5 observations on the Arsenal decimation of Sunderland

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Well, a comfortable game, that turned uncomfortable… then it turned into a coma of comfort, like the sort of comfort you have on a Sunday after taking down a large Domino’s on a rampant hangover.

An important three points won, heading into the NLD. It wasn’t just the three points, it was taking them with ease that meant something. We took the lead through a lovely bit of 20 pass build-up play, Chamberlain used his explosive pace to ghost his full back, he turned in a Sanchez height cross that the Chilean nodded across goal. A real Arsenal of old spectacle.

The second half was a bit more dangerous, we let them back in with a bit of calamity defending from Mustafi, resulting in Petr Cech taking down Watmore ending in a Defoe converted penalty.

We didn’t cave in on ourselves, we launched a resurgence and it was great fun to watch. We need a bit of help though, that came from Giroud.

The Frenchman scored with his first touch, which came from a very dangerous low cross from the impressive Gibbs. His second came from an Ozil corner, the Germans first Premier League assist of the season would you believe? Giroud glanced his header over the keeper to make it three. It was great to have him back.

At that point, I’d have liked to have seen Sanchez taken off, he wasn’t, and he scored after a bit of a scramble in the box. So much for my insight there.

4-1. A decimation, 3 points and no injuries.

Things to think about:


Not his finest game, he looked a bit heavy legged. You have to remember he’s only 20 years old and he’s showing all the signs of being a serious name for us this season. He’ll have bad games though, you have to accept that.


The Welshman looked rusty, it was quite amusing his assist for Sanchez came from a duffed piece of skill. I’m interested to see how we use him this season. That all action hero role doesn’t really work for us, and he can’t play the same position he does for Wales. So where does he play? He’s in a weird situation, he’s not the best defensively, not the best attacking… but he has a bit of everything and more energy than most. I hope Wenger has a plan.


Great to have him back in the team. The pundits were saying before the game, Sanchez can do anything Giroud can. I disagree, no one holds the ball up like the Frenchman and Sanchez can’t bully players in the same way… it was great to see him score from his first two touches. I also liked his beard. It’s like a piece of Tracey Emin art… ‘I grow the criticism and pain into my facial hair’… so modern.


A lot of fans are talking about title contention. I’m holding off there. We’re always in a situation at this point of the season where we convince ourselves, ‘this is different’, reality is we’ve had an extremely pleasurable run of late. Swansea, Boro, Burnley and the worst Sunderland team of all time. We should be winning these games. It shouldn’t be a treat. The tough games are going to come thick and fast now. This is when we see what Arsenal 2016/17 is made of.

But… it looks good, but remember, November is coming…


Elneney had a super game today, Gibbs played really well and Chambo came up with the goods… AND our backup striker scored two goals. We have depth coming out of our ears. Finally.


They’re unbeaten so far this season (as of writing this), so we really do have a monster of a game coming up next week. We head there in great form, hopefully Theo and Santi are back for that game. A massive selection headache awaits… but I’ll take that over a lack of bodies and forced hands!

I am SO excited about this.

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  1. Apache Indian

    grooveydaddy… how stereotypical of you? you see the Apache Indian and you think im that singer from the 90’s how dare you, Apache Indians came from the Alaskan region, Canada, and portions of the American Southwest. Eventually the tribe migrated toward the United States further south, and divided itself into two basic regions, with the Rio Grande River serving as the dividing line… next time dont jump to conclusions

  2. freddylekgunner

    Tom Wallace. Alex Henry. Naija. And many more don’t and would love to have wenger sign a new deal. They are the ones who have bored this site into a ghost town

    But do you enjoy an Arsenal win despite Wenger?

  3. Red&White4life

    “I believe most posters here wants to see the back of Wenger, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying Arsenal wins”

    Spot on!!

