5 observations on the Arsenal decimation of Sunderland

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Well, a comfortable game, that turned uncomfortable… then it turned into a coma of comfort, like the sort of comfort you have on a Sunday after taking down a large Domino’s on a rampant hangover.

An important three points won, heading into the NLD. It wasn’t just the three points, it was taking them with ease that meant something. We took the lead through a lovely bit of 20 pass build-up play, Chamberlain used his explosive pace to ghost his full back, he turned in a Sanchez height cross that the Chilean nodded across goal. A real Arsenal of old spectacle.

The second half was a bit more dangerous, we let them back in with a bit of calamity defending from Mustafi, resulting in Petr Cech taking down Watmore ending in a Defoe converted penalty.

We didn’t cave in on ourselves, we launched a resurgence and it was great fun to watch. We need a bit of help though, that came from Giroud.

The Frenchman scored with his first touch, which came from a very dangerous low cross from the impressive Gibbs. His second came from an Ozil corner, the Germans first Premier League assist of the season would you believe? Giroud glanced his header over the keeper to make it three. It was great to have him back.

At that point, I’d have liked to have seen Sanchez taken off, he wasn’t, and he scored after a bit of a scramble in the box. So much for my insight there.

4-1. A decimation, 3 points and no injuries.

Things to think about:


Not his finest game, he looked a bit heavy legged. You have to remember he’s only 20 years old and he’s showing all the signs of being a serious name for us this season. He’ll have bad games though, you have to accept that.


The Welshman looked rusty, it was quite amusing his assist for Sanchez came from a duffed piece of skill. I’m interested to see how we use him this season. That all action hero role doesn’t really work for us, and he can’t play the same position he does for Wales. So where does he play? He’s in a weird situation, he’s not the best defensively, not the best attacking… but he has a bit of everything and more energy than most. I hope Wenger has a plan.


Great to have him back in the team. The pundits were saying before the game, Sanchez can do anything Giroud can. I disagree, no one holds the ball up like the Frenchman and Sanchez can’t bully players in the same way… it was great to see him score from his first two touches. I also liked his beard. It’s like a piece of Tracey Emin art… ‘I grow the criticism and pain into my facial hair’… so modern.


A lot of fans are talking about title contention. I’m holding off there. We’re always in a situation at this point of the season where we convince ourselves, ‘this is different’, reality is we’ve had an extremely pleasurable run of late. Swansea, Boro, Burnley and the worst Sunderland team of all time. We should be winning these games. It shouldn’t be a treat. The tough games are going to come thick and fast now. This is when we see what Arsenal 2016/17 is made of.

But… it looks good, but remember, November is coming…


Elneney had a super game today, Gibbs played really well and Chambo came up with the goods… AND our backup striker scored two goals. We have depth coming out of our ears. Finally.


They’re unbeaten so far this season (as of writing this), so we really do have a monster of a game coming up next week. We head there in great form, hopefully Theo and Santi are back for that game. A massive selection headache awaits… but I’ll take that over a lack of bodies and forced hands!

I am SO excited about this.

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  1. Joe


    Wallace posted that earlier

    Quite a stupid post considering Jose walked the league just over a season ago.

    And wenger has won fuck all this season

    Wallace was also singing “we’re first in jan” last season, so we all know he gets a hard on from the slightest wind.

    Akbs. Just never ever learn to keep their mouths shut until wenger actually does something.

  2. Pires7

    It’s only Wenger out wankers that are disappointed when we win and it’s the same Wenger out wankers that gloat when we lose.

    Arsenal ‘supporters’ my fucking arse.

  3. Joe


    Wallace posted that earlier

    Quite a stupid post considering Jose walked the league just over a season ago.

    And wenger has won fuck all this season. And akbs are starting to gloat in oct.

    Wallace was also singing “we’re first in jan” last season, so we all know he gets a hard on from the slightest wind.

    Akbs. Just never ever learn to keep their mouths shut until wenger actually does something.

