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It’s Friday… welcome. Welcome one and all.

First up, my friend had a weird Arsenal dream, he needs your help in deciphering the underlying message.

‘I had a dream last night that Van Persie was my tattoo artist and gave me way more tattoos than I asked for. Did two sleeves and my back, all with skeletons, couple pairs of dice, and other weird shit. No idea what it means but I needed to tell someone. That’s all’

So much confusion.

COMPETITION: Yes people, we’ve complained there’s not been enough of it over the years, but now we have TOO much of it. Yes, too much. Players are lightly moaning as well. This from Perez who expected a bigger role.

“The teammates that are playing in my position are doing a great job,”

“We have won seven games in a row and, at the end of the day, the coach wants what is best for the team.

“I had hoped to have more playing time, but what I have to do now is make the most of the opportunities I get.”

Well, you know the answer to that, don’t you? When you get the chance, come on and make two assists. That’ll do the trick. I think it’s great players can’t get in the team. Chamberlain was moaning at the weekend, he comes on and has a terrific game. I mean, part of the trick Arsene has to manage is keeping players interested. Perez needs game time, and not just when someone picks up an injury. The squad players need to feel a part of it… so when they’re called upon, they’re fire.

Theo Walcott is another who has accepted his lot in life, he’s taken the wide position, added defensive steel to his game and he’s on absolute fire. Martin Keown reckons it’s because of application.

‘It is down to a change in his attitude and application, which has brought him a greater end product – he has already scored more Premier League and Champions League goals than he did in the whole of last season.’


His numbers are impressive, especially the defensive side, which has been a marked improvement, making more tackles this campaign than the last two combined. WHOPPING NUMBERS.


Talking before the Boro game, Wenger took a moment to big up the sport science crew at the club. I take this side of the game very personally, because look, this might be a brag, but I was banging the drum for better analysis at Arsenal for years… back in the days when people didn’t know about the redzone and people didn’t know that injuries were not incurred by spiteful hamstring hating bat fairies. Wenger has taken to the spreadsheet side of the game and it’s working out.

“Everything is a bit more scientific. Maybe that makes you a little bit more able to predict what could happen. We know the players very well now because we have data for a few years. And we can analyse, when did he get injured? The repetition of some signs, some warnings, that we know much better now.”

We certainly don’t have the traditional collapse of injuries like we used to…  a bigger squad helps there, but also being smarter about how you train and rest players. It was nice to know that last year, our failing were not down to ‘bad luck’ with injuries, they were down to us just not being good enough.


On the injury front, Santi took a kick to the achilles… which sounds painful. Xhaka is suspended for being mean. It’ll be interesting to see what the line-up looks like. Does Perez get a start? Does Chambo continue out on the left? Will Mesut bang in another hattrick?

Hopefully we make it 8 wins in a row… and keep our run going in a lovely build to our second major game of the season, SPURS. That’ll be exciting.

Anyway, have a great day, remember to help my buddy with his dream!


P.S. Happy 67th Birthday Arsene… feel like we’re celebrating something with him every damn week? He’s like that friend we all have who has a home stag do, a university friends stag do, a London one and a foreign one. So selfish.


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  1. Leedsgunner

    ‘Boro like Burnley and Swansea before them are no mugs. We need to grind out 3 points here… plus no injuries.

    The big question is do we risk a full strength squad knowing that a league cup match is around the corner when the first team can get a rest?

  2. Mark S

    Last night I looked at Paul Merson’s predictions for the weekend. He predicts us to smash Boro, but he made a comment that essentially said, “The team is playing really well at the moment…I hope Wenger doesn’t rotate it.” Are you kidding Merse? We’ve got some massive games coming up, and competition is a great thing. The experts complain when we don’t have squad depth, and they complain when we use that depth as well. I was really happy to see all of the changes during the match on Wednesday. You don’t need to change all 11 positions, but it doesn’t hurt to rotate 2-3 players out. Like you said Pedro, competition is a good thing.

  3. Red&White4life

    Missing the Europa League trophy…
    By the way Pedro, thanks for not having spoken about what rvp has said, this pathetic human being don’t deserve that we talk about him here.

  4. gonsterous

    Simeone would want half the squad gone. He could do the job for us but how good is his English.. Also it’s a myth that he plays negative football right ??