  4. china

    I’d revert to santi and coq and keep iwobi and sanchez going vs spurs in our standard lineup

    i think having giroud and an inform ox on the bench gives us real options if things aren’t coming off.

    i didn’t have time to see the start of the sunderland game, but if gibbs played well defensively i’d be willing to start him over monorail who’s looked off the pace lately. in the very least gibbs offers blistering pace which makes him more of an attacking threat and more useful for recovery situations if he does fuck up

  5. china

    if we did start gibbs, sanchez out wide and if walcott is fit we could realistically have a lineup with


    making us probably the quickest team out wide the PL has ever seen

    you’d like to think with ozil between those 4 there would be chances in that team….

  6. Joe


    Under wenger I’ll enjoy the win in May. When it means something

    Wins in oct mean nothing under wenger.

    The journey under wenger is just a kop
    Out by akbs to
    Justify that wenger is something

    Enjoy the journey If you can’t enjoy the win you aren’t a fan blah blah
    It’s bullshit. They know wenger won’t win the league or even come
    Close so
    They now they move the yardsticks and make it about the enjoyment of the journey haha

    WhO are we? Sunderland? Just enjoy the premiership ride.

    We are Arsenal. We should be competing every fucking season.

  7. Wallace


    “It’s why they are so happy in oct. They think wenger has turned it around.In oct. Ha bring up facts that we are in exact same spot as last season before it went belly up and they get very angry.”

    we about to lose Coq & Cazorla to injury again?

  8. naijagunner

    “Wins in oct mean nothing under wenger.”

    It means 3 points which is part of what makes up the total of where a team finishes in May.

    Do try to make sense when you talk

  9. Wallace


    you’re on a blog where the majority of posters agree with the gist of your argument. why do so many of them want you binned?

  10. naijagunner

    ” At times you’ve lost all credibility”

    Do you even know what the word credibility means?
    Over the past few months you have stank up this blog to the point that no one here actual believes you are all there mentally

    You start every sentence with Wenger or AKB because you have nothing else to talk about. Am not sure you even bother to watch the games

  11. GoonerDave

    Everton, a club with far less resources than us, recently decided to pay all its staff and contractors a living wage. The only other club in the league which does this is Chelsea.
    Our club is far from classy when it comes to money. I hope the AST put pressure on the club to start paying a proper wage to low paid workers.

  12. Rhys Jaggar

    I agree about not talking about the title yet. In the first 19 fixtures, the bigger games are back-loaded for Arsenal, so really 23 pts is only par, certainly no better.

    My take: three ‘big’ games vs Leicester, Liverpool and Chelsea: 4pts – at least one point below par.

    Seven ‘small games’ vs Burnley, Sunderland, Hull away; Southampton, Swansea, Middlesbrough home (plus one I can’t remember): 19 pts. Probably par, given that in the real world you probably expect to draw one in seven.

    Liverpool have 23 pts after beating Arsenal and Chelsea away, slaughtering Leicester at home and having a bore draw with Man Utd and dominating a 1-1 at the Lane. Of their five big games, 11pts against a par of 7 or tops 9 pts. Of their other games, they won 4 and lost at Burnley, probably 1 pt below par. So really, they are about 3 pts ahead of schedule.

    Arsenal started slowly and have built up momentum nicely. But Spurs will be up to win next Saturday far more than had they already had 24 or 26 pts: to lose means they will be 6 pts adrift and without the unbeaten EPL record. They have conceded 1 goal in open play in 10 games in the EPL, so it’s not hard to see why they have not lost. However, if Arsenal score first it could make for conditions ripe to get 2-0 or 3-0, as Spurs will have to open up and allow Arsenal to counter with pace and panache.

    Chelsea are also back with a bang. Scoring plenty conceding none.

    I would suggest Arsenal targeting 42 – 44pts after 19 games. They I would say a title ambition is realistic. Much under 40 pts and it will take a great second-half run.

  13. gunnergetyou


    Good post.

    We’ll find out all we need to know about this team in the next couple of months. So far our results are no different from previous seasons.

    The difference this year is that we have a much more balanced team, a stronger squad, and we are scoring more goals. The signs are good but I won’t be convinced until I see us turn up when the going gets tough.

    The question is, will Wenger trust his squad enough to rotate our key players. Sanchez and Ozil should be rested against Ludogrets. I’d also play Jenkinson instead of Bellerin.