  4. Joe


    Since wenger has last won the league


    Came to England , won 2 league titles with Chelsea.
    Went to Italy , won the treble at inter
    Went to Real , won la liga
    And then came back to England and won another league title with Chelsea in 2015

    Want to re-post that start my again Wallace?

  5. Joe

    *re-post that stat again

    The newest akb wenger trophy

    “Wenger has won more matches in the last 10 than Jose has in the last 45” trophy

  6. Pires7

    Did you find it difficult when your boy Jose got sacked by the Chelsea rentboys and went the Manc cunts?

    Did you just buy a United shirt instead of a Chelsea one?

  7. Seville gunner

    Bloody hell, why do people bother being negative after such a great win. Akb, aaa, it’s all bollocks really. We all want arsenal to do well, or at least we should! So stop trying to dull the joy. Football is about joy, or at least it should be. Bring on November and let’s shit the other teams up by winning some big games!

  8. Joe


    Does it hurt when wenger disappoints you season after season after making the same stupid mistakes over and over again?

    Oh wait. It doesn’t because you are too far up wenger’s ass to see anything

  9. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Redruth No. You’re on your own there.No he’s not’

    Yes, you’re right. There is a tiny minority of loons who claim to support arsenal but want arsenal to lose. You’re one of them.

  10. Pires7

    I didn’t find it difficult supporting The Arsenal at Sunderland today.

    Where were you? Too busy mincing in the pumpkin patch again to support the lads?

  11. Pires7

    Why don’t you disappear until we eventually lose a game, which will happen, as its football?

    You seem a bit desperate.

  12. Pires7

    Great logic Joe.

    So I go to games just to support the manager?

    I dont think it works like that.

    Do you need some one to explain to you, using little words, what supporting a club is about?

  13. Alexanderhenry

    Mourihno is hugely overrated.

    He has cleverly made sure that every club he has worked for has already had a team that was the best or second best in their respective leagues.

    He has also made sure that he has had a blank cheque to work with- no other manager has spent more than he has over the past ten years at least.

    As soon as things go wrong he jumps ship showing no loyalty or responsibility whatsoever. He blames everyone except himself and leaves an almighty stink behind him.

    Worst of all, and despite having world class players to work with, he insists on subjecting us to his horrible brand of risk averse, grinding, percentage football.

    The good news is that if he cocks it up at man utd, that’ll be the end of this fraudulent, nasty little man once and for all.

  14. Joe

    After 10 matches last season.

    Man city 22 points
    ArSenal. 22 points.

    This season

    Man city 23
    Arsenal. 23

    Big improvement hey Pires.


    Go run and hide like the rest of the akb wankers come jan

  15. Joe

    Jose will be remembered as a better manager than wenger.


    No will care about 4th place trophies in 10 years.

    Oh. Akbs will.

    Jose > wenger.

  16. Pires7

    Marginal gains point to an improvement no matter how insignificant you feel they may be.

    You’re sinking Joe you sound desperate. Clutching at straws to try and shit on our club.

  17. Joe


    Being 1st in oct is all that matters to akbs

    Who cares where we finish in May or how many points back

    Give wenger a new 3 year deal because we have one more point than last Season


  18. Pires7

    By writing fact after a sentence doesn’t actually make it a fact.

    Are you aware of that?

    Do you need someone to explain to you what a fact is?

  19. Joe

    Haha Pires

    12 years. I ain’t sinking

    It’s wenger who has sunk Arsenal.


    It’s you grasping at straws at a 1 point improvement with the easiest schedule of all
    The top clubs.

    You’re grasping at straws/sinking/desperate thinking 1st in oct means anything

    You’re too stupid to remember we’ve been here many many many times before.

    Actually we were here. In the exact same spot last season. How did that turn out

    Oh yeah 10
    Points back of Leicester.

  20. Joe

    You’re a fucking moron Pires

    And if you can’t figure out the reference, you are as stupid as I think you are


  21. Pires7

    The reference?

    Why would you trying using Benitez as any sort of reference?

    Is it that you look like a fat Spanish waiter too? You’re a total irrelevance that struggles with comprehension.

    And support.

