Arsenal went big for striker last summer | 1 contract down, 2 to go

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The most exciting political event I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around is taking place TODAY. One thing is for sure, if there were a group of people you could guarantee would turn out for a vote, it’d be the Arsenal fans. You wouldn’t have to tell them twice, they’d be there with their ‘Mesut For Prez’ banners no doubt.

It’s pretty crazy to think that the world is a bad day at the ballot away from a Donald Trump Presidency… division, global warming denial and a massive wall is waiting in the wings.

Fingers crossed the American people pull through. I’m no Hillary fan, but be real here… the other option is insanity.

Olivier Giroud says he is unhappy sitting on the bench and he’ll leave Arsenal the moment his contract runs out in 2018.

“I see my future at Arsenal until the date my contract ends.”

I mean, he kind of says that, but doesn’t really. He goes on…

“I won’t lie, there have been times I’ve been disappointed and not happy with my situation. But the coach knows that. He’s the one who makes the choices.

“I have not knocked on Arsene’s office. We’ll see, I’m not worried, my time will come.

“He’s always supported me in the difficult times and I have every confidence he’ll keep doing so.”

A bit of a pointless interview. He likes to play, he might leave at some point, he hasn’t knocked on the door of the boss. I mean really, he should STFU, he’s had a toe injury for 3 months, he’s been on the bench 3-4 times because he isn’t a cert to start considering the form of others… so deal with it. I’m sure you’ll get a game when Sanchez breaks.

One player we do forget about is Lucas Perez, how must he have felt, signed in the form of his life only to be cast to the bench until he broke himself until Christmas. Could do with a bit of his industry for the next few months. I mean, his experience might have helped out wide left for the Spurs game where Iwobi is taking a bit of a panning in the press. Alex is young, he’s very talented and I think it’s a touch unfair he’s being hammered for not being able to finish first time. Come back in 2 years and he’s banging away that chance, of that I have no doubt.

I’m just going to touch on the Coquelin thing one more time to reiterate that I don’t think he’s a bad player, I just don’t think his game is particularly well suited to teams that press strategically and I think his legend is overplayed. I don’t care that he cost basically nothing, I love Rob Holding, Hector Bellerin and Alex Iwobi… price plays no factor for me. I think it’s just down to seeing how good we need to be to compete amongst the elite. If you have a cog that is limited, you’ll get found out.

Also, this is a positive. I think we have ways of working around the problem we have in midfield. I think Elneney and Aaron Ramsey are far more capable on the ball and my guess is we might see a switch up in the role as the season wears on. I guess Arsenal fans are just slow to realise when something isn’t quite right… look how long it took people to understand that Olivier Giroud was not going to win us the Premier League? I mean, jeez, we even debated Denilson like he had hidden qualities only the purest could fathom.

Talking of young handsome boys… sorry, I was talking about them at my desk… Hector Bellerin looks like he’s penned a new deal with the Arsenal. The whippet right back is on for his FORTH new deal at the club.

“Hector is very happy at Arsenal. This would be the fourth time he has signed a new contract at the club and it is clear he has made good progress.”

Good news people. I like his hair and his game. I think there’s some work to do on his defending, but if he progresses at the rate he should, he could be world class by the time his next deal ends. Also interesting to hear that he’s studying marketing… if his agent is reading, I have a pretty banging content role going at the moment?

Vincenzo Morabito, you know, the agent fellow reckons Arsenal bid a whopping £80m for Auba this summer.

“I know that this summer, Arsenal offered €90m (£80m) for Aubameyang, but Borussia didn’t want to hear anything about it.”

Michael Zork giving us short shrift. Interesting that the Gabon ACE was suspended by his club for a recent CL game, the reason? An unsolicited trip abroad… how dare he. Not sure how much I buy into the above story, but look, the guy is a f*cking powerhouse forward, he scored 4 on his return from suspension, so he’s certainly showcasing his value this season after a great season past.

