Hello hope, my old friend: Arsenal rout Bulgarian side with spectacular goals

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Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow…

I HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT SIX GOALS. What a joy. What a fun game.

Sure, Ludogorets are not a great side, but look, this is the Champions League and a lot of the chatter before the game was heavily centred around the issues we’ve had with less than average teams in the past. So to spank the Bulgarians was a big deal… to spank them with some of the most spectacular goals of the season so far, along with a complimentary Ozil hattrick… well dang, you can’t help but lap it up!

The first goal was pretty special. Sanchez released down the left by The Ox, he glides into the box, cuts back, puts two men basically on their backsides then dinks an unreal chip over the keeper into the net. Absolutely spectacular. How could that be topped?

Ozil looked like he pulled a cross badly, but no, it found Theo on the edge of the box, he jinked right and unleashed casual fury into the top corner. You rarely see him show off his shooting skills from outside the box, but thank god he did. His club form is starting to look pretty outrageous… I am definitely not waiting on his customary hammy ping.

Goal 3 came when some left back called Kieran Gibbs crossed low into the box, the ball presented itself to Chambo who stroked home a well-placed shot to the keepers right.

The second half was all about Ozil. I heard that this summer Wenger asked the German to replace his assists with goals, the conversation was banter, but Ozil took it literally. Tonight, he landed as a goalscorer.

His first on 55 came when Santi split the Bulgarian defence with a long ball, Ozil outpaced his man and slotted home. Ozil outpacing an entire backline? Lovely!

The second came when Lucas held his line perfectly, chased down a Chamberlain weighted ball, he cut his cross across the box to the German who bundled the ball him with a first-time strike.

His third and first hattrick ever came from yet more sound work from Perez, he chipped a cross up for Ozil who buried his volley low and hard under the keeper.

WHAT A ROUT. So many sweet goals. Clinical, brutal and a pleasure to watch.

Things we learned…


Finally, he rotated, and guess what, it paid off! Chamberlain was involved in everything in place of Iwobi… and he stepped up with a goal. Gibbs finally landed more than 6minutes and nothing broke in defence. Theo Walcott was replaced on 62minutes… Wenger clearly taking care of Theorry Walcott’s hamstrings!

It was also good to see Lucas Perez who once again confirmed he’s a pretty damn good signing.


Not sure how much we can read into the rout, but it feels like a long time since we humiliated a team. That as a big game for me, it showed we have focus and the drive to kill shitty teams and ramp up our goal difference.


Yeah, I appreciate he’s probably always been into this, but we’ve made some terrible decisions over the last 6 season that have led to us finishing second and taking on a giant of European football. Maybe the penny has dropped?


Big fears as to what happens if one of his three favourites picks up an injury. Hopefully we can rest them at some point, we certainly have plenty of opportunities to do that over the next month or so. They’re integral to our success this season and they need to have plenty of opportunity to keep fresh.


It feels great so far this season. Big fear for me, like most, is that this is the usual October hope that is normally proceeded by an utter collapse. How real is this? We’ve beaten some good teams, we’ve scrapped past some average teams… I’m looking for affirmation this is a serious push this season, but I can’t find anything concrete… so we’ll power on, hope in our hearts and pray this is for real.


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  1. Leedsgunner

    Pedro’s blog, Pedro’s rules imo.

    Give Pedro a break — it’s not like he pursues an active agenda like Untold… lol.

  2. tunnygriffboy

    Don’t think Coquelin has ever let us down. His form after coming back after his injury last season wasn’t as good as it was before the injury or as good as his excellent start to this season.

    I think a possible combination of Coquelin/Xhaka in some games may give us more physicality in midfield with Xhaka taking the Santi role.

    Would also like to see Lucas have a run on the left in certain games. Want to see what he can do and it would also make him feel part of things.

    Mind you Ox played well on Wednesday and had a good cameo v Swansea.

    And we’ve got Ramsey coming back.

    Ramsey/Giroud v Reading. Also I think Jenkinson will have a run out. Be great to see him come back after a year out.