    Don’t worry you can put your United shirt with ‘special 1’ on the back on Thursday night you’ve a big game against Fenerbache

  22. Pires7

    Great come back. Need something a bit more current Joe you’re outdated and stale just like your opinion.

    You don’t even deserve an opinion.

  23. Pires7

    Joe and steve the fucking chuckle brothers.

    Why pedro doesn’t do something about you clowns is beyond me.

    Supporting a rival manager that regularly disrespect our club is nothing short of an embarrassment.

  24. Alexanderhenry

    Really bad form from so called arsenal fans on here. It’s embarrassing quite frankly.
    Praising an overrated, egotistical spoilt brat of a manager like mourihno and celebrating the fact that he is mocking arsenal fc’s most successful manager is crossing the line i’m afraid.

    Shame on you.

    My prediction is this: Mourihno will fail this season despite having spent £150 million on players.
    Why? Because he hasn’t had an already great squad handed to him on a plate and because especially after last season, he can no longer command respect from players .

    When he finally gets fired or quits man utd, 90% of football fans will rejoice.
    At last we’ll be rid of this horrible man and we won’t have to prop our eyelids open with match sticks trying to stay awake watching his negative, cynical, shit football.

    I’d rather watch paint dry.

  25. loyika


    Another lovely day on Le Grove.

    Nice 3 points today (which should have been wrapped up earlier than it was if we are being honest)

    CL midweek? Would be tempted to play most of the B team, but guess we need to wrap up qualification to the next round.

    NLD coming up. Spurs will be a hard nut to crack, they aren’t brilliant but are difficult to beat. Game has a draw written all over it (but then again, it’s a derby)

    After that, its a visit to Old Trashford!! Now that should be a game. Sure Maureen would pull out all the stops for that one game (well till the return fizture at the Ems). For that game we need to be clinical when presented chances, as Manscum for all their faults still carve out chances (just not having the rub of the green)

    Eitherways, one step at a time lads. Good to have a full complements of squad players to pick from though (long may it continue this season)


  26. The Godfather

    “The Gunners now have 23 points from their opening nine Premier League games. Only on four occasions have they had more points after ten games.

    When they finished first in 1998 they had 22 points after 10 games and in 2004 when they went unbeaten they had 24 at the same point.”

    For the clown comparing our start to the season.

    Oh it was Josephine..:. Ahhh never mind

  27. Joe


    What happened last season when we had 22 points after 10 matches

    Or would an akb clown like you rather not talk about it

  28. Joe

    So now the WOBs should get banned for having an opinion after a few wins in October and barely a better start than last year


    Oh my.

    The site has been taken over by the likes of tom, Pires and Alex Henry et al who all go run and hide come jan and Pedro is wondering why he can barely get 130 posts after a 4-1 win.

  29. somerandomperson

    The Jose defenders are back. Pedro please ban those ppl who call themselves arsenal fans but defend Chelsea/Man Utd and Jose Mourinho but always slate anything related to Arsenal and Arsene.

    It is disgusting to see pages and pages of Mourinho worshipping and Man Utd supporting in an an Arsenal blog .

  30. loyika

    Yeah! A bit strange (and churlish) to come to an Areenal blog and see so much praise for Maureen!? And Man United over Arsenal!? On an Arsenal blog!? Thought United (or any other club for that matter) had enough footie blogs for one to go to?

    But to each one his (or her own i guess)

  31. Joe

    Love how it’s now “defend Chelsea and Man U”

    After some akb idiot posts some
    Stupid stat about wenger winning more in the last whatever than Jose has won in whatever. Ha it’s just so pathetic and desperate to justify wenger’s existence.

    Win the fuckinv league like Jose just over a season ago. Or win. A CL. Then maybe tHat will shut us WOBs up. But until then …

    Fuck off wenger

    Haha SRP. Ban them Pedro. Ban them

    What a whiner

  32. mysticleaves

    I ask again, if so many people love El Neny the way they say it on this blog, why then did Denilson receive so much h.ate? Denilson is such a clean side ways passer and is even more adventurous. so why was a slated so much while El Neny receives praise for doing the same things?