Alexis Sanchez, who has NOT signed a new deal yet has been jabbering away to ESPN Brazil. He had this to say on resting…

“He told me to rest, but I don’t like to rest. Neither in the matches.

“I don’t like to be out, I get upset, I go home sad, because I train to play, I rest to play.

“It’s my job and I do everything to perform at 100 per cent.”

Well Alexis, that’s why you need a coach to put one of those PS4 VR things in your hands for a few days. We can’t have a flat lifeless Alexis in December. I read somewhere that he’s been one of the most productive players this season with his passing. Against Spurs at the weekend, Mesut created 5 chances, but Alexis was one behind him on 4! Not bad going. Gotta love that Chilean.

Finally, Pires would like to become a Sporting Director at Arsenal.

“Yes, that is my objective [to become Arsenal’s sporting director],”

“I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I need to talk about it with the owners and Arsene Wenger. I’d love this job, I love to talk with the players. If I’m given this job one day, I can stay in contact with football, especially with Arsenal.

“I have a good relationship with the manager, that’s important. I can work with the players, I can give advice to the young players, so we can find a good relationship between me and the players.”

Now, I’d be game for having someone like that at the club, but my thing here is… do you have any right to that role? There are people who work in the game across all types of specialities that would possibly be more qualified. He should have a job at the club, but becoming a director is something you work for, not something you’re just handed on a plate because you’re a legend. Monchi at Sevilla, the man who is a gem prospector only rivalled by Michael Zorc at Dortmund, is apparently available this summer. He is exactly the sort of person we should be chucking money at, especially if we’re going to go for a manager who might not be super experienced. Who better to mentor Robert than someone who is already brilliant at the role?

Check out the below Mesut video, I think it had Arsenal fans crying it was so compelling.

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  1. Rhys Jaggar

    Mr Wood

    I think you need to stick to your pay grade and accept you do not know the first thing about climate change. I am a professionally trained scientist who has examined at great length the arguments about ‘global warming’ and the brutal truth is that science died in this field around the early 1990s. The only funding out there is to ‘confirm global warming’ so anyone who wants funding (and without funding you can’t work in academia) has to support global warming. All the great engineers who retired from NASA and similar companies are unanimous in their contempt for the ‘science’ behind ‘global warming’.

    Jeremy Corbyn’s brother (someone you will agree with a certain amount politically) is one of those who is actually capable of making medium term climate predictions with some measure of accuracy (obviously not 100%), based on physics of the sun, the moon and the earth and absolutely nothing to do with carbon dioxide. He’s creamed £20k off William Hill with weather betting before they banned him for taking them to the cleaners. So it’s not my opinion, it’s his bank balance.

    One of the great weaknesses of marketers like you is that you are great at producing messages and crap at questioning the underlying truth of the assumptions behind them.

    Trump won because people like you think the world is all about people like you. Well, it isn’t. It’s about a lot of people whose income, already below average, has actually gone down the past 17 years in the USA. They KNOW Clinton would do nothing for them, they therefore saw Trump as a no-lose bet. It couldn’t get worse than it already is, it might just get a lot better. That’s why they voted for him. If it wasn’t racist to outsource their jobs away from America, it’s not racist to ask them to be repatriated. It may not be economically viable, but it isn’t racist. It isn’t racist to have limits to immigration, it’s what any sane society does. It doesn’t set that limit at zero, but it does imply that you don’t import genocidal murderers, Islamist nutcases or mafia conmen. That isn’t racist either.

    You are entitled to your opinions, but you are still young enough not to realise your ignorance about your own ignorance.

    The day you realise that is the day you will truly be a mature citizen.

  2. Red&White4life

    “Today’s result in USA is a wakeup call for the rest of the world”
    And unfortunately, it’s also a reflect of the world which we live in today…

  3. Cesc Appeal


    I think you’re right, the thing is, the oppositions reaction to these results just furthers increases the likelihood of the same result int he next election or vote of the same type, because one of the big factors in their lack of success was the very attitude they are still forwarding after they’ve lost.