  5. Leedsgunner

    We have to handle Wenger’s succession differently than Man Utd. Fergie initially announced he was retiring and the team’s form collapsed.

    If Wenger is to go, let us announce it nearer to the end of the season, plus announce the new boss at the same time for the players have the incentive to keep playing well and staking their claim for a starting berth under the new bosses regime.

    Simeone — please let it be him. Dare I dream?

  6. Corona X

    “… our second major game of the season, SPURS.”

    So which ones were not major games?? We’ve already played Liverpool, Leicester, PSG and Chelsea!!

  7. Leedsgunner


    I know what you mean but he comes across as methodical and hardworking… and it would be interesting to see if he can bring the best out of Jack Wilshere…

  8. vicky


    Eddie might turn out to be a brilliant manager for all we know but at this stage he is an underwhelming choice. Mind you all the arguments that are made to support the candidacy of Howe are the same ones that were made for Moyes and we all know how it turned out. Tuchel is my first choice and who is there to say that Pep or Ancellotti won’t be available if Wenger decides to call it a day. Howe would be low on my priority order.

  9. Leedsgunner


    Obviously Griezemann is their star man but their squad is peppered with young players who would strengthen us.

    Oblak, Gimenez, Koke, Correa, Corrasco and Saul Niguez would all make any team better. Wouldn’t mind seeing anyone of them in Arsenal colours.

  10. Batistuta

    People really should stop mentioning Eddie Howe as a potential Arsenal manager,he’s done fuck all and before you say so did Wenger,this is 2016 not 1996

    Tuchel, Simeone, Favre, Koeman, let’s just not get some underwhelming name in

  11. tunnygriffboy


    I agree with you about something 🙂 🙂

    I like Ramsey, I think he’s a very good player. As of now he can’t get into the team as a starter. Great to have on the bench due to versatility and more than able to play in games to allow first choices to rest.

    Sooner or later Wenger will have to start playing some of the squad in rotation. They need to feel part of it.

    Feel a bit sorry for Elneny and would like to see a bit more of Lucas.

  12. raptora

    What about Joachim Löw? Anyone here rooting for him? I personally think he’s done great with the Germany’s national team and made them play kinda what we at Arsenal play. For the 4 major tourneys he’s been coaching Germany, he has 2 finals (one of them won) and 2 semi finals. Has to be put into concideration while him leaving the NT before the 18′ World Cup seems unlikely. Could totally see him managing us after that doe. Maybe Wenger will still be around at that time lol.

  13. vicky

    “Batistuta.. not quite fuck all. He’s done and incredible job with next to no budget.”

    The same argument was made for Moyes as I said earlier. In fact, Moyes did more when he landed Man U job than Howe has done so far .

  14. WengerEagle

    Amazed that people rate Tuchel over Simeone.

    The latter has achieved so much more in the game it’s not even funny.

    He’s won a La Liga title competing with a prime Barcelona and Real Madrid sides with Messi and Ronaldo at their peak, a Spanish Cup, a Europa League title and he’s been to two Champions League Finals and has been extremely unlucky not to win either one (last second equaliser in 2014 and a penalty shoot-out this year).

    Wtf has Tuchel done in comparison to that?

  15. gonsterous


    That’s a good read on Howe but it proves nothing really.. any paper can make any manager ( including Wenger ) look intelligent and a real gem in football..

  16. WengerEagle

    I like Loew but I’d be sceptical about somebody who is completely unproven at club level as it’s a totally different ball game to international football.

    Lots of unanswered questions re Loew at club level, too many for my liking.

  17. tom

    Big difference between Howe and Moyes.

    Howe has the vital ingredient, charisma.

    Moyes has the charisma of a kitchen sponge.

    I’d certainly give EH strong consideration.

    He fits the Arsenal profile in many ways.

    Perhaps more than Simeone, though he is certainly one to think about.

  18. vicky


    Obviously Simeone has achieved far more than Tuchel but the latter has got both style and substance, something which can’t be said of the former.

  19. WengerEagle


    Tuchel has style and substance, he also has the second best squad in Germany by a country mile and a squad of which he mostly inherited from Klopp.

    Has he overachieved in his time as Dortmund gaffer? Definitely not. He should comfortably be finishing in 2nd place IMO with the strength of his squad compared to the rest of the league.

