5 things Arsenal need to bring to the party on Wednesday

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Why not go all Buzzfeed on a Monday?

5 Things I’d like to see against Ludogorets:

Gimme some rotation through the middle:

Xhaka is suspended for the next three games. All the bleating we did about the foul at the weekend was apparently a little bit off-key… if you foul someone with no intention of obtaining the ball, it’s a red. Xhaka knew that. So it’s a bit unfortunate we now lose him for the next 3 games in the league. Also sad we lose the tactical foul.

So, we need to get some game life into Coquelin’s legs, so he’ll be starting on Wednesday. I personally think this is a good time to leave Cazorla on the bench, so we have him fresh for the league. I’m not sure Wenger will do that, because we know he’s addicted to the little Spaniard.

I’m not sure if I’m alone here, but we spent £17m on Lucas Perez, and we haven’t seen him. Is he good enough, or has the manager dropped a Chamakh here? If he’s good enough, surely he should be playing at home against a team that aren’t exactly of elite levels? Might also be a good game to give Holding or Gabriel a run out in?

Kill the game:

Swansea were beyond pony at the weekend and we didn’t kill them off. Theo Walcott should have scored 4, the team should have been more clinical, we shouldn’t have let them back in. It’d be really good if went out of our way to destroy them early and give us the rest of the game to relax. Not sure how you tell a team to be more clinical, it’s not like it’s ever a thought to be anything else… but this team should be a banker, let’s put on a delightful early doors show and kill it hard.

Defend like kings:

We all love the Kostafi partnership, but it made mistakes at the weekend. Xhaka also dropped an uncharacteristic error. We haven’t been error prone this season, but Swansea was a sloppy day out. It was either ‘one of those games’, or a precursor to complacency we’ve been guilty of in years gone past. We need to take this team seriously on Wednesday. No errors, solid and brutal.

Give Chamberlain a run out:

A bit of whingeing from him in the press at the weekend about entertaining pastures new next season. Good. I don’t want players who are content being at the club if they’re not playing. He’s young, he has all the ingredients to be a very good player but he’s not shown the fitness or the aptitude yet. But look, he’s looked sharp at times this season… send him out on Wednesday to put the pressure on Theo… I mean, assuming that’s the position Wenger wants to put him in… because just like Jack, it’s apparent one of the issues Chambo has is Wenger has dithered about what’s best for him.


Just kidding. I ran out of points.

Right, I’m pushing my way through to pitch day, then I can give you so much attention you feel smothered.

P.S. I do wish Theo would stop telling the press he thinks we have the ingredients to win the league this year… feels a bit like Senderos apologizing to the fans back in the day.


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  1. Steveyg87

    I reckon we’ll see Elneny & xhaka in the middle tomorrow.. Xhaka for obvious reasons, has to play tomorrow, Elneny to add mobility ofcourse, Wenger completely trusts Le coq so we will most certainly see him this weekend.. Ramsey soons returns to the fold which will be a real pain up my arse tbh.. Lets hope watching from the sidelines has been an eye opener for him(yes, i know he’s injured)

    Gibbs should be plying his trade elsewhere if he cant get ahead of Monreal at the moment , who has been utter shite.. The swansea winger and Aurier have completely broken the mans confidence.

  2. Steveyg87

    I reckon we’ll see Elneny & xhaka in the middle tomorrow.. Xhaka for obvious reasons, has to play tomorrow, Elneny to add mobility ofcourse, Wenger completely trusts Le coq so we will most certainly see him this weekend.. Ramsey soon returns to the fold which will be a real pain up my arse tbh.. Lets hope watching from the sidelines has been an eye opener for him(yes, i know he’s injured)

    Gibbs should be plying his trade elsewhere if he cant get ahead of Monreal at the moment , who has been utter shite.. The swansea winger and Aurier have completely broken the mans confidence.

  3. Sam

    Gibbs is actually a good squad player to have in the team
    Monreal doesn’t get enough protection from Iwobi
    They need to work together n start denying space to the opposition wingers

  4. Sam

    Gibbs is currently being used as second half sub to help our defense when we are winning.
    that minor role helps him stay injury free

    Some people still not happy, they want him turn into Roberto Carlos overnight

  5. Sam

    Media n doomers have something in common
    They still think Arsenal will sell to Man city for cash
    they still think current Arsenal players will rebel n fok off north like previous cunts.

    Stop living in the past guys
    Bellerin is not going anywhere, Barca cunts managed to fool Cesc not this time

  6. Sam

    Barca actually trust us with our players

    We can offer them double signing this summer

    they take Chambo n Rambo off our hands

    we give them Chambers for free, New Puyol

  7. Northbanker

    The adverts on this site are now getting a real pain in the arse. Really obtrusive and difficult to get to the delete functions.

