North London Derby preview – Arsenal must go for the jugular

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Morning folks – James here after something of an extended hiatus.

Tomorrow marks my least favourite game of the season – one that I’d happily sleep through and find out the result after full time. I cannot fathom how people can genuinely look forward to these matches – undoubtedly beating that lot from the Seven Sisters Road is a near unparalleled feeling, losing to them is the pits. I have the misfortune to be surrounded by Tottenham fans in the office – my hope is that their familiar pre-match goads and taunts will leave them with hilarious egg on their face once again (see the final round of fixtures 2015/16).

We go into the game in a rich vein of form, whilst our neighbours come in without a win in six, with a particular anaemic display in midweek against Bayer Leverkusen – much more of that please. We appear to be as close to a full strength squad as I can remember in a long time, with Bellerin and Monreal joining full training, along with Theo Walcott who missed the midweek thriller in Bulgaria. There are injury concerns for them, with Alderweiweld, Dembele, Lamela and Kane all likely to miss out.

Ordinarily, this would give me great confidence, but we have been stung by ‘narrative’ before in big games – see Old Trafford away last season – Arsenal riding high after beating Leicester, Utd ravaged with injury and in dire form – yet we get turned over. Talking of narrative, it would do the headline writers a few favours if it were Arsenal who ended Tottenham’s unbeaten start to the season. The old cliché of form being an irrelevance in a derby is ringing in my ears, and the best way we can combat that fear is to go for the jugular.

They will be massively pumped up for this one – let’s use that to our advantage. We need to start the game as we have done in other landmark home matches of recent history – the demolition of Utd and Chelsea should provide the blueprint for how we approach the match. The worst thing we could do is reverting to a formation with Giroud leading the line. That isn’t a slight on the Frenchman, but more a comment on the added threat we pose with Alexis leading the line. In recent games against Middlesbrough at home for instance, Giroud would have been a genuine option to start the game, as he is adept at playing with his back to goal against packed defences.

Against Tottenham however, who will likely have Dier and Vertonghen at the heart of their defence, starting Giroud would play into their hands. They’re both physical, aerially dominant defenders, but neither is especially mobile. The combined interchange and movement of Alexis, Walcott, Ozil and Iwobi has the potential to tie them in knots. I remain unconvinced by Danny Rose and Kyle Walker in the fullback positions – undoubtedly they are great athletes and a threat going forward, but our wide men should target them as points of weakness.

The manager also has something of a dilemma in midfield, with Cazorla unlikely to be fit enough to start the game. He has opted for a combination of Coquelin and El Neny in recent weeks, with the Egyptian in particular impressing. I would however be tempted to start with Granit Xhaka. Whilst I have reservations about his defensive ability, his ability to retain the ball under pressure and bypass the opposition’s pressing lines with his passing could prove invaluable against Tottenham’s high octane approach, especially in light of Cazorla’s absence. I’d be tempted to start Coquelin alongside him – clearly that runs the risk of having two hot-heads alongside each other in midfield, but I’m of the view that we should be fighting fire with fire, particularly in the opening exchanges. This particular iteration of the Tottenham team is especially spikey and they have shown if things aren’t going well, they have the capacity to press the self-destruct button (see Chelsea, away).

Our defence picks itself with Bellerin and Monreal both seemingly fit enough to start, alongside Kostafi at centre back. Our defensive challenge will depend largely on the attacking personnel from our opponents – Vincent Janssen has yet to convince, and whilst he is physically imposing, he has a touch of the Girouds in his immobility. Given Harry Kane hasn’t played in almost two months, it would be a massive gamble for him to start the game. Pochettino may opt for Son as an auxiliary forward, with his movement and energy arguably a greater threat to us, particularly if they attempt to play on the counter attack.

What I hope will tell on the day is the form of the unquestionably world class Mesut Ozil (and Alexis, who isn’t too far behind). Our opponents cannot boast a player of either of these two’s quality and as is often the case in big games, we will be looking for our marquee players to make the difference. Both have shown an appetite for the big occasion throughout their Arsenal careers, so fingers crossed they are given the space and system to excel.

I’ll be at the game for the ridiculously early midday kick-off – try to enjoy it, and see you on the other side!

Until next time.

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  1. Jim Lahey

    @Dale –

    ” Are we just going to garbage those feat? Or has Arsenal prior to Wenger gone on to a European cup final?”

