Wenger needs to improve his rotation game as fatigue sets in | Bellerin sets the record straight

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Wenger cited fatigue and basically the absence of Santi Cazorla for our dropped points yesterday.

‘When you are not sharp, you lack creativity in the final third. I must say, we gave everything but we did not have the legs today. The energy levels were a bit down but we were intelligent enough not to lose it. We were exposed at times. When you cannot win, you must not lose.’

Well, there we have it.

‘Nah Pete, players shouldn’t be tired in October’

… like playing 3 times a week and busting out 40-50km a week doesn’t catch up sharpish. Anyway, I’ve been moaning on about how we manage our key players during the current phase of games. Mainly because Wenger absolutely has no idea or inclination to rotate in important games (which is every game to him). In December, we’re going to get spanked hard with big games… so if our players are tired, we run the risk of flat performances… and more likely, pinged muscles.

Ludogorets were always going to be a fairly standard affair… one in which we should have been giving Santi a rest and at least one of Ozil or Sanchez. We opted to go hard out of fear (Olympiacos dreads), rotating out players like Monreal and Iwobi… when the real problem positions that could affect our season come with three players who have been blitzed this year.

Wenger doesn’t really look at his team with long-term vision in mind. He takes one game at a time, rather than looking at 6 and a using his squad more broadly.

It’s not just Wenger that has trouble here, Pochettino was complaining of fatigue issues as well… and Leicester didn’t have the same problems because they’re actually resting players in the Premier League to hit the Champions League hard. Which is really, really weird but kind of on point when you consider the prize money at stake and the fact this year is likely their only chance of seeing CL action for the next 10 years. We’ve also seen Mourinho kill his Chelsea career by spanking a first team so hard in a season, they couldn’t recover the year after.

When the stakes are high, it’s hard to be pragmatic and strategic. Pep manages it though, Kompany, Nolito and Aguerro sat on the bench last week against Everton. You have to pick your battles and take a long-term view of the season. Wenger shot for wins and didn’t have enough trust in his squad to deliver them with weaker teams.

Yesterday, there were a few things he might have considered against Boro. Firstly, setting up with two defensive midfielders agains Boro at home seemed a recipe for turgid creativity. Could he not have opted for Chamberlain in the middle over Elneny? Perhaps even suspecting a defensive set up, could he not have rested Coquelin?

Then there’s the front three. Did he need Sanchez on from the start? Playing against weaker opposition, was that not the perfect chance to test out Perez against a Premier League side? Bring Sanchez on after 65 and let him have a go with more energy in the tank? I also wonder about our tactical flexibility in games like that… our set up wasn’t reaping rewards of any sort, so why didn’t we change it up, try and counter their stranglehold?

It is what it is, and as I said in the match report, we’ll have those games. But we can’t afford to have too many and we need to make games against relegation fodder count hard for goal difference as well as squad rotation. Also worth noting the general over the top reaction of fans shitting the bed is a little premature and that’s coming from me. Our football has been better this season, we’ve been on a great run… and we drew. Let’s not worry about this being the end of our season for at least maybe two more bad results. Then we’ll bust out the banners and #WengerOut hashtags.

There’s also good news on the horizon. Hopefully Giroud and Ramsey will give us some exciting options over the next few weeks… and for Reading on Tuesday, we’ll hopefully see a total reserve squad. I don’t want to see any of our core axis of Santi, Coquelin, Ozil or Sanchez. I’d like to see a performance as well. No point in having this fancy deep squad if it can’t decimate a Championship side.

Finally, before I go… what do you reckon Bellerin would do if Enrique called him on his hotline bling?

“If Barcelona contact me right now? I won’t pick up the phone.”

Well played sir. Well played. One more game… if you were Mikitaryan, how would you feel right now about playing under Mourinho?

‘It is understood that Mkhitaryan feels he was fully fit and has told friends he cannot fathom why he was not in the 18-man squad.’

Give me a double LOL. Theo is king.

Also heard through the grapevine that Jack and Wenger are not, you know, like best pals. This from Jamie Redknapp might now be too far from what will happen.

Right, have a delightful day.