  33. Joe

    Because it’s a useless stat?

    What does it prove?

    Has wenger won a league title in that time?

    Any trophy ?

    Even challenged for a trophy? No


    So fuck it

    When is the last time wenger beat Jose in a meaningful match? Never

  34. Joe


    And also because it’s akbs trying to make wenger to be something other than a fraud.

    It’s desperate times for them. They don’t have real trophies that they can show stats vs Jose about so they make up stupid useless ones

  35. Joe

    Wenger has had 12 seasons to
    Prove us WOBs wrong and has failed every time.

    Yet it’s October and akbs are yelling from
    The rooftops

    Hilarious as it pathetic as they will
    All be hiding come jan

  36. Wallace


    “Because it’s a useless stat? What does it prove?”

    8 wins in 42 matches while managing Chelsea & Man Utd….you don’t think that’s kinda astonishing?

    hilarious how quickly you’ll ride to Mourinho’s defence.

  37. Joe


    Who won the league just over a season ago

    Who hasn’t won one in 12 seasons.

    That’s astonishing

    It’s hilarious how desperate you are to defend wenger and his speciality in failure

    Think wenger will beat Jose in 2 weeks time?

  38. mysticleaves

    that is banter joe. any fan should be happy.

    Wenger is certainly past it, but not a fraud.

    Again, Wenger has being bad for since 2011. not for 12 years. No manager could have won any thing from 2006 to 2011 with us minus league cup or fa cup because of the constraints we had and he reached the final twice.

    that being said Wenger is past it and should really be going this season end

  39. mysticleaves

    “8 wins in 42 matches while managing Chelsea & Man Utd”

    just wow!!!!! who would have thunk? the special one stinking out the place. lol

  40. Wallace


    “It’s hilarious how desperate you are to defend wenger and his speciality in failure ”

    I posted a stat about Mourinho. I thought it was quite a remarkable stat, and also, given how much of a c*nt he is, kinda funny. it was you, as per, who made it all about Wenger.

  41. Wallace

    just watched the highlights and Alexis looked turbo-charged yesterday. one of those games where he looks like his controller’s got him on fast forward the whole game. no doubt he’s the key player for us this year. but also nice to see Giroud back with a bang.

  42. Vladimir

    dunno really, but I think with d senseless opinions been bandied about here a lotta people are scared off writing here, take me for instance I been following this blog for a while but would prefer to read than join in the world class sad write-up. well I rather think people should come here n be educated than bashed.

  43. Wallace


    “Will Wenger beat Jose in 2 weeks time?”

    no idea, you’re the only one who talks factually about the future.

    wasn’t your pre-season prediction that we’d be out of the race by this point? weird, because when you said it I’m sure you signed off with ‘fact!’. like you knew, but…you didn’t.

  44. Joe


    Said 10 points by Jan.

    Still a long way to go for wenger to
    Mess it up.


    Wasn’t it you who sang ” we are 1st in Jan”
    Last season

    How did that go
    For you?

  45. Wallace

    on if Giroud scoring twice gives him a selection headache…

    When they score goals, you have no headache. We play every three days and it’s simple – nobody can play all the games and it’s down to me to find the right balance in every single game between attacking and defending, even if we are more of an attacking team. Sometimes I can play them together, sometimes separately, but we play so many games that everybody should get the number of games he wants.

    on Alexis’ form through the middle…

    He is doing extremely well and I believe that he enjoys it. But we can as well play 4-4-2 with two through the middle as well, because Mesut can play in behind or on the flank. I will see. Let’s not create problems that we don’t have at the moment.

    hope we don’t see too much of Alexis wide. with Lucas out for a while I’d prefer to see them both sharing the striker role, rather than them both on the pitch at the same time.

  46. Wallace


    “Wasn’t it you who sang ” we are 1st in Jan”
    Last season. How did that go. For you?”

    we were top at the time and people were still slagging him off. I just found it perplexing. I wasn’t gloating, just defending him.

  47. Joe


    We are one point better than last season after 10 matches.

    How did it go last season? Could you remind me?

