Arsenal unbeaten streak continues | Highs and lows of League Cup win

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via @t0wey (instagram)

via @t0wey (instagram)

Arsenal done gone done it again! As someone from Georgia would say.

Wenger lost his mind with rotation and basically shipped out a whole starting 11 and baked in a team of youth and fringe players. The big eyebrow raiser initially was over Maitland-Niles in midfield. Wenger seems to be having fun putting him wherever he fancies, which must good for the lad. The most prominent face in the starting 11 was Chamberlain. Jeff sat out wide with Iwobi through the middle.

The 2-0 victory was a fairly standard affair. Some very clever football and intricate passing, some ‘OH MY GOD WHY DID HE DO THAT’, plus some very rusty touches to boot. But look, that’s is what the tournament is for… getting energy into legs.

The goals were good fun. Chamberlain drove through Reading and buried a Theo-esque low shot for the first. His second came from a Giroud assist and a massive deflection. Who cares where it came from, confidence is imperative to Chambo coming good this year… and I think I speak for us all here, I’d love to see him make it.

So instead of traipsing through the details, I’ll just give my topline thoughts on what I liked / disliked:

Lucas Perez:

The guy is industrious. He’s like a faster, more mobile workhorse much in the image of a Vardy or a, *cough*, Suarez. What I really love about him is the selfless attitude. He brings the front three into the game, he drops deep to help build play and he’ll square when he should shoot. A very Arsenal trait. There are still questions over his quality. Does he have what it takes to split a close game against Manchester City? Can he muster something out of nothing like Suarez to steal a game? I’m open to finding out..


This guy is a string puller. He was all over the park yesterday making things happen as a number 10. He’s growing into quite the player and I’d imagine the mentorship of Ozil and Sanchez is going to turn him into a combination of the two. The most exciting thing to happen to our youth team since we hid Fran Merida in the mountains. Interesting that Wenger is already telling him he needs to score goals… he usually waits three season to moan about that, so a progressive comment.

Maitland Niles:

Some thought he struggled in the middle, I actually saw a lot of good things in his game. He’s very mobile, he presses from the front really well and he’s quite an ambitious young players. Sure, some of his passing was erratic and he made a bit of hash of a pass that put Reading through (great tackle Gibbo), but look, he’s young… a loan out next year will bring him along nicely.


I’m hoping that the batch coming through have a 10% bump in confidence knowing that the path to the first team is available to them. We’re seeing the fruits of the clubs labour. Joncker, credit to the man, looks like he’s shaped us up. We have a collection of kids many thought not good enough, showing they very well could be. That’s exciting to me. Iwobi is going to be a legend… and it struck me how that must feel for Chamberlain, because he’s being showed up right now.


Loved his body language: ‘I’m gonna work hard, but I am above this shit.’ Good for him. He showed up, he bossed his side of the park and he came up with the goods. He’s not above the league cup. But I’d like it if he were by the end of the season.


Good to have the Frenchman back. His bullet header after 3 minutes of coming on was a lovely tonic for our wide players. We now have a striker who can change-up the game and give us options. Imagine chasing a game with two up top? One big, one small… FOOTBALL FOOTBALL SUNDAY LEAGUE. It’ll be even more exciting when the mobile tall guy comes back. COME ON WELBZ.

Rob Holding:

Love this guy, shame he only cost £2m. I saw someone tweet last night, ‘we should just be fair and give Bolton the other £10m for him’, which was funny. He plays with both feet, he reads the game well and he just looks very solid. A great signing from the club and a big thumbs up to the scouting department who look like they’ve finally got their shit together!


Unbeaten in 13. If you’re complaining about that, you need to have a quiet work with yourself. We’re edging closer to November, a notoriously dodgy period for us. Let’s hope we can power through it and still be in touching distance after the next international break.


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  1. Mark S

    Where have you been the last couple of days DM? Good run out for some of the squad players last night, and always good to win and keep a clean sheet.

  2. Mark S

    Mazel tov! I ended up collecting a few trophies in your absence, but I see that my job is going to be more difficult again.