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  1. Bishop

    Pogba is a fraudulent fraud.

    What a fraud of a player + Agent ++ Mourinho.

    This guy isn’t a bit special maybe not in this league.

  2. Marc

    This really put’s the ManU board in a difficult position. If they sack another manager having spent huge amounts of money where do they go now?

    There’s only one man for the job – Tim “tactics” Sherwood!

  3. reality check

    I don’t care about chelsea or conte but c’mon you chavs 5-0 would be epic.

    A dagger to the heart of Ultra defensive negative football.

    Lets see what the bias media say now.

  4. azed

    “This really put’s the ManU board in a difficult position. If they sack another manager having spent huge amounts of money where do they go now?”

    I heard Harry Redknap is still out of a job.

  5. gunnergetyou

    Has to be said, this Chelsea performance is giving our result against them some perspective. A lot of people dismissed it assuming Chelsea were shite but it looks like they’ll be in the mix this season for sure.

    Like Liverpool they have the advantage of not being in Europe.

  6. Bishop

    Mourinho would come out for press conference to say Utd were the better team who lost against a club with just 4shots on target.

  7. steve

    “If we don’t beat this UTD side then Wenger has some explaining to do.”


    Lol like Wenger ever had any explaining to do. Countless embarrassments and he’s still there.

  8. Ughelligunner

    People, i am so glad that all the rated big managers in football are all gathering in the Epl jungle. This has shown that all managers require the best players to perform better and above all they all know how to play the same and only way. From Jose, Pep, Klopp even Simeone to wenger are all over rated in whatever capacity their fans find them to be. They need the best to win and they only have one way to play the game.

  9. Confidentgoner

    Chelsea drubbing ManU. The 90m pounds Pogba is ordinary. Ibrahimovic, not special.

    I think the new formation Konte introduced for Chelsea after we beat them makes them hard to play against. They have not lost again since then. 343. And he has the players to execute it.

    We do have problems breaking teams down when they park. It’s part coaching, part close control and not taking shots but preference to walkbit to the net. And yes, we do not use the width well.

  10. Paulinho

    Wallace – If you were paying attention the other night you would have seen Walcott barely able to control the ball in the first ten minutes. It was only because the opposition were so shit he was able to have chance the sort himself out a wake up, Against a decent side he would’ve gone hiding.

    Wally is a clown and always will be. Very useful for short spells but that’s it. So yes, drop him now before he does his usual hiding in plain sight routine. Stick Ozil right or Perez.

  11. Marc


    I’m not sure Neville would go for it – it’s a huge rebuilding job and the chances of being given to time to pull it off are pretty unlikely. The one thing we don’t want is ManU going for Tuchel or Simeone if they’re on our list.

  12. Bishop

    Pogba in Utds midfield is def one of their problems..

    He offers nothing going forward and defensively..if he was bought for 20mill,he would have benched.

    Schnderlin can be worse cos atleast he defends.

  13. Ughelligunner

    I loved where the camera pan from Kante to Pogba and back again. This league has shown alot of issues wenger has been accused of as the only person suwho doesnt play another way.

    Fergie is the great, but most referees and epl managers bent to his will in all his time as manager

  14. Red&White4life

    They trashed the pathetic rvp’s club in the middle of the week, and they thought it was all good, a bit like us in fact…

    Excepted ONE difference : we played ‘Boro, they played chelscum lol

  15. azed


    To beat the 343, you have to exploit the space left by the wing backs when they attack thereby drawing the CBs out of position.
    The opposing team has to transition from defence to attack quickly.

  16. Ughelligunner

    Mourhino wanted to draw hence he started with the same fomation as against liverpool. Lucky enough it backfired. I love how almost the same squad in chelsea he accused of been ordinary are making his overpaid players look like midgets. Imagine mourhino never gave moses a chance lol

  17. Bishop

    People, i am so glad that all the rated big managers in football are all gathering in the Epl jungle. This has shown that all managers require the best players to perform better and above all they all know how to play the same and only way. From Jose, Pep, Klopp even Simeone to wenger are all over rated in whatever capacity their fans find them to be. They need the best to win and they only have one way to play the game.