    Has Simeone overachieved at Atletico Madrid? For sure when you consider that they hadn’t been relevant for well over a decade before he took charge in 2011 and they hadn’t even managed to beat Real Madrid for 12 years.

    Also worth noting that Simeone has them playing much more attacking football this season and it’s paying off, after a slow start they sit top and they’ve scored 21 goals in just 8 matches in the league.

  20. DivineSherlock


    Did you see that article about that training pitches being changed at Arsenal ? Thats real . Less chances of hamstring injuries .

  21. DivineSherlock

    Cant see Wenger leaving, sorry to rein your parades but really I believe the club is gonna give him another contract. Reasons are simple , he has an amazing squad . He wants a taste of glory PL or CL . The only way I see him leave is if he wins either , so that he can leave on a high .

  22. vicky


    16 of those 21 goals have come against Granada, Sporting Gijon and Celta. Two of them are currently in relegation zone and Celta is anything but a top team. So, I wouldn’t read too much in to those numbers.Traditionally his team is not known for scoring too many goals. Even this season in CL, they have scored 3 goals in 3 matches although they won them all.

  23. tom

    Pedro’s dream, or was it his ‘friend’s’…?

    Easy to interpret through a Jungian lens.

    Jung’s theories were to do with the dialogue between conscious and unconscious self and symbols in dreams are often a medium.

    So the dream is triggered by RVP arriving in England for Europa fixture.

    Recent Arsenal success are promoting subconscious unease.

    Previously, your conscious mind gave RVP a central place in the narrative that underlies your beliefs that Wenger is incompetent.

    Recent upturns in Arsenal fortunes in many ways refute large parts of that narrative.

    So, in the dream, van Persie over-tattooing symbols that have dark connotations equates to you’re growing realization that you may have been a little unfair.

    It’s a common or garden guilt dream.

    PS. Curious if it was accompanied by sexual arousal or emission?

  24. Daz

    I see us going for someone who is more willing to continue where wenger leaves off as in not make drastic changes to the squad or style of play, Howe or tuchel would be more in line with that I have nothing against simeone coming in but can’t see it happening, klopp would have been my preferred choice but I guess that’s never going to happen now Liverpool have finally found a decent manager after what 30 years of trying

  25. tom


    I said, perhaps.

    Both are candidates.

    I just see a lot to like in Eddie Howe and want someone who will continue to build on current foundation.

    Not sure if a massive change of philosophy is needed – not that I’m saying that Simione would bring that, or EH wouldn’t.

    Above all, I hope our next manager is another long term thing.

    Chop and change just isn’t the way to progress, IMO.

  26. Jim Lahey

    Its funny as much as I believe we need a new manager at the club, I can’t help but feel a certain degree of separation anxiety! Wenger joined Arsenal when I was 9, I have grown up with him as Arsenal manager. It will be odd when he does leave, but his leaving is necessary at this point, for progression.

  27. tom

    I’m too lazy and stupid to figure it out for myself, so can anybody give me a simple explanation of the restrictions that might inhibit AFC spending TV money on wages?

    Is it a salary cap that is intended to promote more parity for the league?

    Are all the big clubs as hamstrung?
    Will Arsenal’s comparative commercial weakness put them at a disadvantage?

    Answers please.

  28. WengerEagle


    I think that it’s exaggerated how defensive a side Atletico are even going by previous seasons standards, last season they scored 63 goals in 38 matches in the league, that’s only 2 less goals than we managed in the league last season (65 in 38 matches).

    In 2014/15:

    Atletico scored 67 goals in 38 matches.
    Arsenal scored 71 goals in 38 matches.

    In 2013/14:

    Atletico scored 77 goals in 38 matches.
    Arsenal scored 68 goals in 38 matches.

    So basically since August 2013, Atletico Madrid have scored 228 league goals in 122 matches.

    In that time frame we’ve scored 223 goals in 122 matches.

    So if Atletico Madrid are considered defensive, then why aren’t Arsenal?

    Or are we just bang ordinary going forward and defending?

    Worth noting in that same time frame the goals conceded stats:

    Arsenal- 122 goals conceded in 122 matches.
    Atletico Madrid- 76 goals conceded in 122 matches.

    And re Celta Vigo, they are no mugs. They recently beat Barcelona 4-3 and they fully deserved it.