    Been here done it before haven’t we Wallace

  48. mysticleaves


    its none of my business but am sure you said something about Arsenal being out of contention by october.

    re our formation. i said it yesterday, since Sanchez is playing his role and Ozils role this season why not start Giroud and Sanchez or Lucas and Sanchez? shunt Ozil on the left. he will get more assists from there than in the middle

  49. Joe


    And weren’t the miserable moaners right last seasons as wenger blew it again big time and should have been sacked on the spot.

    And you think it’s going to be different this Season?


  50. tunnygriffboy


    Your stinking the blog out mate. Once again every conversation is turned into something Wenger related. It’s a bit bizarre.

    People like to come on hear and celebrate when we win and have a moan when we lose. You make it all about your agenda whatever the result of games.

    You can debate but slowly and surely people aren’t bothering to come on here because you put everyone on a downer. It’s depressing when you’re trying to converse with people when all you get are negative, sarcastic and sometimes nasty comments from you.


    That is indeed a remarkable stat. That’s close to relegation form with two of the best squads in the league with probably a billion quids worth of talent.

  51. Frank Mc

    So you can’t work out why there is so few posts after an Arsenal win??

    You’ve got to be taking the piss right?

    Anyone that shows a modicum of happiness in how we’re currently doing is labelled an “Akb” wanker…… fuckng weird.

  52. Wallace

    cool to see Maitland-Niles get a bit of game time. seems to have jumped to the front of the queue when it comes to promising youngsters at the club. the loan last season must have really helped him develop.

  53. tom

    For the record, I’ll gloat at Jose’s misfortunes whenever the chance arises.

    Notice he skipped his post-match presser?


  54. Howard


    How much did your Mourino spent to achieve that? He spends loads of money and leaves behind tons of wastes behind for a clean up.

    If he doesn’t get the players he craves for he fails
    He doesn’t develop players, he couldn’t develop a single player at Chelsea.

    He’s struggling at Manu because they’re not allowing him to play his kind of game there, PARKING THE BUSES

    He will fail at Manu and they will sack him. Again, as usual he’s spent a lot at Manu

  55. tunnygriffboy


    I respect that joe has a right to his view.

    However it the relentless nature of it day after day, post after post that wears you down.

    Add to that the twisting of every post back to being somehow related to Wenger is odd. Chuck in the sarcasm, nastiness and then abuse and it just becomes tedious and the blog becomes not worth bothering with

  56. vicky

    Two momentous games coming up – Spurs and United. Beat them and then probably we all can start dreaming. Can’t wait to see us inflict further damage on ‘the toxic one’. Beating Spurs is going to be difficult and I will be happy with even a draw but got to tear United a new one especially with Bailey out and a makeshift defense.

  57. Wallace


    “Two momentous games coming up – Spurs and United.”

    yeah, pissed they’re both noon kick offs. hate the early games. Spurs should be the tougher game, but then there’s Mourinho’s record over Wenger. 4pts would be excellent, but would be okay with 3 at this stage.

  58. Redtruth

    When is that muppet Cech going to be consigned to the dustbin of history.
    The flop is keeping geniune talent out of the side because of Wenger’s ignorance of keepers…

  59. Pierre

    Wenger has made quite a few dodgy signings over the years but elneny and holding at a combined cost of under 10 million is great business .
    I keep reading on here that Elneny is at best a squad player but I think he will prove to be much more than that , especially in away matches. His work rate and reading of the game is excellent, he has superb technique when receiving and passing the ball and keeps the play ticking over. He is a team player first and foremost.
    My fear is that with Ramsey coming back , Elneny will not get the chances he deserves. Ramsey is the opposite to Elneny . Not a team player, poor reading of the game , does not retain possession well which is essential for away games. Ramsey could be a good impact sub when we need a goal, he makes dangerous runs into the box and he could have the same impact as giroud yesterday.
    Our title chances could depend on how Wenger uses giroud and Ramsey. He has a soft spot for both of them so will be interesting to see if he reverts to type and puts them in the starting 11.