  3. DM

    Haha, well you still have the weekends 😉
    Plus I’m going away (v late honeymoon – been married coming on 2 years lol) for a couple of weeks towards the end of November, so it’s all yours then 😀

  4. Red&White4life

    “Rob Holding: Love this guy, shame he only cost £2m. I saw someone tweet last night, ‘we should just be fair and give Bolton the other £10m for him”

    Spot on!!

  5. Ankit_gooner

    he’ll square when he should shoot—think the pass was the right option but the execution was wrong.Should have used his right foot,maybe lacked confidence to do so.Anyway hope he starts instead of iwobi against sunderland.Iwobi needs rest

  6. BigCheese

    Pedro – agree with all your post. must add how left footed Perez is though.

    Should have smacked that decent chance he had with his right peg but opted to square (poorly) with his left.

  7. Joe

    What a downfall this would be for a guy who used to be so successful!

    He’s gone one season without a league title


  8. Pedro

    Joe, it would be a downfall… because he’s spent so much money, basically destroyed a title winnings teams morale… and now he’s being accused of having no drive.

    He’s over. Hopefully.

  9. vicky

    Even for teams who want to build their attack from deep,a “hand pass” from GK (underhand bowling or short arm throw) is much safer an option than to try to play the ball using feet especially when the GK is under pressure. Think Bravo could have avoided some of his howlers.

  10. Wengaball

    Luke Shaw still looks overweight.

    Remember loads of people wanting him and Schneiderlin in our line up.

    Bullets dodged?

  11. Wengaball

    But they can’t pick up a back pass.

    When playing from the back, the centre halfs when pressed need to have the GK as a passing option.

    Plus when play is squeezed with a high backline you need to keeper to play the sweeper role outside the box occasionally.

    A sweeper keeper just has to be a baller.

  12. Wengaball

    Since Mourinho clearly does not know his best 11 yet, the team playing today could be his starter set.

    Once again he’s bottled a chance to give youngsters an opportunity.

  13. freddylekgunner

    Wengerball, the utd team today has been lucky today and outplayed, definitely not the team you’ll want see after all the spending spree.

  14. vicky


    Fair points but what about picking up back passes with hands and then quickly releasing it to anyone in the back 4 who has space available to receive the ball from GK and pass it forward ? May take a couple of seconds longer and look a bit odd but probably much safer.

  15. Leedsgunner

    I’m reading that Theo is a doubt versus Sunderland? Anyone know what his injury is? Has the injury curse hit again? Oh no!!! :(. Honestly the cycle never stops for Arsenal does it?

  16. Wengaball

    @vicky – a GK is not allowed to pick up a back pass mate, unless it is a header.

    It’s a penalty if picked up.

  17. ArseneisaFraud


    I was talking from a long term point of view. If he f*cks it all up at Manure, then yes, it would be a downfall from a man who, as you put it, had won a trophy only a season ago.

  18. karim

    WengaballOctober 26, 2016 20:04:30
    @vicky – a GK is not allowed to pick up a back pass mate, unless it is a header.It’s a penalty if picked up.

    No, it’s not. Indirect free-kick.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think all Lucas needs is a run of games an avfew goals under his belt ,,,

    Holding captain.

    One day ..

    I know it’s October but looking good

    Let’s see how the cunt month November goes,,

    Half term report

    Wenger B+
    Can do better

    What would yer half term report be for wenger ?

  20. Wallace


    “Regarding the shirt sales, I would love to know what the deal is. I always thought the club didn’t see a penny of shirt sales.”

    – “No club has ever directly recouped a player’s transfer fee through shirt sales. Adidas, Nike, Puma and other kit suppliers get 85-90% of shirt sale revenue and this is the industry standard.

    While there are some exceptions – a club such as Bayern Munich, which is part-owned by Adidas, may be given a slightly more favourable revenue share, and generally, once a certain (very large) number of shirts are sold, the revenue split on additional sales will skew more favourably to the club – these are the exceptions to the general rule.