  29. vicky


    We have had Giroud as a striker for what 5 years now while Atletico have had the world’s best strikers playing for them all this while. We have always been attacking in our style but have lacked efficiency while Atletico although not quite attacking in their play have generally been very efficient largely down to having amazing forwards.

  30. Daz


    I think it’s a case of only being able to increase the wage bill a certain amount year on year using TV money the rest has to come from other sources, I read we may have kept Campbell, shez and a couple others on the books rather than selling now so when we do sell them it will counter any additional wages

  31. Guns of Brixton

    A lot of Fair arguments going on here.

    Ancelotti was my 1st choice as manager atm Im gunning for Simeone and Tuchel Farve then Koeman. Though something about koeman puts me off.

    Howe just feels to be too big a jump atm.

    Remember ppl wanted martinez to take over at a point. Look ay how that panned out.

  32. WengerEagle


    Somewhat true but Atletico have been more reliant on their strikers simply because they hadn’t the money to be going out and buying top class offensive midfielders, they were using a well past his sell by date Fernando Torres for large spells of last season to give you an idea in how thin their attacking options were.

    Simeone has had very little money to spend to improve his squad over the years, it’s only this summer that he’s been able to hold onto his best players and add some depth with the likes of Gaitan and Gameiro, Carrasco has also come on leaps and bounds in his end product, already has scored 5 times this season which was as much as he managed in all of 2014/15.

    And they look much more dynamic going forward with them no longer being nearly as over-reliant on Griezmann. Time will tell I suppose but for now they look good.

    He’s performed miracles at Atletico Madrid tbh.

  33. vicky


    Mate, I’m not trying to take anything away from Simeone, what he has done is miraculous. Perhaps one could argue he’s the best manager in the world right now alongside Pep. Although I don’t pretend to have watched as much European footie as you have but from whatever I’ve seen of his team till date, I don’t remember ever been mesmerized or even get a lot of joy. That’s not a consideration for many people I guess but yes I personally crave for a manager who can enthrall fans.

  34. Wallace


    no real idea about your question, but this might be relevant, might not…

    “…Despite what you may have heard, “net spend” is completely irrelevant to how big clubs do business and is not something they consider when calculating player costs. Consider the following: Manchester United signed Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Borussia Dortmund for £35m. Mkhitaryan will likely be earning the equivalent of at least £180,000 per week over the length of his four-year deal.

    In practice, clubs such as United, for whom cash flow is never an issue, often pay the entire transfer fee up front or in a few instalments over a short period of time (less than 12 months). This helps reduce the overall cost of the transfer, and most selling clubs will much prefer to see the entire fee paid quickly, as opposed to several instalments over two or three years.

    However, on the books – and this is how clubs actually calculate player costs – United, like every single other football club in Europe’s top eight leagues, will record the transfer fee as £8.75m in each of the next four years, not £35m now.

    This is a universal accounting practice called player amortisation, and it is fundamental to how clubs calculate player costs. Rather than recording the entire purchase when it was made, the club will spread the transfer fee over the length of the player’s contract.

    Naturally, wages must also be included in the calculation of player costs. Ideally, agent fees and image rights payments will be included as well, but to keep things simple, we’ll focus on the two big expenditures: amortisation and wages.

    With Mkhitaryan costing Manchester United £8.75m per year in amortisation and £9.36m in wages (£180,000 per week multiplied by 52 weeks), his overall cost to the club is just over £18.1m per year. That £18.1m per year is what clubs look at with regards to player costs, not just the transfer fees coming in and out.”

    ….maybe we have an agreed upon upper limit every season and wih Alexis also up for a new deal, as well as a few others, we might be in danger of overshooting it if we give everyone a bumper pay rise….or not. or maybe as Daz said, you can only use a certain % of tv money for wages.

  35. steve


    Simeone doesn’t have style and substance? Utter bullshit. You’d be an idiot not to take him over the specialist in failure.

  36. Marc


    If the new deal is the same as the last (and I belive it is) the club chairman wrote in to the PL FFP rules that increases in wages could only go up by 1 certain per cent unless an increase in turnover from other sources could be shown.

    Basically the clubs tried to stop a queue forming from their office doors around the block of agents and players all demanding a new deal. As long as we can show a continuation of new / increased commercial deals we’re fine.