    Yes Ughelli

    Exactly my point

  18. Paulinho

    It’s like Pogba has just regressed to the player that was at United. As if Juve never happened.

    Remember watching a him a few times for United in his first stint and he played like this.

  19. Daz

    Excepted ONE difference : we played ‘Boro, they played chelscum lol

    Another difference you seem to have missed they have got spanked 4-0

  20. Confidentgoner

    Ugh elli

    I respectfully disagree. Someone has worked with far fewer resources than Mourinho and Pep. Konte as well.

    Why do you guys think any coach is beyond criticism? Wenger plays a passing game but not quite there in defence and could do with better wingers and striker. What is the point of Elneny? Just to keep the ball ticking? No pace, just pass and move. Wenger accumulates midfielders but I doubt if he is good at any other thing in the game.

    Why change only past 67mins inspire of what the game dictates? No top manager does that.

    Why did he not replace Van Persie? We had Giroud for years.

  21. Marc

    Neville making excuses for ManU. Conceding early cost them the match? If they lost one nil you could say that. They haven’t exactly gone gung ho, ManU have played the exact way you’d expect them to under Mourinho – boringly.

  22. Bishop

    Roberto Martinez: ‘I just feel that three games in a week was too much for Manchester United.’ #CHEMUN

    Idiot making excuses..who cares

  23. Carts


    4-0? Need to here his post-match comments on this one.

    Mourinho’s tactics don’t look like that of someone trying to win. It’s more him trying to limit the other team offensive that it is Utd controlling the game.

    Both Shaw and Mikki fit but can’t even get on the damn bench. fucking lol

  24. London gunner

    This blog is utterly invested by akbs

    My my how easily people are taken in.

    Yet again we have bottled it no matter how you try and delude yourself what’s the difference between this and previous years

  25. Bishop

    But so far it looks like if Pogba was a free transfer and not 90mill.

    He still should be seen as Useless..the biggest problem with him is not humble..Dabbing up and down and different haircuts every day..fool

  26. Bishop

    Chelsea are now 8 points better off than after 9 games last season, whilst Man Utd are 5 points worse off.

    All by the all mighty JOSE

  27. Bishop

    There will be a #MourinhoOut protest march outside Old Trafford before Wednesday night’s Manchester derby. Banners and flags are welcome.

    As seen on Twitter

  28. Southernpeople

    Good week for Arsenal. Enjoying life at the top. Enjoying Mourinho middle stay. How many matches has Mourinho lost in his last 30 premier league games?

    It would be interesting to know that?

  29. Bishop

    Mourinho is still building a team tbf. Once he’s bought a RB, a LB, a CB, two new CMs, a RW, a LW, a CF & uses Pogba better, he’ll be sound.

  30. Rambo Ramsey

    Does United’s sorry plight give substance to the ‘Be careful what you wish for’ arguments?

    Its like they’ve lost their identity since Fergie retired.

    Gotta get Wenger’s successor right, we don’t have money like United to keep throwing at mistakes.

  31. Bishop

    Mourinho just said Curtiois had more saves to make than De Gea.

    Well he could be saying that cos De Gea only had balls to pick from inside the net.

  32. Confidentgoner


    The whole point of a 343 formation is to transition quickly. So, the wing backs are also good forwards cue Moses and Alonso.

    What that formation has done for Chelsea is to improve their transition play and hence they look dangerous.

    I foff my hat to their manager, Konte. He has replicated his Juve formation and it is working so well for him.

    I hope we(Arsene) find a way to beat it.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Really think Mourinho is making fundamental errors with selection and set up, he’s got the squad there to have a really good team, but I don’t understand what he’s doing, the constant inclusion of Fellaini, the use of Pogba deep to begin with, the use of Rooney, freezing out Mkhitaryan.

    I really do not get it. Surely some sort of 4-3-3 set up with Herrera, Schneiderlin/Blind, Pogba as a middle and Mkhitaryan, Ibrahimovich/Rashford, Martial beyond is the best way forward?

  34. vicky

    2 minutes of silence for those who thought getting Mourinho and Pogba made United a favorite for the title. The quintessential tactical genius getting exposed week after week. Can’t wait for him to be sacked once again.