    As an example, Manchester United have a 10-year kit deal with Adidas worth £750m. This is one of the largest kit deals in football and easily the largest in the Premier League. However, the primary reason Adidas is paying Manchester United £75m per year is not simply to have a tiny logo emblazoned on United’s kit and use the club for marketing purposes. Of course, being associated with one of the few truly global clubs in football helps them capture market share in emerging markets and further solidify its presence in existing markets. But for the supplier, kit deals are licensing deals, and that’s where the real value lies to Adidas.

    Football clubs are, by nature, football clubs. They’re meant to do football things. They don’t have the infrastructure required to manufacture and distribute millions of kits. Many can’t even handle running online shops, the logistics of which they outsource to third parties.

    Despite the nonsense you may have heard about Zlatan Ibrahimovic shirt sales generating £50m for Manchester United, which would far exceed his wages, it’s simply not true. In fact, United don’t even automatically receive the 10-15% industry-standard royalty payment, no doubt because the up-front £75m annual payment is so large. United’s royalty payment only kicks in once a certain number of shirts are sold.”

  21. Jim Lahey

    Just a few points about the Manchester game this evening.

    1. How is Mike Dean still allowed to referee? There needs to be an overhaul of the referees in the league. Such a poor standard.

    2. United may have won, but nothing about them impressed me this evening, Pogba was dominated by an 18 year old kid.

    3. City failed to have one shot on target this evening, we have crucified Arsenal for this in the past, can’t give City a free pass on that one.

    4. Another aspect of the game that really needs to be reviewed is extra time, there needs to be logical reasoning behind how much time is allocated at the end of a game, not this either 3 or 4 minute nonsense we have now. Also, 4 minutes went up tonight, united wasted a minute and a half of that yet all that was added on was 11 seconds… This has to stop.

    5. United in the next round of the Cup please.

  22. Leedsgunner

    Dear Alexis and Mesut

    Please win us the EPL. Then we can burn this year’s Balon d’Or nominees list into ashes then get the panel to drink it. Outrageous that you were both left out.

    EFL line up – ARSENAL versus SOUTHAMPTON just announced

  23. Red&White4life

    What a strange start of season…
    Better take the max of points while City struggle.

    I have the feeling that the biggest threat will be chelsea, now that Conte has find the right balance for his team.

    It seems that there’s a real opportunity for us, if all our major players stays fit of course, and if wenger continue making the right rotations, of course… (bis lol)

  24. Joe

    2015-16 Premier League Standings
    # Team Pl W D L F A GD PTS
    1 Manchester City 9 702 24 8 16 21
    2 Arsenal 9 6 1 2 16 7 9 19
    3 Manchester United9 6 1 2 15 8 7 19
    4 West Ham United 9 5 2 20 12 8 17
    5 Leicester City 9 4 41 19 17 2 16
    6 Crystal Palace 9 5 04 12 10 2 15
    7 Tottenham Hotspur 9 1 11 7 4 14
    8 Southampton 9 3 42 15 12 3 13
    9 Everton 9 3 4 2 12 11 1 13
    10 Liverpool 9 3 4 2 8 10 -2 13
    11 Stoke City 9 3 3

    Not that weird. Man city 1 point worse than last season. Us 1 better.

    Liverpool and tottenham
    Much improved over last season

    Man U 5 points worse.

    Chelsea much improved

    It’s October. 9 matches in.

  25. grooveydaddy

    my point was this is possibly?? the worst run of league form we’ll see from them this season, yet they are still top of the table on the strength of winning their first 6 games.

    when they drop 7 pts from three games, it would have been nice to have overtaken them and built a bit of a cushion, but yeah, at least we caught up to them

  26. Leedsgunner

    Arsene is on record this season to have said that for your team to be successful the core of your team has to be between 24-30. Obviously there’s outstanding exceptions to this but as a good rule this has to be right.