  3. Wallace

    re Ramsey – the only role I see for him atm is the one he plays for Wales. the free/Ozil role. in the tougher away games if we bump Ozil further forward and go with 3 midfielders. just hasn’t got the positional discipline to play as one of the two CMs.

  4. Wallace


    I thought Maitland-Niles was very promising last time out. would like to see him get another shot at RB next week rather than Jenkinson.

  5. Leedsgunner

    I have to say it’s been great to enjoy the team’s great form — I really think this year is going to be different.

    We’re slaying long time bogeymen that have haunted us in previous seasons

    1. Beating rivals like Chelsea
    2. Not giving stupid points away to mid-table teams like Swansea, Southampton and Burnley
    3. Not folding folding like a pack of cards to minnows in the UCL… but punishing them instead in the first half and the second half (Ludogrets)
    4. Playing to the 90th minute (Southampton, Burnley)
    5. Rotating in new players when they play badly
    6. Not giving points away after international breaks (Swansea)
    7. Grinding out valuable draws against more illustrious sides in the UCL (PSG)

    Bogeymen still left to slay

    1. Beating United home and away in the league (especially with Maureen in charge)
    2. Topping our group in the Champion’s League for the first time in ages.
    3. Progressing to the QF/SF of the Champion’s League after beating the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Bayern Munich
    4. Winning the Champion’s League
    5. Not letting up on consistency
    6. Persuading our stars to extend their contracts from a position of strength
    7. Winning the EPL for the first time in 12 years

    We are far from the finished product that the signs are very good.

  6. Shkodran Goals

    Nicking a living, they said. Some of them still stubbornly saying. But….

    We’ve Got Ozillllll….. Mesut Ozillllll…
    I just don’t think you understand…

  7. Red&White4life

    “We’re slaying long time bogeymen that have haunted us in previous seasons”
    Leed you’re right, but that’s a very strange – and a bit annoying – feeling…
    All is well at the moment at Arsenal, even if we know that the situation can goes the wrong way at any moment – we know how that ends every season, but once again we have some “hope”…

    That’s a bit frustrating to be a Gooner. We are for sure a bit masochistic…

  8. tunnygriffboy


    I have to disagree with you a little bit regarding Jenkinson and Maitland Niles. I too thought that MN did well v Forest. However I think Jenkinson will be the back up to Bellerin in the PL and after such a long time out I think he needs game time

    If Santi u/a tomorrow Elneny in ?


    Agree with you but not letting myself run ahead with things. Just actually enjoying our football atm and taking it one game at a time (cliche alert 🙂 🙂 )

  9. Gregg

    Ozils break will come when Ramsey is back, Santo gets a break at international breaks so he is well looked after. Sanchez is the one that will need to be kept an eye on.

  10. Leedsgunner

    According to Jeorge Bird’s excellent blog on Arsenal Youth Ainsley Maitland Niles has been excellent as a DM though… the boy is versatile I’ll give give him that.

    RW, DM, RB…

    (I think he played as a right winger for Ipswich on loan! ). Although it’s not the first time Wenger has reshaped wingers into fullbacks…

  11. Wallace


    might be too soon for Jenkinson. he’s only just returned to proper training. he’d be a solid back up to Bellerin, I’d just like to see if Maitland-Niles could build on his showing against Forest. Wenger full backs are usually converts from other areas of the pitch.

  12. Wallace


    “Ozil, Sanchez Walcott are not new to the Club.
    Why has Wenger stuck with Giroud as lone striker for so long?”

    Wenger has tried to change it up in the past. the 2014/15 FA Cup final you had basically what we’re seeing now, but then both Walcott and Alexis were varying shades of awful the following season.

  13. Wallace


    true, but even I wouldn’t have been starting Walcott from December onwards last season. and all the anguish over Giroud on here down the years, how many have suggested moving Alexis inside? I don’t recall any…

  14. Steveyg87

    So sam is not negative enough so he gets binned, Pedro, i admire your blog for many years but that was a cunt move, there are posters on here that contribute fuck all besides bashing the team, yet, they are allowed to roam freely. Take your blog and piss off

  15. HillWood

    What do they do all week in training?
    Surely they must try different combinations of players in different positions?
    Walcott improvement coincides with more mobile strike force. And pace?