  35. gonsterous

    Dissapointed with the draw but if you look around the epl.. all the top teams are dropping points one week or the other. The main focus is to get back on track next weekend and try to win this league. Thought city would have raced to the finish line but it seems they are having problems of their own !!

  36. sanmi

    Jose complaining to Conte for signalling to the crowd after 4 nil up…. that it is humilating.

    He is insane, he did worse to other managers. Idiot

  37. Red&White4life

    “You’ve spent £100m on a midfielder, its not really working out.. What do you do??”

    You give him a blow job ??

  38. Southernpeople

    “2 minutes of silence for those who thought getting Mourinho and Pogba made United a favorite for the title.”

    lol. Master Quote. they really deserve two minutes silence!

    ” The quintessential tactical genius getting exposed week after week.”

    I always argued that Mourinho so-called “tactical genius” was helped largely by him having the most capable in every league he managed. It easy to manage when you have mega-star-players ready to die for you. But now that things are more or less levelled he’s struggling.

    Now where are the stats people, how many matches has he lost in his last 30 pl matches?

  39. Southernpeople

    “Red truth, if you’re going to insult me don’t use terminology from the forties grandma dictionary”

    Lol. Historicism!

  40. karim

    Juventus lost, Lyon lost, City drew, we drew, Barça would have too had the ref been honest.
    Point is CL games do have an impact on the next result.

  41. karim

    Would people be surprised if Monaco, labelled as a defensive team, happened to be the team who scored the biggest number of goals in Europe so far ?

    1 – Monaco & Barça 29
    3 Real Madrid 22

  42. Redtruth

    13th September: PSG 1 Arsenal 1
    17th September: Hull 1 Arsenal 4

    28th September: Arsenal 2 Basel 0
    2nd October: Burnley 0 Arsenal 1

    Yeah Champions league does affect results….lol idiot

  43. karim

    Plus you’re supposed to be more tired in late October than in early September.
    You know, more games accumulated, temperatures getting colder, a few knocks, football, you see.

  44. Sanmi

    I don’t buy the fatigue reasons everyone is giving., also it makes no sense rotating at this stage of the season. At this stage rhythm is more important. Chop and change kills that.

    At the same time we can’t win every game, stupid to think otherwise. We drew plain and simple
    . Move on.

  45. reality check

    Jose could possibly lose the faith of the players sooner than we thought. If the failure is even half of what happened at chelsea, he just might have to pack it up. Go back to Portugal.

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Like I said the other day play ox down the middle, I think it was for England yoot where I see him play there once , an also for us
    I reckon he could be a good rotation for carzola ..

    But Wenger won’t he has players pigeoned holed as to where they should play …

    Good to see Jose bubble burst…

    I wonder what he said to conte at the death ?

  47. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    How long before the press turn on Jose or pogba …

    Jose has always bought himse
    D out of trouble, now he may have to swallow pride ….

    Pogba is an overrated 109m pound player ….

  48. Carts


    your post mirrored what I’ve also been thinking.

    The freezing out of Shaw and Mikki, as well as the inclusion of Feilani is becoming more bizarre.

    If I didn’t know any better I’d argues that Mourinho is trying to make an example out of someone, which is all well and good. But if you over cook it, then you run the risk of creating a divide.

    And when that happens, your position inevitably becomes untenable

  49. Paulinho

    Rambo – That’s all well and good but I’m not trolling. Walcott is a certified clown – and an awful footballer – and he cannot keep up the goal scoring. His all round game has already gone to shit; a big drop off already from the Chelsea and Basle games.

    All it takes is a good couple of months and you seem to have completely forgotten the past ten. He can talk as much as he likes about attitude etc, but it will just delay the inevitable disappearing act a bit longer.

  50. Wallace


    Walcott’s got 8 goals in 11 games this season. you’d really drop him as of this moment?

    did you have someone in mind who can come in and pick up the slack? kinda weird if we do have all these free scoring players just sat around on the bench when scoring goals was such an issue last year.

  51. Paulinho

    Wallace – Well yes, obviously, or I wouldn’t have said it.