  60. Redtruth

    “That doesn’t mean a thing. We throughly outplayed Chelsea who in turn routed United. What will you make of that then??”

    That home advantage counts

  61. Shkodran Goals

    Like we all obvuously are, I’m glad we got the 3 points. It was a sweet game. Never a doubt. When they scored even knowing we had wasted chances, I jjst thought ooops they scored too early. Predicted 3 1 at that point and Sanchez piled one on there.

  62. Wallace


    agree with you re Elneny vs Ramsey. with our options these days it’s very hard to see Ramsey (or Wilshere) ever being a regular starter in our central midifeld.

  63. Pires7

    It was so easy yesterday which was good to see. We played in maybe 2nd or 3rd gear always capable of more if required.

    What was slightly concerning was it took us conceding a silly goal to increase our intensity and urgency. This has been an issue v burnley, boro, hull and the mackems.

    Funny that we’ve had no issue v the better teams this year regarding our mentality and intensity.

    Really pleasing that the squad players (Gibbs, Ox and El Nen) fitted in seamlessly and were probably some of our better performers.

    Ox chasing back the length of the pitch to make a great tackle when Gibbs lost it was class and showed the willingness to sacrifice for the team.

    Really noticed a lot of running in behind yesterday from the players but more importantly the runs were getting picked out. There’s been occasions when we very static and come to the ball too much rather than stretch the game.

  64. tunnygriffboy

    I can see the spurs game being really fruity next week. They commit more fouls than any other team. Rose, Vertonghen and Wanyama will be dishing it out while Lamala and Ali are snicky dirty barstewards. Could wind Alki up he’s got a short fuse

    Thing is who do we select on Tuesday? We have to go strong to win the game. Anyone know if Theo Santi or Nacho will be fit? Xhaka of course is available alomg with Ramsey and Giroud. Oh to have options ! ! !

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Not disagreeing but next two league games are massive …
    Spurs an United …

    We will see them if he is changing ?
    Personally I don’t think he is but he isvticking the boxes for the media

  66. Emiratesstroller

    Leaving aside the debate as to whether we have only marginally more points sofar this season than last there are in my view some pluses.

    First we are scoring far more goals than last season and we are no longer totally dependent on Giroud to play in every game and score all our goals.

    This season if you analyse our goalscoring performance in all games we have no fewer than four players who have score 5-8 goals with Sanchez,
    Walcott, Ozil and surprisingly Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Also we appear to be able to manage better our injuries with more depth in our squad. Basically we have at least two to three specialist players covering
    each position.

    Having said that Arsenal have not got a great track record in November and
    we will have over the next some difficult games with Spurs, Man Utd and PSG coming up.

    I agree with Pedro that we need to rotate our squad starting with Wednesday against Ludogorets. I would rest a couple of our key players in that game so that they are fresh for the Sunday game.

    For me the priority this season is EPL rather than Champions League. Realistically I do think that we have a better chance there.

  67. Shkodran Goals

    I’ll just get to what’s on my mind as I read the blog and the comments today. This whole AKB thing is intensely unnecessary, people just go out of their way to argue about things that have little to do with the team. Just to fit in the for or against battle. Wenger Outers say AKBs are ‘blinded’ by their love for Wenger and some probably are, that’s their choice, good on them. Funny, if I said I would like Arsenal to win and believe they will, and thusly Wenger will and should stay, some might say I’m AKB. All that reads as to me is support for the team. Seasons on and I’m backing my team. Come the end re-evaluate, see what happens and go again. We need a positive atmosphere among us as well to have a better chance. But we fighting each other with division and names like ‘AKBs’.

    I think we all have a little Wenger vision in us as Arsenal fans. Be it in wanting good attacking football, some of the tactics like attacking full backs, pressing the ball, interceptions, at least something. I wonder how people are on here now arguing about Maureen yet i’m sure if GOD FORBID he was our coach and maybe we won a couple titles, much as we would enjoy that we would moan and moan especially when things weren’t going well because we generally dislike negative football as Gunners.