    No one is belittling his achievements not in the slightest. And yes they have in 1994.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Rambo, you make sense son. Look, I still want and hope luck is on Wengers side this season. I will be pissed and I will call for his head , but I will look forward to the next game and enjoy the wins. I won’t moan when we draw a game I expected us to draw, I’ll be critical of instances and players, but I intend to enjoy this season and expect less. If you know it’s been like this for 12 seasons then why are you still expecting things to be different? Don’t watch/support any more or enjoy what you can, discuss sensibly and lay off the all out name calling on here

  3. Jim Lahey

    @Rambo Ramsey –

    “Cesc, what’s your point bruh? That you think the next time Arsenal win the title, they’re gonna steamroller every team and not once suffer these pesky draws or defeats?”

    His point is a simple one, every time we are put into a position in which we can distinguish ourselves from the rest we collapse. It has literally been happening for years. It is the same cycle over and over again and at this point I am astonished their are people out there that either 1) Don’t seem to see it happening or 2) Do see it, but create some form of mental gymnastics in order to not care about it.

    “Chelsea started the season well but then lost successive games to Liverpool and Arsenal and you had people taking up Conte getting the sack. Now they’ve won a few on the bounce handily and suddenly Chelsea are supposed favorites.”

    This isn’t about Chelsea, they do not have the same set of problems we do, they are entirely different cases.

  4. Jim Lahey

    @Dale – I agree the CWC isn’t anything to write home about but you did ask if we’d been to a European final previously.

    Please tell me you can see a much larger problem here than just a simple drawn game?

  5. GS88

    Great move Pedro to ban a certain annoying poster.

    That guy making this an increasingly nasty place to visit on daily basis for at least 7 or 8 months.

    Have your opinons, but try to respect others – even when they majorly differ from yours.

  6. Samesong

    Dale expecting a draw implies that we are not good enough to beat Spurs. Spurs fans I know were worried that we would smash them today. Bottom line is we didn’t turn up today or we possibly would of smashed Spurs today.

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Sorry to assume CWC was lesser than EC. I meant it in the way that it got absorbed into EC making EC the more sought after prize

  8. DaleDaGooner

    The frustration actually is from the fact that Iwobi and Walcott would have won the game for us. And had Clattenburg not given that soft peno/Kos not fouling Dembele

  9. DaleDaGooner


    I do see and agree the larger problem……I agree, but I’d rather put my energy to helping Wenger and co get over the mental lapses. I think the fans have some faults too. The infighting and constant underwhelming support during games needs to be addressed. Our home support is gash

  10. DaleDaGooner

    ……though I will say I can’t help myself from talking shit when I see Ox, Ramsey trot onto the field…..or when I see Ozil walking about when we’re being attached. Or a consistent change being made at 67mins and not before

  11. Samesong


    I said that at this stage I would take a draw with Spurs and united. But I am verydisappointed we didn’t take all 3 today and the way we gifted them that penalty. That my frustration.

  12. Redtruth


    You’re abnormal to enjoy the ‘wins’ while disregarding Wenger’s ineptitude for getting the deal done at the business end of the season..

  13. GS88

    Picking up on what some have been saying regarding to us bottling big and significant games.

    For me we haven’t been the same ever since United ended our 49 game unbeaten run back in ’04. I know we have a complete different set of players, but that winning mentality that we had in aboundance during that time period (1998-2004), has gone from the whole club.

    David Dein’s departure is also, in my view, another key factor in this.

    Just my thoughts.

  14. DaleDaGooner

    Samesong agreed. Other than the insistence on playing same 11, same formation, without tweaks, you can’t fault Wenger for the mistakes of the players or lack of efforts from players like Ozil defensively.

  15. DaleDaGooner

    And the wigley dance Cech does when faced with a penalty…..what was that dance? Didn’t even look like he would save the peno. My 3 year old would score a peno on Cech

  16. Joe


    Spurs came closer to winning that match with the post and cech’s big save

    Nothing to do with the penalty or theo/iwobi.

    Spurs looked better in the second half

  17. Joe


    Look what klopp and conte have done at Chelsea.

    Tell me they haven’t changed those teams and what has wenger done to change Arsenal in the last 12? We are the same team as always.

    fault Wenger for the mistakes of the players or lack of efforts from players like Ozil defensively.

