Wenger legacy chat prominent again | Tony Adams is 50!

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Arteta blazing over... via the Le Grove instagram (http://instagr.am/p/QZ3Wa/)

Arsene Wenger sounds like he’s on the farewell tour this season. He’s constantly talking about his legacy, being reminded of the past by journos and the club don’t appear to be too fussed about the stories floating around about replacement managers… namely, Eddie Howe.

The main man had this to say…

‘I like to think that the club today is at a different level to when I arrived and as well, when I leave, that I leave a good team with a strong financial resources and good structures at the club.’

It is true that he’ll leave the club in good financial shape. I’m not sure he exactly took over a club in a state of disarray. He had the core of an exceptional team that had won trophies in the past. His genius was in making alcoholics stop boozing, giving the players the money they deserve, raiding that French market like a bandit in an empty bank and winning some major damn honours.

He also did a terrific job moving us into a new stadium with top 4 status for all the years. Wenger had more…

‘My pride [would be] to see somebody come in and do better. At least he is in a position to do better. It is important I think for the legacy.

‘For me the club is also about identity and values. The values are carried here by the manager because I have stayed here for a long time.’

You always secretly wonder how much people mean that last sentence…

‘Guys, when I leave, I want the place to burn. Burn to the ground. I want to see women and children crying. Crying for Arsene to come back’

… is not what he’d ever say. But come on, look at Siralexferguson… he could not wait to replace himself with the most frightened ill prepared manager to grace Manchester United in modern times.

Hopefully Wenger has his sights set on a better exit strategy. One that doesn’t involve a mega risk of a manager. One that involves someone who can carry on his legacy, build on it with trophies and exciting football and make Arsenal a mega name on the most competitive European stage of all time.


Yesterday was the 50th birthday of Mr Arsenal, Tony Adams. Some questions online about whether he’s our greatest ever defender. No doubt in my mind, a total hero. He won trophies, fans hearts, he hit rock bottom, fought back and you could always count on him to put in a towering performance.

What a player. What a man.

That goal he scored against Everton, with the Steve Bould assist!


Sends shivers down my spine to think about it… one of the greatest moments I can remember!

Here you go, happy Tuesday! See you tomorrow x

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  1. Jim Lahey

    @Joe – You know what you’re right, George Graham was one of the best ever to manage a football team, the man is unrivalled in the modern game. I read an article in which Guardiola said “For me it is George Graham, I have tried to model my approach on him and on the heroic Cup Winners Cup team of 94.” When asked if he felt he had lived up to the stature of the great man Pep replied “George casts a shadow so large that I could manage for seven life times and never replicate the success he had.”

    Also a famous quote from Alex Ferguson when asked what was it like to be the best manager ever in England he replied “I don’t know, ask George Graham.”

    I said overall he was a decent Manager. You slaughter Wenger day in and day out, which is mostly fair as the guy has underachieved greatly in his time at Arsenal! But trying to use George Graham as the stick in which to beat Wenger with is just silly.

  2. Joe


    How many times have we led the league as late as jan/feb and still finished double
    Digits behind. Last Season as a matter of fact

    So excuse me if not positive in October.

    Please don’t tell me it’s different this season. It’s not.

  3. Jim Lahey

    @Joe –

    “I hate how people slate GG in order to defend wenger. It goes both ways”

    I’m not slating him, I’m not diminishing his achievements, I said he was a decent manager. And that is what he was.

    George Graham was never one of the greats, so why elevate him to that standard? There are plenty of managers about you can compare Wenger to that show the mans incompetence.

    The game evolves and you either evolve with it or you get left behind, a number of years ago Wenger got left behind. back in the late 90s early 00s Graham got left behind.

  4. Joe

    Fair enough Jim

    I think 6 trophies in 8 seasons including a one loss season and a euro cup and beating Liverpool at anfield in the last match of the season makes him
    More than decent.

    Makes him an Arsenal
    Legend and great.

  5. Pedro

    Joe, sure, be miserable, that’s fine… but don’t level on the same point over and over again.What’s mad is you’re whacking skippy over GG, who don’t get me wrong, I grew up with…. but fuck me, no one is harping about heading back to the dark days of dreary football.It’s revisionist nonsense to pretend life was better under him. It wasn’t.Long ball football that would not have stood the test of time.


  6. tom

    Jim ,

    Graham was more than ‘decent’.

    He is rightfully considered a legend at Arsenal.

    It wasn’t just his deep connection as a returning double winner or that his dynamic, young, homegrown team busted Liverpool’s monopoly.

    It was because George was Arsenal to the core.

    A natural motivater , he passed his passion on to the players.