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Didn’t see it myself but my dad said ospina was hollering at the defenders on weds ?Good if it was …What must the Italians think of Schzney ?Joe hard goes over there hs indifferent first game but boy now .. They love him ..A good ambassador for prem keepers ,? Where’s it leave sczc ?

  38. Pedro

    Rebooted the site as well.


    Have you noticed how great the conversation has been today?

    Lot of smart interesting back and forth.

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We can’t go in thinking tomorrow is a lay down ,
    We should equip ourselves well but boro have done it before …
    Could they do again ?

    Nice early goal

    Anyone having any bets on score etc tomorrow ?

  40. Joe

    I think people who think Diego isn’t an entertaining enough manager need to watch a whole lot more of him

    That opinion
    Is based on heresay

    Add to that he’s made 2 of the last 3 CL
    Is alwasy there in la liga and won it very recently and is top now.

    A few years ago when he first won it , it was ” oh it’s just a one off”

    And now that’s he been consistent at the top it’s ” oh he’s too defensive or he isn’t entertaining enough. ”

    He is good enough. And his football entertaining enough.

  41. cpl

    Gibbs had a great game – a super improvement after Monreal. About time he was given a real chance. Most under-rated Arsenal player.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I’m not sure that Diego would translate to well ?

    I could be wrong ,

    But ain’t he just a cheap Jose impersonator ?

    Novel idea but who says the new man had yo be a single person ?
    Could be a joint appointment ?

    Not saying he will stand down but I see Wenger working hand in hand with his successor at some point ?

  43. Joe

    Howe would be a wenger inspired, backed, chosen signing to somehow prove that Arsenal are bucking the trend and not going to sign a high profile manager

    Sort of the wenger ” we don’t buy superstars, we make them”.

    Howe would be a terrible managerial signing if he’s coming straight from b mouth

    Let him cut his teeth at a team one level down from Arsenal.

  44. Joe

    Not saying he will stand down but I see Wenger working hand in hand with his successor at some point ?

    Wenger should be nowhere near his successor.

    That would be the worst idea ever.

    And no Diego is nothing like Jose.

    Everyone seems to forget the great football Jose”s Chelsea played the first 5-6 months of The season the year they won the league. They trounced the league by Jan. And then faded due to injury and fatigue as men have never recovered

  45. Joe

    Just look at pat rice and bould with wenger.

    And arteta choosing not to stay here to learn.

    No thanks to wenger anywhere near his successor in any way, shape or form

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I too not enamelled with the idea of Wenger choosing his successor , but after 20 /23 years

    If we are still doing well then the board will have to involve him in selecting , his vice like grip is too strong for him to be lodged at the end of the contract

  47. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    True but look at it …

    We win fuck all last year
    Yet Ivan gets a mil bung on top ….

    Arsenal run like a bank an there all on their bonuses every year ..

    Wenger spent 9 years winning nothing yet his Salary increases cos he was making money,

    Wenger is a master politican
    He is playing the club like a dream mug

    Be interesting to see what comes out the age next week in it ?

  48. tom

    If Simeone is sympathetic to our traditions, I’m on board with his selection.

    I would want at least a four year commitment and would hope he’d retain some of our long-serving staff.

    He could be like a new George Graham, bringing extra crunch to our game.

    Hopefully he could enhance systems already in place.

    Don’t think it necessary or wise to start from scratch .

    Very much care that new man respects our traditions and would be particularly happy if he shared some of Wenger’s philosophy.

    Not looking for a clone though.

    New means new.

    Fresh blood and energy in service of an eternal idea.

  49. tom

    Classic quote from Arsene today.

    “If God exists and one day I go up there and he will ask: ‘Do you want to come in? What have you done in your life?’ And the only answer I will have is: ‘I tried to win football games.’

    “He will say: ‘Is that all you have done?’ And the only answer I will have is: ‘It’s not as easy as it looks.’”

    Love it.

  50. tom

    No, steve.

    I want some traits in common;






    But those are eternal values.

    Beyond that its all gravy and exciting to speculate how the club can progress.

    Everything must change inevitably but how great to have some influence?

    An overarching philosophy or culture that allows us to know ourselves.

    Cultural continuity.

  51. Rambo Ramsey

    “Howe has the vital ingredient, charisma.”