    Of course you can. He’s the manager. He’s the one who motivates them. Preps them. Trains them

    If Ozil lacks effort defeinsively, who’s job is it to make sure that changes?

    Klopp has every Liverpool playing dying for him on the pitch.

    So does conte.

    Jose used to have that

    No one is dying on the pitch for wenger.

  18. DaleDaGooner

    Joe….I think it was split. Cech did his job. We had some chances. We also had players like Ramsey and Ox skying shots instead of meaningful passes or shots on target

  19. Joe


    I take misses out. That means matrial gets to play up front and rashford.

    Don’t know if that’s a blessing for them
    Or us

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Joe take CR7 and drop him in an Arsenal shirt, trust me he won’t need Wenger to motivate him. Look no further than our own Sanchez. Today, the difference was in Ozil and Iwobi not coming to the fold defensively. I saw them both walking about when we were defending, Joe if you were manager, you can’t drop Ozil, can you?

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Essentially what Jim said, I don’t really give a shit to be honest, we’re not a title winning side under Wenger and I see nothing this year that changes my mind on that, 3rd or 2nd I think depending on Liverpool and maybe Chelsea.

    My anger today came from the disgusting attitude of the players in a derby, an out of sorts Spurs missing key personnel and we could just about mustered a fight for about twenty minutes out of the whole game, no tempo, no press, no direction, sloppy.

    But, I do take exception to this constant thing of ‘its just one game,’ it isn’t, this is a pattern that has been drawn over the past ten years, same old same old basically.

    I just find that Arsenal lack character, personality and balls. They are limp and bland and that comes from Wenger I think.

    Am I saying Arsenal are disastrous, absolutely not, do I think Arsenal can win the league, absolutely not, they are a good side who could be great but won’t because of the same failings each year. But as I say, what I don’t like is this constant thing of trying to undermine arguments by saying ‘calm down its just one game,’ the fact you could go back on these sections over the past five years and find those comments after certain games should tell you everything.

    If you or others want to believe Arsenal have turned some sort of corner, great, hope you’re right…you’re not though by the way 😉 But you cannot try to say ‘you’re writing us off because of ninety minutes against Spurs.’

    No, I’m writing us off because what I just watched and what I have seen this season just looks like the usual Arsenal.

  22. DaleDaGooner

    You mention Conte, the same one who looked like he was losing the plot against Wenger? These things are fine margins. This season, I want to believe that we’ve got a bit of luck considering it will be tough for all.. Utd, Spuds, Chelsea, City, Us and add Everton, and the boogeyman teams there isn’t a clear run away winner

  23. Pierre

    “Arsenal should be winning all their home games and picking up as many points as possible in away games..”

    Yes Redtruth , very insightful lol

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Who comes in for Iwobi do we think, because he needs to be ‘rested’ for a while I think.

    I don’t want Ramsey in.

    Could it be time to try Ozil wider, bring Caz into the middle again but keep Xhaka and another CM?

  25. DaleDaGooner

    Cesc….same old same old…..we all agree! To what help is it when that’s all we talk about on here? Win a game…::same old same old, lose a game “ha ha same old same old” …draw a game “typical same old same old” it gets as boring as Wenger’s lack luster management.

  26. john munyaradzi

    Tough game today…and guess what, the Wenger out brigade have found their voice, Real grown ups would suggest a few alternatives as to who should take over for the next season. Its only here on these blogs that the league is won after 10 games….., never mind the 15 game s without loss…..we somehow always see the glass half full, (Hint Guardiola Klopp and Conte unlikely to be available, mourinho, who knows). In case an Arsenal board member was reading these enlightened posts, who would u suggest takes over from Arsene oh brilliant football analysts ??

  27. Cesc Appeal


    Well, the thing is see, this thing of same old same old gets brought up when people try to say ‘its just one game.’

    So, yeah, if people are being critical of a performance and then someone says ‘its just one game,’ what would you like to happen in that instance, ‘fair enough mate you’re probably right, just in case Dale finds an actual logical argument boring?’

    Why do you have to add the ‘haha’ as well, so few Arsenal fans revel in Arsenal losing, so childish.

  28. Rambo Ramsey

    Cesc, I doubt anyone who posts on Le grove really believes/ makes an argument that Arsenal are en route to winning the title. The fact that we have a stronger squad and there is improved substance& style in our play-I find, is something to cheer about.

