothing evil, just showing you won’t tolerate the nonsense and can put it about just as well if necessary, whilst making it clear that you see Man Utd and its manager as small minded and weak if they need to stoop to such activities to cover up the pathetic way they have played so far this season…….

    Of course, the better alternative is simply to remain silent, laugh at it all and focus on going there and giving them a footballing lesson. That is of course down to Wenger and the players. Coquelin of all players has a need to prove something at Old Trafford – he is now mature enough to do it……

    With the Donald now ensconced as President Elect, should the blog owner be registering as his next online venture??!

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Rhys Jaggar

    1. I saw no evidence that Sanchez was injured during game on Sunday. The injury occurred apparently during training in Chile. I am inclined to agree that Sanchez may well want to leave Arsenal next summer. I got the impression that he was fairly disenchanted at end of last season.

    2. Ozil is a different kettle of fish. I think that he is fairly settled at Arsenal and
    probably better integrated in our squad than Sanchez. However, I do think that
    money is a factor in contract negotiations AND having listened to an interview
    from Ozil I don’t think that he is “sentimental”. If we don’t pay him what he is
    worth in current market he will move on.

    3. Arsenal should as you suggest ignore the shenanigans of Mourinho. Unfortunately he has got under the skin of Wenger over many years and I think that has impacted on the club’s performance against teams managed by Mourinho. Wenger needs for once to analyse carefully Man U’s likely tactical game against us and counteract it. My view is that a “draw” in this match would
    be a decent result at Old Trafford and would keep them at arm’s length from
    the top 5 teams.

  20. Vladimir

    A draw would do us no good, but further push us down the table. we need to close the gap between us and the boys up there.