    Mate, don’t use subjective qualities like this to make a case, makes you look like a hipster. Charisma, he garnered this aura about him by finishing 16th last season and generally achieving fuck all in his career did he?

    But yeah, he is charismatic and a better fit to Arsenal. I’m sure these incredible qualities will convince the likes of Sanchez and Ozil to put pen to contract extension and help attract the biggest names.

  52. grooveydaddy

    Also, so we really want to keep some of the long-serving members of our staff? In some cases, they are they ones most in need of replacing.

    Peyton for example, and maybe Colbert, and plenty of others who fit the bill??

  53. tom


    Charisma is an intangible quality but valuable tool in the leadership of people.

    Hard to define but easy to recognise.

    Howe has a healthy dollop .

    Moyes had little that you’d notice.

    I think it’s relevant.

    Can he sell a vision?

    Can he instill belief?

  54. tom

    If Ozil and Alexis have bought into the project and understand what it means then I think they could buy into Eddie Howe.

    They might require accompanying reassurance if they haven’t been paying attention and are unaware of his potential.

    They might recognise their opportunity to be even more influential with a young coach than they might be under AW.

    It really comes down to how they see things.

    Admittedly , a prize this season changes the dynamic.

    Fingers crossed.

  55. tom

    You buy into every murmur of disrepute.


    Part of our strength is our roots and that not just an idea, its people too.

    Brady, Bould, Ampadu, Peyton, Ackers , the tea lady….who ever.

    Arsenal are about excellence and their staff are top of their fields.

    Not outdated.

    Not kept for sentiment.

    All serve purpose and those with Arsenal pedigree do double duty.

    I talk a lot about continuity and culture and this is a large part of that.

    Not to say we must be stuck in a time warp.

    And new regimes must move us forward. Not everyone survives change. That’s a given.

    But though progressive young ideas must be central, let’s not throw away our family.

    It gives us a strength, that though seldom mentioned, has real value.

    Do you even know what I’m talking about?

  56. Redtruth

    The club is too big for a pygmy like Wenger.
    Wenger has kept Arsenal in third gear since he arrived and has never been capable of taking us to the very top…

  57. grooveydaddy


    re. Peyton

    Seaman said publicly that Parker was the best coach here by a mile, and we let the wrong coach go.

    Cech alluded to his training here being pretty basic compared to when he worked with Lollichon.

    But hey ho, maybe Peyton is at the top of his profession and should have a job here for life…

  58. tom


    Elite keepers have specifically tailored regimens that come with a cadre of experts and assistants.

    Who knows if Gerry has anything to offer Peter Cech?

    Most likely Cech just needs a decent striker to train with at this point , I really don’t know…

    But Gerry’s talent and experience can be a huge benefit to Emiliano Martinez or any of the other young keepers.

    On the strength of a couple of anecdotes you are ready to hand a man his cards.

    I think if Peyton was awful they would have found something else for him to do.

    Truth is , you and I know almost nothing.

    Yet you think you know enough to judge a man’s fate based on something somebody said on the internet.

  59. grooveydaddy

    Joe’s got a point there, Tom.

    Do you think persisting with the largely the same backroom staff has been a help or a hindrance?

  60. tom


    Do you not see any value in continuity?

    Arsenal are an institution.

    Its not about the statues, but the people.

    If you get rid of the links to our past who is there to tell the kids what it means to wear the shirt?

    I think there may be a tendency to to see this stuff as strictly sentimental without realising the psychological significance.

    When Vic Akers hands Iwobi his kit on match day there is an echo of Overmars and Pires.

    They both feel it and it matters.

  61. tom

    Fergie changed and changed again.

    I wouldn’t second guess the man.

    A true giant in British football.

    But he’s United and we’re Arsenal, a different club with our own traditions.

    So I see no reason to emulate.

    I think Arsenal have a clear vision of how to go about things.

    I think its dynamic and changing but inclusive and respectful of its past.

    I don’t think Arsene ever felt the need to hire a Carlos Queroz type when things got sticky.

    Different approach is all.

    I get the strong sense you think a football club is a gladiator school…

  62. DivineSherlock

    My comments never got posted ?

    I’ll try again , I think anyone having concerns that Wenger will get involved in his successor appointment needn’t worried ’cause Wenger has said he will not get into it. The club will have to do it on their own.