  29. Redtruth

    I’ve been right for years but that’s only because i demand the very beat of Arsenal unlike the tourist fans Wenger has managed to recruit over the years

  30. Jim Lahey

    @Rambo –

    “Cesc, I doubt anyone who posts on Le grove really believes/ makes an argument that Arsenal are en route to winning the title. The fact that we have a stronger squad and there is improved substance& style in our play-I find, is something to cheer about.”

    Is that what we have been relegated to as fans? Cheering about our improved squad and better play? I agree that this is our best squad in years. But we really should be talking about Arsenal en route to a title this year, and we’re not. As you say none of us even dare to believe it possible anymore.

    We’re all disheartened. We’re looking into a new unpredictable era at Arsenal once Wenger goes. We’ll never win the league with him as manager, but god knows what will happen to us when he leaves.

  31. Joe

    Rambo Ramsey

    . The fact that we have a stronger squad and there is improved substance& style in our play-I find, is something to cheer about.

    We have lost to Liverpool. Drew Leicester. Drew Spurs.

    Barely beat soton, Burnley and watford and Swansea

    Drew boro

    Please tell me where this improved play. Better squad comment comes from

    Regardless of our point totals. We haven’t played that well bar Chelsea and a 10 man hull and Sunderland.

    Out played compeletly by PSG

  32. Jim Lahey

    @John –

    “Give us a name …who u want in charge…lets change the conversation a bit…”

    This isn’t a new topic here, we all have various new managers we would like to see come in, my personal pick for the job would be Thomas Tuchel.

  33. DaleDaGooner

    Jim, Cesc… you think Chelsea, City, United fans are as confident as they were season beginning of winning the league after 16games?

  34. Joe


    Wenger has lowered the expectation so much that some supporters don’t even care about challenging for the league , as a team of Arsenal’s stature should be doing every year. Now it’s all about one off Victories like we are the Sunderland of the world

    Hey we aren’t going to win the league but just enjoy the journey.

  35. DaleDaGooner

    Barely beating this and that, fact remains numbers don’t lie. Sometimes when people say stuff like that, it makes you sound like you’d rather us lose those games to prove you’re right

  36. john munyaradzi


    If u a are as sure as u sound, u must be able to sell us a dream….wenger out without saying who replaces him is juvenile…surely u have to do the heavy lifting and give a credible upgrade….we need to see the whole bigger picture so that we know what we are supporting. Tourist fans are the ones that turn on the team when it hits a bump on the journey….so whats your point ?

  37. Jim Lahey

    @Dale –

    If I am being honest, I would say yes, I believe each set of those fans you mentioned believe they can win the league. Both now and at the start of the league, they know its possible. I hate to say it but, its not possible for us.

  38. gazzap

    Bottom line. Kozzer shouldn’t be making messy tackles like that in the box. It’s asking for trouble and if you concede goal, then chances are you won’t win games. It was sloppy at the back at times today.

  39. Joe


    That comment was to counter that we are stronger and playing better.

    In fact we are not and we have been lucky.

    And our performances haven’t really been that good bar a couple

    I also said regardless of the points. It’s the performances I’m talking about.

    Our luck will run out and 2 draws out of 3 says it’s starting too

    With Man U on the horizon.

  40. john munyaradzi


    Diego….see him leaving Athletico…?? I dont. Tuchel…..see him walking out on Dortmund ??? Not sure I do either, but do very much like your second suggestion. Diego would make us a Chelsea of sorts even if he did come….style of play wise. Tuchel maybe needs to win something … I often read on these pages, hes not a proven winner yet, though very promising

  41. Jim Lahey

    @Joe –

    I guess for some people that is enough for them to enjoy the sport and you can’t hate on them for that. But I was spoiled growing up during Wenger’s early reign. Winning leagues, Fa Cups, just winning. Its addictive.

    I want the league, I want the Champions League.

  42. Jim Lahey

    @John –

    “Diego….see him leaving Athletico…?? I dont. Tuchel…..see him walking out on Dortmund ??? ”

    Like with anything else in life, offer enough money and they will move.

    Regarding Tuchel, we could be waiting a long time before he ousts Bayern in the Bundesliga. But his style of play, his approach to the game is something we desperately need at Arsenal.

  43. Joe


    Diego has already said he’s leaving atletico. He’s shortened his contract

    And tuchel would leave for Arsenal.