    I also think that equally some of the most vocal Wenger outers are blinded by their hate for him. Their choice too, good on them. But they also need to see that their frustration with the drought has made them hate him and not even see the good things he does and brings. The truth is the term AKB draws a line in a large grey area of many different views we have and it’s just divisive. No wonder it was banned on some other blogs I read. And I believe it made the atmosphere there just a little bit better.

    I ve met gunners- inners ,outers and we bond on the Arsenal name just the same. Re-hash the glory days, enjoy discussing the last good game, or mourn the last loss together. I see only red. We drink, sweat and bleed red together.

    Sorry for the long post, just had to get that off my chest here. Better out than in. COYG

  68. Alexanderhenry


    ‘But maybe a leopard is changing his spots, albeit very slowly …’

    It’s got nothing to do with wenger ‘changing his spots’.
    The difference is that arsenal spent some money this summer. We have better players and more of them to choose from.

  69. Shkodran Goals

    PS. I honestly couldn’t give a fuck about Mourinho. He’s a cunt. An asshole. And he has always attacked us with his comments from the get go. And had a great share of wins against us and I’ll admit that makes me hate him even more. He has constantly abused Arsene though who is only honest and speaks his mind. I take that as an attack on us all. He goes against what I like in football in so many ways. And he leads the enemy, so fuck him.

  70. Alexanderhenry


    ‘He has constantly abused Arsene though who is only honest and speaks his mind. I take that as an attack on us all’.

    Very well said.

    It’s interesting how the more extreme anti wengerites idolise mourihno.
    He’s their hero despite being arsenal fc’s no.1 enemy, and despite being the most overrated coach in football, playing the worst kind of dirty, diving, hoof and hope, tony pulis, crap football.

    These people hate their own club. They don’t like arsenal; the manager, the players, the fans, the stadium, the way we play; any of it.
    They want to return to highbury and George Graham’s style of football. This will never happen even post wenger so they will continue to hate their own club.

  71. tunnygriffboy


    spot on
    I just think that yedterfay we just went up a gear when they equalised.

    Giroud is a excellent plan b. Missed him v Boro. Don’t think I’d play h v spurs. Hope Theo will be back for that. We could use the frenchman like yesterday.

  72. Alexanderhenry

    This season even though mourihno has spent almost twice the amount wenger has, I predict arsenal will finish above man utd.

    What does everyone else think, Man u to finish above or below us?

  73. Shkodran Goals

    October 30, 2016

    Spoken like a true AKB’s”

    Hehehe… I see wht you did there.

    Thanks Redtruth

  74. Shkodran Goals


    Utd to finish below us. Possibly even no Champions League for them I think. Looking more probable by the day. And me to have a hearty laugh at Maureen. If he gets sacked again I’ll be having a party. And before some troll comes to tell me now we celebrating the”Being above Mourinho trophy”. I’ll remind you he’s a cunt. And I hate him.

  75. tunnygriffboy


    I don’t like these prefiction games. Makes me nervous as if I’m tempting fate.

    Nect week I’ll br sick toy stomach and ridiculously nervous before we even kick off
    It’s not just a Nld it’s big on the top of the tableclash.

  76. Alexanderhenry


    I’m not asking whether we’ll win the league, just whether we’ll finish above or below man utd. A prediction.

  77. Shkodran Goals

    First 3 weeks of the season it was all a different view for us, and United looked like they were flying. I actually agree with tunnygriff on not predicting. I only said that because I don’t like Mourinho. Fact is season is long. Lots more shifts to come. Giroud said it’s only quarter of the season gone. This league’s tough. Arsene said 86pts will win it, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was less even. I have hope in this team though.

  78. Alexanderhenry


    They’re only eight points behind and I’m sure Pogba will come good.
    Predict.. above or below ruthie?

  79. GoonerDave

    We have tightened up defensively, but need Cazorla back to keep the ball in deep midfield. We have given more chances to opponents in midfield since he’s been out.
    Delighted for poor old Giroud yesterday. A great option for us. Pity we couldn’t bring him on V Boro.
    So far so good, but the November test will tell a lot about this squad. We do have the talent, but do we have the mentality/desire to go with it? Very interesting times ahead, with reason to be cautiously optimistic – we do have a better squad and we are in great form.