    Regarding a successor it seems that Legrove majority wants Diego Simeone . I’d rather go with someone who understands what our club represents as Tom has aptly said. Having said that My choice would be Allegri .

  63. DivineSherlock

    Fcuk Fergie and Fcuk ManUtd . Classless club , I like what our club stands for victory through harmony . And I would like it to continue . Barcelona have a philosophy and they survive managerial changes because of it . Now we have that in place, we just need a manager who understands that and respects that

  64. tom

    If Gerry Peyton had no value, do you really believe he would still hold his position?

    Do you know his credentials as both a veteran keeper, coach and manager? Not to mention he’s an Islington boy and Arsenal to the marrow.

    But you read a couple of bitchy comments and reckon he deserves the sack.

  65. DivineSherlock


    I wouldn’t push it . They said Pat Rice was a yes man . Not even remotely understanding what a massive influence he was throughout his Arsenal career.

  66. tom


    I’m with you in principle though havent given much thought to Allegri and would certainly consider Simeone, under the right circumstances, like a proper commitment.

    I don’t want someone to come for two years and then whine about restrictions and leave.

    I want someone who can help the club grow in a healthy way.

    To be bigger and better but still Arsenal.

    Get it?

  67. DivineSherlock


    I understand what you’re saying , the next appointment had to be in accordance with our values and philosophy . He has to respect those and build on it. Its the same reason I see Barcelona having success for . Its why I think Simeone doesn’t fit .

  68. Rambo Ramsey

    tom, sorry mate you come across as too much a romantic and too less a practical fella. I don’t even know what these supposed ‘strong values of Arsenal’ that you keep repeating are about.

    Every institution is driven by the aim of achieving excellence. Sure, having a sense of identity and principles serves as the foundation on which the institution can stand strong for ages but that isn’t the only thing we should look for. Bringing in new ideas and innovations is just as essential if you want to improve and evolve with time.

    How were Arsenal regarded by most people before a certain Frenchman came in and revolutionised the club?

    Now you proudly make long speeches about the ‘identity of club’ completely forgetting the fact that IF Arsenal had not gone for something different and merely stuck with what we were known for 20 years ago, we would not have come this far.

    It is precisely because of giving too much importance to our philosophies and ideals that we find ourselves standing still in the football world. We DO need something different-new ideas, new approach- to move forward again.

  69. grooveydaddy

    thank you, RR

    I just had a lengthy post questioning the merits of status quo in relation to progress disappear.

  70. DivineSherlock

    Rambo Ramsey

    Simeone comes across as authoritative. Someone who is bullish . Not saying its bad thing but I would think he would want to stamp his own style . Maybe that would turn out to be disruptive , like Van Gaal

  71. grooveydaddy


    I think being ‘authoritative’ works when you have the respect of your players.

    It worked for Mourinho(at Chelsea) until he lost it, and I’m not sure LVG ever had it to begin with at United.

    Simeone on the other hand seems to have his players’ respect and loyalty in droves.

  72. Wallace

    Guardiola feeling the heat a little bit…

    “”Vincent and Sergio’s futures are at Manchester City. When he is fit, he is a real central defender. I like him. With respect to Aguero, it was a tactical decision. I wanted one more midfield player in the middle. I try to keep the ball because when you have it, Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez don’t.

    “The next time before you give your opinion and decide Sergio is not in my plans you can call me. I appreciate him as a football player and as a man. When Sergio decides to leave Manchester City, it will be his decision.

    “I saw the game this morning and until the first goal the game was under control. My mistake is my mistake. Aguero was my decision. We lost 4-0. I’m guilty. If we win in Barcelona, I am a genius.”

    “I know from the beginning when Claudio Bravo makes a mistake, he will be on the front page. He has to fight against that. He was alone, just one guy pressing the ball and three players to pass to. The decision was not wrong but he did not pass well.

    “We cannot forget its the first time John Stones, Raheem Sterling, Ilkay Gundogan and Kevin de Bruyne went to Barcelona for this kind of game. Stones has had two Champions League games. For him to go there and play with that personality is amazing.”

    “I think about changing the way I play but the solution is not better than what I believe. In seven years I won 21 titles, three titles per year playing in that way. I am not going to change. If it is not going well next season I will go home.

