Arsenal vs Swansea Preview: Break the trance

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I’m in pitch mode at the moment, so apologies for the issues of posting late.

Tomorrow, we face Swansea. A must win kick off to a run of games which the arrogant might label easy, the cautious might label quietly tough but easy.

Swansea are in a bit of a rut, they overlooked the super-entitled, very likely to be a shite manager, Ryan Giggs for America’s BOB BRADLEY USA. He’s taking over a team that boasts a group of players who you can guarantee will turn it one twice a year, usually against Arsenal!

Big game for us. Wenger will likely do what he always does for his line up… play his best team, regardless of where they’ve been over the weekend. We’ll see Sanchez and Ozil starting for sure. Despite there being an injury scare for Ozil and a long plane ride for Sanchez.

You know who we won’t see? Aaron Ramsey… 3 weeks has turned into 3 months as it always does. Giroud, I mean, I don’t even know where to start there. I thought he was just tired from the World Cup? He’s still a little bit short.

It’s nice to have a home game after the break, I hope the fans are fresh and ready to cajole the players into putting in a serious shift.

Someone who is back, and goes by the name of Coquelin, this years marmite sandwich makes his return and I’d imagine he’ll be on the bench, easing back into first team contention. We’ll see.

Swansea are missing Jefferson Montero, a player who always gives us problems. They’re also missing Fernando Llorente of Bilbao > massive linkage to us notoriety. That’s good news, he’s a good players.


Finally, bit of a weird one… by my good friend from band @ThankPablo had her van raided in Hackney and her music kit robbed. Her beloved violin was stolen. If anyone knows anything, it’d be amazing if you could let my know.


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  1. alexanderhenry


    I asked you why you’re on this blog. Your response was:

    ‘Because I’m bored, and waiting for the rain to stop .’

    Please, for all our sakes, buy an umbrella.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    “Rambo: drop the Xhaka bashing mate it’s painful to read, he’s 23, new to the team, and has unbelievable ability. You’re desperate with your microscopic approach toward him.”

    He may have all of that, but right now with the way he’s playing and the other options we have in midfield, he should not be an automatic starter. Not exactly hard to comprehend, is it?

  3. Champagne charlie


    I wonder sometimes your mental state pal, to constantly live up to a ridiculous troll persona on here really speaks volumes of your intellect and general meantal health.

    If you could manage a conversation/debate that’d be great and you’d likely have more folk engage with you. As is however, you get the occasional person check in as I am currently doing – reiterating the fact your entire presence here is utterly ridiculous. Get a hobby out in the fresh air mate because blogs are not for you

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Just returned from game at Emirates.

    Offensively we were just about okay, but could have scored more goals. Walcott looked lethal when scoring both goals, but missed some sitters and went offside too often.

    Sanchez was wasteful both in his shooting and passing.

    Swansea looked dangerous throughout the game, although they were helped by some very poor defending on the left side of our defence. I agree that Monreal had a poor game and left us seriously exposed.

    However, Wenger made a really poor sub decision when he saw how we were getting creamed in defence. He should have brought on Gibbs for Iwobi when latter tired. He left Monreal even more exposed with Ozil playing on left wing.

    Xhaka made a poor tackle which deserved a card, but I have my doubts that it
    justified a red.

    Referee and his assistants made some bizarre decisions particularly in second half.

  5. Champagne charlie


    Way he’s playing? Must’ve missed the part where he’s been terrible then as you’re suggesting. Not really inclined to hold a loose touch and a ridiculous referees decision against him today, but you’re ready and willing obviously.

    He’s, far more often than not, been a superb anchor from deep with presence, bite, and class. He’s learning his place and adjusting to everything a new country and team has to offer. Obviously you’ve taken exception to people waxing lyrical about him and are making every strained effort into undermining those views.

    Is the bench the best place for a player feeling his way into the side? That’s 6 games on the bounce we’ve won so just how terrible has he been, do tell?

  6. tom

    I have been happy with Xhaka so far.

    Can’t excuse his thuggish tackle today and its very important that he understands that Arsenal don’t play like that.

    Otherwise he seems to slot in fairly seamlessly and I expect he’ll get much better as he continues to adapt.

  7. loyika

    And Gleb if Arsenal drop points against Spurs then what!? The world will come to an end?

    Jeez, some folks need to do something better with their time.

    Every supporter has a right to big up whatever manager they choose, if you feel GG was the greatest Arsenal Manager that ever lived, then so be it. Most old folk (like Redbutt) would say that Arsene and GG could not hold a candle to either one of Bertie Mee or Chapman, and as far as they are comcerned they are right to hold their views as well.

    But to keep slagging another Arsenal msnager as if he was the manager of Spurs!?

    Anyways Gleb, we get the gist of your comments; Every thing GG was great and everything Arsene is horrible. Can we get back to discussing todays football results across all leagues please?