  8. Joe

    From Arsenal’s own keown

    Analysis: MOTD2’s Martin Keown

    United got the point they came for. You have got to give them credit because most teams that go to Anfield just get undone. Usually it is an ordeal but it looked comfortable for them.

    It was a really good performance by United – clever in fact.

  9. Joe


    I’ll say it again, maybe if wenger had played for credible draws once in a while in the last 12 seasons we could have had a title
    Or two.

    Just think if wenger knew how to shut up shop v Liverpool in the first match of the season??

  10. Leedsgunner

    Maureen grinding out a draw at Anfield is clever?


    It’s boring, dull negative football.

    If Maureen is clever for grinding out a draw, for the sake of consistency we have to say the same for Wenger at Leicester yes?

    Or is it discredited just because Wenger did it?

    As my record on Le Grove will clearly show I want Wenger out, but I don’t understand this exalting of other teams when they haven’t done anything to deserve it.

    United perhaps did get a result and avoid a loss. Fine.

    In the same spirit then to be consistent we have to give great credit to our team and say well done for getting three points when we haven’t always deserved them… especially versus Southampton, Burnley and arguably against Swansea as well.

  11. Joe

    especially versus Southampton. Last minute penalty. Lucky.

    , Burnley. Last minute hand ball goal. Lucky.

    and arguably against Swansea as well. A team in 19th place?

    Leicester ? Two missed penalty calls? Lucky.

    Jose set his team to play for a draw and maybe win on the counter. Think he cares if you think it’s boring.

    I’d say keown knows a bit more about football than Wallace , Leedsgunner and louis

    No offence Louis and Leeds

  12. Leedsgunner


    Thanks for your reply.

    I never pretended to know more than Maureen about football. I’m happy that I have more integrity than him.

    As I said, I’m not a Wengerite and I want him out at the end of the season… but I find it strange that someone who is so vehement to criticise our team and manager gives such an easy pass to a rival team and is eager to praise at the first opportunity… but hey, that’s your choice — we live in a free world.

    Wishing you the best.

  13. Dissenter

    “Liverpool have by far the least talented squad among the top teams”
    I’m not so sure of that.
    They have one of the best three players in the league in Coutinho.
    They have a very simple system that the manager runs and the players buy into it.
    I think for Liverpool heh system trumps individualism.

    The difficulty for them is that they are bound to run out of gas soon enough. They wont survive beyond January.

  14. Joe


    Not defending him. Just thinks it’s funny how quickly people criticize a good
    Defensive performance. Or football for about 5-7 years has been
    Quite boring tip-tap crap. People live in this fantasy world that we play the most beautiful football.

    Sorry but atletico and even Leicester’s counter attacking football last season
    More exciting than 80% of the football
    We’ve played.

    And funny how quick people were to priSe our defensive win v man city a few seasons
    Ago.(that the players decided on btw)

    And even when we get pinned back like
    We were vs PSG. It’s never by design. And then we look
    Clueless as we did vs PSG

    It’s a myth we play beautiful football. We haven’t since cesc left and even with him.

    Give me the arshavin goal vs Barca all day long

  15. Louis Almeida

    I think we’ve played beautiful football/scored good goals in patches over the last 6 years but this is generally the first period in a while where you’re seeing good passages of play every game. I’m excited to watch the team play and I haven’t been able to say that in a while.

  16. Ankle-biter

    “I can name 10 better off the top of my head.”

    You can make an argument for Firminho, mane and Lallana, all from his own team.

  17. Joe

    The difficulty for them is that they are bound to run out of gas soon enough. They wont survive beyond January.

    Sounds like a wenger team haha


    Klopp has some experience in getting pressing teams across the line at Dortmund

    Wonder if he’ll be able to figure it out here. Maybe a purchase or two in Jan?

    And no CL.

    They might be best off fielding a weaked team in the fa cup

  18. Dissenter

    My best three players in the league so far are
    Kevin De Bruyne

    I know people will disagree but…

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    Eagle, Seinfeld is classic and probably influenced the creation of Friends. But the latter is more universally loved on account of its simplicity and lighthearted nature of the comedy.

    Slight margins but the thing that makes Friends the better show for me is how all 6 of the major characters get equal spotlight.

  20. tunnygriffboy

    The biggest clubs in the world are Madrid, Barcelona and manu. Over the last 4 season the man u squad has become the most expensively assembled squad ever.

    They played like West Brom yesterday.

    Mourinho default position is play a back 6 and hope one of the super talented forwards he has produces a bit of magic in a big game.