    If Monreal continues in his bad form we need to acquire a LB sooner than later. Gibbs’ injury is unreliable at best and personally I’m still to be convinced that he’s anywhere consistent enough. I’m happy to be proved wrong though and it would be great if Gibbs was able to prove himself worthy as Monreal’s successor… I would be happy to see him given a run in the team to show us all that he is tough enough physically and mentally to be a regular starter.

    I’ve long championed Xhaka’s international teammate Ricardo Rodriguez who has been excellent for at least 3 years. However the following player also merits a look in.

    Any Bundesliga Grovers want to comment?

  27. grooveydaddy


    I quite like amavi from villa, but if it turns out we need to replace Monreal sooner rather than later, then I’d be inclined to go for someone a bit more experienced like Rodriguez.

  28. arsene's used sock

    What would yer half term report be for wenger ?

    solid B
    should have been able to complete all our signings before the season started, unless we were waiting for chambers, gnabry and campbell to move
    not convinced we would have signed mustafi if per didn’t get injured

  29. Dream10

    Leeds & groovedaddy

    Rodriguez is good going forward, but he’ll be exposed by fast wingers like Monreal. Our defenders are often left to defend 1v1, so fullbacks with good agility and speed are essential. Haven’t seen much of Amavi, but I do like his skill set more than Rodriguez. He was very impressive for Nice and Villa last season before injury. Seems to be a dogged competitor like Ashley Cole.
    Alex Sandro of Juventus has been excellent. He does have the benefit of playing with three CBs though.

  30. Wallace

    arsene’s used sock

    “not convinced we would have signed mustafi if per didn’t get injured”

    he’s in the side and looking a top quality signing. seems kinda pointless to speculate now on whether or not he was always one of Wenger’s main targets. but i would say spending 35m on a 24yr old German international CB doesn’t smack of a last gasp desperation buy.

  31. China

    Imo Wenger made a mess of the summer but pulled it out the bag in the end

    It cost us at least 2 points with his fancying around but Wenger is doing the vast majority of things right so far and I’ll give him full credit for that

    He’s picking the right players and getting a lot out of his team. We saw chambo absolutely stinking the Emirates up at the start of the season. After a few games he got dropped and rightly so. Then we saw chambo a bit miffed about it and after a few sub appearances seems determined to show Wenger he was wrong

    Wenger was right and chambo’ improving performances are evidence of it. Good management arsene

  32. Wallace

    Monreal’s only 30. he has started the season a little wobbly, but I think that’s partly due to the lack of support he’s been receiving from Iwobi and the midfield in general. would be surprised if he’s lost anything physically at this stage.

  33. China

    A top long term CB was an absolute must for us since per is ageing, kos can’t dominate everyone forever and we had no experienced backups who’ve inspired any confidence at all

    I’ve always liked to believe with gabby there’s a great CB in there somewhere but every time I see him he worries me. Unless he steps up significantly I don’t believe he’s going to be more than a squad player for us.

    If mustafi lies up to his price tag over the long term then he was worth every penny.

    Top teams should be built from the defense up. It’s easier to attack poorly but Nick a lucky goal than to defend poorly and steal a lucky clean sheet. If mustafi keeps going and makes the position his own it allows us to completely forget about him from a management point of view

    This is what you need from an expensive CB imp. You want to just have them automatically on the team sheet without q thought because you know you know their contribution is nailed on, as is the case with koscielny

  34. China

    I like the notion of having a diverse squad going forwards. You want to have different options so you can look at each opponent and adjust accordingly. Will you go with a target man or a false 9?

    In defense I don’t believe in tactical diversity. I think if your CBs are your best they should play (apart from occasional rotation). It’s the most dangerous area to be tinkering with imo

  35. Wallace


    “I also have to say that Otamendi is every bit as bad as some of the CBs we have had in the past, he is beyond awful.”

    but better than Mangala. near enough 80m on those two.

  36. Jim Lahey

    @Wallace –

    “but better than Mangala. near enough 80m on those two.”

    I couldn’t imagine the media melt down if Arsenal had spent that sort of money on those duds.