    Like ES says as well, I think the public are sick and tired of political correctness, the way you have to camouflage or dress up perfectly reasonable statements or logical points for fear of some awful label being attached to you.

    Here you have Trump, I mean, laughably politically incorrect, and now the most powerful man on the face of the earth.

  4. Red&White4life

    “and now the most powerful man on the face of the earth.”
    After arsène of course.

    (sorry, just try to relax the ambiance a bit…)

  5. Bamford10

    Brexit Part Deux: Trump wins the US presidential election.

    He made an appeal to the American working class; Clinton and the Dems did not. The American working class has been eviscerated over the past forty years, and the Democratic Party no longer even pretends to represent their interests.

    And Americans are fed up with the entire establishment — political, financial and media.

    That’s what happened.

  6. Bamford10


    “Also, the world stopped warming around 1998 …”

    Complete nonsense. This claim is based on both flawed data and a flawed analysis. No questions whatsoever re the evidence re warming.

  7. Bamford10


    “I get the sense that Obama has been underwhelming, is that because he hasn’t been that good a president, or is it that he could never live up to the billing he came in with?”

    This is a bit complicated, but in general he has been great for those who are comfortable and relatively well-off. Not for anyone else. The much-touted “recovery” has barely improved the situation for most Americans, and where so, only marginally. The top 5% have done very well — not so much everyone else.

    As for why this is the case, the standard Dem response is that Obama was blocked by the right. He couldn’t be better because the right wouldn’t allow him to be. This is based on a misunderstanding, though, of who and what Obama is. Obama is a center-right representative of Wall St. who uses “progressive” sounding palabra to look more left-leaning than he actually is.

    He gave the American people more or less what he and his camp wanted to give the American people. More war in the ME (albeit quieter), more handouts to Wall St.

  8. Bamford10


    “Trump won because people like you think the world is all about people like you. Well, it isn’t. It’s about a lot of people whose income, already below average, has actually gone down the past 17 years in the USA. They KNOW Clinton would do nothing for them, they therefore saw Trump as a no-lose bet.”

    This is correct.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    What do you expect for the US under Trump, once all the hysteria has died down?

    I suspect you guys will get what we did over here after Brexit, parades of students calling for another vote and rubbishing the choice etc, but after that.

  10. Bamford10

    And by the way, before people begin saying that America has turned to the right, let me say that this is only superficially so. In reality it has not done so at all. One, look at Florida: Trump won here, but so too did legal medical marijuana and a pro-solar amendment.

    Remember, too, that Bernie Sanders generated just as much support and enthusiasm as Trump. America has not turned to the right, even if they’ve just narrowly elected a right-wing populist.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Another US state adopted physician assisted suicide as well, Colorado I believe, I wrote my dissertation on the UK’s slow move toward that, California had just adopted something similar when I did that, now Colorado.

    Just interesting from my perspective, not sure about anyone else.

  12. Bamford10


    Hard to say, as it is nearly impossible to say what a Trump presidency is actually going to look like. The Republicans will have control of Congress as well, so expect tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy along with cuts to social spending. Foreign policy is much harder to predict.

    As for the response from the left, from young people, I honestly have no idea. We are in unchartered waters.

  13. grooveydaddy


    Do you think Bernie would have won yesterday?

    Despite what the polls bandied around before, and during the primaries said, I’m not so sure he would have…

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Really feels a seminal moment, the whole world is watching on and wondering because obviously disturbances and effects in America inevitably ripple around the world.

    I had no idea he was 70 as well!

    Perhaps the worst thing to come out of his presidency is that Wenger at 67 will say if Trump can be President at 70 I can continue to be Arsenal manager 😉

  15. Bamford10


    Yes, I think he would have. While Trump’s appeal was ultimately right-wing, he was speaking to jobs, trade, the decimation of the working class and the massive divide b/t the wealthy and the rest of America. These are many of the things Sanders was speaking to as well, just in a more left way, and ultimately in a more intelligent, rational and organized way.