  80. tunnygriffboy


    With us playing this press and really high line it’s concerning how often our CBs are left 1 v 1 at the back. Coquelin has got further forward already this season than he has the two years previously.

    With the Bfg we had to defend with two banks and Coquelin just sat in front of the zCBs and when necessary covered the fullbacks. Now he goes marauding to get the ball back exposing our CBs. I wonder if he needs to be a bit more circumspect against the better teams.

    A lot of the time we have all our players in the opposition when we’re trying to win the ball back

    iIn this system your defenders have to be quick, good in 1 v 1 situations and be good interceptors.

    We were great doing it v Chelsea and first half v Liverpool. Can we do v spurs bevause they’ll do it to us. It’ll be high octane stuff. At lesst they hsve CL on Wednesday.

  81. HillWood

    The players you mention earlier have been at the club at least 3years.
    Why did Wenger stick with Giroud as main striker for so long?
    Why didn’t he discover Sanchez as central striker before now?
    What do they do all week in training?

  82. Alexanderhenry


    I’m surprised that you can’t back your idol mourihno to finish higher than wenger. Mourihno has spent almost twice as much as wenger as well.
    Surely it’s a forgone conclusion.

    We’ll leave it for now, but the truth of the mater is you haven’t got the guts have you redruth?

  83. GoonerDave

    True. And we have a quicker defence these days so we can react. We certainly don’t panic defensively like we used to. As you say, maybe Coquelin should stay back more often. When he plays with Cazorla, our midfield seems to have better balance.
    Hard not to have a chuckle at Mourinho’s fall from grace. At the moment, they look like a team of individuals who don’t respect the manager.

  84. Frankie T

    Still hearing complaints about letting Sunderland back into the game. Does everyone expect us to win 4-0 every single game? Even the invincibles stuttered a few times throughout the season, Portsmouth and Charlton come to mind.
    Anyway we look to have some depth to the squad finally and some healthy competition for places. Bodes very well for the season.
    I also hope Wenger has a plan for Ramsey and I hope that plan is to sell him. We cannot afford to have him disrupting our flow and by being forced into the starting 11.

  85. Alexanderhenry


    Still no prediction.

    By the way, I’ve never posted anything complimentary about mourihno. I’ve never rated him.

  86. Emiratesstroller


    You are a perennial WUM and frankly a complete idiot.

    I have yet to read a single post that you have ever written which is remotely constructive or indeed demonstrates that you have any background knowledge of football.

    You have acknowledged on more than one occasion that you do not watch live
    games and I have a growing impression that you don’t even watch them on the
    screen either.

    In the past some of your anecdotes might have been construed as amusing, but I think that almost everyone who posts here must be sick and tired of what
    you write.

  87. Emiratesstroller

    Hill Wood

    “The players you mention have been at the club at least 3 years. Why did he stick with Giroud as main striker?”

    Frankly I have no objection personally to Giroud being main striker. The issue for me is that he was grossly “overplayed” and when you select a team it should be designed around “horses for courses”.

    What we are seeing at the moment is that there is more rotation and also the
    club putting out better balanced sides with more scoring options as a consequence.

  88. vicky


    ‘Frankly I have no objection personally to Giroud being main striker”

    Really ? Our team has been crying out for a top striker since RVP left and one of the main reasons we haven’t won the league is presence of Giroud up top.

  89. GoonerDave

    Ramsey might not get back in the team. He’d be useful out wide in certain away matches, but he’s going to have to fight his way back into midfield. Not yet enough of a team player in my opinion.
    Any news on Theo and Cazorla? Will they be fit for the derby?

  90. Alexanderhenry


    The striker situation is an interesting one. We don’t have an aguero or a lewandowski up there, but we do have options.

    Sanchez has shown he can play that role- something I doubted myself- and giroud , as limited as he is, can be effective. The fact that he won’t be playing 20 games in a row will help. Also, don’t forget wellbeck.