  37. tunnygriffboy

    Have to stick up for Wenger re Mustafi. He said recently that

    Terms had been agreed with the player and agent long before we signed him

    Valencia didn’t want to see and were digging their heels in looki g for the best possible fee for him

    In any case he had a minor injury which meant he couldn’t have played v lpool had we signed him time in any case.

    Irrespective of whether we were going to buy him or not he’s now here. We obviously looked at him because no way would we have signed him for £35 million otherwise.

    He’s not much older than John Stones who gets a lot of leeway from our press because he’s young. Mustafi has stepped in immediately and shows signs of being a good leader. He’s completely allowed us to change the way we play.

    Against Spurs, Man u and Psg both Mustafi and Kos will require more protection from our midfield than they are getting now.

  38. Louis Almeida

    Holding looks a much better prospect than Gabriel. He’s a big dude too. Hopefully see him and Mustafi long-term. I too like Amavi from Villa. We normally produce good left backs at Arsenal so it’s a shame there’s nobody coming through at the moment.

  39. tunnygriffboy


    £80 million on Otemendi and Mangala. Water off a ducks back to City. Move them on for a huge loss and buyanother one for £50 million. Ditto man u.

    In a nutshell that is the difference between us and those two. Whilst we can now match the big fees we can’t afford for them to go wrong. Our purchases have to work

    We have to tighten up our midfield/wide defence over the coming weeks. We can’t leave our defence exposed in the forthcoming fixtures. I think it may be time to give Gibbs a little run in the team to just allow Monreal to refocus

  40. tunnygriffboy


    Agree about Stones. ? He gets a lot of leeway from the press about making mistakes. I just wonder would Mustafi get the same treatment re mistakes being a similar age and that ?

  41. tunnygriffboy

    Alexis and Mesut and Santi to play v Sunderland ?

    However do v take a calculated gamble to rest any of them v Ludogrets in midweek being as we have spurs next weekend ?

    Spurs also have a CL game next week as well.

    This is where rotation needs to be carefully thought out because we need to win the Ludogrets game to finish top of the group.

    Thankfully we should have Giroud, Ramsey and Xhaka back as options.

  42. Rambo Ramsey

    Leaving Mustafi signing till the end of the window wasn’t what cost us the 3 points on opening day, that was down to Wenger’s bizarre decision to rest Koscielny and not start Santi Cazorla.

  43. Louis Almeida

    Hopefully after this week’s rest, Mesut, Alexis and Santi will be good to go again. The 6-0 against Ludogrets was good but they caused us problems in the first half until we scored that second goal. Can’t imagine the game will be anywhere near as easy in Bulgaria with a heavy atmosphere and dodgy pitch so we will need to prepare accordingly.

  44. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah, the atmosphere, ground and pitch will not be like anything we play in and on in the PL. We know they will attack us like they did in Emirates. They have nothing to lose.

    It may be a game for Coquelin/Elneny/Xhaka even Ramsey instead of Santi.

    Be really interesting how he utilises the squad this week with Sunderland/Ludogrets and spurs to play.

    Spurs have a CL game as well but we have to hit the spurs game with our players fit and fresh because the game will be uber intense.

    At least we should now have Giroud/Ramsey/Xhaka as options

  45. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Arsenal have the makings of a solid defence with also reasonable squad back up.

    We have three goalkeepers currently on books good enough to play in three different competitions with Szczesny also playing at AS Roma.

    I think that Mustafi and Koscielny have the makings of an excellent centre back first choice combination with backup of Holding an excellent buy at
    £2.5 million and Gabriel. Mertesacker is clearly on his way out and I would
    also sell Chambers who is not good enough and surplus to requirements.

    Bellerin is an excellent young right back and Jenkinson has the makings of a
    decent squad player as backup. Debuchy is clearly surplus to requirements.

    The first choice left back position is maybe the weak link this season. We could look for a new player. In any event either Monreal or Gibbs would be
    decent back-up.