  8. tee

    Sam, do you know that a proper fan cheers every victory and criticise the team where necessary? but these moaners’ cases are what I don’t understand. win or lose they kept farting from mouth. we aint saying we are winning the league this season though anything can happen in football but we are just basking in this moment of euphoria while not getting carried away. moaners should stay away from arsenal till Wenger leaves cos the more the team perform well the more their lunatic display

  9. Champagne charlie


    You don’t engage with anyone….

    You make useless comments and quips about posters on here followed by your “lololol” nonsense. But carry on with your mantra of not talking to twits, no irony there whatsoever.

  10. Dissenter

    This was a very difficult win after an international break
    All the games including ours were crappy which is understandable.
    I’ll take crappy wins in a day like this.

  11. Rambo Ramsey

    Charlie, are you taking the piss? Not inclined to hold a loose touch–that gifted the opposition a goal–and a mindless tackle–that put the team under pressure for the end stages of the game–against him? He was terrible today, simple truth.

    But hey, keep pretending you are some fair analyst while accusing others of bias.

  12. Champagne charlie


    He had a loose touch that was thrashed into the goal from 20 yards, it was a poor place to have that touch but it was harshly punished to say the least. You’re going to vilify a player for that? Pathetic.

    The “mindless” tackle was a run of the mill professional foul that served to stop a counter attack. I’d wager if the lad had sprinted at our defence and worked a goal from it someone would have (rightly) asked why he wasn’t stopped in the middle of the pitch at the expense of a free kick. But no……you hold Xhaka responsible and call it mindless to further reach. Quality stuff

  13. tee

    @RR, I think you are better than. xhaka didn’t cover himself in glory today which we all know but its becoming like a personal protest from you against xhaka. you previous posts about him implied you are having something personal against his presence as an arsenal player

  14. tee

    @RR, I think you are better than this. xhaka didn’t cover himself in glory today which we all know but its becoming like a personal protest from you against xhaka. you previous posts about him implied you are having something personal against his presence as an arsenal player

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Don’t be junville

    Graham is a legend who was not rewarded enough for what he did got the club because of the old school Etonian mason fuckers who are something else an greedy .

  16. Bamford10

    Really like this new Walcott we are seeing. Another excellent performance. Not just goals, but focus, desire, work rate. Good to see.

    Great finish from Ozil on the ball from Alexis. Those two continue to show that they have a great understanding of one another.

    Some dubious defensive errors / plays, obviously, with Xhaka’s the worst.

  17. loyika

    @ CC

    You must admit that Granit was guilty of some school boy errors today, if Coq had blatantly commited that foul we would have rightly been on his case (a’la his red card against Spurs at the lane)

    Granted he is still trying to find his feet, but he needs to do it quicker and cut out some blatant stuff. Every player has off days, but no point getting sent off for no reason imo (although Moss red should be rescinded asap)

    We want players to get stuck in, but not so much so that we are left with 10 men regularly.

    Eventually i am sure he will come good and be the midfield general we want him (or hope for him) to be.

    @ Alex

    Seriously, i am even wondering myself why i choose to respond to him? Was so obvious he was on a wind up and we fell for it!!

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Not sure why Wenger don’t utilise the squad when he can rather than making rash decisions in a knee jerk manner later in season .

    For me today Wenger marks are

    Means he will be in dance off tomorrow night ..

  19. Chigooner


    You’re so close to being a reasonable commenter. Xhaka was terrible today. Period. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad player doesn’t mean he’s a waste money doesn’t mean he won’t be our best cm by end of year. But he was shit today.

  20. Rambo Ramsey

    tee, come on, give me a break mate. Xhaka was prematurely praised to the stars and other players were almost seen as a source of annoyance who prevented him from getting into the starting 11. I merely pointed out all along, that he’s not done anything to warrant such special treatment.

    Look at his actual performances , he was great against Watford but other than that largely okay-ish and terrible today. You think he’s done enough to cement a position and bench Coq?

  21. G

    Did GG buy certain players so he could make out of it..might be wrong but that’s what I remember at the time..still a legend but going on to manage spurs..WTF was that about

  22. alexanderhenry

    Let’s not dwell on Xhaka’s performance- I haven’t watched the game yet so I can’t comment. We beat swansea today and we are joint top.
    We’re all happy therefore…except redruth of course.

    Chin up Ruthie, maybe we’ll lose our next game. That’ll cheer you up.

  23. Champagne charlie

    I’m not waxing lyrical about his performance today mate, he wasn’t a standout in the right way at all. I’m simply here saying a loose touch and shoddy decision isnt just cause for me (nor anyone else) to label him this or that. More so because we won irrespective of such things.

    Not the same at all mate, Coquelin was on a booking was he not? And came crunching in when there was no danger to get his marching orders. Everyone around me was utterly shocked to see red for that tackle today, Xhaka clipped a guys heels in the middle of the pitch to stop a counter attack – if that’s a red then fuck me what a season we have ahead.