    You’ll never hear an establishment Democrat here say it, but yes, Sanders would’ve beaten Trump.

    Many Sanders supporters simply stayed home yesterday — and many right of center folks voted simply because they loathe Hillary Clinton.

  16. BigCheese

    Trump or Clinton? Same shit different day…

    Good ‘Ol ‘Murica will still carry on warmongering and sticking their noses in other people’s business while their own go hungry and without…

  17. Bamford10


    Yep. The whole world is watching now. In a sense the (affluent) world has been in a bit of a slumber. Brexit and Trump are waking people up to certain important, ignored realities.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Yep. The whole world is watching now. In a sense the (affluent) world has been in a bit of a slumber. Brexit and Trump are waking people up to certain important, ignored realities.’

    I could not agree more with you.

  19. Red&White4life

    “Also, the world stopped warming around 1998 …”

    Ze year of arsène’s first double!!
    Just a coincidence ??

  20. loyika

    You all keep forgetting the SCOTUS!? Hos appointments there will affect alot of things/policies in America that would last a life time.

    The Republicans control of both houses will do more to push the “Right” agenda than Trump could ever do and the NRA has just had it’s lobbying position strenghtened.

    As for DT!? Well depending on who he surrounds himselfs with (like Dubya’s presidency was determined by the likes of Rummy and Cheney). Gulliani and co must be licking their lips at the prospects of “Power”

    I can say with much confidence that a lot of policies pushed through by Barack (good and bad) will be repealed in the next 4 years. China are already paying “lip service” to the climate change deals and Europe are now scared of a Putin fest in Eastern Europe. All in all, the world just woke up to a shocker which we would have to live with for the next year or so.

    Elections coming up in France and Germany next year!? South Korea as well!? Pyionyang and Iran will be shifting uncomfortably in their seats, so world peace ain’t guarrantteed either!? So many things left up in the air by this decision by the Americans?

    Oh well!! Only constant is Arsene Wenger still being manager of Arsenal in 2017. Lol.

  21. loyika

    And just to throw it out there for you Brits – Nigel Farage just got a brain wave, so expect him and UKIP to throw their hats (and money) into the ring for your next GE (Whenever Parliament forces May’s hand to call one before her projected date of 2020)

    Now Farage as PM would just round up this whole “Change drama” affecting the globe (If Toblerone can cut down on it’s Choc size right now anything is possible)

  22. loyika

    On to Arsenal, pls don’t tell me we plan on facing Maureen and his Orc Army at OT with Prince Giroud leading the line!? Sanchez you dirty “i want to play every game now i am injured” Cretin!!

    Great!! Just flipping great!! No news on when Welbz is back i guess?

  23. Red&White4life

    “don’t tell me we plan on facing Maureen and his Orc Army at OT with Prince Giroud leading the line!? ”

  24. underrated Coq

    Not too surprised about Clinton’s defeat. We’ve seen this trend before in elections, the UK a few months back, India a couple years back etc.

    Politicians have got to realize that the common man just doesn’t give a sh!t about social issues. Okay, we do a little but if you try and base your entire election campaign playing the social champion and shoving political correctness down our throats, its not gonna give you any advantage.

    I got the sense Clinton and the Democrats seemed to spend the entire campaign trying to defame Trump and co, feigning moral, ethical and political superiority over the Republicans. ‘Vote for us because the other side are worse human beings than us’-that was pretty much the gist?

    You think after watching 8 years of your party-run government, that’s what people are likely to care about? that’s what will get them to vote for you again?

    The same happened here in India in the 2014 general elections. Indian National Congress party had ruled for the two previous terms and most of the public were fed up with the scandals, the corruptions and other shenanigans.