    He has always been unable to produce attacking football to beat another top side. He’s wary/frightened that he doesnt trust himself to do so.
    Man u will take it this season as they are desperate but in Madrid he was not liked at all. At these super clubs they expect winning with style.

    It was sh.t on a stick football last night. Effective and did the job. The game was strangled and he avoided losing like he wanted. At least liverpool tried to win the game. If all sides played like that people would turn away in droves.

    It’s the way WBA play. Understandable in their case due to comparative lack of resources. Man u have WC players and as I said the most expensive squad ever assembled.

    How long will their fans put up with it ? So far what is the difference between him and LVG ?

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    Dissenter, but that was my point? Look good as a team but as far as individual quality or even squad depth goes, Arsenal, City, Spurs all have better than Liverpool.

    Liverpool: Their goalkeeper is relatively unknown; average defense; average midfield; pretty good attack.

    Spurs: Reliable keeper; excellent defense; good midfield; average attack.

    City: Average keeper; good defense; good midfield; excellent attack

    Arsenal: Good goalkeeper; good defense; good midfield; good attack.

    Frankly I reckon Arsenal have the most balanced squad.

  22. Batistuta


    I’m guessing you haven’t seen a lot of West Brom this season,they’ve actually played some good football especially with Mat Phillips and Chadli coming in

  23. Joe

    Funny how tv has changed.

    Friends. Frasier. Seinfeld. ER

    To GoT, breaking bad, walking dead. House of cards, homeland, narcos

  24. Romford Ozil Pele

    Joe, done all of the above a part from House of Cards which I’ve heard is well worth a watch? Narcos was epic man.

    Just finished Power and I’m now watching Peaky Blinders which is pretty decent actually.

  25. Rambo Ramsey

    Batistuta, that was a great show too. A notch below Friends though IMO

    Redtruth, wasn’t talking merely first team but squads as a whole. Arsenal are joint top scorers-shit attack how?

    Romford, ah man, Friends and Frasier! Golden era of TV.

  26. Romford Ozil Pele

    Rambo, yeah the 90s and early turn of the noughties was great. I feel like that about many things but maybe it’s just because of what I grew up with. I think people always think their eras are the best. No doubt the shoes were great though.

    Joe, yeah the imagery in Narcos was amazing, you felt so ingrained within the narrative! Luther is another good shout, as was The Wire and The Sopranos. Rate Idris as an actor.

  27. vicky

    Don’t know If this has been posted before

    From Twitter

    “If Mourinho directed Die Hard it’d be 90 minutes of Bruce Willis hiding in a cupboard then applauding his tactics for not getting shot. “

  28. Rambo Ramsey

    Joe, not a fair comparison though surely?

    Friends, Seinfeld were golden sitcoms. Modern shows that are similar are The Big Bang theory, New girl, Black-ish- none can hold a candle to the oldies btw.

    Game of thrones, Breaking bad are drama; Like Sopranos, X-files, The Wire-these are legendary shows.

  29. Romford Ozil Pele

    Some good games on tonight:


    Think I’m gonna go for the latter because of Fekir and Lacazette *licks lips*

    Hoping Brandt and Bellerabi smash up Spurs though!

  30. Joe


    Guess what I’m saying is that I don’t even watch sitcoms anymore.

    Maybe older with kids makes it more difficult but they don’t grab a hold of me like this shows I mentioned.

    But you’re right no sitcoms even come close to Seinfeld etc

  31. Sam

    Ermmm I take Wellington Silva over Lucas Perez anyday

    Wenger is wrong to let him go
    First he sent him on loan to a sh!t club, He should have been a premiership club
    then sold back to brazil
    never mind the skill, he works harder than Chamberlain
    Hopefully there is a buy back clause in his transfer

  32. tee

    its funny how a poster came up with keown’s sentiment to support another team performance cos the lines massaged his line of thought and even claimed keown knows football more than us which is why he is in support of what he said. the funny aspect is that this same poster would label keown arsene dick sucker when he praises our team or our manager.

  33. tunnygriffboy


    Perhaps I was being a bit harsh on WBA but you get my point. Poor Rashford, spent the whole game sprinting up and down the touchline.

    Anti football. I could see it if man u were playing Barcelona in away from home in the CL, it was a league game.

    The man u fans are so hypocritical. Attack attack attack they sing. They’ve always slated mourinho for the way he played football at Chelsea. Now they sticking up for him.

  34. Sam

    Coutinho won’t even see the bench at Real Madrid
    James Rodriguez n Kovacic can’t get a starting spot
    Ronaldo de Lima is a football agent now, not all his advises are for footballing reason.
    Coutinho should stay where he’s playing regularly