    Mustafi was equally as guilty for giving a cheap goal away today, he ball watched and his man tapped home. Kos turned and gestured saying WTF and Mustafi sheepishly put his hand up and acknowledged he fucked up. It happens, doesn’t change my view on Mustafi. Xhaka today is taking more shit because he was unfairly dismissed. I’d be amazed if that card wasn’t rescinded.

  24. Champagne charlie


    Do i think Xhaka should bench Coquelin?

    Yes. Why? Because I know the limitations of Coquelin at his very best in our setup, whereas I’m certain that Xhaka will go on to be a significantly more impressive CM in this team. Coquelin is perfect for certain circumstances that require energy and running, Xhaka is a better anchor of the midfield currently, and will only improve with exposure to more minutes and teams in this league.

    Also, he’s not lost in Arsenal shirt as far as I can remember so the argument he’s a hindrance with his “current play” (whatever that alludes to) is without fact.

  25. Childish Gambino

    Thing about xhaka for me:

    1. He’s a very good squad player. Better him than Arterta,Rosicky & Flamini combined on our roster.
    2. He wasnt worth his £35M fee. We shouldve paid £20M max.
    3. He should be playing all EFL cup games, come on during the last 20 mins in won games and weak group UCL matches
    4. He shouldnt be a starter. I think Elneny is a more assured DM than him, as Xhaka isnt a DM but a DLP.

  26. Redtruth

    Xhaka’s give away was deemed a loose touch by Champagne charlie…lol
    If that’s the case i’d hate to see what a genuine blunder looks like from the nobody…lol

  27. Childish Gambino

    Also should we let Santi’s contract expire and pip Isco from Madrid. I think he’ll be the perfect like for like replacement.

  28. Childish Gambino

    A tackle from behind, with cynical intent to only hack down the player (as the ball was nowhere near Barrow) is a red card..

  29. Rambo Ramsey

    ”have they changed the rules re cynical tackles? don’t see how that’s a red for Xhaka unless they have.”

    The problem is it might not have looked like one in real time for the ref. That wasn’t a close body tackle, he had to stretch to make the contact. Situation? There was little chance of counter, think we had three defenders back. So it wasn’t your typical cynical, take-one-for-team type offense. It just looked a desperate attempt at contact for no apparent reason.

    Most importantly, that’s the price you pay for gaining a reputation. And Xhaka is a well established card whore. Plays in the referees’ minds and makes them dish out harsher punishment than warranted.

  30. Mr B

    We won and looked like winning for most of the game.took the lead and Never went behind.

    Regarding the performances of xhaka and Mustafi, I feel they may both be experiencing burnout and physiologicAl fatigue due to recent moves and club and country pressures ( mustafi may not have played many minutes but he had to travel and train.

    Chec made some mistakes that you wouldn’t expect from a keeper of WC pedigree but really with the firstone he had positioned himself expecting a nearpost attempt which has a much higher convertion rate if mastered than across the goal attempts as these allow the keeper more time to react.

    It seemed as if Chech was looking to cover his leftpost, leaning left saw the shot was a curler to the right. First thing he realized was that it was to late to shift weight onto that side and flailed his arm at it. In realtime it just seems like lazy keeping but the real cause is the first error in judgement.

    He made about 4 saves where me managed to get in the right position to make a save but the efforts were tame and straight at him. A goal keeper has a split second to take a gamble either way and they get it wrong sometimes. Yet they would do worse if they didn’t gamble at all.

    Also i thought close matches and last minute wins are what creates the greatest euphoria among diehard fans. Kanu hattrick would have had joe etc not only incensed during most of the match but also long after.


  31. tunnygriffboy

    Crikey guys give Xhaka a break. He made a howler for the goal. A bad mistake. Doesn’t everyone make mistakes? How many times have our players been cynically tripped like that ? Rotational fouling order of the day against us. Didn’t a certain PV4 have a bit of a disciplinary issue when he first came here ?

    Oh and Xhaka is younger than that promising youngster Pogba.


    Agree. Should have had 5 or 6 today. Should have killed them off.

    Need to look after Iwobi. He’s young and will have a few ups and downs. Would like to give him a rest midweek and as a curveball give Lucas a run even if it’s on the left. We have to give some more of the squad game time to keep them sharp.

  32. Nigel Tufnel

    I just clicked in here to see so many people laughing at walcotts miss, critcizing him, calling him rubbish and worse. You know who you are.
    Score a brace,( its a loss without it) and get hate and ridicule from legrove losers who are failures in their own lives.
    Imagine if he had only scored one today.

    Some of you need to look in the mirror, need to be judged for your own personal shortcomings, and also because theo is probably ALSO better looking than you.

    Internet trolls….. But one positive,

    no matter what, you’re all happier and better than Joe.

  33. Ashley

    Xhaka took one for the team like all the great midfielders of the past have done on occasions

    George graham , yawwwnnnnnnnn

    Red , you colossal weirdo , supporting Arsenal and enjoying the win doesn’t make you an AKB , it makes you an arsenal fan , something you are very unfamiliar with ….