    Modi is of the strong Hindu faith and there had been accusations that he was unsympathetic to Muslim and Christian minorities. So you had the Congress party using this to claim moral superiority and scare-mongering people into thinking a Modi-led Government would lead to extreme communism and thus destabilize the country.

    Childish gimmicks and rightly couldn’t sway the public.

  25. mysticleaves

    bit of a distraction poll..Sanchez goal vs Ludogrets away and Ozil goal vs Ludogrets home…which is better?

  26. loyika

    Him scoring is not in doubt, us winning is another matter.

    If Wally has his shooting boots on and we score first then i can see us coming back from “Mordor” with at least a point, but if we let Ibra score with his first shot on target? Then it’s going to be a long day in Manchester.

  27. IAGooner

    For those who think Trump means more warmongering, I don’t think you are paying attention to what the candidates actually say.

    Hillary would bring WW3. She is a warhawk bought and paid for by the MIC.

  28. Jim Lahey

    A quick question on where this leaves Obama’s presidential legacy as everything he achieved will be overturned once Trump goes into office. Eight years and what does he have to show for it?

  29. Ozy

    Agree with what’s being said on here, Cesc Appeal making excellent points. Though Clinton won the popular vote, the American working class mobilized and elected their president. It is what it is. It should make for an interesting couple of years – a republican House, Senate, and Presidency. A supreme court nominee to top it all off. The DNC championed Hilary while attempting to elevate what they called “Pied Piper” candidates such as Ben Carson and Donald Trump and look what happened. At least we once again secured our title as the laughing stock of the world.

    Oh well. Is Alexis really out for 6 weeks? Now that has me worried. Giroud absolutely loving it!

  30. Dissenter

    We are the laughing stock of the world
    The so called American working class s about to be served a load of turd. Many here are fooling themselves by trying to reverse the effects of globalization and technology.
    The world has moved on from the rubble of post world war 2 Europe and Asia.

    Russia is clearly the winner of this election. They successfully meddled in the US election and helped to determine the winner.
    Kudos to Putin for pulling this off.

  31. Dissenter

    To the question about Bernie’s chances?

    Bernie would have suffered a bigger fate.
    The republicans would have run a philosophical argument against him.
    The so called American working class can’t tell the difference between a liberal democratic socialist and communist. They would have attached a 10-label of “communist” on him and sank him into the abyss.

  32. Dissenter

    Sanchez is going to magnify a small injury that requires a 1-2 week rest by playing for Chile this week.
    Welcome to November gooners.

  33. Joe

    Akbs should be rejoicing today. If Trump can win the presidency , it should give You hope that maybe a fraud like wenger can win the PL or CL

  34. karim

    Don’t know exactly where you live but are the people realising something baffling and really worrying just happened or is it business as usual ?

  35. Cesc Appeal


    How is that Marine Le Pen doing in France, I don’t mean that as a snarky comment by the way, tone never comes across on blogs, but she is very right-wing isn’t she and I saw an article in the summer that had her party as more popular that then one currently in power?

    Just seems to me the trend across the Western world right now is toward right-wing, isolationist politics, very much us and them, going back to old school sovereignty style, walls around our territory (no pun intended) sort of policies.

    Again, you have to blame the arrogance of ruling elite who have totally ignored the public for so long, so that a minor leak in the kitchen that could easily have been fixed is now a total flooding of the first floor of your house.

    I honestly blame political correctness, its like a language all unto itself.

    On another note, few of us were talking about Rabiot the other day, how is he getting on at PSG, read some good things about his development, Tolisso at Lyon as well?

    Requiring you to be French political commentator and football scout all in one there 😉

  36. karim


    Well, MLP also sees herself as the people’s champion and many have already fallen for it actually, she managed to turn her father’s party into something more ” respectable ” and her results at the last few elections means she’s part of the scene now.
    She also insists a lot on how she isn’t part of the system ( which isn’t true btw ).