    As I said, his sharpness in general play has dropped already, and that’s the first sign the ‘new’ Theo’s is already slipping back into old ways.

    You’re being very naive if you think he’s going to keep scoring. He’s simply not at that level, and as per my point, Wenger never ever premptively freshens things up, He flogs and flogs something until we are in a deep depression then changes it when the damage has been done.

    None of our combinations are untouchable, and long term we will get more out of Walcott if he used sparingly anyway. He is simply not cut out for week in week out output and runs out of puff, physically and mentally, very quickly.

  52. vicky

    Paulinho is right. Watch our game against Borough again and you can see how abject Walcott’s touch,crossing and general play was in that game. He showed glimpses of the same casualness that we have come to expect from him.

  53. vicky

    I can’t understand how did United’s defense plummet to absolutely abysmal level today against Chelsea when they put up a good defensive performance against Liverpool just a week ago. Not that I’am complaining as I love to see Mourinho lose but United’s defense was all over the place today. Be it defending corners or tracking a Chelsea attacker in the box or picking up player’s predictable run and closing them down- everything was missing. Reminded me of the kind of shit show we used to serve up when Squillachi and Djohorou played together. Mou’s having trouble building a coherent and potent attack anyway but if his main strength of organizing defenses also deserts him, then he is royally fucked up.

  54. Wallace


    “You’re being very naive if you think he’s going to keep scoring. ”

    I don’t think he’s going to ‘keep scoring’. nobody outside of Messi & Ronaldo does. but he was, apparently. awful in the two games for England during the international break, but then came back and scored in consecutive games for us. I just don’t recall any top football manager dropping a player when he’s on a good goalscoring run. especially when there’s no obvious replacement.

    do you think Lucien Favre should be dropping Balotelli because he stank the place out at Liverpool for 2yrs?

  55. seg

    If you’re complaining bout fatigue mid-October, what would you be talking bout when the games start coming real fast, like around the holidays?

  56. Pedro

    Seg, that’s kind of the point… that’s why he should rotate now.

    Paulinho, Theo’s game generally starts fading when Theo starts telling everyone what he changed to make things better.

    ‘I thought about working hard’

    We’ll see though… everyone was pretty shite against Boro. Theo should have been replaced in the summer for sure, but he’s taking his chances so far… let’s see if he can make it stick on his 27th chance.

  57. Alexanderhenry

    I’d just like to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with using the word ‘nincompoop’…..where appropriate of course.

  58. Alexanderhenry

    It’s been on the rise since 2000.
    I like it and it’s welcome on this blog surely.
    It’s better than some of the more vulgar epithets used on here.

  59. Leedsgunner

    It’s amusing and revealing to what extent the pro Man U media are falling over themselves to excuse Man United and Mourinho even after such a comprehensive and complete capitulation.

    Can you imagine Arsene and the Arsenal being given similar respect and allowances? Especially if we lost likewise to Chelsea?

    No, neither can I.

  60. Joe


    Probably because Jose won a title 2 seasons ago

    Wenger hasn’t competed for one in 12

    Man united as poor as they are right now probably will turn it around a bit.

    And as much as we want to laugh at United , they are 6 points, 2 matches behind us and haven’t played is yet.

    Jose vs wenger. 2 x still

    Who’s your money on winning those 2.

    They’ve played city and we haven’t.

    So let’s not get too carried away in writing off united and Jose quite yet

  61. Leedsgunner

    Let’s hope that the entire first team is given a rest versus Reading so that we can launch a complete assault on Sunderland and get back to inning ways. The EPL has THE priority.

    Apparently Arsene doesn’t know when Cazorla is going to back… no use lamenting about this — Wenger needs to step up and earn his corn and the real leaders in our squad need to step up.

  62. tunnygriffboy

    Disappointing result/performance

    Not ready to throw baby out with bath water yet. Long way to go.

    Missed having the option of Giroud available again. Ditto Ramsey. When will they be ready. I thought Santi had a little kick and there was no issue ?

    Noticeable bar Leicester all the teams that played in Europe this week drew or lost. With the nee money, better squads, good managers does playing in Europe make it much more difficult for those teams in the league ?