    In summary there is not a lot of changes needed in our defence for foreseeable future providing that we can hold onto our best players.

  46. Wallace


    I like Stones. lovely footballer and he keeps his head down, just gets on with things. I think if he came across as a bit of a dick he’d get a harder time of it.

  47. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with you about Stones. He’s probably a better footballer than Mustafi but atm I don’t see him having the same leadership qualities and aggressiveness as the German. As a team we have needed Mustafi qualities.


    Agree with you re our defensive options. Holding is good enough as a back up. However that means he won’t get to play much with us. He could do with a loan to play regularly but that takes us away from us.

    Don’t be too quick to write off Chambers. He’s still very young for a CB and by all accounts playing well for Middlesbrough

  48. mysticleaves

    Mustafi most of the times play like an additional midfielder in our team when we have the ball. Very polished with it also and rarely loses it in his forays up front. Is an excellent tackler and interceptor, can read the game very well too. His only downfall is his height as the game as Middlesbrough showed.

  49. Rambo Ramsey

    Stones is not a better footballer than Mustafi. Another case of the ‘local lad’ being overrated. He is one of the most error prone defenders in the league, ask Everton fans they’ll tell you the same. As for his ball skills, he’s a crab passer at best.

  50. Jim Lahey

    “Gibbs deserves to start ahead of Monreal who has been rubbush for the last 2 months”

    Gibbs should be no where near the starting 11, always a liability. We do need to look at a new LB this summer though.

  51. tunnygriffboy


    I said that Stones make mistakes and is let off some way by the media as he’s young and British. Mustafi may not get the same leeway despite being around the same age

    I do think Stones is a good footballer but that’s not to say Mustafi isn’t. However Mustafi has other qualities which are s important for our side.

  52. tunnygriffboy

    I wouldn’t be against Gibbs having the next couple of games in order to let Monreal refocus. Atm teams appear to be targeting Monreal with pace. As has been suggested it seems he’s not getting a huge amount of support ahead of him

    We’ve been on a great run and I’ve really enjoyed it. There is a concern however that we’ve been a bit loose defensively ahead of the back four. They’ve been left 1 v 1 far too often and this will be dangerous against some of the better teams we are about to face

    Bellerin has been playing as an extra midfielder and Coquelin has got further forward than he has before. I know we are playing a high line and that we do compress the game but we need to be much tighter in our defence and more disciplined than we are currently.

    What you guys reckon ?

    Also do we take Santi out for spurs and try and match them physically in midfield ?

  53. Louis Almeida

    Tottenham’s physicality is overrated. You can easily outplay them if you match them for energy. They’re not a great footballing side. They tend to overwhelm teams through fitness more than anything else.

  54. freddylekgunner

    In other news Mou has been charged by the FA for comments made on referee. He just can’t stay out of trouble.

  55. Steveyg87

    Agree with the above views that Monreal needs rest, pity us, as Arsenal fans are quick to write off one of our own.. I mean, Chambers and Gibbs now being written off as squad players at best, get your head out of the sand mate, both these lads would be automatic starters for any team in the league bar the money spenders, and even for some of them too.

    Gibbs has been excellent for us in his few cameos this season, only reason he was dropped is because Monreal played more to Wengers tactics whereas Gibbs likes to bomb forward, it doesn’t always work out well, but theres no doubt that the lad is quality

  56. tunnygriffboy


    Agree spurs don’t have huge creativity in the side but by god they’re physically strong, even more so with Wanyama. They’re also extremely fit, aggressive and have pace with Walker on the flank (see our posts re Monreal’s struggles this season)

    Have to remember that this physicality and intense pressing rendered Santi dizzy having to go off at half time at the Emirates and Coquelin being sent off at WHL.

    I think it could be a game for Coquelin and Xhaka with Xhaka taking Santi’s role with the Spaniard to come on once the press starts to flag like it did when they played city

  57. Steveyg87

    RE the Veratti links..