  16. Wallace


    Alexis might have been reluctant to mover inside. we don’t know. maybe it was only the looming threat of another season of playing alongside Giroud that persuaded him. the fact Wenger made the Suarez comparison at the beginning of this season suggests it’s something that’s been in his thoughts.

  17. Wallace

    Alexis is 5’7. no one doubts his bravery, but persuading him to play up against two guys who are going to be twice the size of him…there is a physical price to be paid for getting more involved centrally.

  18. HillWood

    The current formation has been available a long time
    Why would Sanchez be reluctant to move inside?
    It’s not a ridged formation anyway..
    But Wenger opted for a ‘statue’ up front.
    Any way it’s early days and plenty of time to go wrong

  19. Daz

    “Ozil, Sanchez Walcott are not new to the Club.
    Why has Wenger stuck with Giroud as lone striker for so long?”

    Maybe us having a solid defence now and stronger mid has also allowed us to be abit more expansive up top

  20. HillWood

    Big gap between Koch and Mustaffi didn’t look too solid against Swansea.
    Xhaka getting red in midfield not too clever either

  21. gnarleygeorge9


    Pedro is top rank IMO (& Geoff). Its the Canadian troll that slipped in under his guard that is ruining this once magnificent blog. Joe I dont give a XXXX what you think, Melbourne is the most live able city in the world, officially, yet you big up being satisfied with top 3 you boring, broken record, hypocrite.

    No need for me to say fuck off you miserable bastard Joe, coz I’m off. Thanks for the past 10 years Pedro/Geoff & all the Gooners who have come & gone on here over the years.

    Oh, & you boys from USA you are ok too, its the Canadian dopey bastard that was the straw for me.

  22. grooveydaddy

    S.am wasn’t binned because of his views.

    He was repeatedly asked to engage in conversation/debate rather than peppering the blog with mindless bullsh*t

  23. Daz

    “Big gap between Koch and Mustaffi didn’t look too solid against Swansea.
    Xhaka getting red in midfield not too clever either”

    You don’t feel we are stronger in defence or midfield than the last few seasons? Strange

  24. N5

    Have to agree Pedro we’ve these comment. Sam spoke a lot of silly rubbish but he was never abusive. You have people on here that attack anyone even remotely positive and so many regular users who no longer attend. Gnarly said about it the other day that match days are lucky if they get 300 comments from 1000.

    How have some users got under the ban hammer, yet ones like Sam get pulled up on it?

    Something has to change or nearly all the regulars will piss off.

    I still love the blog myself, but rarely comment because it’s become a Jose love site more than an Arsenal blog.

  25. HillWood

    I feel we should be stronger defensively with Mustaffi and Xhaka,yes..
    Hope it developers over time as they both settle in the team and cut out the howlers

  26. Wallace

    Pedro does seem to have realised there’s an issue. Whether that’s users emailing him about the abusive posters, or noting the fall in traffic on the site.But he does seem to come down harder on those more enthusiastic about Arsenal than the others. The other week when he sided with Joe against Pierre I found pretty jawdropping.

  27. Wallace


    but it’s always been the case that you’ll get more comments after a defeat than a victory. just the nature of the place. a few unexpected defeats and attendence will rocket 🙂

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    How long is Sams sin bin gonna last,

    Do we have time to set up a free prootest group
    Like what was done for Deirdre …an George Davis ….

    We could go to ground early tomorrow pour oil over the penalty spots an get the game called off….

    Is that what you want ,
    Cos that what will happen …Harry Enfield esq…

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Sam was ok tho ,?

    If people get abusive ignore ?

    Old N5

    Get a lot or stick but he bats on an dishes his own revenge ..