    Used to be able to play at 75% after Europe and turn certain teams over the weekend after. Not the case now.

    Pocchetino said his team was tired as well.

    I think Chelsea and Liverpoll are big favourires for the league due to no Europe and the ability to work on things through the week and rest.

  63. Leedsgunner


    I’m not writing off United. I’m choosing not to make excuses for them. Frankly I could give two hoots how they do.

    It’s undeniable that in the minds of the media there is a double standard in the way Arsene is treated and how Mourinho and Man United is treated. What I object to is the easy pass Jose is given because he’s good copy to the sports press.

    What was it Wenger said?

    You are only good as your last game? Not if you’re Jose. His record shields him from criticism. Whereas whatever Wenger does he is free to be taken snide shots at. If the team does well, people say “It won’t last…” If the team does badly, people are quickly to point to it and say, “See? He’s past it.” He’s damned if he does. He’s damned if he doesn’t.

    As you know I’m fully entrenched in the Wenger Out camp but if the choice is between Arsene and Jose I’ll back our own. You will probably mock me for this but we’ve grounded out enough wins to convince me that this season… it will be different. Does this mean I won’t critique Wenger? No… not if I think he deserves it… but I’ll praise him too.

    In any case, I think your question is moot because I think Wenger is off. I’m hoping that he wants to finish on a high note.

    Wishing you the best.

  64. Rambo Ramsey

    Paulinho and Vicky, you’re talking nonsense. I thought Walcott was the most lively of our front four against Boro. By the final quarter of the match, he was the only one trying, had some neat combinations with Lucas and looked the most likely source of breaking the deadlock.

    If you honestly thought Walcott was shit against Boro, goodness knows what you made of Ozil, Sanchez and Iwobi.

  65. Black Hei

    “Frankly I could give two hoots how they do.”

    Not me, I am too small for that.

    Every Jose hammering gives me these flashes of gladness that is unbecoming of my church going persona.

    Nah, it is just football, I should just indulge in this guilt-free glee since it happens once in a while.

  66. Black Hei

    Xhaka’s signing is to compensate for Carzola. Too bad he decides to get a red card right before Carzola gets injured.

    We can actually get by with a Elneny-Coq mid as long as we have the route 1 option of Giroud.

    I am not too fuss as yet.

    Probably due to the Jose spanking. Oh to revel in the misfortunes of others.

  67. Joe


    Unfortunately I don’t share your enthusiasm in thinking wenger is gone after this season

    And that what pains me of these lucky Victories and draws. They inch him
    Closer to signing a new 3 year deal even
    Though it will mean nothing in being different in results at the end of the season

  68. Pires7

    After a disappointing result on Saturday, it’s turned out to be a good weekend with results going our way.

    And just wanted to say..,, Fuck off Maureenio

  69. Jeff

    Goodness me. Just saw the Chelsea v Man U result. Mourinho is coming apart at the seams. Another trophyless year beckons as Pogma becomes less affordable with each passing game.

  70. Wallace

    loving Joe’s ‘lucky draws & victories’ list. can’t wait for the game we dominate and don’t win and he says, ‘you know boys, we were pretty unlucky there. rest easy, I won’t go full-on berserk today.’

  71. Wallace

    I’m liking Conte at Chelsea. thought he was another Mourinho clone before he came over, but he’s handling himself well. sure he’d like to dump most of his centre backs, but until he can he’s just getting on wih things.

  72. mysticleaves

    Conte is a master tatician. His works in Italy flew a bit under the radar bexause of the strength of Juve but he did wonders there.

    Always had Man City and Chelsea down as favorites for the PL mostly because of the tactical awareness and flezibility of their coaches (sadly something we dont possess). Nothing i have seen so far has made me change my opinion.

    Arsenal would be massively lucky to win the league this year

  73. tunnygriffboy


    Think Conte and Klopp have a massive advantage this season.

    As the PL gets stronger its becoming more difficult for those teams in Europe to play on the weekend. It used to be that after playing in Europe teams could return to the PL and win their game playing at 70%. No more is that the case.