  44. Rambo Ramsey

    Jim, what can I say? I guess we gotta find joy in the little things. The football we’ve played is at a higher level, we are scoring bucketloads of goals-almost twice the number we had managed at this point last season. We are gaining points from losing positions-something that we didn’t do enough of last time around. Our squad is much improved meaning we are equipped to do well in multiple competitions. Its about having the right commitment and mentality, now.

  45. DaleDaGooner

    Jim, there lays part of the problem…fans that don’t want to believe or support the team. I know Wenger is just not the man he was, but if Ranieri the tinker man could get Leicester to do what they did last season, one can only hope.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Do you think Chelsea, United and City fans can draw upon ten years of identical failings? Is there any sort of evidence they can draw upon to predict what is to come, how long have Conte, Mourinho and Guardiola been in the job, what are their title credentials, what is their attitude in the transfer market like?

    Each has had points lower than Arsenal is the past ten years, but each have had points where they’ve achieved considerably more, have had season where they were imperious, had seasons where they were porous, had seasons where they were like Arsenal and just good, there isn’t a frame of reference like this is for us, ours is set in stone to the point I think it almost has a psychological effect in itself, we are perennial also-rans and the players know it, maybe.

    Comparisons to Arsenal are irrelevant because we’re in a totally unique situation.

  47. Jim Lahey

    @Rambo –

    As I have said this is the strongest we have been in years, maybe since 08… which is great, still think we need one or two more in, but delighted with the players we have at the club.

    And absolutely, you have to enjoy the small things, but I believe you can enjoy the small things whilst not losing sight of your goals.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah that’s great, I mean I find it harder and harder to get joy out of Arsenal to the point where a lot of matches it gets to about eighty minutes in and I think ‘I could have got on with so much else in this time instead of being sat here watching us go through the motions.’

    I’m not getting into a big debate about Arsenal at all, I think it is abundantly clear where I stand, just saying, you cannot make the statement ‘its just one game.’

    That was literally it.

  49. DaleDaGooner

    Cesc, fair enough, big picture, and you’re right,
    but as of this season and this instance, even with new managers, those fans thought they’d run away with it, but that’s not looking like it… our case, this season and this instance, after Liverpool….we would drop out of top four finally. Something by the way, has always been the wish to get Arsene out finally.
    If Spuds could finish behind us last season despite their run in the league, I want to hope that this season, with some of the squad issues adddressed (Mustafi for Mert, Xhaka, Coq and Elneny as depth in DM, and guys like Ox /Ram confined to play second fiddle if Wenger can have the balls) we might and can win the league. City is beatable, Chelsea is beatable, United is beatable and Liverpool is beatable. Add to the fact that Wenger has not signed a new contract yet……why can’t we see a difference? To say it is set in stone, when pre 2004, this same man did things differently is a bit rash. It’s slow, but we’re seeing some changes.

  50. Jim Lahey

    @Dale –

    I really don’t think the support is a major problem, sure our home support tends to be a bit lacklustre (putting it nicely), but our away support is next to none.

    I personally believe the deep rooted problem within the team is down to Wenger, I don’t know if he is interested in competing anymore, and that gets imprinted onto all of his teams. They’re is no more will or desire to be the best.

    I think we have had maybe 4 complete turnovers in the squad since 06 and the same problems remain.

  51. DaleDaGooner

    Leicester losing to teams arguably lower than FC Porto, Brugge, Copenhagen..shows you that this year, Prem is tougher

  52. Pedro

    Dale, the spoilt fan card really is bullshit. It only becomes a problem when we’re losing. If we’re so spoilt, why do we always do so well for 6months every season… just those three months that affect players?

  53. loyika

    Hmmm!! Arsenal draw and Le Grove goes haywire!?

    Notice how all the teams that played in Europe this week (Bar United) have had under par results.

    Arsenal draw with Boro; WE ARE SHYTE!! Same Citeh draw with Boro!?

    What people should ask themselves right now is what exactly do we want?

    Most were a bit underwhelmed with Pre season and the transfer market, (rightly so) but the question is; Do we want Arsenal to compete and see where we end up come end of season or are we saying that we should straight out win the league this year?

    When we honestly answer that question to ourselves, it will save us some aggro.