    “I came here for three years. After three years in Barcelona and Bayern Munich it was much better than after three months. I need time to learn the competitions, especially the Premier League.

    “On Saturday (Everton manager) Ronald Koeman said in his press conference he never saw a team play football like Manchester City. That is the best compliment I could ever receive.”

    …although, have to say, we’ve got squad players who’ve got 25 appearances at the Nou Camp under their belt.

  73. Rambo Ramsey

    Divine, but would a total revamp really be a bad thing? Arsenal as a club have become too lax, too casual, happy just to maintain status quo. Some sort of revolution is just what we need to get out this comfort bubble.

    I just think a lot of people have mixed up Wenger’s identities with the club’s. He’s been here so long that its an easy mistake to make.

    Anyway, point is- a refreshal is well in due, just as Wenger did 20 years ago.

  74. DivineSherlock

    It is precisely because of giving too much importance to our philosophies and ideals that we find ourselves standing still in the football world.

    I disagree with that, We aren’t standing still . We have made progress which you don’t realize or give credit for. A massive stadium , reliant on our money and competing for honours. Its no silly thing , Chelsea has had a billionaire investing and despite that they are struggling, sure they won CL and PL but its exactly that sort of short term thinking. ManUtd haven’t recovered after losing Fergie . Juventus and Bayern can be compared to our situation but they didn’t have any competition in the league. We made it despite ManCity and Chelsea’s billions. Now we have addressed squad issues , injuries issues and WC players playing for us . And you think we have been standing still ? Its the sort of short term glory hunting attitude that I digress

  75. Wallace

    I think Simeone will manage in the two leagues he spent his career playing in – Spain & Italy. maybe after Italy, if he’s still hot property, he might be lured to the PL. don’t see him coming to England before then.

  76. DivineSherlock

    Look I am pro change mate . But it shouldn’t come at a cost of what we’ve built . I am simply advocating we look at Barcelona’s approach . After Johann Cruyff , they built on his ideals. They made it possible to have any manager come and have a shot at success . All the while respecting the style of football, the identity of the club and what it means for their supporters.

  77. Rambo Ramsey

    Sherlock, fair enough. I merely contest your opinion that Simeone could wreck what we’ve built if he came in. I happen to believe he’s gonna apply the finishing touches and take us back to glory days.

  78. Wallace

    “Arsenal have fallen so far behind that mounting a title challenge would deem to be a successful season…lol joke fans joke club..”

    who’ve we fallen behind, Red?

    are Man Utd & Chelsea showing us the way forward currently?

  79. Redtruth

    All ties must be severed when Wenger departs especially his one dimesional philosophy on football which has only been relatively successful when played by highly skilled technicians…

  80. Redtruth

    We haven’t progressed beyond the last 16 of the Champions league for the past 6 seasons so our form has not changed yet we have made steady progress in the Premier league which suggests the league has regressed…

  81. Grinko

    Can’t believe a post on here calling simeone a Jose lite , Diego is a far superior manager to Jose . Could he have won titles with the Madrid and Chelsea teams Jose had ? Absolutely he could but no way Jose overhauls the two Spanish giants with an athletico side . Attacking players have the maverick nature coached out of them under Jose hence hazard’s complete loss of form under him where greizman thrives under Diego and believes in every bit of his philosophy and I’ve seen posts in the past claiming ozil would be bombed out under him . Absolute rubbish , ozil would shine under him as Diego is a real team builder and would mix flair with steel just as he’s been doing since he’s been at athletico

  82. DivineSherlock

    Rambo Ramsey

    Not won a CL ever. We have never won it in years before Wenger came too. You count those years as standing still too ? PL in a decade , well I am certain we have endured that too before Wenger. What Wenger has overseen has is a stadium , revenue that we generate ourselves. We are only short of commercial revenue , that will come soon as we win . So in terms of what we’ve achieved its actually bigger than what you percieve . We have spent fraction of what manUtd , chelsea and mancity have spent and able to build a stadium out of it. And now despite that they have fallen behind us .

  83. DivineSherlock

    That is why I believe this year is most important . Last year we should’ve won it . This year we win it , the next time commercial deals are negotiating we get better deals. I don’t see why we fail to acknowledge that our club has made huge strides now that the next appointment will be able to take full advantage of.