    If we are going to do business with PSG, lets go for Rabiot, maybe a cheeky Ramsey swop deal.. Dont think that would happen though, but one can dream

  58. Louis Almeida

    tunnygriffboy, They are aggressive, however, we’ve also been more aggressive this season. Not convinced about MOnreal’s struggles either. Sure, he’s been beaten for pace but with the higher line we’ve been doing a lot more 1 v 1 defending this season. Gibbs may have the athleticism to cope better but he doesn’t have Monreal’s discipline or positional sense which is why he got dropped in the first place (injuries aside).

    I don’t think Cazorla was well that day at all. We need players like him who can avoid the press through quick dribbles and the ability to transition out of defence. Him and Iwobi will help a great deal in that regard. Personally not a fan of Coquelin-Xhaka as a pivot but we’ll see. I think if we can match them energy wise we’ll win as we have better footballers.

  59. Steveyg87

    “Personally not a fan of Coquelin-Xhaka as a pivot but we’ll see. I think if we can match them energy wise we’ll win as we have better footballers.”

    Coq now has a starting spot nailed down 100%, everybody else scrambling for the other spot. IMO, Caz will start most of our important matches till Ramsey regains fitness. Once he passes fit i think we will start seeing Wenger becoming erratic, chopping and changing to fit Ramsey in to the fold, no doubt, there’s no ways Wenger leaves his boy on the bench

  60. Rambo Ramsey

    Louis, true, Liverpool employ a high energy game too but theirs is so much cleaner and easy on the eyes. Spuddies meanwhile spend most of their energies hacking at opponents, cynical and rotational fouling, currently second only to Watford in the number of fouls they make per game in the PL.

  61. tunnygriffboy


    That’s really bad news. Gutted. Just as he’s starting to get a bit of game time to feel he’s part of things. We’ve games, and tough ones at that coming in thick and fast. I like the way he brings his team mates into play, has good pace and makes good runs. That’s what playing cloggers does for you.

    Suppose we have Giroud fit ! ! ! ! Not the same though.


    That’s a good question. I like the fact Iwobi is a little bit under the radar atm. He plays in a different position than the other two and I think he’s a better all round footballer. Glad he chose not to play for England otherwise there’d be ridiculoushype around him.

    Ieanacho has a ridiculous goal scoring record and mmourinho is doing Rashford no favours playing him on the left.

  62. Jim Lahey

    @Steveyg87 –

    “both these lads would be automatic starters for any team in the league bar the money spenders, and even for some of them too.”

    So you mean the mid table teams? We’re not a mid table team. I have no problems with Chambers he is still only 21 and could make a good CB yet. However Gibbs is another story. The guy is 27 and we still treat him like some sort of up and coming kid. He is at best a mediocre footballer, very poor sense of positioning, physically weak and offers very little as an attack threat. Not to talk about the fact he is made of glass.

  63. Louis Almeida

    Rambo Ramsey, I think it’s a bit unfair to compare Iwobi to the other two as he’s a creative midfielder and the other guys are strikes. Even Rashford it’s hard to judge this season as Mourinho has been using him as a winger which is not his position. I think they are all top level talents though. Iheanacho is interesting because he transitioned from a #10 to a #9. It’ll be interesting to see how they all develop. Iheanacho was always highly rated though whereas Rashford and Iwobi popped up from nowhere.

  64. Louis Almeida

    Looks like Lucas will be out for a month. Shame as he was just getting into his stride. Good to have Giroud back though but Lucas may find himself down the pecking order when back.

  65. Louis Almeida

    Wenger has only ever benched Cazorla once. At the start of the 2014/15 season when he did 4-1-4-1 which didn’t really work well. That was when he tried fitting Ramsey and Wilshere next to each other with Ozil on the left. He’s never really had to make hard decisions because players are always injured. He may go back to doing what he did before with Ramsey right, that way he doesn’t interfere with Cazorla. Think Iwobi needs to play though with what he brings.

  66. karim

    Lucas is injured but Giroud will be motivated to show he still has a future at the club.
    That’s what competition brings to a team and that’s new and that’s good for us.