    We also have to get the balance of the midfield right. Yesterday our midfield two wasn’t suited to that match. With Santi out we needed Xhaka or Ramsey available.

    We missed the option of Giroud upfront.

    Ithought Giroud and Ramsey were supposed to be available post international break and that Santi had a little kick and was taken off as a precaution. Wtf is going on ?

  74. Rambo Ramsey

    Where was this master tactician when his team were getting their asses handed out to them by Arsenal? Short term Amnesia?

    As for City, they haven’t won a game in five and have dropped points against every decent team they’ve faced.

    Nothing special about either teams.

  75. Wallace


    I tipped City and I’ll stick with that, but I think the first few months have shown us that we have nothing to be scared of. I have doubts these days about Wenger’s ability to guide a team to the title, but as far as our squad goes, I think it matches up against any of our rivals.

  76. Wallace


    yeah, if they’re both still in the race come February agree Klopp & Conte are going to have an advantage.

  77. vicky


    All the forward players were horrible-Ozil, Alexis, Iwobi and Theo. Theo raises more questions simply because he has a history of a few fine performances followed up by absolute garbage ones for a long stretch. I am just skeptical of him, not trying to overly criticize him, have come to expect little from him anyway. If he has really changed as many suggest here then that’s a great news although I have my fair share of doubts. We’ll see.

  78. tunnygriffboy


    We really missed Giroud presence on Saturday. Also Ramsey.

    For a game like Saturday the Coquelin/Elneny axis was too limited. With Santi absent for games like Middlesbrough we have to get the combination balanced in midfield. For me that would be Coquelin/Xhaka or Ramsey or Xhaka/Elneny or Ramsey or Xhaka and Ramsey. Coquelin/Elneny is too limited in it’s passing ability

    We also have to find someone to play in place of ozil should he be missing. Ramsey ? Santi ? Iwobi ?

    I was disappointed with Saturday performance and result. However the run of wins was bound to come to an end at some point. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bath water just yet. Long way to go.

    Brand new team on Tuesday with some youngsters giving players a rest. Then get ourselves up for Sunderland who will be fighting for everything

    The weekend’s results just shows how tough it is to get results in this league. On any given day any team can get a result.

  79. vicky


    Yes, Coq and Elneny partnership is ultra defensive and lacks any kind of drive. I don’t think Coq-Ramsey partnership has ever worked. Everytime they have played together we have looked a complete mess. For me Santi-Coq, Xhaka-Elneny and Xhaka – Ramsey are the only 3 viable partnerships in the middle.

    Santi and Iwobi can play the role of CAM if Ozil is absent or missing although I think Iwobi needs to work on his long passes more, his short passing is terrific though.

  80. Wallace

    no doubt Walcott was very lucky to get a shot at starting the beginning of this season, but it can’t be denied he’s made the most of it so far. if he goes 3 or 4 games where he contributes fuck all and looks like the player of last season then by all means drop him. but Paulinho’s idea of preemptively dropping him, before he has a chance to play badly, just seems like utter lunacy to me.

  81. seg

    Isn’t funny how after every game where Arsenal didn’t win, guys would start throwing random names around as the team missing such and such player. If Arsenal,with a 25 players first team, can’t win a game cos Cazorla wasn’t playing, what happens when he retires? We have to clone him?

  82. Leedsgunner

    Tactically we needed to account for Cazorla’s abscence. Rather Wenger played it safe playing Elneny and hoped we would nick a goal. Wenger needs to do better rather than falling back on excuses.

  83. mysticleaves


    sadly you missed my point. Any team can lose matches, no one is perfect. We trashed Chelsea and it was a joy to behold. But that doesnt mean that Conte is not a tactical genuis.

    Actually he changed his tactics in the 2nd period of that game and hasnt conceeded a goal since.

    Pep is just the same or even worse. a radical genuis of a coach that is not afraid to bench agero and play se bruyne through the middle or Fernandinho in defence

  84. tunnygriffboy


    Post 02.59

    It sums up exactly how I feel. Wenger certainly deserves criticism. However if I feel it is unfair or hypocritical then I will say so. Isn’t that objectivity ? 🙂 🙂 🙂