    Was it last year pedro binned 3 people

    Now they did cross the line …

  30. Redtruth

    Excuse the spelling i have a bout of N5itus.
    It should read Wiser ones know the score and won’t indulge in fantasy.

    N5 is in a bit of a pickle and not surprising he’s staying away…

  31. Barking Arsene

    Sam was pretty harmless to be fair.

    I’m not a regular poster but have been reading and visiting for quite a while. Quite a few of the guys that used to debate things rationally seem to have taken a break though?

    I don’t post much but that’s mainly because once certain people appear I’ll just go and find something else to do as you pretty much know how the next few pages of comments will read….

  32. Kelvin

    Look am torn between wenger staying or going, guess i just have a soft spot for Mr Arsene.

    But Sam takes it way to far, sometime am confused if he is making making jest of Arsenal and our players when i see comments like Lieutenant Chambo, we don`t need to sign x players because we have z players…

    Maybe its just in my head but some of its post are damn outrageous, just like spuds hoping we persist with Arsene so we can`t win anything major.

  33. HillWood

    Last season Leicester concentrated on the League and won it.
    This season they are concentrating on CL.
    They couldn’t, could they?

  34. Barking Arsene

    “They couldn’t could they”

    They could. But I very much doubt they will. Although I thinks probably the most sensible thing for them to do this season. Go out and enjoy playing in a competition that they probably won’t play in again?

    No pressure either so they really can enjoy it. As long as they don’t get relegated trying!

  35. Barking Arsene

    I fully expect them to get utterly decimated at some point – but with a bit of luck and the right draw they (well, most teams) could make the semi finals.

    Not saying they will!

    But yeah over two legs against a proper European super power they could well take a major beating.

  36. Redtruth

    “But yeah over two legs against a proper European super power they could well take a major beating.”

    Just like Man City recently and all the Premier league teams..

  37. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger went one step further from his usual “We live in a world…” catchphrase to “We live in a jungle” in today’s presser. Apparantely everybody wants to eat us in the jungle, haha

  38. tunnygriffboy


    Don’t give into it. You are a positive poster who loves Arsenal and supports the boys

    I know where you are coming from though. It kills any sort of vibe and discussion going on. Same thing day in day out everything related somehow to Wenger. It is indeed wearisome.

  39. Batistuta

    Sam was just so damn repetitive, spewing the same things over and over again,felt like it was a kid commenting really like Joe when he’s in one of those “moods” but the ban for Sam was just not really fair though Pedro did warn him

  40. Ozy

    Honestly, who gives a shit if Sam was binned? The guy was as dull as white bread. He offered nothing and him and Joe and a few others are bringing down the quality of this blog. I say perma-bin all of those idiots who post 3-4 one-sentence posts consecutively and call it a day. It’s a drag to have to scroll down to something of substance.

    All these Sam defenders … like who gives a fuck? Not to defend Pedro but it’s not as if he is here every day, reading every comments. I’m sure on the off chance he looks at the comments, he sees Sam and a few others doing what I mentioned above. He’s banned Joe and Red Truth plenty of times, it’s always temporary.

  41. Pedro

    RSPCA, it’ll last another day.

    The comments are supposed to be a conversation… when they’re just inane ramblings that don’t follow a thread / are there to rile others, it makes the board look stupid and it stops other people engaging in it.

  42. Joe

    Gnarley George takes a joke I posted about Ozil and Sanchez coming to play for Vancouver whitecaps and loses his shit ha

    Good riddance.

  43. Joe

    The Ramsey has played for us the last few years, I
    See no place for him in the line up

    He could
    Be used at a “super” sub. But not way he deserves to displace any one in the starting lineup.

    Same with Giroud. And back on the fact wenger didn’t try Sanchez up
    Once while
    Giroud went scoreless for a ages beggars belief

  44. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Didn’t see it myself but my dad said ospina was hollering at the defenders on weds ?

    Good if it was …

    What must the Italians think of Schzney ?

    Joe hard goes over there hs indifferent first game but boy now .. They love him ..

    A good ambassador for prem keepers ,?

    Where’s it leave sczc ?