    People are also fed up with the traditional politics and politicians, they just don’t trust them anymore, so yeah one could expect the unexpectable here too.

    Back to the pitch now.

    Rabiot has earned a spot in the psg starting eleven, and in a matter of three months has also earned his first international cap, that’s how good he has been.

    Tolisso is getting more and more interesting too. Also a midfielder, physically stronger than Rabiot but less creative, good in the air ( scored at Juventus ground last week ), has scored quite a few goals already this season.
    Definitely someone to follow too.

  37. Dissenter

    All it takes is a charismatic personality who knows how to connect with the population that globalization left behind and it’s game on.
    If your western country has had significant immigration, lost jobs to the nouveaux industrialized countries and have issues with national debt then you’re next in line.

    Canada is not included because you guys have valium in your tap water.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    That’s what I was hearing, that Tolisso is sort of a great all round midfield player. You guys have an embarrassment of riches right now on the football front!

    We still, in my opinion have a central midfield issue, that’s why I’m trying to keep a look out for names outside of the box. Going to get a good look at Rabiot once this international break has kindly f****d off.

    I hear Fekir has a stormer against Juventus as well which was nice to hear. Potentially a big talent there, glad to see he’s making it past that ACL.


    Yeah I forgot about Canada, damn Canadians are just so weird, ey? 😉

  39. karim


    Nice to hear.


    Fekir has had a very good start to the season, but he’s now finding it more difficult to be honest. It’s not so worrying because he hasn’t played for a long time, came back strong and now needs a little time to find his cruising speed, so to speak.

    Unfortunately, he was very average v Juve ( both games ), only managed a good shot that Buffon incredibly saved.

    I really think Lyon could have beaten them twice with a good Fekir, instead Lacazette missed a pen, Buffon made a few miraculous saves ( litterally) and Juve won with 10 men 1/0 before Lyon managed to get a point in Italy.


  40. Joe


    Who you calling weird ya hoser

    Our immigration website crashed last night from too many hits haha

    Damn Yankees trying to invade Canada.

    We should build a wall and get Trump to it for it

    Sorry dissenter. No Canada for you

  41. Cesc Appeal


    Really, I read he played well against them, but as you say a good start and then slow down is more likely owing to the length of time he’s been out.

    Bit worried about us now though, Sanchez for me was our real bright point in terms of attack, if he’s down until the New Year we’re in trouble up top, Giroud will have a good scoring patch but then will run cold and that is when we will struggle.

    Our central midfield worries me as well, playing two men I just don’t think we can find the right balance with our personnel.


    That crash was probably just down to the numbers celebrities alone who have spent the last few months trashing Trump night and day, probably fearing some Navy Seals crashing through their windows at 2am or some form of ‘accident,’ or maybe a federal investigation into their finances.

  42. Dissenter

    You missed the part where Trump said he’s not going to build a wall any more.

    Trump’s new plan is to build an over-head bridge connecting the US-Mexico border to the US-Canadian border.
    Apparently it’s a lot cheaper to build a direct conduit from Mexico to Canada.

    Damn, I almost clicked “yes” on the Canadian immigration website before it went down last night.

  43. SUGA3

    Trudeau is basically Canada’s answer to Obama. Just that he is going a bit further by the way of actually passing legislation to protect special fucking snowflakes from ‘hate speech’. Don’t be fooled, they don’t give two shits about the social justice warrior bullshit, the bills in question are vague and will be used against political opponents.

  44. Joe

    Denmark , Sweden and Norway is what all countries should try to be.

    And mandatory voting all over the world.

    Only 1/3 of Americans voted last night. The ridiculous.

    And the 2/3s are the ones making the most noise

  45. SUGA3


    You are having a laugh mate, each and every country you have mentioned is going down the pits within two decades tops, maybe apart from Denmark, as they are not complete cucks

  46. Joe


    Norway has a $900 billion cash reserve to protect them in case oil doesn’t produce the money it does for them now