    Fact is, the squad is better this season (whether some chose to agree with that or not) and we have every opportunity to compete this season which we haven’t had for a long time. Now quite a few will say we won’t win it due to AW and i won’t argue with that sentiment as we are all entitled to our opinions, but my take is this;

    1. The league this year will be between 4 teams – LIverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Citeh.

    2. Liverpool and Chelsea will have an advantage as they have no European footie to worry about (Right now Chelsea has only 2 comps to compete in which works to their favour)

    3. AW Need to manage games better and decide what is his priority for the season.

    Right now i couldn’t give a monkeys about either the UCL (Which we won’t win under Arsene as he had his chance in Paris and blew it) and the FAC. I want us to go as far as we can in the EFC so as to give the B team as much game time as possible, but besides that same feelings as the earlier mentioned cup comps. What i do want is the league (by any means possible bar blatant cheating)

    Arsene should do what ever it takes to win the league this year; REINFORCE THE SQUAD IN JANUARY, Tell the players to leave everything on the pitch in league games, rotate the squad so that we have our best 11 every league game we play, WHAT EVER IT FCUKING TAKES!!

    I don’t mind draws with teams like United and other top teams in the top 4, that is part and parcel of the game. What i won’t stand for is lack lustre performances against teams like Boro and Stoke.

    We need to be ruthless, take more chances, SHOOT FROM OUTSIDE THE D ONCE IN A WHILE FFS!! Just show us that you have the desire to want to finally win the league after so fcuking long. Now at the end of the day if we are pipped by a better team, then i am sure quite a few will raise their hands up and say we competed but lost out to the better team, anything less will just be a damn shame.

    But putting my anger aside due to the game today, i will hedge my bets that come end of season we will either win the league or at worst come second. That is what i want and that is what i will be cheering on the lads to achieve come what may, if i am disappointed at the end then so be it!!

    Over to you lads, show us you want this, (by actions and not talking on the telly) start by not losing at OT and we move on from there. We just have to navigate this month the best way we can and enter December still in the mix.

  54. Jim Lahey

    @Pedro –

    I think Dale was responding to my comment about being spoiled as a kid growing up with Wenger’s early reign when winning the league was somewhat expected(possible).

  55. Redtruth

    The mindless support is the main problem especially the away support who delude themselves and no doubt sing one Arsene Wenger thus cementing his position at the club

  56. DaleDaGooner

    Overall, I agree Wenger is THE problem, I’m not arguing that, but I am arguing about fans….fans attitude as poor as the players. When people want others to follow the moaning even when the team just won… have to wonder what the agenda really is. Do you want Arsenal to win the league? Or do you want Wenger out (even when you know he won’t be leaving in this current season)

  57. Rambo Ramsey

    “but I believe you can enjoy the small things whilst not losing sight of your goals.”

    That’s part of the bigger problem though, Jim, going deeper than the on-the-pitch issues. We don’t know anymore whether the club’s goals are in alignment with those of the fans.

    Nothing concrete about our best players signing extensions, futures of management team shrouded in mystery-think if Wenger departs, most of his band will leave with him. Are there men dedicated in the boardroom to plan and appoint a proper successor who’ll take the club to the next level? Judging by comments from the AGM, it doesn’t sound too promising. Wenger makes it sound like he’s in his final year whereas the board continue to tow the ‘He is the right man and we want him to stay forever’ line.

  58. john munyaradzi

    two points off the pace after 10 games when we thought we would be 10 points off the pace….and we go into melt down….I blame Playstation and Football manager….think about it, just buy zlatan, pogba and hire mourinho and presto u win everything. dont believe me…just hire guardiola and see how the playstation results change……the real bother that the real world is slightly more complex ……let me go one better, just sack wenger…and u guessed it… every game, every trophy. what Klopp did would barely register on playstation, yet when u see Liverpool in real life…’s opposite……lets a do a brexit with arsene, shoot first, aim later…..

  59. Jim Lahey

    @Rambo –

    “Nothing concrete about our best players signing extensions, futures of management team shrouded in mystery-think if Wenger departs, most of his band will leave with him”

    That is a real concern and one we really haven’t spoken about too much on here, once Wenger goes will we see a mass exodus? And like you I am very concerned about that, we have assembled a very good squad, would very much like to see us keep it.

    Once Wenger leaves we need to have a manager that can inspire our best players to want to stay and play for the club.

  60. john munyaradzi


    Heard that last season…and the one before,


    Agree with most of your post

    Often wonder if most of the the post are sincere of just trolls getting a kick out of rattling cages,,,,,more and more like the latter most likely…